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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
They will debase the target culture as much as they can (their mere presence is enough to transform an "event" into a "tamasha"). RM has a recent (very frightening) article about new attempts to exoticize and appropriate the Kumbh, but there are legion examples of their current and past efforts (soma as drug rather than deity [there is a 2011? article by a nationalist on this, but it can also be divined by analogy to Russian psyops programs in C Asia/Siberia - Shamans, that were later replicated by the agency in San Francisco]). But there are also repercussions back upon them: In the 1960's, they attempted to discredit the anti SE Asia war movement (and also heathen spirituality secondarily) by overtaking the prophet generation (refer to Strauss-Howe inter-generational Theory of Anglo-American history - <i>Turnings</i>). All previous prophet generations had been anti-debauchery in the evangelist revival vein. I believe this strategy stemmed from a particular interpretation of history divined from a Sanskrit text which described the "corners" of time first excavated (for lack of a better word) by <b>Feyman</b> in an article and then adapted to a narrative of historical dialectic much later by Strauss-Howe (who do not seem to be agents; Strauss passed away while Howe has attempted a consultancy business for corporates; both are benign based upon my impression of their recorded interviews; but we do not know if they adapted another version residing within either the agency or academia). Incidentally, the leaders of the original anti-war movement were from the immediately prior generation (not the prophet generation itself) -- these leaders were discredited and relegated by the San Francisco movement of the 60's. We do not know the repercussions of their 60s dissimulation: it seems to me to be a truly unique event in that the credibility of the establishment cannot be regenerated -- in that there is both a special danger that they will try to obliterate any vestige or they may not be able to cope.

Their operation/prediction algorithm for history is Stauss-Howe; for colonial geopolitics it is Wallerstein's World Systems Theory (a rascalization of the sapta-dvipa); for individual-level psychology it is the MBTI (an adaptation of Jung's theorizing of the Mandala <i>archetypes</i> themselves systematized and stereotyped from traditional heathen narratives; and for sociology, it is religion/secularism/communism/Marxism.

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