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Indian Power Sector
<b>Jindal offers power to Karnataka</b>

Bangalore : Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited Managing Director Bharatlal has said that the Jindal Steel Company has come forward to supply 100 MW of power during April and May.

Speaking to media persons on Friday, he said that talks in this regard are in the final stage. “The company wants to supply power at Rs 7 per unit during peak hour,” he added.

Besides, the centre has decided to restore Karnataka’s quota of 100 MW of power from the central grid. The additional power would help the KPTCL to meet the requirement during summer. Moreover, the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited’s Bellary thermal power station is also expected to commence generation during May.

The average overall power consumption this year has remained at 110 MU per day, he said, adding that due to showers in most parts of the State, the consumption has come down to around 105 MU during last week.

An Andhra Pradesh-based gas company, Konaseema, has come forward to supply power for a period of seven years at Rs 3.60 per unit. The company will supply around 80 MW this year and by the end of the period, it will be supplying around 600 MW.

Bharatlal said a joint venture thermal power company, being set up at Naitha in Jharkhand by Damodar Valley Corporation and the Tatas, has agreed to supply 250 MW of power from 2010. He said talks were also being held to get 180 MW of power from a thermal plant being set up at Vellore in Tamil Nadu, jointly by the Tamil Nadu government and NTPC.

The power purchasing agreements are being finalised by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

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