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Nuclear Thread - 3
<!--QuoteBegin-ravish+Sep 7 2008, 08:20 AM-->QUOTE(ravish @ Sep 7 2008, 08:20 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->What would be the consequence of such a test? Cutting off of fuel supply for the nuclear power plants that we may build in the future consequent upon signing the present deal.

Dear Sir, apologize for using this expression, but your (mis-)information lays bare your sheer ignorance of the consequences of a future nuclear test. That is, one beleives you are not lying, just being ignorant not ready to open your eyes.

Here is what it means if India decides to conduct a nuclear test.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>"Should India, <span style='color:blue'>in the judgement of the US, step outside its commitments, even if the Agreement is terminated, even if it expires, even if India repudiates it, the US shall have the right to get back every bit of nuclear material, every bit of non-nuclear material, every reactor, component, every ounce of fuel it has supplied under the Agreement."</span></span>

Above is quoted from the just revealed letter of the Bush Administration, and particularly in answers to questions 41 and 42 asked by the Congress of mlechCha-s.

and there is more:

<span style='color:red'>"We (the USA) have been very clear with the Indians that the permanence of the safeguards is the permanence of safeguards without condition."</span>

Which means no matter what now happens to the suoplies, India's identified reactors are committed by India to be perpetually placed under IAEA safegard (read USA inspectors), yes sir, even if you scrap the deal unilaterally, or is scrapped by conducting a test.

and much more:

"the Hyde Act obliges American President to bring upon Indians the full weight of sanctions, using all means at their disposal"

Stopping the fuel supply is not even the beginning of those sanctions. And no, dont compare it with the sanctions applied to India earlier -- as at that time in their view we had not "broken any law", but if we do conduct a test now, we shall be doing just that.

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