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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
All these related posts are July 2013 (this month) note.

02 July 2013


via www.haindavakeralam.com/hkpage.aspx/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17523&SKIN=B


Protest against Tamil Nadu Hindu Munnani leader's murder

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013 11:04:47 AM

[Image: tctf158pjq_8td8wxalsu_w8fyt203y_b.jpg]

Hindu organizations in Kerala will mark Tuesday as 'protest day', following the murder of S Vellaiyappan, state secretary of Tamil Nadu Hindu Munnani. Hindu Aikya Vedi will also stage a remonstration in the evening protesting against the gruesome murder.

Vellaiyappan was hacked to death by a group of terrorists, at around 3.00 pm. According to sources, Vellaiyappan was proceeding towards the Munnani office after praying at the Vellore temple, when miscreants committed the murder. The body is now kept in Vellore government Hospital.

The place witnessed tense scenes following Vellaiyappan's murder. Police personnel have been deployed in the area to prevent any further outbreak of violence.

Vellaiyappan, a native of Thenkasi has been associated with the Hindu Munnani for over 20 years. An active pracharak, he was always in the fore front in exposing and dealing with the social menace of love jihad. Vellaiyappan was undaunted, even though he continually faced death threats while spearheading campaigns against love jihad.

Vellaiyappan marked his presence as a staunch activist of Hindu Munnani, with the protests against state government's proposal to take over the famous Jalakandheswari Temple, under Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board.

The temple, which has an antiquity of over four centuries, was in a neglected state with the idol of the main deity missing because of Islamic invasions. The deity's absence had made daily rituals impossible. With the Hindu Munnani coming to the forefront in 1981 and taking over of the revival of the ancient temple, a few Islamic groups associated with local governing bodies registered violent protests.

According to sources, the board's move to take over the temple is said to have sprung up from the increasing revenue flowing into the temple. Vellaiyappan played a prominent role in launching protests against the state government's plan of taking over the temple.

(The cryptochristo TN govt take over of the temple is christianist, while the islamics did their part by violently "protest" against the Hindoos reviving the Hindu temple.)

Note how the kallai Vellaiyappan [I'm assuming that's him in the picutre] as per the summary above is quite the typical kind of Hindoo heathen - loyal to his Gods and consequently protective of Hindu society - which even the Hyperionion (this title actually refers to both the latter's Father and to himself, I mean it in the 2nd sense) would surely be proud to call one of his own. But this Heroic Hindoo's one of mine, being a native Hindoo.

And like the aforementioned Hyperionides - and the countless other such loyal Hellenistic GrecoRoman defenders of Hellenismos who went to their ancestral Olympic Gods after christianism brutally murdered them - the devoted Hindoo Vellaiyappan is now gone to his beloved Amman/ancestral Divine Parents, i.e. the Hindoo Gods.

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