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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
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Not about TN but about Kerala and Andhra Pradesh (or Seemandhra and Telangana). And the christians of the LTTE in India colluding with ISI from Pakistan, in the conjoined-monotheisms' publicly stated plan to split India into between christianism and islam.

It seems I was - yet again - wrong, in this following statement from the first post:

Quote:...in Kerala etc where islamic terrorists more often than christian terrorists keep hacking key Hindoos to death.

Apparently christos including christo-communists are at least as active in murdering key Hindoos in Kerala as islamaniacs are in doing the same.

(While Indian communists - and Asian communists - tend to be christian or christianised as a rule, am talking about communists whose christian identities are explicit/known.)

Lots of Kerala Hindoos have apparently been massacred by the evil mono-terrorists in the last while.

1. haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=19026&SKIN=M

Quote:How Media Adds Fuel to Hindu Anguish

06/09/2014 02:19:38 Prashant Parameswaran

Folliwing the hartal call by Sangh Pariwar to protest against the brutal murder of RSS leader Manoj, Media houses had a topic to dwell upon, to add a touch of spice and make meaty their debates- ‘How has Kerala benefitted from the hartal? What has BJP gained from the hartal?’

Well, sounds logical at the first glance. But, looking a few steps further, it was quite evident that it was one that exposed the heights of animosity brimming in the hearts of intellectual beings and media houses, towards the person who was brutally murdered. If TP Chandrashekharan was slain under the shield of darkness for the perpetrators to remain incognito, Manoj’s was a brutal cold blooded murder, done in broad day light. And just three days back, the very same marauders had taken the life of another kinsperson, Suresh.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19065&SKIN=K

Quote:CPM’s Spree of Violence Continues: Murder Attempt on BJP Leader in Bathery

14/09/2014 01:33:32 HK

There seems to be no stopping to the murderous tirade adopted by CPM, with yet another attempt to take the life of a BJP leader coming to light. In a recent incident, Lilin Kumar, a BJP leader was brutally stabbed by CPM-DYFI goons in Bathery.

Lilin, who suffered serious injuries, has been admitted to a private hospital in Bathery. “DYFI activists Akhil Mathew, Nikhil, Basil Ambalavayal were the goons who spearheaded the attack,” testified Lilin later.

("Nikhil" is probably a christist too, despite having poached a Hindu first name like "Akhil" Mathew did.)

The incident took place at 11.00 pm, as Lilil Kumar was returning home on his bike, after preparatory work related to Sree Krishna Jayanti programmes. He was confronted by the perpetrators, who had tied a rope to topple his bike and there by attack him. However, with vehicles coming in the opposite direction, the marauders made a bee line for their escape.

The recent large scale exodus from CPM and DYFI to Sangh organizations has been stated to be the prime cause for the spate of violence unleashed by CPM.

One of the comments:

Quote: Gopal Mani

16/09/2014 10:37:33 Role of Christians in Attack has to be Probed

It is interesting to note that one of the attackers' name is Christian. Sulthan Bathery and Wynad district as a whole has a sizeable population of Christian settlers, who will not take kindly to the BJP widening their base there. As such, the role of Christian organizations in this attack also has to be investigated.

Gopal seems to have missed that 2 of the 3 assailants named have noticeably christian names: Basil and Mathew.

In India, christian and islamic communists are always christian and muslim by religion and merely use communism as their "secular arm" (or cover) to neutralise Hindus with.

3. While christianism is active in massacring key Hindoos in Kerala, in Tamil Nadu the christian-controlled police have finally been allowed to cathc some of the murderous assailants who had till then been given a free hand to serially murder key Hindoos. The ones caught were all islamaniacs:


Quote:TN police arrest 4 Al Ummah men for Hindu Munnani leader's murder

07/08/2014 21:33:51 Rediff

In what is considered a breakthrough in the sensational murder of Hindu Munnani leader Suresh Kumar, the Tamil Nadu police have arrested four men said to be part of the deadly Al Ummah terror outfit.

The police arrested the four men from Bangalore, who were later identified as Mohammad Shammiullah, Mohammad Sadiq, Abdul Shameem and Nawaz. Shammiullah, who is based in Bangalore, is accused of sheltering the other three who are alleged to be directly involved in the murder of Suresh Kumar, which took place on June 18, 2014.

Bangalore’s Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Hemanth Nimbalkar informed that the three had fled Tamil Nadu and sought refuge in Bangalore. “Shamiullah then provided them with painting jobs,” said Nimbalkar.

Currently in the custody of the Tamil Nadu police, the four have revealed to interrogators that the murder was part of their agenda of eradicating leaders of the Hindu Munnani, which the terror outfit considers a threat to Islam.


4. Islam is working closely with their christian brethren to take over Kerala and all India for monotheism:


RSS leaders murder : Popular Front terrorist's loses sleep over UAPA charges

14/09/2014 01:57:57 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

5. And again, islam and christianism are working closely together. LTTE is in India and working closely with ISI (who didn't see that one coming?):

(LTTE was always an obviously christian terrorist outfit. And it was always clear that eventually they would turn their eyes to TN in India to take that over for christianism.

Luckily for TN, Pakis are such oryanist racists that TSP wouldn't touch "dravoodian" TN with a pole and is happy to hand it over to christendom and delineate mughalistan outside TN's boundaries. See, there's even a silver lining to oryanism. But like Nagaland and the rest of the NE - which inhabitants TSP also doesn't much fancy - TN will be left to the christian convert-or-kill terrorist outfits. So the silver lining was shortlived.)


Quote:A “Master Spy” arrested in Chennai, but “Revealations” are Very Low Key!

13/09/2014 06:18:29 K Vijayan

We had to wade through multiple newspapers before getting some information which we give below, including sources, much of which we gleaned from the Chennai Tamil Daily, Dinamalar, next to which we would place the Times of India.

Dinamalar; Chennai; 13-9-14 (Tamil – our translated gist)

* Arun Sevaraju is a Pak Spy and LTTE man. (TNIE, HT and others fight shy of taking the “Our Great Friend and Great Christian-made Victim LTTE name.)

* He had secret contacts with prominent politicians and “Cinema”

* State Police(??) are searching for a Young Female who was staying with him and gathering Spy Information.

* He has landed in 2008 Tamil Nadu along with his parents as “Refugees”, enrolled for Aviation Training, and with ISI help started an Event (Mukkall Thodarbu?) Organisation, and developed “friendship” with Celebrities.

* He has received Rs.2 Crores from ISI.

* He has taken active part in struggles organized by LTTE in several parts of Tamil Nadu during the peak of the Civil War waged in Srilanka in 2009. At that time he has received “friendship” from several Celebrities and second-rung Leaders. Many such persons have given him refuge only because he revealed his LTTE Credentials.

* His “lover” used to travel abroad often. He was to have married her, but now she is absconding.

* He has revealed the names of four associates and they have been arrested.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


ISI spy arrested in Chennai also an LTTE man

Deeptiman Tiwary, TNN | Sep 12, 2014, 04.38AM IST

(Very brave since TOI zero presence in Tamil Nod?)

- - - - - - - - - - -


(LTTE name not taken. Nor Xian connections – Sabotage Project Kooduncekulam)

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Updated: September 13, 2014 10:45 IST

Spy rings sets off security fears

(No ref to LTTE Christian Terror, Tamil Terror. No Koodunce ref.)

(Joshua Inc holds this Anti Hindu newsrag by the short & curlies.)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Almost all mention that CDs, pen-drives, laptops, an I-pad, six mobie phones, hard-discs, a kilo of “ganja”, and a wealth of materials have been seized.

The spy’s Paki Handlers have been named as Siddiqui attached to Pakistan’s embassy in Srilanka (who has been expelled by Srilanka) and another named Saage still working in Colombo.

The first Lankan national to be arrested for spying in India was Mohammed Sakir Hussain, arrested from Chennai in April 2013. This was followed a month later by the arrest of Lankan national Mohammed Hussain Suleman Hussain in Malaysia.[/color]

What strikes us as not-at-all-Odd is :

We Dare Not talk of Christian or Islamic Terror and Treason. Not as freely as we bandy Hindu Terror, Saffron Terror about, and even link some Indian Parties and PM to it.

We Dare Not talk of weekly letters from CM of Tamil Nadu (or the deadly silence even as they were cavorting around with “True Tamils”, Victimised Tamil Freedom Fighters, Captured and/or released Tamil Fishermen playing fishy kabaddi in Ceylon waters etc.)- not to The Centre, Pre-Modi, or Post Modi about Tamil-Christian-Islamic Terrorists and Spies operating freely in Tamil Nadu, India, since years. Perhaps they shared Changamaum Strutting platforms and opening Memorials to Pirabhakaran and moaning over his killed Minor Son (Charles if we remember) with them. We dare not take the names, designations of the Celebrities, Government Officials – and also how "Arun" holds a Lankan Passport and a second Indian Passport in the name of “Saravana Muthu”?

Like we cannot give any kudos to the NIA, and the Modi Government for arresting the Spies so promptly, within 100 Days.

Nor can we speculate that CMs in a few States have been releasing jailed convicts en-masse – certainly not to augment the Diminished Pool of traitors in circulation.

Which last reminds us of a Tamil Cliché “escaping fish slips out with fishes being washed” – beautiful Tongue Twister, most Tamils find difficult to pronounce.

An even Deadlier Silence prevails in all the noise now, than that one over Real Involvement of Principals and Collaborators like Headley, Rana, and the Stable of costly ‘mares’ they employed.

Where Christian Terror and Indian Treason is concerned an even stricter Omerta rules.

Be grateful that Arun Selvraju aka Saravana Muthu will not demand to be sent to Colombo for Medical Treatment forcing the SC Hand.

Nor is Hon'bull Lodha likely to dump a suo-moto wad on some Ministry or the SG-AG pushing for the Formation of a High Power all Tamil Central Committee to go into the Roots, Roothairs of this Grave Situation and Report within a fortnight.

Oh what a surprise that christoislam is working in tandem to divvy up Hindoo India between them. (Especially now that christo LTTE has little hope left in Sri Lanka. But christos are happy to have at least killed Hindoo-dom in SL.)

Repeat: Christianism and islam have hatched a deal to split all of India between them.

6. And another current project is in the now-divided Andhra Pradesh and is proceeding according to schedule apparently. It was already known that Seemandhra was earmarked for takeover by christianism, now it turns out that islam had similarly long schemed a plan to make Telangana a dar-ul-islam:


Quote:Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick notes: Bullet points, Nizamiyat revival...



The Nizam surrendering Hyderabad to Sardar Patel at end of Operation Polo, This day in 1948. pic.twitter.com/8PTWWn5ChF

— Harpreet (@CestMoiz) September 17, 2014


Fully convinced that real goal behind creating Telangana is 2 revive Nizamiyat in Peninsula.RSS as usual clueless https://t.co/3g4cNZaw8Y

— Sushupti (@Sushuptii) September 14, 2014

(Link goes to video featuring a very Middle-Eastern (non-Indian) looking woman, who apparently was the 8th or so wife of the last nizam. She's seen meeting KCR, the CM of Telangana.

Don't know why everyone always expects RSS to die for them. Why doesn't Sushupti go join up - or better yet, form his/her own "Hindu" org to actively stop christoislamania from terrorising the heathens?

And why aren't there at least as many expectations from Modi/the BJP as there are of RSS, when RSS is a *volunteer* org that has no formal political power and where members are merely turned into target practice for christoislamaniacs anyway? Not to mention that "hindu" "scholars" regularly sneer at RSS and VHP etc members and call them dunces and unintellectual (which may or may not be true, but the accusers are NOT clever and not intellectual either, so the finger-pointing is hypocritical). Little in it for RSS and VHP members to sacrifice their life for or even waste their effort on. I know I wouldn't lift a finger for a bunch of whiny ingrates.

In contrast, the nationalist politicians were *voted* in by the Hindu majority, so they owe the Hindus and need to implement what the democratic majority needs: such as protection from christoislamic terrorism. Much better that Sushupti etc make demands of them. And BJP isn't even seeing much result in protecting members of its own party: BJP members in the south keep getting murdered by christo-islami-communists, and the centre can only commiserate and "pray".)

Posted by Pagan at 9/19/2014 07:38:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Labels: medicine, mohammedan, pseudo-secular, Quick Notes


Hindoos in AP could have seen it coming though: divide and conquer was never a policy that served native heathen interests, after all. AP is likely to be christoislamised in convert-or-kill sprees in time, since the state has been cut into more manageable pieces now. As it's slowly approacing Sink Or Swim time, perhaps Tamil Nadu's Hindoos should start on the project to recover the historically Tamil-populated territories back from erstwhile AP, since lots of important Tamil Hindoo Kovils are there. For as long as AP was Hindoo majority, it didn't matter whether Tamil Hindoo Kovils were with Andhra Hindoos or Tamil Nadu's Hindoos. But now that the future is going to look bleak for AP Hindoos also, Tamil Hindoos may as well chance it - since AP is no safer from the monotheistic terrorisms than TN is anymore - and try to preserve the Tamil Hindoo Kovils currently still standing in AP.

Who knew that AP was going to turn into the next Bengal/Kerala/Kashmir? I thought TN was going to beat AP in the race, but it still seems to be a close call between the two.

Modi's govt is perhaps still busy building the Buddha Circuit to please Arun Shourie and other Bauddhified Indians, and to attract foreign Buddhist tourist money. Don't seem to have much/any time to spare for pressing Hindoo concerns, I suppose. Viva "Hindu" nationalism.

Sushupti only booed at RSS.

I suppose it's something that Philippines has carved a mini Pakistan of its own out of its backyard. Some weeks or months back, Philippines IIRC gave autonymous rule to its islamaniac terrorist hub. Bad move. That terror nest will certainly in time turn into a TSP-E and TSP-W of their own, with islamaniacs there starting love-jihad/kidnapping forays, infiltrations, land-grabs and ethnic cleansing in the christianised part of Philippines.

But there will at least be crocodile tears in the international christomedia when *that* happens, since Philippines is jeebus' few strongholds in Asia, after all.

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