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Window To Our Culture - Proverbs & Sayings
Konkani Proverbs

<i>boD khaavnu kumbo kelle</i>
Literal Meaning: Ate my head and made it hollow.
Context Of Usage: An irritating person who talks a lot (on unintersting topics) to give one an headache.

<i>chaaraaNe ku.nkaDa, baaraaNe maasolu</i>
Literal Meaning: Four annas for the chicken and twelve annas for the masala.
Context Of Usage: A relatively inexpensive thing that costs more to maintain.
Miscellaneous Notes: Four annas make up the equivalent of present day 25 paisas (or a quarter of a rupee).

<i>raatri paLayile baayi.ntu, disaa vachchunu poDche</i>
Literal Meaning: Fall during the day into a well which was seen in the night.
Context Of Usage: Doing a mistake inspite of having forseen the consequences.

Proverb: "Edigo Puli anti, adigo toka antaru jannam "

Language: Telugu

Translation: If one shouts here is Tiger, then other person in the crowd is going to shout there I see a tail, even though one doesn't see a tiger at all.

Courtesy: RameshVarma @ BRF
Saying: Pathinarum Petru Peru Vazhvu Vazhga

Language: Tamil

Translation/Meaning - Courtesy Rajan Venkateswaran {source: http://rajanvenkateswaran.blogspot.com/2...azhga.html}

Quote:In Tamil Nadu, from where my forefathers migrated to Kerala, elderly people bless the newly wed 'Pathinarum Petru Peru Vazhvu Vazhga' (Live a long life acquiring 16 boons). The 16 boons are,

"thudhi vaani veeram visayam sandhaanam thunivu dhanam

madhi dhaaniyam saubaaggiyam bogam - arivu azhagu

pudhidhaam perumai aram kulam novagal pun vayadhu"

thudhi = fame

vaani = education

veeram = courage

visayam = success

sandhaanam = progeny

thunivu = daring

dhanam = finance

madhidhaaniyam = valued grain(abundance of food)

saubaaggiyam = well-being

bogam = enjoyment of pleasures

arivu = wisdom

azhagu = beauty

pudhidhaam perumai = unending honours

aram = philanthropy

kulam = birth (lineage)

novagal pun vayadhu = healthy long life
Proverb: "Edigo Puli anti, adigo toka antaru jannam "

Should be:

"Idigo puli ante, adigo toka antaru janam".

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