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Indian muslims in their own words

Mir Rasool • 16 days ago −

why musliums in India are so depressed, it is Govt. which being made by your votes, so please woke and give befitting reply to filthy hindu media of India and save your community, otherwise after 20 yers there will be no muslium in India, if you keep such criminal silence. woke and raise your voices against this filthy Hindu media under one banner my dear musliums of India, as we kashmiries are fighting against these filthy extremists and hindu terrorists which are being backed and funded by BJP and saffron brigade of India so please make a single plateform and fight these against these filthy media and filthy people who want to kill and destroy y

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Indian muslims in their own words - by G.Subramaniam - 03-16-2013, 08:33 AM

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