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Indian muslims in their own words
Increase Muslim Share in Governance

Ways are to be found out to ensure that Muslims get share in various institutions in accordance with their population in

(1) Political institutions

* All political parties must agree to allot the following:

-- 15 pc tickets to Muslims in Parliamentary elections;

-- 15 pc seats to Muslims in Rajya Sabha;

-- If Parliamentary elections do not bring 15 pc Muslims from respective parties, they must compensate it by nominating more candidates for Rajya sabha

-- Allotment of tickets in assemblies in accordance with the population of Muslims in that state;

-- Allotment of seats in Legislative assemblies in accordance with the population;

-- If elections do not bring required number of MLAs, it should be compensated through allocation of greater seats in legislative councils

-- Moreover, Muslim MPs and MLAs must be told in no uncertain terms that they should work on war footing to raise the standards of their community and their further rise within the party will depend upon their performance in general as well as in their respective constituencies .

(2) Bureaucratic set up: national drive through Muslim organisations and coaching centres to increase Muslim participation and success rate in civil services exams; Military, Police and other Higher services

(3) Give National Minority Commission a full-fledged Statutory Status with a separate wing for Muslim affairs

Social Sector

Reservation Policy: Reservation of Muslims in jobs in consultation with Muslim community leaders


-- At least 20 pc of all funds allocated to NGOs must be given to Muslim NGOs

Religious Education

To help in the establishment of an International University of Applied Islamics that will help in understanding the global and national issues, policies and programmes from Islamic perspective. It will also have management and other technical institutes later on


Modern Education

* To help in establishment of at least 5 central universities of Muslims

* 5 exclusive universities of Muslim women and

* 5 sports colleges.

* The Minority Quota in minority institutions (which effectively means that the majority community quota in every minority institution is at least 50 pc while there is no quota for minorities in normal schools and colleges) should be increased to at least 70 pc.

* Urdu promotion: Second language status in the country, Urdu departments in all universities and degree colleges,

* Removal of any objectionable materials with communal implicationsfrom all the text books prescribed anywhere in the country


* Help in the creation of a National Muslim Chamber of Commerce that can run a nationwide campaign to attract the participation of Muslims in all business activities right from Corporate Sector to small and medium scale industries, distribution network, trading and exports.

* To help in the establishment of Islamic Banking and finance sector

* Muslim share in Public Private Partnerships PPP projects

Civic amenities

* Active campaign against Muslim Apartheid

* To help in better civic amenities in both urban and rural areas by ensuring

(1) road connectivity to Muslim colonies and villages;

(2) regular power supply:

(3) safe water supply;

(4) safe disposal of excreta and disposable material;

(5) hygienic and healthy environmental conditions

(6) schools and market facilities in Muslim colonies;

(7) rapid legalisation of constructions in Muslim colonies and muhallas;

(8) better safety and security


By ensuring justice to the accused Muslims who are more often than not falsely implicated in different kinds of cases, tortured, harassed and executed.

* The data of riots should be regularly published giving details of the break-up (community-wise) of the persons killed or injured (by public or police) and jailed and beaten, and the compensations provided to the victims. Details of the violence like places of worship attacked, houses attacked or burnt, other property assaulted, etc should also be included.

* “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011” should be passed without any further delay.

* Set up high-power screening committee(s) to look into all the cases where Muslim youth are languishing

* Set up fast track courts for those where the screening committee(s) believe that there is substance in the charges. Umpteen cases filed against one person should be collected and tried by a single fast track court and where a number of cases are proved false, others should be quashed as a matter of policy;

* Punishment of the Police, Intelligence and other agencies’ personnel who framed and fabricated cases.

* Adequate compensation to all terror-accused set free by courts in the past or in future.

* Re-examine the amendments made to UAPA which give arbitrary powers to the police and make necessary changes in the law to punish delinquent police personnel who misuse the provisions


Media should be given guidelines making it more people-friendly than market-friendly,more concerned with deprived sections, more careful about programmes and advertisements that promote promiscuity, nudity, gambling, addictions of all kinds, homosexuality, etc., more careful in coverage of religiously sensitive issues, giving more coverage to Muslim perspective of the national issues

Urban Development

* Public Transport connectivity with Muslim regions is to be ensured.

*Muslim share in urban infrastructure development has to be monitored.

*Beautification and infrastructural development of cities and towns of religious importance including Deoband, Ajmer, Saharanpur, Kalyar Shareef, Fatehpur Sikri, Haji Ali, Azamgarh, Bhatkal, Bareilly, Hazrat Bal etc. (Good road and train connectivity to be ensured)

*Islamic Community Centres in all major cities (as part of PPP with government allotting land and Muslims contributing funds)

Rural Development

(i) Establishment of good primary schools, private or government, in every single village; (ii) Establishment of Higher Secondary Schools iii) Special Training and Coaching Centres; (iv) Introduction of primary education in madrasas situated in villages and introduction of religious education in schools; (v)Disparity in the level of power supply between urban and rural areas should end (vi) Development of village units having police station, hospital, market, village community centre (vii) Special incentives and loans should be given for constructing colonies and houses in rural areas; (viii)Muslim villages must get greater share of PHCs and sub centres

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