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Mohammmad: two-bit brigand or colonial pawn?
[quote name='ramana' date='15 July 2014 - 03:36 AM' timestamp='1405375095' post='117305']

The Islamic rule for four witnesses to a crime against woman is a copy of the Roman half truth law. Roman law accepted two half truths from witnesses. Islamic law accepts four quarter truths.

The acceptance of partial truths is due to not understanding probability aspects in ancient times.

Romans wanted to consider the possibility of independent witnesses lying and thus came up with the half-truth law i.e two independent witnesses partial testimony can be accepted as a full testimony.

However this ignores the mathematical rule that independent events probability has to be mulitplied and not added.

The bigger issue is if Mo copied and built upon the Roman law (four witnesses is twice as good as Roman Law!) and claimed it as a hadith what else was copied from elsewhere?

And was there really a Mo?


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