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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 3
old news, for archival.

bible soceity boasts of the service it rendered for the needy:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Emergency Scripture Distribution For Survivors of Indian Earthquake</b>

BANGALORE, India; January 2001 — The Bible Society of India (BSI) is making an emergency distribution of Scriptures to victims of the earthquake which devastated India’s western state of Gujarat on January 26...

The list of Scriptures to be distributed includes 5,000 large-print Gospels in Kachchi, 10,000 copies of a Gujarati New Testament entitled Hope for Kachch, 1,000 Bibles with hymnals in various languages, 100,000 copies of Proverbs in Gujarati, and 1,650 Scripture audio cassettes. Dr B K Pramanik, BSI General Secretary, said that there may be a further distribution if more funds became available.


Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD) is a little lamp, lit and kept burning, by a group of kindred souls and fellow pilgrims who by their conviction, uphold the values of democracy and religious pluralism. Theirs is an inter-faith voyage of discovery, sailing on the winds of near identical views on people and events signifying that whatever the darkness, however profound the sense of lostness, the light of God’s love – be it Ram, Allah or Jesus - will continue to shine, for those who have the eyes to see, a heart to love and a soul to believe. BIRD’s premise is simplicity itself -striking a match in a dark immense cavern, to dispel the surrounding gloom.

We are convinced that only through inter- religious dialogue can we diffuse the recurring tension between religious groups and communities in this country. We believe in strengthening of inter-faith dialogue in order to elevate communal and religious harmony to the level of a practicing doctrine. In any such dialogues there is need for a full and free exchange of our differing religious experiences, in a spirit of mutual respect, appreciation and sympathy. An exchange of individual or collective experiences will lead to enrichment of each others religious life, purifying and strengthening the religious attitude of mind against irreligious and materialistic attitudes from which stem our personal, social and national problems

BIRD came into being in 2001 as a response to the growing communal and inter-religious tensions that prevailed in the country at that time. In the beginning we heard a voice - a voice of sanity. That was Mahatma Gandhi telling us: "Show a little humility and a little diffidence about the correctness of your conduct and a little receptiveness. He reminded us "not to seek to satisfy our thirst for ego by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred and jealousy. We should cease to be merchants of hate. We have to teach ourselves that consideration for others is nobler than muscling our way to the front".

Since its inception BIRD has been providing a platform for addressing those
issues, which are the causes for religious tension and resentment. Realizing that the causes for tension between Christians and Hindus in different parts India are the aggressive evangelisation campaigns and religious conversions conducted by fundamentalist Christian sects and preachers, Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD) has recently made a campaign Declaration called "Christians Against Proselytism" .

The Declaration, signed by almost 700 Christians (their signature are in the posession of BIRD), is addressed to the Prime Minister of India, Secretary General of the UN, The US Commission on International Religious Freedom and The President, European Union.


"As Indian Christians, we believe that the best and perhaps the only way we can bear witness to our faith, is by extending our unconditional love to our neighbours and expecting nothing in return as Jesus Christ showed us. As such, we are against aggressive faith marketing by any religious group because such efforts discredit India's tradition of respecting all religious thought and also runs counter to the true spirit in which the Constitution grants people the right to profess, practice and propagate their faith.

We are Christians. Some of us were born into Christianity others freely chose to embrace it. We also believe that the Great Commission in the Gospel according to Matthew unequivocally calls us to witness Christ in a pluralistic setting without violating the right of the others to preach, practice and profess his/her faith. Witnessing Jesus cannot in any case be done by questionable means, whether by exploiting people's socio-psychological vulnerabilities or by running down other religions.

Furthermore, we believe the Christian injunction to make disciples of all nations in today’s context is best honoured by the bearers of the Good News living exemplary Christian lives and showing respect for the nation’s commitment to pluralism, for the larger public good in a civil society. Conversion of faith, given its life-changing nature, stems from a considered personal experience and is less likely in this day and age to be the stuff of dramatic immediacy.

When India’s Supreme Court ruled, in 1977, that a citizen’s right to "profess, practice and propagate" one’s religion does not include the right to convert another it was merely reaffirming both tradition and the Constitution. We believe that every nation should give primacy to maintenance of public order by ensuring safety and security to the life and property of its citizens.

India’s all-encompassing culture and secular Constitution allows not only its citizens but also visitors the freedom of religious practice. But, Article 25 of the Constitution which guarantees that right also subjects it to the maintenance of "public order, morality and health" of the citizenry.

We therefore call on the Government of India and all secular countries to seek an amendment to Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights by expanding it through the addition of a second sentence (capitalised) : "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. HOWEVER, NO INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANISATION MAY SEEK TO CONVERT AN INDIVIDUAL OR A GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS, INCLUDING MINORS OR INDIVIDUALS OF LIMITED COGNITIVE ABILITIES, FORMALLY OR INFORMALLY, FROM ONE RELIGION TO ANOTHER BY OFFERING FINANCIAL OR OTHER MATERIAL INCENTIVES; THROUGH PHYSICAL, MENTAL, OR EMOTIONAL COERCION; OR THROUGH THREATS OR INTIMIDATION OF ANY KIND."
While we decry the attempts of religious leaders and fundamentalists of all varieties to convert and re-convert, we pledge to work diligently for inter-faith amity in the best traditions of Indian culture. We hereby call on all Indians to join in our efforts to preserve a pluralist India founded on secularism and religious inclusion and governed by a Constitution that guarantees all its citizens all freedoms vital to the functioning of a modern democracy."

The Declaration is posted on: www.PetitionOnline.com/panaveli/petition

Christians who support the declaration may please visit the link and sign it on-line.
PLEASE VISIT www.PetitionOnline. com/panaveli/ petition

Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD)
7A, 3rd Cross
Da Costa Square
Bangalore 560 084
<!--QuoteBegin-acharya+Jan 29 2008, 05:44 PM-->QUOTE(acharya @ Jan 29 2008, 05:44 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->
<b>Iskon may be one of this project</b>

Iskcon and many other Hindu orgs like Yogananda, Swami Ram etc. are suspicious. Considering most Hindu gurus praise Christianity, it's not clear if they're doing it out of ignorance, or whether there's a deeper conspiracy involved. <!--emo&Sad--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='sad.gif' /><!--endemo--> Even people like Sri Sri, Sai Baba are doing this, it's so confusing!
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Iskcon and many other Hindu orgs like Yogananda, Swami Ram etc. are suspicious. Considering most Hindu gurus praise Christianity, it's not clear if they're doing it out of ignorance, or whether there's a deeper conspiracy involved.  Even people like Sri Sri, Sai Baba are doing this, it's so confusing! <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They do not do it due to ignorance but they think they can outsmart the xtians themselves by coming up with bs like Jesus being an avatar, which is bound to backfire badly as far as I am concerned.
ISKCON are conners and traitors to Hindudom as far as I'm concerned. Many of them display that rabid hatred of Hinduism that can only be observed among the abrahamics. The way they abuse Saivism and Shaktism would lead you to think you're talking to some Talebani terrorist.
<!--QuoteBegin-Bharatvarsh+Feb 1 2008, 08:25 PM-->QUOTE(Bharatvarsh @ Feb 1 2008, 08:25 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Iskcon and many other Hindu orgs like Yogananda, Swami Ram etc. are suspicious. Considering most Hindu gurus praise Christianity, it's not clear if they're doing it out of ignorance, or whether there's a deeper conspiracy involved.  Even people like Sri Sri, Sai Baba are doing this, it's so confusing! <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They do not do it due to ignorance but they think they can outsmart the xtians themselves by coming up with bs like Jesus being an avatar, which is bound to backfire badly as far as I am concerned.

If they're trying to outsmart xtians, that means they're on our side. But I am wondering whether they're trying to outsmart Hindus, that is, by praising jesus, are they trying to rape Hinduism from within, which in the long run facilitates conversions? May sound far fetched but if you read Yogananda or listen to Sri Sri or any of these gurus, you'll wonder whether you're part of a 'christian' satsang. <!--emo&Sad--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='sad.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Feb 1 2008, 08:38 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Feb 1 2008, 08:38 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->ISKCON are conners and traitors to Hindudom as far as I'm concerned. Many of them display that rabid hatred of Hinduism that can only be observed among the abrahamics. The way they abuse Saivism and Shaktism would lead you to think you're talking to some Talebani terrorist.

Which is why we need to reconsider our support for iskconites. When they faced trouble in Russia, why did UK Hindus help them, knowing very well iskconites not only abuse Hindus but <b>even refuse to call themselves hindu</b>? Iskconites bash Hindus, but hindus support them. Christians don't even allow isknites to build one temple, yet iskconites consider christians their best buddies. <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif' /><!--endemo--> Why do hindus help such ungrateful, venomous people?
moved to ISKCON thread--Shambhu
Folks: Please use ISKCON thread
A quick read of that thread would be mighty helpful, some posts in there from people like Sunder, Ashok, Narayanan, Hygriva, Bharatvarsh etc are worth the read.
CS Pabitra Mohan Swain
Location: Pune, Maharastra, India.
Comments: Respected Mam, with utter grief and shock I am writing this entry. On dated 24/12./2007 a mob led by the Christians attacked Hindu - Swami Laxamanandaji in Khandhamal district. He himself, driver and body guard all are seriously injured. After that right wing party/organisation called fro Orissa Bandh on 25-12-2007. Again and again these Christian missionaries are using their venomous attack on our peace loving people. They have polluted our culture. Even in Pune I stopped 3-4 guys to attend daily Christian prayer. And also clarified the greatness of Hinduism. They have started to realize the same. They just get diverted by the Christian Dalals. In Pune, Viniyard Church – Dhapodi are doing all these nonsense. They are large glow sign poster every where you find in Pune. Nobody is objecting on this. My blood is just boiling to see this type of Christian propaganda thing against Hindus. But I am helpless.

(Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing the news and the nefarious Christian conversion activities in Orissa and also in Pune, Maharashtra. Christian missionaries would be very happy to see Hinduism end up as a museum piece in the future. In its long history of spiritual intolerance the West has successfully destroyed ancient religious traditions around the world in the name of the one jealous Abrahamic God. Today only the Vedic traditions of India stand in their way for spiritual dominance. Warm regards).
The Borrowing Theory

Krsna and CowJesus with LambThe era of the "Borrowing Theory," as it was known, first began when Antonio Giorgi published his book Alphabetum Tibetanum [Roma 1762]. The materials for Giorgi's writings were gathered from manuscripts of Capucine missionaries [1741] led by Horacio de la Penna [a particularly zealous missionary] who traveled in India and Tibet for several years. Giorgi undertook the task to prove by comparative philology the opinion entertained by the missionaries, that Vaishnavism and Buddhism were a corrupted form of Christianity.

Giorgi wrote that "Krishna is only a corruption of the name of the Saviour [Christ]; the deeds correspond wonderfully with the name, though they have been impiously and cunningly polluted by most wicked imposters."

Indeed, the parallels between Christ and Krishna are many. Just to name a few: The births of Christ and Krishna were heralded by divine beings [angels]. King Harod of Judea planned to kill the Christ child and King Kamsa of Mathura planned to kill the child Krishna. Christ and Krishna both dispelled demons, cured the sick, performed miracles, taught the truth, and both Christ and Krishna were destined to be Kings.

In his monograph Uber die Krishnajanmasthami, Albrecht Weber [1825-1901] pointed out the many and striking similarities between the birth stories of Krishna and Jesus. The following quote from his work notes many of these similarities:

"Take, for example the statement of the Vishnu Purana that Nanda, the foster-father of Krishna, at the time of the latter's birth, went with his pregnant wife Yasoda to Mathura to pay taxes (cf. Luke II, 4, 5) or the pictorial representation of the birth of Krishna in the cow stall or shepherds hut, that corresponds to the manger, and of the shepherds, shepherdesses, the ox and the ass that stand round the woman as she sleeps peacefully on her couch without fear of danger. Then the stories of the persecutions of Kamsa, of the massacre of the innocents, of the passage across the river (Christophorus), of the wonderful deeds of the child, of the healing-virtue of the water in which he was washed, etc., etc. Whether the accounts given in the Jaimini Bharata of the raising to life by Krishna of the dead son of Duhsala, of the cure of Kubja, of her pouring a vessel of ointment over him, of the power of his look to take away sin, and other subjects of the kind came to India in the same connection with the birth-day festival may remain an open question."

Weber even contended that the whole Vedic system of avatars, or incarnations of God, was "borrowed" from the "Incarnation of Jesus Christ."

New TestamentBhagavad GitaDr. F. Lorinser [1869] translated the Bhagavad-gita and compared it scrupulously to the New Testament. He concluded, that the author of the Bhagavad-gita knew and used the Gospels and Christian Fathers. According to Lorinser the similarities were not single and obscure, but numerous and clear. There was no doubt in Lorinser's mind that the Bhagavat-gita had been largely "borrowed" from the New Testament.

Sir William JonesOther Western scholars gradually came in contact with the borrowing theory but disputed its validity. One such scholar, Sir William Jones, [philologer] found Vishnu to be one of the more ancient Gods of India, who Vaishnavas asserted was distinct from all the other Avatars [incarnations], who had only a portion of Krishna's divinity. In his fascinating and provocative work, "On the Gods Of Greece, Italy and India" Sir William Jones writes [1786] that "In the principal Sanskrit dictionary, compiled about two thousand years ago, Krishna, Vasudeva, Govinda, and other names of the Shepherd God, are intermixed with epithets of Narayana, or the Divine Spirit."

Sir William Jones's is best known today for making and propagating the observation that Sanskrit [the ancient language of India] bore a certain resemblance to classical Greek and Latin. In "The Sanskrit Language" (1786) he suggested that all three languages had a common root.

G E Moore

Following in the direction of Sir Jones's research, the English philosopher Edward Moore [1873-1958] later went so far as to say that the popular Greek myths had some basis in real life and could be traced ultimately to India.

However, conclusive proof of a borrowing theory for either side of the argument did not surface for some time, thus the debate continued. And in more than one instance it was the religious Christian fervor that won the day in favor of all theological thought in India being borrowed from Christianity. Any literary evidence provided from the ancient Sanskrit literatures which proved that Vaishnavism predated Christianity was never considered as verifiable evidence and was simply brushed aside. The only creditable literary evidence would have to be, in the biased minds of the Christian dominated debate, of Western origin - the "Holy Bible" of course being wholly admissible as evidence - otherwise to question its validity was an act of heresy.

As destiny would have it there finally surfaced a Western literary account of ancient India that was in fact much older than the Bible. This record of ancient India was found in the book, Indica, written by Megasthenes [3rd century BCE, Greek] and authoritatively referred to by his commentators in their writings.

StraboSometime in the third century BCE, Meghasthenes journeyed to India. The King of Taxila had appointed Meghasthenes ambassador to the royal court of the great Vaishnava monarch, Chandragupta. Evidently while there, Megasthenes wrote extensively on what he heard and saw. Unfortunately, none of Megasthenes original writings survived the ages. However, through early Greek historians like Arrian, Diodorus, and Strabo, fragments of Megasthenes's writings were available and remain so today.

Heracles Krishna & Agasura
HeraclesKrishna Kills AgasuraGerman orientalist Christian Lassen [1800-1876] was the first scholar to bring Megasthenes into the debate on the borrowing theory. He noted that Megasthenes wrote of Krishna under the pseudonym of Heracles and that Heracles, or Krishna, was worshipped as God in the area through which the Yamuna River flows.

A respected German Indologist, Richard Garbe [journeyed to India 1885-1886], agreed with Lassens analysis and called the testimony of Megasthenes indisputable. Soon, other scholars who had formerly supported the borrowing theory changed their minds and admitted, that the evidence of Megasthenes had exploded the borrowing theory once and for all.

The life of Krishna and the religion of Vaishnavism had not been influenced by Christianity, but had appeared autonomously on Indian soil and was already well-established by at least the third century BCE. Indeed, according to numerous accounts in the ancient Sanskrit literature [that began to appear more creditable to Western scholars] Krishna and the worship of Krishna as God appeared in India close to 3,000 BCE.

Heliodorus ColumnFollowing close behind the evidence of Magasthenes were several archaeological discoveries that also verified the Vaishnava faith as independently existing in India several centuries before the advent of Jesus and the doctrine of Christianity.

Heliodorus InscriptionBy far, the most important archaeological discovery made was by the indefatigable General Sir Alexander Cunningham in 1877. During an archeological survey of Beshnagar in central India [near present day Bhopal], he noted a curious ornamental column. The shape of the column caused Cunningham to attribute it erroneously to the period of the Gupta Dynasty (CE 300-550). Thirty-two years later, however, two gentleman, Mr. Lake and Dr. J. H. Marshall saw some lettering on the lower part of the column in an area where pilgrims customarily smeared it with red paint. When the thick red paint was removed an inscription dating the curious pillar to 113 BCE was revealed.

In the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society in 1909, Dr. J. H. Marshall described his conclusions. Cunningham had dated the column far too late and could little have dreamt of the value of the record which he just missed discovering. A glance at the few letters exposed was all that was needed to show that the column was many centuries earlier than the Gupta era. This was, indeed, a surprise to Dr. Marshall, but a far greater surprise was in store when the opening lines of the inscription were read.

The following translation of this ancient Brahmi inscription was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society [London: JRAS, Pub, 1909, pp 1053-54].

Heliodorus Inscription
"This Garuda-column of Vasudeva (Visnu), the God of Gods, was erected here by Heliodorus, a worshipper of Visnu, the son of Dion, and an inhabitant of Taxila, who came as Greek ambassador from the Great King Antialkidas to King Kasiputra Bhagabhadra, the Savior, then reigning prosperously in the fourteenth year of his kingship."

The column had been erected in BCE 113 by Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador to India. He, like Megasthenes, hailed from Taxila in the Bactrian region of northwest India, which had been conquered by Alexander the Great in BCE 325. By the time of Heliodorus, Taxila then covered much of present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Punjab.

Heliodorus Inscription 2

After the publishing of the findings on the Heliodorus pillar in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society in 1909 little more was said amongst scholars about the borrowing theory.

Indians did not take much interest in the debate of this theory, as they did not realize its relevancy in their times. The early Christian missionaries and scholars had indeed found a significant number of very interesting similarities between Vaishnavism and Christianity which in their own words were, "Not single and obscure, but numerous and clear." So it was only logical to any trained mind that this idea should arise. However, since it was concluded long ago that the worship of Krishna existed long before Christianity - could it then be reasonable to assume or at least to question that possibly it was Christianity that borrowed from Vaishnavism?

The Editors

Evangelical Missionary war on Hindus
27/01/2008 06:26:30 Dr.Babu Suseelan

Christian missionaries in India enjoyed much support from European Christian colonial masters who controlled the political, economic and educational institutions for centuries, to 1947. With the active support of the European Christian colonialists, missionaries founded churches, large scale political organizations, and educational institution. Even after independence, political parties handed over Christians an influential position in India.

Leaders of the Church became key advisers and also exercised political, economic, and educational functions as government leaders. They have penetrated and controlled several national institutions that were taking shape after independence. Christians have created the press, economic institutions, commercial enterprises, as well as grabbed urban and forestland, established non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges and formed political parties.

Coercive and deceptive conversion of Hindus increased the number of Christians which reshaped several states. No wonder that from the beginnings of 1950’s political Christianity made all the political, economic and educational decisions and controlled everything. Hindus could scarcely make their way in education, media and commerce. Political Christianity formed a special clique, finding their ideal in real estate, education, health industry, media, plantation and commerce. They operated in theory, that Christians should be strategically placed in policy decision bodies.

The Church built large estates, business enterprises, banks, and educational institutions. Political Christianity in India maintains that Christians had first to constitute an appropriately divided Hindu society of classes. This they would accomplish only when they formed caste based organizations and regional political parties. Then Hindus would continue their class division and the Church would accomplish their goal. Historically, political, cultural, and economic Christianity had in common a sense of competition with Hinduism. Christians dismiss Hindu spiritual and cultural traditions. The Church clearly intent on liberating Hindus from their cultural roots and enslave them with rigid, closed, divisive and linear Christian dogma.

Missionaries with the closed, rigid and non-compromising dogma are obsessed with the idea of converting Hindus who believe in pluralism, tolerance and the all inclusive Vedic philosophy. Comprehensive and spiritual Vedic thought has always posed a serious challenge and dilemma for the Christian Church. For centuries, unable to challenge the broader and systemic Hindu philosophy, Christian missionaries have resorted to deceptive mind manipulation strategies to trap and convert Hindus.

Pseudo Political leaders and India’s alienated intellectuals failed to provide pride and dignity to Hindus and they despise and demean them. Political parties and secular leaders allowed Christians not only to influence government policies, but also tolerated their attack on Hindu spiritual practices. This political patronage enabled Christians to exercise an influential anti Hindu role in public life and in government.
The power of the Church in India is enormous. Massive inflow of foreign fund helped the Church to influence the media, own large tracts of urban and forestland, control political parties, as well as own commercial and educational institutions. Their explicit purpose, among other things, is to stop Hindu consolidation and get them to fight on caste lines. In order to solidify their growing hegemony, Christians have made alliance with the Congress party, the Marxists, and regional parties as well as with parochial organizations.

The explosive effect of this unholy alliance can be gauged by the emergence of Christian power in central and several state governments. Control of educational institutions, trade, plantation and real estate brought wealth to Christians in ways Christians had never known. All the while, Christian organizations received massive amounts from abroad for conversion activities.

Christian conquests are more and more commercial and less spiritual. Well-established business, trade and commerce proved better, more wealth producing mode of occupation than spirituality. Concurrent with commercial success, the Church with the help of foreign fund elevated the role of political interference with absolute control of government in many states. Political influence of Christians in India marked the modern scene to an extent unknown before.


One of the more alarming trends in India in recent years is the growing number of evangelical Christian organizations. This growth has been accompanied by an astonishing increase in Christian missionary activities which target Hindus for conversion. Well over 3,000 missionary groups which obsessed to convert Hindus spend over a billion dollar each year for conversion work in India. Evangelical Christian groups sponsor hundreds of full-time missionaries. They also sponsor television and radio programs. Missionaries have sponsored thousands of non-governmental organizations for overt and covert activities for furthering Christian causes.

These evangelical Christians use deceptive tactics to attract secular Hindus, journalists, academicians and westernized intellectuals. Evangelical missionary groups use Hindu names for their organizations to attract and trap innocent Hindus. They frequently misquote, mistranslate and misrepresent Hindu scripture and texts in order to use it as a bait and switch game. Evangelical missionaries are specially trained in mental misdirection and psychological war. They know well how to conceal, camouflage, and distortion of reality and power play. This deceptive game involves getting Hindus to trust, like, and feel comfortable with their bait and switch game, so they will want Hindus to do what they want to do. They use sophisticated psycho programming for softening people up for the kill. Like most power plays, softening people up for the kill is dangerous. It is not transparent enough for Hindus to see through and choose not to say to buy into it.


Evangelical Christian organizations advertise under the heading of Human Rights, Dalit Organizations, Solidarity movements of the oppressed, Environmental Protection groups and social service agencies. Their goal is to mentally misdirect Hindus, to fabricate false reality, erase memory, and soften them for “thought implant”.
Pamphleteering and false advertisement of evangelist Christians are on the increase. There is an upsurge in Christian pamphlets being distributed at Hindu festivals, temples and sacred places of pilgrimage. Missionary groups aggressively distribute Christian publications to denigrate Hindu deities at Sabarimala, Thirupathi, Guruvayoor, Ujjain, Benares, Palani, Uduppi, and Sivagiri where Hindus congregate in large numbers.
In addition, missionary groups employ scare tactics, intimidation and violence to discourage and prevent Hindus from organizing protest against deceptive conversion tactics. Evangelical missionary groups engage in a variety of relatively benign deceptions intent to leave secular Hindus with a more positive impression on them.

The real purpose for engaging in hidden agenda power plays is conversion of innocent Hindus. Hidden agendas, psycho programming and mind manipulation techniques are used to entice unsuspecting Hindus. The secret they keep from others and the camouflage they use to disguise their true intentions has dangerous consequences for Hindu society. Beneath the polished exterior of Christian educational institutions lies a burgeoning political and cultural war machine that strikes at the traditional spiritual values of India.


The Christian missionaries have already infiltrated religious organizations, media, social agencies, political parties and institutions of higher learning and threaten to bring down Hindu society. They continue to poison our cultural tradition, moral values, spiritual beliefs, and thus destroy the social fabric of our nation from within. It is a massive culture war which has disastrous consequences for Hindus and India. Their game plan is to misdirect Hindus and delegitimize Hinduism by claiming that Christianity is the only path to salvation.
Several missionary organizations disguise as human rights and social service organizations. In fact, they fraudulently represent themselves as human right and social activists, and these so-called human right and social service organizations are elaborately disguised Christian front organizations. Most of these non-governmental organizations that receive foreign fund exhibit “messiah madness” and manifest a great sense of urgency to convert as many Hindus as possible for creating a Christian vote bank.

Recent Christian violence in Orissa, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are perfect example of the deceptive practices used by evangelical proselytizing groups. There are at least 500 Christian proselytizing organizations that operate with foreign fund in Orissa and Bihar alone, which are actively targeting Hindus for conversion. Recently deceptive and aggressive conversion efforts have led to escalating tension throughout Bihar.


Incredibly, many of the evangelical Christian aggression are the direct result of certain government policies to appease Christians. Policies of Christian and Muslim reservation, quota system and special privileges are in fact, effective in promoting mischievous Christian power play and aggressive conversion tactics.

There has been an ominously deafening silence from secular political leadership at all levels. This silence itself is complicit in creating a favorable atmosphere for Christian conversion groups. Phony secular leaders engage in ineffective maneuvers to maintain the status quo and avoid unpleasant thoughts to the back of their minds because thinking about deceptive missionary conversion practices only make matters worse. Consequently, what they do in the name of maintaining equilibrium only deceive them. It is a self-defeating behavior that may lead to disaster.

Most frightening are the bogus intellectuals, journalists and alienated intellectuals and armchair academicians, who at the helm of this Christian invasion, try to force insidious and deeply harmful Christian dogma upon the throats of Hindus under the name of mindless universalism. These pseudo secular leaders smug their attitudes as they ridicule us of our spiritual values.


As Hindus face the ongoing deceptive conversion gang and their sponsors around the world, we must cope with the continuing scourge of denial, accommodation and cowardice. Hindus need to recognize the dangers of putting our faith in mindless universalism-when the times call for decisive action. For only through strong defense of our spiritual culture, freedom at home and abroad, can we preserve, practice and promote our tolerant and all inclusive thought system in the dangerous world.

Hindus must exercise constant vigilance to educate about the true nature of the hidden agendas of Christian groups and non-governmental organizations funded and directed by foreign agencies. Their mission is couched in ecclesiastical terms but their ulterior motive is to diminish Hindu population by coercive conversion.

Hindus must be aware that the value of free speech and the basic right to free expression is not absolute under the Indian constitution. Hindus have the right to oppose Christian hate speech and deceptive practices that deem offensive. Awareness, education and assertive protest seem to be the best way of confronting deceptive missionary proselytizing. Teaching and informing Hindus that Hindus need not believe in the Christian dogma, not to tolerate intolerant and deceptive conversion practices and Christian churches are to deceive the Hindu community are important first steps.

Though many political and community leaders have sought economic development and social reform, particularly globalization, they have generally been unwilling to see the power play and hidden agendas of the Churches. One key to the success of evangelical Christian deceptive conversion is that Hindus tolerate the hidden agendas and sinister games of the missionaries. The trouble with tolerating coercive religious conversion, of course, is that while we’re averting our eyes, the evangelists grows and festers around India. Their goal is political domination and this has been true for the past few centuries.

Indeed, the greatest threat to our nation is Christian and Muslim appeasement policies-and selfish opportunism-of the pseudo secular politicians. The Congress party, the Marxists and several parochial regional parties are ideologically inclined toward appeasement and special privileges for Christians and Muslims. These corrupt, antinational political parties dismiss or understate hidden agendas of evangelists. And of course, rather than containing or confronting political agendas of the missionary groups, they acquiesce with them.

Hindus can no longer afford to remain silent or passive when Hindus encounter Christian bigotry and hatred. The consequences of silence and passivism are too dangerous for our nation and for the Hindu civilization. We must not surrender the public arena to the forces that seek to promote hatred and polarization amongst various communities in our nation. Deceptive evangelical missionary conversion tactics must be actively resisted and responded to so that such hidden hatred and subversive plan become totally unacceptable in our country.
If unchallenged and unchecked, coercive religious conversion can erode and destroy our spiritual tradition, dismantle our social fabric and destroy our moral foundation. Every Christian statement is a deliberate attack on the pluralistic and spiritual tradition of our society and on our sacred values that demand respect, tolerance, and kindness for all who live in the world.
Hindu organizations must see diverse Hindus as a people with a vision not of what was, but of what in order to be. Hindu leaders must take that vision and transform into fact. Hindus must now break the wall of denial. No way around it. At some point, every Hindu is confronted with danger of deceptive conversion ploys. How we choose to combat that challenge is often life-defining. Hindus can face injustice and fraudulent conversion plans head-on or run from them, or ignores them until they consume every Hindu. But no one escapes conflict and confrontation. Hypocritical politicians see no evil in deceptive evangelical missionary practices, ever seek or act against it. These pseudo secular politicians who do not acknowledge evil are spiritually lost.

Tolerance, complacency, avoidance, apathy and acquiesce of deceptive missionary practices will not lead to spirituality. It leads to confusion, chaos and immorality. Only by ignoring evil practices can a nation embrace deviance that ends in weakness and decadence.
It is time for Hindus to wake up, join together and show courage and determination to discriminate between good and evil to create a strong nation. It is a culture war, a paradigm conflict. It is a political invasion from within. It is a bloodless war for the minds, hearts, and souls of Hindus. It is being waged with force, foreign fund and deception on our television, in the class rooms, in the media and in the political fields. It is a constant and continuing war on our spiritual values in order to weaken our nation. We must stand up and take sides in this war for the minds.

28/01/2008 15:39:09 Hinduism

It is true on account of poverty and ignorance many Hindus are convereted and exploited. The main puropse is for future political domination. The writer has met many evangelist pastors and they tried to convert me in Bombay and in Sydney. I have witnessed that they are healing sick people instantly, these are all pre arrangement and fake. No one can cure any one instantlyby a touch of an evagelist pastor. It is sad to note malayalees are leaders for all these thing. We Indians are beggars and cowards, this is what modern world witnessing. It is a fact. I have seen hindu saints are preaching in western world,they have high respect for Hindu religion and try to understand and many of them try to live Hindu way of life, when the national identity come they stand for nationalism.But converted Indians are different they have been converted on the basis of economic basic not for ideology. It is very sad,people from Kerala heading these activities with out knowing the pros and cons in the near future. The so called christians want to make money,hence they can build hospitals schools and ultimately politcal influence.
28/01/2008 03:37:03 Necessity to educate about Sanatana Dharma
Babu Suseelanji tries his best to educate the Hindus . Other scholars too must contribute like this .

The root problem is ignorance of the Hindus . Most of them have no idea about the sacred "Vedic way of Life " which is their "Dharma" . Hindu Gods and Goddesses are always willing to help their devotees . However Hindu people fail to follow the vedic rules necessary to invoke them .
28/01/2008 01:45:05 Save Sanatana Dharma at any cost
No, Franklinji, not to dominate the world, just for our survival as Hindus at least in Bharat, our leaders have to devise proper strategies to counter Christian and Islamic threat that thrives with the support of Marxists and Congress. Rich hindus, if there are any, should start independent TV channels and newspapers to counter Christian and Islamic propaganda and present Hindu's predicament honestly so as to make hindus aware the seriousness of the situation; we have to, at any cost, retain our civilization, Sanatana Dharma.
Franklin Joseph
27/01/2008 09:08:52 Missionary war on Hindus
Babu Suseelan ji Pranamams, an extraordinarily detailed study. I request Sangha to unveil a program keeping in mind a time-frame of ATLEAST next 500 years in view. Each of our action must be calculated, calibrated, well thoughtout and deliberate. This is the ONLY way for Hinduism to dominate the world.


Check the India attitude and perception

All of the video are from 2006 and 2007

Check what they are doing in China
Compare with what they are doing in India

There is difference and also similarity

There is great fear and worry among the christians about nuclear war and apocalypse

Nowhere does it mention nucular war - but I believe that Zec 14:12 gives us a good picture of that? You must understand that when the prophets saw this take place in front of them, they didn't have the understanding as we do today. The scripture states: "Their flesh shall consume away while they stand - Their eyes shall consume away in their holes - & Their tonque shall consume away in their mouth!" That sound pretty close to what happens during a nucular fallout... Just a thought?
gettingcloser2himadded: 13912 days ago
so i need to know where in the bible does it say that there will be a nucular war?It say's that the one who brings peace to the middle east is the anti-christ,and well bother, I think I remember Mr Bush saying he was going to bring peace to the middle east.I have know doubt that in the end days will will be fighting china but I also know that the rapture comes first and it say''s they will not taste death.It is amazing to me how my fellow americans cant see Bush for what he is.

Are Mormons Really Christians?


Check this out how they abuse other religions
To prevent conversions, people from RSS/VHP and other Hindu Orgs are trying to uplift the dalits, obcs etc. But at the end of the day, they still remain dalits/OBCs. So would it not be better to give them a choice, so they can opt for any caste they want?

Put simply, can't these Hindu Orgs start a new campaign where they invite anyone-regardless of caste, religion etc.-to become Brahmins, if they so prefer? Wouldn't it be revolutionary? One can kill two birds with one stone-Hinduism will look flexible and relieve itself of accusations reg. caste, and at the same time, Brahmins will also be protected, because they'll cease to be a punching bag for politicians, especially in places like TN, where Dravidian politics revolves around brahmin-bashing only.

I think this was done by Ramanujacharya in the past, where he 'converted' many people to the Brahmin caste. This sort of social revolution will not only prevent conversions, but will be useful in the long run. If people think it'll fail, because nobody would want to convert to brhamin caste due to reservations, then the same logic will also apply to christians. But they're still converting, aren't they? So I don't think reservation will prevent them from changing their caste.
Firstly, becoming "Brahmin" is no attractive proposition as people seem to think, if that you mean one who does priestly work then forget about it, priests get paid a pittance and no one wants to be in their position, if you mean just taking up the label Brahmin socially once again that's no advantage, what you will get is slapped with reservations and no acceptance from other castes and last of all do we know that "Dalits" desire to leave behind their caste?

Next this entire OBC business is mostly nonsense, it's a cover for powerful caste groups to grab reservations and also prevent genuinely disadvantaged groups from getting anything, most of the OBC castes are by no means backward and quite dominant and often happen to be the one's who regularly clash with "Dalits".

I think Suresh's point is that if Hindus give option for a lower caste person to become a brahmin, entire missionary strategy will go down the drain. It may be another fact that none of them want to become brahmin since they will lose all benefits. The question is if a devout lower caste person, say somebody similar to Mata Amritanandamayi, is prepared to learn vedas and sutras and is willing to live according to the scriptures be anointed as brahmin by any organization.

It looks like a very good strategy to me. They should also declare that a born brahmin who violates standard code of conduct (like Mani Shankar Iyer) is no longer a brahmin.
I think both Bharatvarsh and ashyam are correct. No "dalit" will want to become bramhin, but giving him.her that option will show missionary lies up.

However GoI should clearly say first, "Since caste is only used as a club to beat down Hindu religion in India, and since caste-oppression has long been illegal, we would also like to give the oportunity to anyone so desiring to call himself a bramhin, fully understanding that he/she will then have to forego reservations attached to his former caste and will have to embrace reservations against his/her new caste. This move has been legislated to show that the birth-based castes of today are nothing more than mere labels"
Let's see through this step by step.

#1 Major Hindu Orgs like VHP/RSS/BJP, plus prominent Hindutvadis from Dayanand Swamiji (and other gurus like Sri Sri) to political leaders to (hindu) social reformers should openly and publicly declare in front of millions: Anyone can convert to the Brahmin caste, anyone regardless of gender, caste etc.
Whether or not people convert, this will totally blacken the krista/secularist's face.</b> It will make Hindus look incredibly flexible, not to mention progressive and utterly revolutionary. Even if dalits don't convert, they'll begin to look at Brahmins/upper castes with respect and admiration for taking such a bold initiative.

#2 As to the idea that people won't convert, that's true if reservation policies WORK. But they don't work, which the dalits/OBCs are clearly seeing.

#3 Even otherwise, I am not sure why it shouldn't succeed. If so many dalits/OBCs can say no to the alluring rewards and bribes offered by christians and continue to be Hindu, is it not reasonable to expect them to say no to reservations and become Brahmins? Despite poverty, if they have enough integrity to reject christian rewards to remain Hindu, surely their integrity will also reject reservations and such diabolical policies?

#4 If all else fails, it is definitely going to be useful in the long run just the same. <b>This will be part of history</b>, and our children down the ages will view this favorably, they'll feel proud of what their ancestors tried to accomplish.

#5 It will destroy dravidian hate politics, which is blatantly anti-hindu.

#6 All the above will indirectly benefit Hindu community, no politician can turn Hindu against Hindu.

This is how I see it. I want to give the dalits the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to assume he's gonna reject this option in favor of petty gain. If that were the case, most dalits would be christians now, which isn't the case. So why doubt their integrity, when they've proved themselves before? <b>It's time our gurus gave them the chance to become Brahmins, a la Ramanuja.</b>

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