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Bomb Blasts In India - 1
Things have settled down now. Cellphones are working. SMSes are working. Recovery phase has started. People have been advised to stay home, look out for suspicious packages and donate blood as number of injured was very high (200-300) - negative blood groups are in short supply. Inspite of attacks on hospitals, there is no shortage of people going to donate blood but still negative blood groups were in short supply. Maharashtra border has been sealed. Hopefully something will come out of that.

As to who did this, the msg seems pretty vague. Or maybe there are multiple msgs, I dont know. It sure is a setback for Modi's stellar record so far. Couple of local congressis have already started dissing Modi's 'failure' to prevent this attack from happening. I also caught a glimpse of Shivraj Patil again making dumb statements - if somebody sees his stmt, i would like to read his stmt again as i was in hurry. But in general the msg is not clear at all.

Oh and there is no chance of riots as far as i can tell.
Why not set up some personal social boycotts

1. I shall not buy made in Pakistan or bangladesh
2. I shall not see bollywood movies with muslim heroes
3. I shall not patronise muslim vendors
4. I shall boycott moron-swamis who preach iswar allah tere naam
and so on

5. I shall never vote for secular parties


IMHO a strong economic boycott that persists for decades is needed
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Jul 27 2008, 01:51 AM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Jul 27 2008, 01:51 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Laughing stock of the entire world. We are now 2nd most affected by terrorism after Iraq, which is a war-ravaged country. I don't know what is more disgusting, Hindu complacency or Moron Singh's inaction.

Look at this comment from an unspecified forum -

<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->At the end of the day, Indian Muslims are our own people and we cannot throw them out. If we wanted to, we should have done it in 1947, but today is 2008. They are as much a part of India as the rest.

So let us think of how we can live together, alleviate each other's misconceptions and take on the COMMON enemy (Pakis, Chinkis, Bhooka-nangas etc). It will be painful, but that is the only way forward without tearing India apart.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Say a hindu in pakistan or bangladesh had done this
would the muslims there be so charitable ?
Everytime there is an attack, there is an effort to shift blame to Pak, Bangladesh, China, CIA etc as if everyone in India are innocent children who are incapable of doing any attacks.

Many people live in denial and find comfort in blaming Pak for everything, meanwhile the domestic terrorists (Islamists, Maoists etc) are having great fun at India's expense.

There isnt even strict enforcement of existing laws which are totally inadequate let alone any plan of response.

Pseudo - Hindutva
16/07/2008 21:20:20 Dharma

When the term pseudo-secularists came into the media there was a sudden urge to quote the word or phrase in every context and out of context, more often.

Pseudo-secularism simply means non-secular habits followed by individuals, groups or even the State in the face of declared Secular agenda. Or in other words simple double standards when it comes to mixing the affairs of the state and certain religions and culture.

This word is mostly used by the rightist organizations in India while describing their foes the Congress and the leftist. For years the Congress has been following a policy of minority appeasement and have been advocating for the rights of the Muslims and Christians in the country giving a feeling that they have been badly treated by the 58% Hindus of the country.

But its the Hindus I want to talk about today.

I would prefer to coin the term , 'Pseudo- Hinduvadis' ( PH ) today for you. the PH has been bothering me for a very long time now. But it has never come to the point of actually writing about them. Who are they?

A different spectrum of PH exists when it comes to the hindutva struggle to establish Ram Rajya in India. These people like the other hinduvadis agree in principle about the fact that the Hindus are fast becoming a extinct in their own land and that their culture is being shredded to pieces by the new generation atheists and missionary work. But the difference being they want to be eating the fruits of the hard fought results without wetting their own hands !!

They exists on many levels. They could be intellectuals and they could be the foot soldier. But this syndrome of talking about a Hindutva struggle and they not standing up to the challenge when it actually comes, is fast catching up. It has spread its roots in the political form of the BJP where Hindutva pops up during the election mode alone. The intellectuals give us lecture for hours and hours and express their opinions on various issues and matters, as long as its within their secure zone of comfort and home. But if you further ask them to come down to the masses and explain their point of view, then it becomes a matter that needs to be reconsidered. Another set takes every opportunity that comes his way to criticize and cut to pieces the people who actually maintain the fabric of ground level work in the organizations. Every minute mistake is evaluated and projected as major drawback that further weakens the Hindu population. But what have the PH's done? Have they they actually put the effort to organize the Hindus? Have they practically seen if their thoughts and opinions have an impact on the Hindu society?

<b>Have come across many PH who project themselves as strong Hindutva supporters but attack the Sangh activists at every opportunity they get</b>. Have they actually taken an effort to work with the sangh from within the ranks and feel the difficulties that are experienced in the one hour shakha? Even the Sangh has its own set of PH's within their ranks. The PH who often speak about the inability of the hinduvadis to have their own media turn a blind eye when it comes to helping the existing publications and media option alive !!! The PH who wants to have the activists take life for a life in their fight against the communists and the jehadis turn a blind eye to the plight of the family that loses the bread winner in this war. They simply term them as causalities in a long struggle.

The PH wants to be in the forefront of spearheading a Hindu renaissance by remote control from his home. This I disagree with very strongly. As long as someone works for the cause of Hindutva and has respect for the RSS, BD, and other Hindu organizations, anyone can work from home to support Hindutva. THe majority of real Hindutva-wadis cannot actively work in an RSS shakha, but do real work from their homes. They are not to be called PHs, and the author needs to point that out. So my advice to them is if you can't actually break a sweat for the cause of Hindutva you might rightly keep to you homes like the countless other Hindus who won't even bat an eyelid if another Hindu is killed or cares a damn if the Hindu culture and religion flows down the drain. We are much better off without disturbances and advices from you.

Time to rethink ourselves, on which side of the fence do we sit?
What if the blasts are by IMs controlled by insiders?
Ramana thats my view so far, 2 BJP ruled states have been targeted but more like a warning shot than total mayhem (aka Mumbai), i think we all know which parties in India may gain from this.

I think its childish to shift blame to the morons in Pak after every attack while ignoring internal threats. Even assuming Pak did it, they couldn't have done it without some local help and thats where we should first concentrate on, internal traitors are always a bigger threat than external enemies, remember that a big role in British gaining and maintaining power was because they won over potential traitors through diplomacy, without such people they would have had a much tougher time ruling India.
We 'richly deserve' blasts and more for our 'DHIMMITUDE'
26/07/2008 00:04:15 H. Balakrishnan




Enclosing below my letters to your paper after the Hyderabad and Jaipur blasts. I had ended my letter post ‘Jaipur’ with "Until the Next Blast". It has happened in 'Bengaluru'. The usual nonsense will be uttered by the 'netas'. Not worth the piece of paper on which it is written.

As a people, we 'Richly Deserve' what we are getting. We richly deserve the govt. we elect. We 'richly deserve' blasts and more for our 'DHIMMITUDE'. Let us indulge a little more in the nonsensical "SECULAR" versus 'COMMUNAL" debate while the Jihadis make MERRY!!







Reference your edit "Grim reminder in Jaipur" - (TNIE-15May).

Tuesday's ghastly serial bombings in Jaipur, coming in the wake of a surge in cross-border terrorism, are a grim reminder that our internal security situation continues to remain precarious. The bombings, which have extracted a terrible toll of innocent lives and maimed scores of others, also bear evidence of the fact that the evil forces of " jihad ", operating out of Pakistan or through front Organisations in Bangladesh, are neither down nor out.Treacly statements of condemnation and concern by individual Pakistani leaders should not distract us from this fact.

There is no percentage in berating the Congress or blaming the UPA Government for their abysmal failure in fighting Islamist terror.

An effete Prime Minister signals surrender by offering to reward the families of jihadis killed by security forces and spends sleepless nights worrying over the fate of suspected terrorists. An equally pathetically clueless Home Minister justifies the inexplicable delay in sending the convicted mastermind behind the terrorist attack on Parliament House to his justly deserved death. And when a cynical Congress forces the scrapping of an effective anti-terrorism law to appease those who are not discomfited by the sight of horrific bloodshed, terrorists are bound to feel emboldened.

I enclose below my letter to your paper after the Hyderabad blasts. Haven't I been proved right Sir? Lets face it. We are an effette Nation.Dhimmitude is our " National Trait ".We deserve to get "kicked in our butt". And that's precisely what the 'Jihadis" are doing, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO IN FUTURE.

Until the NEXT BLAST,







Hyderabad is again in the news for all the wrong reasons!! Twin
Blasts on 25 Aug.

The "USUAL HOMILIES" will pour forth from our "DHIMMI SECULAR NETAS". The torrent has already started!! (A)- 'Its an act of cowardice', - Renuka Chowdry, (B)- 'It was done to create panic'- Thingummy Doud, Former Home Minister AP, ©- 'Do not panic, maintain calm' - Y "Samuel" Reddy!! Then the "CACAPHONY" will become a 'torrent'.Then will follow the 'usual FLYING visits' of these 'netas' to get phot-ops by being at the bedside of the wounded,in hospitals. Inconvenience to all concerned is a minor matter!!

Not to be left behind,the 'secular' English media will burst forth into a flood of Articles highlighting the "SPIRIT OF HYDERABAD". Some will then, in rare 'investigative brilliance ' point the needle of suspicion ' at some 'phantom unbearded denizens' behind the blasts!!

The T.V. Channels will go beserk,each trying to outdo the other in
'fabricating headlines' and 'stories'!! How 'sources' say it was RDX. And then there will be a contradiction in another channel about how it was a 'mixture of 'RDX+something'. Not to be outdone,a third will scream how 'the pressure cooker came to boil'!! And then will follow a 'JUGALBANDHI SESSION ' against the backdrop of the 'CHARMINAR'. A must for this show is for the prima donnas to prominently display the 'GREEN' and 'SAFFRON' JERSEYS!! WE LIVE IN THE MAUDLIN SEASON!!

Of course,'SLEEPLESS' Race Course Road will say how these despicable blasts will have no effect on the 'PEACE PROCESS'.After all,there is the 'HAVANA DECLARATION'!!And the NATIONAL (IN)SECURITY ADVISOR will return to the familiar 'I TOLD YOU' homily!!

And,after about ten days of this burlusque, Hyderabad will be off the radar of all concerned. It will be '1-2-3-' as usual!! No one will be apprehended. Isn't that how the script played out after Delhi,Varanasi,Malegaon,Mumbai etc etc?

And, we lived happily thereafter, until the 'NEXT BLAST' when the same script will be repeated once again!!






<!--QuoteBegin-Bodhi+Jul 26 2008, 12:05 PM-->QUOTE(Bodhi @ Jul 26 2008, 12:05 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Jaipur, Bangaluru, Ahmedabad... next Bhopal? Patna?

It could be Lucknow or Kanpur. I suspect the local types in these blasts with complete knowledge of politcal parties.

Mayawati cannot be allowed to get a chunk of IM vote along with the solid dalit vote she has. SIMI is part of the coalition.

If Mayawati is smart, she should drag some prominent members of SP to the street.

Muppalla, Its most likely SP to provoke BJP ruled states to have either law and order or riots so UPA can dismiss them and maybe even ban the supporting groups. The TSP connection and organized IM. Some outfit called indian mujahddein is claiming credit.
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Jul 27 2008, 04:26 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Jul 27 2008, 04:26 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->What if the blasts are by IMs controlled by insiders?

It is not "IF" but it is.

Now which Mosque or Imam is a leader is bit tricky. That is why I am asking check local language newspaper to figure out. This is SIMI work with politicians blessing.
Sonia made deal with Deobandi - JHUI -(Madani Sr). Madani Sr is dead but now Madani Jr is running show. He is the guy who came out with statement before parliament voting to vote for Congress. But this is nothing to with parliament voting.
Something else is brewing in grassroot level.

Today on TV, Fox channel they are showing "Murder in family - Honor killing in Amaerica" watch this programme. [check your local listing, re-run will be today]
This Jihad phenomen is global and every country is infected.
Absolutely. It is the fight for the Muslim base. we can see a lot of pitched battles for IMs. If SP sits idle, it will be finished.

However, my reading is that this will greatly backfire on UPA. All BJP needs is 20 seats from UP and SS-BJP coming back in Maharastra. Game is over.
I think its SP thats doing this. The so called SIMI cadre are working for them the greater goal of to get the BJP.

1993 Bombay Bombings
Location Bombay, India
Date March 12, 1993
13:30-15:40 (UTC+ 5.5)
Attack type 13 car bombs (RDX) containing shrapnel.
Deaths 257[1]
Injured 713[2]
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Jul 27 2008, 07:19 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Jul 27 2008, 07:19 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I think its SP thats doing this. The so called SIMI cadre are working for them the greater goal of to get the BJP.
I will not say its one political party but Muslim politicians of some local parties.

To do this type of attack, it required lot of time and logistics. It was pre planned. I don't think it is just recent voting and SP switching sides. It is happening for last 9-10 years and they are getting bolder. Now Indian Muslims are directly involved in international terrorism. So local Indian Muslims are turning into fanatical Islam, this is global. After 9/11 it is getting worse.
<img src='http://www.hindu.com/2008/07/27/images/2008072760570102.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

This should be conratulation card front for India's Nikama Moron SIngh
equal equal article

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Black Fridays, Terror Tuesdays keep returning</b> (TOI)

Over the past decade and half, Black Fridays and Terror Tuesdays have become a regular feature of newspaper headlines.

While other days have also been chosen to carry out terrorist strikes, there seems to be a marked preference for these days. With the Bangalore blasts on Friday, the list has further grown.

But is there a special reason why these two days are preferred over others by the merchants of death? According to political scientist Imtiaz Ahmed, terrorism is a rational act and terrorists have targets and purpose.

"If they think that committing an act of terrorism on a particular day would help them project a certain image and win the community's sympathy and support, they will do it," he says.

Ahmed, also an Islamic scholar, adds: "For them, Friday becomes a symbolic instrument to deliver a message that it is a Muslim act. However, it is also possible that a non-Muslim terrorist could use the same day to give out the same message and pin an act of terrorism on someone else."

<b>Friday is a sacred day for Muslims. And traditionally on Tuesdays Hanuman bhakts go to temples. </b>These are days of large congregation in mosques and temples. "To that extent, they become the preferred day for terrorists because it is relatively easier to kill the maximum number of people on these days," he says.

Security specialist, P R Chari, says that when a blast happens near or outside a temple on Tuesday, it means that the terrorists want to wreak maximum havoc on their intended targets.

"Terrorism is a murky game. Those who carried out the Bangalore blasts were also sending out a message. It was a demonstration of their capabilities and also a terse reminder of the state's helplessness," says Chari, research professor, Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
What if GOI wants the riots to happen so that it can dismiss the BJP governments in KT, GUJ, MP and RJ. (This happened when Babri camedown). Once they achieve the dismissals, the Governers will do drastically Muslim friendly things viz. make all the SIMI folks as administrators under the Governer. Once Muslim polarization completes, then call elections to make them as non-BJP ruling states. <b>(Karnataka government is most vulenarable to get dismissed)</b>

If you connect the dots, Congress government for the past four years is trying to get back the lost base of Muslims to its fold. With SP part of it now this is more possible. In the NON-BJP parties and NON regionalist parties the fight is for the Muslim vote and they can go to any lenght to get this base. The Left parties tried to spin the Nuke deal as anti-muslim. There is a huge competition and no-holds are barred. Scew governance, scew nation are the current attitudes.

I see all over 80s and 90s style politics back in India.

That sort of thing (causing disruption so as to impose prez rule) can't be ruled out in congress party culture. However it has been relatively unused of late as a result of coalition politics. Also, these are blasts not riots, and by virtue of their sheer efficiency and discipline, they have something of an un-Indian stamp on them. (I think you-all will understand what I mean here?) I could see the LTTE doing it (not that I think they had anything to do with it) but not, say MIM or CPM. Outfits like SIMI, LeT, HUJI etc., which have a global connection will have the coordinating mindset and training of the level that is unusual in a purely Indian official context even today (businesses being increasingly an exception I suppose).

Yes, the naxalites actually are pretty good at pulling off this sort of thing, but I don't know how much infrastructure they have in urban areas like bangalore and ahmedabad. On the other hand, naxalites don't have any particular hatred for bjp that they dont' also have for any lawful government in India. One possibility is that we might be looking at a kind of {SIMI-HUJI-LeT} and naxalite technical collaboration. An alliance of islamist extremists and naxalites has been in the offing for some time now.
Five persons injured in Jharkhand blast

Sunday, July 27, 2008 (Godda (Jharkhand))
At least five persons were injured in a bomb blast near a bus stand in Godda on Sunday, police said.

''The blast took place at around 5:15 am near the bus stand,'' Superintendent of Police Jitendra Singh said.

The injured were rushed to a hospital where there conditions are stated to be out of danger, he said.

''It was a low-intensity blast,'' Singh said, adding the police is investigating the matter and a search operation was launched to identify the culprits.

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