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Bomb Blasts In India - 1
Even in china, they keep having these muslim bomb blasts

Except that the chinese have a long term plan for eliminating islam
All these bomb blasts were done by educated muslims
It takes some IQ to set up these blasts

Moral, the educated muslim is the dangerous muslim

Hindu recruitment officers and businessmen must keep this in mind
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Picking up the pieces</b>
Army conducts flag march in Ahmedabad; red alert in Vadodara

Toll touches 45, 145 injured

A SIMI activist arrested in Delhi. Also wanted in the 2002 Gujarat riots case, he was nabbed in the Walled City area

Police defuse a live bomb found in a garbage can in Amraiwadi area in Ahmedabad

A live bomb defused near a hospital in Surat and two explosive-laden cars found on its outskirts. Besides explosives, powder material, gelatin sticks and shrapnels discovered in a car

Indian Mujahideen, in an e-mail sent to media houses, says the minority community in Gujarat should take a cue from the Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan

Red alert in Delhi, UP, MP, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

The e-mail also warns UP Bar Council of dire consequences for its repeated stand of not taking up cases of Muslims; UP Govt cancels leave of all police personnel till August 20

Security beefed up in Bhopal and key cities in MP; Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan asks police to keep strict vigil

Goa mounts security around its vital installations and tourist

Tamil Nadu terror module busted

Security alert sounded across Kerala following reports that a TV channel in Karnataka received an e-mail claiming that Kerala could be the next target of terrorists. The message threatened of two blasts in the State on Sunday

An apartment in the Palm Beach Road area of Navi Mumbai raided. A computer seized in connection with the e-mail purportedly sent by Indian Mujahideen threatening more blasts. The machine's contents are being verified

The e-mail warns Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and RR Patil of dire consequences over the targeting of minority communities. RIL head Mukesh Ambani has also been asked to "think twice" before "usurping" Waqf board land
IM email threatens Vilasrao, Mukesh Ambani
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The 14-page e-mail, which was received by news television channels from the terror outfit, had been sent from the address <b>alarbi_Gujarat@yahoo.com</b>. The Internet protocol address was traced to an American national Kenneth Heywood who works for a multinational company and is residing in flats 1503 and 1504 in C Wing of Gunina housing society located on the up-market Palm Beach Road<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In a related development, the ATS has taken serious cognisance of a lengthy e-mail purportedly sent by the hitherto little-known Indian Mujahideen. Signed by one Al-Arbi, the 14-page email is entitled: 'The Rise of Jihad, Revenge of Gujarat' and is released by 'Indian Mujahideen In the Land of Hind'.

Apart from taking responsibility for the Ahmedabad blasts, Indian Mujahideen has threatened Maharashtra's senior politicians -- Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, his deputy RR Patil and leading industrialist Mukesh Ambani. It has also warned the Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh Governments.

In a threat handed to Deshmukh and his deputy Patil, the e-mail reads thus:<b> "Don't think we are unaware of the SRPF attacks on our Masjids and our homes, the insult of our Quran and your enmity with the Muslims in Digras and the nearby areas in Yavatmal and of the burning alive of three Muslims in Jalna with the backing of police. Yes! It is all being recorded and you will face the ill consequence thereof. And also the troubles faced by the madarsa students and Muslim women in Mumbai Western Railways. We wonder at your memory. Have you forgotten the evening of 7/11/2006 so quickly and so easily?".</b>

Similarly in a warning handed to Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, the e-mail states: <b>"We also alert Mukesh Ambani to think twice before usurping and building a citadel on a land in Mumbai that belongs to the Waqf Board, lest it turns into horrifying memories for you which you will never ever forget,"</b> it says.

Indian Mujahideen goes on to claim responsibility for Saturday's serial blasts in Ahmedabad and states in its e-mail: <b>"The Indian Mujahideen hereby claim the sole responsibility of the Gujarat serial blasts, planned and executed by Indians only and it is our request to Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and other organisations, for the sake of Allah, not to claim the responsibility for these attacks."</b>

In a warning given to Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh Governments, the e-mail states:<b> "You agitated our sentiments and disturbed us by arresting, imprisoning, and torturing our brothers in the name of SIMI and the other outfits in Indore, Ujjain, Mumbai, and in other cities of Karnataka. We hereby notify you, especially the ATS and the STF and the Governments of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, to release them all, lest you become our next targets and victims of our next attack. Don't consider us heedless about the crimes you have committed in recent Indore riots and all this will be, Insha-Allah brought to account very soon." </b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Terror's scary face </b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
India pays for Congress's folly
Saturday's serial bombings in Ahmedabad, within 24 hours of the terrorist attack on Bangalore, serve to highlight the fact that our internal security situation is rapidly deteriorating even as the Union Government, under the Congress's tutelage and headed by a Prime Minister seemingly indifferent to national concerns, refuses to be distracted from the India-US nuclear deal which has become the symptom of the regime's obsessive compulsive disorder. It is obvious that the bombings -- both in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, and before that in Jaipur -- are aimed at creating panic and spreading fear; those behind the blasts have demonstrated that they can strike anywhere at any time. It is equally obvious that those who planned and carried out these acts of terrorism expect a blowback in the form of communal violence. A third factor which merits mention is that BJP-ruled States are being targeted for murder and mayhem; this perception naturally leads to the conclusion that a larger game is being played whose purpose does not require elaboration. Was the effort to instigate communal riots in Indore during the protest against the Sri Amarnath land issue a part of this conspiracy? In retrospect, it would seem so. Seen against this backdrop, the BJP Governments must rise to the occasion and meet the challenge with unwavering determination: Agent provocateurs will no doubt seek to exploit the situation; they must be spotted, exposed and firmly dealt with. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has rightly described the perpetrators of Saturday's outrage as "enemies of humanity". They must be neutralised and their network of evil should be destroyed.

Strangely, the Union Government has shown little or no interest in last weekend's terrorist strikes, apart from issuing proforma statements condeming the violence and appealing for peace. Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, who has contributed the most to dismantling the anti-terrorism mechanism put together by the NDA Government, partly on account of the fact that he is unequal to his job and largely to implement the Congress's perverse agenda of appeasing Muslims by pandering to Islamic fanatics who define terrorism as jihad and are at ease with innocent people being slaughtered, has tried to pass the buck to the Governments of Karnataka and Gujarat. According to him, the terrible loss of lives and the resultant disquiet bear testimony to the 'abilities' of local authorities and the police; had he said anything different, there would have been occasion for surprise. The truth is that the chickens of the UPA Government's chicanery are coming home to roost. The Prime Minister and his aides -- among them Mr Patil and a National Security Adviser who, along with intelligence agencies, is busy helping the Congress achieve its political objectives -- have allowed the situation to come to such a sorry pass. They must be held accountable for the consequences; their pious declarations should not distract us from their monumental folly in allowing terrorists to spread their tentacles across the country. Having got rid of POTA and instituted a system that takes a libertine view of terrorism, the UPA Government is now bent upon hobbling the Governments of BJP-ruled States with the intent of preventing them from waging war on terror. Had this not been the case, the UPA Government would not have sat on the laws enacted by the State Assemblies of Rajasthan and Gujarat to combat terrorism and organised crime. Such cynical abuse of power is both a shame and a pity. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b> ‘BJP spoiling communal harmony’</b>

Special Correspondent

MYSORE: The former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Sunday flayed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for “vitiating the atmosphere of communal harmony” in the State in its quest for power.

He was speaking to presspersons after calling on the family members of Janata Dal (Secular) leader Shivabasappa who passed away recently. Referring to the blasts in Bangalore, Mr. Kumaraswamy said such acts of terrorism had not been witnessed in the State. The BJP had divided the society for political gains, and the repercussions were being felt now, he said.

Mr. Kumaraswamy said that the need of the hour was to exercise restraint and provide the law enforcement authorities with all infrastructure to effectively curb proliferation of such acts. He urged the police to desist from making insinuations with regard to any organisation without any proof. It was the duty of the Government to provide security to the public and ensure peace, he said

He criticised Home Minister V.S. Acharya for not having visited the site of the blats. Asked if there was a need for the revival of Prevention Of Terrorism Act, he said that stringent laws by themselves could not curb terrorism. The need of the hour was harmony among all sections of people.

Muslim leaders offer to help police in maintaining peace</b>

Staff Correspondent

‘Do not target people of a specific community’

Direct police stations to prepare data bank of religious organisations: Tanvir Sait

Maintain peace to ensure tourist inflow: Mayor


Offering help: A delegation of Muslim religious and political leaders holding a meeting with Police Commissioner Parashivamurthy in Mysore on Sunday.

MYSORE: A delegation of Muslim religious and political leaders from Mysore met Police Commissioner of Police Parashivamurthy on Sunday, and offered to extend support to the police in maintaining peace and harmony in the wake of the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

Congress MLA Tanvir Sait said, “The police can always count on the cooperation of the religious and political leaders of the Muslim community. If they suspect anyone, we are there to assist the police in their efforts to bring the culprits to book”, Mr. Sait said. “But don’t target people of a particular community. There are good as well as bad people in a community”, he said.

Mr. Sait suggested that police stations in the city be directed to prepare a data bank of religious organisations in their jurisdictional areas. Mayor Ayub Khan, who was also part of the delegation, sought to draw the attention of the police to the coming Dasara festivities. “Maintenance of peace and harmony is necessary to ensure tourist inflow into the city”, Mr. Khan said. BJP MLA from Mysore S.A. Ramdas, was present at the Police Commissioner’s office at the time of the Muslim delegation’s visit.

Mr. Parashivamurthy asked the leaders to inform the police about any suspicious activity, particularly of people who had come to the city recently. “If you come across any such suspicious activity, you can directly inform me,” he said.

Time to act
The serial bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad on Friday and Saturday in which many innocent people lost their lives and sustained injuries demonstrate that terrorists can strike anywhere across the country with impunity.</b> This enormous threat cannot be countered by words of condemnation and announcements of monetary compensation for victims and their families.

Stringent and deterrent laws should be enacted to fight terrorism effectively. Ordinary laws and time-consuming procedures embolden terrorists. It is time the government realised the seriousness of the situation and dealt with it effectively instead of delivering sermons to people to rise above all considerations to root out terrorism.

L. Rohini,


* * *

The UPA government is largely responsible for the growing incidence of terrorist activities. By going soft on terror and by not cracking the recent attacks it has encouraged terrorism, which is now threatening to get out of hand. The only reaction we seem to get from the government after a terrorist attack is routine condemnation. What India urgently needs are strong anti-terror laws, and an elite internal security force trained in handling terror and militancy.

D. Ravindra,


* * *

Terrorists not only damage life and property but also instil fear in the minds of the people. It is a sad fact that our police and intelligence agencies are not up to the mark. They work under conditions that are ancient and outdated. Modern methods of intelligence gathering, and upgrading of skills are an urgent necessity. Instead of reacting after an incident happens, the law-enforcement authorities should be able to anticipate, be prepared for, and frustrate the designs of terrorists.

K. Venkataraman,


* * *
The need of the hour is to tackle the recurring acts of terror in a more scientific and systematic way. There should be unbiased information-sharing among the intelligence</b> agencies of different States. At the same time, every citizen should effectively become a watcher and be able to identify suspicious looking objects and people.

K.V. Raghuram,


* * *
Increased terrorist activities are the by-products of government policies, including undue leniency towards the culprits and appeasement of some sections. </b>The unprecedented fall in the standards of political life has sent a wrong message to the people. Greedy and corrupt elements manipulate elections using money, caste, religion, etc.

The need of the hour is to expedite electoral reforms and the judicial process. The strength of judges can be doubled, if necessary, to achieve time-bound decisions.

Col. G. Singh (retd.),


* * *

Fret today and forget tomorrow seems to be attitude of those responsible for the security of the nation. What is worrying is that terrorists are not given the punishment they deserve. Mere appeals to the people to maintain harmony, and doling out compensation to victims’ family are not enough. A tough stand is what is called for.

B. Madhava Murthy,


* * *

The diabolic design of the terrorists is to disrupt normalcy and communal harmony. All organisations, irrespective of their religious allegiance, should condemn the acts of terror. The time has come for the Central government to act. We cannot address the plight of the people who lose their dear ones by giving them compensation. We have to devise an effective mechanism to counter terror. The setting up of an inter-State police agency would be in order.

Pradhyumna Rajanikant Kansara,

Eagan, Minnesota

* * *

It is important to set up a joint task force to work on surveillance, and share information and strategies to prevent terror attacks. Whenever such incidents occur, the joint task force should act to identify the culprits and create confidence among the people.

P.K. Shetty,


* * *
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should convene a special session of Parliament to find a permanent solution to terrorism, in much the same way as he did to expedite the </b>Indo-U.S. nuclear deal. How long can our nation remain a mute spectator to the killing of thousands of innocent people?

Sipra Rout,


* * *

We have lost count of the number of bomb blasts that have occurred since the UPA government came to power. In Kashmir, they are a daily affair and the people have stopped counting the dead. This state of affairs is gradually spreading to other parts of the country. One wonders why the government should not first enter into a deal with the U.S. to secure our lives and property.

K.V. Prasada Rao,


* * *

Serial bomb blasts in quick succession show that terrorism has entered India with full fury. Our enemies are causing us maximum damage at minimal cost. Their faces may not be visible but from which countries they come or get inspiration is known. Obviously, the cycle bombers could not have struck without local support. All political parties must jointly address the growing menace of terrorism and other threats such as naxalism.

Raghubir Singh,


* * *

Once again it has been proved that terrorists can pick and choose their targets. Acts of terror have become routine and the Centre appears to be helpless in dealing with them. Even the people accept them as part of life.

K.R.A. Narasiah,


* * *
Our government continues to investigate and detain suspects only to reach a cold end. We are told to remain calm while the law takes its course. </b>Our terrorist-friendly borders, large-scale smuggling of arms, cross-border illegal immigration, and circulation of fake currency support the activities of terrorists.

With anti-terror laws dismantled, and our human rights activists vociferously defending them, why should terrorists be afraid of our legal system which can take eons to deliver?

H.N. Ramakrishna,

The terror strikes on consecutive days in two cities, triggering panic of more attacks in other States, are shocking, cowardly and condemnable. </b>The killing of innocent people at will shows the complacence that has crept into our system. The continuing resilience and indomitable spirit of the people are praiseworthy. The entire nation should come forward to counter the menace.

K.S. Thampi,


* * *
I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. </b>I also feel sad on seeing our political leaders play the blame game after every attack. If this trend continues, I am afraid India will remain a soft target of terrorists.

Siddharth Chaturvedi,


* * *
The claim by the Indian Mujahideen that it set off the blasts in Ahmedabad to avenge the wrongs done to Muslims is shameful. Except in some instances like the Gujarat riots, Muslims have enjoyed freedom and protection in India.</b> We have a judicial system which is capable of punishing those who indulge in crimes. The terrorists forget that it is the community that feels ashamed when terrorists kill innocent people.

J.M. Rahim,


* * *
Besides leading to the loss of lives and property, bomb blasts also have an impact on the social make-up. As they are perpetrated by individuals claiming to</b> be followers of a particular religion, the people belonging to the community get alienated from society. Communalists get a golden opportunity to widen the social divide.

Mohit Kumar,


* * *
Terrorism has no caste, creed, community or religion. No politics, no conviction, no vow has a right to destroy an innocent life.</b> Let the people who want to prove a point destroy themselves, not innocent people who want to live. All talk of minorities and majority is repetitive and escapist.

Politicians express their concern for terrorism from the safety of their homes. Leaders of terrorist outfits and their financiers have a good time. The person most affected is the man on the street. It is absolutely saddening to think of children waiting at home for their parents killed in a bomb blast.

Rukmani Srinivasan,

CMs’ meet to discuss security
Special Correspondent

Shivraj Patil briefs Manmohan on the situation in the wake of the blasts

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil on Sunday briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the security situation in the country in wake of the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

A meeting of the Chief Ministers to review the internal security situation is likely to be convened shortly even as the Home Ministry stressed the need for a federal investigation agency to probe inter-State and trans-border related crimes, including acts of terrorism.

After a high-level review meeting at his residence, Mr. Patil drove to the Prime Minister’s residence and apprised him of the steps being taken by the Centre and security agencies in coordination with the States to prevent terror incidents. Dr. Singh is understood to have told Mr. Patil to extend all possible help to the Gujarat government in dealing with the situation.

Mr. Patil told journalists that stringent action would be taken against those behind such incidents. “We should see that no mischief is perpetrated to disturb peace and tranquillity in the country.”

The meeting at Mr. Patil’s residence was attended by Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandrasekar, Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta, Intelligence Bureau director P.C. Haldar, Research and Analysis Wing chief Ashok Chaturvedi, Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal and senior officers of the Home Ministry and security agencies.

Home Ministry sources said the need for a federal investigation agency was once again raised. It was decided that the meeting of the Chief Ministers, to be convened soon, would discuss the overall law and order situation, with special focus on internal security..

Sources said the Centre was also keen on amending the CISF Act to provide for the deployment of Central paramilitary forces to protect the information technology organisations.

The meeting decided to await reports from the Karnataka and Gujarat governments to prepare short-term and long-term measures to deal with such situations.

Stress would be laid on increasing the police-population ratio, imparting training to face new challenges, modernisation of police force, filling of vacancies in the State police and strengthening their intelligence gathering mechanism.

The States would be asked to earmark more funds for matters relating to security, the sources added.

The email sent out by the jihadis lists the same pseudo-grievances that all IMs have

Which means IMs have the same mentality as jihadis, except that they are temporarily peaceful
<b>Is Karnataka training ground for future Muslim terrorists?</b>

Posted by jagoindia on July 27, 2008

Karnataka training ground for future jihadis?
26 Jul 2008
BANGALORE: Terror attacks in recent times point at a pattern that the terrorists follow in order to intensify the impact.

There has been a rise in number of Islamic radicalization pockets that have emerged in southern India, including in cosmopolitan hubs such as Bangalore.

It may be recalled that the Glasgow airport bomber, Kafeel Ahmed, a PhD in aeronautical engineering, underwent his jihadi transformation in a Bangalore mosque.

This year, police have unearthed sleeper cells in Karnataka and even an arms training camp in a forest. Local police said a little-known group called Karnataka Forum for Dignity could also be behind the blast.

On Friday, when the first bomb was triggered at 1.20pm in the crowded Raja Ram Mohan Roy junction, people mistook it for a transformer explosion.

But within minutes it dawned on them that it was a bomb. Soon followed other blasts — at four places on Hosur Road along the IT corridor - Koramangala-Sarjapur junction, Madivala check post, Adugodi traffic junction - and at Langford Road junction in the heart of the city, three places on Mysore Road - Nayandahalli, Kengeri RTO office and opposite Gopalan Mall.

At Nayandahalli and near Kengeri RTO, bombs were placed in a vacant plot and inside a shoulder drain. Incidentally, nobody noticed the blast opposite Gopalan Mall on Mysore Road as they thought it was a cracker.

Only after the serial blasts made headlines did locals realize it could be a bomb blast and alerted police. After a thorough check, police found pieces of a crude bomb.

At Adugodi traffic junction, the bomb was placed just below a shoulder drain. The spot was critical as it was in front of an upcoming shopping complex and opposite to the traffic police station.

Muniraju, who was passing by the building, was injured. Two were injured at Madivala check post, opposite to National Dairy Development Board. The bomb was planted under a tree, amid some cables. Though not much damage was done, Muniyappa and Anbu, who were chatting at the time, sustained injuries.

Two others injured were a motorcyclist and the pillion in the Raja Ram Mohan Roy junction blast. Ravindra and Ramesh sustained minor injuries when the bomb planted in a traffic island went off.

Police said that given that weak explosives were used, the blasts could be aimed at creating panic and triggering chaos, rather than killing people.

“Looking at the places where the bombs were planted, the motive may be to spread fear,” said a police officer.

The state government has announced Rs 1 lakh to the family of the woman who died in the blast. The injured will get a compensation of Rs 25,000 and more depending on the severity of their injuries.

Karnataka Muslim youth: Kannada or Muslim

Posted by jagoindia on May 3, 2008

As Karnataka set for poll, Muslims say they feel unsafe
D P Satish / CNN-IBN
May 03, 2008

POLL BATTLE: The young Muslims don’t want a separate identity and a vote bank tag.

Bangalore: The young, educated Muslims in Karnataka are at a crossroads. Their identity as an integral part of Karnataka’s inclusive culture is now under threat. The recent campaign against terrorism in the state is making them feel vulnerable.
Sheema Mohsin, who stays in Bangalore, always believes that she is also as much Kannadiga as anybody else in Karnataka.

She is an avid reader and has a lot of interest in social and political debates. She notices that the free, liberal atmosphere has completely changed in the last 5-6 years.

Sheema says, “We have always been an integral part of Karnataka’s life. Situation has changed in the last 5 - 6 years. “

The high decibel campaign against terrorism during elections make her more nervous.

She feels that young people like her are being forced to prove their loyalty. It isn’t just Sheema’s story. Lakhs of qualified Muslim youth in the state echo her sentiments.

Rizwan Arshad, a prosperous businessman from Mysore says that they feel isolated.

He says, “We are scared. Whenever there is a terror attack or activities, we become obvious target. “ Outgoing, ambitious youngsters blame the present vote bank politics for their plight.</b>

Senior Congress leader C K Jaffer Sharief says, “Muslims are no longer vote banks. “

The Muslims have always been a part of mainstream Kannada society. The young Muslims don’t want a separate identity and a vote bank tag. They want to remain Kannadigas just like the others.

It is very difficult to imagine Karnataka’s socio cultural life without Muslims. The young voices want to reaffirm their faith in the cherished values of Karnataka. They hope that the elections will give them chance to reassert their identity.

Pro-Muslim activists try to gag the media & police of tracking the terror trail in Karnataka</b>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Stung by the series of recent terror reports, pro-Muslim elements accuse the police force of ‘pandering to communal elements during the terror trail, joined by the media which are blowing issues out of proportion.’
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BANGALORE, March 2: <b>The state police force, which has been hunting for terrorists since January, has been accused by minority and human rights forums which are now charging them with wearing saffron than Khaki with the accusation falling quite apart from the present terror trail.</b>

A meeting convened here on Wednesday came down severely on the police department with speakers from Karnataka accusing the police force of pandering to communal elements during and even before the terror trail, joined by the local media which were “blowing issues out of proportion with misleading, unverified information.”
Since January the police have been announcing the arrest of “top terror suspects” which include Mohammed Asif, Riyazuddin Nasir, Asadulah Abubakker, Allabaksh Yadwad and Yahya Khan for various attacks across India with another apprehended in Uttar Pradesh Sabauddin suspected to be a key player in the attack at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bangalore. </b>He is suspected to be Abu Hamza’s associate in the attack. Hamza again is suspected to be the key operative in the IISC attack . While the police hunt is still on, the media reports or leaks have come in for severe criticism all round, including even from a section of the mainstream media in Karnataka.

The criticism is not without substance. Since the IISC attack in December 2005 the Karnataka police have at least notified of five cases of nabbing of terror suspects with Lashkar-e-toiba links, each case proving to be a non-starter which sank without an explanation after hectic media coverage. The recent arrests have not left the skeptics quite while human rights activists are aghast with the coverage of the police operations in the media leaving the Muslims feeling targeted.
Some like Mr Ramadevana of Janapara Vedike, openly termed the police force overtly communal in distinct parts of Karnataka as Udupi, Mangalore and North Karnataka. “One wears khaki and the other saffron there. Otherwise there is no difference between the police and the Sangh,” he alleged.</b>

Minorities, activists suspect saffron change in Karnataka police force

<b>Muslim techies cry foul over terror network allegations</b>
Deepa Balakrishnan / CNN-IBN
Arrest of a few Muslims is leading to a bias against the community, says Sherif
Bangalore: In the past 10 years that he has lived in Bangalore, former chief technology officer of Sun Microsystems and current CEO of iCalibrator, K M Sherif has never been accused of being a terrorist.

Until two days ago, when a national daily suggested that Sherif heads a group of terror suspects under the banner of the Muslim IT Professionals Association (MITA). Naturally, Sherif is upset about the matter.

“The report in the national daily is baseless and has no facts. It defamed me, the Muslim community and MITA. And I am not going to stand it any longer,” said Sherif, who is also the president of MITA.

Sherif has sued the newspaper and says the arrest of a few Muslims is leading to a bias against the entire community.

But Yahya Kammakutty, recently arrested by the city police, was a member of MITA, says an IB dossier. Yahya is a BTech from the National Institute of Technology and had worked for Tata Infotech and Wipro GE Healthcare.

So, now people associated with Yahya are under the scanner.

“The arrest of Yahya by the Corps of Detectives has shown there's a network – a small one, we suppose – of people in the software industry who were networked among themselves and involved in unlawful activities,” Joint Commissioner (Crime), Gopal Hosur said.

Police though admit that it doesn't mean all of MITA's activities are suspects. In fact, their reports only mention seminars on personality development and entrepreneurship held by the group to uplift poorer people of their community.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Rukmani Srinivasan<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I hope she gets a taste of muslim fireworks.
Today, I checked couple of Indian Leftist in Indian and abroad websites and forum.
They are promoting old articles which were writen by them promoting rumors that Hindus are involved in Vadodra or Mumbai bombing. They are making background now that these recent blast were orchestrate by Hindus, like Hindus women and children committed sucide in Godhara train.

some quotes from Congress supported Muslim and xtian group
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad may have some lessons for the Hindu fundamentalists. One is that they cannot live peacefully suppressing a large group. Figting with each otehr will only weaken India. Without respecting others, we cannot go forward. sheer numbers alone is not sufficient.

What these low lifes are suggesting those killed are Hindu fundamentalist and killer should be praised.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jul 28 2008, 12:15 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jul 28 2008, 12:15 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Today, I checked couple of Indian Leftist in Indian and abroad websites and forum.
They are promoting old articles which were writen by them promoting rumors that  Hindus are involved in Vadodra or Mumbai bombing. They are making background now that these recent blast were orchestrate by Hindus, like Hindus women and children committed sucide in Godhara train.

some quotes from Congress supported Muslim and xtian group
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad may have some lessons for the Hindu fundamentalists. One is that they cannot live peacefully suppressing a large group. Figting with each otehr will only weaken India. Without respecting others, we cannot go forward. sheer numbers alone is not sufficient.

What these low lifes are suggesting those killed are Hindu fundamentalist and killer should be praised.

Let me offer another view
Unless muslims are suppressed, hindus cannot live peacefully
Muslims call enforcement of secular laws as suppression

I did some analysis of Indian paramilitary capabilities
there are 4 mil soldiers and paramilitary
With enough will, a-la modi, enough to crush any mass muslim uprising

Yahya khan was able to suppress 70 mil BD muslims with just 70K pakistani troops
There is no great secret meaning behind it all. It's just that the Jihad is on again. Hindus have become forgetful and lazy, thinking that what was a mere respite meant permanent peace. Islam and the ummah merely rested for a while, and like Stoker's Dracula took stock of their earlier weakened position, but are now strong and awake again, back for blood and for adding to the converted brood. "Care to join the ummah?" is the first and main question that Hindus need to answer.

Yes it is TSP and yes it is Indian islamis, and BD is involved in various other terrorist incidents too. The Jihad is coordinated, with moolah coming from outside the subcontinent to support all kinds of Jihadi preparation and execution.
They've certainly made no secret of their intent: they have proliferated all over Bharatam quite openly and set up shop while all of India could read about it in the news. To then pretend surprise when such things happen is just really bad acting on Indians' part, worthy of several Raspberry awards.

I can see Congress using their best friends with their motto "you massage our back, we massage yours, and together we do in everyone else". But they're meant for the pyre too anyway. The firewood for the useful kaffir idiots is already assigned but that event is intended to come after the more troublesome complete kaffirs are done away with.

Somewhere earlier in this thread G Sub said that social/economic boycott is one tool to fight back from the strait-jacket dhimmi Indians have put Bharatam in. I think it's a really great tool and it's open to us. After all, the laughable Sachar report and Madmoron Stink's "islamis get first claim on resources" (falsely) implicate Hindus in doing this already. So why disappoint them? Since we won't act in accordance with their wishes and roll over, we can always act in accordance to their thus-far untruthful accusations (after all, one can't be tried for the same crime twice, right?):
Totally snub christoislamism in India.
Let Islamic money from Arabia and missionary money from the paedophile centres of the vatican and various christian cults worldwide keep the mosques, churches and the faithfuls afloat in India for as long as they are willing to waste their change.
After all, we're a democracy, aren't we? But instead of behaving like a dhimmi democracy under the spell of a psecularism meant to pave the way to convert us into christoislamism, excercise the power of the majority to marginalise terrorist ideologies until they realise that - more than TSP/islamorabian help and foreign/internal missionary monies - they need to make up their minds where they belong. In any case, christoislamism does not belong. The sooner Hindus stop feeding the monster, the sooner it will stop attacking.
We are still the majority, we still have this power.
<!--QuoteBegin-G.Subramaniam+Jul 28 2008, 05:37 PM-->QUOTE(G.Subramaniam @ Jul 28 2008, 05:37 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->a-la modi[right][snapback]85261[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->What that line implies about Modi is not correct. Whatever Modi may or may not think of the unappealing nasty principles of the terrorist religion, he intends on doing right by all Gujaratis.
Even the TOI and ExpressIndia, trying to paint him evil in all possible ways, can't wipe out how his words (and actions) oppose everything the media says of him:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Asked about when the Sachar Committee on the status of Muslims came calling in Gujarat, Modi says: "They asked me, what do you do for Muslims? I said I do nothing. Please write my words down carefully, I do nothing for Muslims or for Hindus. Whatever I do, I do for 50 million Gujaratis."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Compare that to Madmoron Stink's "Islamis must get first claim on resources". Who is the true secularist, and who are the communalists?
And actions speak louder than words, when even the muslim poster boy of the anti-Modi campaign (a Gujarati tailor, I think it was, who was offered a supposed 'safe haven' in W Bengal - check threads in IF for news about the actual person) moved back to Gujarat since he found that things were better under Modi's governance than in desolate, communist-dictated Bengal.

Modi could just have lied and said he was islam's best friend - the way communistos and christoislamists always woo Hindus come voting time, after battering them during the rest of their reign. But Modi just spoke plainly and said he works for all Gujaratis without any bias and then let Gujarat's prosperity speak for itself.
Hindu secularism scares christoislamicommunism, because it benefits everyone without petting christoislamism and dhimmifying Hindus. It is totally unacceptable kaffiri behaviour to grant heathens the same rights as jehovallah's own privileged faithful. As Saint Thomas Aquinas famously said: '"Unbelievers deserve not only to be separated from the Church, but also... to be exterminated from the World by death." - Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, 1271'
And failing that, it is incumbent on the faithful to make the life of the unbelievers hellish even in this life. Since Modi refuses to make Dharmics suffer while making christoislamics comfortable, christoislamania will not forgive him.

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