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Bomb Blasts In India - 1
only Zee News is giving a slightly better discourse. Unlike the more secularist channels, they are running a much more accurate and less politically-corrected/diluted version of the debate. Yesterday PP Vajpayee was hosting a program where he pitched the so called moderate muslims against an Alim of deoband and a few muslim personalities from film indistry; and raised all the uncomfortable (to them) questions. We don't hear such stuff from the media in India. More!
Agree with Bodhi about Zee News. I wasnt saying it as I thought that would just jinx the channel. In any case they seem to have lots of people on ground, their khaber seems to be most accurate and comes fastest.


Meanwhile 2 arrests have been made from Surendranagar - suspects from Maharashtra. maps of Ahmedabad, urdu diaries recovered from suspects.

In Surat, municipal corporation help has been taken to find out about other bombs. One of the bombs was put inside the cover for shop shutter ? The shutter almost seemed old and broken but this shows the bombs have just been placed haphazardly ?

Also the bomb defused in Ahmedabad had a number written on it - 24. 23 are accounted for, one is missing.

There was another interesting tidbit about the old newspapers used to package the bombs were from early June - i think 3, 6 and 14. The newspapers were from Mumbai and Baroda. If true then the timing with nuclear deal might just be coincidence ?
Somebody should ask Gruh Mantri and Jaiswal about this -> is this to avenge Kargil defeat ?

Is any political party or figure asking for special session in parliament? Oh, forgot there is no money to be made in this.. drat!...
The real reason that bomb blasts take place is that policemen are
harassed by secularists and muslims when arrests take place
Does it really matter how a muslim kills us
whether by bomb blast or by sword
or by fire or by a nuke
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Reacting to the serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Tuesday said the attack was a challenge thrown by Muslim fanaticism at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi should take up the gauntlet and crush the Islamic terrorism with an iron hand and not just ask the army to do a flag-march, Thackeray said in an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana.

The editorial said, "Pakistan always had prior information about any terror attack on the Indian soil...

"Wiping out Pakistan from the world map is the only remedy to annihilate the predator in the form of Islamic terrorism."

To qualify as India's genuine friend in the comity of nations, America has to do this, Thackeray commented.

He said the Gujarati people were at present in the grip of fear following the cruelty shown by the attackers who did not even spare hospitals.

<!--QuoteBegin-rajesh_g+Jul 29 2008, 04:22 PM-->QUOTE(rajesh_g @ Jul 29 2008, 04:22 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--> There was another interesting tidbit about the old newspapers used to package the bombs were from early June - i think 3, 6 and 14. The newspapers were from Mumbai and Baroda. If true then the timing with nuclear deal might just be coincidence ?
These are not spontaneous blast but well planned. Let me tell you when we should expect next.
Now Islamist leaders had studied government reaction, Congress will do nothing, If Modi will try to take strict action and arrest more Muslims, Congress will throw human rights idiots on Modi, and some are already heading towards town. Whole drama will give good time to Islamist to try some other Hindus sites for destruction and more Hindu loss.
For now these Islamist will lie low, count 40 days. Why 40 days? Police investigation, Kriya Karam of Hindus take 13 days, give another 10 days to people will be on angry mood. After that back to cricket and Police investigation will be wrapped. IB will get busy providing opposition party movement to Sonia. Minister will be back to foreign trips and attending weddings.
To complete logistics etc it takes month times, so according to my time line expect another one from 2-3 months time frame. This I am presuming only one group is active and one leadership. Till now my theory is on dot.
There is one head sitting in India and delegate work to different group but core team is under this leader.
Muslim Politicians, Police, NGOs and Babus are with them.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Surat stunned</b>
RK Misra | Gandhinagar/ Surat
18 live bombs defused in diamond city
The police in the diamond city of Surat had a busy day on Tuesday as 18 bombs were recovered and defused giving enough indications that the terror plot in Gujarat is still unfolding.

Surat Police Commissioner RMS Brar confirmed the recovery and said that timely warning by agile citizens had helped avert an Ahmedabad type situation. "The bomb squad has defused the improvised explosives", he added.

Brar said that 18 bombs had been recovered from 11 places. While 14 were recovered from the Varachha Road area, three were found in Katargam and one in Sardar Chowk. These have now been handed over to forensic experts.

<b>Highly placed sources said all the bombs had electric circuit as against the clock timer devices in the ones recovered earlier from Surat as well as those used in the explosions in Ahmedabad.</b>

The flashing news of the recovery of the bombs led to panic and all schools and colleges were ordered closed. Also closed were all the multiplexes, cinema halls and shopping malls as a precautionary measure. This is the third day in succession that establishments have remained closed in this diamond and art silk hub due to the bomb scare. These malls, schools, colleges and business establishments will also remain shut on Wednesday.

From the detection of the first bomb early in the morning to well past the afternoon, the information continued to flow in keeping the cops on the run. Brar has demanded additional bomb disposal squads to deal with such an eventuality. Interestingly, of the total 18 bombs recovered on Tuesday, as many as 10 were found in the Varachha Road and Katargam areas which is the hub of the diamond cutting and polishing industry. The Rs 60,000 crore turnover industry, 75 per cent of which is based in Surat, has been badly hit by the bombs. The bulk of the units, already hit by labour trouble, have been closed since Sunday causing huge monetary losses.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Highly placed sources believe that the placing of explosives is an attempt to create panic to disrupt economic activity as much as to ridicule the cops and undermine public morale. </span>

Bombs have been detected at treetops and even strung behind hoardings as well as on shutters of closed shops. This can serve no other purpose", source added, pointing out that why else would two of the bombs be placed right in front of the Labheswar police chowky and Sardarpura police stations, two in the diamond market adjacent to Varachha Road, and one in the Radhakrishna textile market, two on a flyover. Interestingly, the effort seemed to be more to reveal than to conceal for the bombs were not wrapped or kept in tiffin boxes as was done in Ahmedabad but were virtually up for display in their trademark red and blue wooden boat shaped packing.

Even as the administration ordered the installation of closed circuit cameras in key public parking places, Minister of State for Home Amit Shah assured results soon and also appealed to the people in the State not to panic or spread rumours.

<b>Meanwhile, the three suspects -- Abdul Qadir, Haseel Mohammad and Hussain Ibrahim -- who were detained from near Surendranagar on Monday -- are being interrogated for their possible links with the outlawed SIMI and 'Indian Mujahideen', police said. </b>Police said they were questioning SIMI activist Abdul Halim but declined to give any details on what he has revealed so far. Halim, who was arrested on Sunday, was remanded in police custody by a court. Health Minister and Government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas said the probe was steadily moving towards its objective but it would not be prudent to provide any lead to the media at present as it would affect the investigations.

“Hear terror cases on daily basis”</b>

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi BJP president Harsh Vardhan has demanded that the State and Central governments make arrangements to hear all terrorism cases on a day-to-day basis in special courts so that those responsible for such crimes are punished without any delay.

Dr. Vardhan said the recent incidents of blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad should act as reminders to the Government that it should deal with terrorism in all its forms with a firm hand. The problem of terrorism could be solved to some extent by ensuring that the guilty do not get away scot-free and are punished so that others taking to terror are also demoralised, he added.

“The Union Law Ministry, the Home Ministry and the Delhi Government should together take special steps to constitute such special courts in Delhi,” he suggested.

Pointing that that the serial transistor bomb blasts case of 1985 was still being heard in the court of an additional district judge, Dr. Vardhan said the accused had not been punished even after 23 years.

Similarly, he said, not a single terrorist had been punished so far for the 1996 explosion in Lajpat Nagar, the 2005 blasts at Satyam and Liberty Cinema, and the 2005 blasts at Pahar Ganj, Sarojini Nagar and Govindpuri in which 67 people had lost their lives.

The BJP leader said the Indian Penal Code provides capital punishment for it.
In my opinion, these blasts does not seem like the ones triggered by ISI/Pak. These are triggered to settle some political scores keeping in mind the new coalition and to settle vote bases before the next elections. It all may look like a spin theory but here is my take.

The Indian foot soldiers have graduated now. Anyone can trigger to get the execution done.

Take the analogy of bunch of IIT students graduating after four years and start of successful startup. They could help ex-professors of IIT because of loyalty but could also sell the services to any other customer.

I believe India has entered into new phase of trained and independent but organized terrorism. It is now extremely difficult to win this war. In the area of psy-ops, terrorism in India can be branded as local.

The western world argued that way until 911 and if the blasts like this succeed multiple times, it is possible we will be back to that stage. This kind of change in terror strategy is going to be disastorous for India as compared to ones that is triggered by ISI/Pak.

It will take sometime before police and security forces can gear up to this kind of challenges. Elephant is powerful but lazy. During the lazitimes there is lot that India is going to lose.
India can't win this war against Indian Islamist. Lack of will and mind set. This is continuation of Jihad started by Iraqi ruler and after independence it is promoted by Congress Party.
First somebody teach idiot politicians and Babus definition of "Secular" and "Secularism".
<img src='http://www.gujaratsamachar.com/gsa/20080730/guj/pict_gall/daily_b.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

This is perhaps the best picture I have found of the unexploded bombs from Surat.

Other pictures can be found here.


Meanwhile Guj govt has announced reward of 51 lakhs for information leading to terrorists. Methinks, diamond merchants of Surat should up the ante and make the reward higher.
And then there is this too. I cannot believe that the bomb shown above could have been placed before that of Ahmedabad ?



The two stories seem related, both talk about Lalloobhai, one says Lalloobhai is patel while another says its Thakore. One talks about bomb materials while another talks about an actual bomb. Wonder which story is correct.


Meantime there is a discernible sense of satisfaction amongst those who oppose Modi after the blasts. Several items from google.



above item also mentions Sagarikaji hosting some type of program that anal-yses this.


above link even calls him "rabble rouser".


also there is this email draft floating around supposedly from the suars themselves. interesting english being used here. I think the person has problem spelling activa (its a brand of scooter). The person also seems to be local from Ahmedabad going by the way he names places in Ahmedabad. Person must somehow have went through Gujarats engineering education system atleast 5-10 years ago as there are now other institutes which are perhaps more reputable which are not mentioned.

Also is it spelled "Jehad" or "Jihad" ??

And ofcourse the whole thing could just be a prank.


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Chennai: Media organisations in Gujarat received two emails on Tuesday warning of more terror attacks across the country. Here is the draft of one of the emails.

It doesn’t matter we lost our raw materials in surat. It was intentionally designed plan to show up our strength.
We have full killing weapons to destroy the whole f***** INDIA.
Our next targets in GUJARAT are MODI, ASHARAM, SCHOOLS and COLLEGES. Blast will b done with in college bags and with help of active and scooty, Main spots are LDCE, A’bad;
MSU, Baroda; DDU, Nadiad; SVNIT, Surat. Secure yourself at extent which you can.
Jehad Zindabad.

The email was signed Indian Mujahideen .

Media reports said the user id of one of the mail has been traced as alarbigujarat@sify.com. But it is not clear whether the messages came from terror outfits or pranksters.

I think articles are written by desk journalist, now they can bash Modi, but they will say nothing about Moron SIngh or Sonia failure to protect Indians. These two morons olnly know how to distribute bribes and steal Indian money.
<b>IB identifies Pak-based masterminds</b>

Not sure whether IB is floating this theory from journalist articles or they floated this theory just mins after blast to avoid arresting Indian Muslims.
If these are the guys and indian citizen why Paki Ambassdor are not summon to deliver these guys ?.
It means, IB and Indian government want to avoid arresting their dear peace loving noble hearted bomb blasting jihadi Indian Muslims.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Probe unravels long arm of terror </b>
Rakesh K Singh | New Delhi
Call monitoring of the Bangalore and Ahmedabad serial blasts suspects by security and intelligence agencies has hinted at the<b> possible involvement of about 300 terror cadre. They are spread over two dozen modules for executing their latest anti-India designs</b>, investigators said on Wednesday.

<b>About 40-50 persons are suspected to have been involved in executing the Ahmedabad blasts alone, </b>with almost the same number having extended direct and indirect support for the terror strikes which rocked the city on Sunday, intelligence officials said. Vital clues were being pieced together to unravel the perpetrators behind the serial attacks, they added.

Top sources in the agencies said that collation of call data as well as examination of the investigation reports of some of the nabbed terrorists suggests that the terrorists were operating in a compartmentalised manner so as to avoid leaving any trail after carrying out the explosions.

Sources said that at least three inmates undergoing judicial custody in an Ahmedabad jail had talked to their "masters" in Pakistan before the serial blasts in the city. The investigators are questioning them as well as the prison authorities, who overlooked the use of phones inside the jail premises. "The bombs found in Surat have a striking similarity to those used in Bangalore. In both places, the explosives were made using integrated circuits," an official said after his return from Gujarat. The timer-fitted bombs were used in the Ahmedabad serial explosions.

<b>More bombs found</b>
An e-mail threatening to cause bomb blasts in national capital was received by the Japanese Embassy

Three more live bombs found on Wednesday in Surat. One of them shortly after a visit by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi

A low-intensity bomb packed in box found on roadside in Pali district of Rajasthan

A powerful bomb was found at Kakching Lamkhai in Thoubal district of Manipur. It was later defused

A rocket recovered in Jammu, defused
I think it should be more than 300. Number of Imams, Mosques, logistics, material collector, politicians...........

Sarkozy slams terror strikes</b>

New DELHI, July 29: The terrorist strikes in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, which were today condemned by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is now expected to be high on the agenda at the upcoming EU-India Summit and the Indo-French Summit to be held in Marseille and Paris respectively in September.
India and France will discuss the reinforcement of cooperation in combating terrorism when the two sides hold strategic dialogue in Paris on 11 August.
In a letter to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the French President condemned the incidents as “blind, cowardly and inhuman attacks” and offered to strengthen cooperation between the two countries to tackle this menace. “Should you so desire, we could raise the substance of this issue together during the upcoming EU-India Summit and the Indo-French Summit which we will hold in Marseille, then Paris, in September,” wrote President Sarkozy. The French President, who is also the president of the European Union, in his handwritten letter expressed his personal anguish and sorrow. It is probably the first such letter by a foreign head of state or government. n SNS

<b>Was Chennai next target of the Islamic terrorists</b>

Posted by jagoindia on July 30, 2008

Was Chennai next target?
Chennai, July 29, 2008, Deccan Herald

The serial blasts triggered on two consecutive days in Bangalore and Ahmedabad late last week, were apparently part of an elaborate operation code-named “BACK” under which Chennai and Kolkata were to be the next targets.

Reports quoting intelligence sources said that Bangalore and Ahmedabad gave the first two letters to the operation BACK, while the other two cities were denoted by the last two letters. Acting on these intelligence reports which indicated that Chennai could be the next target, Tamil Nadu police moved in swiftly and arrested two who were plotting to plant bombs in the state capital on August 15.

One of the arrested, Abdul Gafoor (39) was believed to have shifted to Tirunelveli recently, to prepare the groundwork for the plot. The two had been planning to bomb trains starting from Chennai and Tirunelveli railway stations on August 15 and they were also targeting the Tirunelveli collectorate. A third person has also been detained for questioning.

Tirunelveli Police Commissioner M N Manjunatha said that Gafoor was arrested in Petta area of the town on Sunday.

Timer devices, model electrical circuits, battery cells and plastic containers were recovered from his house. Besides, the police have also recovered maps of Chennai, Tirunelveli and Madurai with certain places like railway stations and places of worship circled as possible targets.

Gafoor was expelled from the Tauheed Jamaat after he had allegedly joined hands with terrorists. He was working in a footwear shop in Chennai and was also an expert in assembling improvised explosive devices (IEDs), police said.

On the basis of information provided by him, the Tirunelveli police on Monday detained Mohammed Anwar Basha, an electrician who allegedly helped him in circuitry. In another development, the special division of the State police dealing with terrorism arrested one Heera in Chennai in connection with the plot which was allegedly masterminded by Ali Abdullah, a member of the banned All-India Jihad Committee and the Islamic Defence Force.

Abdullah is allegedly involved in eight cases of bomb blasts and murders. Abdullah is lodged in Puzhal Jail in Chennai since his arrest in.

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