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Bomb Blasts In India - 1
<b>Call to probe into UK charities funding Islamic terrorism in India’</b>

Posted by jagoindia on July 30, 2008

‘Probe into UK charities funding terrorism in India’
27 Jul, 2008, PTI

LONDON: An umbrella organisation representing over 300 Hindu outfits in the UK on Sunday appealed to the government to probe into reports about British charities suspected of sending funds to terrorist groups in Pakistan that have been launching attacks against India.

The appeal by Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) comes in the wake of serial bombings in Gujarat in which at least 45 people were killed.

The HFB requested Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to order a probe into reports of British charities sending funds to Pakistan-based terrorist groups.

Indian authorities have said the Indian Mujahideen, which claimed responsibility for the attacks, seems to be a front outfit for terrorist organisations operating out of Pakistan.
“India has been suffering from terror attacks by Islamic militants for many years. The Ahmedabad blasts that killed 45 people yesterday are not isolated. There have been several other blasts that have taken place recently in Jaipur, Bangalore and other places,” HFB secretary general Ramesh Kallidai said.

“But what is of great concern to British Indians is that there have been several reports of British charities sending money to Pakistan that are being diverted to terrorism against India.”</b>
According to Tahseen Ullah Khan of the National Research and Development Foundation, a Peshawar-based NGO that promotes madrasa reform, militant funding also comes from donors in the UK.

“If I go to the UK as a cleric and tell people that Islam is under attack, I can come back with lot of funding,” she had said in a statement.</b>

<b>Nationwide movement against Jehadi terrorism: VHP</b>

Posted by jagoindia on July 30, 2008

Nationwide movement against Jehadi terrorism: VHP

Ahmedabad, Jul 27: A nationwide movement against Jehadi terrorism would be launched by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) from tomorrow by organising dharnas, demonstrations, protest rallies and mashal processions at thousands of places all over the country.

Furious over two consecutive days of Jehadi attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, International General Secretary of VHP Pravin Togadia said ”it is a matter of grave concern for all Hindus that Jehadi terrorism and government appeasement of those involved in it may destroy India very soon.” He alleged that instead of fighting jehad, governments are giving quotas to those involved in it in government jobs, police and Army. It is ridiculous and dangerous to India’s safety, if governments do not have political will and capacity to finish Jehad and provide security to people, all of them must resign and give the nation in the hands of the Army.

Mr Togadia also demanded closing down all Madarsas, stopping all trade and other relations with Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries who promote Jehad, make family planning compulsory, enact and implement stricter anti-jehadi terrorism laws, stop all special quotas and facilities being given to muslims and implement article 370, giving all Indians equal rights in Kashmir.

He said Jehadi terrorists are going all out to destroy India’s economy and infrastructure system, adding that government must act immediately before it is too late to save the nation.

<b>Congress Party used secret connections of CBI to Islamic terrorists –blasts are a conspiracy to divert attention from the cash-for-votes scandal?</b>
Nitin Shah
Jul. 28, 2008

India is getting a shock of a lifetime as people of India woke up on Monday morning. The evidences are becoming clear that the Congress party may have used secret connections of Central Bureau of Investigations to Islamic terrorists.

"The blasts are a conspiracy to divert attention from the cash-for-votes scandal," BJP leader Sushma Swaraj claimed in a press conference in New Delhi.

In New Delhi the main street gossip is how Sonia Gandhi’s Government forced CBI to allow SIMI take it on the BJP ruled states.

A segment of Indian population believe it is similar to 911 conspiracy allegation where US Authorities overlooked the signals of terrorism the tragic devastation.

The Congress party led UPA and Indian home ministry is on focus as people want to know what the CBI, RAW an the cops in the Center did to prevent such terrorism.

Clearly, the political motives are clear. Some one wanted to divert the attention of cash for vote and opposition MP intimidation. Some one also wanted to show BJP led Governments cannot stop terrorism. Some also wanted to punish the pro-Hindu BJP rules. Some one definitely wanted to revenge against Modi of the Gujarat Government.

When you add up the total motive scenarios, you get the dots connected. Perhaps the Islamic terrorists wanted to strike against pro-Hindu BJP state Governments. Perhaps the Congress party leadership influenced CBI, RAW and other anti-terror units to overlook the terror activities that led into these devastating blasts.

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