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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
It is increasingly clear, that the Indian muslims are back to their pre-partition

Direct Action Day type Jihadism

It is also clear, that we will lose land and millions dead

While at some future century, Akhand Bharat is the final goal,

the immediate problem of the 21st century is what to salvage and how to salvage
The reason partition was done was because, muslims were 35% of the army, and in the police force, muslims were 85% in Pak and BD and 35% in India

UPA is already implementing 20% muslim reservation in Central paramilitary

So first step has already happened

They tried to do it in army too, but not yet
The second step is the NAC communal violence bill, that always makes Hindus the criminals in a communal riot

Once this is implemented, muslims will riot at will without any fear of reprisal

So far, they still have fear in Guj, Punjab etc of initiating riots
Third step is for muslim quota in army
The next step is for muslim states within India

There is already a demand for a muslim majority Malabar state in Kerala

And a muslim majority state in West Assam

An early example was the Mallapuram muslim majority district carved out of kerala

Mewat was carved out for the meo muslims in Haryana

There is also demand for muslim pradesh in western UP
What we will also see is a lot of Takiya

Muslims in minority zones like Punjab, will claim to be secular , while muslims in majority zones like western UP go on killing kafirs

Just like Kashmir valley muslims kill kafirs, while they claim to be secular in mainland India
In 1966, when the Mizos revolted, Indira Gandhi used the Airforce to bomb Aizawl

We need to plan for that and be just as ruthless and be prepared to bomb jihadi areas

If you look at Syria, Assad is using planes and artillery to bomb the Sunnis

It is a losing proposition to fight them street by street with AK-47
I think we can salvage the western front

Jammu, Himachal, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujurat, Maharashtra , Goa and Karnataka

We can also salvage, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, MP, Andhra and TN

Despite Owaisi, 33% of Andhra muslims live in old city Hyderabad and can be isolated
The main pressure will come in the Mughalstan corridor, with side shows in kerala
In Kerala, the muslims have a private army of 1 lakh, the PFI, that has been trained by retired muslim cops and armed police
It is good that the jihadis are thrashing the secular media

The secular media is the biggest abettor of muslim jihadis
We need to understand how the Bodos, despite being inferior numerically, thrashed the mullahs
One of the things that will happen is for muslims to leave the seculars and form their own party

Muslim league, MIM, Ajmal,

This has already happened in kerala and Assam. At some point the seculars will be halaled by the mullahs
One of my persistent ideas is to evacuate the 15 million non-muslims from BD and 5 million non-muslims from Pak and settle them in muslim areas in the Mughalstan corridor to dilute

As a first order approximation, muslim propensity to riot is a function of demographics

Pakistan and BD are lost anyways, why not salvage their kafirs and dilute islam in India
Could Assamese be persuaded to dump BD labor for Bhaiya labor

Economic boycott of BD miya labor and infusion of Hindi belt labor could salvage Assam
The mughalstan corridor is forming street by street

We need to figure out way to stop street level expansion and roll back the borders of the darul islam ghetto, perhaps BJP ruled states could be a laboratory

Says mumbai muslims are armed and ready to riot
We need to re-read Ambedkars book ' Pakistan or the Partition of India'

Some nuggets

*No more appeasement

*No more acceptance of any demands. If they resort to violence, better they do it before they breed too much.

*No muslims in army / police

Every Hindu appeasement is seen as a sign of Hindu weakness and leads to more demands
It will be important to have them openly make the first move, such as in Mumbai or Lucknow

and it be seen as unreasonable by Hindu public
It is also necessary for Togadia types to do an open and public Hindu counter breeding campaign

The Indian muslim strategy works on 2 legs

one is riots the other leg is breeding

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