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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Conversion, Love Jihad and cow slaughter are actually very important for muslim jihadi morale and it behoves Hindu organisations to stop this

We must pick our battles in Hindu majority locales

Tapan Ghosh is fighting cow slaughter in west bengal, and I salute his bravery
The psecs will not allow books by Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup

But they cant ban Ambedkars thoughts on islam

Islam gains strength by the foolishness of the kafir

Educate the Kafir, by Ambedkars book and without psec help, their destructive

capacity is decreased
Lucknow: A teenage girl was allegedly stabbed to death on Monday by a youth in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, police said in Lucknow.

According to the victim's father, Santosh Kumari, a resident of Ghanghaura village, was allegedly killed by Navi Hasan. - NDTV


In 1961, when muslims tried this in Jabalpur, there was a massive riot

Now they are trying again

Would a Hindu boy dare to try to do this to a ROPer girl ? in India
Kolkata: A young jilted lover stabbed a girl to death in front of her father in East Midnapore's Tamluk, some 80 km from Kolkata, police said on Sunday.

Manisha Metiya, a Class XII student was repeatedly stabbed in broad daylight while on her way back to home from school, killing her on the spot. Her father stood beside dumbstruck, while the youth from a nearby village managed to flee, said an officer.

The youth had been trying to woo the girl for over a year now but in vain. Irritated by the repeated approaches, the girl and her father registered a police complaint against the boy, following which he was severely reprimanded by the police.

The man with the motive to teach a lesson, stabbed her to death in broad daylight.

The police is on the lookout for the offender.

In another incident, the father of a girl was allegedly beaten to death in Birbhum's Labhpur after he protested against the youths who were repeatedly teasing his daughter. No arrests were made so far, police said.


Birbhum is Jihadi infested

Mughalistan in progress in West Bengal
However, with the protection of the state, even a 100% muslim majority district can be held forever

As in JK

However, the more the number of kafirs, the easier it is for the Indian army to hold an area
The pathetic picture of Pakistan discourages the Muslims of the rest of India into seeking a further sovereign separation. Instead they have chosen a more imaginative alternative of flourishing in India and at the same time living off the economic and intellectual labour of the other communities led by the Hindus. So much for current politics.
Hindus losing Kolkata silently but steadily

What is the use of Poriborton (much hyped change factor by the reigning political party in Bengal) if its fails to better humans? Well I am wrong! Perhaps it has benefited all but not Hindus, facing severe droughts (in every aspect) in this one year. Alas, there was an expectation among Hindus in Bengal that the 34-year-long-Left rule (utterly anti-Hindu and hence, ominous) would come to an end with the change in corridors of power. But the situation is out of the frying pan into the fire already. Serious demographic changes are being perceived in several parts of metropolis of Kolkata – Hindus are giving way to Muslims and this is a sheer effect of political pressure, at the behest of state administration.

What is being found these days – a complete and cruel demographic change – Hindu populace is shrinking in the metropolis with each day it passes and such areas are being supplanted by Muslims in large numbers. Areas which used to relish Hindu festivities till the other day are being turned into mainstays of Islamists – houses painted in green colors with Islamists strolling in alleys or thoroughfares (in next-door areas) are getting more and more common.

Can we pronounce a few words of Park Circus – Beckbagan area? It seems the area belongs to any Islamic suzerainty, Muslim youths here are found to defy the traffic rules at each time, bikers don’t care to wear helmets (terming it as a damn policy of Kaafirs) and often bikes are found to carry four persons flouting the rules. Police looks the other way round.

What’s of Razabazar Taratala and other Muslim-dominated areas in the city then? The situation is out of hand.

Are you in need of precise instances? Taratala - Jadavpur University route doesn’t have a Hindu auto rickshaw driver even! But the situation was quite better even a year back. Again Bijoygarh, area dominated by Hindus with origins in East Bengal, is having 40% Hindu rickshaw pullers these days – this has taken place in last 3-4 months only.

Conscientious studies prove Hindu fate, likewise, is dwindling in other parts of the city.

A large number of mansions and also houses in Mahatma Gandhi Road (in Central Kolkata), erstwhile Harrison Road, inhabited by non-Bengali Hindus for decades, if not more, are fast being replaced by Islamists.

If money fails to convince Hindus to abandon their properties, Islamic coercion remains the best way – often applied in the beginning.
New Muslim party imminent in Bengal

Leftist Razzak Mollah counts on Muslim-Dalit alliance to exterminate Hindus once and for all

Old strategy to create new Pakistan?

When the podium to establish an Islamic domination has already been prepared by 34-year-long rule of Left Front and also of Didi’s suzerainty (following), how the dream to form an Islamic party can be far behind? And the same pious (?) job is being done by Abdur Razzak Mollah, well-known CPI-M leader and former minister of Left Front government, (likes to present himself as Chasir Beta most) these days and all these became apparent on June 17, 2012 at a symposium titled ‘Implementation of Article 30 of Constitution of India for Educational uplift of Muslim Minority’ held at Sishubikash College of Education Auditorium, Chakberia-Makrampur, District: 24 Parganas (South).

The convention was attended by an assortment of dignitaries including Professor of Rabindra Bharati University Suranjan Midday, Ex Joint Register of Calcutta University Nitish Biswas, Ex Judicial Register Harbinder Singh, Dr. Joyprakash Bej, Tofail Ahmed, Advocate Kazi Nurul Islam Intaj Ali Shah – Chairman of the Minority Commission of West Bengal, Santosh Rana – Naxalite leader, Mr Abul Kashem Munshi – noted social worker and Constitution expert, Miratun Nahar – renowned social activist and educationalist. The conference was anchored by Abdur Rashid Molla and Abdus Shukur.

However, it must be said that the rhetoric of Razzak Mollah (allegedly daredevil) was not against the Hindus en masse but very much against the Brahmins or Brahminist ruling class whose ruling with direct influence on administration, as said by him, has been solely responsible for the steady decline of Bengal. What he was also found to state is that the Brahmin Raj replaced British Raj and its representatives including Buddhadev Bhattacharya (comrade of his own party) followed by Mamata Banerjee have been merciless to the weaker sections of the society including Muslims, SCs, STs and OBCs forming 81% of Bengal’s population.

“In our country Brahmin Raj is continuing. Like West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya has gone, but another Brahmin Mamata Banarjee has come to the seat of Chief Ministership,” Razzak Mollah said. He also said that only reservation for Muslims in all sections of society like education and job can ensure the community’s interest and to do the same all Muslims, cutting across political lines, must come to the forefront. And if necessary the Constitution of India must be amended as well!

What are his upcoming programs then? He said explicitly that there is a growing need to organize mass movements containing weaker sections from both Muslims and Hindus. In this context, his inspiration remains `Krishak Praja Party’ of 1940s formed by Abul Kashem Fazlul Haque. He is also planning to celebrate birthdays of Abul Kashem Fazlul Haque and Jogen Mandal. It is worthwhile to mention that Jogen Mandal was made Minister for Law and Labor in the Government of Pakistan. Nevertheless, Jogen Babu, despite being a Central Minister in the Parliament of Pakistan, had to take refuge in Indian Bengal all the way following the outbreak of Barisal genocide in 1950; he submitted his resignation from Indian Bengal.

Will he take on his own party CPIM then? Razzak Mollah stated, without any hesitation, no action of CPM would deter him. And here are his final advices to Muslims – they have got to organize themselves under a single organization avoiding differences of all sorts, learn modern education like science, mathematics to compete with Brahmins and other Hindus.

Others who showed vitriol against Hindus included Intaj Ali Shah who cited ex-Bengal Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Roy’s speech in a Lawyer conference in 1971, where Mr. Roy had said that every police station ought to have a Muslim constable.

Naxalite Santosh Rana, while speaking, wondered of the scarcity of Muslim schools in Bengal and emphasized the need of more residential Muslim schools in districts like Mushidabad. According to him, Muslim schools like ST residential schools at Jhargram in West Midnapur must be built and reserved for Muslims entirely. The veteran Left leader concluded that Muslim society can develop counting on reservations only.

The greater part of the audience contained various representatives of Muslim private schools in different places of Bengal.

Formation of an umbrella organization, `Forum for Minority School’, to fight for Muslim education rights in Bengal was announced in the end.

Should we conclude here or gear up to avoid more sinister onslaughts on Hindus in Bengal?

The only thing left to Hindus is – Struggle. Either they have to struggle or perish
Islamists ransack Siakhala, Hooghly

Hindus, police beaten mercilessly

On July 5, 2012, at 11.30 pm, Islamists forayed into Siakhala market, located in Siakhala, District: Hooghly and Hindus, without a shred of doubt, happened to be first and foremost victim of this pillage. What did help Islamists to go on with such an abrupt attack? Well, the main factor is quite apparent – it takes a 10 minutes’ walk to travel from Siakhala to Furfura Sharif, considered as mainstay behind mounting Islamic fundamentalism these days. A Hindu youth was beaten mercilessly, in order to protest. Police was not left out as well; they too became victims of Islamic thrashing.
NO to Love Jihad

Thrashing of Rumi Nath depicts fiery Hindu standpoint to end Islamists’ hauteur

It’s not the end but the beginning of a new episode of countermove and whether it’s Karimgunj in Assam or Bengal – wherever there is any Hindu defiance it creates havoc for all, whether they’re in corridors of power or Islamists. What happened to Congress MLA Rumi Nath and her second husband Jakie Zakir a few days back in Assam was not anything abrupt but the culmination of days of anger and the need for retribution among Hindus.

Love Jihad, blatant appeasements of Islamists by all parties (cutting across political lines) to retain power and expend money of all tax payers for developing them (merely) have left Hindus fuming. The reckless onslaught on Rumi Nath, representing Borkhola constituency in Cachar, last Friday was a diminutive representation of the same standpoint. And it’s going to rise with the passing of each day – this can be said without a shred of doubt.

It has come to knowledge, on May 22, 2012, Rakesh Singh, first and Hindu husband of Rumi Nath lodged an FIR saying that his wife was kidnapped – she had gone missing on the previous day. However, her surfacing on June 02, 2012 and assertion how she converted herself into Islam and married Jakie Zakir and of her gratifying honeymoon to Agartala created strong discontent in the vicinity making even her conventional supporters, all Hindus, irate over her.

What is more, soon after broadcast of her second marriage, finest evidence of debauchery and also Love Jihad, lots of her supporters and social organizations in the Barak Valley, containing Karimganj, Cachar and Hailakandi districts, had warned her not to enter the area. On Friday, she decided to visit Cachar district to look over some flood-affected areas and she was hissed by protesters (turned into detractors) almost everywhere.

And what happened next on June 29, 2012 was beyond the belief of anyone. In accordance with Pradip Pujari, Superintendent of Police – District: Karimganj, a mob of no less than 400 gathered before Hotel Nakshatra in Karimganj town (MLA along with her Muslim husband had checked in last evening), shouted slogans against her, finally entered their room and thrashed the fresh couple brutally. Even if the couple tried take refuge in the toilet, it turned into a flop story altogether.

The incident has led to lots of uproars both in the state and national media and even street battles, thanks to the entrance of several Islamist organizations like Ahl-e-Sunnat in the picture, have taken place between Hindus and Islamists.

But to the dismay of all, especially secularists, Hindus are in no mood to withdraw or leave the battlefield. Reason? Hindus are stating Enough is Enough. Reliance on administration to solve out such cases is synonymous to stupidity and Hindus can’t remain nice, humane, law-abiding pudding heads any longer.

Thrashing of Rumi Nath speaks of Hindu rebellion against Love Jihad.
Hindu Samhati addresses mammoth meeting in Jalaberia

We have already reported how Hindus in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are fighting off the spate of Islamic fundamentalism (http://hindusamhati.blogspot.in/2012/06/...ow-of.html) and are leaving no stone unturned to bring this (mounting) cancerous growth in the body of democracy to a close.

Hindu Samhati is working assiduously to intensify this spontaneous struggle in the best possible manner.

Hindu Samhati, led by its president, Tapan Ghosh, had a novel success on June 28, 2012, in Jalaberia, when it encountered a mammoth meeting of struggling Hindus there.

Owing to the presence of Tapan Ghosh, Somraj Banerjee, Ranjit Kar, Rajkumar Sardar of Hindu Samhati along with a few others, Hindus, there, for the first time found a brawny Hindu leadership that can be counted on.
Vitality of Hindu women proclaimed in 2 nd Women’s Conference of Hindu Samhati

Islamic Force of Persecution must be stopped by Force

A single individual can create a history; a single event can also be far-reaching; likewise if a group of Hindu women vows to halt recurrent Islamic atrocities on Hindus, especially women, (in full swing through centuries) it is also historic and how valiant it can be got manifest on the Second Women Conference of Hindu Samhati on June 22, 2012 at the Bharat Sabha (Indian Association) Hall.

A large number of Hindu women representing various parts of Bengal, both witnesses, victims of and also warriors against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the state and its mounting persecutions, gathered on the occasion. The conference was presided by Mr. Tapan Ghosh (President, Hindu Samhati) and people who graced the dais (on the occasion) included Veer Mata Sumitra Devi Kothari, Mrs. Hena Das, Amaresh Mukherjee, Samir Guha Roy (State Secretary, Hindu Samhati), Tilak Ganguly (State President – Janata Party), Ranteswar Sarkar.

Mr. Tapan Ghosh, at the outset, through his fiery oratory, made people ascertain the fast worsening situation in Bengal and how the entire political spectrum along with state administration have become easy preys to Islamists. He also cited myriad instances, from 24 Paraganas (both North and South) and other districts like Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia, that proclaim Islamists have a single agenda – their lust for Hindu women is unending and through persistent torturing of Hindu women they desire to destruct the fundament of Hindu society in the Indian state of Bengal and turn it into a new Pakistan once and for all.

Nevertheless, Hindu women, under the aegis of Hindu Samhati, and their valiant struggles alongside Hindu men have become the greatest stumbling block to this lofty dream of theirs and each and every woman speaker in the conference reiterated the same chronicle.

How can there be differences between experiences of such valiant fighters? Whether she is Kanika Mandal or Papiya Mandal or a speaker from Chanditala – Hooghly or Joynagar or Swarupnagar or even Bangaon, every woman, through narrating her own experiences and struggles (continual), brought to the fore the most brutal reality – Islamists along with their cohorts in administration are holding the state of Bengal to ransom ( a new form of Jiziya?) and other than waging relentless struggle against this perilous nexus, there is no hope for Hindus, in particular, their womenfolk.
This would have been unthinkable for a mullah to appear in public in Punjab even 10 years ago

And note huge gathering


Addressing huge gathering after Friday Prayer today at Shahi Masjid in Ludhiana of Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianwi, Shahi Imam of Punjab and national president of Ahrar Party strongly condemned the blasphemous movie.

Addressing a press conference after the prayer, Maulana demanded the Government of India to ban screening of the film in the country. He also demanded the government to apprise the UN of the feelings and sentiments of crores of Muslims in India.

He also criticized US President Barack Obama. “Why a liberal president Obama could not know that a film was being made in his country which could hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims across the globe and put the world peace in danger?” he said.

Maulana Sani appealed to the Muslims in India to maintain peace and communal harmony and brotherhood in the country. He said Islam is the religion of peace and has nothing to do with violence.

The Enemy Within

The complicity of some J&K policemen in militancy-related activities has now become an issue of major concern, as modules operating with their help have been particularly difficult to identify and neutralize.





On August 21, 2012, the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) police neutralized a militant module involved in all the 13 attacks that Srinagar had witnessed since January 1, 2011, with the arrest of two persons: a policeman, Abdul Rashid Shigan, and a released Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM) militant, Imtiyaz Ahmad Gojri alias Raashid. Operating under the shadow name of Omar Mukhtar and General Usman, Shigan was acting as spokesman for Kashmir Islamic Movement (KIM), a shadow outfit of HM. Shigan was the co-conspirator as well as the executor. Meanwhile, on August 27, 2012, police arrested Manzoor Ahmad Chiloo, a released militant (he was 'divisional commander' of HM), and the mastermind of all these attacks.

The arrest of a policeman in a militancy infested region is not a surprising development. J&K has seen several such arrests in past. According to the partial data compiled by the Institute for Conflict Management, a total of 21 policemen were arrested for their links with militants since 1990. More worryingly, while there were only three such arrests till 2009, 2010 alone witnessed four arrests and it increased to seven in 2011. The current year has already witnessed seven such arrests. Apart from these policemen, four army personnel and a central reserve police force trooper have also been arrested since 1990.
Indian express

Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Kolkata

In 1992, Tapan Kumar Ghosh mobilised kar sevaks from West Bengal and headed with them to Ayodhya. But in the years that followed, Ghosh, who had been an RSS pracharak for over 31 years, grew disillusioned with the Sangh Parivar and finally in 2007, severed his association with the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal. He may have broken off from the Hindutva groups but he says he has not given up on the Hindutva cause. After leaving the RSS, he set up the Hindu Samhati (Hindu Solidarity), an organisation, he says, to “protect the interests of Hindus in West Bengal”.

Ghosh says he was hurt by the way the way the BJP government overlooked the Mandir issue once they came to power and at the way the number of supporters for the cause of the Mandir has been decreasing ever since. “There was a shiladaan at Ayodhya in 2003 and I was given the responsibility of bringing supporters, but it was difficult to mobilise support,” he says.

A graduate in Physics from Maulana Azad College in Kolkata, Ghosh joined the RSS in 1975 when he was in his teens. Between 1983 and 1995, he was the state organising secretary of the West Bengal Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, the youth wing of the BJP. He has also headed the Bajrang Dal in five states—Delhi, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and between 2005 and 2007, he was the eastern India chief of the Bajrang Dal.

Ghosh is now waiting for the September 24 Ayodhya verdict, which, he says, will galvanise the Mandir movement once again—this time under a new leadership.
Tapan Ghosh is a man with 40 years experience as an RSS pracharak

and as a Bajrang Dal leader

It behoves us to listen to his experience

1. RSS is toothless and cant save you

2. BJP is infiltrated by pro-muslim elements and conversely there are pro-Hindu elements in the secular parties too

3. To contain islam, you need locality level organising

4. You cant depend on sangh parivar to save your skin, you have to do it yourself

5. The RSS was formed to deal with muslim rioting and has drifted away from its original goal
Gopal Patha vs Babu Bajrangi / Kameshwar Yadav

Gopal Patha saved the Hindus of Kolkata during Direct Action Day in 1946

He just had a gang of 800 youths. He did kill thousands of muslim civilians, but that shocked the Kolkata muslims and gave up their Direct Action

Kameshwar Yadav saved the Hindus of Bhagalpur in 1988 from the jihadi rioters

Due to caste considerations , Lalu Yadav protected him

Mullah Nitish and dhimmi BJP got Kameshwar arrested

In the Kishengunj area, BJP has given MLA tickets to several jihadi muslims

Thanks to the Babu Bajrangis, love jihad is reduced in Gujurat and Godhra muslims hesitate to burn Hindus again

By arresting Babu Bajrangi, Modi has betrayed Hindus and mullahs will be emboldened to kill Hindus again in Gujurat
Tapan Ghosh has been repeatedly arrested by CPM, TMC , but he has got out on bail
Here is the summary of why Tapan Ghosh left RSS

The original aim of RSS was to protect Hindus from muslim rioters

RSS and Sangh parivar have moved away from their primary goal

RSS has moved heavily into charitable works. That is very good, but it has

de-emphasised local defensive rioting against Jihadis

RSS is being manipulated by BJP and BJP is being manipulated by money bag banias

These banias have interests that require them to kiss CPM or Congress ass

For example, in West Bengal, BJP wants an alliance with TMC and has worked against Hindu Samhati, who is being oppressed by TMC
The koran burning riots all over India, have the following characteristics

First the cops arrest local muslims for illegal cow slaughter or other jihadi illegal activity

Then as revenge, the local mullah claims koran burning and attacks the police

This makes the police hesitant to arrest muslims again

and lets muslims do jihadi activities without any fear

The next goal is to shut down the local police station, so that the local mini-pakistan can flourish without any hindrance

If not, the alternate goal is to make the local police station 100% staffed by muslim cops who will overlook jihadi activities in the local mini-pakistan

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