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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Sri Tapan Ghosh is single handedly fighting Islamic aggression in West Bengal. (www.hindusamhati.org). Below note is from Sri Tapan Ghosh's

From: Tapan Ghosh

I am a very small person who is fighting everyday battle against Muslim aggression in the rural areas of West Bengal. Please keep in mind these are not Islamic Terrorism in known term. Really Al Qaeda, LeT, JoM, etc. are no threat to the abandoned poor people of rural West Bengal. Nor even the Bangladeshi Muslims in most of the cases. In many places in deep rural area, there are hardly any Bangladeshi Muslim. In spite of that the poor and backward caste Hindus are daily suffering torture, insult, humiliation, land grabbing and ultimately kicked out by the *LOCAL MUSLIMS*who are their old neighbours. In Assam, in the lower Brahmaputra valley and in Barak Valley, the process is almost complete. In West Bengal, this process is going on steadily everywhere, even in predominantly Hindu majority districts like Howrah, Bardhaman, East Medinipur, etc. Now I want to learn from the learned persons of this forum, how the declared agenda of BJP - Development and Good governance will address and solve the problem raised by Dr. Gautam Sen and the situation faced by me.
Organiser - Hindus at the receiving end in Bihar Mob of 30,000 Muslims attacked Hindu families of Talua village in Barsoi block

Sanjeev Kumar

HINDUS are again extremely demoralised in Bihar. Their shops were looted, razed and turned to ashes. Their families were repeatedly victimised by 30,000 Muslim mob. Three weeks have passed but still no arrest has been made and not a penny of relief has been provided to the victims.

Soon the news spread like wild fire and within an hour a mob of about 30,000 Muslims, allegedly under the leadership of former CPI-MLA Mehboob Alam, gathered there. The mob went on rampage and in a matter of hours about 65 families of the village were virtually reduced to smithereens


This is in Katihar district, which is in the North east bihar muslim pocket

Overall, muslims are 42% in this district, but in this village, there were 400 Hindus vs 30k muslims and noticing the favorable local demographics muslims went on a jihad using a fake excuse of liquor bottle in Namaz grounds

This district is already muslim infested, and Lalu Yadav imported several lakh bangladeshis since this is close to BD border


A vital battle has been lost in the effort to defeat Mughalsthan

This news was reported by Organiser after 3 weeks, none of the mainstream papers mentioned this, none of the sangh papers mentioned this

Bihar is NDA ruled, and Sushil Modi, of BJP is deputy CM

No mullahs have been arrested

Alam is a bengali muslim name. He is commie and also Jihadi

The bihar Hindus voted for BJP-NDA. The Katihar hindus voted BJP

There is a local VHP unit,

and yet , the muslims are able to get away with this.

BJP cant save you, RSS cant save you, NDA cant save you

I urge all IF readers to donate to Tapan Ghosh, you can contact him on facebook

He is the only guy trying to stop Mughalsthan

Of course the NDA regime can put an end to this mullah nonsense in no time, except that NDA CM Nitish wants muslim votes
Congress has saved its leaders Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytlar and HKL Bhagat from punishment for their crime in anti Sikh pogrom in 1984. In comparison, see the condition of these leaders of BJP, Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi for whom Modi is Modi now. - Tapan Ghosh
Late RSS chief Sudharshan - His knowledge of Islam was so astounding and correct that he surprised the Islamic ulema and maulanas, whom he loved to engage in conversations. He wanted to reach out to Indian Muslims and inspired many such organisations and efforts. Perhaps he was the only Hindu leader of his stature who never forgot to send Eid greetings to his Muslim friends every year.
Harit Pradesh - Meerut Division

Districts are

Meerut, Total pop 3 mil, Muslim 1 mil, 33%

Bulandshar, Total 2.9 mil, Muslim 0.6 mil, 21%

Gautam Buddha Nagar, Total, 1.2 mil, muslim 0.15 mil, 13%

Ghaziabad, Total, 3.3 mil, muslim 0.8 mil, 24%

Baghpat, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 25%

Total Meerut division, Total pop 11.6 mil, 2.9 mil, 25%

Baghpat is probably safe since it is home of Hindu Jats

Ghaziabad, was where recent riots took place, and is ISI den for decades

But the good news was , 30 cops defeated 3000 muslim jihadis and all muslim men have fled Masuri

Meerut is probably lost

To put this in perspective, Murshidabad district alone has 4 million muslims vs only 2.9 mil in this ISI den

map of Harit pradesh
Saharanpur Division

Saharanpur District, Total 2.9 mil, muslims 1.1 mil, 38%

Muzaffarnagar District, Total 3.5 mil, muslims 1.3 mil, 37%

Total 6.4 mil, muslims 2.4 mil

Deoband is in Saharanpur

These 2 districts are probably lost
Moradabad Division

Moradabad District, Total 3.8 mil, muslim 1.7 mil, 45%

Bijnor District, Total 3.1 mil, muslim 1.3 mil, 42%

Rampur District, Total 1.9 mil, muslim 0.95 mil. 50%

Jyotiba Phule Nagar District, Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 40%

Total 10.3 mil, muslim 4.6 mil, 45%

This area is Rohilkand and settled by Pathans and definitely lost
Bareilly Division

Bareilly District, Total 3.6 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 33%

Badaun District, Total 3 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 20%

Pilibhit District, Total 1.6 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 25%

Shahjahanpur District, Total 2.5 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 20%

Total 10.7 mil, muslim 2.7 mil

Bareilly is lost, the rest will be a struggle to salvage
Agra Division

Agra District, Total 3.6 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 8%

Firozabad District, Total 2.1 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 14%

Mainpuri District, Total 1.6 mil, muslim 0.1 mil, 6%

Mathura District, Total, 2.1 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 9%

Total, 9.4 mil, muslim 0.9 mil, 10%

This is totally salvageable
Aligarh division

Aligarh district , Total 3 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 17%

Etah District, Total 2.8 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 11%

Total, 5.8 mil, muslim 0.8 mil, 14%

Totally Salvageable
Summary of Harit Pradesh

Meerut Division, Total 11.6 mil, muslim 2.9 mil, 25%

Saharanpur Division, Total 6.4 mil, muslim 2.4 mil, 38%

Moradabad Division, Total 10.3 mil, muslim 4.6 mil, 45%

Bareilly Division, Total 10.7 mil, muslim 2.7 mil, 25%

Agra Division, Total 9.4 mil, muslim 0.9 mil, 10%

Aligarh Division, Total 5.8 mil, muslim 0.8 mil, 14%

Overall, Total 54.2 mil, muslim 14 mil, 26%
Per Tapan Ghosh, in Assam and West Bengal, every day, there are 100 muslim riots, with Hindus raped, killed, temple desecrated, land grabbed etc, to form the Mughalsthan corridor
2001 census

Uttar Pradesh, total = 166 mil

Muslim = 31 mil

Muslim % = 18.7%

Harit Pradesh

Total = 54 mil

Muslim = 14 mil

Muslim % = 26%

Excluding Harit Pradesh

Total = 112 mil

Muslim = 17 mil

Muslim % = 15%

Yes outside Harit pradesh, there are pockets like Azamgarh, but overall manageable

Harit Pradesh is 26% muslim, same as West Bengal and Kerala and slightly less than Assam

Harit Pradesh is where they will try to do a Mallapuram type mini-pakistan

The question is whether the Jats can handle the mullahs

There will be the following 5 mini-pakistans

1. JK

2. Assam

3. West Bengal

4. Kerala

5. Harit Pradesh

Harit Pradesh has twice the number of muslims as kerala or Assam or JK

Harit Pradesh is the center of gravity for Indian muslims

There may be more muslims in WB, but WB muslims are low caste muslims
In Uttar Pradesh, muslims have been kept out of police and PAC

But in a Harit Pradesh, they cant be kept out of police and PAC
Westbengalwatch said

March 10, 2012 at 10:27 am

Modi will save India as RSS saved Bangladesh (Eastern Pakistan) and Pakistan (West Pakistan) in 1947 after it took the vow to keep India undivided in its foundation in 1925.

Not even RSS wanted a Nationwide Movement to pressurize the Govt. of India for declaring India as a Hindu State under constitution in 1947 or 1950.

Then the rod was red hot, but we missed the chance to make a good sword to cut all evils for a Hindu Nation.

Modi is satisfied with Gujrat, what else worst if happened in UP or other state?

The Utopian cultural Hindu nation concept of RSS has in the verge of contraction for ever.

Like BJP, Modi is not a solution for Political Hindutva.

Militarise Hindudom and Hinduise all politics- this sermon of Satyantra Veer Savarkar should be the final word for Hindus.

Modi or anyone can lead us after true realization of the message of VD Savarkar.

Rama Roy.

Kolkata- 700 026.
Per 2001 census

Harit Pradesh = 14 mil muslims

Kerala = 7 mil muslims

JK = 7 mil

Assam = 8 mil

WB = 20 mil

North east Bihar ( bordering WB and close to BD ) = 4 mil

Total = 60 mil muslims out of 138 mil muslims

43% of all muslims live in these mini-pakistans

Assume that Hindus remain secular and partition this away,

After 2nd partition,

890 mil kafirs vs 78 mil muslims , muslim % = 8%

Muslims in bihar have started a movement for a separate state, called Seemanchal, which will have north-east bihar, a sort of Mallapuram
In 1947, Harit Pradesh had 3.5 mil muslims and they have breeded since then to 14 mil

In the region between Harit Pradesh and Pakistan, in 1947, 7 million muslims were expelled to Pakistan by Sikhs and Hindu Jats

Without that there would be another 28 mil muslims today , between Harit Pradesh and Pakistan

and Pakistan would be penetrating into India, just like BD
The reason for the problem is secularism.

The Indian state is officially neutral, so Hindus cant depend on the Indian state to protect them from internal muslims

It can only protect them from external muslims

If the Indian state was not secular, JK could be bombed and shelled as in Syria and the matter solved in weeks
Purvanchal in Uttar Pradesh

Gorakhpur, Total 3.7 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 9% ( Mahant rules this area )

Varanasi, Total 3.1 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 16%

Bhadohi, Total, 1.4 mil. muslim 0.2 mil, 14%

Allahabad, Total 4.9 mil, muslim, 0.6 mil, 12%

Pratapgarh, Total, 2.7 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 14%

Mirzapur, Total 2.2 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 9%

Jaunpur, Total, 3.9 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 10%

Chandauli, Total, 1.7 mil. muslim 0.2 mil. 12%

Ghazipur, Total, 3 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 10%

Kushinagar, Total, 2.9 mil, muslim 0.5 mil. 17%

Deoria, Total, 2.7 mil. muslim 0.3 mil. 11%

Azamgarh, Total, 3.9 mil., muslim 0.6 mil. 15%

Mau. Total., 1.9 mil, muslim 0.4 mil. 20%

Maharajganj, Total, 2.2 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 18%

Basti, Total 2.1 mil, muslim 0.3 mil. 14%

Sant Kabir Nagar, Total, 1.4 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 22%

Siddharth Nagar, Total 2 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 30%

Ballia, Total 2.8 mil. muslim 0.2 mil, 7%

Sonbhadra, Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.1 mil, 6%

Overall, this state has urban mini-pakistans like Mau and Azamgarh, but should definitely be salvageable

Total, 50 mil, muslim 7 mil, 14%,

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