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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Muslims in kerala trying to destroy Hindu buses and Hindu vehicles

-- BRF

Cops seek neutral names for buses in Kasaragod

M P Prashanth, TNN | Sep 20, 2012, 02.50PM IST

KOZHIKODE: Police plan to ask bus operators in Kasaragod to use religiously neutral names for buses after it was found that buses with Muslim or Hindu names have become a starting point for communal tension in the district.

A senior police officer said it had been noticed that even accidents involving buses having religious names had ignited clashes in the district. "If a bus having a Muslim name hits a Hindu, it can generate tension in the district. The same can happen the other way around. Pelting a stone at a bus with a religious name could trigger violent reaction from the community," he said.

However, the private bus owners association is less enthused by the police move. "A similar suggestion had come from them around three years ago. They wanted us to paint buses in same colours and to have no names for them," said V C Madhusoodhanan, president of the association. "The police even wanted us to remove the religious symbols kept inside buses. We took objection to the directive and moved the high court, which ordered a stay." Bus owners feel that removing religious symbols from buses alone will not help in curbing violence. "The public knows which bus is owned by whom. There is no point in removing the visible signs," Madhusoodhanan said.
North east Delhi, Total 1.8 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 28%

Central Delhi, Total, 0.6 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 33%

The other problem is that Delhi borders Harit Pradesh with 14 mil muslims

In 1947, Sardar Patel sent the army against muslim rioters and reduced muslims from 33% to 5%

Now they are back to 15% in Delhi
Hindu -

Prejudices of Partition alive in Bijnor's Bengali enclave

If you drive down from Muzaffarnagar, short of Bijnor city, a dust track on the right leads into a cluster of three villages, Khedki Hemraj, Nawalpur and Nawalpur barrage. At first sight, there is nothing much to distinguish these villages in western Uttar Pradesh, from those that surround it. Except for the fact that the pradhan of this gram panchayat is a Bengali — and while Khedki Hemraj and Nawalpur are entirely Bengali, Nawalpur Barrage is only partially Bengali.

Jaats support

How do they get on with those they describe as “non-Bengalis”? “We get on very well with the Jaats here,” says Subodh Biswas, “we are kattar (hardline) Hindus, just as they are.” Indeed, these Bengalis have nurtured, over the years, all the prejudices of Partition: “We may be small in number,” he continues, “but the Muslims who are in large numbers in this area, don't dare mess with us – the Jaats will come to our aid. In name, we are Bengalis, but we are part of the greater Hindu family.” This is integration, Bengali refugee-style.

Indeed, the fact that Kishore and his three predecessors in the job have all been Bengalis has much to do with the communal politics of the area. Earlier, the gram panchayats were arranged such that the pradhan here used to be a Muslim. After the horrific Hindu- Muslim riots in Bijnor in 1990, the configuration was changed, ensuring a separation of the populations along religious lines, and the tradition of a Bengali pradhan began.

These Bengalis may be Dalits, but they don't identify with Chief Minister Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP): instead, they see themselves as one with other Hindus.

This has meant that their first preference, politically, is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


Apparently despite Bijnor district being 40% muslim, the Jats thrash the mullahs
In Gujurat, in Kutch and Bharuch, they are 22%, but since the state has been captured by Hindutva forces, the entire state can be salvaged
In Haryana , they are 38% in Gurgaon, but thanks to the Haryanvi Jats, the entire state is salvageable
In JK, when push comes to shove, the valley will be lost, as security forces are pulled back to mainland

We can salvage

Kargil, Shia,

Leh, Buddhist

Rajouri , 60% muslim, due to martial Dogras

Doda, 60% muslim, due to martial Dogras

Udhampur, 25% muslim, salvageable

Jammu, 5% muslim,

Kathua 8% muslim


Jharkand districts

Giridih = Total, 1.9 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 20%

Sahebganj = Total 0.9 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 33%

Pakaur = Total 0.7 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 33%

Sahebganj and Pakaur are in north-east corner and bordering West Bengal

The good news is that the local tribals are very violent

Karnataka district map
Karnataka districts

Gulbarga, Total 3.1 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 19%

Dakshin Kannada, Total 1.9 mil. muslim 0.4 mil, 22%

Dharwad, Total, 1.6 mil, muslim 0.3 mil. 19%

Bidar, Total 1.5 mil. muslim 0.3 mil, 20%

With BJP state power, this can be salvaged
Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, Total 1.9 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 22%

Fully salvageable
In 24 Parganas, North and South, muslims are 24% and 33%

Deganga is in South Parganas, while the overall district is 33% muslim, in Deganga block they are 69%

Long before they become a majority, they try to take over

In India, the magic number is 30% and they will make 30% in West Bengal

By birth they are 30% in West Bengal

Tapan Ghosh is fighting a losing battle, with 33% muslims
The key to salvaging Harit Pradesh is this, Muslims are a near majority in urban areas, but in the Jat belt of rural areas they are minority.

In Maharashtra, muslim urban rioting was stopped by rural Hindu response

Saharanpur is sandwiched between Haryana and Uttarkhand, both of which are muslim free

Haryana was 33% muslim in 1947, before the Jat reprisals

Bijnor borders Uttarkhand and has a strong Jat presence in rural areas

Baghpat has 25% muslims but is the Jat homeland

Muzaffarnagar borders Haryana and Baghpat

Rampur and Bareilly border Uttarkhand
My analysis of Tapan Ghosh blogs gives me an insight

Muslims come in huge mobs, attack Hindus and cops very seriously with broken bones

and molest women and desecrate temples and grab lands and rob and destroy Hindu property


The number of Hindu and police deaths is surprisingly low, given the thousands of rioting muslims.

I believe that this is a deliberate ploy by muslims, AT THIS STAGE of the jihad, they want to avoid too many kafir deaths, not because Allah is merciful, but because deaths in large numbers will shock the public and lead to administration cracking down and kafirs waking up

The key is to give islamic terror in small doses to slowly ethnic cleanse and create mini-pakistans

In Godhra and Marad, they actually killed and this lead to Hindu reprisals all over Gujurat and even in kerala, the administration was forced to act and 75 muslims got life imprisonment
I am going to list districts with over 0.5 mil muslims

I am going to use the Pareto principle, meaning focusing on these districts would give the most bang for the buck

Hyderabad, 1.6 mil, 42%

Kurnool, 0.6 mil. 16%

Guntur 0.5 mil, 11%

Total Andhra = 76 mil, muslims 7 mil,

Muslims in districts with over 0.5 mil = 2.7 mil

So 40% of Andhra muslims live in these 3 districts

Dhubri, 1.2 mil, 75%

Nagaon, 1.2 mil, 51%

Barpeta, 1 mil, 60%

Kamrup 0.6 mil. 25%

Darrang 0.5 mil, 35%

Karimganj 0.5 mil, 52%

Cachar, 0.5 mil, 36%

5.5 mil muslims

Assam . Total 27 mil, 8.2 mil muslims

Katihar, 1 mil, 42%

Purnia. 0.9 mil, 37%

Araria 0.9 mil, 41%

Kishengunj, 0.9 mil, 68%

Purba Champaran, 0.8 mil, 19%

Dharbanga, 0.7 mil, 22%

Paschim Champaran, 0.6 mil, 21%

Madhubani, 0.6 mil, 18%

Muzaffarpur, 0.6 mil, 16%

Sitamarhi 0.6 mil, 21%

Siwan 0.5 mil, 18%

Total 8.1 mil

Bihar overall, 83 mil total, 13.7 mil muslims
Delhi North east, 0.5 mil

Delhi overall ,

Total 13.8 mil, 1.6 mil muslims
“In war our main objective is the opponent’s heart or soul, our main weapon of offence against this objective is the strength of our own souls, and to launch such an attack, we have to keep terror away from our own hearts… Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent’s heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision on the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose on him.” (p. 59)


"It (terror) can be instilled only if the opponent's faith is destroyed...To instill terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith" (p.60)


Koranic Concept of War


They want to terrorise us and yet not kill too many kafirs as that may set the govt on their ass. Thats why we have islamic molestations, riots, fake koran burning riots, the assaults on cops, especially female cops to break their morale

What sets them back is a post Godhra type reprisal, when they get subjected to terror

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