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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged

Total 27 mil, muslim 3.7 mil, 13.7%

Muslim infested districts

Total 1.6 mil, muslim 0.5 mil. 33%

Non-muslim infested

Total 25.4 mil. muslim 3.2 mil, 12.6%

Total 8.5 mil, muslim 1 mil, 11.8%

Muslim infested

Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.5 mil. 33%

Non-muslim infested

Total 7 mil. muslim 0.5 mil. 7%
Out of 138 mil total muslims

44 mil live in districts with over 35% muslim and these will become muslim majority and mini-pakistans developed locally

Indian districts with over 35% muslim

Total pop 93.5 mil, muslim 44.5 mil, 47.6%, kafir 49 mil, 52.4%

If we partition this away

in residual 2nd partition India, we will have 840 mil kafir vs 94 mil momin, 10% and assuming the kafirs flee to residual India

we will have 890 mil vs 94 mil momin or 9.6% and we can be secular again

What is going to happen is many mallapurams and harit pradesh and seemanchal with muslims districts over 30% and these will slowly develop into mini-pakistans
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tapan Ghosh speaks at Hindu Samhati’s Third Anniversary

I would like to initiate the speech by paying tribute to venerable Swami Pradiptanandaji, venerable Swami Tejeshanandaji, Dr. Richard Benkin, Ms. Miriam Jones, my old friend Sri Dhananjay Pathak, Shailendra Jain, Arvid Mishra, Manishji, Amitav Tripathiji and the youth resolved to fight for Hindutva and MatriShakti.

Now there is a question. Why such a great leadership has been brought in?

It is to depict that the desperate struggles of Hindus in the length and breadth of the Indian state of West Bengal is not alone; it is advocated by like-minded people and an international force across the globe and similar struggles are taking place in all four corners of the world.

In 1947, during the partition of the then undivided India, there was a demand of East-West corridor by the protagonists of Pakistan movement, rejected outright by the then Indian leadership. But sadly and conforming to Sri Dhananjay Pathak’s speech, the corridor is becoming a hard reality more and more and the existing situations in West and East UP (Uttar Pradesh), North Bihar along with Murshidabad, Malda and Dinajpur (significant districts in West Bengal) denote the same. In accordance with international agencies, Pakistan and Bangladesh are enjoying bonhomie at the moment and are steadfast to get combined soon.

The Pakistan movement, from its inception in 1940, was ridiculed by both national and provincial leadership but within a span of 7 years it turned out to be a reality. But what is most unfortunate, the Indian leadership and intellectuals till date steer clear of revealing the same reality. And the bitterest truth is that Hindus are getting into a hopeless minority. If the modern statistics is taken into account, Muslims comprise 35% of the total population in Assam, 30% in West Bengal and 25% in North Bihar.

Now the questions remain whether the Bengali Hindus will become refugees once again. Muslims, at the present time, have 57 nations under their jurisdiction throughout the globe while Christians, Buddhists, Jews have 70, 10 and 1 nations respectively. All these bring forth a new question – is this not our land. Will the Hindus have to become immigrants like Jyoti Basu, Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, Mamata Banerjee, forsake this land and plead to Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar? Will all these fit the dignity of Hindus?

Hence, Hindu Samhati is waging a war against the adversaries and thanks to all these, within a period of 3 years, it has attained the present position. What is my greatest achievement then? By means of Hindu Samhati I have been able motivate Hindus to fight in no less than 50 places. Hindus would not bow down to anyone any longer. Only on yesterday Muslims destroyed temple in Village Howapota, Sankrail and in P.S. Minakha they assaulted a Hindu religious fair. All these prove police and administration in Bengal have become completely incompetent and the turmoil regarding the Taslima episode proves it best.

How can lessons in Deganga be forgotten? The Islamic assault in Deganga, North 24 Parganas (resulting from a planned and nefarious planning) took place on 06, 07 and 08 September under aegis of Haji Nurul Islam, Trinamool MP from Basirhat, and local Hindus numbering into several hundreds were brutally tortured. Hindus’ homes were looted and destroyed, temples and Deities were desecrated and shops were also put on fire by their Muslim neighbors. A Muslim zealot named Moklukar Rahman urinated on the idol of Goddess Kali in the Kali temple.

But the government and Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee failed totally to rein in the situation; army had to be called in. The honorable CM even did not dare to arrest Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Mosque for instigation to the murder of Taslima Nasreen. But the same government proved to be quick enough to succumb to the demands of Muslim protestors and arrest editor, publisher of The Statesman (bailed out later).

Two other small incidents are to be mentioned. Father of Jyoti Basu, ex-CM of Bengal, had farsightedness (realized the fast deteriorating situation in spite of alleged Hindu-Muslim unity programs in then undivided India) and built up the house in Ballygunje unlike the hapless Matua community and millions of other people. The situation was no different with the Nehru family, natives of Kashmir, as well. Motilal Nehru, father of Jawaharlal Nehru, built a residence in Allahabad.

All these are great lessons for Hindu Samhati and that's why, enough is enough. Hindu Samhati is resolved to fight back. Hindus are no longer alone; whenever there is any news of atrocities on Hindus, news are broadcasted throughout the globe. There is another thing to be noted. Islamic Ummah is the greatest strength of worldwide Muslim community and it is therefore the time that Hindu Ummah must be built. Surely, the name would be Hindu Brotherhood or Hindu Solidarity or Hindu Consolidation or Hindu Samhati. It’s first and foremost aim would be to make all Hindus realize agonies of and tortures on Hindus.

Hindu Samhati workers would go on with the struggle.
Because muslims live in ghettos, they dont see many kafirs and over-estimate their numbers

In Gujurat , muslims are 9%, but 70% of muslims believe that they are 21% or more

It is vital to send in parades of Hindus from the countryside into the ghettos

It serves 2 purposes, first it alerts rural Hindus who dont live near darul islam, about the nature of the threat,

Second, it shows the inhabitants of Darul Islam that they will be swamped.

Islam often runs on psychology, when they actually see Huge Hindu numbers in their ghetto, they back down

Ram Navami in Hyderabad roped in Hindus from rural areas and swamped the mullahs and they stayed inside
An intensive Shuddi campaign must be done in Orissa, Chattisgarh, MP, Himachal, Haryana, Punjab etc, where the muslim pop is between 2% and 8%

Shuddi campaigns will not face riots in low muslim concentrations

These areas must be training grounds for Hindu groups to challenge no-go areas, with no risk

The local mullah must be 'encouraged to leave' and same for taglibi activists

Assuming, Bihar Assam, UP and WB are lost, we need a solid second line of defence free of darul-islams

Learn from muslims, they flip into jihadi mode, only when local demographic ratio is favorable

Throw strength against the weakness of the enemy
Muslims just did a major riot in Ahmedabad

Just 10 years for post Godhra riots to wear off

Whereas no riots since 1947 in Haryana and Punjab

To those Hindutva people looking at Post Godhra riots as the way to go,

The answer is that path requires East Punjab 1947, not Post Godhra and Hindu society is unwilling to go that far, whereas the Sikhs are willing to go much farther

Since Hindu society is not willing to go so far, the only other way is demographic engineering
Fundamental, non-Indian, subversive issues overwhelmed Indian Muslims.

on 3rd Sept. 2012, about 10000 ugly Muslims generated violence, loss of public properties and attacked Police Station at Ahmedabad and nearby public places to show their might to reflect a Islamic Supremacy.

A paper tiger in Gujarat eschewed his further planning amidst an Islamic insurgency there.

No details reports are available till now. Reports are being censored.

From available pictures, it is evident that Muslim protested vehemently over the impugned film : “Innocence of Muslims”.

The fanatics showed placards “BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” (See Pic. above).

When We Hindus will rent the air with the utterance: BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT HINDUS, INDIA and WHO ARE TRAITORS”? Stop all these Islamic menace in Bharat (India). Otherwise we will show you the dire consequences.


~ Upananda Brahmachari.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Report in Times of India.

Woman Jihadi and Mufti of Ahmedabad Jama Masjid behind the conspiracy?

Ahmedabad police station set on fire in anti-Islam film stir….

AHMEDABAD : TNN | Oct 4, 2012, 01.58AM IST :: A rally to condemn the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which has irked Muslims across the globe, took a violent turn in the city on Wednesday. An angry mob set fire to the Karanj police chowky along with 11 motorbikes and two jeeps belonging to the policemen.

City police fired three rounds in the air to disperse the mob. Officials also lobbed more than 30 tear gas shells and lathi-charged the protesters to bring the situation under control. At least 12 people were injured in police lathi-charge.

More than 100 people were arrested for the violence by late evening. This included a woman, Zarina Khan, who had initially sought permission for a rally from the cops, which was turned down. The accused have been booked for attempt to murder and vandalism.

The violence sparked off after a string of bandh calls given by various groups in different parts of the city during the past week. Several minority-dominated parts of Ahmedabad had witnessed spontaneous bandhs and small rallies against the film.

On Wednesday, a large section of the minority community had decided to stage a rally on a much larger scale. However, the city police denied them permission. Upset with the decision, the protesters called for a city-wide bandh.

The protesters were also angry with some of their community members. On Tuesday, Mufti Shabbir Ahmed of Jama Masjid, members of organizations like Jamat-e-Islami, Jamiet-e-Ulaima Hind and Muslim legislators and municipal councilors had appealed that the community not follow the call of bandh. In a meeting held at the Jama Masjid, Muslim leaders had condemned violent means of protest against ‘Innocence of Muslims’. They also appealed to the people to not resort to violence that could disturb peace of the city.
19000 views and no comments by readers ?
What of the Bajrang Dal ?

The Bajrang Dal has 1.3 million members, but it has failed to prevent ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Assam, WB etc

It has also made no serious effort to resettle the Kashmiri pandits vs only 5 million Kashmir valley muslims

Hindus are still on the defensive in every mini-pakistan

The Bajrang dal is a paper tiger

The bajrang dal does have a function

In NDA ruled states, it has and can augment the police in opening up the Darul-Islams

In 2002, when UP was ruled by BJP-Rajnath singh, the muslims in kanpur rioted, and the Bajang dal helped the police and PAC penetrate the local mini-pakistans and thrashed the local jihadis

In coastal Karnataka, with the help of BJP rule police, it has succeeded in putting the mullahs on the defensive

In 2002, Gujurat, with the help of BJP rule police, it thrashed the mullahs

In 1992, when Madhya Pradesh was under BJP rule, it helped the police thrash the mullahs

Before the bajrang dal can be unleashed, it needs BJP rule and police cover

For comparison, Tapan Ghosh is operating in West Bengal with 33% or more muslim area, no police support, and ruling secular regime very hostile to Hindu Samhati and right on the bangladesh border with hundreds of millions of muslims who have participated in riots by crossing the border into India
In my previous post I explained that the Bajrang dal cant save you

Lets look at the RSS, It was formed specifically to fight muslim rioters

There are 5 million RSS members in shakhas

Most of them are over 50, and even less useful than Bajrang Dal in stopping muslim riots

I have seen both Sudarshan and Singhal up close, and frankly I am unimpressed

Neither the RSS nor the VHP can save you from muslim rioters
Jammu region is where Bajrang Dal is doing good work against a hostile muslim govt

They are active in Rajauri, 60% muslim

Tapan Ghosh worked with Bajrang Dal in JK for some years

Also in Jammu, the recruits for Bajrang dal are martial Dogras, not Fukerjis
I really think it is impossible to do large scale shuddhi of muslims, unless the demographic ratio is contained

It is better to focus on educating Hindus about the true nature of islam, and once they get alerted, the muslims will face social boycott ( already showing up in non-renting to muslims) and economic boycott ( already showing up in muslims taking up hindu names to work as servants in Hindu homes ), and electoral boycott ( Gurus must preach against muslim vote banking ) and they can stew in their ghettos until they decide to reform their interpretation of islam

We have to understand how to go from socio-economic boycott, already partially happening to electoral boycott
Why appeasement of muslims wont stop violence

Nehru helped Sukarno fight the dutch

In 1965, Sukarno helped Pakistan in war,

And this despite Indonesian muslims being the most hinduised muslims

The commies helped in getting Pakistan

Commies got cleansed out of Pakistan and soon Kerala and West Bengal

Of course Bangladesh is still islamic and ungrateful
In west bengal and kerala, the communists are strong and as part of this ,they have goonda gangs and about half these hired goondas are muslims

In west bengal, the muslim goondas transferred over to TMC
The more I look upon it, I consider this a slow motion traffic accident

Unpreventable ever since 1948, when they were not expelled
What is most frustrating in kerala is that most of those killed by sangh parivar are commie Hindus, not Jihadis
In 2003, as Orissa state convenor for the Bajrang Dal, Subash Chouhan claimed that missionaries in the state were zealously converting Adivasis (tribal people) to Christianity, while "Islam fanatics" were converting Dalits (formerly called "untouchables") to Islam. He said that "reconversion" was working well with the Christians, but they were having less success with the Muslims since the mullahs "guard their children like chickens". He suggested that the Bajrang Dal might have to use force to "get the job done".


Evict the local mullahs and see more success in Shuddhi
Hindus seem to have retaliated to muslim riots in Harit Pradesh

Hindus are targeted by the State Government

Muslims threaten peace in Meerut

Dr SK Pandey from Lucknow

THE Muslim community in UP can go to any extent in disrupting peace and harmony and can even invalidate the district administration. Patronised by the likes of Mulayam and Azam they can even challenge the state’s authority. This is evident by the fact that they resorted to violence and opened firing when action was taken by the police against their community members on the charges of cow slaughter and disrupting peace in the area, during the last weekends. Several people were injured in the violence.

The supporters of the accused from Bhanwara village (district Muzaffarnagar) reached the house of complainants in Faridpur village (district Meerut) and opened fire, which resulted into injury to large number of people. Heavy police force has been deployed in the village to maintain law and order and the situation is brought under control with difficulty. Red alert was sounded in the two adjoining districts. Bhanwara village (district Muzaffarnagar) and Faridpur village (district Meerut) are on the two sides of Hindon river.

Sazid, Intezaar and Taimur of Bhanwara village were nabbed by the local people with rope, knives and cows. One Praveen Sharma of Faridpur village registered a case against them with Sardhana police station. Hindu organisations demanded stringent action and slapping NSA against the accused, referring to earlier pronouncement of the Village Panchayat regarding such offenders. However, the protesters calmed down when the police officials assured them of adequate punishment.

However, late in the night large number of Muslims from Bhanwara village surrounded Faridpur village and opened fire to intimidate the complainant and their family members. Thus the Hindus too gathered in defence and resorted to counter offensive, saving the lives of their side. The firing continued for about four hours. The DM Vikas Gothalwal, SSP K Satya Narayan, Rapid Action Force and the local MLA Sangit Singh Som reached the spot to control the situation. Stray incidents of violence were reported from Nawabgadhi, Jhitkiri, Akbarpur Sadat villages also. Local MLA Sangit Singh Som was able to control the Hindus of Faridpur and other villeges, but the Muslims of Bhanwara continued their firing and violence. This infuriated the Hindu community but they observed restraint. It has been reported that the BJP MLA even threatened to resign if the violence was not stopped. It is reported that the police had ignored the news of cow slaughter in Bhanwara village.
Bajrang dal was actually started by Deoras, since he felt that the RSS was becoming a sewa organisation and losing sight of its main role, to fight riotous muslims

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