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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
I actually think that all of Bihar can be salvaged

Heres why

Every segment of Hindu society is violent

Bhumihar, Kurmi, Rajput, Yadav, Paswan

and with end of vote banking, Yadavs and Paswans out to be able to repeat Bhagalpur 1989 all over, if ever the mullahs show their fangs

In West Bengal, for example, a sizeable amount of Hindu resistance comes from Hindu biharis , not bengali Hindus
daily pioneer - UP

Recently, when a communal riot broke out in Bareilly over a trifle matter, the police raided Samajwadi Party corporator Aslam Kabadi’s house on August 16. He managed to escape but the police stumbled on a cache of arms and ammunition. The police declared Kabadi an absconder but on August 18 — two days before Eid — he was seen in the company of Senior Superintendent of Police at a roza iftar party.

The failure of the State Government to restore normalcy speaks volumes on the prevailing law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. In the last 80 days the State has been rocked by five communal riots, in which four people lost their lives and over 50 others were injured. The communal fire which began from Kosikalan in Mathura in the first week of June spread to Pratapgarh in eastern Uttar Pradesh to Saharanpur. Then there was a communal clash in Allahabad, and when Ramzan began four police stations in Bareilly city were rocked by riots. Curfew is still on and interestingly, in all the incidents that have come to light, Samajawdi Party leaders were found involved in the riots.

Senior police officials recount how Noor Jahan, a clerk in the Samajwadi Party’s office in Lucknow asked Inspector General Bareilly zone to suspend an Inspector because he dared to arrest her husband who was charged with inciting people in Faridpur locality of Bareilly. The Chief Minister’s secretariat seconded Noor Jahan. The IG, who was in the know of things did not agree to Noor Jahan’s charges and did not suspend the said Inspector but sent him to the lines to mitigate the tricky situation.


Hell has a special place for mullah mulayam, whereas under Mayawati, she was able to keep the mullahs under control
Author: Mateen Hafeez, TNN

Publication: The Times of India

Date: July 16, 2012


Can dedicated jihadis involved in acts of terrorism also be selfish cheats out to line their own pocket? The answer seems to be a resounding yes going by the investigations into several bomb blast cases in the country. Not only foot-soldiers but even the top brass of the banned outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM) have duped their foreign-based handlers of lakhs of rupees. Money meant to fund terror activities or recruit new operatives was on many occasion siphoned off and used for 'personal benefit'.

"The latest example was slain terror suspect Qateel Siddiqui who was murdered in Pune's Yerwada jail on June 8. He was paid Rs one lakh to enlist new faces into IM. However, when we questioned him about the use of money, he was reluctant to reply. On sustained interrogation, he admitted that he had spent the money on two girls, and that the IM top functionaries were unaware about it," said an officer in the state's anti-terrorism squad (ATS) who personally questioned him.

Patna : The RJD Tuesday accused the Bihar government of confiscating the property of only Muslims and Yadavs charged with crime.

The allegation was made by RJD leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui.

Sidiqqui said the government was trying to tarnish the image of "one community" and "one caste" -- a reference to Muslims and Yadavs.

"Criminals are ruling the roost in Bihar. This is happening because police are targeting criminals only belonging to one particular caste and Dalits and Muslims," he said.

"Police should not discriminate. Police must act against all criminals," he said.


It means Nitish is cracking down on Jihadis
The problem with UP is that it was demilitarized thoroughly after 1857: even the names of the kshatriya castes in the Ganga Valley were erased from the Hindu memory, and not just in the minted history books. This also happened in Bengal to an extent. Into this void, the thakur sepoys were placed by the Brits. Thakurs are not kshatriya castes.`

As GSub said, a kshatriya nucleus is needed for all communities to coalesce around.
Here are some symptoms of the coming partition

1. Demand for snapping ties with Israel

Already muslims are making this demand openly, but even Congress needs Israeli Hi-tech weapons

When this actually happens, Direct Action day is imminent

2. Demand for snapping ties with Russia, because Russia is screwing jihadists

This is an even more dire situation than snapping ties with Israel
[quote name='dhu' date='29 August 2012 - 07:47 AM' timestamp='1346206151' post='115542']

The problem with UP is that it was demilitarized thoroughly after 1857: even the names of the kshatriya castes in the Ganga Valley were erased from the Hindu memory, and not just in the minted history books. This also happened in Bengal to an extent. Into this void, the thakur sepoys were placed by the Brits. Thakurs are not kshatriya castes.`

As GSub said, a kshatriya nucleus is needed for all communities to coalesce around.


In rural, UP, the Jats and Yadavs and Rajputs are plenty violent, and muslims are only 10%

In urban UP, there are lots of brahmin-banias and 33% muslims, the Hindus are sitting ducks without PAC. Urban UP votes for BJP, but BJP has no strike power in UP

Vinay Katiyar , who has a Bajrang dal background, needs to be the BJP , CM candidate

Its even worse in West Bengal, the fuckerjis have no skills in street rioting, where is the next Gopal , the goat, Patha
Andhra is a very special case, 33% of its muslims live in Hyderabad.

Outside Hyderabad, muslims are just 6% of Andhra and easily tackleable

In one of the recent riots in Maharashtra, when the muslims rioted in the city,

the Shiv Sena, which had a local rural presence, cut off supplies to the city and riots immediately stopped.
Amol (Jaipur)

22 mins ago

These "Sheikh", "Ansari" all were Dalit Hindues before few hundred years back...... Insensitive nature of Upper caste made them Muslims, and Quran made them Terrorists.............. I am proud to be a Son khatik Society , who are still a HIndu... At the time of Aurangzeb , my ancestors started eating pork , So that maulvies cannot come in our Area , and we remained HIndues........ and the protector of Hindues................... In the riots when Bhramins , Baniyas and Khatriyas hide in their Homes.... We dare to fight with momadians...


The above appears to be a SC, who has benefited from quota

I have actually supported SC-ST-MBC quota to some extent, since it creates a middle class among them and as they reach middle class, they will slowly realise that Hindutva is a tool to upward mobility

The other good thing about quota is that thanks to quota, many SC are above muslims and they see islam as disgusting

Almost no SC converts to islam these days, whereas, in pre-partition India, that was fairly common. Most BD muslims are Namasudra converts
The conviction and jailing of pro-Hindu rioters like Kamesh Yadav in Bhagalpur and Babu Bajrangi in Gujurat will discourage Hindus from defending themselves and encourage Jihadis to riot without fear of consequences

The islamic mind is rather primitive

It sees the conviction of Babu Bajrangi as a sign of Hindu weakness, rather than of Hindu fairness and justice

The thing is that Babu Bajrangi's reprisals prevented more Godhra type attacks on Hindus
Can western Assam be salvaged with Hindu VDC and Rashtriya Rifles , as in Jammu-Doda
In JK, lots of Indian army is present to handle the borders of Pakistan and China

and that pre-existing infrastructure, made it possible to roll back the Jihad

In the North east, there is army already to handle local xtian secessionists and China border, this could be enhanced to handle Bangladeshi jihadis
Another sign, of impending strife = DRDO muslim scientist arrested in Karnataka for LET plot

Centre asks states to deploy more Muslim cops


Positive action

New Delhi, Aug. 30: In the wake of the Assam riots, the Centre has asked all state governments to deploy more Muslim policemen in minority-concentrated areas to help the force control communal violence and other volatile situations without being accused of partiality.

The advisory was sent to all states last week after a meeting of officials of the minority affairs ministry, home ministry and department of personnel and training on the situation in Assam.

Wajahat Habibullah, chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities, said the move would certainly help better management of communal violence and post-riot situations.

Former Mumbai commissioner and counter-militancy expert Julio Ribeiro said training must begin at the National Police Academy at Hyderabad. He suggested in-house courses at the state and district levels to inculcate values of impartiality and justice irrespective of caste and religion. He observed that Muslim policemen were limited as young Muslim boys were reluctant to join the force.

However, former Assam director-general of police Hare Krishna Deka felt the move was not a good idea and would introduce a communal angle into the force. “It is nothing but a move to introduce a communal angle into a force which should function impartially,” he said.

Sarat Mahanta, who had served as member of Assam Human Rights Commission (2003-2007) also said the move might disturb the secular face of the police force.

“As a sensible citizen, I feel police personnel should be deployed in equal or proper proportion, belonging to different communities or religion. If we deploy policemen of a particular religion in a particular area, it may disturb our secular fabric,” he said.

The National Commission for Minorities is preparing a manual to be sent to Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad, an apex institute for training of IPS officers. Habibullah said the manual would comprise guidelines for policemen on how to deal with minorities in riot-like situations. Once the manual is ready, he said, state governments would be asked to include it in their training module.

Early this year, the home ministry had asked all the states to post at least one Muslim sub-inspector in police stations in minority-concentrated areas.

The Sachar Committee report had also highlighted the dismal representation of Muslims in the police force and recommended that deployment of Muslims cops would go a long way in building the community’s confidence. After the report the government had sought to make the force more representative.

“We asked the chief secretaries of all the states to send a status report but many states failed to implement it. Policing is a state subject and the Centre can only ask the state governments. It cannot force them to implement it. We keep reminding them about it,” a home ministry official said.

West Bengal governor M.K. Narayanan, who is a former national security adviser, had agreed in a conference in March this year that there was a need to minimise trust deficit by recruiting more minorities into the police.

Habibullah said the police had acted in a “partisan” manner when a clash broke out between Gujjars and Muslims over a land-related dispute in Bharatpur, Rajasthan in September last year.

Andhra Pradesh is the only state with a higher percentage of Muslims in police (15 per cent) than in the population (10).

The other states with over 10 per cent Muslim representation in police are Jammu & Kashmir (57 per cent), Kerala (14) and Assam (12).
Aligarh Muslim University will impart special training to its students to help them prepare for the entrance examinations of different defence services including the National Defence Academy.

Prof A R Kidwai, Director, Academic Staff College today announced that the University has decided to organise training programmes to enable students prepare for defence service entrance examinations "on a regular basis".
Hindu Jagruti - Kolkata : In a program held recently at ‘Muslim Institute’ hall, Bengal’s Muslim additional Director General of Police (DGP), Mr. Nazarul Islam accused that ‘Bengal’s chief minister should be a Muslim; but the Government was against it’, in front of an audience of 150 Muslims. Many organizations are demanding to immediately arrest Nazarul Islam for his statement. ‘Khabar 365 days’, a daily newspaper published from Kolkata has published this news. Nazarul Islam made this statement on Saturday; but Trunamool Congress Government in Bengal has taken no action against him even after 4 days.

Statements made by Nazarul Islam

1. “Muslims should get maximum opportunities to hold high posts and in Police Force; but the Govt. is not doing anything

3. If the Government dismisses me for saying such things in front of everyone, I will start agitation for Muslims.
Nigeria is 45% muslim and there is a slow motion civil war between the muslim north and the xtian south

It is very interesting to watch and learn
In general, NDA ruled states or where the BJP is #1 or #2 can and will be salvaged
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='01 September 2012 - 11:54 AM' timestamp='1346480216' post='115577']

Nigeria is 45% muslim and there is a slow motion civil war between the muslim north and the xtian south

It is very interesting to watch and learn


As happened with Sudan.
[quote name='Mudy' date='02 September 2012 - 12:27 AM' timestamp='1346525349' post='115580']

As happened with Sudan.


Sudan was 65% muslim, 35% xtian , with the xtians being oppressed

Nigeria is very important to watch as it slides from muslims in 40% to muslims in majority

but with clear areas of non-muslim and muslim concentration

Ethiopia is 35% muslim and heading to 50% muslim

Macedonia is 35% muslim and heading to 50% muslim

I am very interested in countries where muslims breed from minority to majority

and the ensuing civil war

Bosnia was one such example

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