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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Muslims are returning to Indian punjab and foolish Hindus and Sikhs are reopening their mosques.

Cow slaughter by muslims has begun in Indian punjab, and there was a riot by Hindus and Sikhs


SANGRUR: Sangrur police claims to have arrested two persons including prime accused from Delhi accused of involved in Joga cow slaughter case. Police claims both have confessed their involvement in the cow slaughter and were engaged in selling the animal bones. A police team led by Malerkotla DSP in on the way back to get the culprits from Delhi.

Sangrur SSP Harcharan Singh Bhullar said "on a tip off a police party, which was sent to Delhi has succeeded in arrested prime accused Mohammad Dilshad Haji of Muzzafarnagar in UP but presently living at Bhawanigarh in Sangrur and Latif of Malerkotla". SSP said Dilshad was running the animal bone crushing factory at village Joga in Mansa with Hans Raj and used to kill the animals as well.

SSP said Dilshad, who is a proclaimed offender(PO)in another case of cow slaughter, was arrested on Wednesday in the Jama Maszid area and has confessed his involvement in the heinous crime.
Many hindutva people curse Nehru and Gandhi for allowing Partition

But consider in 1947, they were 25% of the pop, 85% of the police in Pak and BD and 40% of the police in residual India

and 40% of the army

Whereas today in residual India, they are 15% of pop and 5% of police and 2% of army and we still cant handle their rioting and terrorism
Indian muslims were non-wahabi in 1947 and sufi followers.

Suhrawardy is one of the Sufi orders, and he created Direct Action Day.

The wahabizing of Indian muslims, simply brings forward the next Direct Action Day,

and it is better they do it when they are 15% than 25%

Having internal muslims makes it inevitable for partition and no-go zones

Thanks to Wahabizing and psec vote bank pampering, I think the new threshold is 15%, which should be achieved by 2020

It will be a miracle if we can hold onto Kolkata this time
From twocircles.net

an India based islamic website

Fall of Hyderabad: 17th September a black day in human history

Submitted by admin7 on 17 September 2011 - 10:48pm

Articles India News Indian Muslim

By Kaneez Fathima,

17th September is a black day in the Human history. In the year 1948, this was the day when the Indian Union attacked and occupied the Hyderabad State through Military action which is called as ‘Police Action’ and originally it was named as “Operation Polo”. Lakhs of Muslims were killed in this military attack, women were dishonored. The cities, towns and villages were completely destroyed. Lakhs of Muslims were made homeless. Masjids and Dargahs were dismantled.
Operation Polo, 35k Indian army vs 22k Hyderabad Army and 2 lakh razakar militia

That night the city changed a great deal. Many khaki uniforms were discarded, many beards shaved. The shouting, rampaging crowds of razakars disappeared magically.
The India-Nepal treaty allows Gurkhas to be used against muslim mobs
Already several IMs mainly from kerala have been shot in JK, fighting against Indian army

In Kerala, there are thousands of IM posters supporting Jihadists in JK
In Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations book

He has a table showing militarisation of various religions

For Hindus it is 1X

For xtians it is 2X

For muslims it is 4X

so crudely at 20% of population, muslims would have the same rioting potential as the remaining 80%

I was born in a huge ancestral house in a small town near Bangalore where I was raised for three years and visited it several times each year till 1993-94. My locality comprised some 6-7 blocks, a sizeable area inhabited almost completely by Hindus—only a few tiny Muslim houses existed on the fringes of this locality. Almost all houses on my road, which stretched for about half a kilometre, were spacious by any standard (if I recall correctly, the “smallest” house was built on a land measuring about 4000 Sq ft).

One of these Muslim houses was owned by a fellow who was running a lorry transport business with exactly one lorry at his disposal. Nobody knows when or how he made it big but what we knew was the fact that he purchased the huge house of a family friend in our locality—5-6 blocks from where we lived. Our family friend simply couldn’t resist the enormous sum he offered.

Things began to change slowly but steadily.

During my summer vacation after that land deal, I noticed how completely the house had changed. The compound wall, which was made of stone and was scalable even by kids, was now tall and imposing and painted green. An enormous dome visible even from a long distance jutted out from the middle of the compound inside, dwarfing the tall compound wall. Stuff was engraved in Urdu all over the green wall.

That change was stark and shocking and is still embedded in my memory because that was the house I used to walk into with childish impunity and have all my tantrums catered to by the erstwhile inmates. Other changes began to occur, although not with such utterness. Over the years, that man began to buy out smaller Hindu houses using the same tactic of monetary lure. He then rented them out to his friends, relatives, and employees.

And then in the course of about 7-8 years, two new mosques made their appearance in my locality. Then, a government doctor who lived opposite my house was transferred to Bangalore. He let out his house to a relative of that transport guy. Elsewhere in the locality, there was a sudden increase in the population of pigs. Eventually, these beasts multiplied phenomenally and spilled over to our street and claimed it. Waste and filth flooded the already-overflowing public garbage pits. Municipal lorries were prohibited from picking them up. Complaints to authorities fell on deaf ears.

When the government doctor returned to inspect his house after 2 years, he was appalled to note how comprehensively the tenants had altered it. He simply named a price, sold it to the tenants, and left town forever. A couple of years later, the palatial home at the end of my road—our ancestral home stood at the other end—was bought out by some rich Muslim grain merchant. Other developments had occurred in parallel. I was in college then. One October, I woke up to the fact that the community Ganesha festival had been discontinued that year for good. Apparently, the “troubles” had began to gradually escalate over the past 3-4 years. Muslim neighbours would complain to the cops about the loud devotional songs. The cops would rush in and shut the festivities down not after bitter altercations with the festival organizers. The pandals that housed the Ganesha idol would be mysteriously slashed overnight. Fruits and vegetables set as offering for the God would disappear.

And then finally, it hit home. During different festivals that we used to celebrate throughout the year, our family priests who came home to conduct puja would be “accidentally” touched by Muslim youth roaming on the street—which itself had by now, become a common occurrence. When this “accident” increased in frequency, the priests stopped coming home. Then, grandmother gradually got used to being greeted by generous amounts of pig excreta, which awaited her every morning when she woke up to clean the compound. The pig excreta seemed to materialize overnight, every night. The compound stayed clean throughout the day till bedtime. Equally, my uncles and aunts and all our tenant-families who lived in the compound got used to listening to loud and vulgar obscenities exchanged between Muslim youths who thronged outside our gate indulging in friendly banter. Nobody could ask them to leave.

By then, the entire locality had become completely Islamic.

And so, ultimately, we sold the house standing on a land of 10,000 Sq Ft in 1993-94 for a kingly ransom of 40,000 rupees.
We need to figure out ways to de-pakistanise muslim neighborhoods

This can be done in BJP ruled states and where ROP is small in numbers

Because ultimately the partition is happening street by street
Indian police , especially in NDA ruled states must wargame what is required to control muslim mobs. If they are sqeuamish about too many dead muslims, perhaps the cops could shoot at the legs of these jihadi mobs

10,000 jihadis shot in the leg and becoming a permanent burden on their society is more useful than 100 martyrs

(Sirohi, Rajasthan) Muslims chop off Hindu teacher's hand in Vidya Bharati school, 3 Hindus shot and injured


date: Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 1:55 AM

subject: (Sirohi, Rajasthan) Muslims chop off Hindu teacher's hand in Vidya Bharati school, 3 Hindus shot and injured


I just confirmed this news with my trusted Hindu activist friends in Rajasthan. They informed me that in curfew-hit Sirohi district, Muslim mobs attacked a Vidya Bharati school (affiliated to the Sangha Parivar) and chopped off a Hindu teacher's hand. This hapless victim lies in serious condition in a hospital. Atleast, three other Hindus were shot and injured.

To facilitate the Muslims, the Paid India Media is Maintaining a Dirty Silence on the aforementioned details (especially the attack on the Hindu school) ....If you have any details, please share with all so that we can beat the Media Blackout.
Per police sources, despite the 50k muslim mob, the 800 cops were sufficient if given a free hand to shoot the rioters
In 1947, the Indian muslim population was split 3 ways and it is still true that IM pop = Pak = BD

That makes it 14%

However, thanks to the illogic of the muslim mind, they claim that the real number is 20%

That will actually embolden them to try for a new Direct Action Day, prematurely, thats both good and bad
^ Bukay, David (2004). Muhammad's Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide to Radical Islam for Western Audiences P177-178. New Leaf Press. ISBN 0-89221-576-3. "Evidence of these processes [preparation for large-scale acts of terror] is mounting throughout India, and is reflected in the number of fundamentalist and subversive groups that exist, and the geographical spread of their activities. The most prominent of these include the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, the All India Milli Council, All India Jihad Committee, The People's Democratic Party, Muslim United Front, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham, National Development Front, Students Islamic Movement of India, among others"
The primary zones of the new muslim partition will be Assam, West Bengal and Kerala

In all 3 cases the Hindus brought it upon themselves. They voted secular, they vote banked with muslims. The secular Hindus will be halaled

Based on 2001 census, muslim pop

JK = 7 mil

Assam and North east = 9 mil

Kerala = 7 mil

WB = 20 mil

Total = 43 mil out of 138 mil

Assume that the Hindus and Kafirs in these states will flee to residual India,

Total = 1028 mil

Muslim = 138 mil

After 1st stage halal

Total = 1028 - 43 = 985 mil

Residual muslim = 138 - 43 = 95

In the truncated 2nd partition India, there will be 95 mil muslims out of 985 mil muslims or 9.6% muslim. This is less than the 10.4% we were left with in 1951

Of course this is a gross simplification

We will retain Jammu and its martial Dogras

We will retain Bodoland, and we will retain south kerala
Dr.Ambedkar repeatedly asked the kafirs trapped in east and west Pakistan to leave for India

Evacuating 5 mil kafirs from Pak and 15 mil from BD and diluting islam infested districts is the way to go

Forget about Akhand Bharat, fight to hold onto what we have
External muslims are not a threat, no one loses sleep over Pak and BD combined,

Sardar Patel, in explaining to Munshi on why he accepted partition, said that muslims are more fluent in rioting, whereas externally as a state, they are not a threat

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