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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
According to the latest Intelligence Bureau estimates, there are as many as 20,000 members of SIMI in ‘sleeper cells’ across India.

All of them college educated muslims

This was inevitable, Nehru is the only nationalist muslim

Aligarh movement consisted of college educated muslims and the brains of the Pakistan movement

Even today Aligarh Univ is an ISI den and graduating lakhs of islamic radicals
Educated, alienated and radicalised

While going through his curriculum vitae his prospective employer — the editor of popular Kannada news daily — gave him a hard look; tossed his CV across the table and reportedly said that it was that of a Taliban. This was Mati-ur-Rehman Siddique’s first attempt at applying for a job and he was angry at being targeted, for what he believed was his proficiency in Urdu and being a keen scholar of Islam.
Kashmiri muslims are entirely alienated, and radical, but contained without much effort, by govt force

Use 20X the JK containment effort and the entire muslim radicals all over India can be contained
The parents of Karnataka arrests are all pious muslims

Thats why their kids are jihadis
Indian muslim rioting must be posted on youtube

This should help alerting the new neo-westernised secularists
The muslims are doing Halal ( slow rioting street by street ) and Hindus are doing Jhatka ( Gujurat )

We should stop them street by street, because Jhatka gets the attention of the secularist press
I do support the RSS tactic of defying the mini-pakistans , such as Hindu processions through mini-pakistans. Hopefully this will toughen Hindu society

But to minimize casualties, this should be done where RoP is not too strong,

So we get vaccinated with low dose

Morale can be built up with a series of small easy victories
SIMI, IM, LET, HUJI, PFI, whatever doesnt matter

Anyone who reads the Koran wants to kill infidels
Tirunelveli (TN), Sept 1 (PTI) Four persons were today arrested and two country bombs and explosive materials seized from an apartment on the outskirts of Tirunelveli, a top police official said. The arrests came following a raid at the apartment tonight, Deputy Commissoner of Police, Tirunelveli city, Manivannan, said. The arrested have been identified as Sahul Hameed from Palyankottai, Udhuman and Mydheen besides Sahul from Melapalayam near here,
Kashmir: Autonomy Demand

Author: Samar Abbas

Publication: Economic and Political Weekly

Date: December 2-8, 2000

The recent article 'Autonomy Demand: Kashmir at Crossroads' by Rekha Chowdhary (July 22-28, 2000) rightly emphasises the real possibility of an upcoming trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir. However, the author unfortunately takes a negative view of such developments, terming them as 'alarming' and 'reactionary'. In fact, the peaceful partition of a region beset by ethnic-based conflicts can actually prevent much unnecessary blood-shed, and provide a lasting solution to age-old historical disputes. The trifurcation of the state is thus a development which, given the total communal polarisation at the ground level, may be the only alternative to civil war.

Territorial partition on ethnic lines involving population transfers has been the solution applied by international mediators to resolve complex ethnic conflicts in several parts of the world. The effective partition of multi-ethnic Yugoslavia into Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia was the prime reason for the end to the bloody civil war there. In addition, where the political leadership possessed foresight and agreed to the partition of multi-ethnic states prior to the outbreak of hostilities, conflicts have been prevented altogether. Thus, Czechoslovakia was amicably partitioned into the Czech and Slovak republics, averting a possible civil war. The peaceful break-up of the Soviet Union may also be similarly explained. In Kashmir, while it is true that what may be termed as 'reactionary forces' are supporting the concept of a trifurcation, yet at the same time an international think-tank, the Kashmir Study Group, has also supported the idea. East Timor and Eritrea are some other examples where larger states have been broken up to settle religious and ethnic conflicts.

Indeed, ethnic partition has been proposed as a solution to America's long-standing race problem. An organisation called 'Americans for Self-Determination' (ASD) seeks to partition America into three main ethnic-based states: a Hispanic-dominated 'Aztlan' in the south-west, a Negro-dominated 'New Afrika' in the south and south-east, and an Anglo-Saxon dominated state comprising the rest of the present United States. Representatives of all three conflicting groups are members of this organisation, with each ethnic group realising that separation is the most sensible long-term solution to America's race problem. It is feared that the alternative would be a racial civil war.

Indeed, given the continuing escalating cycle of violence between Hindus and Muslims in India, as well as the rapid rise of ethnic conflicts around the world, it is imperative to find a permanent solution to the Hindu-Muslim conflict as a whole and not just in Kashmir. The total paralysis of state machinery in the aftermath of the Babri masjid demolition - an event well-documented in this journal - shows that even a minor Hindu-Muslim confrontation in the future has the potential of plunging the nation into a civil war. Whereas the secularism of the Indian intellectual elite and upper class is truly commendable, it must be remembered that the general populace - on both sides - displays a considerably greater amount of chauvinism. Failure to recognise the immense hold that reactionary forces have gained amongst the general populace will only lead to more bloodshed. The Indian intellectual elite must recognise that elites in most other parts of the world could not prevent the outbreak of ethnic hostilities.

Indeed, within the Kashmir Study Group proposal for the communal trifurcation of Kashmir lie the seeds for a final solution to the Hindu-Muslim problem all across south Asia. Perhaps the Hindus may wish to set aside 12 per cent of the territory of the Indian Union for the Muslims, who form 12 per cent of the population and hence could claim to have a 'right' to 12 per cent of the land. This land would sensibly comprise the already Muslim-dominated and historically Islamicised regions of northern UP (Rohilkhand, North Oudh) and northern Bihar (Seemanchal), where Hindus already live in fear of Muslims. The Muslims all across the rest of India could then migrate to that region, whilst Hindus would then comprise the sole ethnic group in the remaining 88 per cent of India. This migration would be a peaceful process spread over several years, with both communities slowly migrating to regions wherein they dominate, avoiding blood-baths. At the ground level, I would like to point out that this process is already at work in many parts of India.

There are numerous advantages for both sides this solution. For the Muslims, these regions would then be free to join Bangladesh and Pakistan, leading to a resurrection of the territorial limits of the Mughal Empire. It is proposed that this region be named 'Mughalstan', and it is hoped that this new nation would experience a cultural efflorescence as the glorious Mughal civilisation is restored. For the Hindus, their faith and culture would be safe in the remaining 88 per cent of the Indian union as the Muslims would have left these regions for Mughalstan. This would be effectively a 'Hindu Rashtra' which several Hindu organisations are working so hard for. Moreover, it would be a Hindu Rashtra comprising almost 90 per cent of the territory of the modern Indian union. Most importantly, the all-pervading blood-shed and constant loss of lives would stop as no Muslims would be living in this Hindu Rashtra. There would be no more Mumbai blasts, no more terrorist attacks, no more fear of the 'bearded mulla' with a grenade in one hand and a Quran in the other. This is of greater importance for Hindus, since the total casualties amongst this community are likely to much higher in case of a full-blown jihad. State law would protect Hindu religion, and legislation could be enacted preventing conversions from Hinduism so that the present fear of a 'Muslim takeover' by out-breeding and/or conversion would be permanently set at rest. The advantages for Hindus thus probably outweigh the territorial losses in this scenario.

Perhaps an organisation on the lines of the 'Americans for Self-Determination' can be formed, comprising both Hindus and Muslims, which may be called 'Indians for Self-Determination'. Its goals would be the formation of a 'Hindu Rashtra' as well as a 'Mughalstan', with the recognition that neither side can win all of India, and that their actions are essentially humanitarian, preventing a possible future civil war.
Jinnah was an educated terrorist

Suhrawardy was an educated terrorist
I hereby make a fervent plea to all Hindus, especially India-Forum readers, switch your brand of Hinduism from your bhajan chanting moron-swami to Bharat Sevashram Sangha

It is a blend of RSS and RK mission

It runs its own brand of Hindu temples and is the main benefactor of Bangladeshi Hindu refugees and Hindu victims of muslim riots in India
Since 1947, muslims have been concentrating themselves in strategic zones and most Indian muslims live in local zones that are probably 50% muslim or more

So they have the local and initial advantage in rioting

Because they live in these concentrated mini-pakistans, they misjudge the real demographic ratio and are likely to do a Direct Action Day, very pre-maturely, most likely within the next Decade
The next topic is what happens to Indian nukes

Fortunately there are no Indian nukes in Assam, West Bengal or Kerala, but the jihadis will attempt to grab these and they will use it if they get hold of it
As a first step, like demand for muslim majority district of Mewat and Mallapuram, they will ask for state of Malabar, West UP and West Assam

Then like the blood sucking jihadi leaches of JK, these islamic states will suck in Hindu money and expel Hindus

Halal in slow motion
hvk.org, 1996 article

If the Hindus of West Bengal Imagine that they will

remain perennially safe from such oppression, they are

sadly mistaken. In an earlier Circular, we mentioned

the case of a monk who was burnt to death by Mulims for

broadcasting devotional songs - something that the monk

had been doing for many years. Afterwards, the usual

campaign of false propaganda was launched. and an

editorial of Natun Gati (26 February - 3 March 1996;

attached to this Circular) declared that Hindus killed

the aforesaid monk 1 Expulsion of Hindus from the border

areas'of West Bengal has already started. Hindus do not

resist. A secularist Government does not react. But

population statistics of such border districts of West

Bengal as Murshidabad, Maldah and Nadia tell an

alarming,tale. Take. for Instance. the subdivision of

Jangipur In the district of Murshidabad. The number of

Hindus has decreased from 2,87,392-in 1971 to 1,17,900 In

1991. Obviously, Hindus have moved elsewhere In order to

escape from depredations by Muslims (actual-or

potential), as also from cultural suffocation. Uanks to

donations by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, mosques are

multiplying and five times a day have to put up with a

cacophony of noise from microphones In mosques. It Is

Indeed highly Injurious to national security that some

border villages have few Hindus or none at all. For

example, the village of Domkal, which Is close to the

Bangladesh border, has 1727 Muslims and only 430


according to the 1991 Census. The village of Fatepur,

which Is exactly on the border, has 2994 Muslims but no

Hindu. In accordance with the 1991 Census. Similarly.

In 1991. the village'- of Chuapukur, right on the border.

has no Hindu but 7268 Muslims. There are other villages

In the district of Murshidabad. where, In accordance with

the 1991 Census. only Muslims live, and no Hindu Is

present, e.g. the villages of Ahari Nagar, Mallickpur.

Sujapur, Rameswarpur, Flahiganj and Roshniganj. One can

safely predict that s~ predominantly Muslim villages In

the district of Murshidabad will have no Hindu by 2001.

It one turns to the district of Maldah. one will be

alarmed to note how In the border police station (PS)

areas of Harishchandrapur. Kharba, Ratua and Kallachak,

Muslims have been outnumbering Hindus. Thus. In

accordance with Census reports, during 1971-1991. the

number of Muslims has grown from 59.63-% of the total

population to 62.85% In the Harishchandrapur PS area,

from 60.98% to 67.49% in the Kharba PS area, from 59.48%

to 67.25% In the Ratua PS area. and from 59.74% to 72.68%

In the Kallachak PS area. In the district of Nadia.

again, a similar tragedy has been unfolding at the border

PS areas of Karimpur, Tehatta, Kaliganji, Nakashipara and

Chapra. During 1971-1991, the number of Muslims has

risen from 38.84% of the total population to 43.23% at

the Kashmir PS area, from 32.31% to 37.48% at the Tehatta

PS area, from 45.72% to 54,03% at the Kaliganj PS area.

from 45.08% to 49.02% at the Nakashipara PS area. and

from 51.23% to 66.34% at the Chapra PS area.

Does all this carry any message to Hindus In West Bengal

? Are they too secular to understand the meaning of

transformation of the Kaliganj PS area from a Hindu

Majority area to a Muslim majority area In course of 20

years ? If not, let them unite and resist Muslim

domination looming larger day by clay. For. unlike In

medieval India, Islamic conquest does not take place by

big, bloody leaps In contemporary, secular India. It

takes place by small, largely bloodless, installments.
malegaon riots 2001 - from a psec report -

Significantly, as reported in Indian Express[7] (7th November 2001), a Sena-BJP delegation met Minorities Commission Chairman Amin Khandwani to ask him for protection. He replied that protection would be theirs if they guaranteed protection to the Muslims in the villages.

v Though at first glance this argument seems specious, it is related to the pattern in the riots and the mentality that has grown among Hindus in Malegaon: i.e., the guarantee of their safety, specially those who live in Muslim areas, is aggression against Muslims in the surrounding villages.

v This mentality suits the Hindutva parties as it allows them to carry on their constant propaganda that Muslims must always be kept in fear, else they will bully the Hindus. This riot has given the Sena-BJP a handle for their pet argument that Hindus are under threat from Muslims.


Hindu reprisal in villages stopped Malegaon riots
What are potential benefits to a 'historicity of jebus' type expose of Mohammad and his band of religious brigands?

Can the expose be simply appended to that of jebus...

What is the timeline for seeing an effect...
[quote name='dhu' date='04 September 2012 - 07:44 PM' timestamp='1346787391' post='115632']

What are potential benefits to a 'historicity of jebus' type expose of Mohammad and his band of religious brigands?

Can the expose be simply appended to that of jebus...

What is the timeline for seeing an effect...


It should be explored. There is some literature on the subject.

Dr Patricia Crone has done some studies.

Patricia Crone's book Meccan Trade and the Rise of. Islam, Oxford, 1987
[quote name='ramana' date='05 September 2012 - 04:02 AM' timestamp='1346797480' post='115633']

It should be explored. There is some literature on the subject.

Dr Patricia Crone has done some studies.

Patricia Crone's book Meccan Trade and the Rise of. Islam, Oxford, 1987


There is a Robert Spencer book = Did Mohd really exist, and in his words, the existence of Mohd is as proven as that of Robin Hood, William Tell and King Arthur

Meaning he likely didnt exist or is a composite of various warlords and modeled on the genocidal Moses

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