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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
In the leadership of the Shahi Imam of Panjab and National President of Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam Maulana Habib-ur-Rahman Sani Ludhianvi, a beautiful mosque has been re-opened, vacated and Namaz said after 63 years in Fazulka, a border area of Panjab. The mosque had been captured and locked during the communal war at the time of partition.

Fazulka is situated at Indo-Pak border area, at six kilometre distance from Pakistan and 20 kilometre from Rajasthan. The Muslims of Fazulka had been facing great problem in offering Friday prayers due to lack of a mosque in the city. Muslims are happy at the vacation of this mosque. There are hundreds of mosques in border areas of Panjab which had been locked and captured by the local people at the time of partition. Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam got them vacated and re-opened these mosques.

Muslims riot in Ludhiana, Indian Punjab, 1st time after 1947

Huge demonstration in Punjab against Muslim massacres in Myanmar

Submitted by admin7 on 21 July 2012 - 3:57pm

Indian Muslim

By TCN News,

Ludhiana, Punjab: Hundreds of people staged demonstration after Friday Prayers outside Jama Masjid in Ludhiana, Punjab yesterday against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar. Shahi Imam of Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi led the protest demonstration and demanded the Government of India to take up the issue with Myanmar government and ask it to stop the killings.

The demonstration was organized by Majlis Ahrar Islam, an organization headed by the Shahi Imam of Punjab. Protestors raised slogans against the killings and the silence of Indian Government and Muslim leaders. They also burnt the national flag of Myanmar. The Shahi Imam urged Central Government to apprise Myanmar government of the sentiments of Indian Muslims.

Talking to pressmen, national president of Majlis Ahrar Islam and Shahi Imam of Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi said the killings of Muslims by Buddhist extremists cannot be tolerated. He expressed surprise that international media is constantly hiding the news about the killings while more than 12000 people have been killed so far and a number of mosques have been burnt.

While supporting the protest letter from the Muslim world to Myanmar over the killings, the Shahi Imam demanded the Muslim world to snap ties with Myanmar. He also demanded Muslims and Muslim leaders in India to hold protest demonstrations against Myanmar.

The Shahi Imam said that it is shameful that democracy leader Aaung San Suu Kyi has not uttered a word against the killings.

Condemning the government of India, he said that not only it did not utter a word on the killings, but also did not give political asylum to 200 Muslims who had escaped the killings and ran away from Myanmar.

The Shahi Imam also urged the Buddhist leader Dalai Lama to raise voice against the massacres of Muslims in Myanmar.

Eminent persons present at the protest demonstration included Naib Shahi Imam Maulana Usman Rahmani, Maulana Ateequer Rahman, Mufti Jamaluddin, Mohd Shahnawaz Ahrari and special secretary of Shahi Imam, Mohd Mustaqeem Ahrari.
The re-entry of muslims into Punjab is dangerous when the next war with Pakistan happens
Until July 1947, the East Punjab Muslims were not attacked. On August 17, when the Radcliffe Award became public, all hell broke loose on the East Punjab Muslims. In India, scores of studies exist on the suffering of Hindus and Sikhs in what became West Punjab. The fact is that more Muslims were killed in East Punjab than Hindus and Sikhs combined in West Punjab. 500,000-800,000 Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs lost their lives altogether. The macabre dance of death that took place in western Punjab until June 1947 was now played out in East Punjab more pitilessly and on a much grander scale.
Meanwhile, the British military had on May 12, 1947 come round to the view that if Pakistan was created it would be good for their interests in South Asia and the Persian Gulf. On page 209, I have quoted verbatim the memorandum the British heads of the three branches of the armed forces and Field Marshal Montgomery prepared in support of the creation of Pakistan.
According to media reports Muslim residents of Joshimath in Uttarakhand offered Eid namaaz (prayers) on Monday in a Sikh Gurdwara Sahib, after being invited in by its management.

The media reports that there was no mosque or “idgah” in Joshimath, a town perched above the Alakhnanda deep in the Garhwal Himalayas. Usually its 800-odd Muslim residents offer “namaaz” at the town’s Gandhi Maidan, a public ground.


WTF are muslims doing in Joshimath, it is a Hindu pilgrimage town and on the china border

Would a muslim allow Sikh prayers in mosque
Rediff - Bhadrakumar

Kerala’s drift to communal politics

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s inclusion of Kerala in the select list of troubled states where “the strained communal situation in the country… was already showing some signs of deterioration” may come as surprise to most Indians. Kerala is known to be a state with a significantly higher level of social formation than the four other Indian states with which PM has now bracketed it — Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Moreover, the common assumption is that communal polarisation ensues from Hindutva politics, but in this case, unlike the other four states, Kerala stands apart in its studied indifference — so far, at least — toward such a political strain. The state assembly never had a single BJP elected representative in its entire history. So, there is little scope for “blame game”.

The Keralite’s ego gets pricked that he has been given an undressing by the PM so very publicly. And yet, PM’s statement will not surprise him. As a Malayali who drifted back home after some 4 decades of absence, the first thing that struck me through the past few months of life in Thiruvananthapuram has been this churning going on in the sub-soil that PM spoke about. It figures invariably in any serious conversation today with a “Malayali Hindu” (who is the aggrieved party here).

His growing opinion is that disunity among Hindus is working to his disadvantage. There is a sense of helplessness, creating fertile ground for the kind of negative tendencies to develop, which PM has warned about.

The Kerala society is rapidly transforming and as is natural in times of change, new anxieties and undefinable forms of uncertainty are taking hold. Simply put, a lot of people feel afraid of being left behind by the changes taking place around them. An explosive mix of frustration, fear and anger is forming. Kerala’s “social balance” is delicately balanced with Hindus just about claiming the status of being the “majority community”.

However, PM picked the wrong forum to speak on this issue — annual conference of the top police officials in the country. The point is, this should not be a law-and-order problem, although it will inevitably pose serious challenge to social stability and peace eventually — probably in a very near future, too. But the initiatives for course correction are to be taken at a political level.

Of course, PM’s statement comes on the eve of the controversial carnival titled “Emerging Kerala” that the state is hosting in a couple of days, which, ironically, is going to be inaugurated by the PM and is an event publicising what a wonderful spot on earth Kerala is for the discerning investor from North America or China — and especially the sheikhs in the Persian Gulf with deep pocket — to put his money.

It is doubtful if any serious Kerala politician will really bother to hold the searchlight on the root causes of the sickness that is inexorably gripping the Kerala society. Simply put, he knows all about the problem, as he also contributed to it.

The common perception of the Malayali Hindu today is that the ruling Congress Party (PM’s own party) is largely responsible for the creeping “communalisation” of the political landscape. It is simply obnoxious to characterise a Malayali as “Malayali Hindu”, given his eclectic culture, but then, such a perspective is available today. The Malayali Hindu militates against his self-perception of being marginalised (or taken for granted) in the interests of what we usually call “vote bank” politics.

The appalling political reality is the abdication by the Left. Kerala’s salvation was always to be found in the strong presence of the Left as the charioter of progressive politics (which was a trend-setter for even the Congress’ state wing). Alas, the distractions and cuts and thrusts of bourgeois politics leave little time for the Left parties to take up social issues anymore. Besides, they are no more climbing the greasy pole of electoral politics (which was the case in the 1950s or early 1960s) but are comfortably perched somewhere at the top with an assured future.

Conceivably, there could be an emergent political climate for the BJP to address, but it is doubtful whether its inept state leadership is capable (or inspiring) enough. Tragically, no political party in Kerala is willing to step forward, either, although they are aware of the stirrings — lest they are seen pandering to “Hindu” interests. So, where does it leave the Malayali Hindu?

Indeed, it will be a horrendous thing to happen if the state descends into communal violence. The PM has chosen to publicly warn about the possibility and a potentially dangerous situation could be developing. For, he spoke with the benefit of the intelligence reports.

The mainstream political parties should ponder seriously about consorting with sectarian groupings that espouse the interests of specific communities. But that is unlikely to happen in the highly competitive coalition politics prevailing in the state where interest groups — howsoever miniscule — bring in votes, and get placated.

The PM probably did the right thing by going over the head of the Kerala politician to speak directly with police officers.
The coming fall of Kerala, West Bengal and Assam is a case of Karma

1. In all 3 cases the muslim fertility differential is twice that of the rest of the country

Unless these over-educated leftist Hindu women counter-breed, their fate is the islamic harem

2. Kerala and WB are leftist and has educated fools

3. Kerala leftists gave the Moplahs freedom-fighter pension

4. Kerala leftists gave Mallapuram

5. Kerala Hindus are beefeating, half-christians with their women behaving just like

xtian women - overeducated, under-breeding

6. WB hindus are ungrateful, Syama Prasad Mukerji salvaged West Bengal, but they voted for congress and commies

7. WB Hindus brought in BD muslims for a vote bank

8. WB Hindus are under-breeders

9. WB Hindus will agitate for anti-US issues but not for the Hindu in BD

10. WB Hindus are effeminate as noted by Golwalker, they did not retaliate like the robust Hindu Punjabis in 1947

11. Assam Hindus brought in BD illegals for a vote bank

12. Assam Hindus are under-breeders

13. Assam Hindus ethnic cleanse other Hindus, not BDs
Over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since 2006, says Oommen Chandy

06/09/2012 07:15:38 http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/love-...15942.html

The shrill debate over love jihad is back again following a spate of recent incidents. On June 25, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy informed the state legislature that 2667 young women were converted to Islam in the state since 2006.

On June 27, the state high court ordered the Kozhikode City Police Commissioner on June 27 to probe an alleged case of "love jihad" in which a 20-year-old Hindu girl eloped from a hospital in Kochi with a Muslim boy after the girl's parents filed a habeas corpus petition. On July 19, Deepa Cherian (31) a former Christian housewife converted to Islam was arrested for allegedly delivering SIM cards to a key terror suspect languishing in prison.

Chandy gave the figures related to conversions in state legislature as a written answer to an unstarred question raised by K K Latika, a CPI(M) legislator.


Interesting that a CPI-M mla is asking these questions

As the islamic partition nears, the seculars will start feeling the heat
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) : Three corporators in the State capital figured on the hit list of the terrorist module busted by the Karnataka police three days ago, police sources said on Saturday.

Two of them — Raja Singh and Singireddy Srinivas Reddy — of Mangalhat and Saidabad divisions respectively, belonged to Telugu Desam Party while the third, K. Sahadev Yadav of Kurmaguda division, was of Bharatiya Janata Party.


Secular TDP feeling islamic heat in Hyderabad

It is necessary for pro-Hindu forces to infiltrate and take over secular parties

A secular umbrella gives more room for pro-Hindu action, without the press jumping all over us
The most important factor in resisting islamism is ideology

Why we oppose islamism

The sangh is stupid and dumb

The ideal book is Dr.Ambedkars book 'Pakistan or the Partition of India'

Ambedkar attacks Islam far more than any stupid sanghi ideologue

The psecs cant censor Ambedkar. This book should be the non-detail text book in every NDA state

Forget stupidity like Rashtriya Muslim Manch

Unless they want to convert back, ignore them

Just focus on educating stupid Hindus, esp Fukerjis
Even Moscow Russians are having problems controlling internal muslims - The BBC reports that more than two million Muslims live and work in Moscow. There are insufficient mosques in the city for that many, so naturally the hordes simply gather by the thousands in the streets, disrupting traffic and the normal movements of Russians.

The Muslims could hire some halls for services, but they prefer parading their numbers as a sign of defiance.
Swami Chinmayananda = Vande : To bring Muslims into the mainstream is it the only solution?

Swamiji : They can be taught by bringing economic pressure. We can do it overnight. But we don’t want to. Just like Rama temple demand, suppose if we spread throughout the country that Hindus will not purchase even salt from Muslim shops, do you know the suffering they have to face? They are all poor. Only a few capitalists may not be affected by this. If that happens, within a week time, you will find all the present Muslim leaders are… in Islam it is allowed … killed by their own people.
Gogoi = Dhubri, 29 per cent Muslim increased, 5 per cent Hindu, Bongaigaon, 31 per cent Muslim increased, 2 per cent Hindu.


Hindu population growth in Assam for 1991-2001 was 15% and muslim population growth was 30%

of which 25% natural growth and 5% infiltration

In both Dhubri and Bongaigaon, muslim population growth is normal for Assam

But, in both those districts, 10% of Hindus migrated out due to slow rioting and mughalsthan project


The same phenomenon can be seen in West Bengal and Western UP

Has map of western UP

This pocket is 40% muslim and heavily riot prone

But this is surrounded by Nepal, Uttarkhand, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan

This is the nerve center of the Mughalsthan project

Saharanpur, is surrounded by Haryana and Uttarkhand

Baghpat is a Hindu Jat fort

Rampur, Bareilly, Moradabad, Meerut, Muzzaffarnagar, Azamgarh, Mau are probably lost
In Jharkhand, Sahebganj, which borders West Bengal is 35% muslim and probably lost

Anyway, where is West Bengal destined to go?


Time for stock taking, whither Sangh Parivar

This chapter looks at 1981-1991 pop growth in west bengal
Above url, 30% is normal muslim decadal growth and 20% for Hindus

Cooch Behar, Hindus 18%, Muslims 37%

Jalpaiguri, Hindus 22%, Muslims 44%

Darjeeling, Hindus 24%, Muslims 58%

West Dinajpur, Hindus 28%, Muslims 33%

Murshidabad, Hindus 19%, Muslims 34%

Nadia, Hindus 28%, Muslims 35%

24 Parganas, Hindus 16%, Muslims 35%

Kolkata, Hindus 30%, Muslims 53%

Howrah, Hindus 22%, Muslims 38%

Midnapore, Hindus 20%, Muslims 53%

Bankura, Hindus 14%, Muslims 38%

Burdwan, Hindus 22%, Muslims 38%

All this happened due to CPM Fukerjis

The main question in West Bengal is whether we can salvage Kolkata, very unlikely and maybe we will be left with a couple of districts on the western side, far from BD border and all the fukerjis will have to live with biharis and Oriyas whom they despise
One of the points that Brihaspati often makes in BRF is that until the muslims bite the seculars hard, Hindu resistance will not happen

He foresees loss of Mughalstan corridor, I am perhaps not so pessimistic, but I see no way to salvage west bengal

In Assam, the congress was opportunistic-secular, and Gogoi has turned against the muslims and parts of Assam can definitely be salvaged, - Bodoland Chicken Neck and upper Assam

In kerala and West bengal, the left is ideologically secular, and until the mullahs destroy them, there is no room for Hindutva groups to gain mental space among Hindus

In Kannur, where islamism is now biting both sangh and cpi-m, for decades the cpm murdered sangh and crippled the hindutva groups

Mamata cant flip like Gogoi until the left front is permanently crippled and destroyed

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