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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
If we look at 1947, Hindus of Punjab and Bengal were not helped by other Hindus

In Rajasthan, muslims got ethnic cleansed from 15% to 5%, but in UP and Bihar, muslims did not get touched in 1947

Muslims did not get touched in any other state too

So the local Hindus were left alone to deal with the islamists

There needs to be regular organised mass tours of Hindus into Hindu minority areas

Since half of Indian muslims live in ghettos, where they are local majority, it emboldens them
The most vulnerable state right now is West Bengal, not Assam

The Santals in Assam are martial, the Ahoms are martial, the Bodos are Martial

every single mongoloid tribe is martial

In the decade 1941-1951, the 2 million Hindus disappeared from BD and 2 million muslims disappeared from West Bengal

So there was an equal reprisal in West Bengal

In 1964, when the prophets hair got missing in Kashmir, there was a mass ethnic cleansing in BD and an anti-muslim reprisal in West bengal

In 1964, the muslims in Deganga got thrashed

In 1964, the CPM fought on behalf of the muslims

After 1964, the west bengal Hindu turned secular and focused on leftism

Gautam Sen

The Islamic siege of India

By Dr Gautam Sen

India now exhibits all the political and psychological symptoms of a defeated society. The unprecedented protests in Jammu have been greeted with surprise across the board precisely because they are exceptional. But the overall situation in India is dismaying.

The economic success of India in recent years and the resulting additional resources at the disposal of the Indian State are not relevant to the grievous outcome threatening it. These huge resources are actually being used for electoral bribery or stolen and to purchase arms that have little relevance for the prosecution of the deadly internal war.

India is undergoing outright warfare, with its cities bombed at will and massive infiltration across its borders. The Pakistani rationale for cutting India down to size has rarely faltered since 1947 and echoes a much older Islamic tradition.

The end is not necessarily going to take the shape of an invasion by the rapist Pakistan army across the Punjab towards Delhi. In fact, India’s demise and the retreat of Hindus will express itself as an accentuation of trends and processes already underway, with occasional dramatic departures that underline the calamity unfolding. The expulsion of the Pandits, which failed to truly exercise even India’s official nationalists, is a harbinger of the shape of things to come. Hindus are likely to face expulsion from areas dominated by Islam though some of it will occur and is occurring in a huge swathe of eastern India because Hindus are voluntarily abandoning Muslim areas for fear of consequences if riots occur. These areas then come under implicit Pakistani rule under the guise of the autonomy of Sharia practices and constitute bases for militant activity against adjacent areas outside the immediate control of Islam. As the political balance changes in favour of Islam, the Indian political class will behave even more supinely, in a pattern that has already become well established, further sealing the fate of India. And with each success Islam will demand more, as it has increasingly begun to do dramatically in less than four years.

The first major Indian city likely to come under the total sway of Islam is Kolkata since its demographics are changing rapidly, with whole areas being abandoned by Hindus and becoming ‘no-go’ Muslim areas. Bangladesh, which is contemptuous of Hindu India as a pushover denies the very notion of infiltration because its Muslims never accepted the legitimacy of the partition settlement. They believe that the Assam, West Bengal that Jinnah originally demanded, should and will belong to the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh. On this India’s communists apparently concur with them
Cow Slaughter Stopped on Eid Day in West Bengal (by Hindu Samhati Supporters)

Cow Slaughter Stopped on Eid Day

This year Bakr Eid was on 9 December. Like every year, this year too, Muslims tried to slaughter cow in various new places. But in South 24 Pargana district, Hindus motivated by Hindu Samhati, tried to resist it. In several places, memorandums with mass signature were submitted to local Police Stations and representatives of HS were sent to all party meetings convened by administration. In the following places Hindus were successful to resist Cow slaughter this year.

(1) Village - Hansaberia & Makhalia under P.S.- Magrahat, (2) Vill - Garankati under

P.S. -Kulpi, (3) Vill - Alampur under P.S.- Nodakhali (4) Vill - Dakshin Taldi, P.S. - Canning,

(5) Vill - Rajapur, P.S.- Canning, (6) Vill - Dharampur, P.S. - Bishnupur, (7) Vill - Gorhanpur, P.S.- Bishnupur, all South 24 Parganas dist. (8) Vill - Dakshin Naopara, P.S. - Amta, Dist.- Howrah.


This is the key test of whether a village is still in India
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AMU Study Center movement, Kishenganj propels neo-radicals

It is already known to all – Muslim students, desperate to have Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Study Center in Kishenganj, Bihar, drummed up strong protests against delay in its establishment through creating a 15 hours of blockade throwing rail communication system in Eastern India out of gear on October 13, 2011. What followed next was a complete disaster as tens of thousands of railway passengers including Union Railway Minister, Dinesh Trivedi were left stranded. Even if the strike was withdrawn ultimately, damage had already set in.

Here is a minuscule picture of the crisis. According to railway department reports, no less than 30 thousand passengers including Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, on his way to Kolkata, were left stranded. Altogether 18 long distance trains like the Guwahati Rajdhani were badly affected. Some of these were - Rajdhani Express at Aluabari, Kamrup Express, Uttar Banga Express, North East Express, Saraighat Express, Bongaigaon Express, Teesta Torsha Express, Capital Express, Kanchankanya Express, Puri-Guwahati Express and others.

Apart from this NH-31 was also blocked for several hours and owing to it, movements of vehicles among states came to a halt. It is worthwhile to mention, people in the environs expressed their solidarity to the agitation through folding all activities.

What makes Kishanganj, town and district headquarter of Kishanganj district, Bihar a favored spot for AMU Study Center? As per latest statistics, the district, not to speak of the town, enjoys a high Muslim density; 70% Muslim population has made it a Muslim arsenal finally. On the word of local people, AMU Study Center has become a part of Muslim identity and this must be accepted since it was not possible for a mere 100 protestors from an Islamic student organization to hold the state almost to ransom. They were joined by hundreds of Muslim activists of Trinamool Congress and Congress from districts of Kishanganj, Purnia, Katihar, Araria, Supaul, Khagaria and adjacent North Dinajpur, West Bengal.

If truth be told, a well-favored who’s who of Muslim leaders, cutting across political antagonisms, was present to spearhead the virulent campaign and express Islamic solidarity behind the cause. They included Chowdhury Abdul Karim, Cabinet Minister of West Bengal Assembly and also prominent Trinamool Congress leader, Tariq Anwar (MP), MLAs Akhtar-ul-Iman (RJD), Zakir Hussain (LJP), Mohammad Afhaq, Dr Javed, Mohammad Tousheef (all Congress) and West Bengal MLAs Gulam Rabbani and Ali Ramz alias Victor, former Bihar minister Haji Subhan, Araria Zila Parishad chief Shagufta Azim, ex-Kishanganj Zila Parishad chief Faiyaz Alam along with champions of Jamiat-ulema-e-Hind and AMU Students Union president A A Feroz. The meeting was presided over by Asrarul Haq, MP (Congress) – Kishanganj.

The presence of people from Bengal to lead the agitation is enough to spark debates regarding federal structure of India and the constitutional right of every state to manage its own affairs. This is coming to the fore in government circles of Bihar too but what do they prefer to steer clear of is that any Islamic movement tries best to accomplish the target – to preserve its own identity through challenging the hypothecated Hindu hegemony.

A few leaders, it has been learnt, has been charged for causing public damages along with public inconvenience. They are Ghulam Rabbani (Trinamool Congress), Ali Ramz alias Victor (Forward Bloc), Convener of the Kishanganj Education Movement (KEM) for AMU, Wasiqur Rahman and patron Md Hanif – all from Bengal, Asrarul Haq (Congress MP from Kishanganj) and three Bihar MLAs Akhtar Ul Iman (RJD), Dr Javed and Mohammad Tousheef (both Congress). But it is also no secret that charges will continue to live in records only – none is ready to hinder Islamic maneuver and become a part of alleged majoritarian communalism (?).

There is no way to have a sigh of relief – entire episode was just a dress rehearsal while the real and sturdier performance may take place before long. It was indeed a great success, enough to embolden radical Islamic mindset. But there has been another more revelation – struggling for a demand (study center to take place in Bihar only) by people, cutting across political lines and above all state barriers, has scores of implications. To cut a long story short, Islamic movement is changing its course of action and accomplishment of AMU Study Center in Kishenganj will be its first success.
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dangerous and Anti Hindu Communal and Targeted Violence Bill


· A draconian law which will impose permanent emergency in India for Hindus and the condition of Hindus will be similar to the condition of Jews in Germany who were tortured and executed without reason and merely on an allegation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said once that Muslims have first right over National Resources. This bill shows the same mindset of appeasement at work.

1. Who has drafted it?

· National Advisory Council (NAC) has drafted the communal violence bill with the purpose of presenting it in the Parliament in the monsoon session.

· NAC is an extra- constitutional body acting as a Super Parliament. It was constituted by Central Govt in the year 2004

Chairperson of NAC is President of Congress Party Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Its members include hand picked NGO activists who are Pro-Congress and known Hindu bashers like Teesta Seetalwad , Harsh Mander and likes.

Intention behind the bill

· Union Minister Kapil Sibal while making this bill public remarked about the alleged involvement of state government in Gujarat riots and hence such incidents should be prevented in future.

· Every bill has an INTRODUCTION which underlines the reasons for bringing the bill and the OBJECTIVES it seeks to achieve. This bill does not have any Introduction and hence does not specify the reasons or objectives.

· Timing of this bill is very important. Much maligned Christian organizations of USA have put India on its Human Rights Watch list after episodes in Gujarat and Orissa. This organization has never talked about the plight of Hindus in Kashmir or in Tripura and Manipur.


Most dangerous definition in the bill is that of ‘The Group’ which “means a religious or linguistic minority in a given State or Scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes”.

Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes already have a very strong law namely the Scheduled Caste and The Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of atrocities) Act, 1989. Hence need no additional law.

There is nothing called linguistic minority. Even in Maharashtra, if we see a dispute between Marathi and other languages, it is more of a dispute with non – Maharastians and assertion of Marathi culture on regional basis and not about language.

Regarding minorities, Parsi is a peace loving community and Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains are considered to be Hindus. Except for riots against Sikhs in 1984, there is no history of riots against them.

Hence in the name of religious minority, the bill is concerned only about Muslims and Christians. Muslims form 73% of the entire minority population. Christianity grows on conversions.

Thus the real intention of the bill is to appease Muslims as has been policy of Congress in the past and with an eye on U.P. elections next year as an immediate gain.


a. Communal and targeted violence means an act or series of acts, whether spontaneous or planned, resulting injury or harm to the person and or property, knowingly directed against any person because of his membership of THE GROUP.

b. Hostile environment against THE GROUP means a hostile environment created against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) so that it is difficult for them to do any trade or business or deprive them of their fundamental rights, or force them to leave their home or do any act which creates an offensive environment.

e.g. It is difficult to know when a person feels offended about an act.

For example if a Hindu refuses to give his house on rent to a Muslim, a businessman refuses to take raw material from a Muslim supplier, or a Muslim student is not given admission by a school or a client wants to change his Muslim lawyer, or a list of terrorists involved in bomb blasts in last 1 year is published in the newspaper and due to above said acts, a Muslim feels offended, this is an offence under this act.

c. Victim means any person belonging to this GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) who has suffered physical, mental, psychological or monetary harm to himself or his property and includes his relatives, legal guardian and legal heirs.

e.g. how can we measure which action leads to mental and psychological pain. For example any Muslim or Christian can complain that mental harm is caused to him by the noise of the band in the marriage party, the shankh or bell in temples, the processions during Diwali Dushara etc. then will the police book and arrest all persons involved in the procession etc.?

d. WITNESS is any person who knows about the facts or has information about the injury done to THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) only.

e. HATE PROPAGANDA includes any material published or communicated by words spoken or written or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise which incites hatred and may lead to violence againstTHE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) or broadcasts or publishes or advertises any such information against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), he is guilty of hate propaganda.

For example if any newspaper publishes the provocative speeches of Muslim fundamentalists who are inciting people on the basis of religion, or if a newspaper publishes list of terrorists who are Muslims or Christians or if anybody publishes names of Ajmal Kasab and Afsal Guru in newspaper in relation toJehad or if there is discussion or debate or seminar on terrorism or fundamentalism, etc. and the role of Muslims or Christians is discussed, this could be an offence.

This will give a death blow to freedom of speech and expression and will be against democracy.

e. Head of the organization/association will be responsible for act of its members

If any ordinary worker is involved in any such act against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), the head of the organization can also be considered guilty. Thus if false complaint is lodged against a Hindu and he is member of a certain Hindu organization, then the head of that Hindu organization can also be arrested. Also if a Hindu is involved in any of the abovesaid acts and he says that he belongs to a certain Hindu Organization or is made to forcibly admit, then the head of the organization can be arrested.

f. TORTURE - If a public servant does any of the abovementioned Act including mental or physical pain against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), he is guilty. He can be prosecuted without permission from the govt. which is otherwise always needed and is essential.

Public servants can also be removed from their office/job for dereliction of duty i.e. not doing enough to get justice for THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians).

Public servants can also be held guilty for not being able to control the subordinates under him. Hence highly placed Senior Public Servants will always be afraid of being punished for not doing enough in favour of THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians). Thus they can be arm twisted to inflict atrocities against a Hindu even without any evidence and just to please minorities.

The bill also states that the public servants including police cannot say that they were just doing their duty/obeying seniors if they do anything against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians). They will be punished.

g. SEXUAL ASSAULT is an offence only if committed against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians).

h. If a complaint is filed by any person of THE GROUP (Muslims and Christians) then the Hindu will be held guilty unless he proves his innocence. The Muslim or the Christian complainant does not have to give any proof. Mere allegation is enough.

This is in contradiction of the basic premise of law which states that “everybody is presumed innocent till proved guilty”. This bill states every Hindu accused is guilty till he proves his innocence.


a. National Authority will be formed by Central Government to supervise and implement the provisions of the bill.

b. It will have 7 members including Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. 4 out of 7 members including Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will always be Muslims. This means the bill considers that only Muslims and Christians can take care and do justice for THE GROUP (Muslims and Christians). This a dangerous premise as it means that a Judge or President, Vice-President, Prime Minister or any other Public Servant takes care of people belonging to his religion/community only.

c. National Authority will monitor the postings, transfers of public servants including police, security forces etc. in case of even apprehension of communal violence against Muslims and Christians. This means even on the basis of one small information, National Authority can over take all the powers of the State Government and can interfere in the affairs of the states.

National Authority has almost unlimited powers as it can even issue orders to police and Armed forces in cases of communal violence against Muslims and Christians. Statements given to the National Authority is equal to statement given in court of law.

f. Qualification for being a member of National Authority. Usually retired judges of High Court/Supreme Court are appointed in various Commissions but in this case, persons need not be retired judges of High Court or Supreme Court.

g. Only THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) have right to relief, compensation. A Hindu victim of communal violence has no right relief and compensation under this Act.


This means that if the Congress government at the Centre decides to dismiss the government in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka etc., a few unlawful elements can always stage manage a riot in these states and if it continuous for a few days, then the public servants, the police, the security forces can be transferred, posted, held guilty and hence threatened and intimidated; for an act of any public servant, head of the state i.e. Chief Minister will be held responsible and punished. Thus the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge is a same person.


This bill will break the federal arrangement in the country i.e. powers divided between centre and states and will also create ill-will between different religious communities.

This bill considers Hindus as a violent community who always does violence against Muslims and Christians and others. Hindus are always the accused. Muslims and Christians never do violence and are always the victims. Hence while Muslims burning Sabarmati Express, in Gujarat is not a crime but the spontaneous reaction from Hindus in form of Godhra riots is a crime.

Under the proposed Act, when a Danish cartoonist made a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed and Muslims rioted and killed Hindus in India, the killing of Swami Lakshmananand who opposed the conversions by Christian Missionaries is not a crime. But any reaction by and from Hindus is a crime.

The crimes under this bill are cognizable and non- bailable.

If this bill is passed in the Parliament and becomes an Act, then Hindus will have to keep their mouth shut and always be at the mercy of Muslims and Christians so that they should never complain against any Hindu in any police station because then no proof is needed, no witness is required and they will be held guilty and sent to jail.

Organised Islamist violence affecting social harmony, emotional integration Jehadis showing their muscle and vote power to frighten political class

Shyam Khosla

RUMOURS by one of the conspirators that some torn pages of Quran were discovered by him on the railway tracks near the sleepy town of Masuri in the National Capital Region, led to mob violence in the town in which six persons died, more than two dozen persons, including a police officer and a cop, were seriously injured. Ignited by inflammatory speeches by the clergy in the local mosque after the Friday prayers, a 5,000 plus mob, some of them armed with rifles, country made pistols and crude bombs, attacked the police post and Hindus. Police version is that though the small police contingent was out-numbered and poorly armed, they retaliated by opening fire to save their lives and to protect a nearby petrol pump only after the use of teargas had no effect on the violent mob that continued stoning the police post, threw crude bombs and fired at the police. The mob was dispersed only after reinforcement arrived. The main conspirator who spread the rumor in the town and adjoining villages to incite people is now hiding. After dispersal, the angry mob indulged in destruction of property and attacked Hindus seriously injuring several of them.

The muezzin of local mosque, Abdul Qadir, who filed the controversial FIR on Friday, has now disowned the document saying that he didn’t write it and that Jalil-ur-Rehman, a neighbour, misled him on its contents. His version is that Rehman showed him some pages of Quran with a mobile number written on them claiming that he saw someone travelling by the Kashi Viswanath Express throwing the sacred text near Adhyatamik Nagar railway stop. The muezzin further stated that he reluctantly went to the police station with Rehman and a large crowd of agitated Muslims and was “forced” to sign the complaint drafted by Rehman in Hindi – “a language I can neither read nor write”. Preliminary enquiries by the police show that it was a “conspiracy with political intent” and that it was a well organised attack. The violent crowd sealed both the roads leading to the police post to prevent reinforcement reaching the police post. They systematically used SMSs and other methods to spread the rumour about the alleged sacrilege to elicit support from Muslim-dominated villages in the neighbourhood. Intriguingly, the authorities suspended the Masuri police post in-charge, transferred the circle officer and Sub Divisional Magistrate for their “failure to deal with the situation”. An FIR against unknown persons for murder, attempt to murder and rioting with deadly weapons and destruction of property was also registered, but no arrest was made because “arrests might lead to a fresh bout of violence”, says the police. Or was it on the orders of the political bosses for political and electoral considerations? However, the Chief Minister lost no time in sanctioning Rs five lakh to each of the rioters killed in firing as compensation (read prize for the organised violence).

Masuri is not the only town in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country that witnessed vicious bouts of violence in recent months. There have been similar unprovoked/rumour-generated communal violence in about half a dozen cities and towns in UP since the SP—the party that is in stiff competition with other “secular parties” in appeasing radical Muslims who dominate discourse in the community—came to power. Muslim aggression kept Bareilly under curfew for several weeks and there were communal riots in Kosi Kalan in Mathura district and Asthan in Pratapgarh district targeting Hindus. Radical elements in the community and their blind followers obviously enjoy impunity for violence under the present dispensation. Recently, a violent mob of 30,000 plus Muslims created mayhem in Muslim-dominated Talua village in Bihar. They attacked Hindus, put on fire their shops and homes after looting them, all for a broken wine bottle found near the Idgah.It is disgusting that the police haven’t brought the rioters to justice. No FIR has been registered and even Mahboob Alam, a former CPI member of the State Assembly who led the violent crowd, is roaming free in the village. No one in the Government has bothered to assuage the deep hurt caused to the victims. The hapless Hindus in the State run by the “secular” Chief Minister with the support of nationalist BJP are now being threatened with further violence for crimes they never committed.

In August, a Muslim mob of 50,000 or so emerged from Mumbai’s Azad Maidan and went berserk. They attacked police, molested a policewoman, burnt down vehicles, smashed shops and desecrated Amar Jawan Jyoti to vent their anger against “persecution” of Muslims in Assam and Myanmar. Islamists indulged in similar violence in Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and several other cities in support of their co-religionists in Assam, including illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Sinister messages were relayed to Indian citizens belonging to north-eastern states living in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai to quit the cities by August 20 or face the consequences. There was exodus by several thousand threatened and frightened citizens who had come all the way from north-east to south India in search of jobs. Some of them are now returning to their jobs. Unfortunately, no serious effort has been made to bring the mischief mongers to justice in any of the affected states barring much-maligned Karnataka.

Violence in UP and other parts of the country are no stray incidents. These are part of a deep rooted conspiracy to terrorise the nation and show their muscle and vote power. Radicals have shown that when it comes to Muslims, community prevails over geography and that national boundaries are meaningless. They have also struck a blow to communal harmony and emotional integration of India and have fortified the sense of alienation among the people of north-east. Islamist and jihadists must be gloating over the helplessness of the Government and the Congress Party that is fearful that firm action against the instigators of violence could have dire electoral consequences.

Having bared their fangs, Islamists like the fire-eating MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi are now issuing threats of a “third wave” of radicalisation if their perceived/ imaginary “grievances” were not expeditiously addressed. These are ominous signs. Hindu society’s inertia and deafening silence of the political class will further encourage anti-national elements to indulge in their nefarious designs. It will have dire consequences for the society and the nation.

• Crisis on India’s Eastern frontiers

• Threat perceptions and ground


– Changing demography

– Confrontation along religious faultlines

– Atrocities

• Organizational achievements (and


• David versus Goliath situation in

border areas

– Relief work

– Field resistance

– Awareness campaign

• Plan for the future
Brevia/Introducing Speaker

•Hindu Samhati ()

•Courage Strength Action

•Grass-root organization

•Completely non-political agenda

•Founded by Tapan Kumar Ghosh

•35+ years of organizational experience

•Trained under Sri Guruji and Sri Deoras

•Work experience in Kashmir during Islamic insurgency years

•Hindu organizational work in north, east and north-eastern India
Crisis in the eastern frontier:

oChanging demographics

oIncreasing communal conflagration

oRole of social establishments

oIslamic aggression in multiple dimensions (viability of Mughalistan Corridor)

Rape and sexual assault

Kidnapping, forced conversion, sex trafficking of minors

Land grabbing and attack on Hindus
Changing demography in eastern India

•Massive Islamic growth in all districts in Bengal

–Bangladeshi infiltration

–Higher population growth

–WB has highest population density

•Muslims majority in 3 districts

•Mass illegal migrants in lower Assam

•Gradual decline in Hindu population

in Bangladesh (source : Mukto Mona)

•30 % before 1947

•22 % in 1951

•13.5 % in 1974

•< 10 % today
Multifarious effects of sharp population rise

•Hindus pushed to corner in all border areas

Changing demography in eastern India
Increasing confrontation along religious lines

•Social consequences of demographic change

•Minorities in Bangladesh

•Constitutional sanction

•Vested enemy property Act

•Role of Religious leadership

•Islamic scriptural basis for persecuting Hindus

•Hindu religious leaders mostly accept Islam as a true religion
Role of social establishments

•Consolidation of Islamic votes

•Passive to anti-Hindu role of Police

•Action against Muslims deemed “communal”

•Collusion with organized crime syndicates

•Passive Hindu versus violent Muslims

•Changing political fortunes in Bengal

•Muslim votes key to electoral results

•Muslim reservation

•Media censorship of communal violence
Rape and assault

•Effective tool for subjugation by Islamists since 1971

•Rejection of raped victim by Hindus

•Police apathy to Hindu victims

•Refusal to register case against Muslims

•Refusal to register victim’s statements

(You keep the cow in (B.S.F.) camp and money in the bank, where will you hide your wife? )

Most fundamental cause for desertion of Muslim majority localities by Hindu families
Kidnapping and forced conversion

•Forced conversion

•Legal hurdle - Murshidabad case, Kolkata high court decision.

•Exploitation of liberal Hindus

•Love Jihad

•Recent judicial validation in Kerala, Karnataka

•Reversion of converted women is difficult

•Sexual trafficking of minor Hindu girls after kidnapping

•Domestic slavery in middle east

•Brothels in UP, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Nepal & South East Asia
•Encroaching upon Hindu land and property by: -

•Illegal Bangladeshis

•Islamic crime syndicates like Majid Master, etc

•Destruction of economic property

•Shops, carts, farm equipments, fishing boats, etc

•Destruction and/or smuggling of cattle

•Destroy means of livelihood

•Force migration of Hindus

•Construction of illegal mosques

•Political support

Land grabbing & property destruction
Land grabbing & property destruction

Sri Samrat Mondal with his mother, young boy were doused with petrol and set alight when they attempted to stop local Muslims from his village from encroaching on their land and evicting his family from their home. (See horrific scars from the burning)
Assault on religious properties & festivals

•Destruction and desecration of temple and Deities

•Deliberate cow slaughter in Hindu majority localities

•Rioting during Hindu festivals and processions

•Growing trend throughout India


•Death threat, assault and murder on Hindu monks

•Harassing temple goers (especially women)

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