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Attempted murder by FIACONA Chairman?

<b>Andhra Pradesh CM's supporter attacks 'Save Hindu Temples' demonstrator</b>

By J.V. Lakshmana Rao -- Chicago: What could have been a peaceful demonstration to draw the attention of the visiting Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy towards the "misuse of Hindu temple lands and funds," turned out to be an ugly show of unwarranted muscle power by one of his NRI supporters at the Rosemont Convention Center, the venue of a reception hosted by ATA, TANA, and other organizations on May 6. The demonstrators numbering about 200, led by Save Hindu Temples organization and Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, who sought police permission, were demonstrating peacefully at the allotted place. Some of them were stated to have come from New York, New Jersey, California, Mississippi and other neighboring states of Illinois. As they were displaying some placards, raising slogans and distributing booklets, a group of four people approached the demonstrators. <b>According to an eyewitness, one of the demonstrators, Dr. Aruna Pal, a physician from New Jersey, gave the booklet to one of the four persons. When the person, who received the booklet, questioned why it was given to him, an associate of Dr. Pal, Pravinchandra Gandhi, requested him to give it back if he was not willing to receive it. Enraged at that without any provocation, Jayachand Pallekonda, president of Federation of Indo-American Christians of Greater Chicago, who was among the group of four, allegedly threw some abuses and forcefully held Pravinchandra Gandhi by neck and tried to lift him chocking his throat. At that point, the Rosemont police jumped into action, overpowered Jayachand Pallekonda, handcuffed him and led him along with Pravinchandra Gandhi to police facility. Later both were released by the police posting the case for hearing on May 23. Later Jayachand Pallekonda joined the reception to the Chief Minister and felicitated him with a plaque. According to Pravinchandra Gandhi, who did not feel the impact of the assault at that moment, went home, but the pain in the neck began increasing in the night and became severe and unbearable by the time he reached his engineering office in the morning on May 7. Colleagues at the office summoned an ambulance and rushed Pravinchandra Gandhi to emergency room of Resurrection Hospital, where he was treated and fitted with a collar to keep his neck in position and lessen the pain. </b>Later, he was discharged from the hospital. Contacted on phone, Pravinchandra Gandhi narrated the sequence of the happenings and attack on him, but Jayachand Pallekonda declined to talk anything about it. Several NRIs, including Dr. Bharat Barai, Prakasha Rao, and Madhu Patel, denounced the attack on the peaceful demonstrator, terming it as an unprovoked "hate crime." <b>In response to a phone inquiry, the Rosemont police officer, Sgt. Kania said that Jayachand Pallekonda was charged with "battery under local ordinance" and released on a bond of $75.</b> Almost at the time of the unpleasant incident taking place outside the reception venue, the Chief Minister received at his Hyatt Regency Hotel room the leaders of the agitation, Prakasha Rao, head of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, and Prasad Yelamanchi of Save Hindu Temples Organization. They submitted a 20-point memorandum to the Chief Minister, demanding repeal of the Hindu Endowments Act, proper use of Hindu temple funds and protection of Hindu temples and their lands. According to the leaders of the protest, members of several organizations such as ISKCON, Christians against proselytism, Indian American intellectual forum, and Vishwa Hindu Parishad also joined the protest. One of the protesters, Durga Prasad from Arizona, was on fast starting from May 4 night till the protest ended. Earlier, a small group of separate Telangana agitators also demonstrated at the venue. The leaders of ATA and TANA, who could not succeed in dissuading the organizers in holding the demonstration, worked to facilitate a meeting between the Chief Minister and Prakasha Rao along with his colleague Prasad Yelamanchi. According to Prakasha Rao, the Chief Minister told him and Prasad Yelamanchi, that the Andhra Pradesh government had recently identified some 30,000 temples in the state, whose annual earnings were less than Rs. 50,000 each, and ordered to grant Rs. 2,500 each per month under a special "Dupa, Deepa, Naivedyam Scheme." He said that all the Shirdi Sai Baba temples in the state were handed over back for their maintenance to their trust boards. The state government also promulgated an ordinance banning activities by other religions near temples, mosques and churches. The Chief Minister assured Prakasha Rao and Prasad Yelamanchi that he would further look into the demands raised in the memorandum and see what best his government could do with them. However, later at the reception, the Chief Minister, answering a question from the media regarding the agitation outside, said that he was unaware of it. He also did not mention about the meeting he had with Prakasha Rao and Prasad Yelamanchi. Earlier in the day, when the Chief Minister arrived at the O'Hare airport, there was chaos and near-stampede created by a section of the crowd consisting mainly people from Hyderabad.
I am not surprised by Jayachand Pallekonda behaviour, he had a reputation of foul language against Hindus. For him every Hindu is Hinduatava, No harm in it. But these Christofascist thinks it is a bad word.

I don't understand why such a low bail amount, he should be held on 1 million dollar bond.
He should be thankful that those Hindus didn't retaliate with violence. What kind of coward harms an old man?
Rosemont <b>Police files</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->BATTERY AT PROTEST
Jayachand Pallekonda, 62, of 4110 Potter, Des Plaines, was charged with battery after he allegedly chocked a demonstrator with his hands outside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 9301 Bryn Mawr Ave. at 5:39 p.m. May 6.
So Police had charged Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda,respected member of FIACONA, who was trying to choke 70-year-old.

Good going.
Now Dr. Vinay Pallekonda is running everywhere to remove is lies, anti-hindu rant and display of his angry temper.

Now police report is everywhere, which he was denying?

check he had deleted his comments from blog
here another display of Pallekonda anger and his lies. Now guys n gals tell me Police report in newspaper is lie or Dr. Pallekonda is lying.
here is link in cache which Dr. Pallekonda is trying to delete everywhere.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Okay... Thanks for the response. A few of them were thought out and intelligent, but most of them were pretty childish and uneducated. Where do the idiots who say that Mr. Pallekonda got arrested get their idiotic tales from? He was NOT arrested. I swear you people make me laugh at your childish ranting. GROW UP!! There are a lot more serious issues in this world to deal with. Stop making up stories about good people. I swear, with the internet globalizing everything, anyone can make up anything about anybody and get a few idiots all excited. I have nothing against any of the people that "read" this fantastic story and get a little excited, but I ask them to just stop, take a deep breath, and see the story for what it is. MADE UP!!

And Chatrapath, why all the antagonist hatred in your communication. Please channel that disgust and contempt towards something positive. Who knows maybe you can find some happiness.


Check his arrogrance, man he is full gobar. He is Doctor, god bless his patients.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Why don't you google my name. You will note that I am Boared in 3 medical specialties, I.E. I have more education in my little pinky than you have in your whole family tree. You pathetic piece of crap.
# posted by Vinay : 5/23/2007 9:37 PM 
Check Dr. VINAY Pallekonda language, he call himself civilized.
God bless his patient


You little piss ant, insignificant little boy. The adjudication met today in the Rosemont city hall (not the court you lying idiot). Your precious little Mr. Ghandi did not even show up!!! For an "old man who had attempted murder against him" to not show up; <b>give me a break you fascist pig</b>. Making nothing into a Hindu-christian thing. You are pathetic. My dad's hindu friends who are hundreds in number have more respect for him than you could ever dream of. You are going to have to stand in front of your maker one day and have to answer to him. god help you.

All I have to say is, all the sites that defamed a good man's name better watch out. You are all on shaky legal ground. Last I checked public slander is a jailable offense.

And little boy you better hope you never run into me! Enough of the nice guy in me. <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>I will kick your little indian ass all over the place. You uneducated little pervert. If you have the balls, come out and meet me in Michigan you little piece of sh1t. You have insulted my family for toooooo long. Little b@st@rd. </span>

As I said repeatedly, NOTHING HAPPENDED NOW THERE IS PROOF!!!! IT IS OVER SO GIVE UP YOUR HATRED LITTLE GIRL. What are you going to do now??? How are you going to spin your tail now??? Are you going to accuse JP of preventing him from showing up some how. You pathetic piece of sh1t?

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>It must have been hard on you being raised by two women. I still don't understand why your panzy father could have chopped your balls off and made you into a cross dressing transvestite.</span>
# posted by Vinay : 5/23/2007 9:14 PM <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
We should start making list of these crazy crusader from Andhra Pradesh

One is Dr. K. A Paul - recently caught in child abuse case
secong Dr. Pallekonda family.
third ......

Good going
Video of Former President of FIACONA, Jayachand Pallekonda getting handcuffed by the Rosemont Police. It happens a minute and 13 seconds into the video

<b>New York: Indian Fundamentalist Christian leader Dr. Sajan George, National President of Global Council of Indian Christians GCIC http://www.gcic.us/aboutus.htm in his recent outbursts has warned the Indian Hindus in USA of dire consequence reminiscent of the first crusaders who ravaged non-Christian people in Jerusalem, if they go ahead with their proposed peaceful protest march against the visit of the Radical Andhra Pradesh Christian Chief Minister Samuel Rajashekara to the TANA meeting in Chicago, USA. As the world wide Hindu community is already aware of the atrocities committed by the Samuel Rajashekara and his cronies on the silent Hindus majority in his home state of Andhra Pradesh from the past 3 years. Hindus around the world are aggrieved over the repeated injustice meted out to them by people like Samuel Rajashekara who are trying to emulate the wills of Emperor Constantine of Rome to Christianize Native/Hindu people.

Dr. Sajan George does not seem to understand US laws where everyone has a right to the freedom of expression and the right to air their grievances openly without fear or favor against any form of real or perceived injustice. His threatening language exposes his inner nature and the organization that he represents, this will not go well with the American public, nor will it cut any ice with the Indian Hindu living in USA into submission to the wills of Dr. Sajan. In fact his lies and hate filled rhetoric will strengthen the will and resolve of Hindus (just as Pandavas were not deterred by the cruelty of the Kauravas). Surprisingly Dr. Sajan's views are not shared by peace loving Indian Christian leaders like Dr. Benjamin who have repeatedly exposed the dangerous views of Dr. Sajan.

We need to expose fundamentalist Christian leaders like Dr. Sajan and his supporters who are doing immense damage to the age old Hindu-Christian unity in India and the world over. Instead of asking Samuel Rajashekara to stop his atrocities on Hindus of Andhra Pradesh, his lies, hate and threat will not work in this age of democracy and rule of law. Please read the email chain below for his hate mongoring.</b>

<b>(Converted christens or Muslims are more dangerous than the original one. This is an example of it </b>[SIZE=7]
Sarkarjee, when did this happen?

Why do you need a separate thread for this?
<!--QuoteBegin-ashyam+Jan 17 2008, 03:50 AM-->QUOTE(ashyam @ Jan 17 2008, 03:50 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sarkarjee, when did this happen?

Why do you need a separate thread for this?

it happned in Nov , 2007
Admin Note: The thread to be deleted.
Sarkarjee: This news seems a bit old. Please check this thread where ex-chairman of FIACONA did assault a 70 year old peace activist.

K.Ram: Two threads can be merged.
I can visualize hyenas complaining to PETA after devoring a few lambs.
FIACONA protestors at UN. Pleae note, no calls to arrest the killers of 80 year old Swami Laxminanda Saraswati.
It's heartening to note that no Hindu decided to return the favor to FIACONA fundamentalist protestors when they gathered at UN. Something FIACONA stranglers need to appreciate if they had an ounce of decency.

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