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Suppression Of Hindu Narrative
The main stream media in India is 'supposed' to exihibit an anti-Hindu bias. The politicians go on appeasement sprees suppressing legitimate Hindu concerns. The Westerners are accused to have a distinct anti-Hindu (and anti-India) bias.

Let us give some teeth to our accusations and claims by documenting the actions that suppress our Hinduness. This thread is not to discuss if the suppression occurs or not, it is purely about observation and recording an act of suppression.

My thoughts are that this thread should record the fact without any opinion, commentary or editoralization. Let the facts stand out to speak for themselves. If a member wants to counter a post, IMHO, s/he could start a thread and discuss it elsewhere. And if the member, who posted the tid-bit (information), concedes that it is not an act of suppresseion s/he can edit or add som remarks to the original post.

When we cry wolf, let us make sure there is really a wolf. Ladies and Gentlmen the ball is in our court...
<!--QuoteBegin-SwamyG+Apr 22 2007, 08:39 PM-->QUOTE(SwamyG @ Apr 22 2007, 08:39 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->When we cry wolf, let us make sure there is really a wolf. Ladies and Gentlmen the ball is in our court...

SawmiG, these very threads a littered with examples, pick up history thread on any thread.

[EDITED - No personal attacks needed please.]

If you are so keen why don't you first do you homework by distilling examples from the ones available and then asking other to add more.

I really think this thread should be locked unless the person opening the thread demonstrates that he is not merely trying to waste others time by putting in due sincerity to his actions.

There are couple thousand posts in some of the threads I can list.
The Great Indian Political Debate
Politics of History -2
Caste based reservation
Christian subversion and missionary activities -2
Dalits - Real Issues & Discussion
Tamil Nadu Reservation Paradox
Temple distribution etc.

Some older versions of these threads could be in 'Trash Can' folder or the India-Forum archives. Open a new thread if there's a topic you feel that's not adequately covered.
Else, please use existing threads for this.
Viren: My intention was to create a <b>living</b> place-holder thread that acted as a ready reference material. It would be living by virtue of us writing about incidents that happen all around us where our Hinduness is suppressed.

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