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Islamism - 7
Related to above, which was on Chennai.

Better to read at link as it has pictures and the correct formatting.

1. Again cries of "Pakistan Pindabad". Not TN this time but Karnataka.


Quote:Muslim goons on a rampage against Hindus in Ullal

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / March 04, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Headline, Media, Politics / 1 Comments

[color="#0000FF"]Samaja Vani from the South Canara region reports a shocking news emanating from Ullal near Mangalore.

Certain alarming developments in and around Ullal near Mangalore have largely gone unreported in the mainstream media. There is a dedicated group of Muslims who systematically and regularly unleash their perversion against Hindu girls.

Ullal being a coastal town, fishing is the main occupation of its population. So here’s what happens when Hindu fishermen leave home everyday to do their fishing and thereby earn their livelihood:[/color]

1. The said Muslim group violently knocks on the doors of the houses of these fishermen when they’re away, on the seas.

2. The said Muslim group pelts stones at the houses of these fishermen, breaking windowpanes.

3. The said Muslim group vandalizes the cars of these fishermen.

4. The said Muslim group inserts large, broken glass pieces in the gap between the closed door of these fishermen when they’re away.

5. The said Muslim group surrounds the houses of these fishermen and hollers on the lines of “hey, send your girls to us!”

6. The said Muslim group surrounds the houses of these fishermen and hollers “Pakistan Zindabad!”

[color="#800080"](Clearly these islamaniacs are infiltrators from TSP and not Indian islamaniacs, and should be sent back to TSP. It is the duty of the natives of the country - since the govt can't be bothered - to ensure that illegal infiltrators are tossed back into TSP. In body bags if need be.)[/color]

7. Members of the said Muslim peer inside the window (which they’ve already broken) of such houses and yell, “hey! your husband is not home! shall I come in?”

IMG: The following is the image of the interior of a Hindu fisherman’s house vandalized by this group.

Picture of a Hindu fisherman’s house vandalized in Ullal

Here is also a list of specific incidents that have occurred over the past month:

1. At around 3 A.M on 4 February, a group of fanatical Muslims dropped a boulder on a boat worth about Rs. 2 Crores belonging to a Hindu fisherman, destroying it beyond repair.

2. Another group raided the house of a Hindu, molested the womenfolk therein, and smashed the bikes and car belonging to the family.

3. On 5 February, a bunch of Muslim goons made unprovoked vulgar gestures at middle aged Hindu mothers and challenged them to touch us if you have the guts!” The angered ladies chased them up to the Kodi masjid, leading to a tense situation. They were prevented by the police who stopped them from entering the Masjid.

Thanks to such incidents which have increased both in frequency and intensity, Hindu fishermen’s tolerance reached the breaking point. On 5 February, a sizable crowd of these fishermen took out a protest march which culminated in them surrounding the police station demanding the arrest of these Muslim hooligans.

IMG: Hindu fishermen protesting against Muslim hooliganism

The happenings in Ullal are just the latest instances of what threatens to become a widespread phenomenon in the South Canara region. Local Hindus are quick to point the linkages: increasing instances of Love Jihad, the forced sex episode at Deralakatte, and the Love Jihad incident in Udupi are three major such incidents in recent memory.

[color="#0000FF"]If this was not enough, a local leader of the rogue outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), Shafi Ballare took out a rally of a mob of Muslims and made a speech which included this gem:

We will rebuild the Babri mosque on 6 December…if Hindus try to build a Hindu rashtra, we will build an Islamic rashtra…true Islamic culture lies in Sunnat (circumcision), and it is because of Sunnat that Islam is growing in strength throughout the world…we produce 14 children, 22 children but Hindus can produce only 2 or 3.[/color]

IMG: Popular Front of India rally in Mangalore

[color="#0000FF"]And as usual, all mainstream media channels and newspapers have chosen radio silence over truthful reporting.[/color]

The above are typical islamic tactics to scare away else ethnically cleanse Hindoos from a region, to islamise it. (Christians employ such terrorisms in the country's NE.)

All the southern coasts are being christoislamised. TN's coasts have been christianised. Kerala's has been islamised and the same is going on in KN.

Note how the christomedia and the christogovt that's reigning in Karnataka - and which, as part of its election campaign, specifically declared that it would aid and abet islam - are deliberately silent indicating they are in direct collusion with this jihad.

The Karnatakan and national christogovt and the national christomedia being silent means they are supplying TSP with further deniability. Deniability is that official principle used by the US govt to send covert groups - such as assassins aka "intelligence officers/spies" - into other countries to conduct ...undiplomatic missions, such as for assassinating South American or Russian officials and other key personages that America wants out of the way.

The "Deniability" comes in when such American govt agents are caught and the victim country's govt tries to bring the US govt to task and get these to admit they sent them. At this point, the US govt denies that these people exist, or when proof is produced, they deny that they worked for the US govt, declaring that they are "independent/rogue" agents instead.

Similarly, not only is TSP using deniability here, the christogovt and christomedia in India are also keeping deliberate silence on this and other jihadi activities (proving that they are occurring with full approval of and as per the will of christianism/the christian power centres in India.)

What this Hindu fishermen community should do is

1. realise that they are On Their Own. Coming to grips with this fact is a fundamentally important step for Hindus in taking the next step, which is to look after their own and themselves.

Popular Indian vocalists - the stuck up elite, often parading about overseas and lecturing from safety to Hindoos who are in the direct line of christoislamic fire - are not their friends and hardly their sympathisers and are the first ones to sell them off.

E.g. Rajeev Malhotra already has his hands full distancing himself from an alleged "Indian right" (for the unforgivable "crime" of bearing labels like nationalism or RSS etc), and certainly has even less moral support to offer for any Hindus reduced to fighting off islamania in self-defence: he wouldn't know how quickly to denounce them.

I remember another nationalist journalist - Tarun Vijay was it - declaring that Dara Singh was not Bajrang Dal or whatever but an independently-acting "tribal". And while Dara Singh isn't Bajrang Dal and he is a Vanavaasi (being a Hindoo), the point was that the journalist couldn't be bothered to a. cover the imperative facts in published news that even non-journalists had access to: that Dara Singh was framed for the murder and that the courts admitted that he wasn't guilty yet nevertheless declared that someone ought to be sentenced anyway no matter that Dara was innocent; b. the journalist - like Malhotra and other fair-weather friends - couldn't be bothered showing Solidarity with the innocent Hindus being victimised by christoislam. Rather, they do that neat trick - one day to be repaid in full - of kicking Hindoos when they're down, all while pretending they're on your side. When push comes to shove, they think only about how it all reflects on them and their elite friends far away from the arena of death where the Hindoos are being genocided.

And NSR aka Rajarant will return to re-iterating that he is an "intellectual kShatriya" who alone is capable of taking on islam, all while Rajarant infamously attacked Hindoo religion and Hindoos, of course: another UnFriend. (His definition of a kShatriya is to pen articles for the internet and waltz about giving pseudo-Vedanta speeches for some US christian foundation he works for. Meanwhile the actual definition of a kShastriya is a Hindoo warrior (i.e. Hindoo AND warrior): someone good at physical combat, with a brain for strategems and leadership skills.)

It's really too much to ask the great Indian "intellectuals" (intellectual midgets) of our age - especially the angelsk-speaking variety and particularly any that shoot off to foreign climes - to stick up for the Hindoos.

Which leaves the Hindoos on the ground all alone when the night falls. And it is falling all around.

So, Hindoos like these Kannadiga fishermen are therefore better off without such "friends". The advantage is that Hindoos won't disappoint such "refined" and "intellectual" friends when the Hindoo fishermen refuse to die peacefully and will take the enemy down with them (or better yet: take the enemy down and survive).

And that leads to the second point:

2. Islamaniacs will ethnically cleanse the Karnatakan coast with genocide if that is what it takes, just as islamania has already done in other Indian regions. Like the equally terrorist christians, islamics "offer" 2 options: convert or die. To any heathen that reduces to just the last one. So the situation is Kill Or Be Killed. All humans - as all animals - have the right to defend their homes and families. They have a right to deal with tresspassing terrorists especially as the christogovt Will Not (but will instead allow the Hindoos to be silently genocided.)

Terrorists forfeit their right to live when they terrorise the life of others.

They offered total war. So make it total war. Since it's kill or be killed, Hindoos are forced to go with the first option.

Therefore the Hindoo fishermen community should take a week off from work=fishing and stay home, make a plan to ambush the islamaniacs - and the plan must ensure that not one islamaniac returns to tell the story and bring in islamic reinforcements. Then implement the plan: next time the islamamaniacs come calling, make sure none of them ever return. If people can gut fish, can put mammals down too. And burn the remains of all the dead. After all:

3. Deniability works both ways:

Christogovt and christomedia and TSP - all three colluding in the jihad to genocide the Hindoo natives - pretend these islamaniacs don't exist and aren't terrorising the Hindoo fishermen in their homes in India. So they were never there in the first place, right? And that means they can't have gone missing from a place they were never in in the first place.

And if more islamaniacs are ever sent in, then Repeat. Keep repeating until islam decides that Hindoo fishermen will fight back and so aren't worth messing with.

No One, and I mean No One will protect these Hindoo fishermen. (And the great intellectuals can't even manage "moral support" - and will shoot down everyday Hindoos for no crime at all, such as for being BJP or VHP or Bajrang Dal or RSS - so existentially-threatened Hindoos must certainly stop expecting anything from them.)

Hindoos can only rely on themselves to protect their families and kin and their direct Hindoo community/neighbours. Everyone else is Useless.

The Hindoo fishermen should set the example for their wives and children: show them that taking it lying down/waiting for the christogovt to acknowledge let alone do something about the islamania will only lead to their own extinction (and a brutal one at that).

History shows one thing: prevention of genocide is in the hands of the victims only. In most of the cases where people got genocided (barring the last instance where christians genocided the Jews) no one ever remembers the victim population, and genocides only get whitewashed by the victors and their facilitators (like the US) anyway.

So Hindoos need to make sure that they win. And that means to kill else be killed in this case.

- Hindoos need to stop dying. And a life for a life: the christoislamicommunist enemy has to make up for a lot of lives they have stolen. Until they are shown that Hindoos will Not take it lying down, the terrorist enemies will keep terrorising. The christogovt lording it over India is a terrorist sham institution. Hindoos owe it no allegiance when their life is at risk.

- Hindoos need to stop being the victims: victims only die, the international community does not care, especially not about heathens.

But christoislamicommunists are not the only ones capable of killing. All mammals can kill. The difference is that Hindoos refuse to, to the point of extinction. But which loved ones have to die before Hindoos will take revenge? Better therefore to permanently prevent the terrorist christo-islamaniacs that keep invading and terrorising Hindoo homesteads from murdering or sexually jihading family members, as they will doubtless do if Hindoos refuse to leave the coasts. Christo-islamic terror outfits always resort to killing in the end if Hindoos don't get scared off otherwise.

The world is not made of love and peace and sanity, contrary to new age nonsense. The world and life is not fair - else good people like the native Americans would never have been genocided by the evil christo demons. And truth is not honoured by anyone except the good (who are usually the dead, unless they're willing to defend themselves).

The world is made up of people whose parents survived (long enough). So Hindoos need to choose to *be* among those people that survive. And that means they even need to be willing to kill if their life or those of their kindred and community is threatened. If Hindoos think this is too drastic and they'd rather continue to play sheep for the slaughterhouse, then they should just nuke their own nation already*: why put yourselves and your children through what is going to be *growing* christoislamic terrorism of just this nature? (* But if so, first nuke TSP-E and W: if you're gonna go, may as well leave the world a better place when you go, no?)

2. Kerala


Quote:SHOCKING: Terror’s Own Country

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / December 05, 2013 / Posted in Headline, Politics / 6 Comments

When Vipin Gopal coined God’s Own Country as a catchphrase to describe Kerala’s natural beauty–and thereby to promote its tourism–we can be sure that he didn’t envisage that it would soon morph into Terror’s Own Country.

A news report in the Kannada daily Vijaya Vani makes for alarming reading about the nonchalant ease with which convicts are networked with terror groups outside India. The following is a translation of the report.

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]The alarming news of how convicts lodged in various jails in Kerala are in touch over mobile phones with terror groups in various countries including Pakistan has just emerged. The accused in the Chandrashekaran murder case lodged in the Calicut jail not only used mobile phones from inside the jail but uploaded pictures on Facebook.[/color] Upon receiving this news, a team of police officers sprang a surprise raid there and discovered this shocking occurrence.

[color="#800080"](Islamic terrorists in christo-terrorised India get to keep mobile phones in jail, while the innocent Dara Singh was denied water by christoterrorist "police".)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Similar raids conducted on jails across the state led to the recovery of about 80 mobile phones. When these phones were examined, it revealed more than 1000 calls made to various terror groups abroad including those located in Pakistan. Further, 18 calls were transacted over satellite phones.[/color]

In 2011, when the ADGP of Prisons Alexander Jacob conducted raids on jails, he recovered 154 mobile handsets and 2000 SIM cards. Of these, over 80 handsets and 700 SIM cards were seized in the Kannur jail alone. More than 2000 calls had been made using these handsets and SIM cards. So far, the ownership of these SIM cards has remained untraceable.

Hindoos should finally respond to the christoislamic total war with total war. Wait to see what the outcome is of the next election first - and whether a BJP govt (if it comes to power) will do something about the christoislamania. If not, there is next to no time for Hindoos to do something to ensure their own survival against terrorists that the US/AmeriKKKans would *not* stand for in Hindoos' place if this was their backyard.

Hindoos have been playing the hapless herbivores - careless who else gets eaten as long as they are individually safe - and have left it too late: now the christoislamic nightmare has grown beyond containment by anything but retaliatory violence.

Enough Hindoo deaths. Repay death with death.

[color="#0000FF"]Karnataka: indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-on-a-rampage-against-hindus-in-ullal/

Kerala: indiafacts.co.in/shocking-terrors-own-country/[/color]
1. West Bengal

a. indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-brutally-murder-kartick-chandra-mehtia

Quote:Muslim goons brutally murder Kartick Chandra Mehtia

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / April 01, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Headline, Hinduism, Media, Politics / 2 Comments

This is a report from the ground in South 24 Paraganas district, West Bengal. This report contains some graphic and disturbing pictures published. Readers’ discretion advised.

Meet Kartick Chandra Methia, owner of the sweet shop, Rittika Sweets at Jagannathpur junction of Sararhat on Falta road falling under the Falta Police jurisdiction, South 24 Parganas dist.

On 29 March 2014, six unidentified bike-borne miscreants from the nearby Muslim-dominated Sonakopa village entered his shop, shot the 42 year old Kartick Methia, with their pistols. After this, they chopped the victim with swords. Although it was late in the evening, there were some customers and workers in the shop. But they were unable to stop the miscreants in the face of crude bombs that were hurled.

Kartick Chandra Methia as a very successful businessman and a well known social worker. He also used to help various social organisations.

Following his brutal murder, a massive crowd of locals blocked the Falta Road. They shouted slogans against the miscreants and against the police. The whole Sararhat market was closed in protest. A heavy police force arrived on the spot led by DSP Sakir Ali and OC Sudip Singh. They tried to defuse the tension and remove road block.

However, the local Hindu populace have very little faith in these two officers, and were in no mood to hear their plea. These two officers are allegedly hand in glove with local criminals and these criminals get political shelter because of their minority status.

Kartick Methia leaves behind three daughters who are now inconsolable. His eldest daughter Monalisa Ghosh was openly cursing the police. In a short while, Diamond Harbour SDO Smt. Moumita Saha arrived at the spot. Kartick Methia’s shop has a CCTV camera, which has captured the entire incident making it relatively easy to identify the culprits and solve the case.

However, local Hindus have very little faith in administration. Their experience of the Left-front protected notorious criminal Salim is still fresh; what’s more, his atrocities continue unabated under Mamta Banerjee’s tenure as well.

Kartick Methia was a courageous man who stood as a stonewall against Islamic expansionism in the area. In the nearby grounds of “Rash Math”, where many Hindu festivals and Islamic ‘Jalsa’ are held, local Muslims reportedly are trying to build a mosque. Their efforts failed due to Kartick Methia’s bold leadership of the local Hindus.

Now, after his brutal murder, local Hindus fear that just like the neighbouring Mograhat Block during the CPM rule, the Falta block too will witness large scale Hindu migration from the area.

Postscript: The body of Kartick Methia was kept for public viewing in his sweet shop. Only the face of the corpse was displayed while the rest of the body is fully covered. The marks of injury on the body are apparently too gruesome to be displayed to the public.


Brutal murder of Kartick Chandra Mehtia

Wounds on the face of Kartick Chandra Mehtia

Wounds on the face of Kartick Chandra Mehtia–another view

Local Hindus protest against Kartick’s murder

Local Hindus protest against Kartick’s murder

Wounds on the face of Kartick Chandra]

b. [color="#0000FF"]Related:[/color]


Quote:Hindu social activist and business man shot dead and chopped ghastly by suspected Islamist goons in West Bengal.

30/03/2014 22:10:03 [color="#0000FF"]hinduexistence.org/2014/03/31/suspected-muslim-goons-shot-dead-and-chopped-hindu-social-activist-and-business-man-in-west-bengal/[/color]

Tapan Biswas | Hindu Existence Bureau | Sahararhat | South 24 Pgs | West Bengal | 30 March 2014::

Even a TMC supporter and Hindu businessman is being brutally murdered by the Islamic goons in West Bengal for his inclination to Hindu organisations and declining donations to Islamic hoards. Mr. Kartik Chandra Methia (43 yrs), a successful Hindu businessman and a supporter and member of Local TMC (Trinamul Congress, the [color="#800080"][christoislami][/color] ruling party of West Bengal) was shot dead from point blank range and chopped with swords [color="#800080"](swords are a dead giveaway that the murderers were islamaniacs)[/color] to ensure his death by suspected Islamic perpetrators in the late evening of March 29, 2014. The gory killing of Mr Methia took place inside the confectionery ‘Rittwika Sweets’ located at Jagannathpur junction of Sahararhat Market on Falta road within the jurisdiction of Falta PS in the district of South 24 Paraganas in southern West Bengal. It was known that a team of six or seven miscreants riding motorbikes entered the confectionery shops in two groups one after another. They also ordered some sweets and curds (yogurts) to consume. But, all on a sudden they attacked Mr Methia with gun-shot and started chopping with swords repeatedly to be sanguine of the murder. The suspected perpetrators came from a Muslim majority village named Sonakopa in close proximity, as reported by the local witnesses. The ghastly incident took place before the workers o the confectionery and a few customers present in the nearby shops. They were too afraid and startled to raise any alarm even and to thwart any such approach, a few bombs were also hurled for the success of the well planned operation. Three sharpened weapons were also recovered from the spot.

The deceased Kartik Chandra Methia was known as a social worker in his locality and had good relations with various social and political organizations. Apart from that he also maintained his faith on various Hindu Organisations like Bharat Sevashran Sangha, Goudiya Mission, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and used to donate various rural Hindu functions and various social welfare activities. He was also the Secretary of Sahararhat Businessmen’s Association. Mr. Methia was a extraordinary man with profound courage who stood as a stonewall before Islamic expansionism in the locality. It has been known that Mr. Methia opposed an Islamic ‘Jalsa’ in a ground traditionally maintained as ‘Rash Math’ in the locality, where local Muslims reportedly were trying to build a mosque. As the Jamaat-e-Islami supporters were failed to erect any Mosque in the Hindu place of ‘Rash Math’ due to resistance of local Hindu mass led by Kartik Chandra Methia, the perpetrators were supposed to have a plan to clear the main hurdles for their Islamic goal. Mr Methia has left his widowed wife, three daughters and other members of the bereaved family.

Falta SahararhatFollowing the unbelievable murder of Mr. Methia, the entire area was overwhelmed with anguish and anger against the inaction and failure of the local administration to nab the murderers yet. A large number of protesting people blocked the Falta Main Road, as a mark of their demand to arrest and punish the perpetrators immediately. As a matter of fact two adjacent police stations viz Ramnagar PS and Falta PS are failed to provide safety and security to the local Hindu residents as allegedly keep relations with Muslim gang leaders connected with various anti social activities including illegal cow trading, arms trading, women trafficking etc. all against Hindus’ interest. Actually, Hindus have lost all confidence on police officials, especially on Sakir Ali – DSP and two Officers-in-Charge of Falta and Rammagar PS. It has been learnt that these two police officers have alleged connections with the local criminals, especially with those from the Muslim majority village of Sonakopa. The Hindu protestors raised slogans against police administration for playing an anti Hindu role, only to favour with the Islamic hooliganism in the area. Mrs. Moumita Saha, SDO of Diamond Harbour reached the spot and assured all possible efforts for making immediate arrest and staunch action against the perpetrators.

Sri Amaresh Mukherjee, an educationist and a senior key person of Falta Literature Association narrates the entire matter as a pre-election violence as the public says that the deceased person denied to give any donation to any political party connected with Muslim appeasements. It is heard that Mr Methia had a rough altercation with some Muslims in the last week over the issue of wearing Muslim dress and keeping unusual relations with Muslim leaders by the present CM of West Bengal, Miss Mamata Banerjee. Those Muslims came to the confectionery shop of Mr Methia to get donation for an Islamic jalsa. Mr. Methia refused them in a straight way.

Though whole situation is grief stricken, the Hindu wrath can strike hard at any moment if the police and administration are found more callous and impotent. The locales apprehend that some Islamic agencies are distributing both money and arms to strengthen the Islamic environs so that the Hindus can be evicted from their homes and hearths from Falta and Diamond Harbour -II Block.

The Hindus of nearby Magrahat – II Block have already become a pity minority and the Hindus of Blocks like Magrahat – I (Usthi) and Diamond Harbour – I are fighting hard to retain their slight majority against the Islamic expansionism yet. The ruling parties in West Bengal have been always extending their favours to the Muslims to gain from Muslim Vote Bank.

Don't know why Hindus never pay back the christoislamaniac mass-murderers by murdering them in return. Only Hindus resort to the law and govt (and media) in India for redress, itself totally subverted by christoislamania's takeover of these institutions.

2. Muzaffarnagar:








There may be more articles appearing in this series at IndiaFacts, as the above seem to have been published there over several days.

3. Karnataka:


Quote:Jihadi mob assaulted 5 Hindu youth in Mangalore

30/03/2014 10:04:42

Bantwal: Gang launches murderous assault - five injured, bike torched


(And in previously posted news, there was jihad in Ullal near Mangalore: [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-on-a-rampage-against-hindus-in-ullal/[/color])

4. Countrywide


Quote:What happens when Mujahadeen return home?

30/03/2014 10:29:37 Aron


Islamists from world over have converged at Syria. Syrian civil war is now a Training ground- to expand the global Jihad. These indoctrinated Muslim youth will return battle hardened after surviving the best of the Assad's commandos.

Imagine what such battle hardened and reckless killing machines will unleash back home when they return to attend to the Jihad against kafirs in India.


5. Kerala:


Quote:Kerala Demograhy - 'Islamic Surge' across Kerala

01/04/2014 11:39:10

Even after three years, Government has not released the demographical details based on religion in Kerala. During past census these details were released along with the publishing of census data.

According to exposure by a online Malayalam portal (marunadanmalayali.com) reveals that Muslim population rose from 22.7% to 25.67% in a decade. In Mallapuram comes first with 61% Muslims and Kannur ranks second with 35.2%.

The Government were not interested in finding about the % of Hindus and they were more interested in finding out the % of Ezhavas, Nairs , SC/ST and others!

For full report


6. More jihad/TSP dawaganda cinema peddled by cryptos in India:


Quote:Glorification of Indian Hindu woman marrying Pakistani Muslim in ‘Total Siyappa’ movie

23/03/2014 05:53:12

In a Hindi film titled ‘Total Siyappa’, it is shown that an Indian Hindu woman from India – Pakistan border area, falls in love with a Muslim from Pakistan. The films stars starring Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam. The film glorifies Pakistan and shows India in bad light. Directed by E Niwas, the film tells the story of a Pakistani youth (Zafar) settled in London, and his relationship with an Indian girl (Gautam).

"There are dialogues in the film like, 'In India, more people die of corruption than a bomb blast in Pakistan' and 'R&AW is more dangerous than the ISI.'

(Reminiscent of [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/scroll-ins-mischievous-reportage/[/color] where an obviously Pukestani dawaganda movie was being promoted by cryptos in TN, India. Or the frequent cases of masses of TSP infiltrators all over India leading the subcontinental islamaniacs in a "pakistan pindabad" namaz. E.g. indiafacts.co.in/muslim-hooliganism-chennai/, indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-on-a-rampage-against-hindus-in-ullal/)

Anyway, this 'Hindi' language TSP-jihad movie, like that similar recent 'Tamizh' language TSP-jihad movie - besides being a clear indicator that Jihad in India is on full-throttle - can only be popular 1. in TSP; 2. among christo-islami-communists in India; 3. among other seculars/christo-conditioned in India - i.e. all AAP supporters (may TSP's islamic "peace" be upon them all.)

8. thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/03/29/indonesia-workers-in-saudi-arabia-are-on-trial-for-witchcraft-some-facing-the-death-penalty.html

Quote:The Daily Beast,

Michael Schulson, World News, 03.29.14

Will Saudi Arabia Execute Guest Workers for 'Witchcraft'?

Indonesian guest workers are on trial in Saudi Arabia for “witchcraft.” But the charges are cover for cultural misunderstandings, sexual assaults, and withheld wages.

Barack Obama is spending part of this weekend in Saudi Arabia, the final stop in a five-country tour. Obama started his springtime trip in the Netherlands, where he visited The Hague, seat of the International Court of Justice. Working his way south, Obama spent Wednesday in Belgium and passed Thursday morning in the Vatican before [color="#0000FF"]heading down to Riyadh, presumably to talk about security (meaning Iran) and the historic ties between our two countries (meaning oil).[/color]

This same weekend, elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, around 40 guest workers from Indonesia are sitting in jail. Most have been charged with sorcery or witchcraft. According to Global Post, five of these workers, having exhausted their appeals, face the death penalty.

For foreign household workers in Saudi Arabia, most of them women, sorcery charges are more common than you might think.
Guest workers end up in jail through bad luck, legal revenge, and cultural misunderstanding.

“In many cases,” explains Adam Coogle, a Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch, “a domestic worker, from rural India or Bangladesh or wherever, might bring along a folk heirloom, something that is perceived by the Saudi host to be an object of witchcraft.” In other situations, the accusation arises as a countercharge. The domestic worker has tried to charge her employer with some kind of mistreatment—withheld wages, say, or sexual assault. In turn, the employer accuses her of being a witch.

(Indian "bringing along a folk heirloom" -> aka idolating Hindoo from India or Bangladesh)

Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a written criminal code. In its religious courts, a guest worker accused of witchcraft or sorcery is guaranteed neither a lawyer nor a translator, says Coogle. Her fate depends in part on the inclinations of the presiding judge, who often collaborates with the prosecutor in order to define the charges.

In 2012, according to Saudi Gazette, Saudi authorities arrested 215 supposed magicians. In 2011, a special witchcraft-busting unit reported that it had handled nearly 600 claims in the preceding few years. Not all these charges are leveled against foreigners. Saudi citizens, too, have been arraigned, and executed, for sorcery.

In recent years, the government has expanded its efforts to identify and prosecute witchcraft.

The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice—in other words, the religious police—has even taken its investigations online, monitoring Twitter for signs of sorcery.

“Witchcraft trials remind us that we’re all stuck in a dizzying kind of present—a present where democratic countries underwrite fundamentalist monarchies, and where the very forces that allow some countries to modernize guide others into a warped caricature of the past.”Some might chalk this all up to a barbaric, backwards society that’s yet to progress past the Dark Ages. That kind of reaction is not only inaccurate. It’s also lazy, and deeply self-serving. Witchcraft trials don’t mean that Saudi Arabia is stuck in another time. Instead, they remind us that we’re all stuck in a dizzying kind of present—a present where democratic countries underwrite fundamentalist monarchies, and where the very forces that allow some countries to modernize guide others into a warped caricature of the past.

“In theory Saudi Arabia should not exist,” writes the historian Robert Lacey. Like Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch, Saudi Arabia has the kind of fragile bizarreness that can only result from an enormous infusion of cash. Extravagantly wealthy, it has a citizenship that’s poorly educated and underemployed. Approximately eight million guest workers fill jobs across the country. Two-thirds of Saudi Arabia’s working adults, by one estimate, are foreigners.

Saudi society and government are intricately intertwined with a puritanical flavor of Islam, Wahhabism. Wahhabism isn’t especially ancient, by the standards of religious movements; the sect dates from the late eighteenth century. Today its influence, felt in everything from schooling to law enforcement, permeates Saudi society.

Fundamentalist societies are delicate things, especially when the Internet arrives (and it has) and youth start to look outward (and they have). It’s hard to imagine how any society could maintain such an obsessive focus on religious purity, such an uneducated populace, such a decentralized legal system, and such a huge foreign underclass without being propped up by, say, one-fifth of the world’s known oil reserves. After all, radically purist ideologies need to be sheltered from the vagaries of the world, and they can be expensive to maintain.

Of course, plenty of countries are willing to underwrite that expense. If Saudi Arabia is a hothouse flower, then Americans have helped build the greenhouse. And within that greenhouse, it seems, are some fertile conditions for witch-hunting.

At least in premodern Europe and Puritan North America, witch-hunting follows certain patterns. Accusations usually come against women, especially those with little social power (the first suspect in the Salem witch trials was a black slave named Tituba; working their way up the social ladder, the accusers eventually went so far as to name the president of Harvard College, at which point nobody believed them).

Accusers seek out impurity within their own communities; like a Stalinist purge, witch trials are inwardly-focused events, not attacks on complete outsiders. An accusation of witchcraft is vague enough to serve as a kind of catchall for discontent. “The term ‘witch’ in seventeenth-century New England functioned as a label people used to control or punish someone,” writes David Hall, a religious historian at Harvard, and it could apply “to anyone who threatened established authority.”

Not surprisingly, this pattern of paranoia-and-purging often comes at times of social instability. “Perhaps no other form of crime in history has been a better index of social change, for outbreaks of witchcraft mania have generally taken place in societies which are experiencing a shift of religious focus,” writes sociologist Kai Erikson.

These conditions for witch-hunting certainly seem to be abundant in Saudi Arabia. It’s an insular, purity-obsessed society, with a population of legally powerless women tucked neatly into its midst. And, faced with regional instability, an aging king, dynastic uncertainty, and menacing incursions of Western culture, Saudi society may very well be at a moment of social anxiety and change.

These conditions don’t arise in spite of the modern world; they arise, in large part, because of it. The 21st century, perhaps, gives Saudi Arabia the ingredients to nurture a seemingly medieval hysteria: oil revenue that helps Saudi leaders wrap their society in a totalizing fundamentalist garb; a flow of foreign workers, paid with that oil money, who provide a conveniently vulnerable other in the heart of the home; and an anxiety-inducing friction between an insular culture and a globalized world.

In other words, we can’t quite divorce these witchcraft trials from our post-Enlightenment bubble. The two are weirdly entangled, and nothing illustrates that entanglement better than this week’s spectacle: an American president visiting The Hague, and then the Vatican, and then the Saudis, all in the space of a week, and all while Saudi judges contemplate beheading foreign nationals on charges of witchcraft.

In On Saudi Arabia, journalist Karen Elliott House describes the odd silence that seems to surround the House of Saud. Noting that, in his major 2011 speech on the Middle East, Obama did not once mention Saudi Arabia, she writes that the country’s “fate is so important to the rest of the world and the world is so vested in maintenance of its status quo that it’s almost as if talking about Saudi Arabia might jinx that stability.”

It’s like being under a spell.

Quote:Friday, April 11, 2014

the ongoing genocide: the hindu exodus from bangladesh


[color="#800080"]Image of grief-stricken Hindoos (=the natives of Bangladesh) who are forced to flee their ancestral lands from the invading genocidal parasite known as christoislamania=terrorism:[/color] d30fl32nd2baj9.cloudfront.net/media/2014/01/06/04_dinajpur_election_violence_060114__0001.jpg/ALTERNATES/w620/04_Dinajpur_Election_Violence_060114__0001.jpg


Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/11/2014 02:43:00 AM

News article text at the bdnews24 link

Quote:31 killed, 90-plus injured in Xinjiang attack

Associated Press


[color="#0000FF"]BEIJING (AP) — Thirty-one people were killed and more than 90 injured in an attack Thursday on a busy street market in the capital of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang, the local government said, the bloodiest in a series of violent incidents blamed on radical separatist Muslims.[/color]

Related Stories

31 killed in attack in China's Xinjiang region Associated Press

China jails 39 in far west for material sharing Associated Press

Explosion reported in China's volatile Xinjiang Associated Press

China jails 39 in far west for terror materials Associated Press

The Xinjiang regional government said in a statement that the early morning attack in the city of Urumqi was "a serious violent terrorist incident of a particularly vile nature."

The assailants crashed through metal barriers in a pair of SUVs at 7:50 a.m. and plowed through crowds of shoppers while setting off explosives, the statement said.

The vehicles then crashed head-on and one of them exploded, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. It quoted an eyewitness as saying there were up to a dozen blasts in all.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack, but recent violence in the region has been blamed on extremists from Xinjiang's native Turkic Uighur Muslim ethnic group seeking to overthrow Chinese rule in the region.

The death toll was the highest for a violent incident in Xinjiang since days-long riots in Urumqi in 2009 between Uighurs (pronounced WEE'-gurs) and China's majority Han left almost 200 people dead. Thursday's attack also was the bloodiest single act of violence in Xinjiang in recent history.

View gallery

Violent attack in China's volatile northwestern region

In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, police officers stand guard near a blast s …

"I heard four or five explosions. I was very scared. I saw three or four people lying on the ground," said Fang Shaoying, the owner of a small supermarket located near the scene of the blast.

Photos from the scene posted to popular Chinese social media site Weibo showed at least three people lying in a street with a large fire in the distance giving off huge plumes of smoke. Others were sitting in the roadway in shock, with vegetables, boxes and stools strewn around them. Police in helmets and body armor were seen manning road blocks as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks arrived on the scene.

Urumqi was the scene of a railway station bomb attack late last month that killed three people, including two attackers, and injured 79. Security in the city has been significantly tightened since that attack, which took place as Chinese leader Xi Jinping was concluding a visit to the region.

Prior to last month's attack, the city had been relatively quiet since the 2009 ethnic riots amid a smothering police presence.

The station attack and other violence have been blamed on Uighur extremists, but information about events in the area, which is about 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) west of Beijing, is tightly controlled.

Tensions between Chinese and ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang have been simmering for years, but recent attacks — while still relatively crude — show an audaciousness and deliberateness that wasn't present before. They are also increasingly going after civilians, rather than the police and government targets of past years.

In an unprecedented incident last year, three Uighurs rammed a vehicle into crowds in a suicide attack near the Forbidden City gate in the heart of Beijing, killing themselves and two tourists.

And in March, 29 people were slashed and stabbed to death at a train station in the southern city of Yunnan blamed on Uighur extremists bent on waging jihad.

Uighur activists say the violence is being fueled by restrictive and discriminatory policies and practices directed at Uighurs and a sense that the benefits of economic growth have largely accrued to Chinese migrants while excluding Uighurs. The knowledge that Muslims elsewhere are rising up against their governments also seems to be contributing to the increased militancy.

Thursday's attack came two days after courts in Xinjiang sentenced 39 people to prison after being convicted of crimes including organizing and leading terrorist groups, inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and the illegal manufacturing of guns.

Among those convicted Tuesday was 25-year-old Maimaitiniyazi Aini, who received five years in prison for inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination for comments he made in six chat groups involving 1,310 people, the Supreme Court said.

In another case, a Uighur man was jailed for 15 years after he preached jihad, or holy war, to his son and another young man, according to the court.

Bad move by islamania. Unlike Indians - or even Europeans and AmriKKKans (AmriKKKans tend to only genocide islamania in countries outside the US) - China will not stand islamic-terrorism (=islam) for long and will eventually decide to crack down on islamania once-and-for-all and wipe it off the face of their country plus usurped regions.

- scmp.com/news/china/article/1517695/explosion-rocks-urumqi-wake-xinjiang-attacks

Quote:31 killed, scores injured in Xinjiang ‘terrorist’ attack

[color="#0000FF"]Assailants crash through metal barriers into crowded market in two cars, ploughing through hundreds of shoppers while setting off explosives[/color]

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 May, 2014, 9:24am

[color="#800080"](disturbing images of bloody jihad against the Chinese)[/color]

- scmp.com/news/china/article/1517944/china-shuts-train-station-lanzhou-over-suspected-explosives

Quote:More on this story

China shuts train station in Lanzhou over suspected explosives

22 May 2014 - 6:15pm

South China Morning Post - is I'm guessing a Hong Kong paper (?)

[color="#0000FF"]Hmmm, I suspect an increasing ...strain on TSP-W's (=Pakistan's) relations with China.[/color] While Pukestanis actually imagine the Chinese to be their "friends" merely for employing them for dirty deeds, China has no regard for TSP and its sea of islamic morons: Chinese consider the christoislamic inhabitants of TSP highly stupid, worthless and utterly expendable. (Can hardly argue with China on the first 2 points at least.) China regards TSP islamania as - what was that quaint phrase - "Useful Idiots", was it not? Yes, useful idiots with an expiry date to mark their expendability to China.

And TSP will just move forward said expiry date if it does anything stupid. Like:


Quote:Saturday, March 15, 2014Pak-Based Uighur Leader Vows Revenge Against China

An Uighur leader based in Pakistan's tribal areas vows to continue his fight against China:


Not trying to future-forecast, but it seems to me TSP is going to have to make a choice sooner or later and is likely to end up in a possible Catch-22: either TSP have to help their brothers in islamania, the Uighur terrorists (else Uighurs will go knocking on the more faithful's doors and TSP's own Taliban will turn on TSP) OR TSP helps Uighurs even in a small and "clandestine" way (and China will always find out, since China has using TSP in a similar clandestine manner against India on occasion) at which point China will beat the crap out of TSP after beating the crap out of the Uighurs. Not that I care, of course. And of course, I'm rooting for China.

Non-christoislamic Indians should not support islam in any China vs islam situation (or in China vs TSP): just wait it out. Lift NO finger for islamania.

Between islam and Red China there's no contest. Red China is not Red Russia of the Iron Curtain era: Chinese communist govt has no qualms about doing away with any pockets of islamania when this gives China trouble, even where such a pocket is TSP-sized. Or, indeed, the size of all of the Indian subcontinent's islamania. You see, unlike heathens, China has no compunctions about repaying total war with total war. And when it comes to the modern OR historical jihad - China is not remotely ignorant about historical islamic jihad against the heathen Chinese kafirs - China is not blinkered or bogged down as India is with history revisionism/inventions of "syncretism with christoislamism", and China will even pre-emptively employ total war. Which is as it should be. No tolerance for christo-class viruses like nazism or christoislamism=terrorism, etc.

It's a pity that the Rohingya islamaniacs didn't try their antics in China but in a Himalayan nation. Because then the world would never have heard of the Rohingya islamaniacs again.

So yes, Worldwide Islamaniac Brotherhood, by all means be so foolish as to "Unite in Xinjiang" and make martyr/shaheed (no one's going to miss islamania): Chinese armed forces are looking for some target practise and some training for bigger and more important fights they've got planned.

Actually, I have heard rumours that China has some bombs designed for use against large areas - and, unlike everyone except the AmriKKKans, the Chinese govt would not hesitate to employ these against populations, rather than expending Chinese men wastefully long-term on meaningless skirmishes of symmetric warfare with islamania, whereby islamania would only have started to delude itself that its guerilla warfare tactics are even remotely evenly matched to the reality of what the Chinese would do to them collectively with no second thought if they push too far with islamania=terrorism.

And the news as on 22 May 2014 is:


Quote:31 killed, 90-plus injured in Xinjiang attack

Associated Press


[color="#0000FF"]BEIJING (AP) — Thirty-one people were killed and more than 90 injured in an attack Thursday on a busy street market in the capital of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang, the local government said, the bloodiest in a series of violent incidents blamed on radical separatist Muslims.[/color]
^ Yesterday christo-islamania attacked in China.

Today christo-islamania attacked an Indian Consulate in Afghanistan.

1. uk.reuters.com/article/2014/05/23/uk-afghanistan-india-idUKKBN0E306C20140523

Quote:Militants attack Indian consulate in western Afghanistan

By Jalil Ahmad

HERAT Afghanistan Fri May 23, 2014 9:15am BST

[img caption:] Afghan security forces take position at the scene of an attack on the Indian consulate in Herat province May 23 ,2014.

Credit: Reuters/Mohammad Shoib

(Reuters) - A handful of heavily armed insurgents, including suicide bombers, launched a rocket propelled grenade and gun attack on the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's western city of Herat hours before dawn on Friday, officials said.

Indian staff at the mission escaped soon after the shooting began at around 3 a.m.. Police said Afghan security forces had killed the attackers, who were holed up in buildings overlooking the consulate, following a firefight that lasted several hours.

"They fired a couple of RPG shots. It was dark and they couldn’t verify where it was coming from," India's ambassador to Kabul Amar Sinha told Reuters by telephone.

He said there had been around 10 staff resident at the consulate in Herat, which stands close to the border with Iran and is Afghanistan's third largest city.

The attack underscored a worrying security picture as Afghanistan prepares to take over from foreign combat troops after more than 12 years of war against a Taliban insurgency and prepares for a presidential election run-off next month.

The consulate was guarded by a team of commandos from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Afghan security forces form an outer ring, an Indian security official in New Delhi said. Herat police chief General Samihullah Qatra told Reuters four attackers, including suicide bombers, had entered houses close to the consulate before dawn and began shooting into the compound.

"There were three suicide bombers armed with AK-47, RPG, hand grenade and suicide vests. Our security forces killed all of them. Only five of our security forces were wounded.”

It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack and no one claimed responsibility, though suspicion would inevitably fall on the Taliban and other loosely associated groups .

On the other side of the country, in the northeast province of Badakhshan, Taliban fightes were holding 27 police and officials hostage, and dozens of people have killed or wounded.


Militants have repeatedly attacked Indian targets in Afghanistan. Last August, an assault on the Indian consulate in the eastern city of Jalalabad killed at least nine people, and earlier this year a suicide bomber was gunned down near the consulate in the southern city of Kandahar.

In 2008, suicide bombers attacked the Indian embassy in the capital, Kabul, killing about 50 people and wounding scores. There was another attack on the embassy in 2009.

Security officials in India believe that previous attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan have been carried out by the Haqqani network, a Taliban and al Qaeda-linked group that has also long had ties with Pakistani intelligence.

U.S. officials and India had also accused Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence of organising the 2008 attack in Kabul.

Pakistan has long complained about the number of Indian consulates in Afghan cities[/color], fearful that friendship between India and Afghanistan could leave it isolated, and NATO prepares to withdraw the competition for influence in Kabul is expected to become fiercer.

On this occasion, however, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry was quick to issue a condemnation of the attack on the Indian consulate.

"No cause justifies targeting of diplomatic missions. It is a matter of relief that no one from the Consulate staff was hurt," the ministry said in a statement issued in Islamabad.

(Additional reporting by Mirwais Harooni and Jessica Donati in KABUL and Sanjeev Miglani in NEW DELHI; Writing by Jessica Donati; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)

FILED UNDER: World Middle East

[color="#800080"](Uh, since when did Afghanistan join the "Middle East"? Even Iran is usually still "West Asia". I suppose islamically-speaking, Pakiland and Bungladesh to Indonesia are the "middle-east" from US and now UK POV too. Can recall the time AmriKKKans kept referring to the Persian Gulf as "Arab Gulf" and the Iranians got pretty angry about it. Don't know why willing converts to islam should get angry. Being blindly dubbed Arabian is supposed to be the highest compliment - from islam's POV - for islamics the world over.)[/color]

Sounds like the US-KKKangress alliance's Islamic Arm (=TSP and their taliban contacts in AfPak) are at it again.

2. news.in.msn.com/national/afghanistan-consulate-attack-all-gunmen-killed-modi-talks-to-karzai

Quote:Fri, 23 May 2014 15:00:00 GMT | By PTI/Agencies

Afghanistan consulate attack: All gunmen killed, Modi talks to Karzai

[color="#0000FF"]Indian staff at the mission escaped soon after the shooting began at around 3 am. Later, police said Afghan security forces had killed the attackers

Kabul: Gunmen armed with heavy weapons including rocket propelled grenades on Friday attacked the Indian Consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province during which three attackers were killed, top Indian officials said.

However, TV reports further claimed that the fourth gunman has also been killed by the security forces.[/color]

Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Herat under attack [color="#800080"](links to: news.in.msn.com/national/indian-consulate-in-afghanistans-herat-province-under-attack)[/color]

All the diplomatic staff were safe. Three gunmen were killed, one by ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and two by Afghan police, out of four attackers who struck the Consulate which houses two buildings, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha said.

PM-designate Narendra Modi spoke to Amar Sinha and assured all help. Modi also spoke to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and thanked him for the efforts of Afghan forces in thwarting the attack.

Will protect Indian missions, Karzai tells Modi

[color="#0000FF"]Afghan President Hamid Karzai who spoke to Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi assured him that Kabul "will do all to protect Indian missions there".

Modi will be sworn in as prime minister Monday. Karzai is among the SAARC leaders expected to attend the event.[/color]

[color="#800080"](As per the R2004 blog, a representative of TSP has been invited to attend too.)[/color]

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BJP slams Nitish for plunging Bihar into crisis in Modi’s name

Sharif must attend Modi swearing-in: Foreign Office

Kejriwal's custody extended till June 6

Tipu Sultan's ring auctioned in London

Modi's invitation to Rajapaksa unacceptable: DMK

3. foxnews.com/world/2014/05/23/gunmen-attack-indian-consulate-in-western-afghanistan-province-herat-diplomats/

(Filed under Fox News' "Terrorism" section)

Quote:Gunmen attack Indian Consulate in western Afghanistan province of Herat; diplomats safe

Published May 23, 2014 • Associated Press

Now that BJP is in power, christoislamaniacs will step up their terrorism against India and Indians all the more, to ensure that The Development Agenda that all internet vocalists are insisting be the primary and essentially sole mandate will come to nothing. (What happened to undoing the inroads made by christoislamania into India? Such as the claws christoislamism has laid deeply into education, media, govt levels, etc? Attempts at development will turn to dust again or get hijacked as an engine for christoislamisation whenever un-nationalists come to power again. There can be no development until christoislamania is undone/de-clawed).
^ The christoislamaniac attack on the Indian consulate in Herat W-Afghan is probably a direct follow-up to the recent (highly predictable) mandate seen below - who didn't see it coming? Though not quite as scary as the papal order issued in the late 90s/early 2000s to christians infesting India & the world to convert Asia to monotheism, but still this latest call to jihad is not without some serious threat. Just as the papal mandate has woken sleeper christians into destroying heathen India, so too do regular calls to jihad wake sleeper islamics.


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Jihad group calls for attack of Indian targets worldwide[/color]

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 12:15

[color="#0000FF"]Washington:A jihad group has released a 10-minute video that calls on key fundamental Islamic leaders to attacks Indian targets worldwide in retaliation for the alleged atrocities commited against Muslims in India.

According to a translation provided by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the jihad group goes by the name of Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (The Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India).[/color]

[color="#800080"]("Supporters of Monotheism in the land of India" is a reference to christoislamania and not just islamania, note. In India, as jihadi groups know very well, christianism is in full collusion with islam.)[/color]

It quotes its leader, Abd Al-Rahman, as appealing in Arabic to Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad; Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri; the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and Al-Qaeda's leaders in Yemen (Nasser Al-Wuhaishi), in Somalia (Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair), and in North Africa (Abu Mus'ab 'Abd Al-Wudoud), to come forward to protect the Muslims of India.

In the video, Abd Al-Rahman describes Hindus as "hateful", and accuses them of perpetrating crimes like expulsion, imprisonment, rape and killing, and other insults, on Muslims.

MEMRI further quotes Abd Al-Rahman as mentioning the Kashmir dispute and the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in the video.

Abd Al-Rahman maintains that Muslims of India are suffering today under the occupation of Hindus.

[color="#800080"](Hindus "occupying" India? India - and all of AfPak and TSP-E are HindOO territory. Maybe it's time christoislamania was kicked out of the ENTIRE subcontinent. And out of all of Asia in fact. NYT seems to promise Indian islamaniacs better treatment in US: clearly, all islamaniacs were herewith and forthwith invited to the US by NYT.)[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]The video concludes with Abd Al-Rahman seeking the support and advice of these Islamic leaders to attack Indian Government interests and its economic centers in India or abroad until the government collapses.[/color]

[color="#800080"](In other words, as stated in the previous post, India's jihad groups operating against India/Hindus are all the Islamic Arm of the AmriKKKan-KKKangress Alliance. Notice how islamania always riots on KKKaangress/AmriKKKan schedule and against *their* enemies.

The Indian jihadi group's stated aim of deliberately destabilising the BJP government gives away their puppeteers: since KKKangress/US couldn't dislodge BJP during the elections, the US/KKKangress - by means of carefully applied jihad - are going to make sure that the Indian populace will come to regret electing a nationalist govt and will learn to never do so again.

Nationalist vocalists writing article after article about how India's economy will now at last be developed and then ALL "Indians" will benefit by it - whereby christoislamic arch-traitors are magically included again, all is forgiven and forgotten: since upon victory Indian nationalist writers become drunk on their temporary success and utterly amnesiac to bloody treachery and brutal genocide, and thus turn unreasonably magnanimous even to infernal eternal traitors - said vocalists forgot to take into account spiteful christoislamic terrorism, despite the lessons of prior experience. Christoislamania does NOT want a secular Indian pardees. They want a monotheistic India. The christian KKKangress govt had promised islam that Mughal rule will be reinstated in return for christianising other areas of India. But now India is under a BJP govt again, so the approach has changed again to "Attack on Parliament followed by Godhra" style tactics once more: KKKangress requires islamania to use force again to bring closer the day that monotheism is to dawn unchallenged on India.)[/color]


First Published: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 12:15

Jihad group calls for attack of Indian targets worldwide Last Updated: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 12:15

And in that context:


Quote:Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fwd: Will NYT/Ford Foundation orchestrate a terrorist attack or riot?

---------- Forwarded message ----------


[color="#0000FF"]Ford Foundation and NYT may plan a huge terrorist attack or spark a major riot anytime soon and blame Muslims for it.

Remember the Rubaiya Saeed episode was right after a new government took power?

There are accusations that NYT is a front for intelligence agencies. It is important that India stay alert and foil these efforts.[/color]


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity Posted by nizhal yoddha at 5/21/2014 10:52:00 PM

Plus, the Taliban, as is well-known, were ever AmriKKKa's own rabies-infested attack hounds.

The news was:

May 20, 2014: Jihad group calls for attack of Indian targets worldwide -> May 23, 2014: Militants attack Indian consulate in western Afghanistan

(Right on anti-Hindu/anti-India Nexus' schedule)
There seems to me something more sinister about the following than is apparent from what the news admits:


Quote:The Telegraph, calcutta, india (sic)

Sunday 8 June 2014

Child trafficking plot thickens

- Under ally pressure, Kerala govt shies away from launching full-fledged investigation ANANTHAKRISHNAN G.

Mukkam Muslim Orphanage in Kozhikode where the children were being taken to

Thiruvananthapuram, June 7: Nearly a fortnight after over 500 children were found stuffed in trains that arrived in Kerala late last month, investigators are yet to press trafficking charges against the orphanages that are under the scanner or even question its officials.

Many of the children, over 160 from Jharkhand alone, had gone without food and water for hours together and were travelling ticketless.

Some of them were travelling with their parents. Yet all were going to Mukkam Muslim Orphanage in Kozhikode.

In terms of action, there have been only a few cursory arrests of alleged agents who brought the children along. And if the Kerala government is seen to be dithering on moving quickly to bring the culprits to book, there are reasons.

The chairman of the orphanage is Syed Hyederali Shihab Thangal, the tallest leader of the Indian Union Muslim League, which is also an ally of the ruling Congress-led United Democratic Front government.

“The railway police division of Kerala police has registered a case under Section 370(5) of the IPC. The charge relates to trafficking of minor children and they are investigating,’’ Palakkad district collector K. Ramachandran told The Telegraph.

But what he does not say is that this has been the position since May 25 when the children were found in the trains that arrived at the Olavakkode railway station in Palakkad.

Around 500 children, mostly from Bihar and Jharkhand, were found hoarded — some of them had gone without food and water for hours — in three compartments of the Patna Kochi Express, which reached Palakkad on May 24.

Another 123 children from West Bengal had arrived by another train a day later. The first batch of children was to be taken to Mukkam orphanage, while the 123 were to be sent to Anwarul Huda orphanage in Malappuram district.

A high-level crime branch team constituted to probe the incident has so far arrested 10 persons, allegedly agents.

While four of them are from Malda in West Bengal, the rest belong to Godda in Jharkhand.

The last arrest, that of 30-year-old Shafeek Sheikh of Persia village in Godda, was carried out yesterday. Police say he was in the train with the children but had fled the scene on seeing them. He has been working in the Mukkam orphanage as a cook since the last three years and had helped bring at least a dozen children to Kerala in the past.

His wife Rubic Hatoom is a cleaner in the orphanage.

However, even the crime branch team is yet to take any of the orphanage officials into custody for questioning. The reasons are obvious.

The IUML is upset at the manner in which the investigation was proceeding and wanted the state to drop the trafficking angle.

Party MP E.T. Mohammed Basheer said neither the officials of the states to which the children belong, nor their parents, had complained to the Kerala government of any illegality and hence it could not be termed child trafficking.

Orphanage authorities also maintain that it was only a case of lack of understanding of the legal provisions and that there was nothing wrong in trying to give children from poverty-stricken areas in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal food and education.

But the answer fails to explain why children whose parents were alive were labelled as orphans and admitted to the orphanage.

The ally pressure seemed to show on the ruling Congress too, with Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy terming it procedural lapse and home minister Ramesh Chennithala saying he did not want to comment for fear of influencing the investigation.

Not many seem to agree with their versions.

The state child welfare committee has written to the railway police seeking legal action against the perpetrators and demanding a report at the earliest.

The nodal officer of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), DIG S. Sreejith, was one of the first to examine the issue and had gone on record to say that it was a “clear case of child trafficking’’.

The rules for inter-state transfer of children did not seem to have been observed, he had said.

Rights commission chief Justice J.B. Koshy said he would wait till the inquiry was over before reaching any conclusion, but added that several suspicions like the likelihood of the children being subjected to organ trade or sexual abuse needed to be probed in detail.

He revealed that some of the orphanages had resisted when the commission tried to conduct an audit of their activities in the past.

One institution from Malappuram had even approached the state high court against this.

But just as the government appeared to be chickening out, there was hope from Kerala High Court. Acting on a plea by an NGO, a bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice P.R. Ramachandra Menon has called for a “serious investigation’’ into why such large number of children had come to Kerala.

The court has also issued notices to Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The Union ministry of social welfare and railways were also impleaded in the petition. The hearing is on June 19.

Quote:167 from Jharkhand

Eight-member team from Jharkhand, including labour commissioner Manish Ranjan, is in Kerala to bring back the children. Till last count, the state authorities have established the identities of 167 children

* [color="#FF0000"]To return:[/color] 129

* [color="#FF0000"]With parents:[/color] 31

* [color="#FF0000"]With Kerala authorities:[/color] 7


Some of the kids from Jharkhand were taken back by their parents who arrived after hearing the news. The Kerala government will bear the expense for sending the rest of the children back to their state

K. Ramachandran

Palakkad district collector

Adoption is not allowed in Islam (because of mohammed's sudden laws, after he wanted to sleep with his adopted son's intended/wife). Will find a link.

I suspect that the above islamic instance is actually exactly the same as regularly happens with the christian orphanages in Kerala and Tamilnadu that regularly abduct Hindu children from Hindu families as far as Nepal and take them hostage for conversion, abuse and resale to aliens. The reason for kidnapping children who have parents and placing them in such distant orphanages then also makes sense: it is so that heathen children and their parents can't find each other: language is different, no one knows where the kids have gone missing to, even when Hindu parents from Bengal and Jharkhand know that islamaniacs abducted their children.

The islamaniac adults accompanying the children to these islamic "orphanages" also make more sense in this light: islamic parents are less likely to dump their kids in orphanages than islamaniacs would be willing to dump Hindu children they kidnapped in madrassas.

There is no mention in the christo ragazine above of the names of the children or the few parents who have retrieved the kids. The deliberate impression that the news item as well as the christocommunist Kerala govt (which is always in collusion with the jihadis in Kerala) give are that the children "must be" islamic. But they have taken care not to perjure themselves by saying so.

And the readiness of the Kerala govt to collude - and their reluctance to nail the crime - starts making mores sense when you remember that the Kerala govt is christo-communist and has long been all too eager to preside over having heathen Hindu children abducted from their loving Hindoo families and convert-or-killed (convert-and-abused) by christoislamania, same as how the christogovt of Kerala and TN has allowed "christian orphanages" to do the same so far.

Also, the children are specifically abducted from regions where islamania is waging jihad against Hindus and regularly abducting Hindu children (and women): W Bengal, Jharkhand, etc.

"The IUML is upset at the manner in which the investigation was proceeding and wanted the state to drop the trafficking angle."

-> The ummah league "being upset" that the trafficking is being popularised also tallies: as it alerts - as it has already alerted - parents in their home states to come looking for abducted children in these madrassas. If islamic parents had voluntarily relinquished their kids as orphans, why would the ummah be afraid of the news getting out: surely the parents "already knew", as per their argument? But their resistance is far more likely to be to not wanting the Hindu masses to know that this is another demographic-jihad operation, let alone that robbed Hindu parents should find and retrieve their beloved kids. That explains why they're opposed to the publicity and government interference.

And another thing is that if you google for abducted children in Jharkhand, you find that it is "tribal" (Vanavasi) Hindu families whose children have been abducted: there is a big racket going on. Oftentimes it is maoists abducting them to recruit them for christianism I mean maoism. There's another reason that christo-communist Kerala govt would be most happy to collude with and protect islamaniac theft of Hindu children.


which is on the untold story of the growing nexus between the ISI and the Maoists.

And Kerala islamania is a known hotbed of TSP's ISI.

Here, found support for how islam does not accept adoption (hence "islamic orphanages" don't make sense), clearly pointing to not merely plain vanilla child-trafficking (i.e. of their own kids) but of largescale islamic abduction and abuse of Hindu children:


Quote:Adoption in Islam and History of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Marriage to Zainab Bint Jahsh.

By Syed Kamran Mirza

Adoption in Islam:

Islam prohibits adopting children. Period. Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed in Muslim Shriah law. This is because Allah does not like this gesture of adopting orphan children. Muhammad Rushed Ridha states, "Allah prohibited adoption in Islam and annulled all the judgements pertaining to adoption. The most important one of which was the prohibition of the wife of the adopted son to the fostering father as though he is the natural father. So Allah commanded his prophet to marry Zainab Bint Jahsh in order to abolish [color="#FF0000"]pagan custom[/color] (Fatawa al-Imam)." Al-sabuni states, "As to Zainab Bint Jahsh, the Messenger of Allah married for no higher wisdom than to [color="#FF0000"]abolish the heresy of adoption (A-sabuni)[/color]."


Pre-Islamic Arab Custom: Adoption of orphan/helpless child was a very popular and moral practice amongst pre-Islamic Arabs. By adopting orphan/helpless child, they used to consider adopted child as their own. And they used to pass onto them the adopter's genealogy and name, his investment of them with all the rights of the legitimate son including that of inheritance and the prohibition of marriage on grounds of consanguinity.

(Of course, as everyone knew already, the ventriloquist Mohammed only made his invisible=non-existent puppet - allah - declare adoption illegal in islam because Mohammed lusted after his adopted son's wife and had to make his aquisition of her legal and religiously islamically moralSmile

Post-Islamic Custom: The all-wise legislator of Islam willed to undo the above mentioned Arab practice of adopting children. The divine legislator willed to give the adopted son only the right of a client and co-religionist. For that reason a verse was revealed: "God did not make your adopted son as your own sons. To declare them so is your empty claim. God's word is righteous and constitutes true guidance. (Q.33: 4)." It follows from this revelation that the adopter may marry the ex-wife of his adopted son and vice-versa. Thus Muhammad married Zainab in order to provide a good example of what the All-wise legislator was seeking to establish by way of rights and privileges for adoption. In this regard God further said: "After a term of married life with her husband, We permitted you to marry her so that it may hence be legitimate and morally blameless for a believer to marry the wife of his adopted son provided that wife has already been divorced. That is God's commandment which must be fulfilled (Q.33: 37)." Who, among the Arabs, could implement this noble legislation and thereby openly repudiate the ancient traditions? The truth is, however, that Muhammad was the exemplar of obedience to God; his life was the implementation of that which he was entrusted to convey to mankind. His life constitutes the highest ideal, the perfect example, and the concrete instance of his Lord's command (M.H. Haykal, page-296-297).

Those who are Muslims and are obedient to the Qur'an will not have adopted sons.

Indians are becoming very impotent (what was that word, napumsaka or something?) Unable to protect their women from christo-islamaniac rapists. Parents unable to protect their children from abduction and sexual abuse by christoislamania.

I wonder when Indians will finally get a spine and send christoislamicommunists back to TSP-W and E where they belong. Or preferrably Afghanistan, in the midst of the Taliban.

I think it is secularism and de-heathenisation that is Hindu-majority India impotent. There's a direct correlation in the numbers.
[color="#0000FF"]ISIL declares Khalifate in the parts of Iraq and Syria now under submission/islamic "peace".[/color]

This could turn out really significant. (It is certainly significant that they're actually trying.) Do Indians even know to worry about what this will mean were this to continue unchecked? (The hint is in history books, btw, and in the very meaning of what a Khalifate entails.)

Eventually, when it all comes to the doorstep**, there'll be two choices left open: to fight back OR to roll over. Or to put it from the islamaniac offenders' POV: convert-or-kill.

** I recall a bit from a non-fiction book that may be relevant. Some other time maybe.

1. AFP via Saudi news


Quote:ISIL declares ‘caliphate’

[color="#800080"][img caption:][/color] Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Agence France Presse

Published — Monday 30 June 2014

Last update 30 June 2014 1:19 am

BEIRUT: An offshoot of Al-Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic “Caliphate” and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance, a statement posted on jihadist websites said on Sunday.

The move is an expansion of the group’s ambitions to wage a holy war and posed a direct challenge to the central leadership of Al-Qaeda, which has already disowned it.

The group, previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, has renamed itself “Islamic State” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghadi as “Caliph” — the head of the state, the statement said.

“He is the imam and khalifah (Caliph) for the Muslims everywhere,” the group’s spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani said in the statement, which was translated into several languages and an Arabic audio speech.

[color="#800080"](First thought that entered my mind when the headlines flashed was who was going to be the caliph. I mean, no Khalifate without khalif, right?)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]“Accordingly, the “Iraq and Sham” (Levant) in the name of the Islamic State is henceforth removed from all official deliberations and communications, and the official name is the Islamic State from the date of this declaration,” he said.

Charles Lister, Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Doha Center, saw considerable significance in the move.

“Whatever judgments are made in terms of its legitimacy, (the) announcement that it has restored the Caliphate is likely the most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11.

“The impact of this announcement will be global as Al-Qaeda affiliates and independent jihadist groups must now definitively choose to support and join the Islamic State or to oppose it.”

Fighters from the group overran the Iraqi city of Mosul last month and have advanced toward Baghdad. In Syria they have captured territory in the north and east, along the frontier with Iraq.

“It is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to (him) and support him...The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations, becomes null by the expansion of the khalifah’s authority and arrival of its troops to their areas,” the statement said.[/color]

[color="#800080"]("The legality of all Emirates, ... (islamaniacs) states, ... becomes null". <- Wait, does this mean the 2022 soccer games in Qatar are off? Oh it's going to be such a disappointment to the Hindus held hostage in Qatar and forced to work to their deaths to make it all happen. No?)[/color]

(Reporting by Sylvia Westall in Beirut and Ali Abdelaty in Cairo)

And that's why it WILL impact India too and ceases to be a little ME inter-islamaniac tete-a-tete.

But, Quick Shiite Iraqis and Iranians etc. Declare an anti-pope I mean anti-caliph - or several - and confuse the global ummah as to whom they should cluster around. Decentralisation could defuse it, after a period of continued warfare - but considering the Sunnis have already brought the war to the Shiites, it's not going to be any different, just levels the playing ground.

2. smh.com.au/world/iraq-crisis-isil-militants-declare-caliphate-20140630-zsqcg.html

Quote:Iraq crisis: ISIL militants declare 'Caliphate'


DateJuly 1, 2014 - 5:13AM 8 reading now(7)

Read later

Ruth Pollard

[img caption:] Iraqi forces launch offensive in Tikrit

Iraq's army initiate a campaign to retake militant-held Tikrit, the birthplace of former president Saddam Hussein.

June 30, 2014 - 7:16AM

Baghdad: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Sunni militants fighting across Syria and Iraq – have proclaimed the establishment of a “caliphate” in a move that experts say could signal the birth of a new era of transnational jihadism.

Now calling itself the Islamic State, the group has called on all other related Sunni factions, including al-Qaeda, to pledge their allegiance to the new state, which it says stretches from Aleppo in Syria to Diyala in Iraq.

"Put simply, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has declared war on Al-Qaeda."

In a statement distributed online on Sunday – the newly-minted Islamic State declared its chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as "the caliph" and "leader for Muslims everywhere". Baghdadi is thought to be the leader and strategic thinker behind ISIL.

[Img caption:] Iraq battlegrounds.

Its announcement that it has restored the Caliphate “is likely the most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11,” said Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Centre who studies jihadist groups.

“The impact of this announcement will be global as al-Qaeda affiliates and independent jihadist groups must now definitively choose to support and join the Islamic State or to oppose it.”

[color="#0000FF"]The group’s statement – translated from Arabic into English, French, Russian and German – made it clear it would perceive any group that failed to pledge allegiance an enemy of Islam,” Mr Lister said.[/color]

[color="#800080"](And btw,that includes any SIMI and Lashkar-e-Toiba etc islamaniacs infesting India too.)[/color]

[img caption:] The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have declared a "caliphate". Photo: Reuters

[color="#0000FF"]Already, this new Islamic State has received statements of support and opposition from jihadist factions in Syria, he confirmed.

Released on the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the statement establishing a caliphate, a system of rule that ended nearly 100 years ago with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, reads: “Here the flag of the Islamic State … rises and flutters. Its shade covers land from Aleppo [Syria] and Diyala [Iraq].[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]“The infidels are disgraced. The Sunnis are masters and are esteemed. The people of heresy are humiliated. The Sharia penalties are implemented, all of them.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Note: Shiites are being referred to. How many Shiites in India, btw? Time to ask: So Shiites, how does it feel to not be part of allah's brotherhood - despite the recruitment advertising - and to not be top of the food chain? Not too late to forswear non-existent allah, the puppet of that ventriloquist madman mohammed and join the free world in ridding it of islamania...)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]“The front lines are defended, crosses and graves demolished. Governors and judges have been appointed, a tax has been enforced and courts will resolve disputes and complaints.”[/color]

[color="#800080"]("Oh poor christos. Did your islamaniac brethren demolish your crosses and graves. Poor you." And is this merely a minor and partial payback for Syrian christomania destroying one ancient Hellenistic temple after another? Still, Syria's Syrian christians are less scary than the Syrian christians infesting India. For the same reason that islamaniacs working for dar-ul-islam in a Dar-ul-harb are scarier than those already in an islamic state.)[/color]

[img captions:] ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Photo: Reuters

[color="#FF0000"]ISIL, also known as ISIS, already controls large swathes of northern Iraq after a sustained assault which began with the overthrow of Iraqi control of the country’s second largest city of Mosul, near the Syrian border, on June 9.

Over the last two years it has established a strong presence in parts of Syria, controlling key oil fields in eastern Syria in the area bordering Iraq, levying taxes and other penalties and implementing strict Sharia law on besieged communities.

“Geographically, ISIS is already fully operational in Iraq and Syria; it has a covert presence in southern Turkey, appears to be establishing a small presence in Lebanon; and has supporters in Jordan, Gaza, the Sinai, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere,” Mr Lister said. “This could well be the birth of a totally new era of transnational jihadism.”[/color]

The announcement was also interpreted as a threat to al-Qaeda and its long-held position of leadership of the international jihadist cause.

“Put simply, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has declared war on al-Qaeda.”

[color="#800080"](No one minds if they kill each other dead - or all of christoislamia. But they won't leave the rest of the world alone once they're done.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Baghdadi took over the group in 2010. Back then ISI, as it was known, :how-appropriate: was aligned to al-Qaeda[/color] and in a weakened state following a surge of US forces deployed to Iraq and the coalition of Sunni tribal groups that fought against al-Qaeda’s presence in the country. But under his leadership the group thrived and is now believed to be the wealthiest militant organisation in the world with assets in the billions, “simultaneously implementing harsh mediaeval justice and a whole range of modern social services”, Mr Lister said.

Relations between between ISIL and its prior incarnations and al-Qaeda have been fraught with distrust, open competition, and outright hostility, said Aaron Zelin, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, describing the two groups as “now in an open war for supremacy of the global jihadist movement”.

ISIL “holds an advantage but the battle is not over yet,” he wrote in the institute’s journal.

Meanwhile, a fierce battle raged in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit after the Iraqi military, backed by Shiite militia, launched an offensive to try to take back Tikrit from Sunni insurgents after they lost control of the area on June 11.

And while the military and Iraqi state television claimed security forces had had cleared the centre of the city of militants, it appeared the army had been pushed back 15 kilometres from the city as the insurgents fought back, Tikrit residents said.

3. euronews.com/2014/06/30/isil-renames-itself-islamic-state-and-declares-caliphate-in-captured-territory/

Quote:ISIL renames itself ‘Islamic State’ and declares Caliphate in captured territory

30/06 01:14 CET

•Tikrit battle continues as Iraq attempts to recapture town from ISIL

[color="#0000FF"]The group previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has renamed itself “Islamic State” and has established a caliphate over territory it has captured in both Syria and Iraq.[/color]

Its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been declared the “caliph for Muslims everywhere” in a statement posted on Twitter and several Islamic websites.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence has released footage reportedly showing troops advancing on the northern city of Tikrit with the aim of regaining control with an assault backed by tanks and helicopters

Security officials said the army is coordinating its campaign, which was launched on Saturday, with the United States.

If the Tikrit operation is successful it could help to restore a degree of faith in the Iraqi security forces and be a boost to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

Copyright © 2014 euronews

More about:

4. rferl.org/content/article/25438892.html

(Radio Free Europe)

Quote:Monday, June 30, 2014

Iraq Continues Counterattack, ISIL Declares 'Caliphate'

Related Articles

•As ISIL Advances, RFI Reports

•Barzani: Kurds To Stay In Kirkuk

•Iraqi Army Advances On Tikrit

•1,200 Chinese Evacuated From Iraq


June 29, 2014

Iraqi forces have been pressing with a counteroffensive to retake the northern city of Tikrit as Sunni-led jihadists who captured large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria declared a "caliphate."

Army helicopters struck at rebel positions and clashes broke out in various parts of Tikrit on June 29, a day after troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships launched their operation to retake the city from the insurgents led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) -- an Al-Qaeda splinter group.

Witnesses reported waves of government air strikes in central Tikrit.

ISIL captured Tikrit earlier this month as they swept across large parts of northern and western Iraq.

On June 29, ISIL declared a "caliphate," or Islamist state, extending from Aleppo in northern Syria to Diyala in Iraq.

In an audio recording distributed online, ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani was quoted as saying the group declared its chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, "caliph” and "leader for Muslims everywhere."

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government said it had received the first five Sukhoi attack aircraft from Russia to help it fight the insurgents.

Security officials said five second-hand Sukhoi attack aircraft would enter service within a few days, and that more were on their way.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry said the planes were SU-25s.

The planes are believed to have been bought by the Iraqi government in a deal reportedly worth $500 million.

An Iraqi official said pilots from former dictator Saddam Hussein's air force would fly the planes.

Su-25s are designed for ground attack, which would make them useful for Iraqi forces trying to root out ISIL-led militants from a string of towns and cities they have seized.

[color="#0000FF"]A spokesman for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said hundreds of soldiers have been killed since the insurgent offensive was launched on June 9, while the UN puts the overall death toll at over 1,000, mostly civilians.[/color]

Maliki, a Shi'a, has been blamed for failing to promote national reconciliation.

[color="#800080"](Note that in Iraq, under Saddam, Sunnis apparently made up most of the army. Post-Saddam, Shiites made up most of the army. Neither side quite trusted the other, but it's all come to actual blows now.)[/color]

He has come under increasing pressure to form an inclusive government after the April elections.

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, this week called on political blocs to agree on the next prime minister by July 1, when the new parliament meets.

The National Coalition led by former Prime Minister Iyad Alawi announced on June 29 that it won’t attend the session “unless the political powers put a road map to stop the security deterioration and heal the rift within the country."

With reporting by AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, RIA, and ITAR-TASS

I'm sure Indians will be sleepwalking as usual, continuing to listen to morons and more morons and then Super-morons and then Ultra-Morons.

Oh well. Victory tends to be to those who want it.

Whether Indians will it or not - and whether the BJP "development ra-ra" govt wills it or not - "Development" will soon be off the menu, if islamania advances (and it certainly intends to): since India is rather high up on Jihad's menu. I mean, when the islamaniacs were threatening to make mincemeat I mean mughalistan out of Dar-ul-Harb Hindoo-stan, people didn't think they were just playacting right?

I don't know about others, but I was never a fan of cannibal stew - either from inside or outside of the pot. But rather outside than in...

5. [color="#0000FF"]Also relevant is[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]ISIS: More extreme than Al-Qaeda[/color]

(which IIRC had a tell-tale quote by Kerry)

And today's news was (excerpted from the various news sources linked above):

Quote:ISIL declares ‘caliphate’

“Whatever judgments are made in terms of its legitimacy, (the) announcement that it has restored the Caliphate is likely the most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11.

[color="#0000FF"]“The impact of this announcement will be global as Al-Qaeda affiliates and independent jihadist groups must now definitively choose to support and join the Islamic State or to oppose it.”

“It is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to (him) and support him...The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations, becomes null by the expansion of the khalifah’s authority and arrival of its troops to their areas,” the statement said.[/color]

The group’s statement – translated from Arabic into English, French, Russian and German – made it clear it would perceive any group that failed to pledge allegiance an enemy of Islam,” Mr Lister said.

[color="#800080"](And btw, that includes any SIMI and Lashkar-e-Toiba etc islamaniac groups and individuals infesting India too.)[/color]

Already, this new Islamic State has received statements of support and opposition from jihadist factions in Syria, he confirmed.

Released on the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the statement establishing a caliphate, a system of rule that ended nearly 100 years ago with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, reads: “Here the flag of the Islamic State … rises and flutters. Its shade covers land from Aleppo [Syria] and Diyala [Iraq].

“The infidels are disgraced. The Sunnis are masters and are esteemed. The people of heresy are humiliated. The Sharia penalties are implemented, all of them.

“Geographically, ISIS is already fully operational in Iraq and Syria; it has a covert presence in southern Turkey, appears to be establishing a small presence in Lebanon; and has supporters in Jordan, Gaza, the Sinai, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere,” Mr Lister said. “This could well be the birth of a totally new era of transnational jihadism.”
- Two islamaniacs infesting Burma gangraped a Buddhist woman. Burmese police confirm rape charges were filed against the islamaniac siblings who attacked her.

- Buddhists rioted with make-shift weapons - bricks, bottles - against the tea-shop of the islamic gang-rapists and other islamaniacs' shops around it. (Islamaniacs were of course more than prepared.) A mob of some 450 wielding sticks and knives were gathered.

- Then islamaniacs brutally hacked a Buddhist man to death with a sword.

- In retaliation, Buddhists killed an islamaniac.

Yet most international christomedia is spinning this - predictably - the way Godhra was spun: i.e. that the islamaniacs were mere victims of Buddhist suspicions, that it's all just Buddhist propaganda against islam, and hence unprovoked attacks.

1. abc.net.au/news/2014-07-03/myanmar-riots/5570604?section=australianetworknews

Quote:Curfew imposed after two killed in Buddhist-Muslim attacks in Myanmar's second-largest city Mandalay

Updated Thu 3 Jul 2014, 11:53 PM AEST

[img caption:] Photo. Tin Tin Kyaw mourns her husband Soe Min, one of two men killed in violent Buddhist-Muslim riots in Mandalay, Myanmar, July 3, 2014

(Meanwhile no photo of the murdered Buddhist man - who was murdered by islamaniacs with the usual scimitars, before the islamic Soe Min was killed in retaliation)

Reuters: Soe Zeya Tun Myanmar police have imposed an overnight curfew in the country's second largest city of Mandalay on Thursday, after two nights of sectarian unrest that left two people dead.

"We do not want the situation getting worse," senior Mandalay police officer Zaw Min Oo said, explaining that the 9:00pm to 5:00am restrictions were for security reasons.

A Buddhist and a Muslim man were killed and 14 people injured in the city of Mandalay in central Myanmar.

Local police say five people were injured on the first night.

There were reports of a heavy police presence on the ground, streets blocked with barbed wire and metal, and Muslim shops were closed.

Rioters smashed or set fire to several cars and threw bricks and bottles at some houses, according to the state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper.

It said about 450 rioters with sticks and knives took to the streets, despite an increased security presence.

("Knives" -> these are the islamaniacs. Any guns or knives or swords mentioned in a description of a rioting mob in the subcontinent where one side is islamaniac is *always* a description of the islamaniacs.

The sticks above may refer to armed Buddhists, or else these were muslims too.)

One resident told Reuters news agency Muslims were staying inside, for fear of attacks on their homes and businesses.

"Most Muslims are hiding and some shifted to other towns near Mandalay and to hotels," the resident said, who asked to remain anonymous.

Colonel Aung Kyaw Oo, an army official managing security in Mandalay, says police arrested four people after the first night of rioting, which was triggered by online reports that a Muslim tea shop owner had raped a Buddhist woman.

Police in the capital, Naypyitaw, said rape charges had been filed against the tea shop owner and his brother at a police station in Pyinmana, about halfway between Mandalay and Naypyitaw, where the rape allegedly took place.

(And this is the only English-language news source I've seen that does not keep parroting AAP/other paid western media about how the islamaniac rape of the Buddhist woman was only "alleged" or merely "rumour-mongering". Note also that the above news shows that police have confirmed they were actually acting on rape charges filed against the islamaniac tea shop owner and his islamaniac brother: making it the usual islamaniac gang-rape.

Buddhists of Myanmar are getting the same treatment as the Hindus in the Godhra train burning where all initial islamaniac violence against Hindus was merely "rumour" while Hindu retaliation followed by islamaniac violence against Hindus again were presented as all "Hindus' fault".)

Crackdown on religious violence

In a speech broadcast on Thursday, president Thein Sein called the country a "multi-racial and religious nation" and warned against sectarian violence.

"For the reform to be successful, I would like to urge all to avoid instigation and behaviour that incites hatred among our fellow citizens," he said in the speech.

Mr Sein's government has launched sweeping political and economic reforms since he took office in 2011, following 49 years of military rule, but has struggled to contain outbreaks of anti-Muslim violence.

Unrest between Muslims and Buddhists has caused at least 240 deaths since June 2012.

Most victims were members of Myanmar's Muslim minority, estimated to be about 5 per cent of the population.

(Actually the percentage of islamaniacs is more, see next item below.)

Violent outbreaks have become more common under the reformist government, which lifted restrictions on freedom of speech including Internet access, which had previously been tightly controlled by the military.

(Internet access has merely allowed news of islamaniac terrorism against Burmese Buddhists to become more public so that more Buddhists know to stand up for their people being terrorised by the demonic ideology of christoislamania. Why can't western people die quietly by islamic jihad instead of whining all over the news about being victimised? Why should the islamic victimisation and genocide of the adherents of native Asian religions be silenced by the international media? Why does the international christomedia always shed crocodile tears for islamaniac "victims" of highly justified native Asian retaliation, while the ongoing bloody islamic genocide of the Chittagong Buddhists of Bangladesh goes utterly unreported. As also the bloody christian genocide of the native Hindus of India's northeast?)


Posted Thu 3 Jul 2014, 9:36 PM AEST

2. time.com/2956180/burma-mandalay-race-riots-sectarian-violence-buddhist-muslim/

Quote:Once Again, Racial Tensions in Burma Turn Deadly

Charlie Campbell

July 4, 2014

(What "racial" tensions? As I understand - and going by their names - the islamaniacs infesting Burma are braindead converts from the Burmese population itself, not some other 'race'.)

[img caption:] Police officers guard a Muslim residential area in Mandalay July 3, 2014. Soe Zeya Tun-Reuters

Buddhist gangs, including monks, attacked Muslim-owned businesses and a mosque, in violence that has left two dead

A police curfew has helped restore calm to Mandalay, Burma's second largest city, following mob violence between local Buddhists and Muslims that has so far claimed two lives and left more than a dozen injured.

Rioting was sparked Tuesday evening when Buddhist gangs - including monks - attacked Muslim-owned businesses, cars and a mosque with bricks and make-shift weapons, apparently enraged by the rape of a Buddhist woman allegedly by two Muslim owners of a teashop.

(Note that the Buddhists used bricks and make-shift weapons. Which again indicates that the rioters armed with knives were islamaniacs.)

“Two men were killed” in overnight attacks into Thursday, Zaw Min Oo, a senior police officer in Mandalay, confirmed to AFP.

One victim, a 30-year-old Buddhist man named Tun Tun, was hacked to death with a sword, according to local officials, while a Muslim man, Soe Min Htway, was apparently killed in retaliation while traveling to dawn prayers. Around 400 local police were deployed Thursday to keep the peace and rubber bullets were reported fired.

(And the above is the first news item I've seen on this which admits that the Buddhist man was hacked to death first - and with a sword (obvious premeditation) - and that an islamaniac was merely killed in retaliation. Every other international christomedia item pretends that it was all equal-equal or even that Buddhists are the ones who killed an islamaniac first.)

Five Muslims were reportedly arrested Friday after security officials searched their homes and found knives. “Police definitely know these are used for ceremonial purposes,” Ossaman, an imam at Mandalay’s largest mosque, told Reuters. “They were not breaking any law.”

(Hindu Sadhus in India are now banned by the erstwhile christogovt from keeping any weapons even traditional shoolas in self-defence. Why are islamaniacs allowed to keep obvious *murder* weapons like swords for alleged "ceremonial purposes" when everyone knows that the above imam is lying and islamaniacs regularly use these very weapons in their guerilla warfare to reduce the kafir populations of dar-ul-harb nations by sporadic massacres? Why are islamaniacs allowed to keep any dangerous weapons when muslims always and regularly kill kafirs with swords and knives in India and apparently in Burma too, as seen in the above example of the Burmese Buddhist Tun-Tun who was hacked to death by an islamaniac with a sword.)

Mandalay is the home of extremist Buddhist monk Wirathu and has long been a hub of simmering inter-religious tensions; the controversial cleric appears to have been instrumental is spreading the rape rumors that led to the latest violence via his Facebook page.

(Again: NOT rumours. As seen in first news article above, police confirmed that rape charges had been filed against the islamaniacs.)

On Thursday, he warned of Muslims "armed to teeth with swords and spears" preparing a jihad against local Buddhists, reports the Democratic Voice of Burma.

Sporadic violence between Buddhists and Muslims has convulsed Burma for over two years now, as the former pariah nation emerges from a half-century of brutal military dictatorship. More than 240 people have been killed and at least 140,000 displaced, most of them Rohingya - a heavily persecuted Muslim group largely denied citizenship.

Buddhist depictions of Muslims as sexual predators are commonplace, spurring the sectarian bloodletting; when the most recent spell of violence erupted in June 2012, it was in response to the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl in western Arakan state blamed on three Muslim men.

(Islamaniacs *are* sexual predators against kafirs. That's just a *fact*. Even seen in news reports coming out of Europe including Britain.

But note how when christoislamics rape an unsaved kafir, the international media would have everyone believe it's all alleged. And that the poor islamaniacs are merely "blamed" for the crime. Never mind that the facts in each case and each country - Burma to India to China - reveal that the gang-rapists were indeed islamaniacs.

Yet merely recounting known, objective facts about islamania's demographic warfare is painted as subjective "extremist rhetoric": )

Extremist rhetoric frequently portrays Muslim men as being hungry for multiple Buddhist wives, forcing them to convert. The prejudice has spurred the introduction of a monk-championed interfaith marriage ban bill, which is currently before parliament.

While official figures state that only four percent of Burma's 60 million people are Muslim, independent observers put the true as figure significantly higher.

Meanwhile on Wednesday senior Buddhist clergy claimed that all monks present during the Mandalay riots were there as peacemakers. "We are holding a press conference to clarify that the monks were not involved," Galone Ni Sayadaw, of the All Burma Monks Union-Upper Burma, told assembled media.

Burmese President Thein Sein used a radio address Thursday to call for stability without specifically mentioning the Mandalay turmoil. “For reforms to be successful, I would like to urge all to avoid instigation and behavior that incites hatred in our fellow citizens,” said the former junta general.

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, a former political prisoner who has now been elected to parliament, has faced international censure for her reticence regarding ongoing sectarian violence, but briefly addressed the subject during an interview with Radio Free Asia.

"The authorities should properly handle those people who are spreading rumors," she said. "Without rule of law, more riots will come."

(No condemnation from Kyi of the islamaniac gang-rapists I see. Buddhists just need to suck it up again, huh? Why doesn't Kyi - married to a British christist IIRC and raising her kids christist too wasn't it? (aka Kyi=cryptochristian) - why doesn't she just get lost to Britain where she belongs already?)

The entire international christomedia is conspiring to make the Burmese Buddhist reprisals against repeated islamaniac terrorist violence into an equal-equal "Buddhist-muslim" conflict or else pretend that Buddhists - starting with monks - are instigating such violence. While violent Buddhist monks are not unheard of, it is more than silly to pretend that the very real rape charges that exist against the islamaniacs in this incident - and which charges are confirmed by the Burmese police - were all the invention of some Buddhist monk (Wirathu) or that the first fatal victim was anything other than the Buddhist and the islamaniac who died was only killed in retaliation. How much christoislamaniac terrorism are the native Burmese religionists supposed to take? I for one am very glad that they are kicking islamania back. But instead of kicking them out to India - as Burma did with the unwanted rohingya islamaniac disease - can Burma/Burmese Buddhists please drive out all its christoislamania to China? China will *certainly* - quietly and permanently - deal with the islamaniac menace, and won't care at all what the international community (let alone international christomedia) has to whine about the matter.

China *will* destroy islamania within its borders. (And so that's where the Rohingyas etc should be sent by Burma. Not into India. Because any islamania sent into India will double back and destroy Burma one day.)

Anyway, the most interesting about the above articles is that they reveal what is with-held in the other articles on this news:

- that the rape was not merely a rumour/allged after all, but that police admit that (gang)-rape charges were filed against 2 islamaniac brothers before the rioting took place.

- that the first murder was of a Buddhist man murdered by - as usual - a sword-wielding islamaniac terrorist. Islamaniac swords point to pre-meditation. An islamaniac man was killed in retaliation by Buddhists.

So that is 2 very real crimes that the Buddhists were defending their community against and retaliating on the islamaniac demons for: the gangrape of a Buddhist woman and the brutal bloody murder of a Buddhist man by well-armed islamaniac rioters.

Meanwhile most of the International christomedia completely carefully obscured these most crucial facts of the events, and have consciously spun the facts into an inverted persecution sobstory:

- about how Burmese Buddhist "monks" have become 'unreasonably' anti-islamaniac and are manufacturing unwarranted antipathy against islamaniacs (rather than asking Buddhist laity to take stand before islamaniacs genocide the Buddhists again, as islamaniacs had done in earlier centuries), and

- that the islamaniacs are merely 'unfairly-maligned' victims of a concocted "racial" prejduce.

The christowest is not an innocent objective onlooker. It is deliberately painting Buddhists as the perpetrators and the islamaniacs as the victims, when they *know* the facts to be otherwise.

All of unconverted Asia is being murdered by the christowest using their promotion of (and collusion with) communist and christoislamic terrorism in Asia, such as by their negation of the systematic genocide of Asian kafirs, and christowest's concealment and apologetics for christoislamicommunist genociders.

E.g. the west's support for the human-rights criminal Binayak Sen - news items on this pasted by others on IF - is a clear indication that he is their protegee, puppet and protected by them. And christowestern inverted reporting on the victims vs the perpetrators is another clear indication of conscious western lying (which points to more active meddling on their part). Every single kafir Asian nation that the west has been able to sink its claws into is being meddled with - by US to Norway - and its natural state and resilience and right of self-defence against christoislamania is being subverted.

The christowest is not just nurturing christianism and communism in the kaffiri Asian heartland, but actively protecting islamania and whitewashing jihad. This makes them complicit in the jihad in a very real sense.
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Related to the previous.


Quote:Updated: Sun, 06 Jul 2014 13:22:09 GMT | By The Malaysian Insider : World

Dalai Lama urges Buddhists to halt violence against Muslims

The Dalai Lama today reiterated his plea to Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to halt violence against Muslims, in a speech to tens of thousands of devotees to mark his 79th birthday.

In front of the massive crowd that included Hollywood film star Richard Gere in northern India, the Dalai Lama said the violence in both Buddhist-majority countries targeting religious minority Muslims was unacceptable.

"I urge the Buddhists in these countries to imagine an image of Buddha before they commit such a crime," Tibet's exiled spiritual leader said on the outskirts of Leh, high in the Himalayas.

"Buddha preaches love and compassion. If the Buddha is there, he will protect the Muslims whom the Buddhists are attacking," the leader, who fled Tibet for India in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, said.

The Dalai Lama also expressed shock at a wave of deadly violence by Sunni militants against fellow Muslims, although he did not refer specifically to Iraq, where such militants have overrun swathes of five provinces north and west of Baghdad.

Gere greeted the Dalai Lama on stage, shaking his hand and praising the leader on behalf of several thousand foreign devotees who had gathered for the speech.

Inter-communal violence in Myanmar has overshadowed widely-praised political reforms since erupting in 2012. It has largely targeted Muslims, leaving at least 250 people dead.

Last month in Sri Lanka, four people were killed and hundreds of shops and homes damaged in the island's worst religious violence in recent decades.

The Dalai Lama celebrated his birthday at his residence on the outskirts of Leh in Ladakh, a mainly Buddhist region.

Wait, did the Dalai Lama (once again) just tell Buddhists to roll over and die in the face of the jihad?

1. Note how the Dalai Lama peculiarly lectures Buddhists against attacking Muslims, even in SL. Yet he never protested against the attacks on Hindu temples and priests and regular Hindus in Sri Lanka. Since when do Buddhist leaders care more about christoislamania than they do Asian religions let alone their own? <- This just further underlines that the Dalai Lama is being influenced by his rich alien "convert" dabblers, who've no doubt specifically asked him to save the face of their newly adopted religion by denouncing Burmese Buddhist self-defence against islamaniacs. Aliens only register Buddhist reprisals against islamania, you see. Yet the same aliens - like Richard Gere - would consider that Hindu religion in SL "deserved" the attacks, reasoning that Hindu religion must be at fault whenever Buddhism is agitating against it. But when islam is involved in a violent struggle with Buddhism, aliens will descend to make sure that Buddhism doesn't behave in any way the alien "converts" will be embarrassed by, such as by Buddhists defending themselves. So aliens had to guide the Dalai Lama to make sure his speech included an admonishment of Burmese Buddhists' provoked retaliation against systematic islamaniac jihad, no matter how deserved the retaliation was. (Alien "converts" regularly denounce native adherents whenever these last defend themselves from christoislamic terrorism. Aliens like to play "truer"/better adherents of the religion they've encroached on I mean adopted. So many examples in the Hindu case.)

It's easy enough to be an alien Buddhist "convert" like Gere and the other "several thousand foreign devotees" of the Dalai Lama who dropped into India for the Lama's speech. After all, they don't have to live in Burma or Chittangong Bangladesh etc where the natives are gangraped and brutally murdered by islamania.

As per the news article, the Dalai Lama made his speech "to tens of thousands of devotees to mark his 79th birthday" containing a gathering of "several thousand foreign devotees". <- A rather high ratio of aliens in there, who must clearly similarly pull their weight in influencing the Lama.

I wonder why the Dalai Lama has stopped advising aliens to go back to their christianism (which he used to do, BTW: IIRC, his unaccepting position even caused a temporarily Buddhist couple to return back to catholicism with such a rage at being rejected by the Dalai Lama that they'd set up a website to attack Buddhism by exposing only its bad points, even while inculturating on Buddhism for catholicism. Malhotra's definition of alien converts "U-Turning" is not restricted to those who dabble in Hindoo religion).

But now the Lama puts up with aliens. And seems to hang out with them more than he would champion the plight of the traditional Buddhists of the subcontinent. I guess the money must be good: the Dalai Lama may find alien funds useful for Buddhist charity in India's Ladakh (and he certainly uses the PR generated by alien followers as part of his feeble 'resistance' against China's total takeover and continued destruction of Tibet). But it is blood money nevertheless: now laced with Burmese Buddhists' blood.

2. This is a most curious statement by the Dalai Lama:

Quote:Buddha preaches love and compassion. If the Buddha is there, he will protect the Muslims whom the Buddhists are attacking.

Now either the Lama knows the Buddha OR he doesn't. If the former, it begs the question: how come the Buddha will protect the islamaniacs regularly murdering and gang-raping the Buddhists of Burma (and Chittagong, etc), but will not protect the Burmese Buddhists etc when these finally seek to actively defend the future of their families and themselves from the ongoing islamaniac genocide of Buddhism?

What is it about the Buddha that - as per the Lama's audacious claims on his behalf - he would choose to protect the demonic ideology of christoislamania which is genociding Buddhists, yet not the Buddhists themselves - despite these being loyal to the Buddha?

I suspect the Dalai Lama's been hanging with aliens too long (same problem with Indian jetsetting "swamis"/hippies enamoured of their alien "convert" following too). Instead of pontificating from a convenient and safe distance in Ladakh India, perhaps the Lama should go to Burma (or Chittagong Hill District in Bangladesh) and see for himself who the true perpetrators and instigators of violence are and who are merely reacting to the violence. He should see in person what islamania is doing to Buddhists/Buddhism there - it's a systematic jihad - and whether Buddhists are perhaps right in trying to stop islamania from genociding them, by using the only means open to the Buddhists (since christo-islamania only understands force).

Fortunately for the Burmese and Bangladeshi (and SL) Buddhists, they're not Tibetan Buddhists but are IIRC Therevadan Buddhists. Which means they can (and in all likelihood will) ignore the Dalai Lama's opinions totally.

Won't pretend to know the Buddha better than the Dalai Lama. But the Hindoo Gods - where they choose to involve themselves - will only ever protect the ethnic Hindoos (who adhere to/protect their Vedic Dharma, and as they are loyal to the Gods and moreover related to the Hindoo Gods), and never protect the enemies of the Hindoo Gods/religion: the Hindoo Gods care less than nothing for christoislamanicommunists and alien "converts"/dabblers (who are famous only for abandoning their own ancestral Gods to temporarily chase after others' Gods/religion, and are the epitomy of infidelity).


Quote:Updated: Sun, 06 Jul 2014 13:22:09 GMT | By The Malaysian Insider : World

Dalai Lama urges Buddhists to halt violence against Muslims

The Dalai Lama today reiterated his plea to Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to halt violence against Muslims, in a speech to tens of thousands of devotees to mark his 79th birthday.

"Buddha preaches love and compassion. If the Buddha is there, he will protect the Muslims whom the Buddhists are attacking," [said the Dalai Lama]

Gere greeted the Dalai Lama on stage, shaking his hand and praising the leader on behalf of several thousand foreign devotees who had gathered for the speech.
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1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18837&SKIN=B

Quote:Need reminder to believers of Intolerance ; You are not living in Saudi Arabia

04/07/2014 06:21:07 HK

Moradabad: Hindus in UP even don’t have the right to protest. Samajwadi Party Govt. in UP banned the protest meet called by Hindu organisations against blatant religious discrimination.

BJP MLA Sangeet Som detained and BJP MP’s Kunwar Singh Tanwar, the MP from Amroha, Satyapal Saini from Sambhal and Nepal Singh, the Rampur MP were stopped by UP Police to prevent them from attending a protest meet.

The whole issue started when authorities removed a loudspeaker from a Temple in a Muslim dominated area following complaints from Muslims that the temple and loudspeaker is causing communal disharmony in the area.

While the loudspeakers from mosques are blaring day in and out across the country giving out hate messages like ‘Allah is the only god’ there is no problem to Communal harmony, But when a temple plays kirtans or bhajans intolerant Muslims cannot bear it.

This Muslim highhandedness in Muslim dominated regions is the root cause for most of the communal troubles reported across the nation. Muslims in these Muslim dominated regions act like as if they are living in Saudi Arabia were no one else have any right to worship apart from the followers of Allah. The actions and support of Secular parties act as catalysts to these believers who practice intolerance.

This comment appears to quote from the news about a British subcontinental going off to join the ISIS jihad:

Quote:Raj Puducode

04/07/2014 10:51:14

You feed milk to a snake & it will bite you one day

a bloody message to secular hoodlums.

A British man who claims he has been fighting alongside jihadists in Syria has told the BBC that the UK is "pure evil" and that he will not return until he can "raise the black flag of Islam" over Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

BBC 5 live broadcast an interview with a man calling himself Abu Osama, who claimed that he had received military training and taken part in bomb-making and fighting with the extremist al-Nusra Front, an group which is linked to al-Qaida and banned in the UK, for the past year.

The man, who spoke in a Indian accent, said that he had been fighting for the establishment of a caliphate — which he referred to by the Arabic term Khilafah — across the Islamic world.

Speaking to interviewer Nicky Campbell, he said: I have no intention of coming back to Britain, because I have come to revive the Islamic Khilafah. I don't want to come back to what I have left behind. There is nothing in Britain — it is just pure evil.

If and when I come back to Britain it will be when this Khilafah — this Islamic state — comes to conquer Britain and I come to raise the black flag of Islam over Downing Street, over Buckingham Palace, over Tower Bridge and over Big Ben.

The BBC said his claims have not been officially verified.

The man said he initially faced opposition from his family over his decision to go to Syria, but that they know this is a good cause.

They are a bit scared but I tell them we will meet in the afterlife, he said.

This is just a temporary separation. They said, We understand now what you are doing, and my mother said, I have sold you to Allah. I don't want to see you again in this world.he interview was broadcast against growing concerns of home-grown involvement in terrorism, after Britons appeared in a propaganda video for insurgent group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Security services believe an estimated 500 Britons have left the country to fight in Syria, according to the B

Speaking of Indian christoislamaniacs off to do their bit to install the Khalifate by joining the ISIS:

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18832&SKIN=B

Quote:Exclusive: Two Chennai recruits join ISIS ranks in Iraq.

03/07/2014 20:30:16 deccanchronicle

Chennai: Two Indian nationals from South India are allegedly part of the new era of international jihadism, which has been ushered in by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Indian government is trying to repatriate them with the help of international agencies, said a top intelligence officer.

Two college students from Chennai, who went missing, were reportedly drafted as jihadis by the ISIS early this year to wage a war against the Shia-led government in Iraq. Intelligence sources said the names of these two jihadis, who were sent to Syria for training by their mentors from Tamil Nadu, is classified information with the Intelligence Bureau and the R&AW.

“The government is trying hard to get them back and is seeking their family support. The government is in constant touch with the parents of these two students,” said the officer.

They were reportedly recruited by Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali, a Tamil Nadu-born Singapore permanent resident, who worked as a manager of a supermarket in Singapore and left the country for Syria in January this year, sources said. He reportedly visited Iraq and Syria in 2013 and was trained under some Chechen jihadis, said the officer.

Ali was indoctrinated by another Tamil Nadu-born Singapore permanent resident – Gul Mohamed Maracachi Maraicar, originally from Cuddalore but moved to Singapore in 2008, where he was working with a global IT giant. He was stripped of his permanent residency by Singapore and repatriated to India in February this year.

Read More : deccanchronicle.com/140702/nation-current-affairs/article/dc-exclusive-2-chennai-recruits-join-isis-ranks

(Uh, why is India trying to get these known jihadis back? Let them shaheed themselves in Syria/Iraq/Levant/wherever, far away. And good riddance.)


Quote:Raj Puducode

04/07/2014 10:36:44 Islamic roots in Suicide bombing & virgins


Raj Puducode

04/07/2014 09:24:18 Anti-Humanity

First we want to kill all non-Muslims. Then we will eliminate all Shias(or Sunnis, Ahmadiyas, Sufis ) & will establish the kingdom of blood for MohaMad. Hope they never return back to India & go directly to 72 virgins promised by Naik & Azam Khan.


04/07/2014 00:12:11 Ban Jama-et-e-Islami

The first step ,the Government have to take is to ban jihadist outfits in India like the Jama-et-e Islami. It is the ideological braif of Jihad in almost all Asian countries. Moududi Jihadist literature is easily available in every part of India.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18846&SKIN=K

Quote:Abdul Nasser Madni saying blatant lies - Karnataka Govt. to supreme court

06/07/2014 04:59:10 HK

New Delhi: Abdul Nasser Madni have no serious health issues and his blatantly lying in order to get bail, informed Karnataka Government in Supreme Court.

Abdul Nasser Madni , jihadi terrorist from Kerala is in Bangalore jail following his role in 2008 Bangalore blast case.

Madni sought bail from Supreme court saying that his health condition is fastly deteriorating and Karnataka govt. is not paying for his treatment as directed by the court.

Karnataka Govt. told that so far Govt. spend 4 lakh rupees for his treatment at Agarwal hospital and Manipal hospital and Madni’s accusations against Govt. is nothing but white lies.

Madni told the court that he was paying for the expense of his treatment from his pocket. Govt. produced documents to prove that Madni’s claims were false.

In Kerala Jihadi lobby is working overnight to rescue this terrorist from the clutches of law. UDF govt. in Kerala headed by Congress with Muslim league allies is sympathetic to Madni but since Congress Govt. took charge in Karnataka Kerala govt. went into defense mode.

Communist party in Kerala is associating with Jihadi groups to rescue this terrorist. Often projected secular face of CPI(M) got exposed when they decided to align with Madni in last Kerala elections. Many Non political Hindus who voted for CPI(M) earlier switched their votes due to CPI(M)’s backing of this notorious Jihadi.

And comments:

Quote: Puducode

07/07/2014 11:50:28 India's new law is sharia says Jihadi pundits

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Courts verdict on Monday declaring that a sharia court has no legal sanction drew sharp reaction from Muslim clerics who said that Constitution allows them the right to work & act according to Muslim personal law.

Zafaryab Jilani, member of the Muslim Personal Law Board said "We are not doing anything parallel to the judicial system and we dont say that any order passed by a Qazi is binding . Our sole motto is to resolve a matter with the consent of two parties involved in accordance with sharia.

Khalid Rasheed Farangi, a Muslim cleric, said that under the Constitution, Muslims have the right to work & act according to Muslim personal law. Indian Constitution has given us the right to act and work according to our Muslim personal law.

"One must also keep in mind that Sharia Application Act 1937 has clearly said that in those cases in which both parties are Muslims and the matter is related to nikaah, talaaq, zihar, lian, khula and mubaraat, the decisions will be taken in the light of the Muslim personal law," he said, adding that the verdict needs to be studied properly before a final statement is given.

Maulana Mohammad Sajid Rashid, president of Gul Hind Jihad Assn, said the plea filed in the apex court is wrong as it is a religious matter.

"If a person is practising a religion, he/she has to follow its preachings. A Muslim who does not follow the sharia is not a true Muslim," he said.

Maulana Anisur Rehman, member of Imarat Shariah, however, agreed with the apex court saying that the judgment is not wrong and it is not going to hinder the functioning of sharia courts.

"For arbitration, when two parties or people consensually approach the sharia court, it is lawful. The Supreme Court is not wrong, but I need to go through the entire verdict properly he said.

Disapproving of a sharia court issuing fatwa & order against a person who is not before it, the Supreme Court on Monday said it has no sanction of law and no legal status.


06/07/2014 17:12:34 Lying & cheating is in the blood of Jihadis

Recently in Toronto, Canada, a Pakistani taxi driver killed his own daughter due to the reason that she refused to cover her body with hijab or veil and wanted to live like other Canadian girls. Sixteen year old Aqsa Parvez died in a local hospital on Monday night (December 10) after she was allegedly strangled by her father Muhammad Parvez, 57, in a Toronto suburb, where many Pakistani lives. Police spoke with the students of Applewood Height Secondary School, where the girl studied. Students said that Aqsa was afraid of her father and she was arguing with her devout Muslim family for several months over her wish to shun the veil. “She was always scared of her father and brother”, said her classmate Ashley Garbett.

In the present context, it should be mentioned that, Hojatulislam Ghulam Reza Hassani, a top cleric of Iran, said on December 19, that a Muslim woman in Iran, who does not care to wear hijab or Muslim head scarf, should die. “Women who do not respect the hijab and their husbands deserve to die,” said Hassani, who leads Friday prayers in the city of Urumieh, in Iran. “I do not understand how these women who do not respect the hijab, 28 years after the birth of the Islamic Republic, are still alive,” he added. One should also recall that, when Talibans were in power in Afghanistan, the punishment for disobeying Islamic dress-code by women, was death by shooting them in the head from point blank range.

Most probably, Turkey is the only country where veiling of Muslim women was prohibited by law. But its new Prime Minister Mr Tyyiap Erdogan said in a press conference on September 19, that he was going to bring an amendment to the existing constitution that bans on wearing veil and head-scarf by the women of Turkey. Mr Abdullah Gul, the present President of Turkey, is a devout Muslim, and is determined to re-introduce veil in the country. The opposition leaders are afraid that President Gul had other hidden Islamic agenda that he would try to impose in futu
Didn't know the islamic head-scarf was banned in Turkey. Not that I care either way, not until Turks revert to Hellenismos.
Archiving two news items. The first is serious, the second verges on comedy owing to new terms for name-calling.

1. uk.reuters.com/article/2014/07/11/uk-syria-crisis-philippines-idUKKBN0FG0PF20140711

Quote:Philippines arrests Australian over ties to militant group ISIS

MANILA Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:37am BST

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines on Friday arrested an Australian national with suspected links to foreign Islamist militants after he urged Philippine Muslims on social media sites to support conflicts in Iraq and Syria, recruiting them to go to the Middle East.

The arrest is the first known link between Islamist militants in the southeast Asian nation and foreign jihadists supporting conflicts in the Middle East. Philippine Muslims took part in conflict in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Heavily-armed Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams with Australian Federal Police surprised Robert Cerantonio, a Muslim convert, before dawn at his apartment near the Mactan-Cebu International Airport in the central Philippines.

"He has been recruiting Filipino Muslims to fight in Iraq and Syria," a senior police intelligence official, who declined to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the press, told Reuters.

"He has been literally calling for jihad. But we're still validating reports that some Filipino Muslims have responded to his call to arms. His activities here caught the attention of the Australian Federal Police and they alerted us."

Police said Cerantonio has arrived in the Philippines early in February and began recruiting for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). He also travelled to Basilan and Sulu in the country's south, preaching radical Islam to support Syria and Iraq.

(So he's been recruiting for the ISIS/L since *months* before the jihad broke in Iraq. It was clearly a globally planned operation. Then again, islamania was setting up ISIS in Syria for 2 years.)

Police, who said Cerantonio was also using Facebook and Twitter accounts in his recruitment activities, are checking into his possible involvement in posting online video of Philippine Muslims supporting ISIS.

Several videos surfaced recently on YouTube of Philippine Islamist militants making statements in Arabic and Tagalog dialect in support of ISIS. Some of the videos were shot inside a police prison in the capital, Manila.

Cerantonio will be deported back to Australia after his passport was cancelled by Australian authorities, said Conrado Capa, Cebu's deputy regional police chief.

As Sunni Islamist rebels surge into Iraq from Syria, security officials in Southeast Asia and Australia worry that the conflict is radicalising a new generation of militants, who are being influenced to an unprecedented degree by social media.

(Reporting by Manuel Mogato; Reporting by Clarence Fernandez)

2. uk.reuters.com/article/2014/07/06/uk-iraq-security-iran-pilot-idUKKBN0FB0KJ20140706

Quote:Iranian pilot killed defending Iraqi shrine - IRNA

DUBAI Sun Jul 6, 2014 2:56pm BST

DUBAI (Reuters) - An Iranian pilot was killed defending Shi'ite Muslim holy sites in neighbouring Iraq, Iran's state news agency said, in the first official report of an Iranian death related to an upsurge in violence there since June.

Shoja'at Alamdari Mourjani, who was buried in the Iranian city of Shiraz on Friday, was killed while fighting "takfiri terrorists" in Samarra, north of Baghdad, it said, using a term for Sunni Muslim militant fighters.

Iraq's Shi'ite-led government is fighting an insurgency by Sunni rebels led by an al Qaeda splinter group, the Islamic State, who consider Shi'ites heretics.

There was no information in the IRNA report to indicate whether Mourjani was flying aircraft in Samarra, and whether he went there on his own initiative or on behalf of the Iranian state.

Shi'ite power Iran has said it will not hesitate to defend Shi'ite holy sites in Iraq if necessary, but it has also said Iraq itself is capable of putting down the rebellion.

The Islamic State group has seized territory across the north and west of Iraq, as well as border posts, oilfields, and the north's largest city, Mosul, since June 10. Shi'ite militias have also joined the fray on the Baghdad government's side against the militants.

In recent days there has been fighting in Samarra near an important Shi'ite site, the Imam al-Askari shrine.

A 2006 bombing at the same site exacerbated already severe sectarian tensions between Sunnis and Shi'ites, fuelling a war that killed tens of thousands of people over the next two years.

More than 6,000 people have been killed in violence across Iraq this year, as its sectarian balance comes under acute strain from the civil war in neighbouring Syria.

(Reporting by William Maclean; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

"Takfiri." What exciting terms one can learn on the internet to expand one's vocabulary with. I can't wait to use it. "I'm so gonna takfir you, you takfiri!" Christoislamania have the zaniest insults for each other. (Usually ending in death-by-murder for "heresy" and consequent ex-communication in both christianism and islam, so it's not all fun and games.)



In Islamic law, takfir or takfeer (Arabic: تكفير‎ takfīr) refers to the practice of excommunication, one Muslim declaring another Muslim an unbeliever or kafir (pl. kuffār). The act which precipitates takfir is termed the mukaffir.


Further information: Apostasy in Islam

This declaration may be made if the alleged Muslim declares himself a kafir, but more typically applies to a judgement that an action or statement by the alleged Muslim indicates his knowing abandonment of Islam. The sentence for apostasy (irtidad) under Sharia is traditionally interpreted as execution but alternately might be amputation or expulsion.

For this reason orthodox Islamic law normally requires extremely stringent evidence for such accusations. In many cases an Islamic court or a religious leader, an alim must pronounce a fatwa (legal judgement) of takfir against an individual or group.



A Takfiri (from Arabic: <>) is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy.[1] The accusation itself is called takfir, derived from the word kafir (infidel) and is described as when "one who is, or claims to be, a Muslim is declared impure."[2]

In principle the only group authorised to declare a Muslim a kafir ("infidel") is the ulema, and this is only done once all the prescribed legal precautions have been taken.[2] However, a growing number of splinter Salafist groups, labeled by some scholars as Salafi-Takfiris,[3] have split from the orthodox method of establishing takfir through the processes of the Sharia law, and have reserved the right to declare apostasy themselves against any Muslim in addition to non-Muslims. In Islamic law, any apostate (a person who declares that he or she no longer is a Muslim) must be killed. Thus, many armed Islamic takfir groups, such as Al Qaeda, carry out violent acts or insurgencies against people or governments considered by them as "apostates" to enforce this Islamic punishment on them.[citation needed]

In other words, since any takfiri "must be killed" - as per above - and since Sunnis are takfiri terrorists to the Shiites and the Shiites are takfiris to the Sunnis, they MUST both kill each other.


All christoislamaniacs infesting the Hindu subcontinent must be sent off forthwith to go kill each other in Iraq/Syria/Levant. Sadly, not enough of them have started to heed the call of duty yet.

The long standing Sunnis vs Shiites mutual massacres are exactly how early christians down to reformation-era christians (and more recently) regularly genocided each other. And throughout, christians were also regularly seen screeching "heretic" at each other before massacring each other.

Other links at reuters are to the news that Palestinian islamaniacs brutally had one or more Israeli kids murdered this last week or two, then some Israelis retaliated and some Palestianian islamic kid was murdered. Then the islamaniacs (which the international christomedia reported as mere "Arabs") infesting what the news called the "Arab quarter" of Jerusalem [sort of a Mallapuram in Israel] went on a brutal riot, then the Israelis finally responded by sending missiles into Gaza with the Palestinians responding violently again so that now:

Quote:Gaza toll nears 100, militants threaten Israeli airport |

10 Jul 2014 Thirty Ukrainian troops possibly killed in rebel missile attack |

Thirty Ukrainian troops possibly killed in rebel missile attack- government adviser

And Ukraine's situation is rather a mirror to the one in Iraq/Syria, now I think of it. Ukraine is filled with covert christists of the western (AmeriKKKanised and catholicised) variety. These are comparable to the ISIL, working for forming a caliphate I mean European Union-ising Ukraine. Then the loyal Russian-leaning Ukrainians are the Ukrainian home team, comparable to the Shiites defending themselves from the crazier takfiri Sunni terrorists.

Russian considerations to intervene is like Iranian Shiite meddling in Sunni-hijacked Iraq.

See, ISIL=western(-christian)-leaning Ukrainians, who are forcing Ukraine into Caliphate=EU (submission into which the ummah=Europeans may resist at their peril). Meanwhile the defending Shiite Iraqis=Russian(-orthodox)-leaning Ukrainians are on the backfoot and appear to be losing, with Iran=Russia prevaricating about whether to properly/officially enter the fray to support their fellow loyal orthodox Ukrainians=Shiites. At the same time, the global Sunni ummah army=US & W-Europe keeps interfering in Ukraine's=Iraq/Levant's business: the western propaganda machine (international media, using manufacturing consent) keeps generating sympathisers to the W-leaning separatist Ukrainian "cause" (a 'cause' the west has spent years orchestrating), just like the Sunnis keep recruiting sympathetic Sunni islamaniacs from all over the world as soldiers to go fight for the caliphate/ISIS in the Levant (as per the news, the ISIS was 2 years in the making in Syria and has spilled into Iraq now and already has a massive following in Turkey; the west spent a similarly long time manufacturing the current revolution in Ukraine too and next up is Belarus).

SAME DIFFERENCE. And again, many people are dying and the situation is a hell-hole - in both places. Mosques are being blown up in Iraq/Syria while entire Ukrainian regions are ravaged and IIRC a Ukrainian airport was threatened.

Both christinsanity and islamania are at it again.
The Islamic rule for four witnesses to a crime against woman is a copy of the Roman half truth law. Roman law accepted two half truths from witnesses. Islamic law accepts four quarter truths.

The acceptance of partial truths is due to not understanding probability aspects in ancient times.

Romans wanted to consider the possibility of independent witnesses lying and thus came up with the half-truth law i.e two independent witnesses partial testimony can be accepted as a full testimony.

However this ignores the mathematical rule that independent events probability has to be mulitplied and not added.

The bigger issue is if Mo copied and built upon the Roman law (four witnesses is twice as good as Roman Law!) and claimed it as a hadith what else was copied from elsewhere?

And was there really a Mo?
Post 1/3

All those who, from their safe distance, kept baying I mean praying for "peace" everytime Hindus got genocided by christoislamaniac terrorism, will be getting "peace" soon. Islamania style. If it first gets ALL the christocommunist pseculars who gagged Hindus from protesting bound Hindus from retaliating against islamaniac terrorism, then I suppose there'll be a silver lining.

1. The Chindu rewrote its article mentioning the TSP-er Asim Umar as the one appointed to lead the Indian Al Qaeda, and Chindu also removed mention of the AQ urging (subcontinental) muslims to join the AQ's caliphate (yes, AQ's Zawahiri used that word: caliphate. And no, it's not the same caliphate or caliph as IS has put forth. In other words, islamaniacs the world over are faced with a deadly choice: which caliph should they follow, which caliphate should they join? I suggest that 50% of the islamaniacs pick one and 50% pick another and do a battle to the death).

Anyway, having removed such news from its original article, the Chindu - being a catholic mouthpiece - chose to insert typical christoislamisms in the form of whining about how it's all Hindus fault: how Modi had recently indulged in anti-islamism - for not wishing islamics a happy ramzan/eid or something (even though Modi unnecessarily did, see the Rajeev2004 blog), for Modi not joining in an ifthar islamaniac "party", for not wearing an islamaniac skullcap. In short, for the actual crime of Modi not converting to islam.

So, since Chindu removed the above-mentioned crucial points of what Zawahiri said - about the caliphate, and about Umar - and now only in the search engines' caches for the Chindu, and only visible in the excerpt that wn.com links back to the Chindu for its source), here's one of the many other news sources still saying all the same:


Quote:4 Sep 2014 - 7:58pm

India on alert after al-Qaeda video

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri (pic) has said his terrorist group has a new branch in India. (AAP)

India has gone on alert after al-Qaeda's leader announced the terrorist group would be setting up a new branch in the Indian subcontinent.



4 Sep 2014 - 6:39 PM UPDATED 1 HOUR AGO Tweet 0

Terrorist group al-Qaeda has set up a branch in South Asia, prompting Indian authorities to issue a nationwide alert, media reports and officials say.

Al-Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the plan in a 55-minute video message posted on the internet on Wednesday. Indian officials said the video appeared to be authentic.

Al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to "wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate".

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent will be led by Asim Umar, chief of al-Qaeda's Sharia committee in Pakistan, it said. Al-Zawahiri said the new outfit would be good for Muslims suffering injustice and oppression in Myanmar, Bangladesh and parts of India such as Kashmir, Gujarat and Assam.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday met with top security officials to discuss the threat. "We are on alert to thwart any attacks," a spokesman said.

Police in all states were on high alert and were stepping up intelligence-gathering on possible targets or recruitment drives, broadcaster CNN-IBN reported.

India is a predominantly Hindu nation with a substantial Muslim minority.

In the video, the al-Qaeda leader also reaffirmed his loyalty to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

(IIRC, AQ's choice of caliph is this Mullah Omar.)

Anti-terrorism specialists believe that al-Qaeda is in competition with the group Islamic State, which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, for followers, a BBC report said.

(Oh please, you don't need to be an "anti-terrorist expert" to be able to come to that conclusion. What are these guys paid anyway? Useless.)

The development was a "cause of concern and worry", but India was well prepared to deal with terrorism threats, said P. Chandra Shekhar Rao, convenor of the security cell of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

(India is well-prepared? Oh wait. I know. Like they always do: let Hindus get genocided in village X and city Y and state Z and then don't mention it in the news or anywhere and then focus on development and lecture about "communalism".)

"Islamic militants have been reorganising and consolidating in the region over past years and we have experienced several attacks including the Mumbai 2008 strike," Rao said.

A total of 166 people were killed when gunmen attacked several public buildings in Mumbai in 2008, in an attack attributed to Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The group, also blamed for other attacks in India including in Kashmir, has active ties with al-Qaeda, Indian security officials say. Local group the Indian Mujahideen is also thought to have forged links with the terrorist outfit.

Is it just me or does Zawahiri (head of AQ, the sword-hand of the caliph Mullah Omar) appointing TSP-er Asim Umar as in charge of jihading India remind one of history? Of how islamaniacs and their caliphs in some middle-eastern islamised hell-hole appinted some islamic overseer who then appointed generals for converting various countries, including sending one general after another for converting Al-Hind. Some khazi/ghazi or tamerLame or something is always in charge of jihading some dar-ul-harb or other to convert it to dar-ul-islam for allah and their overseer and their caliph Haroon-al-Rashid.

Guess the christo-communists will have to rewrite/whitewash this one as it happens. But they already do that: christomedia is already silent on every christoislamic genocide and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in India.

As stated, wn.com had cached the Chindu:


Quote:Al-Qaeda sets up new wing in Indian subcontinent Posted, 2014-09-04

(taken fromSmile The Hindu

Terrorist group al-Qaeda on Wednesday announced the launch of its new wing in the Indian subcontinent with head Ayman al-Zawahiri announcing the plan in a 55-minute video message on the internet. Al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to “wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate.” “Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent” will be led by Asim Umar, chief of...more »

2. Also via wn.com


Quote:NEW DELHI: In an alarming development, al-Qaeda has established a new branch to wage jihad in India, revive its caliphate and impose sharia in the Indian sub-continent, US media and intelligence agencies said today. The creation of the group called "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent" was announced in a video by the groups's leader Ayman al Zawahiri and posted on As Sahab, al-Qaeda's official media outlet. Zawahiri said the group would recognize the overarching leadership of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar and be led day-to-day by senior Pakistani militant Asim Umar. The group would report...more »


Quote:BBC News 2014-09-04

Asim Umar, head of al-Qaeda's India unit: All you need to know

NEW DELHI: In an alarming development, al-Qaeda has established a new branch to wage jihad in India, revive its caliphate and impose sharia in the Indian sub-continent, US...

The Times of India 2014-09-04

Al-Qaeda leader announces India wing

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has announced the formation of an Indian branch of his global armed group that he said would spread Islamic rule and "raise the flag of...
Post 2/3

3. canberratimes.com.au/world/alqaeda-restates-power-as-branch-launches-in-indian-subcontinent-20140904-10c52l.html

Quote:Al-Qaeda restates power as branch launches in Indian subcontinent


DateSeptember 4, 2014 - 1:36PM

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has outlined plans for growth in India. Photo: AFP/Site Intelligence Group

(Other storySmile

•US will 'degrade and destroy' Islamic State: President Obama

(Wait, did Obama just invert the usual islamic protestors' poster of "Allah will destory America"? Obama has a sense of humour.

Humour aside, US didn't even "degrade and destroy" Al Qaeda/Taliban. Oh, but I forgot. Al Qaeda/Taliban works for the US.

Zawahiri has appointed a Pukestani as his right hand man in the subcontinent. The Rajeev2004 blog had a US article on how the US govt has let Paki ISI agents - who were complicit in the Mumabi terror attacks - off the hook under the excuse of "immunity". Of course the US would do that. Because Pakistan ISI works with/for US govt, including all its terrorist activities against India. And Taliban works for the US govt. But also, ISI = the taliban = al qaeda. So, the number of variables reduces greatly.)

Washington: Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has declared in a video message that the global Islamist extremist movement has launched a new branch to lead its struggle in the Indian subcontinent.

In the video, found in online jihadist forums by the SITE terrorism-monitoring group, Dr Zawahiri said the new force would "crush the artificial borders" dividing Muslim populations in the region.

Al-Qaeda is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where its surviving leadership are thought to be hiding out.

However, Dr Zawahiri said "Qaedat al-Jihad" would take the fight to India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

(I.e. AQ = largely an ethnically Indian based khalifate, vs IS = ethnically Arabian based khalifate. Now all we need is for the Iranians to create a Shiite one and the Indonesians/Malay to pick a side. Tsk Tsk, can't believe the Turks allowed themselves to get left out of this one, when they were the last khalifate.)

"This entity was not established today but is the fruit of a blessed effort of more than two years to gather the mujahideen in the Indian subcontinent into a single entity," he said.

(All-important admission there: that all Indian islamic terror cells have long since been fused into one purpose by the ISI=Taliba=AQ. So that Indian islamania=TSP islamania, and the borders between Indian and TSP where subcontinental islamaniacs are concerned was long since gone. Not that people didn't know, just that here's an admission from a key spokesperson.)

Founded by Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Pakistan by US commandos in May 2011, al-Qaeda has long claimed leadership of the jihadists fighting to restore a single caliphate in Muslim lands.

(Boohoo, AQ got knocked off their throne in a single instant when IS supplanted their dreams of caliphate with a faster/stronger/better force that produced immediate results. C.f. how AQ didn't achieve much for islam. AQ should actually commit suicide for their total failure and clear the ground for IS to try. Haven't these people seen movies? No second chances are ever given to villain's minions.

Anyway, inspired by IS' success in Iraq, AQ will soon be trying to take one Hindu city in India etc after another by violent force. I'm sure this is in the cards. At least there will be no more Bleeding Hearts Associations.)

But since the death of its figurehead, it has been somewhat eclipsed, first by its own offshoots in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and now by the Islamic State fighting in Iraq and Syria.

(Oh yeah, that's so true! African AQ and Arabian AQ were *so* much more competent than the stupid ethnically-Indian AQ/muslim morons of Af-Pak. Let's face it: subcontinental islam is just Loser, and regarded as such by the rest of the islamic world: only useful as foot-soldiers. Which is what everyone from Arabia to Iranians to Turks used them for. There was no real "ethnically Indian" muslim rule in India, was there? All the rulers were from Arabia, Iran and Turkish, else their descendants. Only the minions were the lame Indian converts.

I suppose this video is the beginning of pathetic Indian islamania's bid to be noticed by the rest of the islamic world. I hear Arabic muslims laughing. But then, they did always jeer at subcontinental muslims.)

While still regarded as a threat to the West, the group has never managed to repeat the success of the September 11, 2001 attacks by hijacked airliners on New York and Washington.

But, in launching "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian subcontinent", in a video partly in his native Arabic and partly in the Urdu of his presumed Pakistani base, Dr Zawahiri attempted to regain some of the limelight.

"It is an entity that was formed to promulgate the call of the reviving imam, Sheikh Osama bin Laden. May Allah have mercy upon him," Dr Zawahiri said.

He called on the "umma", or Muslim nation, to unite around "tawhid", or monotheism, "to wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate".

He said the group would recognise the overarching leadership of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, be led by Pakistani militant Asim Umar, and employ a spokesman.


Read more: smh.com.au/world/alqaeda-restates-power-as-branch-launches-in-indian-subcontinent-20140904-10c52l.html#ixzz3CLMw3PDz

4. The original article at the Chindu link contained the following, taken from a search engine cache:


Quote:Updated: September 4, 2014 07:53 IST

Al-Qaeda sets up new wing in Indian subcontinent


Terrorist group al-Qaeda on Wednesday announced the launch of its new wing in the Indian subcontinent with head Ayman al-Zawahiri announcing the plan in a 55-minute video message on the internet.

Al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to “wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate.”

“Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent” will be led by Asim Umar, chief of al-Qaeda’s Sharia Committee in Pakistan.

Al-Zawahiri said the new outfit would be good for Muslims suffering injustice and oppression in Myanmar, Bangladesh and parts of India such as Kashmir, Gujarat and Assam.

The al-Qaeda leader also reaffirmed his loyalty to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Anti-terrorism specialists believe that al-Qaeda is in competition with the group Islamic State, which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, for followers, the BBC report said.
5. And here's the re-written Chindu article. But two chindu links to the same article, which seems a bit odd...



("South Asia": Chindu - with their typically christo slave mentality - echoing their US superiors like Kissinger.)

Quote:Al Qaeda announces India wing, renews loyalty to Taliban chief

File photo of Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahri on Wednesday announced the formation of an Indian branch of his militant group he said would spread Islamic rule and "raise the flag of jihad" across the subcontinent.

In a 55-minute video posted online, Zawahri also renewed a longstanding vow of loyalty to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, in an apparent snub to the Islamic State armed group challenging al Qaeda for leadership of transnational Islamist militancy.

Zawahri described the formation of "Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent" as a glad tidings for Muslims "in Burma, Bangladesh, Assam, Gujurat, Ahmedabad, and Kashmir" and said the new wing would rescue Muslims there from injustice and oppression.

(By all means "rescue" them and put them in TSP. No one wants muslims - or christos - in the rest of the subcontinent.

Nice to see that, just like "Hindus" don't recognise the existence of Hinduism or of the adherents of it (Hindus), Zawahri doesn't recognise India either: note how he lists Indian states next to the country Burma. It's all one big dar-ul-harb territory from islam's POV: Al-Hind.

Should start using "Hindu" in the Arabic sense - like the Arabic-speaker, the Kurdish Iraqi muslim acquaintance did: over the phone to her husband, she explained that she was not alone and referred to the gathered trio of Indian Hindu, Indian Jain, and a Paki muslimah dressed in top-to-toe black hijab as "3 Hindus" were with her. Now, whether the Kurdish muslim knew the latter was Pakistani or Indian is secondary, since the important bit is that it was obvious to everyone including especially the Kurdish muslimah that the Paki was a muslimah, yet she was grouped with the Hindus and labelled a Hindu. Hence "Hindu" merely means Indian to Arabic-speaking muslims, or at least to Iraqi Arabic-speakers. Whether it means Indian by ethnicity or merely by nationality to them, I don't know.

But since "Hindu" has been made to mean everything already - unVedics, anti-Vedics and non-theists included, i.e. non-heathens - why not include christos and islamics of India too? Or even of the subcontinent? Since Hindus did insist there is no such thing as Hindus/Hinduism and that all Hindu groups are equally related to Jains/Buddhists and to extinct nastikas as they are to each other, then it should be added that Hindus are about as related to christoislamics too. Why only conveniently blur some lines and not others? Arabic definition it is. So there are muslim hindus (=therefore largest group of hindus in India!), christian hindus, Jain hindus, Sikh hindus, neo-Buddhist and Buddhist hindus and "Other Assorted" hindus/miscellany. Easy anonymous extinction. <- I didn't start this, BTW - people with no foresight did - it's just the logical corollary. Anti-Hindu aliens missed the opportunity.

No matter, the informal term 'HindOOs' refers to that real group delineated (by fellow heathens like Daoists, Shintos etc, and by many Hindoo heathens themselves, not just me) as the heathen Hindus, i.e. shorthand for those ethnic inhabitants who are attached to the Gods=religion of the ancestral heathenism of the subcontinent, the Sanatana Dharma/Vedic religion. And that makes HindOOS the majority still. And there's some safety in numbers. Beats being dismissed and then silently genocided - picked off one by one - under "the miscellaneous".)

Counter-terrorism experts say al Qaeda's ageing leaders are struggling to compete for recruits with Islamic State, which has galvanised young followers around the world by carving out tracts of territory across the Iraq-Syria border.

(In other words, this is AQ/Indian islamania's desperate bid to remain relevant in the islamic world.)

Islamic State leader Abu Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi calls himself a "caliph" or head of state and has demanded the loyalty of all Muslims.

The group fell out with Zawahri in 2013 over its expansion into Syria, where Baghdadi's followers have carried out beheadings, crucifixions, and mass executions.

As well being an indirect repudiation of Islamic State, the announcement could pose a challenge to India's new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He has already faced criticism for remaining silent about several incidents deemed anti-Muslim, underscoring fears that his Hindu nationalist followers will upset religious relations in the majority Hindu nation.

(See, Modi will be considered anti-muslim even if though he bid muslims a happy eid. So he may as well have lived up to the title and told christoislamani to go back to pakiland already. Hindu nationalist leaders/parties were always wasting their time trying to gain christoislamaniac friendship by humouring them and even fawning over them.)

However, while al Qaeda is very much at home in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area, due to influential contacts and a long presence there, it is a minnow compared to local militant groups in terms of manpower and regional knowledge.

Safe haven

Over the years Zawahri and his predecessor Osama bin Laden, killed by U.S. forces in 2011, repeatedly pledged allegiance to Mullah Omar, in return for the safe haven he granted their followers in Afghanistan.

The statement did not mention Islamic State or Baghdadi, but it appear to take a subtle dig at the group's efforts at administering areas it has seized in Iraq and Syria.


Islamic State's effort at state-building is something never attempted by al Qaeda's central leaders, who traditionally have preferred to plot complex attacks on targets in the West.

(Remiscent of - albeit a more deadly version of - the elaborate plots villains used to think up to do away with Batman and Robin in that old hippie-era show. Actually, come to think of it, all those AQ videos - claiming this and that attack were their handiwork - are sort of like the Monologuing Villains syndrome seen so often in that Batman series.)

Zawahri called for unity among militants and criticised "discord" - echoing a common al Qaeda complaint against Islamic State's record of clashing with rival Islamist groups in Syria.

(It could be argued that IS only gained momentum because of their drawing lines between islamics, since Shiites were less Takfiri - less likely to threaten other muslims with apostasy - than Sunnis were. Sunnis were therefore more ready to kill whoever necessary to achieve their ends, including their own "brothers" in islam.)

The statement also warned al Qaeda's new wing against oppressing local populations - another complaint levelled against Islamic State by critics in Iraq and Syria.

"If you said that you are doing jihad to defend the sanctities of the Muslims, then you must not transgress against them or their money or honour, and not even transgress your mujahideen brothers by word and action," he said.

"Discord is a curse and torment, and disgrace for the believers and glory for the disbelievers," he said. "If you say that by your jihad you do not want but the pleasure of Allah, then you must not race for governance and leadership at the first opportunity."

(AQ is simply trying to win over all of Indian islamania. AQ itself split with IS - and they have declared competing Khalifates - so it's not like AQ is all for one brotherhood in islam.)

Muslims account for 15 percent of Indians but, numbering an estimated 175 million, theirs is the third-largest Muslim population in the world.

Centuries of rule by medieval Muslim invaders drove a wedge between Hindus and Muslims. Tensions have grown since Pakistan was carved from Muslim-majority areas of India in 1947, a violent partition in which hundreds of thousands were killed. In the era of Washington's "war on terror", some Indian Muslims have begun to sympathise more with hardline pan-Islamic groups and causes.

(Typical christomedia Chindu: it wasn't rule by medieval muslim invaders that "drove a wedge" between Hindus and muslims. It is the infernal intolerance of the missionary monotheisms - the christoclass virus - that has made co-existence impossible. Hindus still try - moronically - to get along, and still get genocided. It is a one-way affair.)

Keywords: al-Qaeda, India, Al-Zawahiri

The above current news is part of the larger plot that was already evident in post 647 somewhere above


Quote:Jihad group calls for attack of Indian targets worldwide

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 12:15

Washington:A jihad group has released a 10-minute video that calls on key fundamental Islamic leaders to attacks Indian targets worldwide in retaliation for the alleged atrocities commited against Muslims in India.

According to a translation provided by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the jihad group goes by the name of Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (The Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India).

It quotes its leader, Abd Al-Rahman, as appealing in Arabic to Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad; Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri; the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and Al-Qaeda's leaders in Yemen (Nasser Al-Wuhaishi), in Somalia (Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair), and in North Africa (Abu Mus'ab 'Abd Al-Wudoud), to come forward to protect the Muslims of India.


The video concludes with Abd Al-Rahman seeking the support and advice of these Islamic leaders to attack Indian Government interests and its economic centers in India or abroad until the government collapses.

(In other words, ... India's jihad groups operating against India/Hindus are all the Islamic Arm of the AmriKKKan-KKKangress Alliance. Notice how islamania always riots on KKKaangress/AmriKKKan schedule and against *their* enemies.

The Indian jihadi group's stated aim of deliberately destabilising the BJP government gives away their puppeteers: since KKKangress/US couldn't dislodge BJP during the elections, the US/KKKangress - by means of carefully applied jihad - are going to make sure that the Indian populace will come to regret electing a nationalist govt and will learn to never do so again.


And islamaniacs' constant whining that islamics in India are persecuted is so tiresome. Why can't the islamania (or all monotheism) infesting the dar-ul-harbs of the subcontinent just get lost to TSP? That's HUGE tracts of land carved out for the monotheists. Yet they insist on jihading everyday in India, then whine persecution, and then call their taliban brethren in to raise a call to arms to "protect" these whiny jihadists in India. Obviously no one who is willing to put up with this can be sane. But psecular defenders of monotheism are not famed for sanity.

Anyway, repeat: Development will soon be off the agenda. What with the "Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind" aka "The Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India", the IM/Indian Mujahideen aka all Indian muslims ultimately, the Lashkar e Toiba, not to mention NLFT, NDFB, and various other christoislamic terror cells, the many Islamic State (IS) volunteers in India and now Al Qaeda India, it will be a hard time for even the most terrorist I mean ardent of Indian militant "pacifist" anti-Hindu pseculars to continue to ignore jihad. Sort of like how Mira Kamdar (was it?) suddenly shut up her inversionist activism - about how it was Hindus persecuting islamaniacs - as soon as Kamdar's own cousin was blown up/shot up by islamania in the Mumbai attacks.

Nothing but that sort of event ever gets psecular Hindu-baiting terrorists (all complicit in the christoislamic genocide against the Hindus owing to their conscious negationism) - again: nothing but seeing their relatives jihad-ed too gets Hindu-baiters to shut up. So they may look forward with equal ...expectancy to the upcoming jihad.

Personally, am looking forward to Rajarant declaring once more how he is going to play an "intellectual kshatriya" to fight off the jihad - just like he declared that Vedic rituals, temples and the Hindoos who did such stuff were all useless against islam (must be like how Shivaji - an incorrigibly Vedic ritualist Hindoo, the exact definition of what Rajarant boos and hisses at :Rajarant can't take it back: - was so "useless" against islam, whereas the likes of Rajarant has obviously reclaimed so much Hindoo land and people from islam, no?)


1. the Hindu side is more subverted, new-agey, de-heathenised, Bauddhised and anti-Hindu than ever before.

2. More pseculars and clueless vocalists than ever before. Like that Ravish who thinks that it is communal to opposed to christoislamic jihad and to wish it confined to TSP or further away (or to wish it permanently vapourised).

3. Islamania is more determined than before (perhaps more bloodthirsty too, after such a long pause): islam grows in determination after ever defeated round, plus they're choosing to try jihading India again at this time after having partially-lost last time, thus pointing to some increased degree of confidence in their winning "this time round".

4. now there are christo-communists, pseculars and other anti-Hindus working hand-in-hand for jihad's success and for Hindus' demise,

5. now christos have declared all out christostates in India like Mizoram etc in the NE and genocided and ethnicly cleansed Hindoos there. And christos in Goa have just a few months back insisted that the govt should prevent Goa's "culture" from being diluted by Hindu migrants from the rest of India, pointing to Kashmir's special status where other Hindus' migration to Kashmir has been discouraged by law owing to islamania+psecularism. Apparently some part of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh - Telangana I think - has taken an anti-Indian position and threatened to declare itself independent too. (Who didn't see that coming? All states breaking up is for christoislamania's divide-and-conquer routine alone, or at least will be hijacked for this purpose.)

So considering 1-5 (and more): "Oh, who will win?"

Actually, none of 2-5 are relevant. It is 1 that is deterministic - in itself - as to the outcome of this latest face-off of Hindu India vs christoislamicommunist takeover (jihad in this example). The sole advantage over the past is that there are proportionally fewer Hindoos in India now, which works in Hindus favour: i.e. not all victims of jihad will Hindus, many - at least in time - will be anti-Hindus.

And the actual news was:


4 Sep 2014 - 7:58pm

India on alert after al-Qaeda video

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri (pic) has said his terrorist group has a new branch in India. (AAP)

India has gone on alert after al-Qaeda's leader announced the terrorist group would be setting up a new branch in the Indian subcontinent.



4 Sep 2014 - 6:39 PM UPDATED 1 HOUR AGO Tweet 0

Terrorist group al-Qaeda has set up a branch in South Asia, prompting Indian authorities to issue a nationwide alert, media reports and officials say.

Al-Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the plan in a 55-minute video message posted on the internet on Wednesday. Indian officials said the video appeared to be authentic.

Al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to "wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate".

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent will be led by Asim Umar, chief of al-Qaeda's Sharia committee in Pakistan, it said.



NEW DELHI: In an alarming development, al-Qaeda has established a new branch to wage jihad in India, revive its caliphate and impose sharia in the Indian sub-continent, US media and intelligence agencies said today. The creation of the group called "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent"


It's every psecularists' [and psecular party's] efforts come true: while stoking up unfounded fears of alleged "Hindu communalism", they opened the floodgates for one of the True Communalisms ("True Religions") to show up at full strength.
Older news. Archiving.

1. jafrianews.com/2014/09/14/filipino-muslims-to-get-the-self-rule-in-the-autonomous-region/

Quote:JNN 12 Sept 2014 Manila : The president of the overwhelmingly Christian Philippines proposed Wednesday to give Muslims in the south the ability to run their own ...

2. dwn.com/2014/09/10/philippines-autonomy-bill-aims-to-end-conflict/

Quote:Philippines’ autonomy bill aims to end conflict KDWN

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine president submitted a draft law to Congress on Wednesday that aims to end four decades of rebellion by Muslims in the south by granting them more autonomy in a region that will have its own flag, government, and police force.

President Benigno Aquino III asked Congress to rapidly pass the proposed legislation, which fleshes out a peace deal signed in March between his government and country’s largest Muslim insurgent group, the 11,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

(A "peace" deal. Didn't Bush Jr say that "islam means peace"?)

The rebels have been fighting since the 1970s for Muslim self-rule in the southern island of Mindanao in an insurrection that has killed about 150,000 combatants and civilians. The United States and other Western governments have backed the autonomy deal partly to prevent the insurgency from breeding extremists who could threaten their countries.

The autonomous region, to be called Bangsamoro, would replace an existing one, seen as a dismal failure.

The new plan grants much more autonomy to the region, including a 60-member parliament that would wield exclusive power over such areas as agriculture, trade, tourism and education.

Under the draft law, Islamic Shariah law would apply to Muslim residents, but the country’s justice system would continue to apply to non-Muslims. Most Filipinos are Catholic Christians, but Mindanao has scattered areas dominated by Muslims.

(And muslims will quickly resort to kidnapping-and-converting and convert-or-killing to make sure everyone in the region comes under the Shariah and it's turned into a dar-ul-islam.)

The government also has promised to pour development funds into the region, which has been stunted economically due to the fighting.

(Sort of like Kashmir. The islamics get every advantage and Filipinos none.)

The peace accord and the draft law came after 13 years of tough negotiations.

“This is the farthest distance we have reached in our peace journey with the MILF,” presidential adviser Teresita Deles said in a statement. “Every word, line, and provision shall be subjected to the sunshine of democratic debate, where all voices will be heard, with our constitution as the guiding light.”

The central government would retain authority over areas such as defense, foreign and monetary policy, postal service and immigration, according to the proposal.

The bill is expected to come under intense scrutiny in parliament, but it is eventually expected to pass given that both Congress and the House of Representatives are dominated by Aquino’s allies. The bill may face legal challenges from Christian politicians and groups, which are wary of ceding territory, power and influence to Muslims.

And at least three smaller Muslim groups oppose the autonomy deal and have vowed to fight it.

(Must be like the muslims who insisted they stay back in India rather than wandering across to Pakistan. After all, they need to leave a garrison behind to multiply in the dar-ul-harb and turn that into dar-ul-islams bit by bit too.)

Filipinos have grown exasperated with the fighting in the south, so some politicians are reluctant to be seen opposing the plan, said analyst Ramon Casiple.

“This isn’t a partisan issue,” Casiple said. “If you go around saying you’ll block this, a stance the public fears would lead to war, I don’t think you’ll get support from the people.”

has a comment containing something that's potentially promising


Raj Puducode

01/08/2014 19:13:15

Muslim Cleric Offers to Raise 500,000 JihadiYouths in India


Daft and dangerous: Muslim scholar’s plan for a militia to fight global jihad Hasan Suroor in Firstpost.com

I’m not sure if the name Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi will ring a bell in many places. My own first reaction when I heard it was “Nadvi, who?”

But apparently he is a big cheese in Islamic circles. An influential theologian and author of numerous scholarly tomes in Urdu and Arabic, Nadvi is Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow, whose reputation as a premier institution of Islamic teaching ranks in the same class as Darul Uloom, Deoband. He is also a member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and Aligarh Muslim University’s court, its highest decision-making body.

So, what he says matters and carries weight. It is important to stress this because what he has done has shocked even conservative Muslims. Nadvi has written a long and passionate letter (in Arabic!) to the Saudi government offering to raise a militia of 500,000 Sunni Muslim Indian youth as his contribution to a “powerful global Islamic army” he has proposed in order to fight Shia militants in Iraq and “help Muslims in need” elsewhere. The army would become part of a Caliphate that he wants Saudis to set up for the Muslim ummah, the international Muslim community.

Someone should encourage Nadvi to raise an Indian islamic militia of ~145 million - all of India's Sunni muslims - to go off to the Levant to try to kill their "brothers" in christoislamism there.

In fact, Nadvi should send all of Pakiland's (TSP-W+E) Sunni islamic content to the ME too. (Pity they can't take all the other types of subcontinental islamaniacs with them.)

Some data on the number of islamaniacs, and the numbers of Shias vs Sunnis:


(Better to visit the link, since the maps and tables are useful for general knowledge)

Quote:A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion.

While Muslims are found on all five inhabited continents, more than 60% of the global Muslim population is in Asia and about 20% is in the Middle East and North Africa. However, the Middle East-North Africa region has the highest percentage of Muslim-majority countries. Indeed, more than half of the 20 countries and territories1 in that region have populations that are approximately [color]95% Muslim or greater.[/color]

More than 300 million Muslims, or one-fifth of the world’s Muslim population, live in countries where Islam is not the majority religion. These minority Muslim populations are often quite large. India, for example, has the third-largest population of Muslims worldwide. China has more Muslims than Syria, while Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined.

Of the total Muslim population, 10-13% are Shia Muslims and 87-90% are Sunni Muslims. Most Shias (between 68% and 80%) live in just four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq.

These are some of the key findings of Mapping the Global Muslim Population: A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Muslim Population, a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. The report offers the most up-to-date and fully sourced estimates of the size and distribution of the worldwide Muslim population, including sectarian identity.

Previously published estimates of the size of the global Muslim population have ranged widely, from 1 billion to 1.8 billion.2 But these commonly quoted estimates often have appeared without citations to specific sources or explanations of how the figures were generated.

* Map: World Distribution of Muslim Population


In short, # muslims:

Iran: 74 mill

Iraq: 30 mill

Afghanistan: 28 mill

Indonesia (#1): 203 mill

TSP-W (#2): 174

India (#3): 161

TSP-E (#4?): 145

(Iran was never a populous place... Even Egypt has almost 80 million muslims)

* Table at link: Countries with the Largest Number of Muslims

Quote:Two-thirds of all Muslims worldwide live in the 10 countries shown below. Of the 10 countries, six are in Asia (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey), three are in North Africa (Egypt, Algeria and Morocco) and one is in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria).

* Table/Pie-chart: Muslim Population by Region (groups Turkey into Asia, and all of the Pacific too, even though Indonesia is already in Asia and not the Pacific)

Quote:Living as Majorities and Minorities

While 80% of the world’s Muslims live in countries where Muslims are in the majority, significant numbers – about one-fifth of the world’s Muslim population – live as religious minorities in their home countries. Of the roughly 317 million Muslims living as minorities, about 240 million – about three-quarters – live in five countries: India (161 million), Ethiopia (28 million), China (22 million), Russia (16 million) and Tanzania (13 million). Two of the 10 countries with the largest number of Muslims living as minorities are in Europe: Russia (16 million) and Germany (4 million).

(In other words, India is plagued with the worst proportion of islamics of all these non-islamic nations.)

These minority populations are often quite large. For example, India, a Hindu-majority country, has the third-largest population of Muslims worldwide. The Muslim population of Ethiopia is about as large as that of Afghanistan. China has more Muslims than Syria; Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined; and Germany has more Muslims than Lebanon.

* Table: Countries with the Largest Number of Muslims Living as Minorities

India is at the top of the list:

- India: 160,945,000 muslims - 13.4% of Indian population - 10.3% of all muslims in the world

- Just for comparison, second highest ranked is Ethiopia where the islamic content makes up only 1.8% of the muslims in the world.

Then comes this important section:

Quote:Sunni and Shia Populations

An overwhelming majority of Muslims are Sunnis, while an estimated 10-13% are Shias. This report estimates that there are between 154 million and 200 million Shia Muslims in the world today.

(Well, the report was probably written *before* ISIS went on their killing spree. So Shias in Iraq and hence the world is probably down now.)

Between 116 million and 147 million Shias live in Asia, representing about three-quarters of the world’s Shia population (note that Iran is included in the Asia-Pacific region). Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of the world’s Shias (36 million to 44 million) live in the Middle East-North Africa.4 Looked at in a different way, 12-15% of the Muslim population in the Asia-Pacific region is Shia, as is 11-14% of the Muslim population in the Middle East-North Africa region. The figures for Shias are generally given as a range because of the limitations in the secondary-source data (see Methodology for Sunni-Shia Estimates).

Quick Definition: Sunnis and Shias

[See at link. Druze - being an offshoot of some kind of Shia-ism - are included as muslims in Pew's report.]

Quote:Most Shias (between 68% and 80%) live in four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq. Iran has 66 million to 70 million Shias, or 37-40% of the world’s total Shia population. Iraq, India and Pakistan each are home to at least 16 million Shias.


In four countries – Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Iraq – Shia Muslims make up a majority of the total population.

(Maybe not Iraq any more when ISIS is done. It might become "pure-Sunni dar-ul-islam".)

* Map: More Than a Third of the World’s Shia Muslims Live in Iran

* Table: Countries with More Than 100,000 Shia Muslims

Table: Countries with More Than 100,000 Shia Muslims

Country         | Estimated 2009 Shia Population | Approx % of Muslim Pop that is Shia | Approx % of World Shia Pop.

Iran            | 66 - 70 million                | 90 – 95%                            | 37 – 40%

Pakistan        | 17 – 26 million                | 10 – 15                             | 10 – 15

India           | 16 – 24 million                | 10 – 15                             | 9 – 14

Iraq            | 19 -22 million                 | 65 – 70                             | 11 – 12


Lots of countries in that list, but Bangladesh - like Indonesia - is nowhere on it (unless I overlooked it?). Surprised that Bangladesh is More Pure than Paki-stan (W). <- Since Sunnis don't consider Shias as true muslims or even as muslims. See also link below.

Paki islamaniacs were butchering Bangladeshi islamaniacs for not being pure oryans, so maybe Bangladesh should seek a reckoning: Pakiland is impure - not purely true muslims.

And now for a True Muslim ™ site. Note how even the URL shows that the Truer Muslims list Shias under "cults":


Quote:How many Shia are there in the world?

Many people mistakenly think that Muslims are divided into two halves: Sunnis and Shi'it. In reality Shia are between 7.5% to 11%. All the rest (93.5%) are Sunnis (ignoring the fact the Shi'ism is a totally different religion than Islam). The word Shia includes all kinds of Shi'it Sects such as (Twelvers Imami Rafidi Shia, Isma'ili Shia, Alawi (Nusairi) Shia, Druze Shia, Zaidi Shia).

The first statistic was all taken from the British Encyclopedia for the year 1997. However, we feel that it has some incorrect numbers for some countries such as Iran. Their number is compared to the total number of Muslims which is 1,482,596,925
As seen in the red bit: every Sunni is a takfiri terrorist.

I think the following URL was linked off the Rajeev2004 blog. Not certain.



* "between 154 million and 200 million Shia Muslims in the world"

* The Takfiri Sunnis (Salafists=Wahabis) will no doubt want to kill 'em all, as also seen in say Sunni ISIS' record in Iraq and Syria

* India has 161 million islamaniacs of which 85%-90% is Sunni.

* Therefore, with India having some 135 to 145 million Sunnis, Nadvi can raise a much larger - more decisive - ISIS militia to go bludgeon the ME into True Islam. And they needn't bother coming back. But with any luck they won't, either: assuming the global Shia population does away with them. (What do I care if christoislamaniacs convert-or-kill each other? Rather they kill themselves than that they kill unsaved kaffirs.)

* And then TSP-W should send its total Sunni population. Then, after they get done in too (didn't Iranian islamics historically beat up Pakistani/Indian islamics? I seem to vaguely remember reading this somewhere...), TSP-E's entire islamic population (Sunni) can make a similar one-way trip to the ME too. Next up can be Indonesia. And that's almost even with the world Shia population. So it will be a fight to the death.

Raising an Indian Sunni army of a measley 500,000 from a country with ~140 million Sunni muslims is barely 0.4% - a pathetic number. I suspect that at least that many Indian Sunni muslims have already enlisted/thought of enlisting without even knowing of the Maulana Nadvi's existence, so it will hardly be to his credit.
1. Important article by Aron (IIRC that's a Judaic name; or is it merely a Hindu who's spelling "Arun" in a novel way?)



Quote:Al Qaeda's quest for an Eastern caliphate - The Syrian model of building a Sunni Islamist insurgency in India

06/10/2014 15:27:18 Aron

The Al Qaeda’s Indian branch was launched by the emir of this preeminent Global Islamic Terrorist organization Al Zawahiri himself with a humongous name ‘ Jamiat Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Shibh al-Quarrat al-Hindiya’ that translates in short -Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.

Kashmir, Gujarat and Assam were specified at the top of a list, where Al Qaeda meant to open its shop.

Media reports indicate National Security Agencies have taken this with appropriate seriousness and Vital installations and potential targets inferred from previous Interrogation reports of Indian Mujahadeen convicts and intercepts have been for security ramp up.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant which was its affiliate branch has now emerged as front runner in the campaign of Global Jihad. It has managed to materialize the long dreamt Caliphate collapsing borders of Syria and Iraq into a contiguous territory larger than Belgium and roughly the size of Jordan.

The restoration of Caliphate that ended with Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I has been the utopian quest for Islamists of all kinds- the Muslim Brotherhood projected as ‘moderate’ was started towards that goal and so was Hamas that has it as its charter dream. Al Qaeda had pronounced the restoration of Caliphate as its ultimate goal.

This tangible materialization on ground of what was once a distant dream had lead to an irresistible pull to Islamists and activists from those movements and Terrorist groups began gravitating towards the Islamic State or ISIS.


The attrition from Al Qaeda and its loss of its lead position in Global Jihad had compelled Al Qaeda to match if not outdo this feat accompli of ISIS.

While formerly Al Qaeda’s strategy was to remain unconcerned about territorial affirmations and shunning conventional warfare, now it could no longer afford to remain the shadowy Terrorist group.

It has to manifest something by way of its own territory, its own Caliphate where its black flags fly and its Sharia State function and showcase a Dar ul Islam by way of territory.

The changed strategy of Al Qaeda now is streamlined towards that end of gaining territories to claim for itself like the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

That quest now can only fulfilled by turning to areas that had so far been its secondary interest.

Formerly as a shadowy Global Terror network it left the actual running and control of areas to the Taliban and focused on the Terror strikes on the West.

Now it seeks to embrace the model of ISIS learning from its successes and its mistakes and seems to have evolved an improvised Strategy- of combining the elements of Terror, State sponsoring of it and Territorial quests-which implies ability to run Conventional warfare.

This territorial need of Al Qaeda cannot be obtained at Pakistan where its affiliates have been crushed by the Pakistani Army and difficult in Afghanistan that is an asset of Pakistan’s Strategic depth.

But that need for territory fits well in the rest of Indian Subcontinent.


By focusing its energies towards ‘liberating’ Kashmir, it is possible for Al Qaeda to simultaneously regain its relevance and retain the covert backing of Pakistan’ military establishment.

The meeting of Kashmiri Separatists with Pakistan’s establishment was to work out this new arrangement between the Al Qaeda and the ISI on one hand and toe line the Kashmiri Jihadis leadership into entering the Pact.

Al Qaeda seeks to reintroduce Kashmir as the Syria base of Global Jihad and attract the mujahadeens from around the world and particularly rest of India.

To avoid Pakistan the fall out of this escalation of conflict and adverse world attention- Al Qaeda is pitching North East with Assam and Myanmar as battle grounds.

Pakistan has already promptly begun in anticipation of the coming conflict, raking up ‘Kashmir dispute’ in the United Nations.

Its media managers have begun floating Scotland solution, the outdated and irrelevant Plebiscite that Pakistan had rendered impossible by refusal to withdraw troops- the talk of referendum would serve as justification for the violence to follow.


An Eastern Caliphate may theoretically seem to impact on the sovereignty of the Pakistan State.

But in Islamic real politik of Pakistan’s ISI, this loyalty to any Eastern Caliphate can be actually the tail wagging the dog.

With a nominal expression of loyalty to such an Eastern Caliphate when it manifests, Pakistan’s ISI is confident that the Caliphate would be actually an expansion of Pakistan and regain of territories lost by break up of East wing as Bangladesh.

The Al Qaeda is striving to base its Caliphate in a contiguous area of Afghanistan and the Kashmir valley and pockets in the East with Assam, Myanmar and Bangladesh eventually.

The first step in this direction is the rekindling the flames of Jihad in all those areas and obtain recruits.


The earlier strategy of ISI’s Operation Topaz- bleeding India slowly through a hundred cuts, meant outfits like SIMI and Indian Mujadeen carried out isolated terror strikes and expected a backlash of communal violence like in Gujarat 2002.

The present strategy goes farther than that- it has learnt from its failure to win recruits and failure to bring about a communal polarization through a Hindu backlash.

Recruitment is now based on Wahabisation and political indoctrination at the mosque level.

The Mass drive consists of leading through its operatives who will mobilize public behind every Conflict as a gradual build up of Communal issues and nurture Hindu phobia and distrust of both Infidels and the Infidel State.

It is from such a wide base of isolated communal pockets of simmering unrest, the Recruitments will happen.

This is in fact the Arab Springs model or Syrian model.

(AmriKKKan model of instigating jihad. AmeriKKKa instigated jihad all over the ME recently.)

The Indian State must be made clear to the Umma that it is an Oppressor of Muslims who is cahoots with Infidel majority.

The Sunni insurgencies began innocuously as Protests against the Shia dominated State in both Syria and Iraq.

This resentment simultaneously against Shia majority and the Shiite dominated State became the justification to pick up arms against both and begin violence.


The sudden spurt of Communal disturbances in Ahmedabad can be mistaken as revived communalism in Gujarat after Modi’s departure.

But if we don’t forget this announcement of formation of Indian branch of al Qaeda and specific warnings of its imminent attacks in Gujarat, Vadodara will reveal the Syrian model of nursing an insurgency.

A sure pattern also will begin to emerge behind the disturbances, quickly in succession with Ahmadabad violence on eve of Bakrid.

The Vadodara violence was about
an insulting post at social media about an Islamic shrine-in other words an offense to Islam.

The anger was turned against majority community.

The Ahmadabad violence was about animal slaughter that is part of Islamic festivity of Bakrid and its deliberate choice of Cow that is scared (sp corrected) to Hindu community and protected by law against slaughter.

In other words, it’s a deliberate projection of Oppressive interference with practice of Islam, knowing too well the Offense of slaughtering what is sacred to the other community would ensure sustaining the conflict and deepening the divide.

The Recurrent theme is clearly different from Indian Mujahadeen drives through bomb attacks where the victimhood acted against more recruitment by creating revulsion towards it.

But this doesn’t mean Al Qaeda would ever grow less fond of bomb attacks. They would follow after this initial recruitment campaigns attain critical mass support.


The discovery of a Grenade like explosive device in a standby aircraft of Narender Modi also must be not seen in isolation but as fitting with these Al Qaeda’s ongoing activities.

The Khorasan is a Hardcore of Al Qaeda.

The term Khorasan refers specifically to the Indo Iranian Khorasan region and therefore read together with Zawahiri's announcement of formation of Indian Wing of Al Qaeda, the Khorasan hardcore naturally should be masterminding Plots against India.

Khorasan movement is a Prophesy tradition linked to Gazwa –e-hind, the Conquest and Islamisation of India- that calls upon Muslims to join this Jihad behind Black Flags.

Since it is based on Islamic Tradition and Scriptural Sanction- its potential appeal for Recruitment among orthodox youth is dangerously high.

Not just in Afghanistan and Pakistan where it has obtained a huge following but Kashmir and rest of India.

Counter terrorist experts are divided in the evaluation of Khorasan Group recently revealed by White House spokesmen for their airstrikes on them.

Some doubt if it is 'more dangerous than even ISIS', others dismiss it as a Decoy and diversion from real threat of ISIS.

What is pertinent to Indians is that some analysts point to Khorasan’s past levels of sophistication and present desperation of both Al Qaeda and the Pakistan’s ISI should push this group towards India.

When read together with Zawahiri's announcement of formation of Indian Wing of Al Qaeda, the Khorasan Group naturally should be masterminding Plots targeting India.

What is important to note is Khorasan are two things-

1. They are experts in Explosive devices. These devices can pass even the most stringent Air line Security Checks.

Khorasan bomb makers are deft in putting together IEDs with liquid explosives and volatiles that cannot be detected by current methods of detection.

In the Middle East and Pakistan this group has wide connections and their network can compromise Security by Infiltration of their sleepers.

So the finding of a 'Grenade' like IED in Modi's standby craft must be read in this context.

2. Khorasan was accused of plotting a spectacular 9/11 like attack on Airliners by Washington this September.

This means they had the means to infiltrate and bypass security of Air lines and airports.

This detection must therefore be taken up as a wakeup call to ramp up Security for not only our PM but all VIPs, Vital installations and Religious Centers.

Khorasan has predilection with Airlines.

The planting on a Standby Craft means they have Insider information that it should be used.

The Al Qaeda is keeping good its words of threat and intention.

What to expect?

Hard to detect and Sophisticated Improved Explosive Devices will be playing a role in this attempt create Communal Clashes.

Unlike previous random attacks, Al Qaeda will first build a popular base on a theme of Sectarian issues and resentments. The bombs will therefore be selectively deployed.

The recurrent theme will be around 'Islam' and a clear Divisive bottom line- of Us versus Them.

It seeks first at Polarization and a Line of divide with Islam and its ‘defense' against an Infidel state and Infidels.

This is the Syrian Model of building a Sunni Islamic Insurgency, along Sectarian lines and as a sectarian State.

Al Qaeda’s Indian wing seeks to tap on the Resentment and popular mobilization to feed an actual insurgency elsewhere as ‘liberated territory’ - which must be in Kashmir and Assam.

Mosques, shrines and symbolic equivalents of 'Defilement of Koran' etc should be the recurring issues making a case for Oppression and a sectarian victimhood.

Therefore Monitoring of Mosques and sermons are imperative.

Both ISIS and Khorasan are in competition to gain Recruits.

Strict vigilance and preemptive thwarting of Recruitment drives are imperative.

This is a very difficult time for Nation to pass.

We hope our NSA and Government remain alert and pray for their success.

A comment at HK:

Quote: indian

08/10/2014 22:23:22 who is a devout Jihadi ?

It is time to be more alert, because when nationalist government came to power each time , Jihadies and supporters become more active to destabilise the nationalist governments. Look at earlier incidents. Intelligence agencises should use moosad models to track and eliminate anti nationals, terrorist and supporters, a devout follower is a jihadi, mujahid or not can only be understood by expressed communitions or grouping (a person cannot do jihad alone, works as groups)

So agencies should pretend as terrorist facilatators and supporter to trap terrorist and like minded people. Strict Laws should be made to take task of terrorist supporters too. Beware of dangerous people (actual terrorist supporters) who blame government for terrorist attacks on oneside and cry victims when actions initiated against terrorist.

Medias playing for jihad by supressing violence and twisting news.

As seen Jihad is done as a crime against humanity and when action against jihadies come, they cry victim and many medias are carrying this jihadi propaganda knowingly of unknowlingly in which they will also get the same fate in time of condition of jihad coming and from expirences seen in other parts of world.

Indian intelligence should indeed work like the Mossad. They regularly make fools out of jihadis.

Anyway, ISIS-like activism (and AQ modelling itself on ISIS for inspiration) spilling over into India reminds me of something that I wanted to post earlier. May do so next time.


2. AQ in West Bengal. Bangladeshis islamaniacs operating with Indian Mujahideen:


IM men killed making IEDs in Trinamool leader's house

05/10/2014 03:02:38 m.timesofindia.com/india/IM-men-killed-making-IEDs-in-Trinamool-leaders-house/articleshow/44369811.cms

(More links to the above news are in the "Timeline of islamic terrorism" thread)

3. Some of the islam related tweets at HK:

Quote:7 Oct

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate 600 crore worth Fakenote rchd Calicut in last 6 months via Hawala & Bangladeshi labourers - NIA

#FinancialTerrorism5 Retweets 1 favorite Collapse


(Must be to pay all the love jihadis the compensation they were promised for kidnapping Hindu women and forcibly converting them to islam)

Quote:Francois Gautier @fgautier26

Happy #EidMubarak: Order for the Destruction of Temples by Emperor Aurangzeb in its original firman. (9th April 1669) pic.twitter.com/VVmg1tbqrw

And the important article of this post was:


Quote:Al Qaeda's quest for an Eastern caliphate - The Syrian model of building a Sunni Islamist insurgency in India

06/10/2014 15:27:18 Aron

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