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Islamism - 7
Ya, he is following Islam, why police is harassing him, let him live in Islamic way of life.
Allah will give his follower dates and virgin.
Anyway, India is a secular nation and Muslim had first right and they are always right.
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The father-cum-grandfather (above) should receive the "Ideal Muslim After the Prophet" medal from Saudi. It should come with a free contract: get it polished from Islamabad whenever needed. (Like oil change with cars).
America’s Truth Forum (ATF) is organizing a Symposium on THREAT OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM from February 1-2, 2008 at Dallas, Texas.

The ticket for VIP Dinner Reception on February 1st is $110.00 and the ticket for Symposium on Feb. 2nd is $149.00. Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) has established a very good relationship with ATF. As a result, ATF is most likely to give us 25-35% discount on the purchase of tickets.

Indian American Intellectuals Forum has been invited to participate in the 2-day Symposium and present a paper/talk on THREAT OF RADICAL ISLAM TO HINDU INDIA.

In order to make our response very articulate and effective, we need input from our members and supporters. We will be grateful to you if you could send your views in about 600 words to enable us to incorporate them in the main text.

Names and designations of some of the top-notch nationally known speakers/experts on Islamic terrorism are as under:

Frank Gaffney
Founder and President Center for Security Policy

Dr. Harvey Kushner
Chairman of Criminal Justice Dept. of Long Island University, best-selling author, advisor to the FBI and FAA

Atty. David Schippers
Former Chief Investigative Counsel for the US House Judiciary Committee, author, counter-terrorism expert

Robert Spencer
Director of Jihad Watch, best-selling author and expert on radical Islam

Dr. Wafa Sultan
Syrian-American Psychologist and internationally known critic of militant Islam

Dr. Bruce Tefft
Founding member of CIA’s Counterterrorism Task Force

Dr. Paul Williams
Former FBI consultant, best-selling author and investigative journalist

David Harris
Chief of Strategic Planning of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Laura Mansfield
Middle Eastern linguistic expert and investigative reporter specializing in jihadi activity both domestic and foreign

Bahram Moshiri
Iranian historian, scientist and advocate for a free Iran

For further information, please do not hesitate to call:

Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum

(718) 478-5735
Arish K. Sahani

Vice President
Indian American Intellectuals Forum
(718) 271-0453

For detailed information, please visit the website of ATF:
CNN showed NATO-ISAF getting pissed at the videos that the Talibaan put out. NATO says (thru spokesman James Apputharai, looks desi) that they will put out their own videos too.

They showed (samples shot from helicopters):

1. Talib putting on burka and walking with wimmen and kids

2. Talib going into mud hut (to attend meeting of Talibs) and putting little kid outside the door (human shield to avoid Nato fire).


They also showed the Talib videos of NATO being blown up by the mujahids.

Shambhu says: And what is the deeply mesmerizing Arabic song that those videos play in the background, as US troops are getting killed? What? Verses from the Kur-Kur-Kuran you say? NO!! You mean Islam is not the Religion of Peace?

Ba' waraktool sha-it faa wassool; sh1t-ul-rasool. La! La! La!
Translation: This cannot be! Holy crap. No! No! No! <!--emo&:lol:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='laugh.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Don't you just luhv the Religion of Peace!
Sudan Accuses Teacher of Islam Insult
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Published: November 27, 2007
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov. 26 — The Sudanese police arrested a British schoolteacher and accused her of insulting Islam <b>after she allowed her 7-year-old pupils to name a class teddy bear Muhammad</b>, Sudanese officials said today.

The teacher, Gillian Gibbons, was arrested on Sunday in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, after a number of parents complained, said Rabie A. Atti, a government spokesman.“How can you call a bear Muhammad?” he said. “Muhammad is the holy prophet of Islam.”

Dr. Rabie said the authorities had obtained a letter Ms. Gibbons sent home with students explaining that her primary school class was doing a project on animals and had adopted a teddy bear named Muhammad.

“Her letter said there was an intelligent bear named Muhammad, and the letter instructed parents to take pictures with this bear,” Dr. Rabie said. “This is not acceptable, according to the general opinion of our society.”

In Islam, insulting the Prophet Muhammad is considered a grave offense, and the law of northern Sudan, where Khartoum is located, makes this a crime. The private, relatively expensive Unity School in Khartoum, where Ms. Gibbons taught, educates a mix of Christian and Muslim Sudanese children, and the lessons are in English.

Ms. Gibbons is in jail, pending further investigation, Dr. Rabie said.

“If she is innocent, she will be set free,” Dr. Rabie.

If she is guilty, Dr. Rabie said, she will face punishment, possibly including lashes.

“I hope she didn’t mean what the people thought,” he added, saying it was possible that Ms. Gibbons did not intend to offend Islam.Officials at the school have defended Ms. Gibbons.

“This was a completely innocent mistake,” Robert Boulos, the director of Unity High School, told BBC. “Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam.”

According to BBC, Ms. Gibbons, 54, asked a seven-year-old girl to bring in a teddy bear and for her classmates to pick a name for it.

“They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Muhammed,” Mr. Boulos said.

When it came time to vote, 20 out of 23 children choose Muhammad, one of the most common names in the Muslim word.

The students then took turns bringing the bear home on weekends, and wrote a diary about what they did with it. According to the BBC, the children’s entries were bound together in a book with a picture of the bear on the cover and a message that read, “My name is Muhammad.”

The teddy bear ordeal comes just a few weeks after Sudanese authorities said that no troops from Scandinavia could serve as peacekeepers in Darfur, where the United Nations is trying to send an expanded peacekeeping force, because Danish newspapers published caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad two years ago.

Those cartoons set off riots across the Muslim world and several dozen people were killed.

Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Sudan’s president, said in a recent interview with Al Jazeera that, “We in Sudan declared mobilization against the Scandinavians after the publishing of the offensive cartoons of the Prophet,” and that the Sudanese people would not accept Scandinavian troops because of this.

His rejection of the Scandinavians complicates efforts to bolster the peacekeeping force with appropriate technical expertise. The force is supposed to be predominantly African, according to an agreement Sudan reached with the United Nations and the African Union, but United Nations officials said it was essential to include experts from developed countries and were hoping to send teams from Norway and Sweden.

AoA, What was she smoking when she accepted the job in the first place??


You may ask: Why does it matter? Religious worship depends on individual free choices and the increase of a religion is not a demographic topic. In fact, it matters because many examples show that an increasing muslim minority inside a no muslim country, may lead to a claim for secession and can culminate in a civil war.
When the Islamists are only a minority, they present themselves as victims and constantly complain ( Such as in India ). When this minority is growing and concentrating in some areas, some people begin to create troubles. Very often, they campaign for the secession of one part of the territory ( Such as in Thailand ). By the end, the unrest only ceases when they gain the entire majority over a country. In this case, they ask for the implementation of the islamic laws.

Post 84:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov. 26 — The Sudanese police arrested a British schoolteacher and accused her of insulting Islam after she allowed her 7-year-old pupils to name a class teddy bear Muhammad, Sudanese officials said today.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Two things.
- I didn't know that Kenya was in Sudan/that Sudanese police can arrest people there, nor did I know that islam was yet so rampant in Kenya.
- The children would be happier in Hinduism (or Shintoism for that matter):
You can name any children's teddy bear/pluche toy after our Gods, as everyone here probably will confirm from their own experience.
One can also draw our Gods and colour them in.
Our Gods also come in family form (one of their representations is as a family: hence you have Shiva, Parvati, with their kids Ganapathi and Murugan and Ayyappan, with aunt and uncle AdiLakshmi and MahaVishnu), so kids can name their pluche toys after them and play "family" or whatever. Lots of fun.

Those poor children. They're <i>trying</i> to warm to prophet muhammed (because they don't know him) and as usual, islam turns out to be unforgiving and unrelenting. Soft toys are haraam in themselves: they're representations of animals and animals are generally not halaal; and who knows, kids may like them better than jehovallah and that would be ultimate blasphemy! Ban them cuddly things! Baby may only hug the koran when sleeping. That's <i>if</i> they're even allowed to hug the koran.
Islamic laws and islamic justice. Why women should be afraid, very afraid, of jehovallah and the laws he has decreed his faithful to practise here on earth.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Friday, 16 November 2007,
<b>Saudi gang rape sentence 'unjust'  </b>

<b>Saudi women are subject to strict sex segregation laws </b>
A lawyer for a gang-rape victim in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to 200 lashes and six-months in jail says the punishment contravenes Islamic law.

The woman was initially punished for violating laws on segregation of the sexes - she was in an unrelated man's car at the time of the attack.

When she appealed, judges doubled her sentence, saying she had been trying to use the media to influence them.

Her lawyer has been suspended from the case and faces a disciplinary session.

Abdel Rahman al-Lahem told the BBC Arabic Service that the sentence was in violation of Islamic law:
"My client is the victim of this abhorrent crime. I believe her sentence contravenes the Islamic Sharia law and violates the pertinent international conventions," he said.
(Though it's commendable of the lawyer to stand up for the poor woman, let him not pretend that he knows what Sharia Law dictates. This is Saudi Arabia where the event happened. And the court is most clearly islamic, basing its sentence on islamic law as they've done: they're punishing the victim after all, which no non-islamic court would ever do. Similar sentences are passed in other islamic countries: such as Afghanistan, and of course in Iran where girls have even received hanging sentences for getting raped.)

"The judicial bodies should have dealt with this girl as the victim rather than the culprit."

The lawyer also said that his client would appeal against the decision to increase her punishment.

<b>Segregation laws</b>
According to the Arab News newspaper, the 19-year-old woman, who is from Saudi Arabia's Shia minority, was gang-raped 14 times in an attack in Qatif in the eastern province a year-and-a-half ago.

Seven men were found guilty of the rape and sentenced to prison terms ranging from just under a year to five years.

The rapists' sentences were also doubled by the court. Correspondents say the sentences were still low considering the rapists could have faced the death penalty.

The rape victim was punished for violating Saudi Arabia's laws on segregation that forbid unrelated men and women from associating with each other. She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for being in the car of a strange man.

On appeal, the Arab News reported that the punishment was not reduced but increased to 200 lashes and a six-month.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Goes on at link.
Let me get this straight:
- Unfortunate Arabian woman (a 19-year old girl) gets gang-raped.
- The beasts that attacked her don't get a significant sentence. AND she gets punished for not observing islamic sex-segregation laws.
- She appeals and apparently tried in desperation to get the media to broadcast her unjust plight, gets longer sentence. Now it's 200 lashes and 6 months in prison for her.
- Her lawyer has been taken off the case besides being able to look forward to a further "disciplinary session".

This is disgusting. Arabian men should storm their religious power centres and toss down islam and protect their female population (who would probably be willing to help them in the same, except they're not even allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia; and we can tell from the above what happens when Arabian women are seen within any short distance of an unrelated man... <- islamic law in SA will give them 90 lashes for violating sex-segregation laws)
So can we hope for our Burkha dutt and the psec crusaders to start taking up the below topic with as much ferver as they did when a woman alleged some non-issue about Sabarimala shrine?

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><span style='color:red'>Fatwa after historic namaaz  </span>

Cuttack, Nov. 29: A fatwa has banned women praying in public after about 50 women made history last Friday by offering namaaz near a Cuttack mosque.

The act of defiance led by a women’s organisation had rocked Cuttack’s clergy, who called a meeting of imams and committee heads of all the major 33 mosques in the city.

After the meeting, Wajhul Qamar, the mufti of the Anjuman-Islamia Ahle Sunnat--Jamaat, issued the fatwa (religious edict), which will be adopted by the imams of all the 33 mosques from tomorrow.

“The fatwa asks the imams to enlighten Muslim men on the Shariat (code of law derived from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed), especially on the code of conduct for women, through their discourses during Friday prayers,” Anjuman secretary M.A. Ahad said.

“This, we hope, will be effective in bringing in self-regulation among women through their husbands.”

The edict, said to be the first of its kind, said women offering namaaz at mosques is “un-Islamic”.

“Women should not enter mosques as the Shariat prohibits them from doing so,” mufti Qamar said.

On November 23, the women, aged between 18 and 40, had gathered at the entrance to the Mir Kamalpatna Masjid in the Manglabad locality around 2.30pm. They were led by the Orissa Muslim Women’s Welfare Organisation.

No one stopped the women but the lack of room in the mosque prompted them to move to a nearby madarsa compound and offer their prayers in full public view.

Farhat Amin, secretary, Orissa Muslim Women’s Welfare Organisation, later claimed in a media statement that her organisation “had no intention to participate in prayers inside any mosque”.

“Neither did the women have any intention of offering Friday prayers, nor did they seek permission,” it said. Amin alleged she was misquoted in newspaper reports.

Ahad disagreed. “The Anjuman had confirmed that the women had gathered under the banner of a Muslim women’s welfare organisation according to a scheduled programme to offer prayers at the mosque,” he said.

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Hospital staff told to make sure Muslim patients' beds face Mecca
five times a day

The job of the nurse used to one of caring for the sick and needy.

But not - it would seem - in today's politically-correct Britain.

<b>Now, nurses are being encouraged to spend valuable time turning
around the beds of Muslim patients up to five times a day - so they
can face Mecca. </b>

In a bid to promote cultural understanding, they are also expected
to provide patients with running water so they can wash before

And then, of course, they are required to turn the beds back around
to return the wards to normality. The measures are being pursued by
Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust to ensure Muslim patients have a "more
comfortable stay in hospital".

Hundreds of staff have attended tax-payer-funded workshops with
Muslim GPs and ethnic-minority support groups on how best to help

During these meetings, nurses have been told that if a patient asks
for water to bathe in, or for their bed to be turned to face Mecca,
then this should be considered.

If the measure is deemed "practically possible" and does not impinge
on other patients, then it should be carried out.

And if it is not practical, nurses are encouraged to find them a bed
that faces Mecca permanently.

But an experienced nurse at Dewsbury and District Hospital in
Yorkshire where the ideas are being tested, has blasted the scheme.

She said: "It would be easier to create Muslim-only wards with every
bed facing Mecca than deal with this.

"We have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having
to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide
running water before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the
essential medical service we are supposed to be providing.

"Although the beds are designed to be moved, the bays are not really
suitable for having loads of beds moving around to face a different
direction and, despite our best efforts, it does cause disruption
for non-Muslim patients."

Conservative MP David Davies also criticised the idea,
saying: "Hospitals should be concentrating on stopping the spread of
infections than kowtowing to the politically-correct brigade."

The workshops - led by the hospital's chief matron Catherine Briggs -
looked at Muslims' religious concerns over being in hospital.

A key part of Islamic faith is praying five times a day to Mecca,
Saudi Arabia - revered as the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed.

Muslims are also meant to wash themselves in running water prior to

Although staff said they would do everything possible to help
patients fulfil these obligations, a request by Muslim women to be
seen by female-only doctors was not guaranteed.

The scheme comes just a year after some NHS hospitals introduced
Burka-style gowns for Muslim patients who did not want to show their
face during operations.

Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust confirmed that
nurses were encouraged to help meet individual requests.

She said: "Nurses have not been ordered to move beds or provide
running water - they have just been encouraged to help meet
patients' needs wherever possible.

"If a sick patient requests that their bed be moved to face Mecca,
then it is right that the hospital looks at this request - even if
it is more than once a day.

"If it is practically possible - and is not inappropriate or
inconvenient to nurses or other patients - then it is right that
nurses try and carry it out.

"We can also try and move the patient to a bed that faces Mecca

german convert to islam

from hinduism to islam

At Achalpur in Amaravati district (Maharashtra), recently fanatic Muslims started riots with stoning from a mosque at a procession of Sree Durga Devi all of a sudden. It is noteworthy that the riot started by Muslims was pre-planned. The pseudo-secular media has ignored this carnage of Hindus by just mentioning the word "RIOTS". Still our secular Government has just declared small financial aid. No serious legal action has been taken. The horrified Hindus have yet not dared to return to their homes & are staying in camps. Hence, it is important to bring the real truth of Achalpur to the common man because if we ignore it now, tomorrow these Jihadis will be at our doorstep.

Evidence of Muslim Terrorism: Post Riot Photos


These photos are not of destruction made by Pakistani terrorists but by "so-called" Indian Muslim brothers (?)

It is time to unite and act together. Join hands and participate in HJS Dharma Jagruti Sabha

Spread this message as it's our duty to alert fellow Indians about this horror...

Vande Mataram
Whats the scoop on this site?


BS or OK?
muslims burn a church in Kosovo

<b>Mohammed to beat Jack as top UK boys' name</b>
Eurabia Alert. By Sarah Womack in the Telegraph (thanks to Writer Mom):

Mohammed is set to overtake Jack as the most popular boys' name in Britain as a result of the high birth rate in Muslim families, which is driving the British population to a record high.
A report from the Office of National Statistics says the <b>highest birth rates are in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities</b>, both predominantly Muslim.

Jack was the most popular boys' name last year, chosen for 6,928 babies. Mohammed - taking into account all of its variant spellings - overtook Thomas to lie in second place with 5,991 babies named.
Islam, religion of Peace
Jihad Against the:
Arabs ; 622 to 634
Persians ; 634 to 651
Byzantines ; 634 to 1453
Hindus ; 638 to 1857
Egyptians ; 640 to 655
Nubians ; 650 to??
Berbers ; 650 to 700
Chinese ; 650 to 751
Turks ; 651 to 751
Spaniards ; 711 to 730
Franks ; 20 to 732
Reconquista ; 730 to 1492
Italians ; 812 to 940
Armenians & Georgians 1071 to 1920
Crusades ; 096 to 1291
Mongols ; 260 to 1300
Albanians ; 1332 to 1853
Serbs, Croats & Albanians 1334 to 1920
Romanians ; 1350 to 1699
Bulgarians ; 1350 to 1843
Croats & Slovenes 1389 to 1843
Poles ; 1444 to 1699
Russians ; 1444 to 1918
Greeks ; 1450 to 1853
Hungarians ; 1500 to 1683
Austrians ; 1500 to 1683

JIHAD IN THE MODERN AGE (still continuing)
Israelis ; since 1948
British ; since 1947
Americans ; since 9 / 11
Latin America since 2003
Danes ; since 2005
Hindus ; since 1947
Please go thru the chapter on "shuddhi movement":


What struck me was that in nearly a 100 years there has been almost no change in Muslim behaviour, what we today associate with Islamism was the same behaviour Savarkar observed in the prison, an example is today they blare their namaaz 5 times a day on loud speaker, in Savarkars time they banged on at the top of their voice as a call to prayer when others were sleeping and only stopped it when Hindus and Burmese (Buddhists) began to blow conches at the same time, notice the similarity with recent times, until the Shiv Sena brought the Mahaartis onto the streets they would not stop praying in the middle of the road obstructing traffic.

The only change I can see is that instead of shouting on top of their voice, they have made use of technology and began torturing the kaffirs with loudspeakers.
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Home > 2007 Issues > January 06, 2008

Think it Over

<b>Islam needs a settled view</b>
By M.S.N. Menon

The men who want to close the historical process and pronounce the “last words” of history are most dangerous men. Beware of them! The Muslims were the first to do so. They foreclosed the future of man. Then came the Americans. The Communists were the latest.

Nature was our mother and first teacher. Not God. God came later. Millions of years later. In the meantime, nature gave us a brain and a mind to know and to reason. It was like a lamp in a dark night. It lighted our path.

The Hindu was guided by his light. So were the Jains and Buddhists. But the Semitic peoples were guided by their books and by the word of their gods.

The books, alas, have turned out to be less and less reliable today! But the peoples of the books will not admit it, for to do so is an offence against their gods. No one in his right senses will do such a thing. So they repeat the lies in the books ad infinitum. But today even the Pope will not dare to say that the Bible is the “last word”. It is dangerous to say so after what the peoples of the books have suffered from their first folly.

But the Muslims are steadfast in their faith. M.J. Akbar writes: “Most Christians might simply shrug if asked whether they really believed that Jesus turned water into wine.. Muslims, in contrast, do not doubt that the angles of Allah helped the Prophet at the Battle of Badr.” The only country where Muslims were exposed to reason and logic was India, says Akbar.

But what is one to say of the mullah, who says that the Quran is the last word? That not a comma will be changed? He backs it with threats. When Islam ruled the world, no one had the courage to tell nay to the mullah. Today, the threat cannot work. The mullah has to argue his case. But this is not what he is used to.

So, he keeps the Quran close to his heart and keeps repeating the namaaz five times a day. He can’t go beyond that. But that is not good enough for a world that is changing so rapidly.

A Muslim has no way to know his Quran. This is not my view. Quran is so arranged, say experts, that ordinary Muslims need an alim to interpret it for them.

And the Quran is no more the final authority. There are different interpretations of the Quran. The Wahhabis are right today. Which interpretation is correct? There is no central authority to determine it.

Islam has thus no final central authority. And it has no settled view (author’s emphasis) either. How do I say this? Well, I have a good reason. The Justice Munir Commission, set up by the Pakistan government in the fifties of the last century to enquire into “ what is Islam” and “who is a Momin (Muslim)” had this to say:<b> “We cannot refrain from saying here that it was a matter of infinite regret to us that the Ulema, whose final duty should be to have settled views on the subject were hopelessly divided among themselves.”</b> This after 1500 years!

You may well ask: How come? The world is becoming increasingly multicultural. There is need for better understanding among peoples. And we have a long long way to go—millions and millions of years. We can’t foreclose our options so early in our infancy. We have to grow with the times. But the Muslims are opposed to change. They are caught in a trap. True, not of their making.

It was wrong on the part of the founders of Islam to say that the Quran was the last word. They could not have decided it for the rest of the world. It was even worse to say that not a word of the Quran would be changed, for you will be mocked at when you are forced to change. This is what happened to the Christians. But they were wise enough to change. But Islam refused to change. With what result? Almost the entire criminal law of the Shariah became obsolete. The British simply rejected it. This is what happens to people who refuse to change. Remember, the British in one stroke of the pen abolished the Sati system of the Hindus. Of course, with the support of men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

As the Shariah is a compilation of both the Quran and the Hadith, the words and deeds of the Prophet, the interpretation of the Shariah has kept tens of thousands of senior Ulemas busy during the last 1500 years! But there is no clarity yet in Islamic thought. As a result, Islam carries a heavy load of dead-weight. For example, Islamic law decrees death for apostasy. No Muslim country can enforce it today. And imagine the shame of having to call a Hindu neighbour a kafir and your own country a Darul-Harb!

The way out to this trap is to empower both men and women to put trust in their ability to guide themselves. This is what the Christians have done. Islam must learn to trust its people.

Remember, the days of absolute sovereignty are over. Nations and peoples have to work within an evolving framework of freedom and democracy. Those who fall out of it will meet the fate of the Fascists, Nazis and Communists. What is happening in Iraq was bound to happen. The Arab people have failed to evolve the democratic process. In today’s condition, this will invite foreign intervention.

<b>Azamgarh to host Islam’s largest global meet </b>
Anurag Singh; Expressindia. com ; Dec 29, 2007

Sherwan (Azamgarh), December 28 Ever imagined 300 hotels, 14 dispensaries, a hospital, four towers of cellular service providers and a perfect accommodation for lakhs of pilgrims at a single village?

<b>Not a poll promise, it is just the scene at Sherwan, a nondescript hamlet in this corner of Uttar Pradesh. </b>

The village has turned into a makeshift pilgrimage for Muslims who will gather from December 29 to 31for the Alami Ijtema (the largest international congregation) of <b>global Islamic movement Tablighi Jammat</b>.

The jammat is likely to be attended by devouts from across the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UK, France and Canada.

“I cannot give the exact figure, but we are expecting the around 15 to 20 lakh people. <b>This congregation is basically to judge the effectiveness of the Tablighi Jamaat, whose network preaches Islam across the world,” said chief coordinator of the Ijtema, Dr Anwar Ahmad</b>.

Similar congregations were held in Jaunpur, Allahabad and Barabanki in the 90s.

The sprawling area houses 250 Unani and modern medicine practitioners, who will man the dispensaries. Besides, a 10-bed makeshift hospital has also been created at the Ibnesina Tibiah College.

Arrangements for drinking water, electricity and transportation have also been made.

The village, just 2 kms from underworld don Abu Salem’s native Saraimeer and 10 kms from Rani Ki Sarai — home to Mohd Tariq (arrested in connection with the November 23 serial blasts) — however, has no room for strangers and shutterbugs.

An army of young volunteers is there to ensure that no stranger sneaks into the 40-lakh square feet arena, especially after sunset.

“No stranger is allowed without the permission of Ijtema authorities. The media will be allowed to cover it only with the permission from organisers and that too on an assurance that no photographs will be taken,” said Mohd Arif Sherwani, a volunteer.

Like Arif, people from several parts of the country, including a businessman from Bandra (Mumbai), Niyaz Azmi and Abdul Majid, Unani doctor from Bhopal, are rendering service for the success of the congregation.

Tight security is in place in wake of the allegations that Jamaat has links with terrorists, including British car bombing suspects Kafeel and Saebeel.

Azamgarh District Magistrate Vikash Gothaliwal told The Indian Express that a round-the-clock vigil is being maintained.

http://www.expressi ndia.com/ latest-news/ Azamgarh- to-host-Islams- largest-global- meet/255563/


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