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Quote:Poll: 13% Of Syrian Refugees Support IS


11/04/2015 06:37 PM ET

[photo caption:] Migrants line up to receive aid packages at a refugee registration camp on the Greek island of Lesbos on Wednesday. AP

Immigration: A first-of-its-kind survey of the hordes of Syrian refugees entering Europe found 13% support the Islamic State. The poll should raise alarms about the risks posed by the resettlement of 10,000 refugees in the U.S.

(So exactly how are these 13% "refugees" when they're supporters of IS?)

The poll of 900 Syrian refugees by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies also found that another 10% of the displaced Syrians have a lukewarm, but not entirely negative, view of the terror group. That means 23% — or almost 1 in 4 — could be susceptible to ISIS recruitment.


Rest at link.

Found via


which is interesting in its own right, for signs of AmriKKKa turning into a candle waving country. Well, one half of AmriKKa. The other half is still trigger happy.
1. Why are so many UK magazines trying to sell stuff that sounds a lot like hocus pocus,

and all of them reported around the same few days? Two of the news items referred to another - i.e. common source - but the rest don't admit tracing back to one source, making it appear like these all "independently" latched on to the following "news". More proof of how there's nothing independent in the international media.

  • express.co.uk/news/world/625021/Baba-Vanga-ISIS-Islamic-State-Muslim-Jihadi-Extremists-Syria-Europe-Iraq-Caliphate

  • dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3350753/Did-blind-Bulgarian-clairvoyant-predict-rise-ISIS-Nostradamus-Balkans-died-20-years-ago-said-great-Muslim-war-2016.html

  • mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/what-baba-vanga-predict-chilling-6974170

  • news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/heres-what-blind-prophet-baba-vanga-predicted-for-2016-and-beyond-its-not-good/news-story/6adaca964c9bde14e21103ee7d4fbc1d

  • independent.co.uk/news/world/baba-vanga-who-is-the-blind-mystic-who-predicted-the-rise-of-isis-a6765071.html

  • metro.co.uk/2015/12/08/people-think-a-blind-fortune-teller-predicted-911-and-the-rise-of-daesh-5551248/

  • standardmedia.co.ke/lifestyle/article/2000184914/meet-baba-vanga-the-blind-psychic-who-correctly-predicted-the-rise-of-isis-and-when-it-will-fall

Apparently some Baba Yaga (sorry, watched and read one too many Russian fairy tales when I was a kid) some Baba Vanga from Bulgaria predicted Islam would invade Eurospace by 2016 after Syria falls (and will use chemical weapons on Europeans), empty out Europe, so that islam will be enthroned in Rome in early 2040s somewhere. There's also some small detail about Obama being the last US president and "Europe as we know it" ceasing to exist.

And all that was enough to make the UK and AU press - and crazy christians in Kenya - run wild with the news. It's like the new agey craze about Nostradamus all over again, not to mention the catholic fears about that prophesying catholic medieval priest. You know, the one who predicted that the current pope would be the last one - hmmm, maybe Baba Vanga and he are on to something: with any luck. Hey, if some prophesy about the downfall of Papism came true, I'd be the last to complain. Here, found it: Santa Malachy's last pope prediction. Malachy's crystal ball gazing does sound rather similar to Baba Vanga's weather I mean future forecasting, with Malachy having this to say:

Quote:Curiously, the “Prophecy of Popes” stops at the 112th pope and ends with a cryptic warning of doomsday.

In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The End.

Wouldn't be surprised if ISIS plays on UK's tendency to superstition and plans around the Baba Vanga prophecy for added impact (or gets ideas from there to use chemical weapons on civilians).

But like a bad novel that just doesn't want to end, as per Baba Vanga's account, America will eventually launch an attack on islamic Europe and try to reinstate christianity. And then communism is to make a comeback. Sigh. For once, even if only in contrived prophecies, can we at least have the promise of a permanent end to christoislamicommunism? Is it so hard to give the heathens a happy ending?

2. Spook tales aside, what's actually scary - and not related to any dodgy-sounding hocus pocus - is that the Express UK reports that the ISIS islamaniacs had announced they're plotting to bring India and much of North Africa and parts of Europe under their crazy caliphate by 2020. They have a map where India is merged with some of the Central Asian -stan nations under the name of "Korasan" or "Khurasan" or something:



Quote:[Image: Blind-mystic-Baba-Vanga-predicted-Europe...408402.jpg]

[Photo Caption:] The depraved terror group released a chilling map of the countries it wants to dominate by 2020

With any luck, they'll fight to the death with their AQ/Paki/Indian mujahideen brethren over who gets to take over India first on the subject of whether the country gets to be turned into Mughalstan (as per Pakis) or Khurasan.

There's no doubt that about 90% to 99% of Indian christoislamaniacs will join their ISIS brothers when the time is right.

On the upside, it will be nice to see the christomaniacs and secular traitors being fed to the islamaniac cannibals though: people who paid for seeing jihad in India should be served first.

But once that is over, the rest of the nation can decide it's time to take action and send islamania packing from the subcontinent.
Looking at the details of the map, Iran has been obliterated, Kurdistan created, and Israel expanded. That is, the main geopolitical goals of the Sunnis and their two western handlers are each represented. Any "prophecies" in the western press must be taken as a sign of intent, however I do not see India to be a central concern in this map (There is no granularity in Khurasan and Pakistan does not have interests in C Asia). Moreover, the (intended) depopulation trajectory of Syria is towards Europe although there is care to not show crossing of the danube. So, the conclusion is that their India strategy is de-linked from their ME strategy and that an ideological impulse could not be imparted to their ME experiment to create a new monotheism (e.g., manifested as reversal of the more natural E-W gradient). Iranians may be forced to revert..
Dhu, could you be more verbose/explain more, as I couldn't follow along with all of your analysis?

Note that, as indicated in 2 posts up, the prophecy is independent from the map: the prophecy is from a European source (some Baba Vanga), while the map was released by ISIS itself. The two have nothing to do with each other and were merely mentioned in one and the same news report in one source (not the others).

The map is what is of importance to Hindoos and other nationalists. The prophecy is irrelevant and the only reason for mentioning it was to wonder at the strange obsession with dubious supernaturalism/superstition among so-called rational modern Europe.

On the matter of this post:

- Tajikistan 98% muslim, majority Sunni, as per wikipedia.

- earlier in 2015, The Diplomat and The Guardian had reported on Tajikistan banning the islamic beard

- 3 days ago Al Jazeera reported on Tajikistan cracking down on beards and male islamic dress to prevent radicalisation

- 2 days ago, BBC picked up on the same news item and so did Paki online news papers, which may have got the news from either Al Jazeera or BBC

- While I am aware that Al Jazeera started off as a local branch/satellite the BBC that became independent, it is interesting that even after the split, BBC gets its news from the islamic news source. (Though often BBC sounds more openly islamic and even like a mouthpiece and apologist for jihadis than Al Jazeera. But that might also explain the continued close connection between BBC and its islamic counterpart AJ.)

1. aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/tajikistan-shaves-13000-men-beards-radicalism-160120133352747.html

Quote:Tajikistan shaves 13,000 beards in 'radicalism' battle

Police says more than 160 shops selling headscarves are also closed as part of a fight against "foreign" influences.

21 Jan 2016 08:11 GMT | Tajikistan, Asia, Religion

Tajikistan has struggled with poverty and instability since independence more than two decades ago [File: Igor Kovalenko/EPA]

Police in Tajikistan have shaved nearly 13,000 people's beards and closed more than 160 shops selling traditional Muslim clothing last year as part of the country's fight against what it calls "foreign" influences.

Bahrom Sharifzoda, the head of the south-west Khathlon region's police, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the law enforcement services convinced more than 1,700 women and girls to stop wearing headscarves in the Muslim-majority Central Asian country.

The move is seen as part of efforts to battle what authorities deem "radicalism".

Tajikistan's secular leadership has long sought to prevent an overspill of what it sees as unwelcome traditions from neighbouring Afghanistan.

Last week, the country's parliament voted to ban Arabic-sounding "foreign" names as well as marriages between first cousins.

The legislation is expected to be approved by President Emomali Rahmon, who has taken steps to promote secularism and discourage beliefs and practices that he sees as foreign or a threat to the stability of Tajikistan, Radio Liberty said.

READ MORE: Tajikistan poised to slide back towards war

In September, Tajikistan's Supreme Court banned the country's only registered Islamic political party, the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan.

Rahmon has ruled Tajikistan since 1994 and his current presidential term is expected to end in 2020.

In December, the parliament granted the president and his family life-long immunity from prosecution, giving Rahmon the title "Leader of the nation" and officially designating him "the founder of peace and national unity of Tajikistan".

The country of 7.1 million people has struggled with poverty and instability since independence from the Soviet Union more than two decades ago. It remains heavily dependent on Russia, where the majority of Tajik people go for work.

According to unofficial estimates, there are more than 2,000 Tajiks fighting in Syria.

Source: Al Jazeera And DPA

Question: when an islamic majority country can do this, why can't secular India do the same - a nation where the majority is still non-monotheist (I can't say majority heathen Hindu, since I estimate heathen Hindus comprise little more than 30%, since I'm not counting 1. new ageists, 2. de-heathenising, 3. non-heathens who call themselves Hindu, 4. those who pay lip service and then turn around and attack Hindus, and 5. cryptochristians who register as Hindu in the census).

For an islamic majority country like Tajikistan to enforce secular laws on muslims may result in an islamic backlash/revolution. They need to be careful. For now they're lucky that they're not on the west/america's hitlist. Else the islamic revolutions America pulled recently in the middle-east may be repeated in Tajikistan and it will become like Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria.

America leaves shariah-based islamic republics in the wake of its meddling everywhere, regularly supporting jihad in India too via its NGOs, media and other meddling (the Twitter head for India was a muslim or something).


Quote:Tajikistan's battle against beards to 'fight radicalisation ...


2 days ago - In Tajikistan, countering radicalisation involves banning beards, hijabs, and Arabic-sounding names, as the BBC's Anora Sarkorova reports.

2. theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/07/tajikistans-beard-ban-facial-hair-emomali-rahmon

Quote:The men evading Tajikistan's de-facto beard ban

Reports indicate the government is clamping down on facial hair on religious grounds, but the rules don’t seem to apply to all. Global Voices Online reports

Monday 7 September 2015 10.38 BST

3. thediplomat.com/2015/04/tajikistan-no-hajj-no-hijab-and-shave-your-beard/

Quote:Tajikistan: No Hajj, No Hijab, and Shave Your Beard

(Meanwhile, India has Hindu temples subsidise muslims' hajj.

Tajikistan's rulers are more Hindu nationalist than those in India...)

In a Muslim-majority country, state control of religious expression tightens.


By Catherine Putz

April 17, 2015

Technically, freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution of Tajikistan. But in reality, religious practice–at least for members of the country’s Muslim majority–is tightly controlled by the state. In recent months, Tajikistan has further steadied its grip on the practice of Islam with the president commenting on proper attire, reports of forced beard-shavings, and new regulations on who can travel to Mecca on hajj.

Until last month’s parliamentary elections, Tajikistan was the only Central Asian state in which political Islam had representation. The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) is widely touted as the only legally registered religious party in the region. While true, in the March election (unsurprisingly flawed) the IRPT lost, and for the first time since its legalization following the civil war will be out of government entirely. To add insult to injury the country’s official religious bodies have called for the IRPT to be banned, and some have suggested it should be labeled a terrorist organization.

The tightening grip of the state on Islam extends beyond politics. The State Committee on Religious Affairs (CRA) is responsible for overseeing and implementing laws relating to religion–including registration of religious groups, regulation of imports of religious materials, and oversight of mosques and churches. The Council of Ulema guides the Tajik Muslim community and while nominally independent, presents a state-approved version of Islam.

There are laws on the books banning female students from wearing hijabs, prohibiting those under the age of 18 from from participating in public religious activities, except funerals, which are regulated anyway. According to the U.S. Department of State’s 2013 International Religious Freedom Report:

The law regulates private celebrations and funeral services, including weddings and Mavludi Payghambar (the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday). The law limits the number of guests, eliminates engagement parties, and controls ceremonial gift presentations and other rituals. The religion law reiterates these principles, mandating that “mass worship, religious traditions, and ceremonies should be carried out according to the procedure of holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, and peaceful processions prescribed by law.”

State control of religious expression extends to personal dress and grooming. In January 2014, Tajik Imams were issued new uniforms, and Abdulfattoh Shafiev wrote recently for Global Voices about several incidents of forced beard-shaving.

On March 31 a visitor to Khujand lost his way, and asked a local policeman how to find it again. The 38-year-old man, who grew a beard after a pilgrimage to the Kaaba five years ago, soon regretted his question.

He claims he was taken to a police station, beaten, and forcefully shaved.

As in the other former Soviet republics of Central Asia, the government of Tajikistan is fiercely secular while the people are mostly Muslim. The influence of Soviet communism on religion in the region should not be discounted, and fundamentally influences the relationship between people, their religion, and politics. In a paper published by Chatham House last November, John Heathershaw, and David W. Montgomery identify the claim that political Islam opposes the secular state as one of the six myths of post-Soviet Muslim radicalization in Central Asia. Myth or not, the worry that political Islam could challenge the establishment, persists.

This week, Interfax reported that the CRA said in a press conference that only people over the age of 35 would be among those permitted to perform the annual pilgrimage (hajj) to the Islamic holy sites at Medina and Mecca this year. CRA is responsible for registering those who wish to travel for hajj. Saudi Arabia, which establishes national quotas in order to regulate the overwhelming flood of faithful each year, has reportedly lowered Tajikistan’s quota from 8,000 to 6,300 people.

One way to view the Tajik government’s age restriction is practicality–this is an easy way to trim the applicant pool. But in light of other trends, and the government’s overwhelming fear of youth radicalization, the dictum feeds into a larger narrative chronicling Tajikistan’s crackdown on Islam.

The way these news items about Tajikistan are reported - with increased frequency as well as sympathy for the "oppressed" muslims of Tajikistan (such as the final phrase above of "Tajikistan's crackdown on islam") - makes me feel like the islamic apologist BBC, the islamic Al Jazeera and islam-friendly America (which is friendly to any islam outside its own borders) are all trying to bring the ummah's attention to Tajikistan and stoke up jihadi ire against it.

I wouldn't be surprised if sometime hereafter Tajikistan were to be more directly drawn into the ISIS/AQ strife, with the islamaniac party suddenly getting to power there encouraged by IS success in the Levant, all with such western management as present in the reporting above.

Consider: when has the western international media ever even reported on the Indian oppression of Hindu religion in temples, education (Hindu schools), and everything? Where in India such discrimination is institutional - constitutional even as detailed by others - and has been since independence (and British rule before that).

Yet the same western media has gone out of its way to sympathise with the muslims oppressed by the Tajikistan government's recent crackdown on islam. (Note that TheDiplomat and TheGuardian reported on Tajikistan's situation months before Al Jazeera, so the story seems to have been of interest to western media independent of islamic news sources.)

The contrast between western media not ever reporting on Indian constitutional oppression of Hinduism vs eagerly reporting on recent Tajikistani governmental "oppression" of islam implies that the west seeks to draw attention to this situation for some nefarious purpose of its own. This seems to also be indicated by the fact that all these news reports seem to show some latent sympathy to islamania rather than the sensible Tajiki govt (comparable to how the west sympathised with islamania when news broke of similar Chinese governmental suppression of islamania).

In other news, facilitators (or outright promoters) of evangelism/monotheism in India - google, and possibly twitter etc - have announced that they will try to make isis sites and persons invisible on the visible web, dismissing them to the dark/deep web which is harder to search in.

This is just deferring the problem and may merely be forcing islamaniacs to create technical alternatives to index, search and connect the deep web in such a manner that western authorities can't monitor it, and empower islamania to find ways of subverting and hurting the open parts of the web too thereby.

In many respects, having islamania out in the open is better: more instructive, easier to monitor, less encouragement for islam to become more independent and developing its own parallel technologies.

(From what I remember coming across somewhere, India was to have been forced to create its own supercomputers after being denied the technology by western powers.)

Anyway, what will, be will be. Nothing to do be done for it. But I suppose none of this means that the islamaniac head of Twitter India is going to be deposed. No one in the west would want that: the west still wants the non-conforming heathen and independent India converted to christoislamania, even jihaded if need be, into compliance.

On the topic of Tajikistan, personally, I think there's a lesson to be learned from that country's current governance. It is that, even in a massively (Sunni) majority islamic nation, a powerful government can control islamania to some degree for some time.

Theoretically India should be able to too. Except for the western meddling in Indian affairs (the latest being the "intolerance" drama) and their Indian footsoldiers - the christocommunist facilitators of jihad - both of whom act in tandem to empower jihad in India and simultaneously to strip secular Indian government of power to enforce true secularism let alone to enforce any measures to discourage islamania in India.
Quote:Note that, as indicated in 2 posts up, the prophecy is independent from the map: the prophecy is from a European source (some Baba Vanga), while the map was released by ISIS itself. The two have nothing to do with each other and were merely mentioned in one and the same news report in one source (not the others).

The map is what is of importance to Hindoos and other nationalists. The prophecy is irrelevant and the only reason for mentioning it was to wonder at the strange obsession with dubious supernaturalism/superstition among so-called rational modern Europe.


My apologies for the unclear post. I was implying that: If a prophecy and its actualization are mentioned in the same source, then there is a possibility that the two are linked in a fundamental way; that is, that one is a fulfillment of the other and that the prophecy is fact a geopolitical plan couched as the quaint or the fascinating. Indians/Hindus should not underestimate the level of planning that is undertaken by the western powers or their level of deception. Oftentimes, they will out the plan in an incredulous (ie, deniable) fashion (as prophecy/conspiracy/sci-fi) either to gauge public reception or simply out of hubris (as a signature or statement). Regarding ISIS, I am not saying anything out of the ordinary; the "color revolutions" sprinkled throughout the mideast were planned and fulfilled by western powers in minute detail -- Engdahl has described the recent color revolutions as an instance of western agenda (although the western agenda is probably multi-faceted far beyond the geopolitical goals he describes - an embarrassing artifact in an Iraqi museum could have been the "real" reason, or a perceived slight from three centuries ago forgotten by all - the revenge message now perceptible to only a few). Just basing this upon other contemporaneous parallels.
Post 1/n for Dhu

Thanks for the explanation, I can follow along better now.

Note that the map seems to have already been going around news independently before it was brought up in the context of Baba Vanga. Also, only one of the many newspapers discussing Baba Vanga referred to the map at all. I do agree that there are western geopolitical plans set in motion that aren't readily transparent.

What I don't understand is why the western newspapers choose Baba Vanga types instead of McMoneagles/RV types to spook people. At least the latter has the stamp of the US govt, though he did say he only published what weren't state secrets.

I had highlighted some paras long ago in the scans of a book by McMoneagle ("UTM"). I think I PMed IF member "acharya" with the spam, to get his views on it. Sadly he didn't respond, probably thought it was irrelevant. While a lot of the book is indeed nonsense, some of it I thought interesting because of geopolitical implications and how things turned out by US machinations/interventions.

[Image: 28khn4l.jpg]

[Image: 2zzm51l.jpg]

[Image: r8uqzp.jpg]
Post 2/n for Dhu

[Image: 25f5dsj.jpg]

[Image: b8afwk.jpg]

[Image: 292qiih.jpg]
Post 3/n for Dhu

[Image: 2koqo7.jpg]

[Image: 143dfso.jpg]

[Image: axfreq.jpg]
Post 4/n for Dhu

[Image: 141qypl.jpg]

[Image: 29vn7q.jpg]

[Image: 2ywhapg.jpg]
Post 5/5 for Dhu

[Image: 245y2dz.jpg]

[Image: 30bpenq.jpg]

I've linked in all the pages I'd scanned above, even the ones that aren't relevant (like the page about the onset of HDTV)

Some notes I'd jotted down from way back when:

Quote:(1) Scans are from book 'Ultimate Time machine' by Joseph McMoneagle, written in 1997.

(2) Author worked for American government, in some project ('Star Gate') where members were asked to see the future.* Now retired.

(3) He says future is not set, but that present events can change them.

(4) Pages scanned contain events he has seen in the future. (See also 3).

(5) Certain 'predictions' he has made are simply false, others have turned out false.

* "Remote Viewing" (RV), said to be used by several govts. There were Indian articles galore around the early 2000s about RV too.

McMoneagle claimed a certain success rate for him and his team as a whole. IIRC this was 22%, unless I'm misremembering.

Interesting features (for their geopolitical implications/western machinations, not so much for whether the "predictions" themselves are accurate or prove their RVing):

- What was predicted for 2001 and onwards (until 2080) vs what happened in 2001 and how that's changed things

- The recommendation to scour Iraq for WMD

- the Middle-East war between "2015 and 2022",

and that peace will come after the assassination I mean the passing of some Iranian mullah and 2 islamists

More recently came across conspiracy theorists' sites (especially of the UFO/alien intelligence kind) that seemed to imply - with paranoid indirect references to McMoneagle - that McMoneagle was deliberately planted by the US govt for disinformation/to mislead. But their accusation was something or other to do about the US govt covering for aliens or covering up aliens or something, which really isn't my cup of tea.

Still, if misleading is what the US govt was after, don't know why the western media has to propagate the more obviously dubious Baba Vanga types.
Quote:More recently came across conspiracy theorists' sites (especially of the UFO/alien intelligence kind) that seemed to imply - with paranoid indirect references to McMoneagle - that McMoneagle was deliberately planted by the US govt for disinformation/to mislead. But their accusation was something or other to do about the US govt covering for aliens or covering up aliens or something, which really isn't my cup of tea.

Still, if misleading is what the US govt was after, don't know why the western media has to propagate the more obviously dubious Baba Vanga types.

Thank you for the post. Beyond their usual sadistic urges, there is a specific need to debase the discourse as a part of fragmenting the target culture, and now it occurs to me, that this debasement usually manifests alongside another phenomenon: when elite status cannot be secured by the usual revisionist means (the presence of the heathen and/or his memory cannot be erased). See how he has grouped cultural India with the already de-culturated Brazil and how this is presented as the most urgent (i.e., earliest) target date). Along these same lines, the interest in Iraq (riding the wave of Saddam) appears more an interest in Ancient Mesopotamia.

The need to marshal elite status became clear to me when one of J. Atwill's atheist detractors objected to his position that the Jews were once a dominant force against Empire. It also has to do with creation of false entities as the real oppressor (hiding the Church/Secular actors). Of course there is also the need to de-legitimize and overtake the anti-colonial discourse, but there is also a need to subvert the mechanism the anti-colonial resistance. Debasing (ie, Alien conspiracy), which is one of Atwill's terms, appears to be the preferred anti-discourse of Americans who are copies of Romans (as opposed to the subtler historical-based methods of the British). Just some possible leaders.. the topic is off-putting I agree (but there is some intent behind it being that way it seems). Sumishi once started a thread to discuss these issues...
Revising a bit.. The movie Avatar would be an example of scifi_type debasement and appropriation of the anticolonial discourse. The debasement is less jarring (more colloquial) than that of mcnoegle.
Thanks, as usual I'll need to stew over your response for a long time to understand what all you've said.

Meanwhile, I just can't bring myself to post the rest of this comment. Such a coward. I'll try yet again some other time, maybe.
3 items all from the dailymail (well, at least the DM doesn't pander to islam every 2 seconds like the BBC or the Guardian. Now was it the Guardian that recently had none other than George Soros - IIRC spokesperson of the empire - declare that Russia was the real threat to Europe not ISIS and islamaniac invasions? After the US protestations of Russia bombing Syria - aligns with Asad's dream of retaking ISIS-controlled parts - I rather thought that ISIS was just the US creating Taliban 2.0 to keep Russian interests at bay again. Russia had interests in Syria after all, unless I'm mistaken. And Russia had shaken its finger at American meddling and in Syria's stability before the whole ISIS magically exploded onto the stage.)

1. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3447159/The-Muslim-extremists-taking-British-jails.html

Quote:The Islamic extremists taking over UK prisons: Muslims make up just one in 20 Britons - but one in SEVEN inmates. As Levi Bellfield embraces Islam, we reveal how fanatics recruit behind bars in 'jihadi jails'

In recent years, the number of Muslim prisoners increased dramatically

Ministry of Justice figures show a rise from 6,571 in 2004 to 12,255 in 2014

This means that Muslims now account for almost 15 per cent of all inmates

In high security jails, the figure is one in five; while in one half are Muslims

Solution is simple: a death sentence for any criminal inmate who "embraces" islam. It's already known they're a criminal if they're behind bars. And if they then embrace islam too, then it's obviously because they have terrorist tendencies and pose a threat to the nation. (Imagine them getting out and going off to Syria to train with ISIS and then double back.)

Islam is building up an army inside British prisons, obviously using islamic networks. If the islamaniac inmates ever break out, it won't be the same as independent criminals on the loose.

2. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3447576/One-man-stabbed-death-three-injured-latest-mass-brawl-gangs-Swedish-migrant-centre.html

Quote:One man is stabbed to death and three others are injured in latest mass brawl between gangs at Swedish migrant centre

One man killed and three injured in fight at asylum centre in Sweden

Two groups of asylum seekers clashed while resolving an argument

One man, in his 20s, has been arrested on suspicion of murder

Up to 15 people were involved in the fight, all from the same country

By Sara Malm for MailOnline

Published: 09:30 GMT, 15 February 2016 | Updated: 11:10 GMT, 15 February 2016

The men reportedly hail from Afghanistan, with one group living at an asylum centre in Soderhamn, and the other in Ljusne, less than ten miles apart.

'...they were prepared with knives - in the end they had eight or nine knives,' the unnamed victim told the paper.

(When aren't the "poor" islamaniacs prepared with knives? Or scimitars. And IIRC even sniper weapons in Muzaffarnagar?)


Police were called to the scene and arrested one man after carrying out a raid on one of the flats in the asylum centre, and three more were brought in for questioning and later released.

According to Soderhamn Police, up to 15 people were involved in the brawl, all men believed to be in their 20s.

This is the latest in a number of violent incidents to take place at asylum seeker centres in Sweden this year.

One incident last month saw police run for their lives after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers at a refugee centre in Vasteras, central Sweden.


Police had been called in to help with the relocation of a ten-year-old boy who had reportedly been 'raped repeatedly'by other asylum seekers at the centre.

(Islamic practice in Afghanistan. Please do not let Afghans into India. Actually Pakis are into this too. Muslims are quite into raping little boys, quite like their christian clerical equivalents.)

It came just days after followed the murder of social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, who was stabbed to death at a refugee centre in Molndal, near Gothenburg when she stepped in to stop a fight.

Swedish police have demanded more resources to stem rising violence linked to the migrant crisis.

Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg said last month: ‘These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common.

‘We’re dealing with more incidents like these since the arrival of so many more refugees from abroad.’

Sweden took in more than 160,000 refugees and migrants in 2015, more than any other EU country per capita.

However, the number of newcomers has dropped dramatically after compulsory border-control ID checks were introduced last month.

The comments at the link are useful to get the pulse of the UK populace (and other western persons commenting there).

Most are about voting to get the UK out of Europe.

3. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3447581/ISIS-executioner-beheaded-SAS-sniper-s-special-bullet-demonstrated-decapitate-prisoners.html

Not the article, but the comments.

Europe's pendulum is about to swing right again.

There are comments like (paraphrasing from memory):

Quote:1 down 3 billion to go

And that comment had got 16 upvotes and only 2 downvotes when I came across it.

American sites that aren't pro-islamic also tend to want all muslims dead and openly state it.

Oh well, not my problem. It's not like islamaniacs don't deserve all the hate or don't deserve to extinct.

Then again, christomaniacs deserve the same, the west should not discriminate, as that would be hypocrisy/partiality.

Europe is going to swing right. And this time not in line with a right (nazi) government, but as a reaction to a left-infiltrated one.

Would like to see what the psecular communits in India will say about how their ideological brethren (fellow leftists) lying about jihad and thereby stoking up resentment. Europe reacts violently to minorities. The Holocaust of Jews and Gypsies was only the last major event. It was not unique.

Not that I care what happens to islamaniacs: as I said, they'd deserve it.

But I think others will become collateral damage, especially as undercover western racists will use the indisputable problem of islamaniac "migration/refugees" to act against peaceful non-western migrant populations like Asians (Eastern and Hindu).

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