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Year 2012 -satya/dwapara Yuga
I think the critical date is June 10, 2012.

Everyone in my family knows that this is a Sunday, just 4 days after the interesting Transit of Venus.

Okay, I am not making this up. A few decades ago (some time in 70’s) when parental (not to mention aunties and uncles) pressure was high to find out exactly when I was planning to (finally) get married, - I mentioned the above date ( Sunday, June 10th 2012) Since everyone in my family knew I was very interested in astronomy (specially planetary motions – I had access to American Ephemeris and Nautical almanac – not to mention many years of Panchangs and had my own copy of Newcomb’s tables (about 600pages of tables of sun, moon and all the planets)) my rational, I thought, would seem logical <!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo--> After all the day is going to be a Sunday and just four days after the Transit of Venus (2004’s transit was not that convenient) <!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->

(For the record, I found even more auspicious day to get married, but we do plan – if we are alive by then – to renew our vows on that Sunday).

Anyway coming back to:

<!--QuoteBegin-Raju+Apr 22 2007, 01:06 AM-->QUOTE(Raju @ Apr 22 2007, 01:06 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the <b>center</b>  of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years.


Isaac Asimov once ridiculed some popular pseudo scientific books which dealt with “age of Aquarius” and its “significance”. The authors, of course, had no understanding of precession of equinoxes and making statements like above.

And I think the above authors absolutely have no understanding about what the above sentence implies mathematically. (IOW defined in mathematical precise terms) . Again exactly what is this “alignment” ? (Can some describe it in the terms of standard mathematical language?) You can always draw a straight line between any two points (Sun and center of Galaxy, for example) … so what they are talking about and why it is a special event.

(I think I know what this is about – but let others take a stab at this)

(BTW, also if these these authors mean , what I think mean they mean, then event is not that "precise" Sun being about half a degree wide, at present too would eclipse the center of galaxy - rough calculations shows a period of about 20-30 years for this window which is spread around 2012)

P.S. Did any one here watch the Transit of Venus in 2004?
<b> Ephemeris for Longitude: 122W03 Latitude: 37N54 12:00AM
Date Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupt Venus Sat Rahu</b>
Jun 1,2012: 17Ta12 03Li10 20Le50 23Ta11 03Ta34 24Ta36R 29Vi12R 11Sc03
Jun 2,2012: 18Ta09 18Li02 21Le15 25Ta20 03Ta48 24Ta01R 29Vi10R 11Sc04
Jun 3,2012: 19Ta07 03Sc05 21Le39 27Ta28 04Ta02 23Ta24R 29Vi07R 11Sc04
Jun 4,2012: 20Ta04 18Sc11 22Le04 29Ta35 04Ta16 22Ta47R 29Vi05R 11Sc04
Jun 5,2012: 21Ta02 03Sg09 22Le29 01Ge39 04Ta30 22Ta10R 29Vi03R 11Sc04
Jun 6,2012: 21Ta59 17Sg53 22Le55 03Ge42 04Ta44 21Ta32R 29Vi01R 11Sc03
Jun 7,2012: 22Ta57 02Cp15 23Le21 05Ge42 04Ta58 20Ta55R 29Vi00R 11Sc02
Jun 8,2012: 23Ta54 16Cp12 23Le47 07Ge41 05Ta11 20Ta17R 28Vi58R 11Sc00
Jun 9,2012: 24Ta51 29Cp42 24Le13 09Ge37 05Ta25 19Ta41R 28Vi56R 10Sc59
Jun 10,2012: 25Ta49 12Aq47 24Le39 11Ge31 05Ta39 19Ta05R 28Vi55R 10Sc58
Jun 11,2012: 26Ta46 25Aq28 25Le06 13Ge23 05Ta53 18Ta30R 28Vi53R 10Sc57
Jun 12,2012: 27Ta43 07Pi49 25Le33 15Ge12 06Ta06 17Ta56R 28Vi52R 10Sc57
Jun 13,2012: 28Ta41 19Pi55 26Le00 16Ge58 06Ta20 17Ta24R 28Vi51R 10Sc58
Jun 14,2012: 29Ta38 01Ar50 26Le28 18Ge43 06Ta34 16Ta53R 28Vi50R 11Sc00
Jun 15,2012: 00Ge35 13Ar39 26Le56 20Ge25 06Ta47 16Ta24R 28Vi49R 11Sc01
Jun 16,2012: 01Ge33 25Ar25 27Le24 22Ge04 07Ta01 15Ta57R 28Vi48R 11Sc02
Jun 17,2012: 02Ge30 07Ta14 27Le52 23Ge41 07Ta14 15Ta32R 28Vi47R 11Sc03
Jun 18,2012: 03Ge27 19Ta07 28Le20 25Ge15 07Ta28 15Ta09R 28Vi46R 11Sc03
Jun 19,2012: 04Ge25 01Ge08 28Le49 26Ge46 07Ta41 14Ta48R 28Vi46R 11Sc02
Jun 20,2012: 05Ge22 13Ge17 29Le18 28Ge16 07Ta54 14Ta30R 28Vi45R 11Sc00
Jun 21,2012: 06Ge19 25Ge37 29Le47 29Ge42 08Ta08 14Ta14R 28Vi45R 10Sc56
Jun 22,2012: 07Ge16 08Cn10 00Vi16 01Cn06 08Ta21 14Ta00R 28Vi44R 10Sc52
Jun 23,2012: 08Ge14 20Cn55 00Vi46 02Cn27 08Ta34 13Ta49R 28Vi44R 10Sc48
Jun 24,2012: 09Ge11 03Le55 01Vi16 03Cn46 08Ta47 13Ta40R 28Vi44R 10Sc44
Jun 25,2012: 10Ge08 17Le10 01Vi46 05Cn02 09Ta00 13Ta33R 28Vi44R 10Sc41
Jun 26,2012: 11Ge05 00Vi40 02Vi16 06Cn15 09Ta13 13Ta29R 28Vi44 10Sc39
Jun 27,2012: 12Ge02 14Vi27 02Vi46 07Cn25 09Ta26 13Ta27R 28Vi44 10Sc39
Jun 28,2012: 13Ge00 28Vi30 03Vi16 08Cn32 09Ta39 13Ta28 28Vi44 10Sc40
Jun 29,2012: 13Ge57 12Li49 03Vi47 09Cn36 09Ta52 13Ta30 28Vi45 10Sc41
Jun 30,2012: 14Ge54 27Li21 04Vi18 10Cn38 10Ta05 13Ta35 28Vi45 10Sc42
<!--QuoteBegin-Amber G.+Apr 21 2007, 09:11 AM-->QUOTE(Amber G. @ Apr 21 2007, 09:11 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I think the critical date is June 10, 2012.

(BTW, also if these these authors mean , what I think mean they mean, then event is not that "precise" Sun being about half a degree wide, at present  too would eclipse  the center of galaxy -<b> rough calculations shows a period of about 20-30  years for  this window  which is  spread around  2012</b>)

P.S. Did any one here watch the Transit of Venus in 2004?

I did watch the transit of venus. Could see it as bright as a star.
Even mars came to the closest to Earth during that period.

That 20-30 year gap is actually a quarter of the precession cycle (72) year.

It is roughly 18 years. before and after 2012.

The change has started from 1994 to 2030.

Some say the period in 1980-2016
<!--QuoteBegin-Raju+Apr 21 2007, 07:36 AM-->QUOTE(Raju @ Apr 21 2007, 07:36 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->

According to Srimad Bhagavatam - Kalki is destined to appear when the Sun, Moon and Jupiter together enters Pushya nakshatra ...it then goes to give the description of his birth etc.
This astrological phenomenon happens on 26/27th. July 2014 A.D. at 3:10 P. M. on a Sunday.

Ephemeris for Longitude: 122W03 Latitude: 37N54 12:00AM
Date Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupt Venus Sat Rahu</b>
Jul 15,2014: 28Ge43 09Aq14 00Li34 08Ge10 05Cn42 02Ge02 22Li37R 29Vi46
Jul 16,2014: 29Ge40 23Aq55 01Li03 09Ge20 05Cn55 03Ge14 22Li36R 29Vi41
Jul 17,2014: 00Cn37 08Pi13 01Li32 10Ge35 06Cn09 04Ge26 22Li36R 29Vi38
Jul 18,2014: 01Cn35 22Pi05 02Li01 11Ge54 06Cn22 05Ge38 22Li35R 29Vi37
Jul 19,2014: 02Cn32 05Ar32 02Li31 13Ge17 06Cn35 06Ge51 22Li35R 29Vi37
Jul 20,2014: 03Cn29 18Ar37 03Li00 14Ge45 06Cn49 08Ge03 22Li35R 29Vi37
Jul 21,2014: 04Cn26 01Ta24 03Li30 16Ge17 07Cn02 09Ge15 22Li35 29Vi35
Jul 22,2014: 05Cn24 13Ta57 04Li01 17Ge53 07Cn15 10Ge28 22Li35 29Vi31
Jul 23,2014: 06Cn21 26Ta17 04Li31 19Ge32 07Cn29 11Ge40 22Li35 29Vi23
Jul 24,2014: 07Cn18 08Ge28 05Li02 21Ge16 07Cn42 12Ge53 22Li36 29Vi13
Jul 25,2014: 08Cn16 20Ge31 05Li33 23Ge02 07Cn55 14Ge05 22Li36 29Vi01
<b>Jul 26,2014: 09Cn13 02Cn30 06Li04 24Ge53 08Cn09 15Ge18 22Li37 28Vi48
Jul 27,2014: 10Cn10 14Cn24 06Li36 26Ge46 08Cn22 16Ge31 22Li37 28Vi34</b>
Jul 28,2014: 11Cn08 26Cn15 07Li07 28Ge41 08Cn35 17Ge43 22Li38 28Vi22
Jul 29,2014: 12Cn05 08Le05 07Li39 00Cn39 08Cn49 18Ge56 22Li39 28Vi11
Jul 30,2014: 13Cn02 19Le56 08Li12 02Cn39 09Cn02 20Ge09 22Li40 28Vi03
Jul 31,2014: 14Cn00 01Vi51 08Li44 04Cn41 09Cn15 21Ge22 22Li41 27Vi58
Aug 1,2014: 14Cn57 13Vi53 09Li17 06Cn44 09Cn29 22Ge35 22Li42 27Vi55
Aug 2,2014: 15Cn55 26Vi06 09Li50 08Cn48 09Cn42 23Ge47 22Li43 27Vi54
Aug 3,2014: 16Cn52 08Li35 10Li23 10Cn53 09Cn55 25Ge00 22Li44 27Vi54
Aug 4,2014: 17Cn49 21Li24 10Li56 12Cn58 10Cn08 26Ge13 22Li45 27Vi54
Aug 5,2014: 18Cn47 04Sc38 11Li29 15Cn03 10Cn22 27Ge26 22Li47 27Vi53
Aug 6,2014: 19Cn44 18Sc20 12Li03 17Cn08 10Cn35 28Ge39 22Li48 27Vi50
Aug 7,2014: 20Cn42 02Sg32 12Li37 19Cn13 10Cn48 29Ge52 22Li50 27Vi45
Aug 8,2014: 21Cn39 17Sg11 13Li11 21Cn17 11Cn01 01Cn06 22Li52 27Vi38
Aug 9,2014: 22Cn37 02Cp13 13Li45 23Cn20 11Cn15 02Cn19 22Li54 27Vi29
Aug 10,2014: 23Cn34 17Cp29 14Li20 25Cn22 11Cn28 03Cn32 22Li56 27Vi20
Aug 11,2014: 24Cn32 02Aq48 14Li55 27Cn23 11Cn41 04Cn45 22Li58 27Vi11
Aug 12,2014: 25Cn29 17Aq59 15Li30 29Cn23 11Cn54 05Cn58 23Li00 27Vi04
Aug 13,2014: 26Cn27 02Pi52 16Li05 01Le22 12Cn07 07Cn12 23Li02 27Vi00
Aug 14,2014: 27Cn25 17Pi22 16Li40 03Le19 12Cn20 08Cn25 23Li04 26Vi57
Aug 15,2014: 28Cn22 01Ar23 17Li15 05Le15 12Cn33 09Cn39 23Li07 26Vi57
<!--QuoteBegin-Raju+Apr 21 2007, 07:36 AM-->QUOTE(Raju @ Apr 21 2007, 07:36 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->As far as Hindus are concerned the important date is 2014 & 2013.

<i>In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy,</i>

On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the <b>center</b>  of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years.


Feb 21 2013 is most significant for Hindus.
Ephemeris for Longitude: 122W03 Latitude: 37N54 12:00AM
Date Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupt Venus Sat Rahu</b>
Feb 10,2013: 27Cp42 28Cp03 12Aq29 13Aq47 12Ta29 16Cp15 17Li24 27Li22
Feb 11,2013: 28Cp43 12Aq11 13Aq16 15Aq19 12Ta31 17Cp30 17Li25 27Li10
Feb 12,2013: 29Cp44 25Aq58 14Aq03 16Aq47 12Ta34 18Cp46 17Li26 26Li58
Feb 13,2013: 00Aq44 09Pi19 14Aq51 18Aq12 12Ta36 20Cp01 17Li26 26Li49
Feb 14,2013: 01Aq45 22Pi16 15Aq38 19Aq31 12Ta39 21Cp16 17Li27 26Li42
Feb 15,2013: 02Aq46 04Ar51 16Aq25 20Aq45 12Ta42 22Cp31 17Li27 26Li39
Feb 16,2013: 03Aq46 17Ar06 17Aq12 21Aq52 12Ta46 23Cp46 17Li28 26Li37
Feb 17,2013: 04Aq47 29Ar06 18Aq00 22Aq52 12Ta49 25Cp01 17Li28 26Li37
Feb 18,2013: 05Aq47 10Ta57 18Aq47 23Aq44 12Ta53 26Cp16 17Li28 26Li37
Feb 19,2013: 06Aq48 22Ta45 19Aq34 24Aq28 12Ta57 27Cp31 17Li28R 26Li36
Feb 20,2013: 07Aq48 04Ge35 20Aq21 25Aq03 13Ta01 28Cp46 17Li28R 26Li33<b>
Feb 21,2013: 08Aq49 16Ge32 21Aq09 25Aq28 13Ta05 00Aq01 17Li28R 26Li27</b>
Feb 22,2013: 09Aq49 28Ge40 21Aq56 25Aq44 13Ta09 01Aq16 17Li27R 26Li19
Feb 23,2013: 10Aq50 11Cn01 22Aq43 25Aq50 13Ta14 02Aq31 17Li27R 26Li08
Feb 24,2013: 11Aq50 23Cn39 23Aq30 25Aq46R 13Ta18 03Aq46 17Li26R 25Li56
Feb 25,2013: 12Aq50 06Le33 24Aq17 25Aq31R 13Ta23 05Aq01 17Li26R 25Li43
Feb 26,2013: 13Aq51 19Le43 25Aq04 25Aq08R 13Ta28 06Aq16 17Li25R 25Li30
Feb 27,2013: 14Aq51 03Vi06 25Aq51 24Aq36R 13Ta34 07Aq31 17Li24R 25Li20
Feb 28,2013: 15Aq51 16Vi42 26Aq38 23Aq55R 13Ta39 08Aq46 17Li23R 25Li12
Mar 1,2013: 16Aq52 00Li26 27Aq25 23Aq08R 13Ta45 10Aq01 17Li22R 25Li06
Mar 2,2013: 17Aq52 14Li18 28Aq12 22Aq15R 13Ta51 11Aq16 17Li21R 25Li04
Mar 3,2013: 18Aq52 28Li15 28Aq59 21Aq17R 13Ta56 12Aq31 17Li20R 25Li04
Mar 4,2013: 19Aq52 12Sc17 29Aq46 20Aq17R 14Ta03 13Aq46 17Li18R 25Li04
Mar 5,2013: 20Aq52 26Sc23 00Pi33 19Aq15R 14Ta09 15Aq01 17Li17R 25Li04
Mar 6,2013: 21Aq52 10Sg32 01Pi20 18Aq13R 14Ta15 16Aq16 17Li15R 25Li03
Mar 7,2013: 22Aq52 24Sg42 02Pi07 17Aq13R 14Ta22 17Aq31 17Li14R 24Li59
Mar 8,2013: 23Aq52 08Cp52 02Pi54 16Aq16R 14Ta29 18Aq46 17Li12R 24Li53
DECEMBER 21 2012

Ephemeris for Longitude: 122W03 Latitude: 37N54 12:00AM
Date Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupt Venus Sat Rahu
Dec 10,2012: 24Sc38 12Li06 23Sg43 05Sc01 16Ta16R 28Li39 13Li33 01Sc56
Dec 11,2012: 25Sc39 26Li56 24Sg30 06Sc19 16Ta08R 29Li54 13Li39 01Sc57
Dec 12,2012: 26Sc40 12Sc01 25Sg16 07Sc39 16Ta00R 01Sc09 13Li45 01Sc57
Dec 13,2012: 27Sc41 27Sc15 26Sg03 09Sc00 15Ta52R 02Sc24 13Li51 01Sc55
Dec 14,2012: 28Sc42 12Sg26 26Sg49 10Sc23 15Ta44R 03Sc39 13Li57 01Sc52
Dec 15,2012: 29Sc43 27Sg25 27Sg36 11Sc47 15Ta37R 04Sc53 14Li02 01Sc49
Dec 16,2012: 00Sg44 12Cp04 28Sg23 13Sc12 15Ta29R 06Sc08 14Li08 01Sc44
Dec 17,2012: 01Sg45 26Cp17 29Sg09 14Sc38 15Ta21R 07Sc23 14Li14 01Sc40
Dec 18,2012: 02Sg46 10Aq00 29Sg56 16Sc04 15Ta14R 08Sc38 14Li19 01Sc37
Dec 19,2012: 03Sg47 23Aq16 00Cp43 17Sc32 15Ta07R 09Sc53 14Li25 01Sc35
Dec 20,2012: 04Sg48 06Pi05 01Cp30 19Sc00 14Ta59R 11Sc08 14Li31 01Sc35
Dec 21,2012: 05Sg49 18Pi33 02Cp17 20Sc28 14Ta52R 12Sc23 14Li36 01Sc35
Dec 22,2012: 06Sg51 00Ar44 03Cp03 21Sc57 14Ta45R 13Sc38 14Li41 01Sc37
Dec 23,2012: 07Sg52 12Ar42 03Cp50 23Sc26 14Ta38R 14Sc53 14Li47 01Sc39
Dec 24,2012: 08Sg53 24Ar32 04Cp37 24Sc56 14Ta31R 16Sc08 14Li52 01Sc40
Dec 25,2012: 09Sg54 06Ta19 05Cp24 26Sc26 14Ta25R 17Sc23 14Li57 01Sc40
Dec 26,2012: 10Sg55 18Ta07 06Cp11 27Sc57 14Ta18R 18Sc38 15Li02 01Sc39
Dec 27,2012: 11Sg56 29Ta57 06Cp58 29Sc28 14Ta12R 19Sc53 15Li07 01Sc35
Dec 28,2012: 12Sg57 11Ge52 07Cp45 00Sg59 14Ta05R 21Sc08 15Li12 01Sc29
Dec 29,2012: 13Sg58 23Ge54 08Cp32 02Sg31 13Ta59R 22Sc23 15Li17 01Sc22
Dec 30,2012: 15Sg00 06Cn04 09Cp19 04Sg03 13Ta53R 23Sc38 15Li22 01Sc13
Dec 31,2012: 16Sg01 18Cn24 10Cp07 05Sg35 13Ta47R 24Sc53 15Li26 01Sc04
Jan 1,2013: 17Sg02 00Le54 10Cp54 07Sg07 13Ta42R 26Sc09 15Li31 00Sc56
Jan 2,2013: 18Sg03 13Le36 11Cp41 08Sg40 13Ta36R 27Sc24 15Li36 00Sc50
Jan 3,2013: 19Sg04 26Le32 12Cp28 10Sg13 13Ta31R 28Sc39 15Li40 00Sc45
Jan 4,2013: 20Sg05 09Vi43 13Cp15 11Sg47 13Ta26R 29Sc54 15Li45 00Sc43
Jan 5,2013: 21Sg07 23Vi12 14Cp02 13Sg21 13Ta21R 01Sg09 15Li49 00Sc42
Jan 6,2013: 22Sg08 07Li01 14Cp50 14Sg55 13Ta16R 02Sg24 15Li53 00Sc43
Jan 7,2013: 23Sg09 21Li10 15Cp37 16Sg30 13Ta11R 03Sg39 15Li57 00Sc44
Jan 8,2013: 24Sg10 05Sc39 16Cp24 18Sg05 13Ta06R 04Sg55 16Li01 00Sc44
Jan 9,2013: 25Sg11 20Sc25 17Cp12 19Sg40 13Ta02R 06Sg10 16Li05 00Sc42
<img src='http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/dkrif.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

The convergence of the December solstice sun with Galactic Center:
A: 8000 years ago. B: 4000 years ago <b>C: 2012</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I think the critical date is June 10, 2012. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

the Mayans measured the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' from the Winter Solstice instead of the Spring Equinox. On 21/12/2012, the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way (a black hole), which the Maya called the Mouth of the Crocodile, (or jaguar-toad); the Crocodile Tree being the Milky Way itself.

<img src='http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/croc.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

the 13 Mayan bakhtun cycles

<img src='http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/2656/harmohf0.th.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
Raju Where is it from and can you post a higher resolution image? Thanks

Never mind!

<img src='http://www.timeisart.net/timeshift/introduction/13baktun_wave_harmonic.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Kali yuga mentioned by Sanskrit scholars of the west

Prof. Dean Brown points out that most European languages can be traced back to a root language that is also related to Sanskrit - the sacred language of the ancient Vedic religions of India. Many English words actually have Sanskrit origins. Similarly, many Vedic religious concepts can also be found in Western culture. He discusses the fundamental idea of the Upanishads - that the essence of each individual, the atman, is identical to the whole universe, the principle of brahman. In this sense, the polytheistic traditions of India can be said to be monistic at their very core.

People should read the 'Foundation' atleast from a non SF prespective.IA uses the SF genre to describe the geopolitical games going on.

APRIL 25, 2007
<b>The hearts of people meet through music</b>

By Hamid Golpira
<i>Dutch documentary filmmaker Frank Scheffer, who is known for the documentaries he has made on some of the world’s outstanding composers, is in Iran to participate in a program arranged by Iran’s literary monthly Bokhara entitled “An Evening with Frank Scheffer”, which will be held in Tehran at the Iranian Artists Forum on Thursday.

During his stay in Iran, he also plans to conduct research for his next film, which will focus on the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and its conductor, Nader Mashayekhi.

Along with Scheffer, Osnabruck Orient Festival director Michael Dreyer has traveled to Iran to attend the event as well as to hold discussions with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the Tehran Conservatory of Music to arrange some performances at the German festival.

The Tehran Times interviewed Scheffer and Dreyer, along with Mashayekhi, at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on April 23:</i>

Following are excerpts of the interview.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Q</b>: <i>How do you see the global interaction in the context of the Maya calendar’s 2012 end date? It’s not just the Maya tradition. Everybody from various traditions is saying that something is going to happen in the next few years. What are your views on that?</i>

<b>Scheffer</b>: As a matter of fact I lived a number of years in Mexico. If there was one culture in the world which was able to catch the abstraction of time, it is the Maya. Better than any civilization anywhere else in the world ever. They were able to grab time. Time is the most abstract thing.

Now science recently discovered that time doesn’t exist.

Let’s say this awareness was there already for a much longer time in different cultures. Let’s say this awareness was there in ancient Persian times, in ancient Chinese times. I would say Taoism, as such, is understanding this whole idea of quantum mechanics already 3000 years ago.

Nothing is as we perceive it.

The Mayan culture, in this sense, was able very accurately to observe nature. And they figured out that at this time when we are speaking, the magnetic fields of the sun would line up in such a way that the energy of the sun and the solar winds would be so strong that they would affect our Earth.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Amber G.+Apr 21 2007, 04:11 PM-->QUOTE(Amber G. @ Apr 21 2007, 04:11 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->P.S. Did any one here watch the Transit of Venus in 2004?

Below is a photo we took of the projection done with a 6 inch refletor. My folks in the desh had the fortune of capturing the recent occultation of Mars pretty well.
The Nostradamus Code: World War III
Yep... I still remember the 2000 problem paranoia and predictions of complete disaster...
I can also tell about european curse of fourteenth year, especially for France... It had problems almost every fourteenth year of every century starting from 714 AD when muslims invaded the Frank Empire and ending in 1914 when WWI got started...

2014 is approaching...


As for me I'm 99% convinced that SOMETHING is gonna happen around then. Buggered if I know what though!

Pip Pip!

The Egyptian calandar also ends in 2012.

I'm not sure if I understand the last comment. Do you have some ideas about what may happen or are you saying that you have no idea, or do you just like the idea of being buggered?

The Nostradamus Code: World War III
The book gives no new information. However, the events are proceeding broadly as prophesized. The middle east situation and the global weather disruption will be more prominent as we proceed towards the end of the decade. Iran has a major role in WW-III but believe it or not, Russia will initiate WW-III and the middle eastern alliance will follow them into Europe. There is a prophecy (not of Nostradamus) that USA will have a (beautiful but cruel) woman president and she will rule cruelly in the days of a US Civil war. Watch Iran and Syria closely, as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where regimes will be toppled before WW-III. There will first be a peace between Israel and Palestinians, with Palestine being granted statehood. So afterwards, oil will be discovered in the region and war will break out over it. As for Mabus, he is one person in the Balkans, whose death will lead to the Russian invasion of Europe. Before that however, relations between Russia and the west would be strained due to a war in the middle east. The death of Mabus would be the spark, leading to the war. According to some, Mabus would be Miroljub Labus, presently the Deputy PM of Serbia. Check out the site http://ww-iii.tripod.com which analyzes some prophecies of nostradamus with reference to other prophecies on similar events.

Dude, forget Nostradamus he's so last century's paranoia.

The Mayan Calendar is what's wigging people out now. Lot's of people think something is going to happen 21st December 2012ad when the Mayan Calendar ends. Google it.

Mel Gibson is rumoured to be making a movie about it, but that's probably just a rumour with no substance. There is a book out called The Orion Prophecy (or Mystery, can't recall) which is pretty scary.

The Christian fundamentalists who believe in the Rapture might actually be on to something - though not for the reasons they think or in the way they think. *g*

The Earths magnetic frequency has been rising for a while. Used to be 7.83hz (the Schuman Resonance) but it's getting higher and nobody knows why. At the same time the strength of the field is getting weaker. When it reaches Zero point things will get very interesting. The New Agers think we are going to be in a new dimension and everyone will be psychic and nice to each other (you know quantum physics right, and that everything is just vibrating energy fields? Anyway....) The more practical think earthquakes and other bad stuff and most of us will be wiped out and it starts all over again. Virtually every culture has it that THIS is the 'final age' of man and most of it seems to be tied into the Mayan Calendar.

Terence McKenna a contemporary of Timothy Leary wrote the Invisible Landscape before he was aware of the Mayan Calendar, and he'd developed what he called Timewave theory. He could accurately predict major events in human history which he called Novelty (and which I don't really understand)and he saw it all speeding up this century (natural disasters, inventions etc) then it came to a dead halt - 21st December 2012.

Or how about this: The author, Ruth Allen noted, “The zenith meridian at Giza runs through Jupiter at the Hyades in Taurus. The metaphor for this alignment is that the kingdom (Jupiter) will be restored to Egypt (Taurus) at that precise moment. Thus, Osiris, the Bull of Egypt, will return from the dead at 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012. If these calculations can be backed up, they will have fulfilled the ancient prophecy. It will also prove that the Hall of Records is the stars. Remember one simple fact. Everything we are and everything we can know, is within the stars. That was the fundamental synoptic meaning of the Giza complex.”

For a tongue in cheek approach to 2012 with many links to explore, you could do worse than the site hosted by physicist Dan Sewell Ward. http://www.halexandria.org/dward415.htm

As for me I'm 99% convinced that SOMETHING is gonna happen around then. Buggered if I know what though!

This Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999 at 11:11am over Tintangel, England was considered by many in the occult to be the literal "seeding moment for the spiritual birth of the New Aquarian Messiah. It is the representative or rebirth of the Arthur archetype." The final and some say most startling piece of evidence relating the Eclipse to King Arthur is the star Arcturus, as it rose precisely to its highest point during mid-eclipse in 1999." Arcturus is known as the Star(s) of Satan [see 7th paragraph here]. Also mentioned was Angol (the Demon Star) and its relation to Prince William the future king, born of the Serpent. Still another site about the 11:11 phenomena stated "The Omen on Aug. 11th, 1999 is taking place right in front of of Leo (Christ), on the 222nd day of the year and exactly 144 days before year 2000. Nine months after, on May 5 2000, a conjunction of planets formed a 'New Star of Bethlehem' made with a single strand of planets aligned in a row." More interesting than that was the way those same planets were perfectly aligned in the 12 Houses of the Zodiac Ring for they foretold the return of a King.* This King of Terror, or future King who will come from England, combined with the 11:11 symbology and its Eclipse was ultimately to send a powerful portent to Satanists, even knowledgeable (Gnostic) Christians, telling them their long awaited 'Aquarian Age' has finally arrived and their ancient King has been reborn, meaning the spirit of Antichrist, ('the King who was') has arisen, and is soon to go into the Son of Perdition as prophesied.

Just as Christ has His 12 disciples who were as '12 Astrological Planets revolving around their central Sun,' - the Antichrist will also have his 12 Zodiacal personages placing him at center. These are his Ten subordinate Kings (or Knights), along with his False Prophet (11) and that of his Mother Goddess (12) which only adds to the Satanic interpretion of Revelation chapter 12 seen above which depicts a Woman having 12 stars above her head (...'and the Stars spell out your name..."; 12 lines to make D-I-A-N-A) who bears a Child who is to 'rule all nations'. Interestingly, the omen in Revelation 12 will literally play itself out in the western skies over Israel on March 29, 2006 during a Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun, with Virgo ('Woman clothed with the Sun, Moon under her feet') having in her belly the planet Venus (Child) with Mars (Red Dragon) seemingly awaiting nearby. It should prove interesting. "11 months after the August 11 1999 Solar Eclipse [again 11-11] brought us to the Eclipse on July 1, 2000, and what should have been the 39th birthday of Princess Diana. One year and one month after the alignment of the planets on May 5th 2000, brought us to the Druid Summer Solstice on June 21, 2001, Prince William's day of birth. On that same day there was a uniquely bright corona within the Solar Eclipse over Africa, which 'coincidentally,' William was visting at the time during part of his holiday gap year. (something even more startling and reminiscent of this event was a few months earlier, while Prince William was in Chile, came the dark shadow from a Solar Eclipse cast there). In addition to these events on June 21 2001, there were also a number of giant solar flares striking the earth as well as a comet called Linear C/2001 A2 burning through the sky, all on the same day.

Exactly one year later saw a day very much like the 1999 King Arthur Solar Eclipse, Mars [The Red Dragon] was shining front and center very bright in the early morning sky, it being closer to earth that it had been in several decades, and was placed in the constellation of the Sceptre [the Sword]. Later in the day was a news report citing a 'killer' near-earth asteroid having just missed our planet - coming within 1/3 of the distance between earth and the moon. Scientists later said had that struck earth, we would already be living in a very different world already. Again, all these strange events seem to happen around Prince William's day of birth or on other renown pagan 'holy days' within the Satanic calendar. Not since the omen by way of a comet cutting through the constellation of Cassiopeia (the Queen) in 1997 that seemingly foretold the death of Princess Diana (which occurred five short months later), have we seen so much esoteric meaning all relating to this most unique (Moon) mother and son (Sun) combination, and strange as it may sound, William Arthur was born under the three water signs in cusp (exactly matching Nostradamus' Century One Quatrain 50 prophecy as well as the Bible's Daniel 7:25). William like his mother was born under the Astrological sign of Cancer. Many of the Occult astrological signs and their encoded numerics are pointing to a single event in (future) time which mirrors an ancient Mayan calendar found in the Americas. The Occult symbol of the Ouroboros, depicting a 'Serpent of Light' (Dragon-Lucifer) residing in the heavens and eating its own tail, adorns many New Age and Satanic material of late. The symbol has its literal roots in scientific astronomy as the Milky Way, viewed at galactic central point (near Sagittarius), is seen as a Serpent seemingly eating its own tail. Occultists believe that when we reach Solar alignment with the head of the Serpent destroying itself, there will be a catastrophic change upon earth. The symbol known as the Suntelia Aion depicts our Sun rising out of the mouth of Ouroboros, which is to occur on the Winter Solstice in December 2012, the exact same date the ancient Mayan calendar ends.


Chapter Four: The Time of Troubles
Crazed leader launches nuclear bombs on Mediterranean and Europe

(Century II, Quatrains 3 and 4)

During a period of continuing unrest, the leader of a Middle Eastern country will be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. He will go to the greatest lengths over the smallest things and will not hesitate to use the weapon because of his obsessions with deadly warfare. The people he is warring against retaliate with a nuclear weapon. The country has a coast on the Mediterranean.

One of the bombs will land in the Mediterranean instead of the land, poisoning all the fish. The passages of trade in the region will be disrupted so that the people on the other coast will be desperate for food and will eat the fish anyway. It will happen near the east coast of the Mediterranean in a region of dark-colored cliffs.

(Century III, Quatrain 83)

The nuclear weapon being dropped by one of the Middle Eastern countries will spark off yet another war on top of that war. European nations will try to interfere to diminish the threat to oil supplies. When the European countries try to interfere, the crazed leader will use the rest of his arsenal on Europe, most striking the Italian Peninsula.

The European Mediterranean coast, particularly that of Italy and France, will be almost uninhabitable, and Italy will get the brunt. This leader is not the Antichrist but helps to set the stage for the Antichrist to rise to power with little or no opposition.
Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts

(Century IV, Quatrain 67)

A very bright, previously unknown comet will appear and coincide with the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and disrupting weather systems. This will cause widespread famines, droughts, and social upheavals in unexpected places. Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly western nations, will be weakened. They will be torn with civil strife and rioting as people migrate to areas that have water and can support crop-growing. The social upheaval and weakening of political structures will help the Antichrist come to power.

The United States in particular will be subject to serious natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and flooding, and flatten the nation from end to end, causing enormous conflict, despair, and misery. The US will be bankrupted attempting to deal with its disasters. Three other great nations will send aid to help the citizens survive.

(Century VIII, Quatrain 29)

Earth changes will take place that will help the Antichrist's drive for world conquest. In central Europe, southern Europe, and in the Middle East, around the eastern end of the Mediterranean, there will be severe floods. As a result of the disruption to local governments by the natural disasters, the Antichrist will move his troops in under the guise of helping the people restore civil order, but really use this as a device to take over countries, and to use the populations like slaves.

Serious economic problems will persist along with great social unrest, contributing to the ease with which the Antichrist can seize power. The frightened and hopeful populace will be vulnerable to his rhetoric. The Antichrist will use the disasters as opportunities to overthrow governments and sneak spies into a country. Martial law will be declared in many areas to stop rioting and looting. The Middle East, the source of his power, will not be as devastated as the rest of the world. He offers assistance to other countries trying to recover but he will eventually stab them in the back.
New World Order's teeth in the international power flow

(Century II, Quatrain 58)

During the time of the Antichrist a secretive, conspiratorial cabal are "pulling the strings" behind the scenes to manipulate world politics and economies for personal gain. These master puppeteers operate figureheads in many countries, governments, and the major world capitals. They are united but are very clever in disguising their influence. They hold positions that appear to be relatively minor, like advisors and under-secretaries and such, but are key positions of their power.

In the daytime they appear to be good, loyal, model citizens working for the same goals their governments are supposedly working for, but behind the scenes they band together and pool their information and contacts to work for their own ends. They do not appear to have any political power but they really have a firm grip on world affairs.

This secret organization has been in existence for several generations. Their existence is hinted in the family histories of the banking powers and money centers of the world. Only the families involved are aware. The cabal of leaders has been very slowly but surely building up a worldwide network of power, because they want to take over but stay behind the scenes. At first when the Antichrist comes along the leaders of the Cabal regard him as a new, dynamic, youthful leader from the Middle East they can use to unite the area and reign it into their realm of control. But the Antichrist ends up turning the tables on them.

Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East

(Century II, Quatrains 23 and 81)

The Antichrist will take over Iran by using a human decoy to trick the Iranian Ayatollah in power. This will involve the "yes men" and puppets of the Ayatollah's court. The Antichrist will first drive away internal supporters of the Ayatollah by starting a civil war. Then he will put forth a man as a leader, a man for Iranians loyal to the Ayatollah to concentrate their hate on. The man will be assassinated while Iran is being taken over, and his opponents will think they have foiled the overthrow of power by assassinating him. But they will find out later he was merely a decoy and that they played into the plans of the Antichrist.

The Antichrist will initially obtain power in his own sphere, Asia, and the Middle East. As he grows out of this arena, and into Europe, the next step will be into the Mediterranean, his area of strength. Because of his Middle Eastern heritage he will have already united North Africans, who are sympathetic to his cultural background, with his Asian and Middle Eastern conglomerate.

Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers

(Century II, Quatrains 35 and 48)

Through a mistake, a breakdown in communications between two powerful countries will occur. The situation is a lot more complex than will appear on the surface. The leader involved will feel great regret about what happened and will want to continue his career and help correct the situation, to help make up for the adverse affects. The entire event will be viewed as a fiasco from both sides. It will have very harmful and even cataclysmic consequences.
Third world country leader creates strife

(Century III, Quatrain 60)

A "young dark man" will arise as a leader in a Third World country; his main goal is to unite the other Third World countries to do battle with the superpowers. The area of conflict will be in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly around the Adriatic and the Caspian seas and Israel. No definite winner will emerge but the strife will help set the stage for the Antichrist. Many prophecies in the Bible refer to events in this region.
War game simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster

(Century II, Quatrain 2)

In a war-game maneuver involving Great Britain and European troops a malfunctioning computer will cause the "real-world" situation to play out instead of the simulation. As a result of the error actual defenses will be activated and real bombs will be dropped on the areas of the game and cause a tragic international incident.
Want to find out what happens next?

In the complete book, you will read about:

* The identity of the third Antichrist.
* Military confrontations and terrorist attacks.
* Radical new weapons described in striking detail.
* Advent of the "New World Order".
* Geological Earth shifts caused by man-made weaponry.
* Many more details.


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