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Bodo vs Bangladeshi
When the jihadis came for the Kashmiri Pandits, I did not stand with them

When the jihadis came for the Bodos, I did not stand with them

When the jihadis came for me, there was no one left to stand with me
The very act of Nehru and Gandhi in keeping behind muslims ensured another Direct Action day.

The Ayodhya movement brought it forward a decade. I do support the Ayodhya movement, but IMHO, the IMs should have been defanged first.

The Bodo riot brought it forward another decade

Its better to fight a civil war in Assam, now. when they are 30% instead of later when they are 45% in 50 years

Fled to save life, now despair haunts



Uncertainty and despair were visible on the faces of thousands of people from N-E who landed at Guwahati Railway Station on Saturday after threats to their lives by alleged Muslim organisations in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and other southern States of India.

If some are hopeful of returning soon, some others have decided to wait and watch before taking a decision. Among the hopefuls is 27-year-old Swgwmdaw Bodo. After working and living for more than 10 years in Tamil Nadu, Swgwmdaw considers the southern State more than his second home.

He had been working in a packaging company as an HR Consultant, and had been transferred to the Bangalore office just two months ago. A native of Rowta in Assam’s Udalguri district, he had earned a pet name, SB Raju, in Hosur, a small town in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district, as his colleagues found it extremely tough to pronounce his Assamese name.

“You go to any place in Hosur and ask anyone about SB Raju. Almost everyone knows me. They used to call me SB Raju as that is almost like a Tamil name,” he said.

“I was coming to my official quarter on August 13 night when some people stopped us and asked us to leave Bangalore immediately. They identified themselves as members of a Muslim organisation. We were scared as they were armed.

“The next day some other colleagues of us, who were also from Assam, were threatened by the same group. They set a deadline of August 20 for us to leave Karnataka. We decided not to take risk and boarded trains on August 15,” recalled Swgwmdaw while talking to The Pioneer outside Guwahati Railway Station on Saturday.

He had never faced such a situation before. “They were scary people. I am the only bread earner in my family. We do not have lands for agriculture. I am not sure what to do next,” said Swgwmdaw who desperately wants to go back and resume his duty as soon as the situation improves.

Manoj Pegu of Dhemaji has a similar story to share. Manoj and 20 others, who had been working as security guards for Sai Kripa security agency, decided to return home without a second thought after receiving SMSs from an unknown number.

“The SMS told us that bad days were awaiting us if we did not leave Bangalore before August 20. All of us received the same SMS repeatedly. Friends in Hyderabad also informed us that 11 youth of the North-Eastern region had gone missing in one week. Four were murdered in Bangalore itself, we were told. It was really a difficult situation there. It is important to remain alive first,” Manoj said.

Like Swgwmdaw and Manoj, thousands others, mostly youth, arrived in Guwahati in the three special trains that were arranged by the Karnataka Government.

A Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) spokesman said two more trains were scheduled to arrive on Sunday.

Dhiman Das of Tezpur, who had been living in Bangalore for the past five years, also recounted how some of his friends were threatened by local Muslims. Das worked as a security supervisor in Sai Kripa security agency and was posted at a packaging firm, Adarsh Packaging.

“I do not know what to do next. I think I’ll wait for some time till the situation improves in Bangalore,” Das said. About 40 other young men of the same locality in Tezpur also returned along with him in the same train. All of them have been working either as security guards or in some hotels and restaurants and small companies.

Most of these boys are from remote parts of Assam-Udalguri, Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Majuli and other places where there is hardly any scope for employment and agriculture is not an option to earn a livelihood due to the perennial problems like floods and erosion. If the Governments are able to instil the confidence among the Northeasterners to return remains to be seen, nevertheless, one thing is sure that Assam is heading for another crisis. Those who have returned are going to multiply the existing force of unemployed youths in the State, something which surely is giving sleepless nights to the Tarun Gogoi Government that is already on the backfoot.
213K mullahs in refugee camp, 60k Bodo in refugee camps
“The conflict was unequal because the Bodos had leftover arms from the Bodo Liberation Tigers [AK 47 etc]. The Muslims are very poorly armed in comparison,” -

AK-47 overcomes islamic breeding
Tehelka = First brought in by the British for their expertise in wetland cultivation, Muslims from the then East Bengal came into Assam to further the British policy of ‘grow more food’. As the Assamese fought to assert their language in a Bangla-dominated school system, they found political support from Bengali Muslims, who not only accepted Assamese as the medium of instruction in their schools, but also as their mother tongue. Realising that the Muslim community voted as a block, the Congress party seized the opportunity to nurture and cultivate a votebank by creating conditions that encouraged infiltration from East Pakistan from 1951 to 1971.
Tehelka = “According to the Census of India 2001, 2 million people have migrated to Assam since 1951,” says Walter Fernandes, Director of the Guwahati-based North Eastern Social Research Centre. “When the immigrants’ natural population growth rate is also taken into account, the number of migrants rises to 4 million. Around 40 percent of them are Bangla-speaking Muslims, presumably of Bangladeshi origin
Tehelka = According to the officials, the migrants come across the riverine border, at first living on the chars (sandbars on the Brahmaputra), till they establish contact with the already-established Bengali Muslim community. They pay Rs 1,000 for a character certificate of sorts procured from the gaon burah (the village headman), which states they belong to that particular village and that makes them “Assamese”. With one foot in the door, they use the letter to then transform from an “Assamese” to a full-fledged Indian citizen all through forged documents — certificate to get a ration card, ration card to get a voter ID, voter ID to get a school certificate and so on.
Intelligence sources claim that at least 200 trained Muslim cadres belonging to various radical organisations are operating in Kokrajhar and Chirang. Reports say at least 15 Islamic rebel outfits are operating in lower Assam, with Dhubri as the base.

‘There is an issue of migration, but it is the Congress that is responsible for this,’ says AIUDF chief Ajmal

Prominent among these are the Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA), Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM), and the Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam (MULFA). Adding to this list, the Assam Muslim National Army (AMNA), commanded by former cop Ramjan Ali has demanded that 13 districts be carved out of the state to form a separate administrative area for the community. Although India has reportedly given Bangladesh a list of 17 training camps of Indian Islamic rebels operating in that country, no action has been taken so far.

ALTHOUGH THE involvement of Bangladesh is hard to prove, intelligence officials are not ruling out anything. “There is this idea of a Brihot Bangladesh (Greater Bangladesh),” says an intelligence official on condition of anonymity. “Bangladesh blames India for many of its problems — unscientific partition, floods, droughts, water-sharing — and promotes a steady trickle into India, changing the demography.”
Intelligence sources of the state police confirmed to TEHELKA that most of the Muslims who died have been shot by automatic rifles and pistols used by NDFB.

= Tehelka

Karma is a b*t*h

NDFB was funded by Bangladeshi DGFI ( ISI )
Mumbai : About 40 rioters involved in the violence in the area of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai at the time of the morcha of Raza Academy, a Muslim organisation with Jihadi mindset, have been identified by the Police with the help of the footage of CCTV; however, they have not been arrested so far for fear of eruption of another riot. - Hindu Jagruti
1. Attempts were made to make several women constables nude by removing their saris, tearing their clothes and inflicting physical injuries. The actions of Muslim rioters were so pervert that they cannot be published. The women Police were thrashed severely. Two of them are reported to be serious. Veins in the breasts of a woman constable were broken. When the journalists were narrated this incident by the women constables they were shocked.

2. The women constables said that when the atrocities were being committed on them, the senior officers were telling them to observe restrain. - Hindu Jagruti
‘I don’t want any votes from illegal migrants’ - Tarun Gogoi, Congress CM - Indian express
An sms doing the rounds before the violence in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan asked, “Burma, Assam, Gujarat, Kashmir ke baad na jaane kahan? Burma mein Musalmano ke qatl-e-aam or zulm ke khilaf Azad Maidan may Sunday ko rally hai.” It went on to criticise the media for covering the gunning of Sikhs in the US in great detail but ignoring the killings of Muslims. “Is SMS ko Sunday se pehle Hindustan ki har Musalman or mantriyo or media tak pahunchao - Outlook
So from previous SMS, Indian muslims willing to riot on behalf of Bangladeshi muslims and Kashmiri muslims, soon they will riot for Pakistani muslims
Out of the 38 insurgent outfits operating in Assam, 13 groups are related to Islamists. They include Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam, Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam, Muslim Security Council of Assam, Islamic Liberation Army of Assam, Muslim Volunteer Force, Muslim Liberation Army, Muslim Security Force, Islamic Sevak Sangh, Islamic United Reformation Protest of India, United Muslim Liberation Front of Assam, Revolutionary Muslim Commandos, Muslim Tiger Force, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and Harkat-ul-Jihad.

= Hindu Jagruti
Due to an acute shortage of cadres, anti-talk faction of ULFA has been involved in recruitment of Muslims from both Bangladesh and India. The NSCN(IM) also has a large number of Muslim cadres.

= Hindu Jagruti
I actually had a premonition about 10 years ago, that India would go into civil war as soon as these BD illegals are touched
Did ISI hire NATO infiltrators to fuel Assam exodus? http://vickynanjappa.com/

Quote:While the Indian government has blamed Pakistan for morphing images and sending them into India to create a panic among the members of the North Eastern community, the other side to this story is pretty alarming.

The question- Did the ISI hire the services of people who the NATO used against Gaddafi to create these images in their cyber war against India?

Professor. Madhav Nalapat, Manipal university, who also holds the UNESCO Peace Chair says that the information that he has is alarming. My information is that the ISI has managed to use the services of those people who were trained by NATO for the Libyan revolution. In order to pull down Gaddafi, NATO had trained several persons in this art of creating morphed images so that there would be wide spread panic which led to the revolution and the fall of Gaddafi. It was a psychological warfare that was used at that time. The same team which helped pull down Gaddafi is now active in Syria.

Now the issue is that the antecedents of most of these people were trained in this warfare by the NATO were not checked and in the bargain several elements owing allegiance to terrorist groups also managed to slip in. It was unfortunate that the agencies were not able to recognise the terrorists from the genuine activists. However this aspect was given a go by since both the NATO and these terrorist elements had the same objective where the war against Gaddafi was concerned.

The ISI was however aware of such elements in the group trained by the NATO. These men after the Libyan incident moved to Syria and it was there that the ISI managed to get a hold of some of them. These persons were in turn told by the ISI to help them in this war against India. It is unfortunate that the training given by NATO which is friendly towards India has been used against our country at the end of it. It was a similar case in Afghanistan as well. The Taliban were trained to shoot at the Soviets and it was those very same skills that they started to use against India as well.

The ISI identified these men who were part of the Libyan campaign and requested their services. They in turn used the same methodology used against Gaddafi. They morphed images and managed to send them into India thus causing a great deal of panic which led to such a massive exodus. They managed to misuse the training that was given by the NATO.

While the objective of such training was to bring down Gaddafi it has now been misused and unfortunately the target has first been India. My worry is that they will continue to use this tactic that they have learnt from the NATO since it appears to have done a great deal of damage in India. They are quite capable of sending in morphed images of Hindus being ill-treated in Pakistan or Bangladesh which could stir up the emotions down here in India. This is a dangerous precedent that has been set even as the ISI continues to rope in Libyan and Syrian activists for this cyber warfare which causes a great deal of psychological damage.

it is possible that the sikh shootings committed by a US Army Psyops agent are in the same vein.. It gave the opportunity for muslims to claim that MMS cared for the sikhs but not for Rohingyas. Burma is also a NATO "concern"
Back to Square 1 in 65 years

In 1948, Nizam had 2 lakh razakars

Today PFI has 1 lakh jihadists in South India

For comparison, Indian army is just 1 million

However the 2 lakh razakars ran away from 40k Indian army in 5 days

PFI is behind expel North Easterners

How did they know who exactly is a North easterner ?

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