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Bodo vs Bangladeshi
above url = After the ethnic violence that left nearly 100 dead and thousands of Bodos and Muslims in Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts areas displaced, the government has finally decided to set up 60 more police stations in the five riot-hit districts of lower Assam to ensure close vigil and better policing.

Sources in Assam Police said the state administration has asked authorities of five districts — Kokrajhar, Chirang, Udalguri, Baksa and Dhubri — to identify the places where the “proposed 60 police stations will be set up”. These five districts have recorded 2,767 cases of “riots” between 2007 and 2011, according to police records. Among them, Dhubri recorded the highest number of riots (2,157) followed by Kokrajhar (358) and Udalguri (144), Chirang (78) and Baksa (30).

However, the police records did not specify whether these riots took place due to ethnic problems.

The decision, according to a highly-placed police official in Dhubri, was taken on Thursday. “We received a fax from the police headquarters in Guwahati on Thursday. We have been told to identify the places where these police stations can be set up.”

According to the message, eight new police stations will be set up in Udalguri, 16 in Baksa, seven in Chirang while Kokrajhar — the worst affected district in the ethnic violence — will get 19 police stations. Ten police stations will be set up in Dhubri.
These five districts have recorded 2,767 cases of “riots” between 2007 and 2011, according to police records. Among them, Dhubri recorded the highest number of riots (2,157) followed by Kokrajhar (358) and Udalguri (144), Chirang (78) and Baksa (30).


Dhubri is muslim majority and all riots there are muslim initiated

Kokrajar, Udalguri and Chirang and Baksa are Bodo majority and assume all riots here are Bodo initiated

this means 80% of all riots are muslim initiated

Even in 2008, in Udalguri, a Bodo majority place, Bangladeshis flew the Pakistan flag

so it is likely that even in Bodo majority place, muslims do at least 50% of rioting

So overall in this area, 90% of riots are muslim initiated
above url = Northeast India crisis: Solution is to throw out illegal migrants, Bodo chief Hagrama Mohilary says

He is the man at the heart of all the action in Assam. His word can quell violence or signal a bloodier wave. A former militant who roamed the jungles of India's northeast, Hagrama Mohilary is now the supreme leader of the Bodos. In an exclusive conversation with Anand Soondas, he talks about illegal immigrants, clashes between tribals and non-tribals, his fascination for football and the Euro Cup.

It's been a long, hard journey from being a militant in Assam's jungles to heading the BTC, a mini Bodo state. What next?

Well, BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) still does not have the home department with it. We are hobbled without it. Had home (department) been with us, I'd have brought the situation under control quickly. People wouldn't have to go through so much pain. The current scenario shows home should be given to the BTC.

Will Bodo MLA Pradip Brahma's arrest affect your alliance with Assam's Congress government?

Ours is a relationship forged over the last 10 years. How can it crumble and strain so easily? We will continue to support Tarun Gogoi. Bodo protesters allege the police were not fair to Brahma, that nothing was done to arrest those who killed four Bodo youths on July 20 that triggered large-scale violence and bloodshed. As protesters said on Thursday, Brahma's guilt is yet to be proved. The police were biased. Though the Assam government is not responsible for this, I think the local administration made a mistake. Law and order is not among the 40 subjects transferred to BTC. So, we are helpless.

You say Bodos are not safe in their own land.

Look at the incidents in BTC areas recently. Four Bodo youths were killed in front of a police inspector and nothing happened to the attackers. What more can I say?

What will end the festering Bodo-Muslim clashes which show no signs of abating after so many deaths?

There is a permanent solution: throw out illegal immigrants. They should be pushed out and action should be taken against them.

Does the "growing Bangladeshi population", which you say is made up of people who've come here illegally, threaten Bodo culture, their way of life and peace here?

Yes, it does, but not only in BTC. It is a threat to the country's entire north-eastern region. It has to be taken seriously by all parties concerned.

If they are indeed illegal, who helps them enter India in such large numbers? Do you think the BSF here and the Border Guards Bangladesh have a hand?

I have been demanding a complete sealing of the international border with Bangladesh and action against Badruddin Ajmal (AIUDF leader and Dhubri MP). He is behind all this. He is facilitating the entry of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators into India.

Is there a huge racket that organizes Indian documents for illegal immigrants? Aren't people from your own departments then guilty of corruption?

Yes, yes, there is. But these are not done by BTC officials. The BTC doesn't have such powers, or to deal with these cases and prevent them.

One of the muslims shot dead in Mumbai was a bangladeshi muslim

His mother in law was shot in Mumbai during post Babri riots

Bangladeshis rioting in mumbai for 20 years

This is an article by Arindam Chowdhury

More of a psec article, asking for peace

The comments by muslims is very revealing

They support mumbai violence

Bodo vs muslim riot statistics

1993, 1 Bodo, 50 muslims

1994, 9 Bodo, 96 muslims

2008, 10 Bodo, 51 muslims

2012, 17 Bodo, 56 muslims

the Bodos have invariably inflicted more casualties than they have suffered. The reason is quite simple—the AK-47s Bodo militias were supposed to surrender after signing the 2003 peace accord but didn’t. An Assam government official disclosed that extremist groups like the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT) and National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) have as many as 350-400 automatic weapons in their arsenal in the four districts comprising BTAD—Kokrajhar, Chirang, Udalguri and Baksa
So another accord was signed in 2003 when the BJP was in power at the Centre and Gogoi ruled the state. It had L.K. Advani’s blessings but was destined to be disastrous because the BTAD, covering some 8,795 sq km area, was handed on a platter to the Bodos who comprise merely 20 per cent of the population. And in the newly-created self-governing body called Bodo Territorial Council (BTC), 30 out of 46 seats were reserved for Bodos! -

above url

Thanks NDA govt. Bodoland keeps the Assam chicken neck open, no matter what muslims do in rest of Assam
above url = Clearly, the Bodos are a very confident lot today, having grown from strength to strength since 2003. They have reaped huge dividends from their investments in both the national parties. Besides running the BTC, they have extracted tangible and intangible benefits as partners in two successive Congress-led coalition governments in Assam since 2006. In 2006, out of the 10 BPF MLAs three were made ministers by Gogoi (whose regime was a bit shaky at that stage because the Congress had only 53 seats in the 126-strong legislative assembly). But in 2011 the Congress tally shot up to 78 seats. Now there are 12 BPF MLAs, but only one, Chandan Brahmo, is a minister. Significantly, the BPF has leveraged its political clout to send an MP to the Rajya Sabha (Biswajit Daimary), instal a Bodo judge in the Gauhati High Court (P.K. Mushary), a Bodo chairman in the Assam Public Service Commission (Gita Basumatary), a Bodo governor in the Shillong Raj Bhawan (Ranjit Sekhar Mooshary) and even a Bodo election commissioner (H.S. Brahma).
above url = In the 2011 assembly elections, Gogoi easily got the better of both Hindutva parties—the BJP and AGP—by pandering to Hindu voters. Realising that the Muslims had deserted the Congress for the Ajmal Badruddin-led aiduf, Gogoi pulled out all the stops to court the Hindu constituency with stunning results.

“Gogoi projected himself as the saviour of Assamese Hindus. His rhetoric put even the VHP and Bajrang Dal in the shade. Naturally, he stole the BJP-AGP’s thunder,

fake photos used in Lucknow riots
Mumbai: The accused arrested by the Mumbai police in connection with the Azad Maidan riot case have complained of being beaten up in the prison. As many as 23 accused filed a complaint in this regard with the court of the Metropolitan magistrate.

-- rioting mullahs thrashed in mumbai jail
People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 34

August 26, 2012


Some Political Implications of Kokrajhar Riots

Archana Prasad

THE fall out of the Kokrajhar riots has become evident in the mass exodus and fear psychosis that has plagued the people of north eastern origin in cities like Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. Newspaper reports state that over 2.5 lakh people started a homeward journey after rumours spread about retaliatory violence in the wake of the month long Kokrajhar riots. More than 4.5 lakh people fled their villages as a result of the rioting in Kokrajhar. Of these, there are estimates that more than 2.86 people remain in refugee camps in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts. The scale of the displacement, of both north easterners and Muslims living in Assam has ensured that the Bodoland issue can no longer be treated merely as an assertion of the rights of one ethnic group. Rather, the debate surrounding it has come to question the cultural pluralism that has characterised the independent Indian nation since its inception. It has also pitted a linguistic and ethnic minority against a religious minority group, thus consolidating the power of the ruling classes and religious fundamentalists.



In his statement on August 8, 2012, the BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Balbir Punj stated in parliament that “this [the Kokrajhar riots] is not a communal conflict, but a conflict between Indians and foreigners”. In a similar vein L K Advani stated in the Lok Sabha that “this is not a Hindu-Muslim issue, even though there may be some truth in the matter. The main issue is who is an Indian and who is a foreigner. The government must decide this and also deport the Bangaldeshis”. Thus Tarun Vijay, a part of the BJP’s delegation to Kokrajhar, writes in the Organiser (August 13, 2012) that this “is time for Hindu society to ponder over their decline and why the foreigners have gained so much of power to attack them in their own land”. This appropriation of the Bodos into the Hindu fold is not surprising and is being used to legitimise the intervention of fundamentalist groups in order to expand their social and political basis amongst tribal elites. The vulnerability of the Bodoland politics to such appropriation is evident in the public utterances of the leaders of the Bodoland Territories Autonomous Districts (BTAD). They have often been quoted as saying that they have been “invaded by the Bangladeshis” and routed from their own homes. They have further asserted that they would not allow the Muslim refugees to return to their homes unless they have verified their “citizenship”. Such an assertion has only fed into the myth of the foreign invasion that has been repeatedly used by the RSS to expand its influence.

It has also deflected attention from the historical processes that have led to the present riots. As the report of the visit by a team from the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) states the present conflict is not a result of the infiltration from Bangladesh, but is a conflict between resident Bengali Muslims. While the Bodo-Muslim conflict has received much attention in recent years its main cause seems to lie in the larger problematic relationship between Bodos and the dominant Assamese caste Hindu society. As the pamphlet A Brief History of the Boro People (published by the National Democratic Front of Boroland) explains, the assimilation of Bodo converts into Assamese speaking Hindus has had a manifold negative impact on the Bodo people. It has resulted in the breaking up of the Bodo society into several castes and also led to a changing demographic profile where the Bodos became a minority much before the settlement of migrants from East Bengal in the late 19th century. The settlement of non-Bodos (Muslims as well as plains tribes) also resulted in the out migration of Bodos who started a movement to protect their own land rights through the formation of a Tribal League in the 1920s. It is ironical that this league, in which the Bodos were dominant, extended support to the Muslim League which formed a coalition with the Congress in 1940. This itself indicated that the Bodos were willing to have a united front with the minorities in order to protect their own political autonomy and rights. This gave birth to the Bodoland movement and militant Bodo organisations like the liberation army which got disbanded after the formation of the BTAD in 2003. These erstwhile militant forces form the basis of the Bodo political elite which exploits the rural workers in the region, in some cases even leading to practices of extortion. In the process it has also made convenient political alliances and uses question of ‘foreigners’ to justify their drive to cleanse the areas of non-Bodos.



The Assam government’s response to this political situation has been based on its need to maintain its alliance with the Bodoland political elites as well as the Bengali Muslims. In response to the outcry to deport ‘Bangladeshis” the chief minister of the state has blamed a ‘foreign hand’ for the current spate of violence. In support of this claim, the central government has blamed elements in Pakistan for tampering with social media sites for spreading rumours in order to start an exodus of people from the north east from urban centres like Bangalore and Pune. In giving primacy to this as the main cause of conflict, the government played into the hands of the communal elements who are trying to exploit the situation. This is particularly evident from the actions of the Sangh Parivar which has actively started propagating that people from the north east are their ‘brothers and sisters’ and that they would protect them and see them safely back to their homes. The branches of the RSS have also been active in the relief camps inhabited by the Bodos and are using the occasion to organise them in order to expand their political influence.

At another level, the foreign hand argument also deflects attention from the government’s inability to provide relief and ensure an atmosphere where victims can return to their homes without any insecurity. As the NCM report states, most Bodos who were affected in the riots have returned home, while the Muslims continue to stay in the camps. The conditions of these camps are abysmal with no electricity and water logging. Hardly any food and clothes were available and the victims were largely left to fend for themselves, without assistance from even the local police. In the recommendations, the NCM particularly noted that the police was complacent largely because the Bodos were armed and controlled the area. They have also been instrumental in hounding the victims in almost all camps visited by the Commission. This biased attitude has received no attention from the state government. It is thus clear, the Gogoi government has been quick to score a political point by blaming the ‘foreign hand’ but has failed to meet its basic responsibility of maintaining peace and ensuring the basic facilities for the victims.

Given this situation, it is important for the Left to intensify its efforts towards the political resolution of the conflict by going beyond Bodo identity politics. A strong united front between the Muslim and Bodo peasantry needs to be forged to facilitate the settlement of the legitimate rights of both social groups. It is also essential to ensure that all victims have access to basic facilities and are duly rehabilitated in their homes. The government and its police have to be made accountable for this purpose. The revision of the citizens registers, on agreed lines and amendment of citizenship laws if necessary, has to be undertaken to stop the profiling and vilification of Muslim settlers ‘illegal Bangladeshis’. Only this will ensure that Muslim and Hindu fundamentalists do not spread their tentacles within these regions. It will also combat the efforts of the ruling classes to create ethnic and religious divides within and outside Bodoland for their narrow political ends. - CPI-M

‘Call for separate Bodoland might grow louder if our land is not protected’

It has been more than a month since the clashes broke out in Kokrajhar, but the situation in the Bodo heartland in Lower Assam remains tensed. The party in power in the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), the Bodoland Peoples’ Front (BPF) is in a tizzy after its legislator was arrested in charges of rioting. In an exclusive interview to Tehelka, the chief of BTC and the head of BPF Hagrama Mohilary tells Ratnadip Choudhury why the idea of alienation still rules the roost in the Bodo areas.

Photo: Ujjal Deb

Fingers are now being pointed at your party after your MLA Pradeep Brahma was arrested on charges of being directly involved in rioting. Would you agree that your leaders have played a part in aggravating the situation?

There is no evidence of rioting against any member or leader of BPF, this is a false propaganda and a section of the administration is also trying to falsely implicate BPF in this case. This is again a case of step-motherly treatment towards the Bodos. Ours is the party of aboriginals, our voice is the voice of the people of Bodo areas and the way our party is gaining popularity even amongst non-Bodos, some people are perhaps politically jealous of it. Brahma is totally innocent. All allegations are baseless. It was a mistake to arrest him. We will continue protesting democratically.


Ceasefire Bodo rebel group says it won’t allow Bangladeshis in Bododland

Bodo MLA’s arrest for abetting riots leaves Kokrajhar tense

Kerala police to probe PFI’s role in spreading rumours

So you mean to say there is a political conspiracy. Who is behind this? You are very much a part of the government, is the Congress playing a part in this since the state police says there is evidence against Brahma?

It is a mistake by police and administration. If the police have evidence against him, why don’t they hold a press conference and let the people of Assam know what proof they have against a public representative. Talking about Congress, we have been their ally for 11 years. It has been a smooth relationship, so it will not collapse because of our MLA being arrested. We don’t hold Congress or Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi responsible. It is the administration which has been giving wrong information for a long time regarding the Kokrajhar riots to the government and I have told this to the Chief Minister. The state government and the BTC have brought development in the Bodo areas and it cannot stop due to riots.

So you are not pulling out of the Tarun Gogoi government. A section of your leaders have threatened to do so. You have called for an indefinite bandh in Kokrajhar, is it pressure tactics?

Right now there is no necessity of pulling out. Whatever our leaders said, it was exaggerated. We never threatened Congress. We are a matured political party. Our mandate is peace. We called an indefinite bandh against the curfew which has been clamped. Why do you need to clamp curfew when you arrest someone? Why the administration does not have confidence? These issues need to be addressed. It happened when situation is slowly turning normal, now with the curfew being imposed, people will again be in fear. We need to build confidence. The district administration is only taking adhoc measures.

You say this is propaganda, what is the permanent solution? Who are the people who should be allowed to settle down in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts (BTAD) areas?

This is propaganda of the All India United Democratic Front (AIDUF) and its leader Badruddin Ajmal. He is the person responsible for communalising the riots. It was not about religion at all, but he builds up the propaganda and it spreads in other parts as well. He should be arrested and put behind bars. Why did the police not arrested the killers of the four Bodo youths who were killed in front of police on 20 July? Bodos have the right to question this. BPF will protest the injustice both inside and outside the government. The solution lies in sealing the Indo-Bangladesh border, updating of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and deportation of illegal migrants. We never said that only Bodos will live here, all community will live, but they have to be Indian, they cannot be foreigners.

BPF has decided to take up the issue with the Centre. You have a meeting with Union Home Minister on 27 August, what are you going to push for?

It was in 2003 that the Centre, through the Bodoland Accord, formed the BTC under the Sixth Schedule and after that, with the help of Assam government, we have been able to bring a sense of peace and development in the area. Now Ajmal has demanded the dissolution of BTC, which is a constitutional body, so Government of India has to react and take a strong step against his communal politics, otherwise it will destroy the unity in diversity that Assam has. We want only those people to be rehabilitated who have proper land document (land patta), citizenship certificates and we want a mandatory citizenship and land record check of every refugee in every camp, both Bodos and Muslims. In this way, we will check illegal migrants. Our genuine Muslim brothers will definitely get their land rights if they have patta, but we cannot allow encroachment of our forest land.

So the issue of land rights of aboriginals, one of the key factors for the call for a separate statehood in the Bodo areas 25 years back, remains unresolved? After the riots, do you see the call for a separate Bodo state growing louder?

To answer this, first I would like to point out that Bodos are happy with the development in the area through BTC and they are also happy with the coordination between the state government and the BTC. So the demand is not as strong as it was 25 years back when we joined the movement. At that time, the state government was totally step-motherly. But it is a fact that every community has its aspiration and for the Bodos, a separate state is an aspiration. In 2003 when we signed the Bodoland Accord, we pushed for separate state to the NDA government. The government had then created three new states. So we had also taken up efforts on this, but after creation of BTC, we have seen that in coordination with the state government, and since BPF is an ally in the government, we have been able to bring peace in the area. We have been able to change the mindset of the administration. There lies the success of the Accord. I do agree and that if further alienation of the Bodo people happens, if one-sided decisions against them are taken like in the case of Pradeep Brahma’s arrest, situation can turn turtle. I have discussed this with the Chief Minister and apprised him. If our land is not protected and if our forest is not saved then we might see the call for separate homeland grow louder, and at that time, New Delhi will have to answer.


What a guy, the Bodo leader makes open threats to mullahs and Sonia govt
TEHELKA - Parmeshwar hails from Majuli in Jorhat district. “I was working with a security agency in Hyderabad,” he says, “and earning Rs 12,000 a month. But I will not go back. I will find something here.” Parmeshwar was allegedly threatened by some local Muslim youths when he was at home one night. He left the very next morning.

Parmeshwar’s neighbour, Anil Das, 22, was not so lucky. Anil’s body was found on the railway track near the Burdwan station in West Bengal.

Sanjay Ray, a Kochrajbonshi from Kokrajhar, died after he was thrown off a train between Palasa and Sompeta Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh on 14 August. His body finally reached his village Dimalgaon on 20 August. Tragically, Sanjay met his end when he had gone to Andhra Pradesh to bring Khanin Ray, another youth who was also attacked and thrown off a train on 7 August on his way to Kokrajhar from Kerala. Four people, including Sanjay, had gone to bring Khanin back to his village. On their way back by the Trivandrum Express, they were attacked at the Sompeta Railway Station, and Sanjay was thrown out of the train. The Railway Police later confirmed his death.

At the time of going to press, news came in of another Bodo, Durga Basumatary, being thrown out of a train from Chennai. Basumatary comes from a very poor family in Lakhimpur district. The incident happened in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh and Basumatary is admitted to the Nellore hospital but his family has no money to go and see him.

he Kerala-based Popular Front of India (PFI), a radical Muslim outfit, is under the scanner of security agencies for allegedly spreading inflammatory content posted online that later viralled as bulk MMSes. Hundred labourers working mainly at construction sites fled the Muslim-dominated Malappuram district fearing violence. A majority of them were from Manjeri, a PFI stronghold.
On 18 August, between 9.45 pm and 10 pm, 14 youths were thrown out of a special Guwahati-bound train from Bengaluru after it had crossed the New Jalpaiguri station in West Bengal. Local villagers recovered four bodies between Falakata and Belakoba in Jalpaiguri district on the Assam-Bengal border; 10 others were seriously injured. All 14 were Muslims in their early 20s.

Three of the dead — Atiqure Rehman Majumdar, Saibur Rehman and Iqbal Hussain Choudhury were from the Hailakandi district of lower Assam. The fourth, Mohammed Sharif Ahmed, was from Manipur. “We boarded the general compartment of the train thinking it was a special train for Eid,” recollects Seikh Saddam, 22, one of the survivors, “but later realised that it was carrying people who were fleeing Bangalore. During the journey, some people got violent and attacked us, took our wallets and mobile phones. They got aggressive the moment we told them we are going home for Eid. After crossing New Jalpaiguri, they pushed us all outside, one by one.” Saddam is one of the 10 injured admitted to the North Bengal Medical College in Siliguri. - TEHELKA

Rohingyas, burned Hindu temples, beheaded 40 hindus, and raped 98 Hindus inside refugee camp in Myanmar
Post 1/2

1. Earlier in this thread, ULFA was described as a "traitor" org.

They're not mere "traitors". They *are* the enemy. 1. They work with NSCN (the christian terrorist "Nagaland for christ" org) and islamic Bangladesh, but 2. can't stand Assam being part of Hindu India. Even wacky admits as much:


Quote:ULFA claims to have been founded at the site of Rang Ghar on April 7, 1979,[1] a historic structure from the Ahom kingdom. According to Sunil Nath, the ULFA established its relationships with Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) in 1983 and with KIA, operating in Burma, in 1987.[3] It initiated major violent activities in 1990. Military operations against it by the Indian Army that began in 1990 continue until present. In the past two decades some 18,000 people have died in the clash between the rebels and the security forces.[4] On December 5, 2009, the Chairman and the deputy commander-in-chief of ULFA fell into Indian custody.[5]

The ULFA maintains close relationships with other separatist organisations like NDFB, KLO and NSCN(Khaplang). The Indian Army notes that:

“ The ULFA is fighting the jihadi war on behalf of the ISI and taking help from jihadi elements. No doubt they (ULFA leaders) are in a foreign land and are under the control of the ISI which is calling the shots and asking them to do what the ISI wants[citation needed]

Clearly when the terrorist ULFA doesn't like Hindu India and works with christoislamic terrorist orgs, then it's either christian or islamic itself. Probably, like the LTTE it will only reveal its ideology tomorrow, and pretends to be "secular" until then in ordre to gain converts to its 'liberation' movement.

2. As for the NDFB, whose involvement was mentioned earlier on in this thread, and again in post 87:

Quote:An Assam government official disclosed that extremist groups like the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT) and National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) have as many as 350-400 automatic weapons in their arsenal in the four districts comprising BTAD—Kokrajhar, Chirang, Udalguri and Baksa

- Although Bodos are still largely Hindu, the NDFB is significantly christian and was (also) working for "liberation" from Hindu India since well before. (Don't know about religious identity of BLT, but when there is armed seccessionism in India's air, religion - usually christoislamism - plays a part, more often than not .)

Again, even wacky admits as much:


Quote:The National Democratic Front of Bodoland, also known as NDFB or the Bodo Security Force, is a terrorist outfit which seeks to obtain a sovereign Bodoland for the Bodo people in Assam, India. The founder of the organization, Ransaigra Nabla Daimary, alias Ranjan Daimary has been arrested and detained by Indian authorities. Though NDF advocates sovereignty for Bodos, however, majority of its members are Christians, who themselves do not represent majority indigenous Bodos.

- Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram and other parts of the NE have even more openly christian terrorist outfits. These outfits, unlike NDFB, can afford to be [more] public about how their christianism is their primary motivator in their seccessionism, since they have already genocided else ethnically cleansed much of the Hindu inhabitants already and so the proportion of christians is quite large in these parts.

- NLFT (and probably NSCN and other christian terror groups) get their arms from the Baptist church, as per the BBC.

- NDFB is not quite so openly christian because christianism hasn't yet changed the demographics of the Bodos significantly to allow them to declare their religious ideology. But it's like the LTTE: their ideological motivation is an open secret. Where NDFB get their weapons from, I don't know. But considering that the christocongress rule in India tends to allow only christoislamic terrorist outfits to be armed, I wouldn't be surprised if it's all church supplied.

(Congress govt supports Indian seccessionism. E.g. evangelical christian congressi politician from a northeastern state - was it Arunachal Pradesh - famously called Ramdev *Indian* dog. Clearly the christian congressi does not consider himself or his state/population a part of India.)

- That significantly christian places like Nagaland (and Mizoram etc) - famously controlled by christian terrorist outfits - are clamouring to kick out the islamaniacs too is only because they have marked their lands as solely for christianism. And having already used bloody violence against the native Hindus to steal the land for christ, they have no intention of letting islamaniacs have it next.

- NDFB being involved in sending the islamaniacs in Bodo regions into refugee camps does not imply/mean they are well-intentioned towards Hindus overall or towards being part of a (majority-)Hindu India. It could well mean (and probably does) that they are looking out for christian interests: i.e. the goal of christianisation of their space.

Post 2/2

Again: despite Bodos being Hindu-majority, NDFB is a christian majority outfit (see wacky excerpt in post above). Therefore, they will quickly progress to converting the unsaved Bodos: either by hijacking these during periods of ethnic strife (a la what the LTTE did) or terrorising them into conversion (a la what NLFT did). Then NDFB will move from merely wanting a separate region for Bodos to wanting to seccede with "Bodoland for christ".

Consider that christianism's modus operandi in northeastern states (and other areas sensitive to ethnic-identity) has always been to use occasions of severe ethnic strife to create else hijack local ethnic outfits. Not just the LTTE situation in SL (which has resulted in many Tamizh Hindu families now being converted to christianism, after first creating "Tamizh" identity as something separate from Hindu identity and as "also" compassing christianism).

But christianism also made a killing in conversions exactly after ethnic riots:


Quote:18 April 2000

Church backing Tripura rebels

The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura's indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control. Last year, they issued a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura.

The Baptist Church in Tripura was set up by missionaries from New Zealand 60 years ago. It won only a few thousand converts until 1980 when in the aftermath, of the state's worst ethnic riot, the number of conversions grew.

After the first wave of conversions, the christian terrorist NLFT started going on a convert-or-kill spree in Tripura, to make it the signficantly christian region it is now.

The next step was aiming for violent seccession (it's what christoislamism does), same as what their christian brothers in "Nagaland for christ" aims for.

Christianism has long made hijacking identity movements a priority, in order to convert entire populations one (sub)ethnic group at a time. This is admitted as standard operating procedure by christian missionary orgs (standard christian conversion tactic). A repeat example from a christian [missionary] site:


[formerly at: www.cca.org.hk/blog/cca/2004_07_01_cca.htm]

Quote:He also mentioned about Asian theologians articulating their contextual theologies like Minjung theology in Korea, Homeland theology in Taiwan, Peoples theology in the Philippines, Water Buffalo theology in Thailand, Dalit theology in India, and Buraku liberation theology in Japan.

I want to bet that while the current battle with islamaniacs is going on in Assam, christianism is not sitting around doing nothing but clearly considers this an ideal/textbook "ethnic strife" situation, suited to targetting Bodo identity next.

The situation is ripe for it:

1. There's "ethnic strife". Check.

2. Bodos (and other northeasterners) are starting to feel uniquely targeted. I mean, even those that are settled in other parts of India are particularly targeted by islam at present so that they are driven back to the northeast by islamism. This is likely to create a mental feeling of isolation: that though they may be Indian Hindus too, it is their northeastern identity that is being attacked. And if other Hindus do not act sufficiently in order to allay those fears of isolation, the Hindu victims could be manipulated into starting to consolidate around their subethnic identity: Bodo (or other northeastern). And, right at this juncture, the christian NDFB will play the saviour of Bodo identity: it alone will protect them from islamism and the theft of their land by islam, when the majority-Hindu India (read christogovt ruling the Hindus) hasn't really much to show for protecting the Bodos either from violence or from infiltration or land-grab.

Then more Bodos will get converted to christianism. And when the christian demographics in their region becomes sufficient for the purpose, they will do what the other northeastern christian terrorist groups like NLFT, NSCN, etc have done to those in the region who are still Hindu: convert-or-kill (i.e. genocide and ethnic cleansing will follow).

One can even see the beginnings of the problem in post 94:

Quote:‘Call for separate Bodoland might grow louder if our land is not protected’

The native Bodos won't be allowed to stay Hindu long after that. The christian vultures would be preying on them since long before. And the very same AK-47s will then be turned (once more) on Hindus.

After all, the famous Hindu Bodo leader Bineshwar Brahma was murdered by the christian terrorist NDFB, specifically since Bineshwar Brahma was a Hindu active for his Hindu religion.



(AND rediff.com/news/2000/oct/25rajeev.htm)

Quote:Reader Sunil brought to my attention an article in The Hindustan Times about a Hindu Bodo leader, Bineshwar Brahma, being shot dead by Christian-missionary-backed militants in Guwahati. Naturally, Brahma being a Hindu, this did not get any headlines in the Indian media. Apparently he had angered missionaries by championing Devanagari versus Roman script; but of course the real reason is that he dared to be a Hindu in the Christian-dominated Northeast. And some readers wonder why I talk about the Christian Taliban in the Northeast.

And together with details from the wacky page on Bineshwar Brahma (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bineshwar_Brahma - as usual, check wacky history if expired)

- "the president of the Bodo Sahitya Sabha ('Bodo Literary Union') in Assam, India." (Wackypedia)

- "In Bodo language issues, Brahma opposed writing Bodo in Roman script. Instead he advocated the use of Devanagari for writing Bodo, putting him at odds with Christian Bodo groups, like the National Democratic Front of Bodoland." (Wacky)

- "He was murdered by the [color="#800080"][christoterrorist group National Democratic Front of Bodoland][/color] NDFB in Guwahati on August 19, 2000"

Before applauding the NDFB - presumably for possessing guns and not being afraid to use them* - maybe people should work out exactly what's in this for them and what they're doing it for.

* Yet if more of the terrorised Hindus had guns, I'm sure they'd have used them *long* ago against the islamaniacs. But that's christorule for ya: only Hindus are not allowed to be armed - even legally, in defence - in India. Meanwhile christogovt allows infiltrators and other muslims to be armed, not to mention allowing the christian terrorist outfits who are terrorising swathes of India to be armed as well (but the latter don't get reported much at all by India's christomedia, which doesn't want *christian* terror to become public knowledge and thus ruin the "peaceful christians" facade created by the christian PR machine).

When it comes to christianism and islam, one enemy is quite the same as the other. Except I note that christianism always gets away with it.... E.g. G.Sub wrote he was "heartened" by the sudden (obviously self-serving and opportunistic) christian "support" - in forums or comments or wherever - for Hindutva and for banishing islam from India, after the recent islamania in the northeast. Yet I doubt people feel equally "heartened" by muslim "[moral] support" for Hindus against conversions or the christian terrorism in the northeast. And yet, islam and christianism spell the same for India.

For those who care only about India's sovereignty: both islam AND christianism mean to partition and take India piece by piece for their own religion and then will graft the pieces back together as "mughalistan" and "northeast (and south) for christ".

What Hindus need is to either get rid of the christian government and retake the country for the native religions. All Hindus will need to contemplate acquiring arms. And be ready to use them.

[color="#0000FF"]Oh, and if another partition ever does happen: christians - incl. cryptochristians and also any who want to remain married to christian spouses - are *very much* going to be moving in with islam. And communists and secular apologists for christoislam are going to live with them too[/color], in that "Secular" Christoislamic Republic of Mughalistan For Christ. It will be a clean partition: pseculars, christians muslims, communitwits (or their defenders) are [color="#0000FF"]NEVER to be allowed to live with Indian Dharmics again[/color]. No more "Secular republic of India". It MUST be a Dharmic-Onlee republic (and a constitutional safeguard/warning that the rest will be deported as they emerge). But of course, christoislam would be aware of that too. And as [color="#0000FF"]christoislam doesn't really want land but *people*[/color] - i.e. it wants to convert *all* the living (and will therefore kill those who refuse to convert) to make lands "for christ" or into dar-ul-islams, neither christianism nor islam will want to be separated from an unsaved infidel population that they can parasite on. So they'll make sure that they once again are part of a partitioned heathen-majority India, so that it remains the same old "secular" post-independence India. Then christoislamaniacs will start the same song again next time and keep reducing the population to zombies-or-corpses via convert-and-kill when Partition Time returns again, and so on.

In reality, the problem will NEVER end until [color="#0000FF"]both islam and christianism[/color] are eradicated from the subcontinent and the world. While TSP (E or W) is islamic, infiltration will continue. While islam exists, there will be attempts to turn India into dar-ul-islam. While christianism exists, it WILL send missionaries - all the way from the US and Europe and Korea if needs be - to convert India and then take India apart piecemeal for christ.

None of this will go away until Hindus face up to the fact that in a total war, if you don't want to lose (i.e. die/extinct), you fight to the end. Christoislamism insists this is a fight to the death. If heathens (India or elsewehere) don't fight back - and on the same terms, by the same rules: i.e. total war - you *will* lose, today or tomorrow. Today, if they win now, and tomorrow if you were to fight, win but then let christoislamism go (as the Arabs did when they fought muslims during the War of Apostasy. They were convert-or-killed for their error.)

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