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Bodo vs Bangladeshi
Times of India = GUWAHATI: The Assam government and the Bodoland Territorial Council on Wednesday decided to allow uprooted Bengali-speaking Muslims to resettle in Bodoland Terriorial Council (BTC)-administered areas only after verifying their land ownership documents.

The decision was taken at a meeting between the group of ministers (GoM) and BTC administrators in Kokrajhar, the epicentre of the recent ethnic violence. At the moment, there are 211,194 Bengali-speaking Muslims in various relief camps. The number of displaced Bodos is just about 24,000.

A government source said, "We'll rehabilitate the displaced people in two phases. In the first leg, only those who possess land ownership documents in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) will be resettled. The fate of the rest will be decided after the completion of the first phase of rehabilitation." He added, "Rehabilitation will begin after the verification of land documents by the BTC administration. Displaced people can return to their villages after they get their land papers verified."

The source said, "The GoM and the BTC leadership will meet again on September 6 to decide the next course of action on the rehabilitation of those who do not have land ownership documents in the BTAD but may have been occupying government lands there." He added, "We want to begin the process with the resettlement of affected Muslim families."


This is very good news, many of the muslims have been encroaching on govt land
The Special Investigating Team or SIT of the Mumbai Crime Branch, which is probing the August 11 violence, has arrested both the rioters responsible for desecrating the Amar Jyoti Jawan Memorial.

Abdul Sheikh, the second rioter, was arrested last night from Mahim in suburban Mumbai. The Crime Branch had earlier on Monday arrested Abdul Qadir while he was planning to flee to Nepal.

With large-scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh seen as the root cause for the clashes in Assam, the Tarun Gogoi-led Congress government of the state has finally woken up to the challenge as the government has expressed its “keenness” to update National Register of Citizenship (NRC) within next three years.

The 1951 NRC of Assam will be updated on the basis of the voter-list of 1971. It is believed that update of NRC will help detect illegal settlers in Assam; an issue which has been raging fire for years in the state.

The Assam government had in 2010 initiated a pilot-project for update of NRC in the state. However, due to violent protest from All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU), the same had to be put in abeyance. This time too, it is expected that pro-infiltration organisations would try to create roadblocks for update of NRC.

“Updating of NRC has been in the midst of controversy for many years. We have now decided to take up the update work on priority basis,” said Tarun Gogoi, chief minister of Assam, to media-persons.

Gogoi said that in the first phase, update work will be undertaken in 42, out of 126 constituencies, and rest of constituencies in another two phases.


Gogoi is fcking the mullahs

However, this will only delete 15% of them, the BD refugee camps are baby making factories - Hum panch humara pachese

Guwahati: At least a dozen organisations of media people of Assam Thursday decided to organise demonstrations across the state Sep 1 to protest a spate of attacks on journalists.

They have also decided to boycott all news related to the All Assam Minority Students' Union (AAMSU) for three months.

At least ten media people sustained injuries in attacks in different parts of the state Aug 28, when AAMSU called a bandh.

Several representatives of the media gathered Thursday in the Guwahati Press Club and unanimously sought a public apology from the AAMSU leadership for the attacks.

"It is observed that some anti-social elements have come up with an evil design to spread terror among the peace-loving people of Assam. They have strategically started attacking media people. At least ten media people were injured in attacks by those supporting the bandh call of Aug 28," said Nava Thakuria, secretary (Eastern India), National Federation of Newspaper Employees.

Shillong: Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma Thursday said the state would have a "more stringent institutionalised mechanism than the inner line permit (ILP)" to restrict influx of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants

Govt turns proactive on influx Assam asked to expedite cases

- on guard


Security personnel keep vigil in a curfew-bound area at Ambagan in Nagaon district on Thursday. Picture by UB Photos See Pages 15 & 16

New Delhi, Aug. 30: Turning proactive, the Centre has written to the Assam government to expedite the processing of a whopping 2.37 lakh cases of illegal migration from Bangla-desh pending in the 36 tribunals in the state.

Another 79,000 cases have been referred by superintendents of police of various districts in Assam to the tribunals, but notices on these have not yet been sent to the individuals.

Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde told The Telegraph today that he would visit the border areas soon after the Parliament session. “Illegal migration has to stop and we will ensure the borders are sealed. It is a matter of better management,” he said. The home ministry had held a high-level meeting on the issue of influx yesterday.

Till now, the UPA government had been shy of admitting that violence in the BTAD had anything to do even remotely with the issue of illegal migration.

The push came after intelligence agencies recommended urgent action on various fronts — reviving tribunals earlier regulated by the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983, updating the National Register of Citizens as promised in the Assam Accord and sending back Muslims affected by violence in the Bodo areas safely to their villages.

The home ministry had sent a communication to Dispur on May 10, asking it to revive the tribunals as most of the cases of illegal migration were “pending for 20-25 years”. Three months later, on August 17, the Centre sent another communication to the Assam government asking it to “review” the working of tribunals and help them expedite the cases under the more stringent provisions of the Foreigners (Tribunal) Amendment Order, 2012.

A proactive attitude from the Centre on detection and deportation of foreigners could take the wind out of the sails of the BJP and RSS who have launched a countrywide campaign on illegal migration. As the BJP and AGP play on local sentiments in the wake of the recent violence in Assam, the Congress’s predicament is to act against illegal migrants but not destroy its minority vote bank.

Fears of revival of the anti-foreigner Assam Agitation and polarisation of communities has put the government in a fix. While the Congress has considered the Bengali-speaking Muslims in lower Assam as its vote bank for years, a leadership has emerged from within to throw up parties like the Badruddin Ajmal-led AIUDF.

However, there is pressure from within the Congress to act against illegal migration.

Kokrajhar/Guwahati, Aug. 30: The Bodoland Territorial Council today instructed circle officers to collect data about land patta holders within September 4 for placing at the September 6 meeting between it and the group of ministers.

The two sides had met yesterday to discus the rehabilitation issue and had decided to allow only those having valid land-holding documents back into BTAD.


Only a fraction of BDs have land pattas and only they will be let back into BTAD
Mr. Haq pointed out that surrendered BLTF militants are now part of the Black Panther Commando Force. Some are posted as personal security officers of various Bodo leaders. “Many of them act like ‘ghatak’ (killers), performing as soldiers by day and militia at night.”

NCM has also noted that Bodos are heavily armed with AK 47, etc. Actually, BLTF did not surrender their arms at the time of creating BTC. While “Muslims are very poorly armed in (their) comparison.”
Identification by Sept 6: GoM

Staff reporter

GUWAHATI, Aug 31 – The identification of the patta holders ( muslims ) who were displaced during the recent group clashes in the Bodoland Territorial Administrative Districts (BTAD) area would be done by the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) authorities within September 6 next for the purpose of rehabilitation.
GUWAHATI: The situation in riot-hit Assam has been quiet for two days now with no reports of incident but more than 9000 displaced Bengali-speaking Muslims, who had returned to their homes from relief camps over the last couple of weeks, have fled their homes again in the past 24 hours in Kokrajhar district, the epicenter of the conflict.
In the Bodo victory, we have to learn many lessons

The first is that there are no psec traitors within the Bodos and that allowed Bodos to be equally ruthless as the BDs

The second lesson is that BDs, like all muslims are very good at rioting and doing Direct Action Days

But, at the next higher level of AK-47 and actual militias they are extremely lacking
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='01 September 2012 - 09:09 AM' timestamp='1346470299' post='115576']

The second lesson is that BDs, like all muslims are very good at rioting and doing Direct Action Days

But, at the next higher level of AK-47 and actual militias they are extremely lacking


That will be next step.
[quote name='Mudy' date='02 September 2012 - 12:23 AM' timestamp='1346525135' post='115579']

That will be next step.


There is already MULTA

The next time Khaleda Zia comes back, they will start again with AK-47

It is an inevitability of having muslim concentrations

It is better they do it today with 33% muslims in Assam than in 50 years with 45% muslims in Assam

But if they do it, it would be a golden opportunity to annex a few BD districts. 20 miles from Tripura gets us to the Bay of Bengal
While the bodos have won this round, the next round will be harder due to the over-flowing wombs of the BD women

Modi is right - these muslim refugee camps are baby making machines - hum panch humara pachese
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='02 August 2012 - 11:54 AM' timestamp='1343888213' post='115266']

In the battle for salvaging Assam, I shall look at the role of the Bodos vs Bangladeshis

[/quote]I think our government should take strict action over this issue,because we all remember what happened in 1989 in Kashmir. We all have to stand with north east people. Now a days we use to hear that infiltration on Border.It is not only matter of vote bank for the government but also it is matter for security of the our people.
[quote name='priyarawat229' date='05 September 2012 - 03:10 PM' timestamp='1346837545' post='115650']

I think our government should take strict action over this issue,because we all remember what happened in 1989 in Kashmir. We all have to stand with north east people. Now a days we use to hear that infiltration on Border.It is not only matter of vote bank for the government but also it is matter for security of the our people.


The govt will not take action against them.

As Minhaz Merchant writes, the Congress voteshare is 25% and 14% of that comes from muslims

and christians and 11% from Hindus

The Congress is therefore the new Muslim League and you have to learn from the Bodos and save yourself

One of the molested constables suffered mental shock and committed suicide - Aug 11 Mumbai riots

Has pictures of Bodo women who have been beheaded by Bangladeshis

Has pictures of burmese buddhist girl, raped and beheaded by Rohingya muslims

Guwahati : Tension gripped the Udalguri district in troubled Bodo areas of Assam Thursday after police recovered the body of a youth missing since last month.

Police also had to fire blanks to to disperse an angry mob, which pelted stones on them.

Police said that the incident took place after the body of a youth was exhumed from Jhargaon area.

The body was identified as of Krishna Boro, who had been missing since Aug 28, the day when the several minority organisations of Assam had called for a shutdown, which led to large scale violence across the state.

"The incident took place after a group of people attacked a police team who had gone to Jhargaon to exhume the body of Krishna Boro. Police had also taken the four arrested people who had killed Boro and buried his body in Jhargaon," said a senior Assam police official in Udalguri.

Seeing the four arrested, the local people were agitated and demanded they be handed over to them, the official said adding that police later opened fire to disperse the crowd. -

Summary = 4 muslims kill Bodo

Cops arrest 4 muslims. Muslim mob riots and cops shoot muslims

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