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Christian subversion and missionary activities -2


i swear that fucking asian cho should have wen tto american idol and taken all of you cocksuckers out, this isn't music it's fucking garbage, go bring it to europe if this is the type of trash you like, f*(k indians and f*(k them stealing our jobs, americans stand up for your rights, dont be a cunt! defend yourself

notice you always say idk, thats because you don't know, they steal jobs, it's a known fact, it's called outsourcing, learn about it sometime and how it's destroying america, btw stay in school because your a tard as well, k thanks

a tard??? is dat some lame word u made up? if indians r stealin' our jobs y don't u just say us blacks r as well? or da chinese..if u didn't notice i don't think anybody else is complainin' and if they r u whites ain't b-ing outsourced..there's 'nough of u

k,k....and by da way..school does not tell us 2 hate indians 'cause they take our jobs
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KrazyKali69 (1 day ago)
right,but when you graduate school one day and find out the job you were supposed to have was taken by one of them, then you'll uinderstand, your education is worth nothing to corporate america no matter how much you paid, sad realization for you kid..

i think she's fantabulous.ok firstly to indians,i dont think we need to take sh1t from nobody.People whats all this abt ppl reeking cuz they're indian?wth is you problem?Americans are not the greatest.Every one is the same.Stop racisim for God's sake!And yes i know there are sp errors.Both of u ppl are wrong!We're all the same anyways!If i tore open your flesh,you have red blood.If i tore open someone frm another country or race's flesh their blood would be red too.Stop all this sh1t.

Why hate on Indians? Its your company's fault that THEY DECIDED to outsource the jobs there. Stop hating on people for going to work everyday. They didnt want to take your job, its just the state of the American Economy that you get paid more than 3 times what the average worker in most other developing countries gets paid. My company has outsourced workers in both India and Manilla in the Phillipines. It is the company's decision. I say blame the stockholders or the people at the top.

Call me ignorant, but you come here and steal our jobs, I guess that makes you the maggot, the maggot that feasts on other peoples wealth. Too bad, Americans are the best at everything, you won't admit it will you! Screww wiggers and 8 mile or whatever, Indian maggot!

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Pervert Pastor abused a girl</b>
4/30/2007 1:47:29 PM  HK
Thiruvananthapuram: Police is searching a pervert Pastor who conducts a illegal Balasadanam in Vellarada.

Police filed case against this pastor for trying to abuse a girl in the area. The criminal pastor absconded from the area once Police reached.Police took his Motor Bike under custody.

A case is already pending on charges of abuses in Balasadanam, but no action was taken yet. <b>The Balasadanam is conducted under the disguise of Charity and gets huge amount of foreign funds to lure the poor in the village</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Mudy's post just above is more relevant.

Read between the lines here:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tuesday May 1, 11:22 PM
<b>Japanese hospital tests first "baby hatch"</b>

Photo : REUTERS 
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's first "baby hatch", where mothers can drop off babies they can't care for, completed a test-run on Tuesday with a doll, clearing the way for the controversial facility to start operating in about a week.
<b>Jikei Hospital</b> in the southwestern city of Kumamoto, which <b>has links with the Catholic church</b>, has built an incubator-like hatch with access from the outside of the building to allow babies to be dropped off safely and anonymously.

Hospital staff hope the hatch, nicknamed the "cradle of storks", will protect the lives of abandoned babies. The system is already in use in Germany and a similar facility opened in Italy recently.

<b>But critics say the scheme may encourage people to leave their babies, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been quoted as saying he opposes the idea of creating a system where parents can abandon a child anonymously.</b>

In the test run, hospital staff were notified by an alarm, a blinking light and a video image when a baby doll was placed inside the hatch. Nurses then went to the hatch to retrieve the baby.

Abortion is widely accepted in Japan, but there are cases of infants being abandoned.

Yukiko Tajiri, head of the nursing section, said the hospital aimed to have the facility in operation around next Thursday at the earliest.

<b>"We will encourage people to the very end to consult so that (abandoning a baby) doesn't happen," Tajiri said on the controversy and concern of cabinet ministers that the hatch will encourage people to abandon their babies.</b>

Any babies left in the hatch will be handed over to children's homes if their parents do not come forward.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Of course catholic church-linked hospital is eager to have these babies: to raise them in jeebusism.

Critics, cabinet ministers and PM of Japan are right for not being happy with the scheme.
The church always encourages an increase in such occurrences and then it pretends christianity is the centre of morality by claiming: 'look at the good work we're doing', 'look where you'd be without us'.
Indian Christian leader threatens US Hindus!
5/1/2007 11:22:45 PM Hindu-Christian Amity Forum

Fundamentalist Indian Christian Leader attacks genuine Hindu Protest in Chicago US

Newyork:Indian Fundamentalist Christian leader Sajan George, National President of Global Council of Indian Christians GCIC http://www.gcic.us/aboutus.htm in his recent outbursts has warned the Indian Hindus in USA of dire consequence reminiscent of the first crusaders who ravaged non-Christian people in Jerusalem, if they go ahead with their proposed peaceful protest march against the visit of the Radical Andhra Pradesh Christian Chief Minister Samuel Rajashekara to the TANA meeting in Chicago, USA.

As the world wide Hindu community is already aware of the atrocities committed by the Samuel Rajashekara and his cronies on the silent Hindus majority in his home state of Andhra Pradesh from the past 3 years. Hindus around the world are aggrieved over the repeated injustice meted out to them by people like Samuel Rajashekara who are trying to emulate the wills of Emperor Constantine of Rome to Christianize Native/Hindu people.

Sajan George does not seem to understand US laws where everyone has a right to the freedom of expression and the right to air their grievances openly without fear or favor against any form of real or perceived injustice. His threatening language exposes his inner nature and the organization that he represents, this will not go well with the American public, nor will it cut any ice with the Indian Hindu living in USA into submission to the wills of Sajan. In fact his lies and hate filled rhetoric will strengthen the will and resolve of Hindus (just as Pandavas were not deterred by the cruelty of the Kauravas). Surprisingly Dr Sajan's views are not shared by peace loving Indian Christian leaders like Dr Benjamin who have repeatedly exposed the dangerous views of Sajan.

We need to expose fundamentalist Christian leaders like Sajan and his supporters who are doing immense damage to the age old Hindu-Christian unity in India and the world over. Instead of asking Samuel Rajashekara to stop his atrocities on Hindus of Andhra Pradesh, his lies, hate and threat will not work in this age of democracy and rule of law.

FIR Exposes Christian Mafia Centre
5/2/2007 1:17:19 AM

Unholy liaisons at Divine


KOCHI: It seems divinity is beating a hasty retreat at the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor.

For, tumbling out of its cupboards are allegations of sexual harassment, missing persons, mysterious deaths, financial irregularities and illegally running a hospital!

The Special Investigation team headed by Vinson M Paul, Inspector-General of Police, after preliminary inquiry into the allegations against the centre, on Monday registered a criminal case at Koratty police station against 10 persons, including Fr George Panackal, director of the centre, and also filed an FIR before the Judicial First Class Magistrate, Chalakkudy.

While Fr George Panackal is implicated as the first accused, the other accused are procurator Fr Mathew Thadathil, homoeo doctor Thankamma, Sr Teresa and six employees.

The case is registered under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 342 (wrongful confinement) 324 voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 328 (causing hurt by poison etc with intent to commit an offence, 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence, 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code.

The other offences alleged include the conducting of a psychiatric institution without licence, administration of psychiatric drugs on several persons (15 persons are still at the centre).

The FIR also said the institution collected money by conducting religious functions and mentally hurt those who are opposed to the functioning of the institution.

During 1996-2006, as many as 974 premature deaths occurred at the centre, and bodies were cremated without providing information to the police.

The documents were allegedly forged to make it appear that the deaths were natural.

Several persons are locked in cells. Persons showing violent signs are injected with some unknown drugs.

Treatment is imparted by untrained persons. There are no medical practitioners at the centre.

The investigation had been ordered by the High Court on the basis of the allegations contained in an anonymous letter.

It was alleged that Fr Mathew Thadathil had made an inmate pregnant and she delivered a child. Celin Lopez of Alappuzha allegedly went missing from the centre.

IAS and IPS officials were allegedly extending illegal assistance to the centre which allegedly was receiving foreign funds.

A priest with the Church of England converted to Hinduism
April 28, 2007

India: A priest with the Church of England who converted to Hinduism has been allowed to continue to officiate as a cleric. The Rev. David Hart's diocese renewed his license this summer even though he had moved to India, changed his name to Ananda and daily blesses a congregation of Hindus with fire previously offered up to Nagar, the snake God. He also "recites Gayatri Mantram with the same devotion with which he celebrates the Eucharist," according to The Hindu newspaper. The Hindu this week pictures him offering prayers to Lord Ganesh in front of his house. However, he still believes he is fit to celebrate as an Anglican priest and plans to do so when he returns to Britain. Mr. Hart, a former chairman of Christian Aid in Loughborough and chaplain at Loughborough University, now serves in the Hindu temple in Thiruvananthapuram, a village in Kerala, southern India.

He was initiated as an Anglican priest in 1984 and, before le aving for India, was serving the Diocese of Ely. Anthony Russell, the Bishop of Ely, sent Mr. Hart his license, along with a personal letter, just three months after Mr. Hart published a book, Trading Faith: Global Religion in an Age of Rapid Change, in which he writes about his conversion to Hinduism. Mr. Hart is the international secretary for the World Congress of Faiths, the world's oldest interfaith organization, and is a strong advocate of pluralism. He says in his book that Hinduism is an especially tolerant and open faith.

In an interview with today's edition of Church Times, Mr. Hart admits that he had not told Dr. Russell that he had converted, but said that he would be amazed if his conversion were treated with any suspicion. "I have neither explicitly nor implicitly renounced my Christian faith or priesthood," he said. The renewal of his license was sponsored by the Rural Dean of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Mr. Hart believes that his change to Hinduism would be "read in the spirit of open exploration and dialogue, which is an essential feature of our shared modern spirituality." He also said that he would continue to celebrate as an Anglican priest when he visited England, but he would visit a Hindu temple while there. However, not everyone in the Church of England is impressed by Mr. Hart's passion for Hinduism. Pauline Scott, the team vicar of St. James, in Stretham, said that she would oppose any attempts by Mr. Hart to celebrate in the Ely Diocese.

Source: www.timesonline.co.uk
<b>Scandal at Christian retreat centre </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->After preliminary investigations, police have now registered a case against the retreat centre on charges of cheating, forceful confinement, causing hurt by poison and dangerous weapons, and destruction of evidence.

“Based on the investigations we have registered a case against the main people from the Divine Retreat Centre. The FIR is now ready and we will press for all relevant sections of the IPC against the management in the High Court,” says S I of Police, Koratty, K J Martin.

<b>Police claim that close to 975 mysterious deaths took place at the retreat centre between 1996 and 2006. On many occasions the bodies were reportedly disposed of without informing the police</b>.

And documents were allegedly forged to make them look like natural deaths. But the retreat centre says all such allegations are baseless.

“There is no such activity inside the centre as alleged by the police or by those people who want to malign us. We are here only to serve the poor,” says director, Divine Retreat Centre, Father George Panackal.

The retreat centre was also in the news after <b>a devotee wrote an anonymous letter to the Kerala High Court reportedly complaining about criminal activities including rape and murder at the retreat centre.</b>

That's when the court took notice and formed the investigating team. Lakhs of Christian devotees visit the retreat centre every year.

<b>The Divine Retreat Centre claims to be the largest Catholic healing centre in the world. Clearly, there's more at stake here than just reputations</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Wonderful change in Christianity

A new Christian church built in Neendakara, Kollam district of kerala has the following spcialities ! The church looks exactly like a temple. It is not known as a church nor palli as told in Malayalam. It is known as Jyoti Mandir. The entrance has a big Sanskrit OM,. No Cross is fixed in the entrance or on the top. The priests ( males) and the Nuns in their Christian cloak do the Bhajans, in the Hindu way with all the required bhajan instruements. but the dresses of clergy are 100% western .

The picture of Jesus taking the last supper is given as Jesus and his disciples sitting on the floor and taking the food in Plantain leaves, the traditional kerala way. The deities / pictures of other religions including that of Krishna and Rama are present in the church. Vedic manthras are written on the walls and chanting of Veda manthra can be heard from inside. On the Altar Jesus sitting in Chin mudra as our great Rishies sit doing thapas……………………….<b>You know that marvelous changes are taking place in Christian churches/customs and rituals. Many churches have dwaja sthambha, Sanskrit prayers, pilgrimatge similar to sabarimala pilgrimage, keerthans, Yesu sahasranaama, Christu bhagagatha bhajan type of prayers, rudraksha maala, Archana, etc………..let us wait for more changes towards the traditional Indian way of worship in churches. </b>

K.Ram's post 228 is more relevant.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Rape and Murder of Nun-Court flays CBI</b>
5/2/2007 2:37:01 PM 

Abhaya case: Court flays CBI

Pioneer News Service | Kochi

Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate PD Sharangadharan criticised the CBI on Wednesday for not taking the court's instructions seriously in the Sister Abhaya murder case.

The court granted the investigating agency time till May 7 to file its report on the progress in the case.

The court had asked CBI to file its report on Wednesday after declining to grant one month's time sought by the investigating agency to file a report concerning the steps taken by it on the basis of an anonymous letter forwarded to them by the magistrate.

The letter contained the allegation that some crucial evidence in the chief chemical examiner's workbook concerning Sister Abhaya had allegedly been tampered with in the workbook.

When the case came up before the court, the CBI sought a week's time as the investigating officer was away. The magistrate told the CBI counsel that this was "delaying tactics" on the part of the agency and the court's order in the matter was "totally ignored".

The Magistrate said that he had received the anonymous letter and had personally handed over to CBI officials on November 29 last year and had directed them to investigate the matter.

Only when some reports appeared in the media on the chief examiner's report allegedly being tampered with the CBI filed a petition before the Chief Judicial Magistrate court, Thiruvanathapuram seeking to call for records relating to the alterations.

The start of the sensational case relating to the murder of Sr Abhaya, a nun at the St Pius X Convent in Kottayam, was on March 27, 1992 after her body was found in the well of the convent. The local police who first probed the death concluded that Sr Abhaya had committed suicide. After this the Crime Branch of Kerala Police and the CBI investigated the case. The CBI, which found that the nun was murdered, however, concluded the probe citing lack of evidences. But the Kerala High Court ordered reinvestigation of the case.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I had thought CBI stood for central bureau of investigation. Apparently I was wrong about the 'I' which stands for ineptitude and inertia. Who are they protecting?

<b>ADDED:</b> Answers my Q above. It seems scary stuff like this is rather commonplace.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->4/23/2007 6:53:56 AM 
<b>The Dreadful Dracula Houses of Kerala
The Catholic Christian Convents of Central Kerala
By Dr. C.I.Issac</b>

The Central Kerala, particularly, the Kottayam district is the highest Christian populated [8, 95,000 or 45.83%] area and is the Vatican of India. It is the bastion of Christian vested interests also.A sizable number of priests and nuns works all over India are haling from this particular area. So it is the nuclei of India’s Christian conversion programme [India for Christ Programme]. Above all, the contemporary European Church is facing spiritual crisis due to its youths reluctance to ordain as priests and nuns and the Churches of Central Kerala solves that through the export of the same. Through this thumbnail sketch of the present-day Kerala Church, this article is intended to draw the attention of the esteemed readers on the malady of those Christian girls who destined to be as nuns or ‘bride of the Jesus’, within the four walls of the convents.

For the last two decades the disastrous end of young girls who embraced the nun-hood turned to be a news item in the column of the vernacular newspapers of Kerala. So far a dozen such news catches the headings of the press.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Refer to the link for the rest of the article. Yuck yuck yuck. Vatican and all in it.
How about the vatican keeps its clutches and mental diseases away from Indians?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I had thought CBI stood for central bureau of investigation. Apparently I was wrong about the 'I' which stands for ineptitude and inertia. Who are they protecting?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
CBI is one of the most corrupt organisation of India, they work for highest bidder. No credibility. Recent examples, "Q" , they were protecting him along with diplomats of Indian Embassy and MEA. They believe in making foreign trip and shopping paid by Indian tax money and higest bidder.
I will like to have RTI of working of Indian Embassy Argentina and MEA.
Paging John Dayal, Cedrik Prakash? The number of dead here matches Godhara 2002!!!

Christian retreat centre: Shocking revelations by probe team
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The team has also found that during 1996-2006 as many as </b><b>900 </b><b>odd ?mysterious deaths? took place at the centre and on many occasions bodies were disposed without informing the police</b>. The documents were allegedly forged to make it appear natural deaths, the FIR said demanding a detailed probe into these deaths.

Claimed to be the largest Catholic healing centre in the world, the Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor near Kochi, was in news recently after one of the devotees sent an anonymous letter to the High Court. The <b>letter reportedly carried serious charges including sexual harassment, forceful confinement and murder charges against the centre.</b> Soon the court suo motu constituted a high-level team headed by Inspector General of Police Vincent M Paul to inquire into the charges.

The probe team found that several persons were locked in cells in the name of healing. Persons showing violent signs were often injected with unknown drugs by untrained hands. Besides the FIR filed at Koratty police station, the team has also filed a report before the first class judicial magistrate. The team has also recommended a probe into the foreign funding of the healing centre.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>975 </span>die at Catholic healing centre
You won't hear a single sound from Dayal, Mathew,Teesta or others communist and anti-Hindu morons.
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+May 1 2007, 07:39 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ May 1 2007, 07:39 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->...
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's first "baby hatch", where mothers can drop off babies they can't care for, completed a test-run on Tuesday with a doll, clearing the way for the controversial facility to start operating in about a week.
<b>Jikei Hospital</b> in the southwestern city of Kumamoto, which <b>has links with the Catholic church</b>, has built an incubator-like hatch with access from the outside of the building to allow babies to be dropped off safely and anonymously.

<b>But critics say the scheme may encourage people to leave their babies, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been quoted as saying he opposes the idea of creating a system where parents can abandon a child anonymously.</b>
How can we be sure that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not a "Hindutva"?

As pointed out recently, the moslims have their harems while the christians have their orphanages.
Theocons and theocrats

According to Phillips, the United States faces three major perils in the 21st century: Reckless dependence on shrinking oil supplies, reliance on borrowed money and religion getting increasingly radicalised. Americans are slowly moving towards Christian theocracy, writes MV Kamath

American Theocracy, Kevin Phillips, Viking, $26.95

It is fashionable among intellectuals, mostly Hindus, to damn Hindus and Hinduism, the religion of their forefathers, in no uncertain terms. One cannot speak of Hindutva without being called a fascist, communalist and fundamentalist, in stinging terms. The White man - forget the Islamic countries which are beyond the pale of criticism - is secular, free of religious extremism and, therefore, commanding instant respect. The only despicable people for our secularists are Hindus, unless they openly swear by secularism and bid goodbye to their past.

But now we are told that Americans are no better, and that not only are they "recklessly dependent" on a milieu of "radicalised religion" and "religious fundamentalism" but "the rapture, end-times and Armageddon hucksters in the United States rank with any Shia ayatollahs, and the last two presidential elections mark the transformation of the GOP into the first religious party in US history".

Worse, Phillips writes that his book sums up "a potent change... in the country's domestic and foreign policy-making" and "religion's new political prowess and its role in the projection of military power in the Middle Eastern Bible lands".

According to Phillips, the US's pre-occupation with West Asia has two dimensions, in addition to oil and terrorism. He says "The White House is courting end-times theologians and electorates for whom the holy lands are already a battleground of Christian destiny". In what way, then, are Christian fundamentalists of the US different from Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and other similar Islamic fundamentalist - and terrorist - outfits?

Phillips asserts that the Bush legacy has "added close ties to evangelical and fundamentalist power brokers of many persuasions". Further, he adds, "For the first time in our history, ideology holds a monopoly of power in Washington."

As Phillips sees it there are three major "perils" to the Union States in the 21st century: Reckless dependence on shrinking oil supplies, a reliance on borrowed money and a milieu of radicalised (and such too influential) religion. How does it meet these three 'perils'?

To meet oil needs, efforts are made to seize militarily portions of West Asia expected by 2020 to have two-thirds of the world's remaining oil reserves. By 1950 Americans were consuming more than one-third of the world's energy output and nearly half of its oil. Now, world oil production is expected to peak in only two or three decades. So Ford and General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) are going in not into enhanced production of cars, but in loan services. Says Phillips, "Without that financial backstop, the two firms might have become historical artefacts by the end of the 20th century"

As for radicalised religion, Phillips says that it is as "American as apple pie". According to him, religious extremism has now become common in the US. He notes, "In its recent practice, the radical side of US religion has embraced cultural anti-modernism, war-hawkishness, Armageddon prophecy and, in the case of conservative fundamentalists, a demand for Governments by literal Biblical interpretation."

Indeed, Phillips adds: "Evangelical fundamentalist and Pentecostal demonstration began the new millennium verging on the juggernaut status." It is not that secularism is disappearing in the US. The author says that a "large and growing secular culture" is to be seen and that among northern university graduates and cultural elites, it is dominant. But he also adds, quoting from David Domke's God Willing (2001) that the "Bush Administration's worldview is one grounded in religious fundamentalism - that is, it emphasises absolutes, authority and tradition and a divine hand in history and upon the United States".

Still later he writes, "Since 1980 religious Americans of all faiths - fundamentalist Protestants, observant Catholics, even orthodox Jews - have been moving towards the Republican Party. This is something new in American politics. We have never had a religious party in this country." Now, apparently, it has. To cite examples, the author says that between 1977 and Ronald reagan's first year in office, half-a-dozen national organisations linked to religious conservatives emerged - the National Federation of Decency (1977), evangelist Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority (1979), the Religious Roundtable (1979), the Christian Voice (1979), The National Affairs Briefing (1980), the Council on Revival (1980) and the Council for National Policy (1981). <span style='color:red'>By 2004, Some 43 to 46 per cent of Americans described themselves as born-again in Christian faith. But everything is being kept secret. As Phillips puts it, "The Christian Right usually does not like to acknowledge what it is doing or where."</span>

The point is to minimise public attention to its influence and back-stage power (at least the RSS or the Bajrang Dal does not resort to such tactics). No less than Bill Moyers has been quoted as saying: "One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come from the fringe to sit down in the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress. For the first time in our history, ideology and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington."

The essential political preconditions fell into place in the late 1980s and 1990s with the emergence of the Republican Party as a powerful vehicle for religiosity and church influence, while State Republican parties, most conspicuously in the south and south-west, endorsed so-called Christian nation platforms.

To read this book is to get a fresh idea of what politics and religion in the United States are all about. America today is a vastly changed nation. Phillips calls the new development as "American Theocracy".

The crusade against Islam is a fact of life. According to national public poll, evangelicals and their leaders far exceed other Americans in their disapproval of Islam. Which may explain the cruelty imposed in Iraq. Antagonism to Islam is fast replacing hatred for the Soviet Union. Today, the enemy is Islam. But India must take precaution. Who knows it could be the next in line for attacks from American fundamentalists.
x-posted from Laks in BR

<b>Rising Protestant tide sweeps Catholic Brazil</b>
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Conversions like da Silva's are increasingly common all over Brazil, where a boom in evangelical Protestantism is steadily chipping away at the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church.

The trend, which is playing out all across Latin America, poses a major challenge for
Pope Benedict, who arrives in Brazil on May 9 for a five-day visit largely aimed at blunting the decline of Catholicism in this continent-sized nation.

Although Brazil still has more Catholics than any other country in the world, with about 125 million, the percentage of believers that practice the Vatican's brand of Christianity has been dropping rapidly in the last three decades.

When the late
Pope John Paul II visited Brazil in 1980, 89 percent of Brazilians identified themselves as Catholic. By 2000, when the last census was taken, <b>the share of Catholics in the population had fallen to 74 percent.</b>

The number of evangelical Protestants nearly tripled in the same period to 26 million, or about 15 percent of the population. <b>That growth, which is expected to continue, is dramatically altering the religious landscape of a country where the national identity has been intertwined with Catholicism since the Portuguese landed 500 years ago.</b> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Read this with respect to the above book review. US is on a plan to become the Second Roman Empire without the baggage of the the Pope and Roman Catholicism.

All these Jesus denigrating stories are US originated.
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+May 5 2007, 12:36 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ May 5 2007, 12:36 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Read this with respect to the above book review. US is on a plan to become the Second Roman Empire without the baggage of the the Pope and Roman Catholicism.

All these Jesus denigrating stories are US originated.

Isn't the US period coming to an inglorious end? If the WASPS are reduced to attacking catholics with a media barrage on pedophile priests, it is a sign of impending doom. It is not healthy competition. Catholics are by no means divergent to US interests. Plus the Hispanic population is rising, I can't see any coherent strategy in converting Hispanics into WASPS. Hispanics are generally regarded as dead weight.
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+May 5 2007, 02:43 AM-->QUOTE(dhu @ May 5 2007, 02:43 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Plus the Hispanic population is rising, I can't see any coherent strategy in converting Hispanics into WASPS.  Hispanics are generally regarded as dead weight.
If Brazilians can be converted, so can Hispanics. In fact there is a huge conversion among Latinos and about 20-30% them in US are protestants. No, they can not become WASPs, but play second fiddle to WASP once they become EJ.
Good points. Plus they will be less prone to the latino catholic heresy of liberation theology, in addition to adding to the cannon fodder ranks of the WASPS.

This also means they are rehashing the old roman agenda of sidestepping crippling language barriers with religion. The Animus against non-english languages is truly astounding. This category of problem was never there in India historically but may arise with the british creation of linguistic states.
Posts 235 and 236.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->All these Jesus denigrating stories are US originated.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->This is wrong. Disbelief in historicity of jeebus is centuries upon centuries old. Even the Dutch School of Radical Criticism is much older than the US' rise to become superpower, let alone its recent interests in global control.

That jeebus is not in fact historic has long been argued - by theologians and ex-priests themselves. The truth is, there is no evidence for jeebus outside the babble and apocrypha; and there's sufficient evidence that he could not have existed as per the descriptions in the gospels. One could then still resort to the apocrypha - were they not so hopelessly mutually contradicting! And where they do agree, they do so only partially (like: no resurrection) whilst the rest of the same apocryphal document would disagree with all the others.
Which jeebus would people have us believe in then? The homosexual one as per one apocryphal gospel? The one where when he was a kid he killed other children (gospel of infancy of jeebus)? The many where he was never resurrected? The later Mandaean account where he was the false messiah and which told others to beware of him?
The jeebus that pronounced the sermon on the mount - which, it's been shown, no 1st century jeebus could have ever said? The one that had a miraculous birth which the early christians did not know about until the church invented it?

The Hindu version of jeebus is a purely imaginary one, where Hindus take a vague statement from the NT and then transform it into some idea and ideal recognisably Hindu. "Ah," says the Hindu (a past version of myself included), "how well jeebus agrees with the Hindu tradition. He was indeed a great teacher." Then you find out the history of that statement's evolution and that it has nothing to do with what you thought it meant.
And then you read things stated in other religions that do not speak in parables (<i>they</i> can't be construed in whichever way of the street the cat runs today, whereas NT statements can) and make clear their lessons instantly. At that point it is further underscored how much of that creation of jeebus we think of, is of our own making. Try finding <i>that</i> jesus back in any of the apocrypha - he's not there. He's certainly not there in the babble. Such a search is in vain.

What jeebus denigrating 'stories' are US originated? The one where he says you're his friend <i>if</i> you accept him, and are his enemy otherwise? That's biblical. The one where he threatens with eternal hellfire for such things as heresy, disbelief, using your rational mind, not upholding the Law of the OT? That's biblical too. The one whose promise of salvation hinges on your acceptance of his having died for you and everybody else - your non-acceptance is <i>ill-advised</i> (hear the crackling fires of hell in the background)? That's biblical too.
I can't imagine a worse jeebus than the one that threatens with never-ending punishment for relatively negatable offenses.

As for other denigrations of jeebus being invented in the US... certainly don't know about that.
In the first 3 years of catholic primary school in NL, the teachers asked us to sing the Our Father (to keep us occupied mostly) some days in the week. Those kids who <i>bothered</i> singing it did not sing the correct line "onze vader die in de hemel zijt" (our father who art in heaven) but audibly replaced the last word with something I won't repeat here but which rhymes. Think of the famous German equivalent. Yes, <i>that</i> word. The teachers heard of course, but never cared.
Did the US implant this sentiment in NL catholic schools? Or did the kids just get sick of the boring dude who spouted nonsense (parables) and was wholly irrelevant?

The kids who bothered to recite it, 'blasphemed' consistently, because they did not care about christianism, jeebus or gawd. And these were the kids of all-catholic parents - to the extent that their parents themselves might be christian (nominally so). After the first years the teachers were not interested in having us recite that again. By that time there was only apathy - no longer outright dislike - for anything jeebus-related. In general, they didn't <i>like</i> jeebus in NL, although there are religious pockets I hear. DE was little different.

As for US cases, can't make any generalisation. But my formerly christian friend regularly, absent-mindedly sings the apparently well-known Baptist ditty ('Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so'), but in an altered version that expresses his feelings: 'jeebus loves me this I know, for the babble tells me so. And if I don't love jeebus back, gawd is going to fry my back'. I don't know how the rest goes off the top of my head, but I've heard it once or twice and it is very amusing.
The US WASPy Plan did not bring that on either.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->If the WASPS are reduced to attacking catholics with a media barrage on pedophile priests, it is a sign of impending doom.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->WASPs may do so selectively, by ignoring the vast number of cases of paedophilia in their own churches; but their coverage of the catholic church in the US is certainly not contrived. WASPys are thankful that the catholic church does not need to be framed and has instead made the hangman's noose to hang it with.
But as big as the US problem is, it has long existed in Europe's catholic churches. Only in the last few decades has it been publicised in the US, whereas in Europe the coverage has been consistent and constant for some time longer. (Even when we ignore the medieval accounts of similar depravity.)
The European news reports on this had nothing to do with any WASPy wish.

As regards the rest of the discussion in #234 to #238: the supposition seems quite reasonable, or maybe the US is merely trying to strengthen its own regions and subvert unified response of S and C America against US meddling.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->the radical side of US religion has embraced cultural anti-modernism, war-hawkishness, Armageddon prophecy and, in the case of conservative fundamentalists, a demand for Governments by literal Biblical interpretation."

This is not necessarily against modernism. They are reverting to an industrial mindset where the continuation of modernism requires an absence of mind in the worker. Communism, in contrast, had sought to assuage the brutality of industry with all sorts of tropes (eg human resources, environmentalism, sports, etc) where the illusion was given of a human stake or a personal dimension to the technical enterprise; thus the communist's familiar reprieve that "religion was opium". If they have reverted to religion, then the decision must have been made that all the various human techniques could not effectively integrate the human raw materials into modernism, at least they could not ever be as much opium as religion, tribalsim, etc. One can only take inane arguments over abortion rights, privacy rights, gun rights, etc, so far without seeming ludicrous.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Nevertheless, after the great efforts made from 1945 to 1960 in this direction, people have come to realize that technicization cannot take place from the outside, by the infusion of technological means;</b> for this involves a thorough metamorphosis of the society in question. That is why the application of technological means has not brought the intended results. Vast discouragement has seized hold of the nations and their leaders. Instead of asking why this failure has occurred on the level of technologies, the leaders, inspired by Western ideologues and propagandists, have preferred to create a political fabrication, which can only aggravate the situation. This fantastic analysis will obviously delay growth, but the error cannot hold out for long. <b>At bottom, the veering towards technicization has already begun, and all nations (except India) are basically convinced of the unique value of this route. </b>Hence, the principle cause now of technological universalism is that conviction, which has won out, from the Western countries to the entire world.14 Therefore universalism rests on two complementary givens.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

see The Technological Society pdf p 193

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