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Monitoring Indian Communists - 3
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>MARXIST CONSPIRACY AGAINST HINDUS</b>
Dr. Babu Suseelan
Recently I was having a conversation with a Marxist academician from India who was on a speaking tour in the U.S. He was invited by a college under the management of a Christian fundamentalist group. During our conversation, he accused Hindutva Vadis of being mean-spirited, hateful and, judgmental.

The conversation was instructive that led me to ponder the question why atheist Marxists have an affinity for Islamic and Christian fundamentalists.  Why they hate peace loving, tolerant and passive Hindus who believe in coexistence and universalism? Why have they established an unholy alliance with Islamic fascists and Christian fundamentalists in India?

Marxist hatred of religion is inherent in the philosophy of Marx. For Marx, "religion does not reflect the productive process, and it diverts people's attention from their miseries, which are consequences of exploitation. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless condition. It is the opium of the people"

The passage clearly states Marx's view that religion is the resulting conditions of the historical systems of exploitation. Marx's theory of religion was an aspect of his general theory of society that prevailed in Europe in his era. For Marx, Christianity was the cause of human suffering in Europe. For him, Christianity appeared as an unmitigated evil, a superstition. He saw Christianity as the greatest obstacle to human progress. For the European communists, the Church had extinguished the torch of progress in the blood of Christ

For European communists, hatred of religion proceeds from their belief that fundamentalist religions like Christianity has been a hindrance to progress and has resulted in much evil. In fact, Marx was even skeptical of Christianity's ability to serve the interests of the working class. The reason for Marx's hatred towards Christianity was the historical evidence that Church has always supported the maintenance of the legitimacy of the exploiter. Thus, to create a classless society, religion as a tie to the past must be eliminated. Marx suggested that Christianity, with its concepts of salvation, reflects the outlook of utterly despairing people, of slaves, who lost their battles with their masters.

Marx's opposition to religion may reflect the social conditions prevailed in Europe. Marx was trying to solve the problem of duality of egoistic individualism and the religious society that exploited the poor masses. He advocated the need to emancipate the Christian world which opposed the proletariat.

In spite of number of problems with his ideology, Marx's theory of society and of religion while in many ways controversial has nonetheless provided great insight into the oppressive nature of Christianity.

Indian Marxists have departed from Marx and made a grotesque alliance with Islamic fascists and Christian fundamentalists. Their goal is to comfort the comfortable Imams, Jihadi terrorists, Bishops and the Church and wage a relentless war against Hindutva that comfort the afflicted Indian masses. Indian Marxists make Hindus the eternal scapegoat.  At the same time, they are pleased to tolerate Islamic poison and Christian hatred.

Marxist intellectuals are not interested in studying the all inclusive, universal philosophy of Hindutva. Rather than understanding Hindutva, the social fabric that keeps India together, they prefer to study social history of Europe and ignore the cruelties and immoralities of Christianity and forget butcheries committed by Islamic Jihadis. Dogmatic Islam and Christianity and their regressive, rigid and irrational belief system are dear to Indian Marxists. In India, Marxists have made an unholy coalition with Islamic fascists, Christian fundamentalists and anarchists against Hindutva.  Indian Marxists never view Islam and Christianity as the creation of bourgeoisie and they are unaware that they serve the interests of bourgeoisie and are against the interests of the proletariat.  They seldom study their historical exploitation, divisive nature and brutality.

Age old Hindu customs, temple practices, spiritual traditions, personal freedom have been revalued under Marxist perversion. They cannot seem to fathom freedom, spirituality and culture in the same sense as Hindus. The frame of-mind of Marx was more in tune with the realities of the Christian fundamentalists. Indian Marxists stand in stark contrast and make partnership with Islamic Mullahs and the Church. When Indian Marxists speak of freedom today, they are acknowledging the defeat of freedom for Hindus and license for Jihadi terrorists. Hindus are defeated in almost every corner in the Marxist ruled West Bengal and Kerala. Under Marxist rule, Jihadis and evangelists obtain more liberty, and their anti-Hindu activities are protected.

Marxist party mobilizes poor people against their own interests and uproot them from their cultural tradition-in the service of Marxists against Hindus. The anti-national Marxists, in recent years have hijacked malcontent people, Jihadi terrorists, Christian grievance collectors, social agitators and anarchists into contrived groups as having special needs as opposed to poor Hindus. Rich and powerful Marxist leaders, Mullahs and Bishops live in luxury houses, drive deluxe limousines, send their children at expensive boarding schools and lead an elite life. The Marxist political leaders are at a huge, incalculable distance from the average citizen. The five star Marxists encourage the rich grievance groups to fight against Hindus. They are anchored in their twisted anti-national ideology and work hard against the interests of the nation. Marxist media elite are bold in smoldering hatred of Jihadis into burst of flames. They manufacture Hindu hate messages and it is often accompanied by social, political and economic discrimination.

The Marxists make common cause with Jihadis and it is one of the bizarre facts of modern Indian politics. The only thing they have in common today is their hatred of Hindutva. That is the foundation on which Marxist-Islamic scheme is formed and the motivation behind any actions they carry out. It is rooted in their self hatred. Marxists seem to identify closely with the very Jihadis who will destroy them and us. Marx said “it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but on the contrary their social existence that determines their consciousness.” In the Communist Manifesto, Marx suggests that religion, like morality and philosophy might be eliminated if we are to achieve a new political and economic existence. Communism abolishes all religion, and all morality instead of constituting them on new basis.  Indian Marxists tend to ignore that Islamic institutions and the Church everywhere control personal and social behavior and carry out a process of unity as part of building resistance to Marxist consciousness.

Hindu hatred of the Marxists reached its final point when the Marxist government in Kerala introduced Hindu Devasom Law to take over Hindu temples. It is the Marxist attempt to loot Hindu temple wealth. Marxists know that Hindutva survives through temples and they have to take over temples and make a long march through temple culture before they can destroy Hindutva. The impulse motivating Marxists, bogus liberals and Islamic fascists has nothing to do with any desire for a moral or cultural renewal. Spiritual reflection and continuity of Dharma have disappeared from the Marxist/Jihadi domain long ago. Contemporary Marxism is an anti-Hindu movement with explicitly aggressive political objectives. Marxists aligned with phony secularists ensures that Islamic and Christian institutions are protected and their special privileges are preserved. Marxists have no qualm that Islamic fanatics are the largest recipient of Indian tax payer's largesse.

The reason for the Marxist conspiracy against Hindus and their unholy alliance with Islamic/Christian fundamentalists is simple. They are all rigid, totalitarian, dualistic, closed, fundamentalist dogmas. Their goal is to undercut the spiritual/cultural/intellectual foundation of India and exacerbate the social disintegration of India. In short, Marxists have accelerated a human disaster of almost unprecedented proportions in India. These combined forces working together against Hindutva are aggravating an already fundamental disaster in India that has been created by the disastrous policies of the pseudo secular politicians.

Tragically, counterfeit secular leaders play down the seriousness of the Marxist/Jihadi alliance, violence, coercive religious conversion, separatist movements, Islamic infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh and subversive activities. The liberal intellectuals deliberately underestimate the risks of Jihadi terrorism, Marxist menace, religious conversion, internal sabotage and pooh-pooh fears of impending calamity.

The destruction of Hindu temples, forceful deconstruction of Hindu culture and spiritual foundation by the unholy alliance is one of the monumental social crimes perpetuated by these anti national conspirators. The pseudo secular intellectuals, which facilitate catastrophe, have a moral duty to speak. The daily degradation of Hindus by the sinister coalition is the degradation of all humanity. The Marxist policies serve the aims of Jihadis and evangelists to win brownie points from the fundamentalists. The Marxist party actively defends terrorist groups, missionaries, anarchists, subversive agents and mischief mongers as part of its program for expansion. Only false patriots and those without conscience, without honor, without respect can be silent about the destruction of the eternal Hindu Dharma. The heinous communist crimes against Hindus have been numerous and they left a wreckage of broken lives and families worse than the aftermath of colonialism.

Hindus must do all that they can to survive. India needs Hindus. The world needs universal Hindu value system. Hinduism has existed long before Marxism, Islam, Christianity, Capitalism and post modernism. Hinduism is not the product of class struggle, dialectical materialism, revelation of a messiah, or concocted by a self proclaimed prophet. Hinduism is eternal, time tested, all inclusive and systemic. It is the natural consequence on the reflection of man's consciousness.

Hindus need to recognize the threat, reclaim liberties, and prepare an effective defense against these organized invaders. These organized barbarian groups are not ad-hoc believers of religious freedom, pluralism, tolerance, spirituality or varieties of beliefs. Hindus have tremendous amounts of work to do, once again, to win Hindus to understand and to act on their real interests and to achieve a major re-polarization, a realignment of political forces and the political terrain.
To understand Indian Communists one has to understand Rajni Plame Dutt. All principal Indian Communists are his disciples.

He forged the accomodation of the DIE with the Western ruling classes.
I think we can't isolate Rajni alone, whole gang infuenced and accomodated each other views.
Whole gang -
Rajni Palme Dutt, M.N.Roy, Bhupesh Gupta, Indrajit Gupta, Jyoti Basu, Jyotirmoy Basu, S.A.Dange, P.C.Joshi
The whole gang are the disciples of RP Dutt. Please look him up in google. His influence is tremendous. And when it was lost the Indian socialist elite were left without connections to the Western elites. It was his connection that made sure Indian Commuinsts didnt get on the Soviet Band wagon. IOW it remained a revolution of the elite and not the proletariat and thus India did not suffer what PRC and Russia suffered. But not the slow roll of Modernism.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The next piece, ''Report on Empire Communist Parties'' Conference (1947)' (Communist, April 1947), is a short note. The Conference was attended by Adhikari. He refers to Rajni Palme Dutt's speech, which outlined the new situation after the defeat of fascism, the emergence of the socialist world and the people's democracies, and the Anglo-U.S. efforts to dominate the world. Adhikari emphasises the historic significance of this conclave, which brought together Communist parties from different parts of the 'old empire' and opened up possibilities for cooperation among the working class movements of those countries</b>.

Here is connection with DIE
Communist in America (FOIL, http://www.insaf.net, Youth Solidarity Summer (YSS) are organizing a 3 day conference in Manhattan, New York.

It is expected to be another bash where they blame Yindoos/Capitalists for everything under the sun.

It would be great if some of us living in New York could attend it. You can register online for $20. ... more details here.

I will be there representing us Yindoos.

Please cross post to other threads if you feel appropriate.

What ? Are you going there?
Here we go again, is this why comrade prashad was underground ??

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<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Campus Hindu Organization Conclusively Linked to the Sangh Parivar in North America and India

"Desi-American Students Deceived by the Hindu Student Council" says New Report
For More Info: hsctruthout@ gmail.com

New York , Friday, April 13, 2007: The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH) will release a new report, Lying Religiously: The Hindu Students Council and the Politics of Deception, on Sunday, April 15, 2007. The report brings together evidence from multiple sources to demonstrate a web of connections between the Hindu Students Council (HSC) and the violent, hindu ultra-right Sangh Parivar, and exposes the deliberate efforts of the HSC leadership to conceal its links with the Sangh Parivar in order to deceive Hindu-American college students. The report provides the first comprehensive documentation of the origins, methods and practices of the HSC.

Similar to "The Foreign Exchange of Hate," the 2003 report documenting the flow of money from the United States into the coffers of the Sangh Parivar in India, almost all of the documentation used to construct the current report comes from the archives of the HSC itself and from the publications of the Sangh Parivar in North America and elsewhere. Starting with the origin of the HSC in 1991, when Ajay Shah, the first president of the HSC, proudly declared that the HSC was part of the VHP of America, the report documents the rise of early HSC leaders into the ranks of Sangh Parivar leadership in North America, the detailed family connections between a significant section of the HSC leadership and the Sangh Parivar, and the central role played by the HSC in the creation and maintenance of the Sangh Parivar's internet infrastructure, including the web infrastructure of the Sangh Parivar's parent organization, the RSS.

"Most of the young desi Americans who join the HSC have no clue as to the connections between the HSC and the militant and violent Hindu right wing in India" says Samip Mallick, one of the campaign coordinators for CSFH. "We fully support the creation and existence of Hindu student organizations on college campuses, but we are unable to condone the Hindu Student Council's continued misleading of college students regarding its ties to the Sangh Parivar," he continued. With the launch of the report, CSFH announces its six-month "Truth Out on HSCs" information campaign aimed at informing every desi American student of the two-faced methods of the HSC and the Sangh Parivar.

The report will be released on Sunday, April 15 at 3:30 PM at a press conference hosted by the Youth Solidarity Summer at 451 West Street (@ Bank), New York, NY 10014. For more information on the press conference write to: hsctruthout@ gmail.com or call 917 232 8437. Summary and full versions of the report will be available at the press conference. The report will also be available on this website after 3 PM on Sunday April 15.

came in email
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Video of Nandigran - Utter shame, isolate the apologists
See it.

<b>POGROM by ruling Communist Party of India</b>
Show it to other humans.


Dhormer kol batashe nore , yes proof-seekers.

via email

Youth Solidarity Summer / FOIL 10th Year Conference - A Report 23Apr07

Youth Solidarity Summer (YSS) organized its 10th anniversary conference at Brecht Forum in Manhtattan, NY from April 13th - 15th.

Comrade Biju Mathew was the brain of this conference. He was assisted by 3-4 alumni of YSS. (COMMENT: This "worthy" was the "TOAST" of the Prannoy Roy's/Barkha Datts et al in the post GUJARAT-20O2- 'SECULAR T.V. SHOWS'!!! )

<b>Total of 60 people registered for the conference online and 40 showed up </b>on Friday (13th) and all showed up on 14 & 15.
<b>Through this conference, Biju Mathew (FOIL) tried to revitalize the "progressive" and "radical" youth moment in US. For past 2 - 3 years, they have been stagnant due to the exodus of previous members from college age group to working professionals.</b> Youth Solidarity Summer (YSS)'s, youth wing of FOIL, main and sole objective is to organize 1 week summer camp in NYC in order to indoctrinate outcast Indian youths into communist ideology, misnomerly labeled Leftist. Last camp was organized in the summer of 2005.

The conference participants were mostly new students who considered themselves "progressive" or "radical". Majority of them had Hindu names but they despise Hinduism. As the main aim of the conference is to re-organize Desi Left in US, this new fodder of students would be upcoming foot soldiers of the communist "collective".

This conference had representation from about 10-15 various communist organizations. <b>Most of these organizations have members in single digit and they work unregistered to remain unnoticed from US Government</b>. Their official reason for working unregistered is that they don't want the hassle of maintaining paperwork required for a registered organization. I talked to one guy, who told me that they send money to Calcutta through Hawala Channels … not through Official channels like Banks etc. According to him, they do it save overhead. My guess is that they do it to avoid detection by India Gov't for cases such as Nandigram.

In my opinion, they have done very little actual work. Rather, they keep repeating their infinitismal success story, like organizing a camp of 10 high school students in Austin by Radical Desi (RadDesi), to give it larger than life image.

Most of attendees (> 90%) were college students. Majority of them are pursuing masters degree, while couple were still working on Bachelors. Majority of them are poor and the conference organizers do provide stipend for some of them. <b>Many of these attendees, didn't have jobs, probably because they do majors like "Kali Temples in Bengal" or because they go to colleges (Sarah Lawrence in Yonkers, NY) where don't even have majors!</b>
Many of them are stupid. They couldn't even find the conference event venue, for some it took a hour or they had to ask 20 people for directions!

Most of these students are second generation. They are excellent communicators. They are using internet to discuss their issues, get more understanding through blogs like Sepia Mutiny ( http://www.sepiamutiny.com ). According to them, one of their challenges has been involve "low income" people in their fold. All they are able to find are "privileged classes".

Many of them are artists and musicians or performers. They do use the word Comrade to refer to others in their group.

Most of these youths seems to have been attracted by a single cause then sucked into the ideology. Most of the Left organizations are issue focused e.g, Gay/Lesbian, Women Rights, Protesting against anything, <b>Fighting for poor or undocumented immigrants</b>, fighting the system etc. Then these issues are supported by Communist ideology. So, the issue attracts people and then people learn about ideology.

These guys handed out the printed list of 60 people with their e-mail and phone #s. I will publish it online soon.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Anarchist Losers Attack American College Students – And Flunk As Usual</b>
By <i>Ari Saja</i>
TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/38ydg3
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Treachery recalled </b>
Udayan Namboodiri
<b>PC Joshi offered the British unsolicited support in crushing the freedom movement, and, in the process, sent hundreds of patriots to their death. </b>Subsequently, he got his just desserts - his own party banished him. Yet, this month, the CPI and CPI(M) came together to rehabilitate Joshi in their respective histories

<b>The CPI and the CPI(M) agreed this month to rehabilitate PC Joshi, the first general secretary of the united party. After all, Joshi belongs to their common past and being inheritors to that tradition, they must jointly own up to the wrongs heaped on him</b>.

Seeing AB Bardhan and Prakash Karat, the respective heads of the CPI and CPI(M) pay tributes to PC Joshi on the occasion of his birth centenary, any thinking animal would be likely to arrive at two final summations about India's Communists:

Communists should desist from taking hard positions on any issue or personality, because history shows how regularly they perform 180-degree changes in their judgements. But in the interregnum, people suffer and, often get killed. So, just to save time, <b>Sitaram Yechury should right away "take responsibility" (they never "apologise" - remember Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee after Nandigram?) for demonising Narendra Modi and HS Surjeet should thank Murli Manohar Joshi for "saffronising" education.</b>

Indian Communist leaders are, after all, drawn from Hindu society. Through their act of giving belated recognition to PC Joshi, the man they humiliated and banished in his prime for merely suggesting they make up with the Congress, they are confirming their own Hindu ethos that says, "With death ends all controversy".

Now, who was this PC Joshi and why does Bardhan (see main article) admit with regret today that no Communist tears were shed when he died? Mohit Sen, in his autobiography, A Traveller and the Road: The Journey of an Indian Communist (2003), wrote<b>: "What crimes did we not commit! Our cruelty was no less than that of the imperialists and the fascists. We can never be forgiven for this. We were unjust, including to ourselves. What did some of us not do to try and destroy PC Joshi or SA Dange"? </b>(p-493)

Basab Dasgupta, a CPI(M) insider who often contributes to Saturday Special, says (The Other Voice) <b>that Joshi was humiliated and marginalised because he dared to foresee the day when the Communists of India would have to back the Congress</b>. In 1948, this was a treasonable idea for the comrades. At the Calcutta Congress of the party in 1948, the same in which the odious "yeh azadi jhoota hai" slogan was raised, Joshi was accused of being a "reformist", which must be something heinous in the Commie lexicon.

So, at the young age of 40, Joshi found himself "retired hurt". However, he continued to serve the movement, always dressed in "half-pant and half-shirt" (Bardhan) and won over to the Communist cause a great number of writers of socialist maudlin.<b> It is not clear whether he did an honest day's work in his entire life. Thanks to funds from Moscow and Nehruvian indulgence, it was possible to have a petit bourgeois life in Delhi by keeping alive the dream of "revolution". </b>One thing is sure, without a Joshi, India's Communists would not have succeeded in acquiring the awesome reservoirs of support that they enjoyed in Nehruvian academic and cultural citadels before Nandigram. Now, with the arrival of a blundering Chief Minister in Bengal, things may have changed dramatically, but, back in the 1950s, Joshi charmed a generation of creative people into abetting all their treachery and murderous crimes. Of course, the prospect of <b>annual free holidays in the East Bloc - even an award or two for a poverty film here or a book of bad verse there </b>- must have been added incentives. But it cannot be denied that Joshi's genius helped the Indian Left leave the Indian Right far behind in the race for chatteratti respectability.

Bardhan, employing characteristic Communist underplay, glosses over Joshi's role in undermining the freedom movement. The real story behind that is told by Arun Shourie in The Only Fatherland (1991). It reveals how Joshi offered unsolicited support to the British after the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union in exchange for lifting the ban on the CPI. On December 16, 1941, he sent Reginald Maxwell, the Home Member in the Viceroy's Council, a letter solemnly promising "unconditional support to the government's war effort". That led to the large-scale release of Communists lodged in jail. Of course, they had to certify in writing that their attitude towards His Majesty's government had undergone a change. The rest is history.

In British confidential reports, which are now de-classified, Joshi figures as a bit of a nerd. One official describes his appearance as "student-like" - short, clean-shaven and spectacled - who was very verbose. In fact, it was often quite difficult to follow him (Shourie, p-38). In other words, his appearance superbly concealed the person within. Thousands of freedom loving men and women went to jail, got shot in fields and hung in crude gallows, because PC Joshi decided that the British empire was good for India.

Ultimately, by an ancient Indian tradition, the same people whom he wronged and betrayed gave Joshi a living. Perhaps a similar fate awaits the authors of Singur and Nandigram.
CPI-M to counter India's official history
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party-Sangh Parivar for carrying out a "communal campaign against 'Babar ke aulad' (sons of Emperor Babar)," Yechury said Bahadur Shah Zafar belonged to Babar's dynasty and claimed he was annointed the ruler of 'Independent India' at that time by none other than Jhansi's queen Lakshmibai to fight the British<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
And Bahadur Shah Zafar banned beef eating in entire India, which even NDA govt didn't do (despite some false claims by EJ).
What's the freaking point this Yechury is trying to make?
<b>Antics of Marxists Party</b>
By <i>Dr. Babu Suseelan</i>
tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/35xpp8
When I was attending TIEcon in Bay Area I could see one guy with ASHA T-shirt roaming around. Obviously, nobody was talking to him. We all know that these guys try to spy at every desi gathering.

New thing I noticed is that the color of his T-shirt was saffron and asha was written in darker shade of saffron. Should I call his choice of color orange?
I live some period of my life in comunist regim.My conclusion is-
Comunism was impose by abuse and murder.The murder wasnt the exception.It was the rule
human murder
cultural murder
informational murder
administrative murder
social murder.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->1) human murder
2) cultural murder
3) informational murder
4) administrative murder
5) social murder.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I've numbered them.
Don't know what one can directly do to prevent further human murder (1) without getting oneself in serious danger with communisterrorists. But as an individual, you can help (assuming that it is of Romania that you speak) by setting up an informative site about Romanian culture and history.

It will involve a lot of research on your part, because of course communism has taken great pains to try and wipe all of this out so no one can restore it. But the earlier communists didn't know that one day there would be the internet. The internet may contain repositories of information or journal articles on Romanian history.
Thereafter you could also start collecting information on what communism did to your country, culture, and civilisation.

Such a site will then inform people of both (a) who they were/are and what all has been taken from them and (b) who took it away and how this was accomplished (why they did it is easy: it's communism - 'destruction' is its last name).

The important thing is to disseminate the site's information among Romanian websites and people. If you could make a dual-language site - in Romanian and English - that would be even better, it would get more international visibility. It might also attract others to help you translate it into more languages.

One person can do a lot to preserve/reclaim culture even where that has been largely eradicated. The fight is not over and the villains have not won until you stop breathing. And who knows what you may accomplish, such work may sow the seeds to reverse (4) and (5) and then (1).
They've done their worst, now you do your best and make Romania have the last laugh over communism.
Are there not Romanian sites where there are others who might be interested and able to help/work towards the same? There will certainly be others, though locating like-minded people might be somewhat harder.

Communism is like a deadly disease that preys upon the healthy and leaves only the deathly palor of the ill in its wake. It's a horrible misfortune that's been inflicted on the world. But it's not incurable.
<b>CPM cracks disciplinary whip, suspends VS, Vijayan from politburo </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->New Delhi, May 26: In an unprecedented action, the CPI-M on Saturday suspended octogenerian Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan and party`s state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan from its Polit Bureau, the highest policy making body, for violating the party`s norms by airing their differences in public.

Sending a strong signal that it will not tolerate indsicipline, the CPI-M Polit Bureau decided to wield the axe at its two day-meeting after holding that the conduct of its two senior members openly criticising each other through the media is unacceptable.
<b>Debate rages on allowing non-Hindus in temples</b>

On 3/22/07, Radha Rajan <radharajan7@...> wrote:
> Rajiv, will sending the vigil NGO book to selective sensitive american govet
> establishments help to wisen them up to the presence of communists in the
> american womb? if so let me know and i will courier, the second edition, as
> many copies as you want, it will be expense well worth the effort if the
> american extablishment can throw some kind of spanner in their works. RR

Radha, not so simple as it seems - per your email below.

Its not a valid assumption that US is naive/ignorant about its
sponsorship of the indian left. Co-opting the third world Left became
the explicit strategy of ford foundation after world war 2, with
active cooperation from CIA(Christian) etc. Why? one must understand this...Our
folks are too naive because they dont believe in enough purvapaksha of
the others except in superficial ways. US has and will play both sides
on most third world conflicts - see iraq, pakistan, the british
history in india. Which is why the russians threw out western
missionaries, china does not allow human rights interference by
foreign funding/influence - THESE (china/russia, etc) are topics of
great importance in reports on foreign(Christian) funding of indian ngo's,
because many middle-of-the-road desis do get influenced by
china/russia as reference points

the present axis of left-islam-christianity against hinduism is
weakest in the islam-christian clash globally. THIS has not been
utilized by hindus though i mentioned it a few times. The pat
robertson brigade has all the anti-islam masala one can imagine. at
the same time the islamic side has all the anti-christian rhetorec.
But india in the ONLY large country where they are being held together
(by the left incharge) because there is a common enemy - enough food
for all predators since the elephant is very large, unmanaged and

sending your ngo book will not help by itself without a bigger/broader
context in place first.

for the april event, the report that was done 2 years ago as rejoinder
to the anti-idrf report must get distributed to attendees even though
the orgsanizers of the event will try to block this. the HAF reports
on hindu human rights and gautier's reports on hindu holocaust must be
given out also. As part of such a package your NGO report belongs.
But most of all, there have to be bright courageous indian youth
participating, who are well versed in all this subject matter. and who
can raise objections from the floor citing these works as evidence.

The latest target of the left-islamist-christianevangelist axis is the
hindu diaspora, because these are selfempowered indians outside of
indian politics. Hence:
-- prema kurien has been bred as 'diaspora' expert (she will give a
talk at the madison conf on south asia);
-- jack hawley's 'hinduism here' project at columbia does surveillance
of hindu groups in usa using students;
-- the anti-IDRF report was done in this context;
-- various attacks on the california textbook matter shows how
organized they are.



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