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History of Vijayanagar Empire
I am starting this new thread since there didnt seem to be a dedicated thread in the History forum for Vijayanagar.Also I need help from particularly Hauma Hamidha on the Madurai sultanate and its destruction by Kamparaya in the 14th century ( the elder son of Vijayanagar emperor Bukkaraya and the future Harihara II).

To give a brief introduction about myself,I am deeply interested in presenting a true and accurate picture of our history,and recaliming it from Marxists and albinos.I author this blog which some of you have already visited : www.jambudveep.wordpress.com

I am currently researching on the destruction of the Madurai sultanate,the study includes military and related aspects.I have collected a lot of published material on that period,books such as Vijayanagar in Tamil country,translation of Madhuravijayam etc from various institutes in India.I am also getting the Madhuravijayam translated using Pottukuchi Subramanian Sastry's commentary (the previous translation by Prof.Thiruvenkatachari is wanting in many respects).I am right now at the stage where I am going through published inscriptions.I plan to get something concrete in a year.

Hauma Hamidha has written some very informative articles on that period of Vijayanagar history especially on Gopanarya ( Kamparaya's general and restorer of Srirangam temple) and the wars with Bahmani's in the period 1340's to 1370's.I need his help on any additional material that I can use.

I have tried comtacting him by email butthere was no response.I hopt he still browses this forum.All help will be gratefully acknowledged.

Very good sir, I visit your blog often,find it very educational and interesting. Please carry on the good work.

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