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Pioneer, 16 oct., 2010

Quote:BJP Govt remains on the edge

October 16, 2010 1:29:49 AM

Kestur Vasuki | Bangalore

While the BJP Government has won the vote of confidence in the Assembly, it remains on the edge because of the uncertainty surrounding the disqualified legislators who have gone to the court. A group of political managers of BJP, advisors, intellectuals and RSS representatives are now engaged in understanding the cause of growing discontent against the leadership of Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, and charting the roadmap ahead.

According to the group's assessment, the fact remains that the Karnataka Government is in truth a minority one and needs to tread cautiously to survive for its full term in office.

A member on condition of anonymity pointed out to The Pioneer that most of the 11 rebel party MLAs disqualified by the Speaker belong to the backward classes, while the Chief Minister belongs to a dominant community in the State. He said, "We are in the process of assessing many reasons. We feel the Government must tread cautiously as it is a minority Government. We are also looking at the conspiracy behind it all".

The Government has been in peril since its inception 28 months ago. First it was the rebellion led mining barons, the Reddy brothers, and now the recent one where the Reddys played the role of saviour. The recent revolt was more serious since the rebels even went to the extent of joining hands with the Congress and the JD(S).

The Government has for the moment survived due to the efforts of Tourism Minister Gali Janardhana Reddy, who stood by the Chief Minister and helped bring back an Independent MLA, Varthur Prakash, back into the BJP's fold.

Meanwhile, BJP insiders feel that the Central Congress leaders, who were earlier upbeat about dislodging the Yeddyurappa Government, became reluctant later as they were worried by the dominance of JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy, who had emerged as the rallying point for the dissidents. The Congress did not want the JD(S) to seize the initiative.

The informal BJP group is also looking at the possible role of the mining mafia behind the effort to topple the Government, something that the Chief Minister has been repeatedly asserting.

In a related development, addressing the BJP MLAs at his residence after his victory, the Chief Minister indicated that he would take steps to strengthen the stability of his Government.
I thought the karnataka mining mafia was run by the reddy brothers

And in this crisis, the Reddy brothers supported Yeddy

( though they were dissidents a few months ago )

Who is the non-Reddy Karnataka mining mafia
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='15 October 2010 - 08:08 PM' timestamp='1287190851' post='108892']

I thought the karnataka mining mafia was run by the reddy brothers

And in this crisis, the Reddy brothers supported Yeddy

( though they were dissidents a few months ago )

Who is the non-Reddy Karnataka mining mafia


That is the perception.

However, if you have followed the events before the voting and dissidence dramas you would have noticed certain stuff related to mining. Yeddi has banned (requested center to do the same) export of ore to other countries. Probably there are several middle men/mining trading companies that buy the ore and export to China. A substantial number of INC, JDS and BJP folks are part of such syndicates which are also part of illegal mining. A several of central ministers are also part of the same. Yeddi made a political calculation when the entire opposition and Governer made an onslaught on Reddy bros. For him the risk is between mollycoddling one Vs talking to several ones in the mining lobby. Per his calculation, sticking to Reddys is better. On the other hand Reddys also are under pressure from AP government with Jagan fallout. For them, they need the cover and they cannot afford to overthrow Yeddi. Yeddi knowing their vulenerabilities, got the cabinet restructured with less of Reddy favorites and got his own. It was now-or-never situation for JDS and INC as potentially KA could become Modi style Guj if BJP continues to rule. The problem was Rajya Sabha and hence the plot failed. Yeddi has serious plans by means of large scale infra projects in North KA which will help him consolidate his position even in non-Lingayat bases. Lingayat bases is extremely firm with him and next full-election will be interesting to watch. If things go per his plan and no idiot from BJP headquarters put their fingers in KA, we could see complete eradication of INC from this state.

However, in the short run he has to manouver as he is on thin majority. He needs to win eigth out of 17 (as one more JDS member resigned) that will go to polls.
The interesting thing is the Quattorchi angle in the recent attempt to destabilize Karanataka govt. Why expose such a card so soon?
[quote name='ramana' date='16 October 2010 - 12:39 PM' timestamp='1287250316' post='108897']

The interesting thing is the Quattorchi angle in the recent attempt to destabilize Karanataka govt. Why expose such a card so soon?


I beleive this was done by Chidu and MMS types and not BJP. We should always see the internal dynamics of INC even if it is BJP or TDP etc.
Deccan Chronicle a pro-INC paper gives a blow by blow account of how HDK messed up in Karnataka. However the INC role is not commented upon 8)

Anatomy of a failed coup

Quote:Anatomy of a failed coup

October 17th, 2010

R. Jayaprakash

Former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, who was at the epicenter of the high voltage political drama, could have scripted a new chapter in Karnataka if he had not committed political hara kiri. The man in a hurry made three grave tactical errors that worked to the advantage of the BJP which, at the end of the day, breezed through the political storm.

Political pundits point out the blunders that left the JD(S) high and dry:


1 HDK had the numbers, but lacked foresight: As the drama of resort politics unfolded on October 5, with 17 MLAs — six Independents and 11 of BJP — camping in Chennai, HDK sent out a strong message to the nation that he was going to successfully pull the second coup of his life and bring down the BJP government. On October 6th, Governor H.R. Bhardwaj received letters from these 17 withdrawing support to Yeddyurappa. Acting swiftly, the BJP, through the Speaker, issued show cause notices to the 17 MLAs. In addition, the Governor directed the Chief Minister to prove his majority in the house on October 11. The BJP which pressed its troubleshooters to bring the rebels back faced a serious threat of defeat as none were successful. With no options left, at 5 am on October 11, the speaker disqualified the 16 MLAs and barred them from the trust vote.

WHAT HDK SHOULD HAVE DONE: If HDK had led only 10 MLAs, 6 Independents and 4 BJP MLAs to the Governor, that would have been more than enough for the Governor to direct trust vote. The other 7 MLAs could have remained in the BJP fold but could have voted against the government and defeated BSY on the floor. By exposing all 17 MLAs, he opened the doors for the BJP to draw up a strategy to bar 17 members from voting.

2 It is no secret that Governor Bhardwaj wanted the BJP government dismissed. The day 17 MLAs forwarded the letter to him, he directed the Speaker to conduct the trust vote with all the 224 MLAs in the House and warned him that in the eventuality of an “unfair” trust vote he would have the final say. But the Speaker moved quickly and disqualified the 16 MLAs under the anti-defection law.

WHAT HDK SHOULD HAVE DONE: Kumaraswamy could have gained the upper hand by boycotting the trust vote. HDK and co. could also have petitioned the Governor on the pre-dawn disqualification of MLAs. The chaos such an action would have created would have been enough for the Governor to recommend President’s rule. But HDK blundered by going to court against the Speaker’s decision, hoping for a stay order, which he didn’t get. By doing so, he painted himself into a corner as any action in this connection would become sub-judice.

3 On October 11, Yeddyurappa in a house of 208 proved his majority through a voice vote amid a ruckus, with Independents barging into the well of the Assembly. As the Governor called the trust vote a farce and recommended President’s rule, and the high court did not stay the disqualification of 16 MLAs, the BJP taking advantage of the crisis and confusion took the battle to Delhi, raging against the Governor and embarrassing the UPA government.

WHAT HDK SHOULD HAVE DONE: On October 12, the Governor, in an unprecedented move, called for a quick press conference and offered Yeddyurappa a second chance to prove his majority. While it is still a mystery what prompted the Governor to do so, he gave all the clues to HDK and co. that his offer was not according to the law of the land and the rule book. The man who drafted the 10th Schedule that, ironically, deals with anti-defection law actually gave enough hints to HDK to go to court against the second trust vote and ask for a stay. Luckily for the BJP, neither JD(S) nor Congress did so. Instead, they tried frantically and in vain to advance the date of hearing on the petitions of the 16 disqualified MLAs.

The role of the Congress appointed Governor is not even commented on. How is the Governor's wish to overthrow the BJP govt a legitimate wish? And where is the INC great minds in all this?
Not only this, today Court came out with split decision.

According, to reliable source N.Kumar took big chunk of bribe from HDK but HDK failed to bribe J.S.Khehar (He is a person of good character and very knowledgeable).

Same is quoted in Polyticsparty.

Now HDK is bribing judges. Two Congress stooges came out in front of TV chanting against Chief Justice J.S.Khehar.

This is really pathetic. Corruption level is unbelievable.

During Ramlilia in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi took seat where MMS and other top officials were supposed to sit. Somebody came and ask Rahul to go back to back seat, which annoyed Mr.SpoilBrat a lot. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />
I dont know about bribe but the arguement of Justice N. Kumar seems to be fishy as its divergent form established judicial opinion. What is his background?

Also I thought a judicial bench has an odd number of judges to avoid a tie decision. So what happened here?
Mr. Justice N.Kumar: Born on 28.06.1954. Enrolled as an Advocate on 06.02.1976. Practised in the High Court of Karnataka. Appointed as Additional Judge of the Karnataka High Court on 11-12-2000 and Permanent Judge on 29.10.2001.

Congress was ruling Karnataka in 2000 -2001

His ruling is so off, complete dudder head.
Polyticsparty is saying, AP is ready for puppet change.
Desperate Congress after finding from its survey that it will be decimated in Bihar polls has named RSS man Indresh Kumar in the Ajmer Blast chargesheet.

The kind of politics these people indulge in is pathetic.

I hope this has no effect on the election outcome. NDA had been riding a positive swing and everyone was saying that they would come to power with clear majority.

Gujarat polls have shown the results of their schemes. Even in Bharuch (Ahmad Patel's turf), Muslims voted for BJP candidates.
First, Rahul Gandhi started talking about banning RSS. Now Congress Party use its stooges ATS to name someone from RSS, so that they can ban them.

Congress and Gandhi family is corrupt to its core.

Here is slap on desperate Congress

[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/BJP-sweeps-Guj-panchayat-poll/H1-Article1-616982.aspx"]BJP sweeps Guj panchayat poll[/url]
Quote:After its poor showing in the municipal polls in Gujarat, the Congress has been wiped out in the panchayats polls, results of which were declared on Saturday. The ruling BJP won 22 of 24 district panchayats, 178 of 208 block panchayats and 47 out of 52 municipalities that went to the polls on October 21.

Congress’ debacle in the local bodies’ elections forced state Congress president Siddhartha Patel to tender his resignation.

“I have sent my resignation to party president Sonia Gandhi, accepting moral responsibility for the party’s poor performance,” Patel said.

The BJP, which had swept the six municipal corporations polls two weeks ago, repeated its spectacular performance and won in places such as tribal district Dangs and Anand in central Gujarat, which were Congress strongholds.

CM Narendra Modi thanked the people for voting BJP.

In the Dangs, BJP fielded five Christian candidates for the first time.

The party also won in other tribal dominated districts such as Narmada, Dahod, Panchamahal and Sabarkantha. Only two district panchayats, Gandhinagar and Tapi in South Gujarat, have gone to the Congress.

“Of the 24 district panchayats, 18 were under control of the BJP while six were held by the Congress, but the BJP has improved its performance and wrested district panchayats in Dang, Anand, Rajkot and Bharuch from Congress,” said state BJP general secretary I.K. Jadeja.
[quote name='kharavela' date='23 October 2010 - 08:22 PM' timestamp='1287882895' post='108993']

Desperate Congress after finding from its survey that it will be decimated in Bihar polls has named RSS man Indresh Kumar in the Ajmer Blast chargesheet.

The kind of politics these people indulge in is pathetic.

I hope this has no effect on the election outcome. NDA had been riding a positive swing and everyone was saying that they would come to power with clear majority.

Gujarat polls have shown the results of their schemes. Even in Bharuch (Ahmad Patel's turf), Muslims voted for BJP candidates.


Bihar is the trick. Congress know for sure it has no "aukaat" here. It has none even to play spoilsport for Laloo etc. It did not revive and it may not cross 15 seats overall inspite of whatever RahulG did. They badly need a replacement/hedge against DMK and Mamta in the days to come. Their target is clearly JDU. In the scheme of things for them if Nitish wins landslide(real sweep) and then ditches NDA in favor of UPA it is a victory of sorts for INC. They have two things in such a scenario. JDU's LS memebers also also future RS elections. UPA (not just INC) is in minority. INC is fed up of Maya and Yadavs. They utility of CBI, money etc are all over in the future.

So now what to do?

As in 2009 elections use media, manchurian candidates and also EVMs to get the outcome that you are looking for. Nilsen survey is an INC pet. They come once from NDTV and sometimes for Star TV or others. It does not matter.

The only difference this time is INC would try to make sure that Nitish will get to situation where he may need just another 20 seats to form goverment. The 95+ seats for JDS is what INC is trying. It this pursuit it may have done the following:

(1) Several earlier surveys are done for planning purposes

(2) Nilsen releases a cooked up survey in favor of NDA

(3) Entire PCC of Bihar are filled up with massive muslim candidates

(4) INC gave a lot of tickets to several ex-Laloo and ex-Paswan loyals

(5) Pulled Deva Gowda party (probaly selling a KA lemon) into picture as platform for manchurian candidates

(6) Instructed loyal mullahs to quitely campaign and vote for JDS but not to BJP

(7) Usage of Naxals as undercover to tamper EVMs is also planned and is underway

The whole game plan is to make sure Laloo does not get a single non-Yadav vote and Paswan does not get beyond 2 to 5% of Dalit votes.

Now what is the gameplan for BJP? There are several seats where BJP could ensure JDU's defeat to Laloo. If they succeed they will help Laloo to be relevant and not going into oblivion.

There are unpredictable dangers in these games as one cannot control the events at macro level. It is possible in the confusion some mullah may vote for BJP too. Results will tell who will be winning the one-upmanship being played by both INC and BJP.

I gaurantee that a lot of Biharis will not agree to this theory <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> In simple terms, congress is trying to checkmate BJP by increasing the seats of its coalition partner.
Quote: [url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/292074/Holes-in-ATS-story-expose-plot-to-implicate-RSS-man.html"]Holes in ATS story expose plot to implicate RSS man[/url]

October 25, 2010 11:15:57 AM

Lokpal Sethi | Jaipur

Gaping holes in the Ajmer bomb blast case chargesheet have exposed the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) design to somehow implicate senior RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar in the case.

In its 806-page chargesheet filed in an Ajmer court on Friday, the ATS claimed that on October 31, 2005, a meeting of about half a dozen persons was held in room number 26 of the Gujarati Samaj guesthouse in Jaipur. According to the ATS, the room was booked by Sunil Joshi, one of the accused, under the fake name of Manoj Kumar.

It added that the meeting was attended, among others, by Sadhvi Pragaya Thakur of Vande Mataram and Swami Aseemanand of Abhinav Bharat. The chargesheet also claimed that the meeting was addressed by Indresh Kumar, who told the others to use the cover of some religious organisation to avoid police suspicion.

While the ATS has claimed that guesthouse manager Aruna Jain had admitted during the investigation that Sunil Joshi booked the room, she denied on Sunday that anyone from the ATS had ever approach her. There was no question of her providing any such information, she added.

[color="#FF0000"]Talking to The Pioneer on Sunday, she said, “Since lots of people come to the guesthouse every day, I cannot remember if anyone of this name had stayed here about two years back.”

Interestingly, some ATS cops landed at the guesthouse on Friday evening after the chargesheet had already been filed in the morning. “We provided the guest register sought by the ATS personnel,[/color]” Gujarat Samaj secretary Ramesh said.

Question marks have all along been raised over the credibility of the ATS investigation in the case, in which three persons were killed near the Ajmer dargah on October 11, 2007. Within a week, ATS sleuths claimed they had cracked the case. They claimed that it was the handiwork of HuJI and they had arrested from near the dargah a shopkeeper, who belonged to Hyderabad. They also arrested a teacher-cum-cleric at a madarsa in Khandela and said he was a HuJI activist and frequently visited the dargah. The ATS changed its line of investigation after the Congress came to power in the State in December 2008.

Before his current responsibilities, Indresh Kumar was looking after Rashtravadi Muslim Manch and used to visit Rajasthan frequently. He had addressed several Muslim gatherings in Jaipur and other parts of the State to bring the community close to the RSS.

Those who understand the RSS functioning say some individuals within the Sangh were not happy with its approach of reaching out to Muslims. “Those who have been arrested or whose names figure in the chargesheet are the same elements who were opposed to such an approach and were now blaming Indresh Kumar,”
these people say.

Meanwhile, asserting that Indresh was not involved in any anti-national activity, former RSS chief KC Sudarshan has charged the Congress with hatching a conspiracy to defame the Hindu organisation. “It is incorrect that Indresh is somehow linked to the Ajmer blast or involved in any kind of anti-national activity,” he told reporters at the sidelines of a function here. “The truth (that he is not linked to terrorism) will come out soon,” Sudarshan added.
Can someone tell me how Indresh is different from Gandhi chanting Iswar Allah Tere Naam
Muppalla, The latest report mentions that Congress is trying to grab opposition space. It mentioned that Congress finds that BJP -JDU is on a strong wicket. So it is trying to become main opposition party by trying to get Muslim votes.

There was a report in rediff which disappeared soon after it appeared. The report basically said that Congress will get no more than 13 seats. The top brass was shocked when it saw the survey. The Indresh Kumar thing happened a day after that.
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/292991/NDA-States-top-20-pt-plan;-livid-Cong-says-scrap-it.html"]NDA States top 20-pt plan; livid Cong says scrap it[/url]
Quote:Embarrassed over a UPA Government report ranking NDA-ruled States of Gujarat, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Punjab as the four best performers in implementing the 20-point Programme (TPP), the Congress on Thursday rejected the findings which the Government it leads has come out with. Not surprisingly, the BJP patted its back.

“All this is baseless. We consider it wrong and reject the report,” Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said while reacting to the higher ranking of NDA-ruled States in implementing TPP meant for poverty eradication and empowering people. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has come out with the report.

Furthermore, according to the report, non-UPA ruled States like Odisha and Uttar Pradesh have also shown impressive performance in implementing TPP both being ranked at fifth place, while the Left Democratic Front-ruled Kerala and BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh have both achieved the seventh place.

Delighted by the findings, the BJP said the main focus of the programme is poverty eradication and the report proves NDA Governments were serious in doing that.
Quote:Karnataka HC upholds rebel BJP MLAs' disqualification

[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/293052/Karnataka-HC-upholds-rebel-BJP-MLAs-disqualification.html"] link[/url]

October 30, 2010 1:31:57 AM

PTI | Bangalore

In a major boost for the BJP government in the state, a third judge in the Karnataka High Court on Friday upheld the disqualification of 11 rebel BJP MLAs, concurring with the decision of the Chief Justice.

Justice V G Sabhahit, to whom the division bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar had referred the matter, upheld Speaker K G Bopaiah's order disqualifying the dissident MLAs.

The Speaker's order of disqualification was in accordance with Para 2 (1) (a) of the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution--anti-defection law, observed Justice Sabhahit, who has concurred with the ruling given by the Chief Justice earlier.

The division bench, which also consists of Justice N Kumar, had earlier given a split verdict with Justice Kumar setting aside the Speaker's order. The bench had then referred the matter to the third judge.

Justice Sabhahit today placed his order before the division bench for delivering its formal orders.

Today's order of the court comes as a major victory for the BJP, which has been plagued by dissidence and scraped through a confidence vote in the Assembly on Oct 14 after 16 disqualified MLAs were kept out of the Assembly.

BJP counsel Satya Pal Jain hailed the third judge's order saying this gave a good signal to defectors.
Another tweet from another journalist - NDA heading for a landslide in Bihar. The interest seems to be the share between BJP and Nitish. INC not going to get more that 15. This fellow writes that NDA will get 180.

I wish 50-50 split.


Regarding Andhra Pradesh - It seems imminent that Rossiah will be shunted out with a replacement. I do not understand any purpose.
Muppalla, Does not the JDU contest more seats. It is quite likely they will come close to the magic figure on their own. Of course that is helped by upper caste votes of BJP supporters.

Would be good if the BJP wins around 60 seats which would be 5 more than what they had last time.

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