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State News And Discussion - 3
Now a days its fashion in Congress Political class to have 2-3 wives , who knows what Soniawati can pull <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sources said that, according to the first option,<b> Soren would remain the Chief Minister and re-contest elections since he still has time till February 27 to win or bow out of the Assembly</b>. Alternatively,<b> he would quit in favour of his wife, who would serve the position until he wins an Assembly poll</b>. The third option, sources added<b>, was that the Assembly be dissolved and fresh elections called. </b>

Soren gave an indication of his mind after he emerged from a meeting with Congress leader and Jharkhand affairs in-charge Ajay Maken. "I have been fighting elections anyway," he said after it was confirmed that Vishnu Bhaiya, one of JMM's MLAs, had resigned from Jamtara Assembly constituency in favour of Soren.
hahahahha what a joke ?
Soniawati had made India into banana republic even East India failed to do so.
DMK has won Thirumangalam buy election. Over 90% of the electorate voted in this by-election, an unheard of phenomenon. Vote buying with very liberal showering of money that seem to be in the area of several thousands of crores rather than violent terrorism hitherto practiced against voters has been alleged in this election.

Anyone wishing to comment on its imploication on the state of democracy, Hindu values (obviously huge erosion), new challenges we face (we were not even prepared for the old challeges!) and also its impact on the coming general election in the country? Please give your thoughts with what if tool.

This is case of stuffing of ballot boxes as it is freely practiced in J&K by Congress and other j&K regional parties (NC, PDP)
DMK pulls off ‘expensive’ win
- Party said to have shelled out Rs 50 crore to woo voters </b>

Chennai, Jan. 12: The DMK has scored a huge win in the Thirumangalam Assembly bypoll in what is being seen “as the most abnormal and most expensive” by-election in Tamil Nadu’s history.

The ruling party is said to have spent over Rs 50 crore to woo voters. The south Tamil Nadu seat also saw the highest turnout in the state’s history — nearly 90 per cent.

The ADMK, after trying to match the DMK’s money power, gave up midway as voters were given cash doles and treated to lavish feasts, with the spirits flowing. DMK legislators also met demands for repairing the village temple and building community toilets with cash donations.

The voters appeared to have kept their promise by turning up in large numbers and voting overwhelmingly for the DMK. Party candidate Latha Athiyaman defeated the ADMK rival by 39,266 votes. Actor Vijayakanth’s DMDK came a distant third.

Ally MDMK, which won the seat in 2006, had made way for the ADMK on Jayalalithaa’s request that she was better positioned to take on the DMK’s might. The two Left parties, too, threw their weight behind Jayalalithaa’s candidate, hoping a win could set the trend for the Lok Sabha elections.

Bypolls have, however, never served as accurate pointers to subsequent elections. In 1995 and 2005, Jayalalithaa had won bypolls during her tenure but lost power in the Assembly elections a year later.

“People play safe during bypolls by voting for the ruling party so that their area is rewarded with development projects. Also, the ruling party will not be able to concentrate all its resources during Lok Sabha elections when it will be contesting 39 seats and not just one Assembly seat,” said Thuglak editor Cho Ramaswamy.

But the DMK, especially chief minister M. Karunanidhi’s son M.K. Azhagiri in whose fief Thirumangalam falls, took it as a personal fight to deny the ADMK even a look-in. He mobilised the wherewithal to ensure that the DMK won decisively.

To start with, the DMK was on a weak wicket as the seat was an ADMK stronghold. Besides, three of its allies had left a few months earlier and rising prices and power cuts had created a strong anti-establishment mood.

But the DMK turned around the minuses with a single-point agenda: giving the voters whatever they wanted. Even Election Commission observers and a spate of complaints by the ADMK failed to prevent the DMK from raining its largesse on the rural voters.

The DMK not only won over non-ADMK and non-DMDK voters but also kept close tabs to ensure they cast their ballots. “The voters were overwhelmed with the attention they got,” joked an MDMK legislator.

So much so that the ADMK polled nearly 5,000 votes less than what ally MDMK got in 2006.

<b>Tirumangalam bypoll: An ugly dance of money and muscle</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The prestige fight between the Dravidian party rivals AIADMK and DMK has resulted in a win-win verdict in the Tirumangalam by-election in Tamil Nadu.

Though DMK has improved its votes and defeated the sitting MLA of the AIADMK alliance, J.Jayalalithaa would sigh a relief as Vijayakanth's DMDK hasn't bypassed her party.

This time around, the DMK candidate Latha Adiyamaan won with a big margin of 39,266 votes. The high turnout, inducements brought in more voters (89.89%), helped the DMK camp zoom past AIADMK alliance which had a fall in vote share (down by 4,911 votes this time after it garnered 45,067 votes in 2006).

The dark horse DMDK wasn't able to snatch the no. 2 position from AIADMK, as predicted by some political observers. It also lost 6,834 votes-down from 19,970 votes.

By-elections seldom go against the ruling populist government-voters reserve their real verdict to the general elections.

Meanwhile, the ruling DMK had cleverly issued a veiled threat:<b> after elections are over, distribution of Rs 2,000 ex-gratia for flood affected areas of the constituency would begin.</b>

<b>Well, the message is clear: if you don't vote with us, you are gonna lose out. </b><b>Since both AIADMK and DMK greased the palm of the voters with a minimum of Rs 2,000 for every voter they could catch, issue free gifts like mobiles before elections, the voters had a vision: if we vote for AIADMK the gifts and currency ends there.</b>

Vote for DMK and the greasing of the palm would continue for at least two more years, under the guise of government schemes.

Wish I was a Thirumangalam resident! Global recession, stock market meltdown, economic slump and such stuff seemed to be from another era in Thirumangalam during the campaign period in the run up to the by-poll.

Read the rest at Chennaionline
<b>Thirumangalam: The trick behind hat-trick</b>
<!--emo&<_<--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='dry.gif' /><!--endemo--> She will only inaugurate a few welfare and developmental schemes on the day. Mayawati had directed party leaders to observe her birthday on January 15 as "Virodhi Party Dhikkar Diwas" and counter all the allegations by holding public meetings.

The opposition parties have also called for their own protests and agitation's on the day. The Samajwadi Party has called for a "Thu Thu Diwas" to highlight the alleged misrule of the Mayawati government.

The BJP and the Congress will hold protest meetings.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Modi locks adoring business in bear hug</b>
- Tata leads the charge in showering praise OUR BUREAU
Tata and Modi in Ahmedabad. (PTI)
Jan. 12: Breathe easy, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Forget Nandigram, forget toxic air, forget the roasting your government gets in court every now and then. All will be forgiven if you can give land in two days.

Narendra Modi has done that and put behind him what was once seen as an indelible blot: the riots of 2002.

Ratan Tata today drenched the chief minister in praise at an investor meet, holding Modi and his state up as a model for the rest of the country. By the time Tata was through, the industrialist found himself locked in a hug with Modi who strode across the podium with open arms.

"<b>I have to say that today there is no state like Gujarat. Under Modi's leadership, Gujarat is head and shoulders above any state," </b>Tata, who last year moved his small-car project from Bengal to Gujarat, told the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit in Ahmedabad.

<b>Tata said a state would normally take 90 to 180 days to clear a new plant "but in the Nano case, we had our land and approval in just two days". In his "humble experience, it had never happened before",</b> Tata added, seizing another opportunity to extol the "speed and transparency" with which Modi worked.

The Bengal CPM, still hurting from the Nano's shift to the turf of its bete noire, tried to shrug off "the humble experience". "We are not dear to Tata or near to him as Modi is," party state secretariat member Benoy Konar said in Calcutta. "They share the same class of politics. Tata came here in his own interest."

He added: "When Tata came to Bengal with the Nano project, he praised our government too. But that hardly matters to us. What hurts us is that industry could not come up here."

Others at the two-day summit that teemed with the A-listers of Indian industry were equally effusive as Tata. "To become an economic superpower," <b>Aditya Birla Group chairman Kumarmangalam Birla said, "India needs many Narendra Modis."</b>

It all sounded a far cry from 2002, when industry bosses had wondered if the Gujarat riots would hurt India's global image as an investment destination. In April that year, at a Confederation of Indian Industry meet in Delhi, then Thermax chairperson Anu Aga had confronted Modi with the accounts of rape and murder she had heard from inmates at a Gujarat relief camp.

<b>Today, business leaders tripped over each other to commit their money to Gujarat as the summit saw MoUs worth Rs 382,675 crore signed on its first day.</b>

Among those that signed deals were two investors with ties to Bengal: Prasoon Mukherjee's Universal Success Ltd and Mahendra K. Jalan's Keventer Agro.

<b>Mukherjee has promised to pump Rs 87,000 crore over the next 10 years into a 10,000MW power plant, a commercial port and an industrial cluster. Jalan plans to invest Rs 115 crore in three agro-processing projects</b>.

"Gujarat has shown how to bring investment during an economic slowdown. The government has taken an equity in our project, deferred payment of land price to reduce the burden on the promoter, apart from providing tax sops and full infrastructure support," Jalan said.

Mukherjee praised the "excellent response" from Gujarat and said "the encouraging investment climate in the state" had emboldened him to commit the big bucks.

<b>Mukesh Ambani said the investment rush showed how much "approval" Modi enjoyed in India and abroad, from where 37 countries sent 500-odd delegates</b>.

Even some from the western world appeared eager to be impressed by a riot-tainted politician whom the US had denied a visa.<b> British MP Barry Gardiner, going a step ahead of Tata, said: "Gujarat can lead the world."</b>

There seemed a glint in Modi's eyes as he claimed that Gujaratis have an inborn ability to turn adversity into opportunity. He gave his own formula for success: RACE -- R for low risk, A for alertness of the people, C for low cost and E for efficiency.
<b>It is not too late. If only the BJP leadership has the gumption to meet and declare that Modi is the P.M. candidate, the BJP will be coasting to victory as a Majority party. It will reset the alliance equations everywhere. For example, Jayalalitha would throw out the communists and embrace the BJP. So also Naidu and Chiru and TRS. The focus in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and UP would definitely shift. In Kerala there will be a real political battle of a decisive nature for which the humble Malayalee has been yearning for years. Modi alone is the nightmare for Maino's mafia gang of secularists and commies and lallus and Mulayams and Karus. Assamese and the North-Easterners would definitely regain their lost hope. NRIs would find their pride in foreign lands. And above all the Islamic terrorists and xian proselytisers would be nabbed and punished wherever they hide on this earth.

I know I am day-dreaming (sigh!)</b>
<b>Modi fleet versus Advani rath</b>

Joshua Newtonn

NEW DELHI: One wanders to the left, another to the right. Both are equally in error, but, are seduced by different delusions, so said the ancient Latin lyric poet Horace on politicians.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has a sweet-bitter choice at hand, as the pull of corporate tycoons and the party’s vivacious leadership are in two contrasting directions for the hot seat of Prime Minister. As the BJP began reiterating L K Advani as its choicest candidate for the post, India Inc started pulling the saffron rath in the way of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The timing should amuse us. Former Vice -President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, who was flapping his wings with plans to contest the polls, on Friday stepped out of the fray.

That ought to have cleared the rubble off Advani’s path. BJP’s boys even got busy in the capital city pasting a crore stickers on vehicles that scream: ‘Advani for PM’.

But then pop comes India’s major corporate honchos’ choice: Modiji.

Sparked off by Ratan Tata, and further sparkled by support from Anil Ambani and Sunil Mittal, the name is doing the rounds among influential circles. “If Modi can lead a state so well, imagine how well will he lead the country,” said Ambani. And Mittal piped up to echo the sentiment: “If there is one man who can run the whole nation that is Modi.” So, as choices, could the brand of politics that BJP pursues under these two gentlemen differ? A wooly public perception stops short with the idea that both Advani and Modi belong to the same school of Hindutva.

But a closer look reveals chinks in the theory. Former Deputy Prime Minister Advani believes Hindus are pushed into violence by the sheer political favouritism towards Muslims. His arch enemies he calls pseudo-secularists. On the other hand, Modi proclaims an acidic anti- Muslim policy. Loud and clear.

Apparently, both gentlemen seem dressed up for the occasion. One ensures that the contenders to the hot seat have fallen by the wayside and rallies the entire party behind him.

The other harvests lakhs of crores of rupees as investment and flexes his leadership muscles.

And to stay hip, both took to blogging and began swearing by the nation’s youth. On his website, Modi lauds youth ``having the potential to lead the universe.’’ Advani, on his blog, declares that ``India’s youth can make the 21st century, India’s century.’’ How convenient to forget for a moment that of these two PM aspirants of the BJP, one is as old as the Republic of India. And the other, the more probable one, far and away the older.
Are these corporate guys trying to create tussle inside BJP? From the above article it was Anil Ambani who first said Modi should be PM. But Anil Ambani is a close buddy of Mulayam & Amar Singh!

These opposition and media backed by them are doing everything to belittle Advani.
Neither Modi nor Advani are stupid poeple.
Media is making it out big, with every praise they are adding riots.
<b>How about 'slavery day' on Sonia's birthday: Mayawati</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Lucknow, Jan 15 (IANS) Replying to allegations over a fund collection drive ahead of her birthday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati Thursday targeted each of her rivals and said she could ask her followers to observe Congress chief <b>Sonia Gandhi's birthday as 'slavery day' </b>or Samajwadi Party head <b>Mulayam Singh Yadav's birthday as 'broker day'</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Mayawati is my girl. <!--emo&:bcow--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/b_cowboy.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='b_cowboy.gif' /><!--endemo--> More power to Mayawati.

Amar SIngh should be 'terrorist day'
Satyavrat Chaturvedi removed from Cong spokespersons' post for taking on Amar Singh
"Chaturvedi's name has been dropped from the panel of Spokespersons of the Congress," a senior party leader, who declined to be identified, said.
With the Congress high command sensitive to the concerns of Samajwadi Party, the crucial outside supporter of the government, Chaturvedi found himself in soup for advising Amar Singh to "get himself examined".
Amar Singh, when asked to comment on the development, told reporters that if this was true, he was "grateful" to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi as Chaturvedi had repeatedly dubbed him as a "mental case".
<b>AIADMK to move EC</b>

NT Bureau | Sat, 17 Jan, 2009,03:00 PM
The AIADMK may have lost in the Thirumangalam bye-election. But former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa seems to have not lost her will to fight.

Today she threw the gauntlet at her archrivals, claiming that the DMK secured victory for itself through bogus means. She also said that her party would forward a plea to the Election Commission to conduct an inquiry into the whole election process.

Talking to reporters after she paid floral tributes to the party founder MGR on his 92nd birth anniversary, Jayalalithaa said that certain officials, with vested interests, refused to furnish the required details to her party candidate Muthuramalingam (who will file the complaint to the EC).

She also alleged that the DMK gave ‘bribed’ the voters with goodies like mixie, grinder, gold coins, cell phones. Pointing out that the street gossip make it that the DMK had spent around Rs.100 crore on the election, she alleged that, on an average, Rs.7000 was spent on each voter.

Encouraging the party cadres to be enthusiastic and work hard to ensure victory for AIADMK in both the State and Parliament elections to be held, she said that the State would face elections even before the ruling DMK ended its full term of office.

‘Probably, both the State and Parliamentary elections would be held simulatenously,’ she said. Describing the victory of DMK in the Tirumangalam constituency as artificial, Jayalalithaa wondered how the poll turnout was 30 per cent in the last one hour of the election.

Pointing out that Election Commissioner Naresh Gupta was honest, she, however, alleged that the DMK government hindered the smooth and effective functioning of the Election Commission.

On the Sri Lankan issue, Jayalalithaa said the party wanted all the Tamils in the island nations to live in peace and get equal societal status like the Sinhalese. She also accused the LTTE of using the Tamils as protective shell while fighting with the Lankan army.

On the Satyam issue, Jayalalithaa wondered why the Central government which sought an inquiry into it failed to do so on the spectrum issue. Asked about the possibility of she contesting in Parliament elections, Jayalalithaa said she wouldn’t.

Flattery, please; who wants friends?
Andhra Pradesh is rife with thuggery. There is one business group which claims a Rs 1,800-crore turnover in steel. It has only one small problem. It has no steel plant. A second company has got contracts for irrigation projects from the Andhra Government worth Rs 15,000 crore, but has a working capital of only Rs 55 crore. Do the math, and you know that there are ghost projects hovering all over the State. Another company in the same racket (co-owned by a ruling politician’s son) has Rs 12,000 crore worth of projects on its order books and a working capital limit of only Rs 50 crore from a nationalised bank.

You might ask, legitimately, why newspapers do not expose this odious stink. The price of independence is high. When the chairman of the Eenadu group, Mr Ramoji Rao, refused to be Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rajasekhar Reddy’s lackey, the State Government went after his businesses with vicious ferocity. Every instrument of coercion in the State Government, the Union Finance Ministry, the Registrar of companies, the Income Tax Department and even the Reserve Bank of India, was used against Mr Ramoji Rao’s Margadarsi Financiers. When this did not break Mr Rao, bulldozers were sent to demolish permanent structures in his Ramoji Film City on the excuse that they were built on land assigned to weaker sections. Quite clever, that: Not only does Mr Rajasekhar Reddy bludgeon the media, but he tries and milks it for votes as well!
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Flattery, please; who wants friends?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
This is scam involved Congress Party, and Babus of state and Central Government. Success of this scam till now is not that easy.
Most interesting, how beautifully they are coverning this scam with the help of Congress Party and Babus.
J&K woman files rape complaint against LeT man
JAMMU: In the face of two-decade-old insurgency in J&K, not many have mustered courage to do what Nadia Begum (name changed) has done.

Begum, a resident of Zainidal in Doda district, not only mustered courage to register a complaint against a LeT terrorist for raping her, but also dealt him blows during an identification parade.

Doda SSP Prabhat Singh described Begum's courage as exemplary. Begum, a mother of three, registered a complaint with Bhaderwah police on Sunday after she learnt that police had arrested one of her tormentors, Imtiyaz Ahmed, on January 18.

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