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Radicalisation Of Indian Muslims -2
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Apr 20 2008, 10:04 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Apr 20 2008, 10:04 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-Harshvardan+Apr 20 2008, 10:44 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Harshvardan @ Apr 20 2008, 10:44 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Agnivesh is an fake Swami who was kicked out from the Arya samaj and has now found employment in some pseudo secular outfit and is their official pointsman against Hindus.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I guess this b@st@rd wrote his own wikipedia entry.

Check out this garbage -
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->He also led a provocation against denying <b>Native Indians</b> (Untouchables) entry into Hindu temples.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Native Indians? As opposed to....?? This fraud is in the pockets of xtianislamics.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
It is an standard tactic used by pseudo-seculars on the web to present themsleves as crusaders fighting for the 'oppresed' people. The list is huge and includes self appointed historians like romila thapar, cnn-ibn devil karan thapar, cricket 'historian' ramchandra guha who funnily lectures american audiences on 'dalit' issues rather than on cricket.

For these cretins their online image is more important since their money comes from foreign sources who need to be kept happy by constantly mud slinging on the indian nation.
<b>There is no Islamic terrorism in India: Muslim Activist Teesta Setalvad</b> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Terror camps, Pak flags in Karnataka jungles</b>
2 Feb 2008, 0009 hrs IST,MANU AIYAPPA,TNN

Pakistani flags in Karnataka woods surrounded by religious shrines (TOI Photo)

KALGHATGI (DHARWAD): Terrorist training camps may be closer to home than the distant mountains in Pakistan.

This chilling evidence came to light during the interrogation of three Islamist radicals arrested recently - Riyazuddin Nasir alias Mohammed Ghouse, Asadullah Abu Bakar and Mohammed Asif.

The investigators have unearthed a thick forest area bordering Dharwad and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka, which was used to train terrorists in the use of firearms. The three youths arrested by anti-terror police in Hubli and Davanagere a fortnight ago allegedly received weapons training in these woods which are surrounded by religious shrines.

Sources said this could well be the first time that a terrorist camp used by self-proclaimed Islamist fundamentalists has been detected in southern India, where a spate of terror attacks in the last few years, such as the ones in Hyderabad's Mecca mosque and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, have sensitized police to Islamist terrorism. It exposes a serious chink in the country's intelligence armour but also opens the door to getting answers on why and how Bangalore engineer Kafeel Ahmed transformed into the Glasgow bomber and his brother, Dr Sabeel Ahmed, joined in the UK terror plot.

Investigations led by DSP S V D'Souza revealed that the radicals were taking camping trips to the woods for "initial training as terrorists". During a raid, the officials noticed Pakistani flags flying and had them removed.

The details of the camp have been passed on to Central intelligence agencies. "The existence of the camp and the fact that the likes of prime suspect Mohammed Ghouse allegedly worked for a terror organization in Pakistan through intermediaries is of vital importance for intelligence agencies," an investigating official said.

Not only does it prove that the terrorist network is wider in southern India than imagined, it also establishes links between various terror attacks across the country, including the sensational strikes at IISc in Bangalore, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad.

Given the sensitivity of the matter, the police are keeping investigation details a secret. Sources said that investigators have spent the last few days trying to establish who was running the camp and who were the men being trained. They are also trying to establish the operation for which these people were being trained.

A local police officer said the three accused revealed that they had established base in Kalghatgi and were preparing for a jihadi strike. Ghouse and his accomplice Abu Bakar frequently visited Kalghatgi along with Asif, a MBBS student. Here they met about 20 young radicals who were being taught the use of small arms and double barrel guns.

<b>Muslim militants from manipur arrested in Mysore(Karnataka)</b>

New Delhi: Militants from the Northeast have been arrested in Karnataka.

Six militants of the People's United Liberation Front (PULF) were arrested in Mysore on Sunday.

They are wanted for 12 murders and in several bomb blast cases. It was a joint operation by the Manipur and Mysore Police.

The Manipur police was led by Imphal Superintendent of Police Radhe Shyam Singh.

The arrests were made from a lounge in the heart of the city in the presence of an Intelligence Bureau team.

Reports say the PULF general secretary, deputy commander-in-chief, finance secretary, publicity secretary and chief of army are among those arrested.

<b>They have been identified as Mohammad Islaodin, Mohammad Naseer Khan, Mohammad Abdul Jabbar, Mohammad Nurjaman, Mohammad Nur Safi and Mohammad Mustapha.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
More antics by followers of the religion of "peace":
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->TMMK volunteers arrested for defying ban

Special Correspondent

They tried to enter fort to offer worship in mosque inside 

VELLORE: Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam volunteers, including its State president M.H. Jawahirullah, were arrested in front of the fort in Officers’ Line here on Friday when they tried to defy the ban imposed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and enter the fort to offer worship in the mosque inside. Mr. Jawahirullah had announced that the TMMK would mobilise its members from all over Vellore district to “capture” the nearly two centuries-old mosque inside the fort and offer namaaz on May 9 if the ASI did not throw open the mosque for worship before April 30.

The ASI stuck to its stand that it could not grant the permission as the mosque was not being used for worship when the fort was declared a monument in 1921.

About 7,000 volunteers from different districts congregated here on Friday for the “worship agitation.” The procession, which started from Bangalore Road and the Old Bypass Road junction at 11.45 a.m. reached the junction of Officers’ Line and Bangalore Road by noon.

Despite the presence of a posse of policemen, the volunteers surged ahead towards the fort. They were stopped in front of the old bus stand.

Mr. Jawahirullah appealed to the volunteers to maintain discipline and perform namaaz on the main since the police had denied permission to enter the fort. He claimed that worship was going on in the mosque ever since it was built in 1750. The fort was a symbol of India’s secularism since it had the Jalakanteswarar Temple, St. John’s Church and the mosque.

Mr. Jawahirullah said the condition of the fort today was not the same as it was in 1921, since several government buildings had been allowed to be built by the ASI inside the fort. “We have been forced to fight on the streets since all our democratic pleas for worship were turned down. This agitation is only a rehearsal. The time for worship in the fort mosque is not far off”, he said.

N. Arivuselvam, SP, Vellore district, told The Hindu that 2500 persons were arrested. All of them were released in the evening.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Vellore: Let communal amity prevail

B R Haran | Sun, 11 May, 2008,01:14 PM
Vellore, the famous town in North Arcot District of Tamilnadu, has been famous for communal amity.

The town carries a considerable section of Muslim and Christian population apart from the majority Hindus who all coexist peacefully.
The town has a historical importance, as it was a happening place during Islamic and British rules notwithstanding the Hindu Kings’ tenures before Islamic and British invasions.

One of the most vibrant spots of the town is the famous ‘Vellore Fort’, which witnessed the ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ in 1806. This fort was built by the Reddy brothers (Bomma Reddy and Thimma Reddy), who were Nayakar Chieftains under the great Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagaram, during the 16th century.

The fort comprises the ancient Jalakandeswarar Temple, a Church built by the British and an Islamic structure built by Tipu sultan as a makeshift prayer house after demolishing another Amman (Nagalamman) Temple, apart from a few government offices and a police training centre.

The fort is surrounded by a beautiful moat (‘Agazhi’ in Tamil), which never dries due to the presence of an eternal spring inside.

Though the Jalakandeswarar Temple was enhanced by a superior construction during Krishnadeva Raya’a period, the Hindu religious scholars are of the opinion that the deity is a ‘Swayambu Lingam’ belonging to ‘Dwapara Yuga”’ The worship in the Temple was suspended during the presence of Tipu Sultan as he desecrated it, though the shrewd Hindus saved the deities.

After the times of Tipu Sultan the prayer house has remained idle and prayers have never been conducted there until now.  During the British period, a Church was also constructed inside.

In the early twenties (1921), the fort and the entire complex were taken over by the ASI.  In 1981, after consistent and long drawn efforts, the Hindus brought back the deities from the safe custodial place (Sathuvachari near Vellore) and installed them in their respective places and consecrated the temple with the help of the then District Collector Gangappa and since then the prayers, poojas and festivities have become a regular affair.

With the recent passage of a resolution in the Vellore Municipality for allowing Muslims to conduct prayers inside the so-called mosque, the TMMK (Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam) had given a call for the community to congregate at Vellore on  9 May to conduct a massive Friday Namaaz.

Organisations like Hindu Munnani and Hindu Makkal Kacthi have protested against this plan. The point to note here is that, the TMMK is an ally of the ruling DMK and the Vellore Municipality in dominated by the DMK and its allies.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi had declared that it would conduct a ‘Kaavikkodi Poraattam’ (Saffron Flag Demonstration) at the fort. After seeing the resentment from the Hindu organisations, the Chief Minister, while replying to the demand made by Congress MLA Gnanasekaran in the State Assembly, who wanted the Muslims to be permitted, had said that the State government could not do anything and that only the centre could decide as the fort is maintained by the ASI.

Though the Chief Minister has the capacity to convince his trusted ally TMMK to refrain from politicising the issue, he had kept conspicuous silence after passing the buck to the Centre.

The State Police acted with alacrity and arrested cadres belonging to both TMMK and HMK as a preventive measure on Thursday evening.

Unprecedented security was also arranged in and around the fort with more than 2000 security personnel. Riot control vehicles, ambulances and fire engines were deployed and most of the district senior police officers were available on the spot.

When thousands of TMMK cadres from rest of Tamilnadu congregated and when they tried to get near the fort, the police prevented them.

As they could not go near the fort, the TMMK cadres did ‘namaaz’ on the road from 12.30 pm to 12.45 pm and later the police arrested thousand of those cadres and released them in the evening. Hundreds of HMK activists were also arrested and released later.

Arjun Sampath, President of Hindu Makkal Katchi had said, ‘the TMMK’s action is uncalled for and unwarranted. In the early eighties, when the Hindus strived hard to restart worshipping inside the temple, the Muslims led by the late Abdul Samad had given in writing that they do not intend to conduct prayers inside the so-called mosque, as they have a full fledged mosque and a Dharga just out side the fort close to the moat. We have regained the worshipping rights through a long drawn battle. Also, the Muslims have never used the prayer house as a place of worship. As the local Jamaath leaders have come out against the TMMK in the interest of communal amity, in appreciation of their welcome gesture, we also wanted to withdraw our protest demo, but as the TMMK was unrelenting, we decided to stay put. It has become a habit for the TMMK to play politics and create problems for Hindus, with the connivance of the ruling party’.

Jaishankar, another leader of HMK had said, ‘the local Muslims co-exist with us peacefully and they are not interested in conducting prayers inside the prayer house, which could not be called as a real mosque. They are happy and satisfied with the mosque, which already exists outside the fort near the moat.

There is another village Vilaankulam near Arcot, where ASI maintains a Mosque and a Cave Temple (Pandavar Gugai). Respecting the ASI’s orders we have left the cave temple as it is, as prayers have never been conducted there.

Why is the TMMK not showing any interest in the mosque there? Why does it always create problems near temple locales? We welcome, appreciate and thank the genuine stand of DMMK (Dravida Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam) and the local Jamaath, who were against the TMMK’.

Sources said that thirty percent of Vellore’s population is made of Muslims and they hold most of the businesses in the town and the majority Hindus are their customers. Hence the local Muslims have been living with the Hindus in absolute peace and they have never allowed the extremist elements like Al Umma, TMMK and MNP to set up bases there. It seems there is an internal fight between TMMK (DMK ally) and Thouheed Jamath (inclined towards AIADMK) as to who represents the majority of Muslims in the state. As the Thouheed Jamaath has been organising a big event in Thanjavur, the TMMK had tried to utilise this Vellore issue to counter it.

The Vellore episode is also seen as a ‘drama’ enacted together by both the DMK and TMMK. But, communal amity and peace have prevailed over the nefarious designs of TMMK, thanks to the DMMK and local clerics. 

Note that this so called "prayer house" of the Muslims is actualy a desecrated Hindu place of worship by the fanatic Tipu Sultan (whom seculars and misguided Hindus portray as a patriot when he was just your usual bigoted Muslim ruler).
<b>Not just a claim, a manifesto for jihad</b>
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Not just a claim, a manifesto for jihad

Praveen Swami

E-mail sent by the Jaipur bombers offers glimpses into the mind of terror.

Ever since newspaper and television stations received an e-mail from the terrorists who carried out the Jaipur serial bombings, commentators have busied themselves searching for messages hidden amidst its text.

In fact, the e-mail couldn’t be more transparent: as its authors assert at its outset, the document mailed to the media quite simply is the “Indian Mujahideen’s Declaration of Open War Against India.”

Given the stark fact that the bicycles shown in the video attached to the Indian Mujahideen e-mail were those used to execute the Jaipur serial bombings, there can be little doubt the message is credible.

It would be misleading, though, to understand the e-mail only as a claim of responsibility. Like a similar document issued by the Indian Mujahideen after the bombings of three trial-court buildings in Uttar Pradesh last year, the e-mail is — despite its crude style and poor spelling — a political manifesto.
Mixed motives

According to the authors of the e-mail, the bombings were carried out to meet two purposes: first, to “blow part your tourism structure” and, second, to “demolish your faith in the dirty mud, in the name of Hanuman, Sita [and] Ram”.

At its outset, the e-mail links the attacks in Jaipur to the broader global jihad, warning the “USA and [Great] Britain in particular that [that] we Muslims are one across the globe.” Although there is no reference to the Islamist campaigns in Afghanistan or Iraq, the e-mail threatens that western visitors to India “will be welcomed by our suicide attackers.”

But the e-mail is, for the most part, concerned with explaining just why the Indian Mujahideen are conducting terrorist attacks. Violence, the e-mail states, is a means to “to clearly give our message to Kuffar-e-Hind [the infidels of India] that if Islam and Muslims in this country are not safe then the light of your safety will also go off very soon”.

Perpetrators of anti-Muslim violence “got promotions and are enjoying good government support,” the e-mail notes. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi “who gave the orders to kill the Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 won two consecutive terms of Vidhan Sabha [sic.]. Babu Bajrangi who killed the Muslim women in their pregnancy and kept their child on spear is moving freely in Gujarat.”

However, the e-mail continues, “modest Muslims who went for the revenge [sic.] of the demolition of the Babri Masjid were arrested and tortured.” “Others,” it says in a reference to the perpetrators of past Islamist terror attacks, “who fled away from India are now being brought back from different countries of the world.”

In its tenor, the e-mail is almost identical to an e-mail sent out by the Indian Mujahideen just minutes after the trial court attacks in Uttar Pradesh. On that occasion, the group had asserted that the 1992-1993 pogrom in Mumbai and the 2002 carnage in Gujarat “forced us to take strong stand against this injustice and all other wounds given by the idol worshipers of India.”
Attack on clerics

Some of the sharpest invective in the document, interestingly, is reserved for the clerics who issued an unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in February. After two days of discussions held at the historic Dar-ul-Uloom seminary in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, the clerics had said terrorism was “un-Islamic,” and called on Indian Muslims to “continue their loyalty towards their motherland.”

Describing the clerics as “dogs,” a “bunch of cowards”, “puppets of Hinduism” and “ullema-e-Kuffar”, or the disbeliever’s clergy, the e-mail interrogates “what terrorism is all about and who is a terrorist”. Who, it asks, are the terrorists: the “Hindus who killed the Muslims in Gujarat [and] Maharashtra or us who took revenge [qisas] through serial blast in Mumbai local trains?”

Citing from the Koran and the Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet, the Indian Mujahideen argues its actions have theological legitimacy. Scriptural calls for forgiveness relied on by the Deoband clerics, it says, are only relevant after a decisive military victory. Dialogue, it continues, is futile: “there is no existence of compromise between a believer and a non-believer.”

Islamic law, the e-mail asserts, allows the use of collective retaliation against civilians if they are infidels. Given that “a single [Muslim] home is attacked by thousands of [Hindu] terrorists, [a] single woman is raped by hundreds of men,” it becomes legitimate for “the mujahideen to go to any extent or use anything to crush the dignity and power of the enemy.”

According to the e-mail, all Indians are legitimate targets because “they have willingly elected their leaders and representatives in Parliament who draw up the policies which murder our children, dishonour our women, occupy our houses and plunder our wealth.” Moreover, Hindus “fund the terrorist organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Shiv Sena.”

In its hostility to the Deoband clerics’ declaration, the e-mail is one with most south Asian jihadists. Soon after the declaration was issued, the Jamait ul-Mujahideen rejected it as “poison for all Islamic movements in the world.” For its part, the United Jihad Council said the declaration was “one-sided,” and promised to continue the jihad “until the Day of Doom.”
Questions of authorship

Just who might the Indian Mujahideen — and the authors of the e-mail — actually be? It is hard to say for certain, but some experts believe the name is drawn from the Mujahideen Islam e-Hind — a group of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Students Islamic Movement of India-linked terrorists who bombed inter-city trains on December 6, 1993, the first anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

One of the architects of those bombings, Mohammad Tufail Husaini, is still active in Uttar Pradesh. Interestingly, Nalagonda resident Azam Ghauri, one of the co-founders of the Lashkar in India, also had set up an organisation with aims and a name, similar to the Indian Mujahideen. Ghauri’s Indian Muslim Mohammadi Mujahideen carried out several bombings in Andhra Pradesh.

Like SIMI, the Indian Mujahideen represents itself as an authentic Indian movement: its first e-mail was at pains to point out the group were “not any foreign mujahideen.” The e-mail’s language seems heavily influenced by SIMI, which called on its cadre to wage a jihad against India eight years ago. SIMI posters also called on Muslims to emulate the acts of Mahmud Ghaznavi.

Another SIMI-lined Harkat ul-Jihad-e-Islami operative is known to have used the pseudonym ‘Guru’ in the past—a fact of significance since both Indian Mujahideen manifestos have been signed ‘Guru al-Hindi’. According to the interrogation records of HUJI operative Jalaluddin Mollah, a large consignment of military-grade explosive was delivered to ‘Guru’ in 2005.

Mollah, who used the code-name ‘Babu Bhai,’ told his interrogators that he had trained with ‘Guru’ at a HUJI-run facility in Bangladesh, and later accompanied him to Karachi. Investigators were able to determine that ‘Guru’ had earlier stayed in the neighbourhood where the first Indian Mujahideen e-mail was sent — but were unable to establish if he was its author.

Finding the author of the e-mail, though, is less important than addressing the issues it has raised — and ensuring the Islamist jihad does not gain legitimacy because of the Indian state’s failures.

(Spellings and grammar from the Indian Mujahideen e-mail have been edited for ensuring readability.)

Already posted in the post just above yours.

I posted the pdf before, but I don't think it had the section on the history of clashes since 1952.

Reading it pisses me off, the father lost 4 of his sons trying to prevent takeover of temple lands, the rest of the Hindus seem to have looked on impotently.

The shameless DMK scum had the police arrest the only surviving son Sakthi Pandian on trumped up charges.

Until the rest of the noncaring Hindus are hit personally by this worldwide Islamic fanaticism they will look on dumbly while the whole family is wiped out.
<!--QuoteBegin-Bharatvarsh+May 19 2008, 04:01 PM-->QUOTE(Bharatvarsh @ May 19 2008, 04:01 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Until the rest of the noncaring Hindus are hit personally by this worldwide Islamic fanaticism they will look on dumbly while the whole family is wiped out.
I might have said it before that it may be a sign of times, Hindus are really spineless people with absolutely no sense of community. They still act like they're in Mughal times, being 80% majority and behaving like servile dhimmis. Some worthless "Hindus" actually commend such inaction as being true, peaceful nature of Hindus and brand veers like the Pandian bros as being violent detractors. A swift response like post-Godhra riots would silence the bearded ones for a decade or two. I'm actually from Thenkasi and ashamed of such idleness exhibited by Hindus.
Is there anybody raising funds to help those brave Pandyan families in TN? All that I can do now is to support them finacially so that they can produce and raise many children like them.
What a precarious situation. Tirunelveli is a southernmost district after Kanyakumari and shares a border with Kerala. So it is home to big Muslim population that comes in to settle in the border towns and villages. Thenkasi being one of them. I hope the Hindu Munnani acquires more clout in that area, it needs to be a mini-Gujarat inside TN.


Ashyam I don't know any personally, but I assume you are aware of Aravindan Neelakandan, he may know them personally or at least have contacts:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->From: Aravindan Neelakandan
Date: Feb 5, 2008 9:25 PM
Subject: Tamil Nadu : Jehadhi Raj

Dear sir,

Please find attached background information on Thenkasi.
Recently at Thenkasi RSS office was attacked by unknown persons with pipe bombs (actually a tell-tale sign of Jehadhi terrorists).
But the police have arrested Ravi Pandiyan a Hindu activist and the brother of slain Hindu Front leader Kumara Pandiyan.
Tamil Nadu police have been thoroughly demoralised by Karunanidhi whose son and his associates have been alleedly involved in recent 'suicide' of a Dalit nurse who was found hanging in the friend of DMK leader's house. Yet state police made sure Karunanidhi's son or his friends were not affected. Please also find attached a letter to the editor of The New Indian Express (Feb-06-2007) that reveals the extent to which police in Tamil Nadu has become demoralized. In these circumstances it is no wonder that victims of bomb blast have been made accused and conspiracy theory of the worst kind has been made by the police. No need to tell that this will affect the Hindu organizations and morale of our workers. The family of Ravi Pandiyan -now arrested as accused in RSS office bomb blast case- has already lost four brothers in the cause of protecting Hindu temple land from being encroached. The family now has three widows, eight children and Ravi was the only bread winner and they are economically  below-average family. Please create awareness against this injustice meted out to a valiant HIndu family of martyrs and the Jehadhi-Goonda Raj that Karunanidhi is running in Tamil Nadu.
[Some more info: For the last few years Thenkasi has been darkly transforming itself into a hotbed of Jehadhi terrorism. The Jehadhi groups have been slowly but steadily building a lasting infrastructure in this sleepy town. Thenkasi is strategically situated in a place close to a tourist spot (Kurtalam) and can serve as an excellent linking route for networking with the already well established Kerala-Saudhi-Paki terror networks. This makes Thenkasi very important for Jehadhi elements. The murder of Kumara Pandyan and subsequent murder of his brothers on the eve of Pakistan independence day of 2007 and now the use of pipe-bombs at RSS office attack just as the accused in the murders case are being produced in the court - they all show that Jehadhi infrastructure in Thirunelveli district in general and Thenkasi in particular has attained the critical mass of the ability to strike at will. This Jehadhi terror achivement could not have happened but for the lenient and almost patronizing attitude of the present Tamil Nadu government. For proof one just has to look at Indian Express report dated August 7 2006. The report says, "Barely two weeks after it was sworn in, Tamil Nadu's DMK government ordered that cases be dropped against 12 Muslim fundamentalists, all followers of Kichaan Buhari, an Al Umma sympathizer and key accused in the Coimbatore serial blasts. ...Senior policemen in Tirunelveli are shocked by what they term the DMK government's "blatant sympathy" for the Muslim fundamentalists." Then began Taliban style execution of women in Thirunelveli district. Muslim women were killed in public and in day light by killer squads for daring to oppose medieval laws belonging to a dark age. Police turned either mute witnesses or belated actors making ineffectual arrests. TMMK - a highly valued coalition partner of DMK and a Talban outfit- demanded that stoning women to death be made  legal  in India (Indian Express, 26-Mar-2007). It is again not just an accident that the LeToiba terrorists who last year failed to bomb Delhi were headed for Chennai and recently nabbed Kashmiri terrorist based in Kerala (Altab) had contacts in Chennai]

Please do this - Hindus of Tamil Nadu shall be indebted to you for ever.

S.Aravindan Neelakandan

I mailed him and asked him about it, am waiting for a response, will inform u guys when i get a response.

Also there seem to be other families in Kannur for whom assistance is needed, check:

Thanks Braratvarsh.

Any suggestions, how I can send money without revealing my identity people around recipients?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Any suggestions, how I can send money without revealing my identity people around recipients? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I am not sure about that, G. Sub may know.

Unfortunately i got a failure to deliver notice about my mail to Aravindan, seems like his email account has been disabled, I will have to find another account thats active and mail again.
<!--QuoteBegin-ashyam+May 19 2008, 11:02 PM-->QUOTE(ashyam @ May 19 2008, 11:02 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thanks Braratvarsh.

Any suggestions, how I can send money without revealing my identity people around recipients?

I emailed the Hindu Munnani website, hopefully they will reply. It won't be too hard to find him, I'm going there next summer. I'll contact you then.
Believe this is from Deccan Chronicle....

<b>Sleeper cells still active </b>

Bengaluru, May 26: The Karnataka police appears to be blissfully sleeping over an intelligence report which has alerted them to the existence of three terror modules and various sleeper cells in the state.<b>The state intelligence bureau’s report states that the “sleeper cells” have been “recommissioned”</b> and the state needs to be vigilant against possible terror attacks, mostly masterminded by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

“It is clearly mentioned in the report that there are two terror modules by the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operating across the country. Its modules in India have been divided into the western and southern corridor and the eastern and northern corridor,” officials said. The official assessment of the intelligence sleuths and the recent court blasts in Hubli have indicated the involvement of even banned organisations like the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (Simi).

<b>What is a sleeper cell?</b>

A sleeper cell is a small group of operatives specifically raised to undertake a terrorist strike. The cell consists of persons who will actually undertake the strike, and some others who will provide logistics such as smuggling in the weapons, storing them safely, or providing a hideout for those who will actually undertake the strike. These are called sleeper cells because its members are specially trained or have a natural aptitude for maintaining a low profile and not attract attention.

Tension in Meerut over triple murder

Meerut: Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh observed a shutdown on Thursday to protest a gruesome triple murder blamed on a family linked to the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) a week ago.

According to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Satya Prakash Agarwal, the shutdown was called by several political parties because of the revulsion over the way the young men were murdered.

The prime accused, Hazi Izlal, son of Hazi Iqbal, has reportedly confessed to the police that he killed the victims, who had earlier asked him not to harass a girl, at his house on May 22.

Izlal allegedly beheaded them, gouged out their eyes and shot them in the head. Their bodies were thrown into the Hindon river at Baleni in Baghpat district. The bodies were found the next day.

Those killed were Punit Giri, a nephew of Delhi Police inspector Girish Giri, Sunil Dhaka, a brother of Delhi Police constable Anil Dhaka, and Sudhir Ujjwal, their friend.

Raj Kumar Sangwan, a Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) leader, explained what happened: "Izlal's mother Zubeda had contested the mayoral election on BSP ticket. But she lost to Madhu Gurjar.

"Izlal was an aspirant for BSP ticket for the coming assembly elections. He was infatuated by the daughter of a retired army officer.

"The boys had requested Izlal not to harass her. This angered him. He decided to teach them a lesson."

Sangwan said lawyers in Baghpat thrashed Izlal when he was produced in the court.

Senior Superintendent Police Alok Singh said: "We have arrested Izlal and recovered a revolver, two mobile phones and a car from his possession. We are applying the National Security Act and Gangster Act on him."

Thursday's shutdown was called by the BJP, RLD, Samajwadi Party and the Congress as well as student groups.

Source: Indo-Asian News Service
<b>RSS HQ security tightened</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NAGPUR: Security was beefed up especially around Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters in Mahal after Students Islamic Movement of India issued a threat targetting a stadium in Jalgaon recently. The banned outfit has earlier issued threats to blow up LIC building in Mumbai and trains in north India.

Following the recent threats and Jaipur blast, city police has already received a wireless message from Mumbai headquarters alerting the unit.

Recently, top brass of city police started focussing on the surveillance in the city, especially at crowded areas, putting the bomb detection and disposal squad into increased service. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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