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Radicalisation Of Indian Muslims -2
Post 40 by k.ram is far more important. But here's something ridiculous I found today:

Clerics in India Dismiss Quran Ringtones (Sydney morning herald)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muslim clerics at a leading seminary in India have asked people to refrain from using verses from the Quran as ringtones for their mobile phones, saying the practice was un-Islamic.

Quran verses "are not meant for entertainment," said Mohammed Asumin Qazmi, an official at the Dar-ul Uloom seminary in the northern Indian town of Deoband. "Anyone who persists in using these should be ostracized from society."
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Many users consider the religious tunes a reminder of their faith.

"Whenever my phone rings, I hear these verses that stress the values of hard work and honesty, and I feel closer to my religion," bank manager Faiz Siddaqui said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Welcome to the Kafir club, Faiz.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Large sections of Muslims in India then had rejected Jinnah  and his concept of
non-compatibility of  Muslims with Hindus. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They showed this rejection then by voting for the same Jinnah and his Muslim league overwhelmingly, by butchering Hindus on Direct Action Day at Jinnah's announcement and by ethnic cleansing West Pakistan wholesale of Hindus and Sikhs, indeed a strange way of showing rejection.
<!--QuoteBegin-k.ram+Nov 23 2006, 05:06 AM-->QUOTE(k.ram @ Nov 23 2006, 05:06 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Islamic Fundamentals for Hindu Dummies</b>
Subramanian Swamy
The minority Hindu areas of the municipality were thus denied civic amenities, funds for schools, garbage clearing etc., and <b>sent notices in Urdu</b>. Hindus were bluntly told convert to Islam if they wanted civic facilities. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Why don't the Hindu organizations in TN play the same card that dravidianists played decades ago.

Start major agitations for Tamil and against Urdu with these evidences. Dravidianists will be forced to remove Urdu and the message will also go to Hindus in TN.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>2 fined for outraging Hindu sentiment </b>
Staff Reporter | New Delhi
<b>A city court on Saturday imposed a fine of Rs 14,500 each on two men, charged with publishing a communally-inflammatory article on disputed Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid issue nine years ago in a news weekly.</b>

Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Kumar Gautam convicted Khalid Sabir (58) and Mohammed Ateeq Siddiqui (62) for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and race, making assertions prejudicial to national integration and outraging the religious feelings of a class of people.

<b>"On reading of the whole article, it can be held that the same can promote enmity between the Hindu and Muslim communities and can disturb public tranquility and is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony," the court said. "The perusal of the article in question shows that the same has been written to outrage feelings and beliefs of the Hindus who belong to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad," the court held.</b>

However, considering the facts that they were of old age, first-time offenders and have published a regret note before the registration of an FIR, the court did not sentence them to any prison term.

According to a complaint filed by VHP activist Pawan Arora, the convicts published an article on July 26, 1997 titled as 'Construction of an illegal Ram Mandir in Ayodhya - where Babri Mosque fell - goes on' in a weekly journal News From India.
Khalid Sabir is a resident of Allahabad while Mohd Ateeq Siddiqui is from Delhi
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muslim MPs seek separate IITs, IIMs

Shubhajit Roy
Posted online: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 0409 hours IST

New Delhi, December 19: In a significant development after the tabling of the Sachar report, Muslim MPs, cutting across party lines, today handed over a wishlist of sorts to Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh: IITs and IIMs exclusively for Muslims, 5,000 schools, 2 lakh scholarships and more campuses of the Aligarh Muslim University across the country.

The wishlist came from some 10 Muslim MPs who were called for an interaction at the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre in the Capital. The meeting was also attended by HRD Minister of State Mohd Ali Ashraf Fatmi and senior officials. Sources pointed out that despite the low turnout of Muslim MPs — only 10 out of 50-plus showed up — there was active participation.

Fatmi, who heads the HRD Ministry’s high-level committee on Muslim education, told The Indian Express: “There was frank discussion with the MPs, ranging from primary to higher education. They came up with interesting ideas.” Sources said the MPs asked for setting up 2,000 Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) exclusively for Muslim children, of which 1,000 should be for boys and another 1,000 for girls.

Since Muslim girls have a poor track record in primary education, the MPs demanded 3,000 residential schools for Muslim girls on the lines of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas. They asked for setting up of four campuses each of Aligarh Muslim University and Maulana Azad National Urdu University across the country and scholarships for 2 lakh Muslim students, especially in higher education, so that needy students can study.

A senior HRD official, present at the meeting, said, “The MPs said since IITs and IIMs have less than 2 per cent of Muslim students, the HRD Ministry should create IITs and IIMs exclusively for Muslim children.” Urdu schools, they also demanded, should be given adequate infrastructure support. “Minority-run societies and NGOs, if they wish to open schools, should be given CBSE affiliation without any delay,” an MP demanded. The MPs said that these suggestions should get reflected in the forthcoming budget as well as the Eleventh Plan. The HRD Ministry panel on Muslim education is expected to submit a report by January 31.

Anyone making such demands should be kicked into the land of pure that is reserved for traitors like them.
Create separate school, roads, laws, hospital and country..... Well in 1947 Britishers did great job by creating seperate country for them, they are welcome to go to either Pakistan or Bangladesh.
Just leave.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Mangalore tense over killing of BJP leader

A BJP leader was hacked to death near Mangalore early on Friday, triggering tension in the area, which had witnessed unprecedented communal riots in October.

Mulki-Moodbidri BJP general secretary Sukhanand Shetty (32), was hacked to death by unidentified men at his office in Kulai. Shetty, a panchayat member of Mulki, was an active member of local Hindu organisations such as Bajrang Dal, Hindu Sene, etc. He was on his way to his office when about five to six unidentified men who came in a Tamil Nadu registered car attacked him with sickles and choppers. In the first week of October, a group had tried to murder him at a lonely place near Mulki, but he had managed to escape then. Several protests were held demanding the arrest of the accused. SP B Dayanand has already rushed to the spot. The coastal city of Mangalore, a saffron bastion, had observed bandhs for several days in October following communal violence when some of Bajarang Dal activists tried to prevent illegal transportation and slaughter of cattle.

Some more info here:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muslims ploy to eliminate staunch Hindu leaders in Karnataka

Mangalore: After the murder of staunch Hindu leader Shri. Sukhanand Shetty, there has been atmosphere of terror in the State of Karnataka. The police have so far nabbed 9 persons in connection with the killing, out of them 3 are directly connected to the crime and all 9 persons are Muslims. It has been unearthed in the police interrogations that a Muslim mafia has made a plan to eliminate all Hindu leaders in Karnataka. A list of Hindu leaders has been obtained by the police. It has also been learnt that a Muslim goon named Maduru Isubu has collected over a crore of rupees from various Muslim businessmen to execute the plan.

The 2nd link has very graphic pictures of his body.
Foil attempts of BJP to regain power: ISM

Special Correspondent

Call to formulate scheme for social development of Muslim women

# ISM says BJP claim to rebuild Ram Temple is hollow
# Islamic seminar concludes today

KOZHIKODE: The youth wing of Mujahid organisation has called for united action to foil the attempts being made by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to regain power. The State council of the organisation, Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen (ISM), held in Kozhikode gave a call for strong joint action to thwart the BJP's move to come back to power "by strengthening its (BJP's) militant and terrorist activities," the ISM State council said. The ISM is the youth of the Mujahid organisation Kerala Naduvthul Mujahideen led by T.P. Abdulla Koya Madhani.

The State council also appealed to the <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>"Hindu brethren to recognise the hollow claim of the BJP," made at its recent national council meeting in Lucknow, to rebuild the Ram temple in Ayodhya. It said the BJP had not done so though it was in power at the Centre for five years.</span> The State council meeting was inaugurated on Tuesday by ISM State president Aboobacker Karakunnu.

The ISM call comes at a time when an international exhibition on Islam is under way in Kozhikode. A seminar held part of the exhibition has urged the Government to evolve a programme for social development of Muslim women. Stressing the urgent need to have a social security cover for women, the participants in the seminar also voiced concern over the growing tendency to use women as a commodity for advertisements.
<b>Nothing sacred: Pilgrimage to Mecca is on sale</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But a Cobrapost and IBN 7 investigation found that even this holy trip to Mecca can bought by paying bribes. Mukhtar, an employee of the Delhi Haj Committee, was willing to do just that.

Undercover reporters approached him as agents with a list of 50 people who were to be put on the Haj list. The prospect of money gets him talking.

Reporter: Delhi will have lottery system for sure?

Mukhtar: For sure. Your people will be selected. <b>If not, we'll use the MP quota. </b>

As a huge number of people apply before Haj committees, pilgrims are selected by a lottery system.<b> But Mukhtar was offered Rs 5,000 and agreed to manipulate the system.</b>
Reporter: Take it; count it.

Mukhtar: It’s 5000.

Reporter: Arre, hold it (the cash) up for all to see

Mumtaz, another member of the Delhi Haj Committee, told the reporter that he could teach ‘tricks of the trade’.

<b>“Join us in this racket. I can teach you everything; the rest is up to you,” he said.</b>

<b>Mumtaz sells Haj application forms, which the committee is supposed to provide free. The price tag is Rs 500 for one form.</b>

Reporter: How much for 15?

Mumtaz: Learn everything now, later don't ask 500 or 400...

Reporter: Ok

Mumtaz: Look there isn't any cure for fraudsters.

Mumtaz tells us the reporters about Fahim, another Haj committee member.
“Fahim is eight years my senior. He is way ahead of me,” says Mumtaz.

Fahim is so sure he will never be caught that he puts his own thumbprints on the applications. “Who cares, put anyone’s thumb impressions!” he says.

The undercover reporters are asked to to pay Rs 5,000 as an advance and offer a token amount. The Haj racketeers say the work will be done.

For Mukhtar, Mumtaz and Fahim even the Haj is an opportunity in earning money. On camera, they fudged quotas and created fake identities just to earn a bit of money.
This is should be haram and those who went for haj after paying did haram?
What a shame!
<b>Veils off in shops: Pune jewellers </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->There is a rise in the number of robberies in which veiled customers were involved. In a year, eight to nine such incidents are reported. There is a possibility of two to three veiled gangs operating in the city," Fatechand Ranka, president of the Jewellers' Association in Pune was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

<b>"Due to the veils, these customers cannot be identified by us or police. So we have taken a decision not to allow veiled customers in the shops. And for that, the Association has sought permission in a letter to the state home ministry, state police chief and city police commissioner,"</b> he added.

<b>But City Police Commissioner Dhananjay Jadhav was quoted by PTI as saying that police would be "unable to give such permission to jewelers”.</b>

"If they are really concerned about security, they can appoint saleswomen and women security guards in their shops," Jadhav added.

Jhadav also said,<b> "If veiled customers reveal their face in front of the security camera, then there will be no problem for us to sell them jewellery, as we can catch them in case of a robbery.”</b>
<b>"But if the government does not allow us to do that (bar burqa-clad customers), then the only option before us would be to move the High Court,"</b> he added.
what is haram? When murdering children/women and the unarmed, pillage, deceit, rape and pedophilic behavior is not haram, how can mere bribing for hajj be haram?

<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Dec 27 2006, 03:31 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Dec 27 2006, 03:31 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->This is should be haram and those who went for haj after paying did haram?
What a shame!
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->what is haram? When murdering children/women and the unarmed, pillage, deceit, rape and pedophilic behavior is not haram, how can mere bribing for hajj be haram? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Actually, for all above there is excuse and protection under Islam, they are just following Islam but hajj fraud is clear case of Haram.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Minister quits over Karnataka CM's absence at Eid  </b>
PT Bopanna | Bangalore
One-time protégé and financier of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, Wakf Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan, resigned on Tuesday after his political mentor failed to turn up for the Eid prayers on Monday.

Khan, a leading bus operator of Karnataka, was the main financier for 'brother' Kumaraswamy during the 2004 Assembly elections when the JD (S) was nowhere near power, and his guest house in the posh Sadavashiv Nagar was the venue where Kumaraswamy had planned his coup against the Congress-led Dharam Singh Government last year.

But the relations between the two bosom pals turned sour after Khan failed to get a plum Cabinet berth and was given the non-remunerative Wakf Ministry.

A frustrated Khan had even raised a banner of revolt against the Chief Minister a few months ago.

There were enough indications that Kumaraswamy was planning to drop him in the proposed Cabinet expansion later this month, but a wily Khan used an emotive issue to make a dramatic exit.

Taking exception to the failure of the Chief Minister to attend the Id prayers, Khan had announced on Monday that he would resign on Tuesday if Kumaraswamy failed to apologise for his absence.

An emotive Khan remarked: "Every Chief Minister attends Eid prayers as a goodwill gesture towards the Muslims. I had invited him a week ago and he had promised to come. How can I remain in his Ministry when sentiments of minorities are not respected?"

Do Muslim attend every Hindu festivals and prayer or it is just a one way lane?
<b>Muslim Minister to muslim women: "Produce as many kids, state will pay"</b>
Maulshree Seth

<b>Family planning minister asks  Muslim women to produce as many healthy kids
as they want, says Mulayam govt  will pay Rs 1,400 per child</b>

Lucknow, January 6: In a statement  that shocked even officials of the state Health Department, Ahmad Hasan, the  family planning minister of Uttar Pradesh, today announced that Muslim women can  produce as many healthy children as they want, and that the state government  would give Rs 1,400 to take care of each child.

Hasan made the statement while addressing a gathering  today, after a Pulse Polio awareness rally was taken out by Muslim women in the  Old City on eve of the next phase of Pulse polio drive, starting on Sunday.

<b>The support extended by the minister, though, had one  condition: You (Muslim women) can produce as many healthy children as you can  afford and I am there to support you. But do come out and support us in need  (read upcoming state Assembly elections). We will make all your dreams come true  in the next five years.</b>

Hasan said the Congress government had advocated the  two-child policy but the Samajwadi Party government would help them in all  possible way to have more children. Congress ki sarkar ne do bachhon ke bad rok  laga di thhi, par hum samajhte hain ki yeh apka faisla hai (Congress government  had put the two-child norm in place but we feel its your decision to put a cap  on your family), Hasan said. So, you can produce as many healthy children as  you want.

Though the statement shocked and surprised even the women  at the gathering, they applauded the minister the moment he announced that the  government  would give Rs 1,400 for every child.

Hasan also put the onus of the increasing number of polio  cases in the  state
on the Centre and said the state health Department could not  pursue the Pulse Polio programme as it desired due to the Centres negligence. Meanwhile, making evident that the Assembly polls are  round the corner, Hasan went on with his announcements: <b>You give us land on rent of Rs 5,000  and we will give you hospital wherever you want. You select the  doctors, we  will appoint them at Rs 10,000</b>.

Interestingly, while Hasan and the Health officials  claimed a good  response, Newsline found that the<b> younger lot of women with children was lured to the rally with promises of money, while the elder ones  were told that they  would get pension.</b> Many women from different localities of  the Old City confirmed the fact, though Health Department officials refuted  these charges. There was an announcement in our area that we will be paid money if we come here, and thats why I am here with my one-year-old  daughter. I also called other women from the locality, said Shanno of Chowk  area. Asked about the polio drop, she said her daughter, Sheher, was not  administered the drop. The elderly women, meanwhile, could be seen with ration  cards in hand. We were told that they would give us pension if we participated  in the rally, said Munnavar Jahan, from Kashmiri Mohalla in the Old City. But Dr S K Srivastava, director general, Medical and  Health, said: No such bait was given, neither did we make any promises. They  have all come here willingly,Meanwhile, the Health officials present at the meeting  preferred  to not comment on the ministers statement about childbirth.
<b>Hanuman idol kicked by a fanatic muslim in Aurangabad</b>

<i>(This is the bad time Sanatan has been speaking about since long time.
Hindus wake up! Muslims have now started openly attacking Hindu Temples.
Soon they will start attacking Hindus. That time there will be no time to
protest, no law or police to protect us and it would be a do or die
situation. Hence it is imperative that Hindus prepare themselves as
Dharmayoddhas, warriors for the times ahead.- Editor)</i>

A muslim Fanatic entered a Supari Maruti Mandir in Aurangabad and <b>kicked the
idol. He abused the idol and shouted out "allah hu akbar" loudly</b>. He
threatened the Mandir Pujari and beat up a nearby devotee. Seeing this,
there was big hue and cry and several Hindus from nearby residences
accumulated at the temple. They thrashed the muslim youth and handed him
over to the Police. Even after handing over to the police the youth appeared
to be fearless and ready to face the consequences. <b>He said that he was
following the teachings of Quran and Allah's command of destroying idols and
idol worshippers wherever he went</b>. <b>Deputy CM of Maharashtra has appealed to
Hindus to observe restraint!</b>

<i>(Shri R. R. Patil's Gandhigiri, if the same incident had happened with
muslims, entire Maharashtra and later on, whole India would have been
ignited before Patilsab had the opportunity to say this! - Editor)</i>

<b>Despite the Policestation being just 5 minutes away from the Temple, Police
arrived after 45 minutes !</b> <i>(Hindi movies style police !- Editor) </i>Besides,
the police were not ready to note down the person as a muslim, even though
everyone present at the spot mentioned him as a muslim. The police are now
trying to mask him as a lunatic.

Shiv Sena and BJP performed Maha Aarti in the Temple in the evening. For
three consecutive days, a Maharudrabhishek has been organised.
<i>(In addition to this Shiv Sena and BJP and all Hindutvavadi Organisations
should organise free self-defense training to all Hindus. This is a dire
need of the hour ! - Editor)</i>

Nagarsevika Smt. Shobha Mitkar has appealed to all Hindus to unite in the
name of lord Hanuman.

Feedback :
* Shri Praveen Joshi, Pujari. "The Muslim youth entered the idol gabhara
suddenly and kicked the idol. He spilled the teertha and prasad kept for the
idol and attacked me. he also attacked nearby devotee shouting Allah hu

* Yogesh Pujari, Pujari - "The muslim youth must be severely punished. Lord
Hanuman's strength will not be affected by this, nor will devotee's faith."
(Compare the muslims, who announce death sentence to persons guilty of
slightest blasphemy to Hindus who wait for someone to punish such
miscreants, O Hindu, where is the fire in your belly ? Awaken your Kshatriya
Radiance ! - Editor)

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>MP muslims to boycott Surya Namaskar</b>


Bhopal: Another controversy similar to the earlier Vande Mataram one has come alive in Madhya Pradesh, with Muslim organisations describing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), planned by the state government in all schools across the state en masse, as anti-Islam and refusing to participate in it.

The government had asked the states schools and colleges to organise mass Surya Namaskar on January 25 when it would unveil its yoga policy to spread benefits of Yoga among masses.

The government also plans to organise a mass yoga programme, asking school students to participate in 'surya namaskar' and 'pranayama' under directions of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on the same day. Arrangements were being made to relay the programme live to schools across the state through radio and television.

The Government had asked all the district collectors and district education officers to ensure arrangements for Surya Namaskar and Pranayam in the schools on that day.

This has irked the leaders of Muslim community who say that if the government does not drops the programme, they will not be sending their children to schools and colleges on that day <b>because Islam does not permit bowing before anyone except Allah. </b>

By making Surya Namaskar compulsory, the BJP-ruled state government was encroaching upon our right to religious freedom. We will first appeal the government to drop the programme and if it doesnt, we will be left with no choice but stop our children from going to schools and colleges that day, said Noorullah Yusuf, Jamiat-e-Ulemas Madhya Pradesh unit spokesman.

He, however, added that a final decision in this regards wouldl be taken only after the January 11 meeting of All India Muslim Personal Law Board was over.

Condemning the Government decision to organise Surya Namaskar and Pranayam in the educational institutions across the state, Mufti Shahar Syed Babar Hussain of Darul Ifta (Muslim religious body) said, it was another attempt by the State Government to hurt their religious sentiments of the minorities. We are not going to abide by it under any circumstances.

Naib Mufti Shahar Rahees Ahmad Khan Qasmi of Darul Ifta also damned the state government saying, ours is a secular country and the state should instead take steps to delink religion from education.

"Since it is not made mandatory, there is no question of forcing any religion to practice Surya Namaskar," Mishra added.

The hue and cry over a programme aimed at inspiring the youth to know about yoga and its benefits has no meaning. Moreover, it is not compulsory for the students to join it, said state School Education Minister Narottan Mishra.
Of Quotas and Traps


The remedy for the poor state of the Muslim community
according to almost all socio-economic and educational indicators
does not lie in reservations and quotas. Only governance on strictly
secular lines will ensure that Muslims do not face entrenched
prejudices while claiming their share in all fields.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In Sachar Commission Report,
The most revealing statistics are
from West Bengal where Muslims constitute
25 per cent of the population while
their share in government jobs is only 4.2
per cent. The government led by the
CPI(M), in that state for more than a quarter
of a century and claiming to be the a harbinger
of secularism and the rights of the
minorities has a lot of explaining to do.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Nasrin’s remarks trigger another row
Mohammed Wajihuddin | TNN

Mumbai: Fugitive Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin has created a fresh controversy with her remarks about purdah, Prophet Mohammed, his wives and his companions in her article for a newsmagazine. Nasrin’s call to Muslim women to disobey the Quranic injunctions and burn the burqa has outraged Muslim organisations that have demanded that the Kolkata-based writer be expelled from India.
Nasrin’s piece titled ‘Let’s Burn the Burqa’ has upset a section of Muslims, and some ulemas have planned a meeting on Monday after which the course of action will be decided.
“Total belief in Quran and Hadith (words of the Prophet) is part of our imaan. We just cannot keep quiet over these blasphemous statements about the holy Prophet and his wives,’’ said Sayeed Noorie of Raza Academy, an organisation of Sunni Muslims.
Nasrin quotes some instances from the Prophet’s life which the Muslims find out-of-context and objectionable. Nasrin writes: “Prophet Mohammed’s wife Ayesha was very beautiful. His friends were often found staring at her with fascination. This clearly upset the Prophet. So the Quran has an Ayat that says, ‘Oh friends of the prophet or holy men, never go to your friend’s house without an invitation. And if you do go, don’t go and ask anything of their wives’.’’ Nasrin further elaborates: “It’s to resist the greedy eyes of friends, disciples or male guests that the purdah system came into being.’’
Islamic scholar Asghar Ali Engineer rubbished Nasrin’s interpretation of the Quranic verse: “She gives a wrong interpretation. Quran never uses the word purdah. It only asks women to dress properly. It’s a blatant lie to suggest that the Prophet’s companions or disciples were fascinated with his wife Ayesha.’’
Engineer, who has written extensively on women’s status in Islam, also clarified that the question of whether women should cover their faces while in public is debatable. Muslim theologians are divided over the purdah of face since the Quran doesn’t talk about it. Nasrin has no right to pass comments on something which she has not studied properly, says Engineer.
Some questioned the prudence of the Indian government for sheltering Nasrin who has been expelled from Bangladesh after she wrote Lajja (Shame), a novel depicting anti-minority atrocities in Bangladesh in the
aftermath of Babri demolition in 1992. “She has become a symbol of communal disharmony. She is a threat to our peace. The government should cancel her visa immediately,’’said Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi of Shia Muslim Personal Law Board.
Some Muslim women activists have rejected Nasrin’s call, saying the Quran provides them enough rights to lead a respectful life. “Hijab or purdah is for our security. Who’s Taslima to tell us to burn the burqa?’’ asked advocate Neelofar Akhtar who works for the uplift of women. Urdu dailies too have condemned Nasrin. On Sunday, two Mumbai-based Urdu dailies, Rashtriya Sahara and Urdu Times, front-paged the news. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
By that token that b@st@rd Engineer should stop churning out his ill informed trash defaming Hindus.
Going by the past behavior I was wondering why nothing happened yet and sure enuf they fulfilled my prophecy:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Bangalore locality tense after clash

Posted Friday , January 19, 2007 at 19:32

Bangalore: Shops were ransacked during a clash in Bangalore’s Shivaji Nagar that began during a protest rally against the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

No casualties have been reported but the place is tense and police have rushed reinforcements. The rally was organised by former railway minister C K Jakhar Sharief and other politicians.

Anti-US effigies were burnt during the rally and initial reports say the clash may have began when protesters tried to shut shops. Shivaji Nagar is a busy commercial area of the city and has an important bus terminal.

In March 2006, seven persons were injured in communal clashes in Shivaji Nagar and four persons were arrested for the violence.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Friday fury: Mob goes on rampage in City 

DH News Service Bangalore:

A mob assaulted public and police personnel, wrecked several vehicles, private properties and two places of worship after another group protested against damage to some banners of a convention put up in the locality.

Large-scale violence and arson broke out in Bharatinagar police limits in Bangalore on Friday evening.

The police resorted to caning, burst tear-gas shells and opened four rounds of fire in the air to quell the violent mob. Nearly 50 people including Frazer Town sub-division assistant commissioner of police K V Puttathimme Gowda, were injured; 50 vehicles and several houses and shops were damaged. The situation was tense but under control late in the night.

Seppings Road, Kamaraja Road, Thimmaiah Road, Thambuchetty Road and Narayana Pillai Street bore the brunt of the violence between 5:30 pm and 8 pm.

Eyewitnesses said the mob even chased the police from the locality before additional forces were pressed into action. The situation came under control only after Mr Gowda loosed off four rounds of fire from his revolver.

The trigger

According to Police Commissioner N Achuta Rao, a group from K G Halli area was on its way to a rally organised to condemn the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein at the Shivajinagar stadium in the evening. Some members of the group damaged banners put up by the organisers of a forthcoming convention to be held in the locality, at around 5:30 pm.

This sparked a minor clash between the locals and the rally-bound group. The rally was organised by the People’s Front led by former MP C K Jaffer Sharief.

The clashing groups were dispersed by the police. However, the K G Halli mob regrouped later and indulged in violence in the area by torching some two-wheelers, including a Cheetah police patrol vehicle.

Cars parked on both sides of the roads were wrecked. The mob also barged into some houses and assaulted the inmates, besides damaging hotels, shops and other establishments. A couple of shops were also set on fire, the police said. After sometime, another group protesting against the mob violence, resorted to stone throwing and damaged vehicles on the Kamaraj Road-Thambuchetty Road junction besides attacking people going on two-wheelers. Mr Javed, a businessman from Benson Town, came to the police station saying that a group stopped his vehicle on Kamaraj Road and broke all the window panes.

Mr Saravanan (27), who was sitting at the Bharatinagar police station with head injuries, said he was attacked by the mob when he came out of a place of worship on Seppings Road.

“My husband Anandappa (60), a barber, was seriously assaulted by the mob which barged into our house while chasing a woman. My two children – Kamaresh (27) and Suresh (23) – were also assaulted by the mob inside the house,” said Yashodamma, while showing blood stains in the house.

The main door of the house of Mr Rajanna was broken by the mob. He said it all happened in front of the police. Mr Naveen Siyal, a resident of Narayana Pillai Street, said the local MLA, Nirmal Kumar Surana, was hardly of any help when when he telephoned him.

Mr K Ganesh, a resident of the area, said some miscreants had even damaged places of worship belonging to two other communities. “The group brandishing sticks, iron pipes and chains went on raising slogans and abusing the people in the locality,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) P Muniswamy said three police constables, one assistant sub-inspector of police and the ACP sustained minor injuries. He said two people were arrested soon after the incident and the police were on the look out for others.


*Rallyists against Saddam hanging go berserk

*The trigger: protest against damage to a banner

*Shops, two-wheelers set on fire

*Police officer opens fire

*Two persons arrested, more arrests to follow

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->A huge rally organised by the People's Front in Bangalore on Friday to protest against the execution of the former Iraq President, Saddam Hussein.

Political leaders, including Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Labour Iqbal Ansari, former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, former Minister and president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee M. Mallikarjun Kharge, former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim, former Minister Merajuddin Patel, former Minister Roshan Baig, former Minister Sageer Ahmed, MLC Saleem Ahmed, MLA Vatal Nagaraj, and religious leaders such as Maulana Obedullah Azmi spoke on Saddam's friendly relationship with the country.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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