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Radicalisation Of Indian Muslims -2
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN Haneef's wife Firdaus said, "I am thankful to the people in India who prayed for my husband and for the people in Australia who supported him. I also want to thank the Prime Minister of India, without whose intervention, this would not have been possible."
Moron Singh cried in front of Ausie PM.
<b>Kafeel's dream was to build housing complex where Shariat would rule</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Kafeel Ahmed, an accused in the failed UK terror plot, had a dream of constructing a housing complex on the outskirts of Bangalore where Shariat would have been the rule of law.

An analysis of his computer hard disk showed a detailed project in which Kafeel, who drove a blazing jeep into Glasgow airport, wanted to purchase a land of five acres in or around Bangalore where a housing complex could be set up, officials carrying out his background check said.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>India loses the plot </b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Don't prejudge Glasgow inquiry
Kafeel Ahmed is in hospital, where he was brought severely burnt after a failed suicide-bombing attack on Glasgow Airport. His brother Sabeel Ahmed has been charged with assisting the terrorist plot and arrested. Their cousin, Mohammed Haneef, has been detained by Australian police for, most certainly, lending his SIM card to those who used it to make criminal phone-calls, and, possibly, not disclosing what he knew about the Glasgow conspiracy. All three are from Bangalore and, as phone and computer records now show, the Ahmed brothers planned the Glasgow assault at least partly in the capital of Karnataka. In recent years, Kafeel also organised radical meetings and conferences in Bangalore, raising Islamist slogans, and seeking an Indian Muslim intervention on such obscure issues as the situation in Chechnya. The Bangalore Police and Indian intelligence agencies knew nothing of this and the Ahmed brothers - and their cousin, though the degree of his complicity is not clear - were not on their radar. Today, they must be feeling very silly, as British and Australian investigators reveal what should have been old information. When asked for help,<b> Indian agencies such as the CBI can only respond by telling Australian Federal Police to route the message through "proper channels" and be thorough with their paperwork. There is no pro-active determination or urgency; there is no difference for the Indian bureaucracy, it would appear, between a request for assistance in case of an act of terrorism or a banking swindle. Instead, a churlish 'Indian intelligence' has been planting stories in friendly media outlets, alleging it was "kept out of the loop", and insisting that Sabeel and Haneef were innocent and only Kafeel was guilty</b>. No evidence is offered, no explanation is pronounced - how do Indian authorities know so much since the family was not even under surveillance till London and Canberra got in touch?

<b>There is a strange nexus at work here - between a domestic intelligence that failed spectacularly, a political class in denial, and a Government living on large doses of political correctness. It began with the Prime Minister suggesting that the Indians arrested in the UK and Australia were probably victims of racial profiling</b>. As matters turned more conclusive, the focus moved to Haneef and his likely release, with much prominence being given to his detention "only" because he gave his SIM card to his cousin. Is this the sole lead the Australians have? Do they suspect more? Given the nature of the crime, do Indians have a right to jump to conclusions? Of course, nobody has time for these questions.

<b>Through the 1980s - when the Khalistan fire raged - and in the jihadi phase post-1990, India had one consistent complaint: The West did not take its terrorist problem seriously. When it pointed fingers at Pakistan and provided dossiers on training camps and funding, these were disbelieved. The burden of proof India was expected to offer was extraordinarily weighty. Its interlocutors had already made up their minds. Now consider what the Indian establishment's reaction has been to the Glasgow outrage</b>. <b>How would this country have responded if, for instance, terrorist Lal Singh's wife had been interviewed by a Canadian television channel shortly after the bombing of Air India's Kanishka in 1985, and had said, "Of course he is innocent. The Indian Government is stupid to suspect him."</b>
<b>Haneef was 'in touch' with UK terror suspects</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The online communication between Haneef and the bomb plotters was prolific and that authorities have gathered significantly more evidence against him than that has been disclosed publicly, The Australian reported.     

Authorities believe Haneef's attempted hasty exit from Australia on July 2 was directly linked to the arrest of his cousin Kafeel Ahmed, who suffered 90 per cent burns after the failed Glasgow airport attack on June 30.

<b>Computer records obtained by authorities reveal Haneef's close links to both Kafeel and his brother Sabeel continued right up until the failed bombings in Glasgow and in London's [Images] West End on June 29,</b> it said.

They also garnered evidence that Haneef's attempt two weeks ago to leave Australia for India on a one-way ticket after the terror attacks in Britain was not linked to family issues, as his relatives have claimed
<b>Daughter chopped for eloping</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Lucknow, July 16: A teenage Muslim girl was killed by her parents last night and her body chopped into pieces because she dared to elope and marry the man she loved.

Mohsina Akhtar’s murder came to light when Muzaffarnagar police stopped three persons carrying a huge gunny bag. Inside were pieces of the 18-year-old’s body and a chopper and an axe used in the “honour killing”.

Superintendent of police (rural) Arvind Pandey said the three — Mohsina’s mother Iqbal Jehan, maternal uncle Kallu Mohsin and brother Mohsin — confessed they were on their way to dump the pieces in a canal near Lalauna, the west Uttar Pradesh village where Mohsina was murdered.

Pandey said Iqbal told him it was the body of a “shaitan” (devil). “Yeh shaitan meri beti thi. Humne unko maar dala (This devil was my daughter. We have killed her).”

“All three admitted that they killed Mohsina because she loved a Muslim boy from a neighbouring village and married him after eloping a month back,” the officer said. “I have handled many such incidents of honour killing but this was one of the most gruesome.”

Police sources said the girl’s father, Mohammad Akhtar, who hasn’t been arrested, will be questioned tomorrow.

Senior superintendent of police Sushil Kumar said Iqbal, who has another daughter, didn’t betray any remorse. “When they were produced in court today, she was silent, as were Kallu and Mohsin. Iqbal said she had to kill her. She said she was not feeling good after the murder but has no regrets,” the SSP added.

Residents said one reason for the lack of regret is the increasing social recognition such honour killings — common in the northwest frontier region of Pakistan — are getting in western Uttar Pradesh.

<b>“Villagers often pool money to bear the legal expenses of a family that kills a wayward daughter,” said a resident of adjoining Baghpat</b>.

“An elopement makes it difficult for a family to get a match for other daughters,” said Rajiv Soni, a social worker.

<span style='color:red'>According to police files, 23 cases of honour killings have been reported in the Baghpat-Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur-Bijnor region since 2006, including six this year in Muslim families. Yesterday, a woman who had been forced into marriage was shot dead by her brother for refusing to go to her marital home</span>.

“I suspect hardcore fundamentalist elements are encouraging these incidents,” said Shaista Amber, a member of the All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board.

Mohsina had fallen in love with Mukhtar Mahmud, 20, a resident of Bilaspur, a village about 2km from her home. The family had recently shifted to Lalauna, where Mohsina’s maternal uncles live, and found that neighbours knew about the affair. Her uncle Kallu told the police that the family tried to stop her as society frowns upon such relationships.

But Mohsina and Mukhtar eloped and got married last month. Soon, the whispers — “inki ladki bhaag gai hai” — got louder. The family’s instant reaction was fear of social ostracism. Iqbal had to marry off another daughter. So Mohsina had to be killed.

<b>Unconfirmed reports said a small group of elderly residents also ruled that Mohsina should be killed to protect the family’s honour. </b>

The young couple made the mistake of returning home last week. Last night, Mohsina was hanged from a ceiling fan of a room in her maternal uncles’ house. Her body was then taken to a cattle shed where it was cut into pieces.
<b>MEA summons Australian envoy over Haneef issue</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NEW DELHI: Stepping up pressure on Australia over Mohd Haneef issue, India on Tuesday summoned its Ambassador here to convey its concern and emphasised that the doctor from Bangalore be treated in a fair manner.

High Commissioner John McCarthy was summoned by Biren Nanda, Joint Secretary (South) in the External Affairs Ministry, to convey India's view, a day after sending a similar message to the Mission here.

<b>Australian Govt says Haneef would be deported</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->MELBOURNE: The Australian Government has said that Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, charged with supporting a terrorist organisation, would be deported from the country after legal proceedings are over and if there is no new development in the case.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jul 17 2007, 08:26 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jul 17 2007, 08:26 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->The Australian Government has said that Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, charged with supporting a terrorist organisation, would be deported from the country after legal proceedings are over and if there is no new development in the case


Oh just great - and how convenient. So now India gets this alleged terrorist back on her lap. Isn't this what he and his family wanted in the first place - ony now under the deportation process, they won't even have to pay for his ticket back to India. Once in India, he will go scot free, roam around where he pleases, and enjoy a very comfortable existence, the courtesy of Indian government and all the active and sleeping islamic terrorist cells operating in India; where he will be even more free to pass around SIM cards to his other cousins intending to blow up trains and buildings in India and assist them in all their endeavours to terrorize India.

Thank you, Australia, for your ''kind'' gesture. And for your magnanimous act, here's my choicest blessings for you - may you have thousands of potential muslims terrorists enter your borders the minute you send Haneef back to India.

An act of ''kindness'' surely must not go unrewarded.

Why we should thank Australia or blame them?
It is India and PM Moron Singh and his criminal syndicate who are putting pressure.

Now think what will happen –

1) He will be back in India, will live in upper middle class house area of Bangalore..
2) Other future Indian Islamist terrorists who are either outside India or planning to go abroad will get inspired by Indian PM Moron Singh bold action of appeasement. Now they know that Indian UPA government will support them, even PM will cry in front of TV to complete drama.
3) We don't know whether Moron Singh promised to sign dotted line on Nuke deal to get these fundoos out of Australia or UK. We don't know yet what he gave to get this terrorist back in India.
4) In future India can't ask any support from any foreign government on terrorism.
5) Every Indian abroad will be suspect.
6) India's behavior is no different than Pakistan, when it comes to home grown terrorism.
7) It just reflects either Indian UPA government is in bed with these Islamist as we always suspect Pakistan Army or ISI is always involved in every terrorist action. I don't see any difference.
8) Indian Government should come clean.
<b>Inside an Indian Madrassa: Peacefully Awaiting America's Fall</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jul 17 2007, 09:23 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jul 17 2007, 09:23 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Why we should thank Australia or blame them?
It is India and PM Moron Singh and his criminal syndicate who are putting pressure.

Now think what will happen –

...We don't know whether Moron Singh promised to sign dotted line on Nuke deal to get these fundoos out of Australia or UK.  We don't know yet what he gave to get this terrorist back in India...

True, the Indian government has no doubt struck a deal with the Aussies in getting back the terrorist Haneef (I have no qualms about declaring him a terrorist - if his wife and mother were to shed louder tears at this, ho-hum). Perhaps, the exchange program involved not just nuke deal, but also obliging Aussie business interests of all sorts in India. Who knows what ManMohan Singh promised away, behind the Indian people's back. The Indian public should definitely demand an explanation from the Indian government as to HOW and WHY this character Haneef is being sent back to India, and what terms of exhange has been contracted between the two governments?

However, if it had been the US, Uncle Sam's anti-terrorist guest program would have ensured that Haneef spend at least a year or two in Guantanamo Bay having his spine restructured with some gruelling hard labor and sweating it out wondering about his fate, before striking a deal with the Indian government to hand him back. The Aussies on the other hand seem overly eager to get rid of him from their soil, lest they upset the local muslim crowd and invite more trouble, and are probably eager to strike a deal with India to send this guy back at the earliest.

Both governments deserve their peoples' utmost contempt.

Now, why wasn't this Haneef character caught doing something illegal in the US. Blame it on his good fortune.

Indian Political leaders are worst scum; they have no vision, spine, only they have strong greed for power and money.
Why we should expect other countries to catch these scums when India is protecting them and using MEA to bring them home safe?
Now we know why no actual attacker of Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai are behind bar, its all because of UPA government is in bed with these Islamist.

How UPA used PM and MEA to sabotage Modi's trip to US and UK?
For them country is nothing except power and greed.

Queen best friend is safe in Argentina and Queen used diplomats to keep him safe. This is the status of India as a country.
A general observation:

Which of these truths will a muslim object to? (i.e even the most most "liberal" muslim will at least make bleating noises about; the radical ones will do quite a bit more)

1. monday comes after sunday
2. cricket is played with a ball and a bat
3. candy is bad for your teeth
4. millions of hindus were killed, and tens of thousands of temples were demolished, and libraries were razed by muslim invaders, the most beautiful temples the invaders kept with koranic inscriptions on them (eg "Taj Mahal")

Isn't it number 4?

Why do the RSS, VHP etc not approach life from a Truth versus Falsehood standpoint?

Why do they start off campaigns, introduce their websites, organize yatras etc with words like "we will establish a Hindu value system in India, this is our dream"?

People have an ultra-short attention span. Even Hindus, after reading the first few sentances on a Hindu site, get turned off. We may call them pseudo-secular, but is it not our job to present our case to them? Do they not have a vote? And most importantly (do not hurry, comrade cut-pasters, I beseech you!) are they not Indians? Do they not deserve to know the truth and use their God-given brains to ferret out the truth?

RSS, VHP et al:

Please use the words "truth" much more often. And please use the word "hindu" much less often. I know, no Hindu should be afraid of calling him/herself Hindu. And I am a practising, vegetarian, meditating Hindu, and fiercely proud of it too.

But believe me, speak about the truth, and you will retain your audience and make the work of your detractors that much harder.

The way things are set up now, and Romila T., Teesta S., or Arundhati R. can easily say, "RSS is terrorist because they want to re-write history". And teh RSS response will be something like, "We need to re-write history to reflect the Hindu past of India"

Do not use the words re-write!! You are not re-writng, with all its connotations.

RSS should say, "we need to write the true, archeologically-supported history of India, and stop reading what those who killed and enslaved us wrote up as our history.According to our "esteemed" historians like Romila Thapar, telling the archeologically-supported truth about India is called "saffronization", and makes you a hate-monger/terrorist".

Satyameva jayate

Reaping the whirlwind
By Aijaz Zaka Syed
21 July 2007
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But why are we really surprised if secular and democratic India’s Muslims are beginning to feel the heat of the blazes consuming the Middle East?  It was sure to happen one day or another.

Indian Muslims cannot remain unaffected by the suffering of fellow believers, regardless of what RSS and BJP have to say. This faith does that to you. It makes you part of a world that transcends all barriers and borders created by Man. 
<b>JIHADI Terrorism & 123 Agreement-International Terrorism Monitor-Paper No.261 </b> - By B.Raman
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>3. Western counter-terrorism experts have expressed concern and resentment over the manner in which the Government of India has been trying to exercise pressure on the Government of Australia to release before the completion of investigation Dr.Mohammad Haneef, who has been arrested in Brisbane and charged with the offence of  providing "reckless support" to a terrorist organization by allegedly giving his SIM card to his cousin Dr.Sabeel Ahmed of Liverpool, who has been charged by the British Police under Section 38(B) of the Terrorism Act 2000 that he had information which he "knew or believed may be of material assistance in preventing the commission by another of an act of terrorism". </b>

<b>8. There is an impression in Western counter-terrorism circles that whereas the Indian authorities co-operated readily when the suspects or perpetrators were Arabs or Pakistani nationals or Indian Muslims of foreign nationality, they have been dragging their feet when they found the suspected involvement of Indian Muslims with Indian nationality in global jihad  for the first time. </b>

10. Whereas the Madrid detentions, where the suspects were Hindus, did not lead to any campaign or controversy in India, the Australian detention has been over-dramatised and the Australian Federal Police has been sought to be demonised  in India just because the detained suspect is an Indian Muslim.

<b>11. This has, unfortunately, been giving  rise to an impression that the Indian political leadership and officials want to cover up the full extent of the alleged involvement of Indian Muslims in global jihad. If this impression persists and if the intelligence and counter-terrorism officials of Western countries share with their respective Congressional or parliamentary  over-sight committees their concerns over the perceived unco-operative attitude of the Indian authorities, this could come in the way of the final Congressional approval of the 123 agreement on Indo-US Nuclear Co-operation  as and when it is signed and Australia supporting the agreement when it comes up before the Nuclear Suppliers' Group.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Daniel Pearl execution video on Kafeel's disk</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->People who knew Kafeel said he discussed the Pearl incident with them on several occasions. They claim he did not feel sorry for Pearl, but thought it was necessary to send a strong message across to the West. His friends say Kafeel always felt his life would be complete only if he did something for his faith.

Videos of Russian soldiers being tortured by terrorists in Chechnya have also been found on the hard disk.

Meanwhile,<b> the Bangalore police have discovered a mysterious transaction by Kafeel. The police say Rs 11 lakh (Rs 1.1 million) and two cheques were deposited in Kafeel's account a few days before his departure to Britain from Bangalore.</b>

However, the police are unable to trace the person who made the deposits as the address given in the bank's records is false.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jul 22 2007, 11:58 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jul 22 2007, 11:58 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>JIHADI Terrorism & 123 Agreement-International Terrorism Monitor-Paper No.261 </b> - By B.Raman
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>[color=red]11. This has, unfortunately, been giving  rise to an impression that the Indian political leadership and officials want to cover up the full extent of the alleged involvement of Indian Muslims in global jihad..</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->[right][snapback]71461[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->I don't know why western govts should be surprised. It was US' stooge MMS that said not too long ago that (Indian) islamis should have first claim on resources. It only follows that 'our' govt will prevent them from being prosecuted by others/other govts, at any and all costs.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->10. Whereas the Madrid detentions, where the suspects were Hindus, did not lead to any campaign or controversy in India<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Sorry Mudy if I've been sleeping, but what Madrid detentions with Hindu suspects? Missed it altogether. When did this happen? What was it about? And what was the outcome?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Home Minister's ignorance on mosque being built in Mantralaya</b>
July 26, 2007

Mumbai (Maharashtra): There was uproar in the Legislative Council on the mosque being constructed on 7th floor of Mantralaya. As usual, Shri R. R. Patil said that he would get the details and make a statement in the House.
During the discussions on ‘law and order’ situation in the State, Shri. Arvind Sawant and Dr. Neelam Gorhe, members of Shiv Sena presented the point regarding mosque. The members brought it to the notice of the Government that a temporary shed was built for convenience of the Muslim employees of the Government to read ‘namaz’; but the shed is now being converted into a ‘pucca’ mosque. They demanded that the Home Minister should give an explanation; but he was ignorant of the issue. When he was questioned on his lack of knowledge, he agreed to get all details and make a statement.

<b>(The Home Minister has no knowledge about a mosque being built in the building from where the Government is run and from where, the ministers keep an eye on all the happenings in the State. How can this be possible? One should not expect anything from such Govt. that is alert and prompt in taking action only against Hindus. No action will be taken against matters concerning Muslims and Christians. Tomorrow, if madarassas are built in Mantralaya by terrorists even then the minister would plead ignorance! – Editor</b>)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sorry Mudy if I've been sleeping, but what Madrid detentions with Hindu suspects? Missed it altogether. When did this happen? What was it about? And what was the outcome? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
After Madrid multiple train blast, Madrid police arrested Hindu shopkeepers. SIM cards were bought from their shops. Later, after a month they released them without charges. In India, there was no noise at all.
Victimized Islamics attack Hindu aggressors.

When every tourist is avoiding Kashmir bcos of jehadis, these guj muslims went on a vacation to hell. Probably figured jihadis would not attack fellow muslims. but I think guj muslims are not considered true muslims as they live (rather forced to live) peacefully with hindus there. Well, next time try vacation to Pak.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> 4 Guj tourists among 5 killed in J&K bus blast

Khursheed Wani | Srinagar

A deadly blast in a tourist bus killed four women and a man outside the famous Shalimar Mughal Garden in eastern part of Srinagar on Sunday. The blast occurred inside the bus soon after its driver found a parking space and the tourists began disembarking. Police said the nature of "low-intensity" blast was unknown. Twenty-two persons got injured in the blast, which is likely to cast shadow on the booming tourist season. <b>A police spokesman said that four of the dead are Gujarati Muslims and fifth is a local lady who was accompanying them. </b>   

However, PTI said at least five persons, including four tourists from Gujarat, were killed when militants triggered an explosive device inside a bus. According to initial investigation by security agencies, an explosive device was planted underneath a seat in the bus carrying tourists from Gujarat, highly placed sources said. The explosive could have been planted by the militants while the tourists had gone to the shrine to pay their obeisance, they said. Pieces of metal wire found at the scene of the blast also suggested that a timer device could have been used to trigger the blast, the sources said, according to PTI.

Eyewitnesses said that the bus driver was negotiating with hundreds of vehicles parked outside the garden and as it halted after finding a parking space, the blast occurred. "I heard a blast and started running for cover. Then I noticed smoke coming out of the bus and injured people shouting for help", Gulzar Ahmad, a vendor told The Pioneer.

<b>Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has expressed grief and shock over the incident and asked the health department authorities to look after the injured.</b> <i>(what about hindus geting killed there on a daily basis? No shock and grief?)</i> Political leaders of all hues have condemned the blast. While police remained non-committal over involvement of militants in the blast, no militant group claimed responsibility either.

Sources said that the Gujarati travellers were in Kashmir valley for the past five days and visited many tourist destinations along with their local hosts, a family from Nawakadal locality of old Srinagar. A lady from their hosts' family Nusrat also died in the blast. The other deceased have been identified as Amina Bibi, Moosa Bhai, Razia and Rabia, all hailing from Narbada district of Gujarat.

Sources said that the deceased had offered mid-day prayers at Hazratbal Shrine and were about to start their visit to the Mughal Gardens.

Soon after the blast, the Forensic Science Laboratory experts collected samples at the blast site to ascertain the nature of the explosion.

Most of the injured persons hailed from Gujarat. They were immediately shifted to Soura Medical Institute, Harisingh Hospital and Police Hospital for treatment.

The blast created panic at the Mughal Gardens, which witnesses heavy rush of visitors, both local and non-locals over the weekends. Most of the visitors packed up after the blast.

<b>Director Tourism Farooq Ahmad Shah said that the blast was "unfortunate" but counselled the tourists to stay put.

"The authorities are investigating the nature of the blast. I appeal to the tourists to keep their nerve", he said.
A string of blasts has occurred in Srinagar during the past 20 days, which killed one person and injured 20 others, including five Amarnath pilgrims.

In separate incidents of violence, police killed a Hizbul Mujahideen militant during an encounter at Pampore in Pulwama district. Locals said that the militant was in police custody and was killed in a fake encounter.

In frontier district of Kupwara, one Army personnel was killed when militants ambushed a patrolling party in Trich forests. Militants also fired indiscriminately on a woman in Lilam village of Kupwara injuring her grievously.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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