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Brahmin caste as a political and social attractant
[indent]Brahmin caste as a political and social attractant How many Brahmins are there in India? Before venturing an answer please remember that Brahmins are the ONLY pan-Indian caste, one way or the other. Oher castes are mostly regional in nature.

What is there percentage in INdian population? Don't jump to conclusions. Not more that 7%.

What is their share in wealth of India? Nearly ZERO agricultural land holdings. Nearly ZERO share in BIG business Houses. Then where are they? What is their influence on present day politics and VOTE bank politics? Pan INdia, nothing. Locally, 6-7% cannot be ignored, when each vote counts.

Does it explain why Rahul, the khangress yuvaraja claims to be a Brahmin? He would appeal to more people if he claimed to be a DALIT!! But then de Nobili too claimed to be a Roman Brahmin!!

Brahmin is a desirable caste. Why so? Clear. Brahmins have a tradition od education. THey do know that education is their SALVATION. OK, reserve 50% or more posta in govt. But their educational merit cannot be suppressed for long. Have you noticed that 75% candidates clearing CA and CS exams are in fact Brahmins? Ever noticed that middle and top positions in MNCs are occupied by Brahmins?

Brahmin is an ATTRACTIVE label. Rahul wants it, Gujarat khangress wants to mobilise brahmins against Narendra Modi, a SC Teli by caste.


Today in my paper.

A brahmin kills his wife for suppressing her OBC casre!!!

I do not not countenance this killing. He could have filed for divorce on grounds of SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION. He could have got a divorce too. But please note the suppression of information about her caste.


I do know about much horrible cases, where the caste WAS suppressed.[/indent]

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