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Psy Ops
<!--QuoteBegin-shamu+Jul 8 2009, 07:07 PM-->QUOTE(shamu @ Jul 8 2009, 07:07 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->In NPR, about Ammachi.

'Hugging saint' embraces vendors too

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->By Sharon Springfeild

    From San Ramon, CA, 07/08/2009

    Congrats for this story. It is about time someone did some fair reporting on this cult. It is a cult plain and simple just like some others here said. Devotees get up in arms when you mention about the money grubbing vendors (which by the way no one has ever investigated where all of the money goes). But what about the suicides, the brainwashed children, the evil that this woman spreads in telling people to WORSHIP HER AS GOD. Yes whenever news reports that come out that are slightly critical devotees rush with all sorts of comments to defend the cult. By defending the cult you enable it. STOP ENABLING AND SUPPORTING FALSE PROPHETS AND CULT LEADERS.

By Sandaya S

    From Taos, NM, 07/08/2009

    I found these on the cult expose site about Amma the hugging saint. People educate yourselves. They way they present the hugging saint to the media and the way they operate otherwise is different. THEY TRY VERY HARD TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THIS IS A CULT. YES A CULT THAT WORSHIPS AMMA AS GOD:



By jake 3_14

    From San Jose, CA, 07/06/2009

    I've attended a hug-in, and I'm at a loss to explain her appeal, except that she appeals to the incomplete sense of self that American consumer culture inculcates in most of us and the spiritual destitution that it such culture promotes.

    I wish that Amma would spread the proceeds from her hugs more locally, rather than funnel it all back to India. These days, we're a third-world country, too.

y Adam Smith

    From Dallas, TX, 07/06/2009

    Is Amma on H1B? It seems to laid off Americans like another episode of an Indian offshore industry making money out of USA. Whether it is IT or so called sprituality based on Hinduism, yoga etc etc. The bottom line is the money from American pockets.


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