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Timeline : Attacks On Hindus In India By Islamists
‘Hindus living in this area, either convert to Islam or pay ‘Jizya’ !

July 18, 2011

Ashadh Krushna Trutiya , Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Nagpur (Maharashtra): On 13th July, terrorists carried out bomb blasts in Mumbai. Thereafter, ‘Darul Uloom Deoband’, a Muslim organization has issued a fatwa in Nagpur through its circular that Hindus staying in the localities where Muslims are in majority, should either accept Islam or pay 10% of their income as ‘jizya’. If they do not do so, they should be prepared to fight with us. The above warning has been given in the circular.

It has been further stated in the said fatwa that ‘This country does not belong to Hindus now and it never belonged to Hindus. This country was ruled by Muslims for so many years. It is the demand of ‘Taharik –e- Taliban Hindustan’ that in the areas where Muslims are in majority, the governance should be by Muslims as per ‘Shariat’ Act. According to this, non-Muslims staying in Muslim pre-dominant areas will have to pay ‘jizya’ for staying and working in the area under ‘Munim’. Those, who do not follow the fatwa, will have to face serious consequences. Most importantly, contact numbers and email-ids of the concerned are also given in the circular. The above news has been published by ‘Dainik Saamna’.
Hindu teen brutally beaten, publicly paraded by Muslims in Hazaribagh

05/09/2011 12:41:02

Affair assault on dalit teen triggers protest

TNN Sep 3, 2011

* http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes....t-teenager

Hazaribag: A dalit teenager was confined to a room, his head was partially shaved and thrashed for allegedly having an affair with a Muslim girl at Guruwa village under Hazaribag Mufassil police station area on Tuesday, creating resentment among the dalit families of the area for the past four days.

Family members of the teenager, a Class X student of Amritnagar High School, alleged that the boy was accosted by some 20 to 25 people led by Md Rafique, the girl's father, when he was going to school and was thrashed.

The mother of the boy alleged that her son was locked in a room for more than four hours and was severely beaten up on Tuesday following which he had to be admitted to the Hazaribag Sadar Hospital.

He has been shifted to the RIMS in Ranchi on Thursday when his condition deteriorated. She also alleged that prior to his confinement, the boy's head was partially shaved and he was paraded in the village with a garland made of shoes for his alleged affair with the girl.

The action by the relatives of the girl was protested by the Dalit villagers, who said that if the boy was punished for his alleged affair, the girl, too, should be punished for the same "offence" as she was equally responsible. The girl, they alleged, was exchanging letters regularly with the boy for the last few months. The villagers demanded that action against the girl's parents and kin be taken under the SC/ST act.

When the situation turned serious, a meeting was called with the members of both the communities in the village. The relatives of both the boy and girl attended the meeting. The village elders issued an order asking the boy's family to leave the village and settle elsewhere and imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on them for the "offence".

Later, when the boy's father expressed his inability to pay such a heavy amount, the "fine" was reduced and he was directed to pay Rs 3,000 .

Hazaribag SP Pankaj Kamboj said cases had been lodged by the parents of the victim and girl's father. In addition, a separate case under the SC/ST act was also registered with the Hazaribag Mufassil police station following a complaint lodged by the boy's parents .

Quote:Bharatpur Jihadi Riot - Mosque Loudspeaker used to incite violence against Kafirs

25/09/2011 10:29:56

Following is from TOI Reports on Bharatpur Jihadi Riot


Nine people -- three in police firing and the rest in clashes -- were killed when Meo Muslims and Gujjars clashed over a graveyard land in Gopalgarh village.

[color="#800080"](I think Gujjars of this region are Hindus.)[/color]

"It was found that the imam was responsible for issuing inflammatory statements from the mosque through a loudspeaker. We have booked him and others for promoting enmity between the groups on communal grounds," said Sunil Dutt, inspector general of police, on Saturday.

Just like any other riot – This time as well the Jihadis were the instigators . Whether in Maradu in Kerala or Bharatpur in Rajastan – The Mosques in the area had always been the epic centre of any Jihadi riot.

Apart from the 5 times a day Noise Pollution, The loudspeakers in these Mosques were often used to incite Jihadis against Kafirs.While Anti National Intellectuals were drafting Communal Violence Bill aimed at targetting Hindus, These Jihadis were sharpening their swords against the Hindu lame ducks.


Quote:kashmir hindu

26/09/2011 23:36:58 rajasthan govt

Rajasthan cong minister Mahipal Maderna is involved in disappearance of a dalit artist Bhanwari Devi.CBI is handling that case also.

UP: Desecration of Temple Leads to Violence in Meerut

The Parikshitgarh village of Meerut, UP witnessed widespread violence following attempts by members of the Muslim community to desecrate a Shiva Temple. Police unleashed lathi charge against protesters against the desecration. 6 people were injured in the clash. Local organisations complain that police registered an FIR against the Hindus, who protested against the act of defiling. Situation remains tense, even after 3 days of the incident’s occurrence.

“They have done this deliberately, as they have always been doing. Now with the local MLA being a Muslim, they seem to have gathered enough strength to cause trouble on a regular basis, ” said Banwari Ram, an eye witness. “They desecrated the place by peeing in the area and throwing dirt into the temple premises.”

Sources have stated that members of the Muslim community have gathered in large numbers, preventing Hindus from opening their shops and carrying on with day to day business transactions. Locals goons are also alleged to have misbehaved with women folk of the area. According to BJP MP Agrawal, the act of desecration has been going on with the blessings of the State government and MLA, Shahid of Samajwadi Party.

Hindu organizations including Viswa Hindu Parishad has strongly condemned the act, with members of the local chapter seeking stern action against the miscreants. In a meeting held in the Shiva temple by local VHP chapter, senior activist Shailendra Singh Chauhan said, “The vote bank politics of Mulayam Singh Yadav has started showing its ugly face. But we will never tolerate any kind of attack or harm on the Hindu community and its members.”

Another VHP leader Prempal Chauhan has called for stringent action against all the police officers who indulged in lathi charge against the peacefully protesting Hindus.

According to DIG Hari Ram Sharma, “A case has been registered and three persons were arrested in this connection. A police team has been deployed in the village.”

Quote:Historic Hindu temple vandalized in Peshawar; 70 Hindus forcefully converted into Islam in Sindh.

24/05/2012 13:47:42 [color="#0000FF"]hinduexistence.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/optimum-persecution-on-pakistani-hindus-160-years-old-gorakhnath-temple-vandalized-shivling-desecreted-70-bheel-hindus-forcefully-converted-into-islam/[/color]

Peshawar : Unidentified men stormed a at least 160 years Hindu temple of Guru Gorakhnath and Lord Shiva in Peshawar on Sunday evening, police said.

This Gorakhnath temple was just reopened in 2011 after a long legal fight or 60 years as the temple was forcefully closed by the Evacuee Property Trust Board and the Provincial Archaeology Department. As one Phool Wati and her son Kaka Ram own the sacred battle the opening rituals were performed with a great grandeur in last Diwali.

But, the old temple of Nath Tradition has been vandalized with all Islamic impetus and and desecrated by Muslim menace. The Idols of Shiva and Nath Gurus were destroyed, holy books are set on fire, human excreta were thrown and so on. All in the name of Mohammad, Islam and Allah as these vicious entities are always to instill terror into the mind of idol worshiper and to destroy all existence of non Muslims.

The History and Heritage of Gorkhatri is attached with Hindu Nath Yogi for a long time.

According to the police, the attackers burnt images and took away idols from the temple in the Gorghathri area, and fled the scene after the incident, reports the Daily Times.

No immediate claim of responsibility was made, they said.

The custodian of the temple said it was the third such attack. He said when he arrived at the temple, he saw around eight men burning images and sacred books.

Members of Hindu community expressing concern over the incident, have demanded immediate action against the miscreants.

Again to say that in a brazen act of vandalism, unidentified men sneaked into a Hindu temple in the capital city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday (20-05-2012), smashed a holy figurine and burnt down scriptures and images of deities.

“We opened the temple around 6pm and found all holy scriptures and images burnt down. A statuette of Lord Shiva was also smashed to pieces,” Ramesh Lal, a priest at Guru Gorakhnath temple, told The News Agencies

The temple is situated in the Gorgathri neighbourhood inside the walled city.

Peshawar, which is believed to be one of the oldest living cities of South Asia, houses dozens of monuments and structures from the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and British eras.

The priest said that the community had reported the incident to the local police who gave them the customary cold-shoulder.

“Vandals smashed a statuette of Lord Shiva to pieces and burnt down the holy Gita as well as several images of our deities,” Lal said. The temple, according to him, did not have armed guards because the government pays scant attention to the security needs of a Hindu place of worship.

According to Lal, the 160-year-old temple was named after a Hindu pontiff Guru Goraknath. The local Hindu community had abandoned the temple following the 1947 partition of the subcontinent. For decades no ritual was undertaken within the temple ground until the Peshawar High Court handed over its custody to the Hindu community a few months ago.

“This desecration and vandalism has hurt the religious sentiments of our community. Lack of cooperation from police and administration has added insult to the injury,” Lal said and added that the police were reluctant to concede that the temple had holy images and figurines.

“When the temple was reopened [after the PHC verdict] after almost six decades, we imported a figurine from India which cost us hundreds of thousands of rupees,” Lal claimed.

[color="#800080"](The poor Hindoo animals.)[/color]

Haroon Sarblal, a representative of the Hindu community, condemned the incident as ‘unacceptable’. He called upon the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to arrest the vandals and provide security guards for the temple.

“If the government wants the Hindu community to remain calm, it should arrest the vandals and punish them accordingly,” Sarblal told The News Agencies.

These acts of vandalism and desecration are a deliberate attempt to create communal tension in the city, he said. However, he vowed that the Hindu community would remain calm and record its protest peacefully.

No group has claimed responsibility for the vandalism – but past attacks on the shrines of Muslim Sufi saints and spiritual figures have been blamed on Taliban insurgents.

[color="#0000FF"]Within the same hours 70 Tribal Bheel Hindus were converted in to Islam in Pak Hyderabad. The reports came in as :[/color]

70 Bheels embrace Islam in Sindh

HYDERABAD: Some 70 people drawn from the Hindu Bheel community embraced Islam at the Madrasa Baitul Islam in Badin on Sunday. The families hailed from Golarchi in Badin, Raju Khanani in Tando Mohammad Khan, Shaikh Bhirkyo in Hyderabad and Thano Bula Khan in Jamshoro division. Qari Abdul Majeed converted the 37 men and 33 women and gave them new names.

This report is published in The Express Tribune, May 21st, 2012. But the sources ascertained that these Bheel people have been victimized by the local Muslim Goons for the years out of a conspiracy to convert them forcefully. [color="#0000FF"]The lands and occupations of these poor people were snatched, their women folk were raped and abducted and threatened to evacuate from their own place. Ultimately the this Bheel Hindu folk submitted to Islam under the wrath of Allah. But the Muslims will say it is a peaceful embracing of Islam.[/color] Shame.

[color="#800080"](But in islamic parlance/doublespeak, all the land confiscation, rape, abduction and threats are the definition of "peacefully embracing islam." There is no other way islam is embraced.)[/color]

Need a determinedly Dharmic India in order to do something for persecuted Dharmics in christoislamic lands.

Instead, Hindus are persecuted in the homeland also.
1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16153&SKIN=B

"The Human Boundaries" - Official Trailer

Hindus in TSP who've sought refuge in India and are only given a very shortlived temporary visa. In contrast, there was some post on IF about how the tyranical christogovt in India had invited thousands of formerly-Goan christians of TSP to Please move back into India, for fear that their catholic selves may get persecuted out of existence in TSP.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16147&SKIN=B

Quote:Muslims flee as communal violence scorches UP village

06/07/2012 14:42:53


A large number of members of the minority community are uneasy about returning to their homes in Asthan village in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, from where they had to flee 10 days ago following violent communal clashes over the rape of a Dalit girl. Violence had rocked the village, located nearly 150 km from Lucknow, after the 13-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gangraped and murdered by four Muslim boys from the same village.

In the communal flare-up following the incident, houses and shops belonging to the Muslim community were burnt down by an angry mob after local authorities failed to initiate any action against the accused.

No effort was made by district authorities to get a post-mortem done on the victim.

The disturbance started when the victim's family and other villagers decided to take the funeral procession through the Muslim locality.

Most families, terrorised by the violence, have chosen to leave the village in search of a safer haven. The administration has deployed armed personnel in the village but this has failed to restore their confidence.

"We would have returned by now, but it appears that visits by leaders of different political parties have been responsible for raising the tension once again. We are scared to go back to Asthan," a villager told Azam Ansari, a resident of Pariyavan village, four km away from Asthan.

Ansari told this scribe over the telephone, "I myself tried persuading some of the Asthan people to return to home, but they are still terrified after what they have gone through".

The issue has also come up in the state assembly, where Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development Minister Azam Khan has drawn much flak over it. He chose to use offence as the best form of defence by reminding Opposition Bahujan Samaj Party of the incidents of rape and communal clashes that took place during Mayawati's regime.

He claimed, "Action had already been ordered by the state government and nearly a dozen people have already been taken into custody."

He added, "It was to send a positive message that we ordered the suspension of both the district magistrate and superintendent of police; the new team is taking effective steps to rebuild the confidence of the people."

Congress leader Pramod Tiwari demanded a judicial probe into the incident. He also demanded higher compensation for the victims, who were given an ex-gratia payment of Rs 50,000 as their homes were razed during the violence.

All Hindoos should be interested in avenging this.

The victims were Hindoos. That is specifically why the christomedia refused to refer to the victims as Hindus and carefully calls them unaffiliated "dalits" instead. Now the christomedia has gone one step further and has learnt not to name the victims' relatives or community spokespersons either: so that no Hindu names are leaked to the public and the entire Hindu victim community can be genocided by islamania (with christomedia's collusion) as anonymous "dalits" instead. If the victim community had been christoislamic or anything at all other than Hindu, they'd have been referred by religion (or at least some names would have been named), to drum up some sympathy.

Good that the affected Hindoo community acted against the serial terrorists. And good that these Hindoos frightened the islamaniacs into flight. But should not merely have sent the islamaniacs out of the village, but out of the country and into Pukestan.

Wonder when the Hindus will at last wrest the nation from the tyrants in the undemocratic non-heathen anti-heathen "Indian" government, and also finally resolve to DEPORT all christoislamic terrorists to the pardees of monotheism known as Pukestan, which was carved out specifically for them.

Anyway some of the comments:


09/07/2012 06:18:20 Respond with stones for bricks!

EEnta ka jawab patthar sey! The english translation looses the meaning! Tit for tat a language moslems understand very well. No weakness to be shown to these scum bags. Eye for an eye,tooth for tooth, fight fire with fire.

Doesnt matter who

07/07/2012 19:25:44 Where o Where

Where are those media babus who otherwise stand for dalits ...

They will come forward for reporting the violence .. but not the incident ..

I SHOULD SAY --- GOOD JOB by the mob



Muslims understand only one .... JUST ONE LANGUAGE , and that is their own one - of violence

Once they see violence they turn chicken. and start behaving

Proof is everywhere


07/07/2012 11:41:44 job for rape victim

compansation by the SJP is the govnt job for rap[e victime . since she died that will not get.Nothing he mentioned about the punishment to who do the rape

Ghatotkacha Nair

06/07/2012 23:11:38 Compensation only for criminals and not for victim


Why don't the communist coolies who rant and rave against casteism now take to the streets and demand compensation for the Dalit?

Wish Hindus commenting didn't allow themselves to become brainwashed by the christomedia into calling the victims "dalits" in place of Hindus. Heathens may at least recognise their own, though no one else will.
Christianism is very much enabling the all-out islamic jihad that is back on in Hindu Assam:

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16264&SKIN=B

Quote:Take care of Bodo Hindus in Assam and their rehabilitation; Demands HJS to Centre

30/07/2012 22:56:51

Mumbai – Owing to the constant indifference shown by the Central Government towards infiltration from Bangla Desh, these infiltrators have started riots and are taking control in the State of Assam. As per the news 500 villages have been burnt and more than 1.5 lakh Bodo Hindus have been displaced, killing 38 persons in the riots caused by the infiltrators. It is high time that the Central Government should look into the matter seriously and try to provide and maintain security for the people of this country immediately. The Central Government should take prompt action against the infiltrators, e.g.driving infiltrators out of India, rehabilitate displaced 1.5 lakh Bodo Hindus in their original land. The above demand has been made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).

What action was taken by the Central Government till [color="#0000FF"]1.5 lakh Bodo Hindus were displaced in Assam[/color]? The Congress Government is busy in beseeching NCP to retain power which shows that the Government is worried about their selfish interests rather than interests of citizen. [color="#FF0000"]Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has stated that “Bangla Desh is not involved in this conflict.” Mr. Tarun Gogoi, the Chief Minister of Assam has, however, said that the infiltrators have modern weapons.[/color] Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators are trying to drive away Bodo Hindus and capturing Assam in the same manner in which Hindus were displaced from Kashmir. More than 4.5 lakh Hindus from Kashmir have still not been rehabilitated even after 20 years, in their own motherland. Therefore, the Central Government should take immediate steps so as to safeguard and rehabilate displaced Bodo Hindus immediately.

Main demands of HJS –

1. Bangladeshi infiltrators should be immediately driven out of India.

2. High level Enquiry Committee should be setup headed by a retired Judge and military officer to enquire the riots and the Committee should submit its report within one month.

3. Bodo Hindus should be rehabilitated in their original place and be given due compensation.

4. Security on the border of Assam with Bangla Desh should be enhanced by erecting fence and constructing wall for protection.

Manmohan Singh is a cryptochristian. If there was any further proof needed, he's given it above (the bit in red).

It's the tell-tale sign that it's christianism - admitting it consciously chose to allow the islamic infiltration and which is now enabling this to progress to jihad, and enfeebling Hindu resistance (preventing the army from taking the necessary measures).

Christianism and islam struck a deal, Assam was promised to islam. Christianism is keeping to it.

Don't know why the Hindu majority of India hasn't thrown the cryptochristian government out of India yet. What happened to the Quit India movement? What happened to "independence" and all those other quaint phrases?

Any Hindu soldiers left in India's Secular Army should either arm [and train] the Hindu Assamese, allowing them to at least defend themselves, or else make this their own Personal Business. (You know, the business of kShatriyas - Hindu by definition - is to defend the Vedic Dharma which translates into governing, guiding and PROTECTING the Hindus; Hindus being the very Body of the religion.)

Hindu Bodos first terrorised by christian terror outfits and now by islam's jihad. Hindus should be like the Israelis. Start showing fangs, never back down, and avenge all our own. Scare the enemies witless.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16265&SKIN=B

Quote:BJP delegation report on Assam communal riots

30/07/2012 23:03:18

New Delhi: 27 July :2012: Friday. All India General Secretary of BJP Vijay Goel lead a high-level delegation consisting of All India General Secretary Smt. Kiran Maheshwari, Bijoy Chakrabarty National Vice President, Dilip Moran and Ranit Dass, Fanindra Dass MLAs from Assam, Ajit kumar Bhattacharya Organisation general secretary from Assam and Debashish Sur senior Advocate to Kokrajhar and Chirang districts along with their surrounding areas to find the facts on 24-25 July. The team visited the affected areas along with the relief camps in the concerned areas. The team on their return to Delhi gave their reports and first hand accounts of their visit to senior leadership.

The delegation in Assam met representatives from the Bodo Community, BATD office bearers, minority community representatives, All Assam Bodo Student Union, Koch Rajvanshi student union, Bengali student federation and displaced people living in the relief camps. Shri Goel has straight forwardly said that had the Assam Government and Tarun Gogoi in particular taken adequate and required preventive steps in time this carnage could very well been prevented.

Shri Goel reiterated the following main points;

- Two people from Muslim community were killed on 6 July and two more were injured on 19 July. Those guilty were never identified but was considered that Bodos were behind these killings. Atmosphere became tense due to these apprehensions by the minority community regarding the Bodos and as the tension prevailed, on 20 July 4 Bodos were killed. Bodos say that they had no hand in the incidents of 6 and 19 July and that situation had not gone out of hand had the culprits nabbed in time.

- Chief Minister of Assam and the Government of Assam never took any preventive steps due to their own indecisive ness. They were having Bodo Peoples Front on one hand as their coalition partner and on the other hand, illegal Muslim population from Bangladesh forms their core vote bank forcing Tarun Gogoi to maintain the silence.

- Tarun Gogoi has claimed that there is politics behind the carnage and one of them seemingly can be his deputies wanting his removal.

[color="#0000FF"]- Biggest politics seemingly is the statement of CM that Bangladesh or Bangladeshis have got nothing to do with this violent carnage.[/color]

- The people we met at the Kokrajhar relief camps said that these illegal migrants from Bangladesh are very well armed and that they have driven the indigenous people out of their homes. Mrinal Hazarika has claimed that three boats laden with arms have come from outside and that this claim should be looked into.

- Deputy Comissioner of Chirang District Dr. V.P Boker said that he is helpless.

- Bodo Peoples Front has also stated emphatically that timely action could have prevented the carnage.

- The complete issue has illegal Bangladeshi migrants at its core as an issue.

Shri Goel has stated that uptil now the atmosphere is tense and that violence is still continuing. More than three lakh people have been displaced, over 4000 villages have been affected, 75 relief camps are more than 50 have died so far with trains being stopped adding up the panic quotient.

Shri Goel demanded that.

- Number of Military and Para Military forces is not enough and should be increased.

- Army is patrolling only major roads but to build the confidence of people at large they should be moved to interiors in small groups.

- This being the season for rice and paddy sowing in the state and if this gets delayed both tillers and farmers will have to face dire consequences, as this is the only crop that is yielded here.

- It would have been better that he being the Prime Minister; Manmohan Singh should have gone to Assam with an all-party delegation.

- Relief camps are namesake only and that facilities such as medication, food, treatments, shelters are there only in name, and that these basics should be adequately arranged for.

- All arms must be immediately confiscated.

- Indo- Bangladesh border must be immediately sealed as reports are continuously pouring in that speedboats are bringing in supplies of arms from across the border. Vigil must be maintained on religious places so that arms are not kept there.

- Failure of intelligence gathering institutions should also be looked into.

- Adequate protection for Indigenous people of Assam should be provided.

- CM Tarun Gogoi should submit his resignation from the post of CM.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16256&SKIN=B

Quote:Killing of Assam Hindus goes on, and Muslim MPs and weirdo PM join the fun

29/07/2012 00:08:15 K Vijayan

More killings taking place daily, though the Media is carefully silent on how many muslims killed how many Hindus or vice versa. Knowing our Sonia Congress and its gang of alien Traitors, we are sure that they are making a Kashmir out of Assam, and Hindus are the ones getting displaced, district by district – pincode by pincode.

Sure enough Jihadi MPees of all parties have joined in the muharrum breast-beating ritual. Not one of them seems to ask for illegal mohammedan immigrants to be deported from the country – not even of those who have been rushing in from Bungadesh by the thousands every day.

Today our Non-Acheiver PM has come out with a moan about “ethnic violence” being a “blot on the nation”. He does not even have the guts to call it a Jihad, a Crusade or a Dharam Yudh, but has to hide under a World Bank English Medium, one-size-fits-all Label.

We see this as the culmination of Sonia’s Action Plan for destroying India using Jihadis and Crusaders.

It may not seem "fair", or somehow not seem "right": but good does not - nor even usually - win. Not unless you fight to win.

The world is like nature. If Hindus want to survive, they have to make sure they're the strongest and can beat all their enemies down and protect their own. All Hindu civilians must be trained to protect themselves. And if the terrorist tyrant christian government objects, Just Kick Them Out already.

I can't believe that Ramdev with his mass following only protested against the "corruption" - I expect nothing from Anna of course. (Money's not the worst drain: christoislam is draining Hindu lives; do they matter at all?)

When you have the kind of power that Ramdev and others have - in terms of number of human supporters - start a Quit India movement to get the christian govt to get lost. Make laws such that no christoislamic can come to any position of power in India (the way the British monarch may not be nor marry a catholic).
Dabgarwad Massacre

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Dabgarwad Massacre was a legal case involving the burning down of a single mother Maniben’s home in Ahmedabad, India, on June 9, 1985. The incident resulted in the deaths of 8 Hindus (3 woman and 5 children), has come to symbolize the carnage, security mismanagement, and sloppy investigation, during the 1985 Ahmedabad violence.[1]

Contents [hide]

1 Background

2 Event

3 Case and acquittal

4 See also

5 References


On February 1985, a mass movement against Gujarat Government's new policy of caste based reservation was launched in Ahmedabad. Congress(I) government came down on movement participants with an iron fist. Gujarat Samachar, a leading regional newspaper, was at forefront exposing police brutality and human rights violation. On April 22, 1985, a police led mob attacked and set fire to the newspaper head-quarter which also housed its printing press. Association for Protection of Democratic Rights, in its Civil Liberties In India - Year Book - 1985, wrote 'Police is an Organised Gangster'.[1][2][3][4]

Most of the movement participants where Hindu students. It is alleged that Congress(I) leadership used Muslim mafia don Abdul Latif's gang against the movement's participants. As a result, Ahmedabad was rocked with communal riots, between Hindus and Muslims, for several months.[3][4]


There was a mass exodus of Hindus from their houses in the riot hit locality of Dabgarwad, Dariapur. When peace was partially restored, few residents returned; However, Maniben continued to live in her house, with her two daughters and four grand-children, because she had no other place to go or she was confident that she shall not be harmed.[1]

On 9 June 1985 at 1:30 PM, Military which was stationed at Dabgarwad was withdrawn. As a result, a large Muslim mob attacked Maniben's house, which is located about 250 feet from police outpost, setting fire to it, and chaining it from outside resulting in death of Maniben, her two daughters, four grand-children and son of a neighbor. Next house set ablaze was of Navin Chandra, Kantilal, Kalidas and others. Mob, including women, attempted to prevent fire brigade from extinguishing the fire.[1][3]

[edit]Case and acquittal

All accused, including main appellant Dilaver Hussain Mohammad Laliwala, were acquitted on 5 October 1990 due to lack of evidence. Supreme Court of India criticized police investigators for late recording of evidence, failure to produce the Chief Fire Officer as witness and delay in preparation of panchnama of Maniben’s home.[1]
3 to 4 news items.

1. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kanpur/Two-temple-priests-burnt-alive-in-Orai/articleshow/19732424.cms

Quote:Two temple priests burnt alive in Orai

Faiz Rahman Siddiqui | Apr 26, 2013, 02.06 AM IST

KANPUR: In a horrific incident, two temple priests were burnt alive by unidentified miscreants in Orai district late on Wednesday night. Another priest is reported to be missing, police said adding, his role in the crime is being investigated.

[color="#0000FF"]"Unidentified miscreants raided the Balkhandi Devi temple near Tikri village under the limits of Sirsa Kalar police station of the district and after brutally hacking priests Ramcharan and Krishna Das to death, threw their bodies into the huge temple furnace used for cooking 'bhandara' food, and set it on fire by sprinkling kerosene oil," SP Rakesh Shanker said.[/color]

Police are conducting raids to apprehend the assailants, he added.

Devotees found badly charred body parts strewn near the furnace with blood splattered all over the place at the ground floor of the temple when they reached the Balkhandi Devi temple for prayers at around 8 am on Thursday. They immediately informed the police about the incident and soon the news spread like wildfire, said Sirsa Kalar police.

"We are trying to ascertain the motive behind the double murder and search is underway to trace Baladeen, the third priest," DySP Lallan Yadav told TOI.

Police have set up check-posts at all roads leading out of the district to arrest the culprits behind the gruesome killings.

[color="#0000FF"]"The killings took place while both the priests were sleeping on the roof of the temple. On Wednesday night, while Ramcharan was sleeping near the 'matt' of Lord Hanuman and Krishna Das close to the 'matt' of another deity, miscreants attacked them with sharp-edged weapons and chopped their body into pieces. They then threw the body parts into the furnace, sprinkled kerosene and set the fire," Yadav added.[/color]

Family members of the priests, villagers and devotees who gathered in huge numbers at the spot, were shocked at the brutality of the crime. They raised slogans against the police and demanded a thorough investigation. Additional police force has been deployed in the area to prevent any untoward incident.

The Sirsa Kalar police has registered a case under Sections 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

According to SP Rakesh Shanker, special teams have been formed to trace the third priest. [color="#0000FF"]"Village sources have told us that it could be the handiwork of Baladeen, who is missing since the incident. We are suspecting his involvement in the crime," he said.[/color]

Preliminary probe revealed that the suspects were known to the priests as they had not forced their entry into the temple.

In the complaint filed by priest Krishna Das's relative Sarju, Baladeen has been named as the prime suspect.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Baladeen sounds quite like some islamic name. And I see some comments have noticed it too.

2. The following is mostly islamic fingerprints (but I wouldn't rule out christianism; same ideology after all):


Quote:Attack on BJP's state leader ; Complete bandh in Nagercoil

23/04/2013 13:05:48 VSK Chennai

Nagercoil: BJP State President Pon.Radhakrishnan called for a Bandh in the Nagercoil district of Tamilnadu condemning the attack of the [color="#0000FF"]BJP State Executive Member M R Gandhi on Sunday. M R Gandhi who was on his morning walk was allegedly hacked by a four-member gang with sharp edged weapons. State President Pon. Radhakrishnan, who called on Gandhi at the hospital, told mediapersons that the attack on Gandhi should not be viewed as an isolated incident, but the continuation of attacks on the residence of state BJP vice-president H. Raja, on Hindu Munnani leader Manjunath in Ooty, and several other such recent attacks on BJP leaders and leaders of various Hindu organisations in the state.[/color]

Condemning the attack on the BJP state executive committee member, the Kanyakumari district unit of the BJP has called for a Bandh in the district on Monday. It is reported that the Bandh was successful.

Sharp-edged weapons used in attack on Hindus. Yes, very christoislamic footprint, particularly islamic. (But probably the paid handiwork of christianism behind-the-scenes, since the goal is to control/limit the political future of the region.) And of course the jihadi infestation in TN are exporting their jihad to Karnataka to attack BJP there too. Again, and without a doubt, it must be [color="#0000FF"]all those billions in international and national christian funds that the jihad is getting since christianism is financing islamic terror[/color] - how repetitive - since christianism doesn't have such a large army in India plus christianism doesn't want to be fingerpointed as the culprit. It prefers to move its eager islamic footsoldiers from the shadows. After all, jihad spells death to heathenism. And death to heathenism is exactly christianism's first aim in India.)

3. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17217

Quote:Bangalore blast - Three Jihadi's arrested from Tamilnadu

23/04/2013 13:00:00 VSK Chennai

Three people are arrested for their involvement in the terror attack at BJP Office, Malleshwaram, Karnataka in a joint operation of Karnataka Police with the intelligence officials of Tamilnadu. Peer Mohideen and Basheer were arrested on 22nd April at Chennai and the third accused Kitchan Buhari hailing from Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli district was arrested in the city of Madurai today.

Kitchan Buhari was a member of banned Islamic outfit ‘Al Umma’. This outfit is responsible for serial bomb blasts in Coimbatore on February 14, 1998. It should also be remembered that Kitchan Buhari of Al Umma is a close associate of Imam Ali, (Chief of Al-Mujahideen) – the main accused in the 1993 bomb blast at RSS Office, Chennai.

4. The Indian Express was forced to confirm that islamics were behind it:


Quote:4 held in Tamil Nadu for blast near BJP office in Bangalore

Gopu Mohan : Chennai | Tue Apr 23 2013, 22:10 hrs

At least four persons have been nabbed from various parts of Tamil Nadu in connection with the blast near the BJP office in Bangalore last week.

All are said to be former members of Al Umma, the outfit that was proscribed after the Coimbatore blasts. Among those arrested is Kichan Buhari, who spent a decade in jail in connection with the Coimbatore serial blasts that killed 58. He was released last year.

The others in custody have been identified as Mohammed Salim, Basheer Ahmed and Peer Moideen. Buhari, Ahmed and Moideen are suspected to have provided logistical support, said officials, adding that the main accused are yet to be caught.

Sources in Tirunelveli said two more persons had been detained and were being interrogated, though police officials maintained this was in connection with a communal clash in Nagercoil.

Hailing from Pattamadai near Melapalayam in Tirunelveli district, Buhari was said to be an associate of militant activist Imam Ali, who was killed in an encounter by Tamil Nadu police in Bangalore in 2002.

Buhari was one of the accused in the Coimbatore serial blasts that originally targeted BJP leader LK Advani but instead killed 58 persons and injured over 200. Convicted by a special court which awarded him life imprisonment, he spent over a decade in prison before being released last year.

So, I want to know: how much of those christian dollars donated to ANHAD (and I'm *sure* there are many jihadi and communist orgs besides NLFT-type christian terrorist outfits that global christianism is financing) - how much of those christian dollars went to butchering BJP members and hence controlling the political destiny of the south of the country too?

(Or is everyone still going to pretend it's just islam acting "independently", like way too many usually do?)

1. Key people have been attacked at key times. It's not a miraculous coincidence. And islam is just not clever enough for such a meticulous largescale and longterm plan. Brute force. Yes. But planned, directed force. Not so much. Not without help.

2. Christianism is the major player in the south: it has major plans for a christian south. It still needs islam to win, but that's why christianism via the crypto christian govt of India is gifting Bengal etc to islam and allowing E and W TSPers to infiltrate India.

3. Christianism was already seen trying to edge out BJP in Karnataka. E.g. the whole scripted "Ramsena at the pub" incident some years back - where journos of NDTV made the gross faux-pas of documenting themselves as being magically present at the site 15 minutes before the scripted scene (which they wanted to pretend was "spontaneous") even went down - and which was meant to scare the Hindu vote into thinking that "Hindu activists" were like the "taliban".

Clearly christianism grew tired of playing dirty politics (cheating to win politically) and just resorted to some hard elbowing - courtesy of hired and eager islamic mercenaries, ready to kill I mean clear an absolute path to the throne.
1. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17266

Quote:Violent protest against Rape of a Minor Hindu girl by Muslims in West Bengal

01/05/2013 13:23:11 hinduexistence.org/2013/05/01/hindu-minor-girl-student-of-sixth-standard-raped-by-two-muslim-miscreants-in-west-bengal-public-protested-violently/

Upananda Brahmachari | Raniganj | Ist May 2013:: Under the series of Rape Jihad

, two Islamic beasts named Mohammad Rajat Khan and Mohammad Kaliya Sheikh eventually raped one Hindu girl student of sixth standard on broad day light at latest on Monday near Sasthigoria park in Ranigang Municipality, in the district of Burdwan, West Bengal.

As a spark of retaliation against the police inaction for an allegedly gang-rape on a minor student on her way back from school, the situation turned as a violent protests by the Hindu locals who set three vehicles on fire and damaged at least 30 others, including one belonging to the police, demanding that two Muslim youths who were allegedly involved in the crime of rape be handed to them.

Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissioner Ajay Nanda said police had to resort to lathicharge as the huge contingent of personnel and RAF that rushed to the site at Sasthigoria could not contain the situation. It is told that the two Muslim rapists were arrested afterwards.

A police driver was injured in the violence, he said, adding eight people were arrested in connection with this and police picket was posted in the area in view of the tension between Hindus and Muslims.

A police driver was injured in the violence, he said, adding eight people were arrested in connection with this and police picket was posted in the area in view of the tension between Hindus and Muslims.

Protesters set vehicles on fire in protest to rape upon Hindu Minor girl students of sixth standard, by two genuine Muslim rapists.

Trouble started when the Hindu girl studying in class six of nearby school named ‘Basanti Devi Valika Vidyalaya’ was allegedly taken to a nearby solitary bushy place beside Sasthigoria Park and raped by two Muslim beasts, Rajat (this Muslim miscreant took an common Hindu name to hide his Islamic identity when doing a menace) and Kaliya, while the minor girl was on her way back from school at about 2 pm on 29th April. The girl reported the incident of molestation and rape to her family after her return to her residence at Purba College Para – Haspatalpatti area.

As per report, the Muslim rapists gave sedatives in drinks to that girl before that planned rape. Following this, the family of the victim Hindu minor girl and its neighbours went to the local police station to file a complaint at about 8 pm, which the police allegedly refused to register any case as the culprits were believed to be related to the ruling political party. They then blockaded Tarbangla Crossing on NH 60 from 11 pm to 3 am yesterday (30 April) in protest and stopped only after that the two men were arrested today.

However, locals and the girl’s family along with parents of other students indulged in violence on the highway demanding that the two be handed over to them or be given exemplary punishment. They also protested against alleged police inaction rather giving safe-guards to the Muslim rapists.

The girl underwent medical tests during the day, Police Commissioner Nanda added. The locality is still under tension. Hindu Youths of the locality made some contingent force to combat such Rape Jihad or Love Jihad against Hindu girls.

Of course, the secularising middle classes won't care about this, since islamics are the aggressors. And if there's anything the once-Hindu sensitive secular middle classes don't want, it is to acknowledge christoislamaniac villainy exists. And after all, islam has first claim on India's "resources", right? That's what the Congress said and that's what the treacherous "progressive" and/or angelsk-speaking middle classes keep voting for.

2. Cross-post. Not India, but Pakistan. Still, it concerns yet another one of ours, so it should go here.


Quote:Kidnapped , raped , converted ~ Rinkle Kumari | #Rinkle

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: Pakistan, Rinkle, Rinkle Kumari — TheKashmir @ 10:02 am

[Image: rinkle.jpg?w=505&h=649]

Exclusive picture of Rinkle Kumari ~ taken two weeks before she was kidnapped , raped and forcibly married . You may never see her smiling again . Just in case she is still alive .

From Friday Times ~

Malalai Yusafzai, the brilliant Pakistani girl who defied Taliban’s dictation and stood firm on getting educated and persuaded her peers to do so, is a face of Pakistan that we all want to see. More and more. With pride and denial. We like to see Malalai in denial of Rinkle. Rinkle Kumari, the 19 years old Sindhi Hindu girl who was kidnapped and allegedly forcibly converted to Islam before coercively marrying her to a Muslim Naveed Shah. The ones who show this uncomfortable face of Pakistan are condemned to be the ‘traitors’ and ‘Pakistan-haters’. If trying to correct these painful imperfections of our society is treason, let me commit it for once. Rinkle’s story needs to be told loudly and to everyone.

Rinkle was kidnapped on February 24 by Naveed Shah and four other people. Police refused to lodge an FIR and to include the names of the influential Mian Aslam, Mian Rafique and their father Mian Mithu. She was produced in the court of Civil Judge Ghotki where she insisted on going to her family but the judge illegally sent her to the police custody in Sukkur Women’s Police Station.

Read the complete story HERE
And another 4 items.

All related and on Kerala. Important stuff, as it very much looks like Something Wicked This Way Comes. Well, about to.

1. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17314

Quote:Popular Front pamphlet urges for demographic explosion of Muslims in Kerala

11/05/2013 05:36:35

Decision to slap UAPA on PFI activists right: Thiruvanchoor

By Athul Lal A G - KOZHIKODE - The New Indian Express


As the Popular Front of India (PFI) carries out a state level campaign against the slapping of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) on 21 of its activists, after a raid conducted in a training camp in Narath, Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has categorically stated that the evidences unearthed by the police team are sufficient enough to prove that the action taken by the police is right.

“The State Government has no intention to register false cases against any persons or organisations. The investigating officers have charged sections of the UAPA on the arrested PFI activists after analysing evidences gathered from the raid. The latest developments of the enquiry have further vindicated the police action. Moreover, the government has passed all the evidences to the Ministry of Home Affairs,” Radhakrishnan told Express.

Soon after the raid at Narath and the arrest of PFI workers, the PFI leadership had launched a counter propaganda against the action, alleging high-level conspiracy, and kicked off a state-wide ‘Jana Vicharana Yathra’ against the UAPA. It also brought out a list of incidents of bomb explosions in which CPM and RSS men were implicated but were not booked under the UAPA. “The police have slapped the draconian provisions of the much-maligned UAPA on PFI workers who were engaged in physical-fitness activities in Kannur.

Whenever the police raid CPM or RSS training camps they book them only under normal laws. This is a clear sign of a police bias against Muslim youths. A section of the police is working not only to harass but also to cook evidences against the organisation,” alleged O M A Salam, general secretary, PFI.

According to the police, the preliminary evidences gathered from the probe are more than enough to prove that the accused were involved in anti-national activities.

“Unearthing bombs and lethal weapons from various political outfits is not unusual in Kannur. We have imposed UAPA charges not just because of the bombs and swords.

In this case, there are strong evidences of suspicious foreign fund flow, links with terrorist outfits, human shooting targets, community-wise statistics of people, literature showing the necessity of increasing the population of Muslims etc.

Besides, the police recovered a comprehensive list from PFI worker Khamarudeen’s house which details attacks perpetrated by Bajrangdal from 1992 to 2009. All these evidences have prompted the police to slap UAPA,” a senior police officer said.

There are intelligence reports suggesting that the PFI might attempt to divert the case through a counter propaganda, including allegations of police torture against the arrested men, sources said.

2. http://haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=17313

Quote:Kerala -Muslim fundamentalists are preparing for what?

11/05/2013 03:09:01 PK Sukumaran-www.organiser.org

Kozhikode: Kerala has the notoriety of being the hot bed of Islamic fundamentalism, next only to Kashmir. Since some years, thanks to communal parties who hold the key of State administration, the State, otherwise peaceful and calm, is fast becoming a place of Muslims fundamentalism. With the strong and open support of Muslim community coupled with the vehement patronage of rulers the secular and progressive face of this State has lost its charm. Seizure of arms and ammunition from various places which are known pockets of Islamic terrorism has become a routine affair.

On April 23, police , on getting a secret information, raided a weapon training camp run by a notorious Muslim outfit, a popular front at Naarath, a suburban area of Kannur district. A team of police officers led by Dy. SP Sukumaran conducted the raid and took into custody 21 activists who were involved in weapon training at a building under construction. Two country made bombs, eight swords, bomb making materials, gunpowder and a few utensils were seized by the police. One of the arrested persons is an accused in the murder of a local Vishwa Hindu Parishad worker. The police got some papers indicating some important places which were supposed to be the targets of their action.

Dy SP said that documents seized from the training camp shows that the Social Democratic Party of India ( S D P I) and Popular Front (P F) have some connections with the camp. All the arrested were active workers and office bearers of S D P I and P F. It is to be noted that various agencies are probing the role of some Keralites in the Bengaluru blast and their link with the camp here. Police have also seized documents including identity cards of some foreign nationals. When the police suddenly raided the place some volunteers, who were posted as guards made a lightning escape. They were some foreign nationals who had come here to give training to the terrorists in modern weapons.This clearly shows that the training camp has an international connection. Further investigation on this incident may go to its financial aspects also as there is a genuine doubt about the foreign funding.

The arrested persons were charged with keeping lethal weapons, spreading communal hatred, illegal gatherings, keeping explosives and anti-national activity. Police confiscated 19 mobile phones and sim cards in them were being examined by the police. Some A T M cards which the police got from the venue were also being checked. Details of the A T M cards through which foreign money transactions were made are also being checked and verified. UAE dirham and Saudi riyal were also found out from there.

The northern IGP Shankar Reddy who visited the spot disclosed that only after the preliminary enquiry if needed there would be an enquiry by an outside agency. Officials from Internal Security Enquiry Team and Intelligence Bureau also visited the place. Handing over the case to the National Investigation Agency (N I A) is in the offing Dt. Police has transferred it to the Home Ministry and the Home Ministry has handed the case to the Central Home DT: Police sources said that the case has been bracketed along with those regarding S I MI camp at Panayinkkulam, the hand chopping of prof: T T Joseph at Thodupuzha and Kashmir recruitment.

Police also decided to investigate various charitable institutions and some of them are under scanner in connection with the arrest. Sources said that intelligence wing has already been given instructions in this regard. Some of the terrorist organisation under the cover of charity often use institutions involved in charity work and lure youngsters into unlawful activities.

Four years ago SIMI conducted a similar camp which was aimed at supplying terrorist youths to Kashmir. Within one year a number of similar camps were organised in different parts of Kerala, police, said after questioning the Popular Front Workers. A dummy of a human body recovered from there was used to practice firing. It is also to be noted that bodies of many pet dogs and stray dogs were found dead with injuries from swords. Police did investigations in Malappuram and Kozhikode districts and have attributed some connections between the killing of dogs and sword practice.

The timing of the conducting of camp also is important. The police raided the camp prior to the visit of Narendra Modi to Sivagiri and the exposure from the raid speaks a lot. Besides that, 1st week of May is the 13th anniversary of Marrad massacre in which Hindu fishermen were brutally murdered in Kozhikode district. Till today the real culprits of this cruel killing have not been brought to books. The investigating team and Kerala High Court itself recommended the case to CBI enquiry but nothing has happened so for.

BJP leaders have warned the State government that the anti-national activities of religious fundamentalists have to be checked otherwise, the rulers will have to pay the price for it.

(The writer is a former editor of Kesari, Calicut).

3. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17245

Quote:Love Jihad a 'Sangh Pariwar' propaganda - Police Raid exposes the repeated lie of PFI terrorists

27/04/2013 14:05:35

Close on the heels of the police raid at the PFI arms training camp at Narath, a raid was done at the residence of a PFI member, where a huge cache of arms were seized. The youth, Kamaruddin had made his escape from the training camp, when police embarked on the raid. Police have seized swords ,iron rods and other weapons all stacked neatly in a special room in the loft. Police have also confirmed that a two wheeler, which was recently seized at Narath belongs to Kamaruddin.

Police have conducted similar raids at the residence of all the 21 arrested persons. Searches have also been conducted in various SDPI and PFI offices located in Kannur and Kasargode.

Police search conducted at SDPI offices have yielded books, pamphlets and short write ups bordering on anti-national sentiments to can whip up communal violence.

The visual and printed materials to promote religious conversion via marriages, especially love marriages.Another search conducted at the residence of PFI activists Jamsheer and Jaleel have yielded a hoard of CDs and pamphlets enumerating and justifying love jihad.

The arrested persons have been lodged in Kannur special sub jail. Concerned investigation squads will seek special permission in court for them to be handed over for further interrogation.

A detailed report on the recovery of arms has been submitted to state Home Ministry by the investigating teams headed by DYSP Sukumaran. The report will be handed over to NIA, with the national agency’s likelihood of taking over the case standing tall.

4. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17256

Quote:Kerala Police unmasks PFI’s terror face

29/04/2013 10:07:50 [color="#0000FF"]newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/Kerala-Police-unmasks-PFI%E2%80%99s-terror-face/2013/04/28/article1564744.ece[/color]

It took the police some time to catch up with the activities of the Popular Front of India (PFI), which projects itself as a socially committed organisation and a saviour of minorities, Dalits and the marginalised. But, with a series of raids on PFI centres across North Kerala yielding lethal weapons and foreign currency, the Kerala Police have now been able to expose the real face of terror of the religious outfit bolstering the apprehension that Islamic fundamentalists are waiting to spring a surprise in the state.

On April 23, Kannur police stormed into the office of Thanal Charitable Trust, an alleged arm of PFI, in Narath and caught 21 PFI activists—all aged between 22 and 31 years—red handed along with human shooting targets, bombs, bomb making materials, gun powder, eight swords, foreign currency notes, Iranian entry card in the name of Sadik Mangalodan to Kish Island free zone and leaflets of PFI and its political outfit SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India).

In another raid on April 25, police recovered a cache of weapons including swords and iron rods from the house of a PFI activist Khamarudden in Narath.

Majority among the arrested men are office bearers of PFI units and area committees within its Edakadu division in Kannur. Abdul Azeez, one among the arrested, was an accused in the murder of RSS worker T Ashwini Kumar in March 2005.

Kannur DSP Sukumaran who led the raid said, “The documents seized from the training camp prove the SDPI-PFI connection with the camp. All the 21 men arrested also were active workers and office-bearers of the SDPI-PFI.”

Police have slapped various sections of the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention (amendment) Act) against the arrested PFI workers.

More significantly, PFI state leadership has maintained that all the 21 persons who have been arrested from the camp are members of the outfit. Though many of its activists were nabbed in various murder cases across the state earlier including the sensational palm-chopping case of a college professor in Thodupuzha, PFI and its outfits have consistently been on a denial mode saying that those were isolated incidents. Besides, PFI leaders often countered this argument by citing the violence unleashed by CPM on their rivals.

In a statement, PFI General Secretary OMA Salam alleged a conspiracy behind the arrest of PFI workers in Kannur.

Meanwhile, police officials feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more such camps in the state.

= all part of the jihad that christianism is financing in India.

5. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17307

Quote:Investigation reveals Popular Front's links with Indian Mujahideen

09/05/2013 23:54:17 [color="#0000FF"]newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/Post-Narath-IM-links-foreign-funding-emerge/2013/05/10/article1583057.ece[/color]

Post-Narath: IM links, foreign funding emerge

By Athul Lal A G - KOZHIKODE - www.newindpress.com

The state police team probing the terror camp allegedly run by the Popular Front of India (PFI) in Narath, 18 km from the Kannur district headquarters, has clinching evidence that the account number of a Dubai-based bank unearthed from the house of absconding PFI activist Khamarudeen belongs to a prominent member of the family of Riyaz Bhatkal, the founder leader of Indian Mujahideen.

Khamarudeen, who escaped during the police raid in Narath on April 23, is yet to be traced. It is a matter of time before the case is handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), it is reliably understood.

In another major breakthrough, the police have traced multiple foreign remittances exceeding `70 lakh in various bank accounts maintained by PFI activist Fahad, who is one among the 21 men arrested during the raid at the weapon training camp in Narath.

The remittances have been made to Fahad’s account over the last two years. All remittances were between Rs 90,000 and Rs 1 lakh. Police also recovered eight ATM cards.

When contacted, Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan said, “The state government demands a comprehensive probe into the findings of the Kannur police after the raid at Narath. We have passed all the information and evidences regarding the case to the Union Home Ministry, which is the authority for ordering an NIA probe into the case.’’

The top cops probing the case say they fear that the funding for recent terrorist operations in neighbouring states could have been channelised through accounts such as the one held by Fahad, who is the former secretary of PFI Kanjirakode area within the limits of Chakkarakkal police station. On interrogation, he has told police officials that the money was sourced for the marriage of his sister, sources said.

Meanwhile, analysis of call detail record (CDR) made soon after the arrest of 21 PFI activists from Narath has unearthed that all the accused had been regularly communicating with Majeed Parampayi of Ernakulam, a former PDP leader and Abdul Halim of Kozhikode, the fifth accused and second accused respectively in the Kalamassery bus burning case of September 2005.

Significantly, police have found out that calls have gone continuously to the numbers of both these men soon after the police raid in Narath. Regarding the owner of the account in the Dubai bank, whose number was traced from Khamarudeen’s house, a top source said his name could not be disclosed as it would be detrimental to the ongoing probe. “We are fairly sure that this person has close connection with the Dawood Ibrahim gang and has been funding terrorist operations in India and other countries in recent years,” he said. The Dubai bank account number, swords and terrorist literature were seized in another raid at Khamarudeen’s house in Narath on April 25.
5 items of news

Post 1/2

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/muzaffarnagar-up-riots-reaction-to_10.html

Quote:Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MuzaffarNagar, U.P riots: a reaction to SECULAR rape

[color="#800080"]("Secular" obviously deliberately used as it's the term the christomedia gives to all christoislamic rapistry, most especially when conducted against conveniently anonymised Hindu victim communities)[/color]

The MuzaffarNagar riots are not some mischief mongering by "right wing" Hindoos. This is apparently a natural reaction to a grave provocation by ROP Jihad Romeos. See below for a shockingly long list of atrocities waged by the ROP "youth" under the benign watch of Maulana Singh Yadav. It is actually surprising that the reaction took such a long time to come and was quite restrained - in proportion to these atrocities.

1) Dec 21, 2012: Muzaffarnagar panchayat offers rape victim 1.5 L to keep quiet. Alleged Rapist? Tasavvur.


2)Dec 24, 2012: Minor girl gang-raped by 3 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists?Javed, Pervaiz & Mannan


3) Dec 29, 2012: Girl was raped in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists? Shauqueen and Rahil.


4) 17 Feb 18, 2013: Gang-rape by 4, filmed in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan & Nazar.



Feb 2013 : Woman gangraped by four men and FILMED. Rapists ? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan and Nazar

5) Jul 8, 2013: Man [color="#800080"](Mehraj)[/color] shot dead for demanding arrest of gangrapists. Alleged Murderers? Bhura, Afzal, Mehtab, Yusuf, Farid, Hashim & Islam


6) Aug 23, 2013: A schoolgirl gangraped by 5 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged main Rapist? Salman.


7) Aug 24, 2013: A Class IX student raped by youth in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapist? Dilshad.


8) Aug 30, 2013: Muslim cleric arrested for abducting 11 year old girl. Alleged Abductor? Imam Abdul Rahim.


For a complete list of crimes, check the following crisp work of reporting: indiawires.com/25917/news/national/series-of-rapes-behind-muzaffarnagar-riots/

Note: The last link reads like the Nexus thread at IF (i.e. data made meaningless by being deliberately shorn of the larger pattern that otherwise becomes apparent).

Like all protectionists, the writer at indiawires refuses to mention a single ideology (or a single tell-tale name) and just mentions X persons gangraped by Y people on DATE, along with a link to the source. <- Sort of like whitewashing the history of the christonazis' holocaust of European Jewry as "6 million people murdered by the other people in Germany". A very convenient way of reporting facts selectively, I'm sure. Wasn't it that other christo, Stalin, who said it merely becomes a statistic then?

Anyway, comment at the TOI link of point 8 above:

Quote:Santanu Kumar Jena (Unknown)

11 Sep, 2013 03:42 PM

It says every thing in Dr. Subramanian Swamy's status in FB: That "Our activists called up the news channels regarding their 'cover up' of Muzaffarnagar riots in UP. IBN7 is not picking up the phone. NDTV said they're not reporting everything because they "don't want to flare up the communal tension" ! When we said that they report everything when victims are Muslims, the person was speechless and gave us the number of his boss to talk to. Boss did not pick up the phone as expected. You can try as well, and post your findings here please. 0120-4341818 IBN7 011-26446666 NDTV NEWS Zee News - 0120- 2511064 ABP News - 022 66630000 / 0120 4070000/196 AAj Tak - 0210-4807100 "

See, even Dr S. Swamy - despite his dear anti-Hindu daughter married to his dear islamic son-in-law - has noticed these things.

One of the news items, point 2 above shows not just love jihad but what looks like it's going to turn out to be another case of deliberate inaction against the faithful jihadists:


Quote:Minor girl gang-raped by three youths in Muzaffarnagar

24 Dec 2012, 04:23 PM

Muzaffarnagar: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by three youths in Shamli district, police said on Monday.

The girl had allegedly eloped with one of the youths on the promise of marriage, they said, adding that she was taken from Bintu village on Saturday and raped.

A case has been registered against Javed, Pervaiz and Mannan. The girl has been sent for medical examination, Police said.

[color="#0000FF"]However, no arrests have been made so far, they added.[/color]


2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17843

Quote:Muzaffarnagar: 1.5 Lakh Hindus rally against Islamists' attacks ; Toll rise to 31

09/09/2013 23:47:41

(Muzaffarnagar) Current Official Death Toll is 31 and Rising !

[color="#FF0000"]Muslim snipers are firing at the Army from rooftops and mosques.[/color]

Sequence of events that lead to fresh #UPRiots in Muzzafarnagar.

1. A Hindu Girl was teased and molested by Muslims.

2.Two angry brothers (unarmed) of the girl took on the Muslim molesters who pulled out their knives to stab them. But the two brothers snatched away one Muslim's knife and in self-defence, inflicted fatal wounds on the attacker. The 2 brothers were chased here-and-there by 100-150 Muslims for 25 minutes, had their head/throats slashed with swords and were beaten to death by Muslim mob who openly supported the Muslim molesters.

3. The village erupted with anger and helplessness reached heights when the media termed it as a small incident &UP Police inaction.

3. The villagers organized "Mahapanchayat " to look into the brutal killings of 2 brothers.

4.Over 1.5 Lakh Hindu villagers from Western UP, Delhi, Haryana participated in the Mahapanchayat.

5. While Hindus were returning from Mahapanchayat, they were ambushed by a well-armed Muslim mob attacked with weapons (guns and swords). 1 journalist,a cameraman and atleast 3 Hindus villagers were murdered in this attack. Many were critically wounded. 12 villagers were murdered in this cowardly attack.

6. There is a protocol of submitting all licenced weapons in the Kotwali during a curfew. The administration did nothing.

English Language Media maintains total silence about pointing fingers at the true culprits (Islamists) due to their honeymoon with Islamists & because the riot is not in Gujarat.

Also Read


The absolutely brilliant comment by one SeaLion observes all the stuff the angelsk-enabled and tv-brainwashed middle classes never pick up on (I don't either, but unlike them, I don't pretend to be well-read):


[color="#0000FF"]10/09/2013 01:54:35 See the pattern The English and Electronic

Media is filled with Low life gutter born sub humans

1. Multi brand retail is slapped on India, agitation about to emerge, suddenly media brings up Delhi rape case in graphic almost obscene detail, courtesy Italian Sonia and the gutter media, (that day itself HK brought our news of two other rapes and killing one by ML MLA and another by a [color="#800080"][christian**][/color] priest, but no mention of it)

2.Pawan Bansal is caught in conspiracy to defraud the nation..suddenly the evil media shifts to Srinivasan's resignation and cricket betting

3.Coalgate scam emerges the bloody traitor media low lives and sonia Mme conspire to create "synchronized riots" for Bangladeshis in India

4. Coalgate files get "stolen" from the most protected place in the world, the VVVVIP south block (everybody knows under whose foreign direction", the Muzaffarnagar riots are CREATED

5. Indian soldiers are killed by Pakistanis and Chinese capture Indian land, pressure on sonia congress the gutter born media mafiosi divert attention to mumbai rape drama

6. Rashtriya Jijaji Robert Vadra 11000 crore scam, and 17,000 CRORE railway scam emerges, the foreign controlled corrupt media of Bandarbongo and christain evil mafia illiterate and uncultured uncouth evil falsely conduct a media trial of Hindu Old Saint ASARAM BAPUJI despite their shameless faces being exposed in Swami Nithyananda case on directions of Xian Sonia and terrorists

7 IF ANYBODY NOTICED THE TOI-let bought Karnataka times just a day before the Mumbai train blasts and ran a article supporting the terrorists the next day, the shameless pimp of WCC argued that blasts were in First class compts only being travelled by Gujaratis

It is surpisng that Gujaratis allow these monkey bandarlok and chistian pimps in their state. They should have long ago stopped buying these pigbelters channels and TOIlets[/color]
** Apparent from context.

More comments at link.
Previous post contains the timelines.

Post 2/2

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17852

Quote:Lust Jihad , The reason behind Muzaffarnagar riots - VHP

11/09/2013 23:55:08


New Delhi, September 11, 2013 - The stalking and felonious behaviour of the ‘Love Jihadis’ with a Hindu girl student returning from her Kisaan Inter-College was the immediate provocation for the grave incidents that took place at the Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh on 27th August, 2013. The root cause is the Lust Jihad being conducted under the garb of Muslim religion. This incident gave birth to the convening of the “Bahu, Beti Bachao” (“Save Women and Daughters”) Maha Panchayat. When the society could no longer bear the ‘Love Jihadists’ outraging the modesty and dignity of Hindu women and girls in rural and urban areas of U.P. the corrective movement in the form of the “Bahu Beti Bachao Mahapanchayat” came into being.

A number of newspapers, news agencies and electronic media channels have been trying to hide these facts for reasons best known to them. Why was this movement bannered as “Bahu, Beti Bachao Andolan”? When the Love Jihadis in the rabidly pro-Muslim Government of Mulayam Singh found themselves to be above law and conducted themselves accordingly, that compelled the Hindu society to stand on its own feet to safeguard itself. The Love Jihad is not only targeting Bharat (India) and Hindus but also Buddhists and Christians everywhere in the world. These godless Lust Jihadis donning the garb of Muslim religion as a major weapon have, for the last half a century, been targeting the Hindu girls, women, girl students. During the last parliamentary elections the Hindu women had put this problem before Sri Varun Gandhi for an answer as to how to save themselves from these Jihadis.

A solution to this problem has to be found in the said context only. On 27th August, 2013, Gaurav and Sachin – the two brothers of the victim girl student – were hacked to death by Jihadists and then on 30th August, 2013 a huge meeting in support of the Jihadists was allowed to be held in Muzaffarnagar in spite of the curfew under 144 CrPC in place and the family of the victims was accused for all the incidents of Kawal. This laxity on the part of the government emboldening the Jihadists added fuel to the fire infuriating the victims which led to the convening of the “Bahu, Batiyaan Bachao” Maha Panchayat. As a consequence of government support to Jihadists the sparks and fire spread to the entire district and slaughters and arsons took place in villages and urban areas. The Hindus and Muslims had been living in harmony, peace and love all these decades, but the lustful Jihadis made them enemies in no time.

A lesson to be learnt from all these incidents is that a legal ban on Love Jihadis needs to be imposed and the law strictly followed and also the murderer Love Jihadis involved in these incidents given exemplary punishment, otherwise the self-respecting Hindu, even if unwillingly, has to take the responsibility of self-protection into his/her own hands, which would be a matter of shame and suicidal for a government formed under systems of law and constitution.

The state of affairs has come to such a pass that the people have lost all confidence in the Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh government. They also have a compelling feeling that this government is celebrating and emboldening the Love Jihadis on the one hand and crushing the 84-Kosi Parikrama on the other which is why the Hindu society can expect any semblance of justice if this government is dismissed forthwith.

(Poor naive VHP. Won't blame islam outright and doesn't know to detect and blame christianism conspiring with islam either.)

4. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17834&SKIN=B

Quote:Communal riot in Muzaffarnagar took Nine lives injuring thirty four

07/09/2013 21:46:42 hinduexistence.org

Nine people, a journalist and a photographer among them, were killed and 34 others injured on Saturday during fresh clashes between members of two communities in Muzaffarnagar, where an incident of violence 10 days ago has kept communal tensions simmering.

Rajesh Verma, an IBN7 journalist, was critically wounded when some unidentified men in a mob fired indiscriminately in Khalapar area. He succumbed during treatment.

The photographer, Israr, hired by the police, was beaten to death in Sekeda village by a group of people returning from a meeting held in Naglabadhod. The meeting was held in defiance of prohibitory orders, for seeking withdrawal of the cases registered against those accused of August 27 Kawal violence.

It is told that two Hindus are died in the violence while four Muslims are died, while the chance of more casualties cannot be ignored in the face of spreading violence.

Saturday’s violence started when a group of people going to attend a meeting of Maha Panchayat at Naglabadhod clashed with the members of another community in Shahpur village en route. About six people were injured in the clash. A few of them reached the meeting venue and told the people about the attack.

When the meeting ended and the people dispersed, a clash broke out at Meenakshi crossing of the city. This time, the two groups used firearms. Soon, the violence spread to rural areas such as Basiakla, Almaspur, Mujhera of the district as well.

Violence broke out again in the Kawal area when members of a community returning from a Maha Panchayat meeting in Naglabadhod clashed with members of another community.

The incident comes shortly after Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that incidents of communal violence have increased in the country and cautioned all States to remain alert and foil any attempt to disturb peace ahead of the general elections. “Communal violence incidents have increased since last year. While 410 incidents occurred in the country last year, this year, till now, 451 incidents have taken place,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

The tension initially brewed up when three persons were killed on August 27 over a dispute which has now culminated into a communal rift between two communities.

Read More : hinduexistence.org/2013/09/08/communal-riot-in-muzaffarnagar-took-six-lives-injuring-thirty-four-united-hindus-must-choose-the-way-of-best-defense/

And the comments:

Quote:Dr. Rajesh

09/09/2013 07:00:51 Reason of the violence

The violence stated when two Hindu brothers were brutally murdered and their severed by the Muslims. You know why those brothers were killed? They had challenged the muslins for pestering their sisters. This violence is in return to that brutall killings.


08/09/2013 04:08:10 Riot

The killed person from a media which supports antinationals,pro-cong,pro-paki IBN.


08/09/2013 00:35:13 Jaago Patrakaron Jaago

One thing is good about yesterday's incident . That one patrakar is killed . At least the events in Mujaffarnagar have become news or else they were being ignored as if nothing had happened . No matter how many Hindus are killed but secularism par aanch nahin aani chahiye.Only when a person from the most cunning proffession which cover all the ill deeds in the name of secularism is killed , we get to hear about Mujaffarnagar. Second such incident with in a month . Mumbai rape case & now murder of a patrakar . In both the cases what a similarity . Victims are patrakar or media proffessional ( the most secular lot of this country ) & alleged accused are the people ---.Why should I write about accused after all they are just alleged .Why have I used the word ALLEGED .Because our secular media uses this word to hide , cover , tone down many things & of course to keep intact its secular credentials . They are getting what they definately deserve not allegedlly.

IBN is owned by American Baptists and is a christian mouthpiece staffed by christos and cryptochristians (and the occasional christoconditioned). Like I'm supposed to care if one of those arch-liars dropped down dead. (I mean, if anyone was a Hindu they wouldn't be working for christomedia like IBN, after all. It is openly and virulently anti-Hindu after all, so it's not like anyone Hindu could "innocently" end up there.)

5. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17839

Quote:Muzaffarnagar violence toll climbs to 26, UP Governor blames Akhilesh govt.

08/09/2013 22:03:41 indiatoday.intoday.in

Muzaffarnagar is in a state of lockdown. Simmering tensions between communities in the state erupted in full scale violence have claimed 26 lives. With the situation worsening beyond the control of the state police, the Army had to be called in and curfew was imposed in the sensitive areas.

The Army staged flag marches in several places in the district. However, thousands of anti-riot police personnel were deployed to restore the law and order situation.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Governor B.L. Joshi has slammed the Akhilesh Yadav government's handling of the riot situation in Muzaffarnagar.

While forwarding the state's report on the situation following the riots to the Centre, the Governor in his comments has said that the state government failed to act despite being warned earlier. The Centre had sought a report from the state government on the situation.

All entry points to Muzaffarnagar including UP-Uttarakhand borders have been sealed. All outlying villages are being patrolled to maintain calm.

The villages are still volatile. 11 deaths were reported from the district even after the deployment of the Army. While the urban stretches have been brought under control, the villages are still tense. There were reports of violence from neighbouring Meerut as well.

The restive areas are now a fortress with the deployment of 19 companies of PAC, 14 of RAF, 19 of CRPF and 4 of ITBP.

There are 4 IG rank officers, 3 SPs, 18 ASPs and 119 sub-inspectors on duty doing round the clock monitoring of the situation.

Police said 52 persons have been arrested. "As it (violence) is going on in several villages, it is taking time to defuse the situation," Additional Director General of Police Arun Kumar, who took stock of the situation in the affected areas, said.

Saxena said that adequate force has been deployed in the affected areas and incidents of violence have been reported from Sisauli, Shahpur, Kalapar and Dhaurakala areas of Muzaffarnagar.

At one place, Army had to resort to firing after someone opened fire at them, he said. Asked whether shoot-at-sight orders have been given, the Home Secretary said that directives have been issued to control the situation and for that if necessary firing can be done.

Read more : indiatoday.intoday.in/story/muzaffarnagar-violence-toll-climbs-to-26-up-governor-blames-akhilesh-govt/1/308926.html

And the comments:

Quote: Rajashekaran Nair

10/09/2013 02:14:59 Muzzafarpur violence toll climbs to

[color="#0000FF"]The Army and Police should have conducted a house to house search for hidden weapons. If reports of Muslim snipers targeting Armed forces is true, it is a very grave situation. Who trained these snipers, where and when ? Are they SIMI operatives or Pakistanis being sheltered by the local Muslims ? Extensive investigation is needed in future national interest also.[/color] It is better if President's rule is imposed straight away and full fledged investigations done, as otherwise the SP government will sabotage the case to appease the Muslims. These are the people who wanted to withdraw terrorist cases. A serious debate needs to be done as to whether Law & Order should remain a State subject, in the hands of crooked politicans like Akilesh and Mamta, it can be disastrous for national security.

[color="#800080"](The cryptochristist seculars will never allow such a debate let alone proper investigations. I wish Hindus would get this through their head: the christogovt *wants* the islamic jihad against the Hindu nation, which is EXACTLY why all this is happening. If the nation had been ruled by Hindus, would so many islamaniac cases have been swept under the carpet let alone inverted into the "Hindus are the aggressors" backfoot? No. It is an *enemy* govt - inimical to the Hindus alone. It isn't an islamic govt. It is a christian govt. Hindus need to learn to discern the - very obvious - christian pattern of operation.)[/color]

GSK Menon

09/09/2013 22:31:01 Muzzafarpur violence toll climbs to 26

Even in the moment of acute violence and distress the CM Akhilesh was sporting a skull cap, which was shown on TV, just for appeasement of Muslims who had started the violence. No politican wanted to appease the violence affected Hindus. Azam Khan in full Muslim uniform was standing by the side of Akilesh, maybe to ensure that the crook does not speak anything in favour of the Hindus by mistake.

[color="#0000FF"]The TV also showed one Muslim woman and her 10 children[/color], yes ten children, what are these human being making factories up to ? 10 children and the tax payers money is gobbled up by these people. All kinds of subsidies, concessions, and food security to keep these kind of people forever in a state of wretchedness. The tax payers should insist on compulsory family planning otherwise let them quit India. Such uncontrolled but deliberate and willful procreation will lead to serious communal riots in future, these Muslims, uneducated, unemployed, violent because of their food habits and sexual cravings, are going to be a source of great violence in future.

Raj Puducode

09/09/2013 08:46:08 Send Owaisi, Madani, Naik to Syria, we dont want them here

NEW DELHI: [color="#0000FF"]Indias secular stupid govt of Begum Sonia has summoned Syrian ambassador Riad Abbas regarding his remarks on presence of "Indian jihadis" in his country.[/color]

However, the Syrian envoy, categorically stated that "he had not made any remarks on the presence of Indian jihadis" and had spoken about jihadis in general, who were coming in from Turkey into Syria.

Abbas was summoned on Friday by joint secretary Sandeep Kumar JS (West Asia and North Africa) in external affairs ministry in connection with his remarks during an interview that "Indian fighters" are waging "Islamic jihad" against President Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria alongside fighters from Afghanistan and Chechnya.

As regards comments on not sharing evidence with the Indian side as no Indian official had been to Syria for the last two years, Abbas stated that the evidence was with reference to use of chemical weapons by the rebels, and not relating to presence of Indian jihadis in Syria, official sources said.

Abbas also stated strongly that he was always deeply appreciative of India's position on Syria.
1. Suppressed News: Large-scale Muslim Violence against Hindus in Panchla

[color="#FF0000"]Photos at link[/color]


Quote:Suppressed News: Large-scale Muslim Violence against Hindus in Panchla

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / January 20, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Media, Politics, Slider / 3 Comments

Makara Sankranti is one of the holiest Hindu festivals marking the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn) in its celestial path. It is primarily a harvest festival; Hindus also believe that it marks the arrival of spring in India. Makara Sankranti is celebrated across the length and breadth of India typically on 15 January every year.

The Makara Sankranti of 2014 for the Hindus of Panchla (Howrah district, West Bengal) was marked by violence, blood, and gore. IndiaFacts gives below a brief summary of the episode.

Where and When

Panchla, Sadar subdivision, Howrah district, West Bengal, on 14 January 2014.


The trouble began when some Muslim participants of a rally, taken out on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi harassed Hindu girls and the Hindu youths protested. This led to large scale violence and unprovoked attack on Hindus by the Muslim rallyists.

The violence took place [color="#0000FF"]in the presence Trinamool Congress MLA[/color] Gulshan Mallick and the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Panchla Police Station.

The office of the District Superintendent of Police and also the camp of Rapid Action Force (RAF) are situated in the vicinity of the location where the attack occurred. Equally, the Panchla Police Station is only 3 km away.

Outcome and action

Hindu houses and shops have been looted and damaged. Some Hindus have been injured in the attack. Affected Hindu villages are Kolepara, Santrapara and Pachalpara.

Hindus are terrorised and traumatised, and some have fled their houses never to return.

Mainstream media outlets have largely suppressed this incident.

As of now, a massive contingent of the RAF has been deployed in the area.

The following are the images of the properties damaged by the Muslim mob. Image courtesy: Hindu Sahmati.

[color="#800080"][photos documenting this latest instance of the islamic terrorism that always takes place with full blessing from the christogovt are at the link][/color]

The following is a partial list of the Hindu victims in Panchla:

1) Residence of Shibnath Ray, a professional mason. His house was set afire after it was ransacked.

2) Residence of Amar Ray. While two cows have been looted, another cow was slaughtered. Even the cistern was also not spared. It was damaged as a result of heavy bombing.

3) The grill factory of Asit Pachhal was ransacked.

4) The embroidery factory of Ajit Koley was looted.

5) The attackers ransacked and looted the private chambers and the house of Dr. Raghu Karmakar.

6) The chicken shop of Subrata Manna was looted.

7) A furniture shop owned by Banshi Pachal–who also sold the furniture himself–was pillaged.

8) The snack-shop of Gora Sahu was looted.

9) The residence of Bulbul Koley was attacked and bombed resulting in the injury of a cow inside the house.

10) Fields of betel leaves in both Hazrapara and Daspara were destroyed.


Large parts of West Bengal have recently become the targets of wanton aggression by Muslims against Hindus. Howrah is no different.

In 2007, a similar incident of unprovoked violence against Hindus occurred at Panchla Bazaar. This caused the exodus of a large number of Hindus who have never returned.

Similarly, in 2010, there was another attack against Hindus at the instigation of a school headmaster, a Muslim named Dil Bahar in Panchla. Hindus in Hakola and Kulat villages were the targets of Muslim atrocities which included but were not limited to the molestation of Hindu girls and women. The complete account can be found here.

IndiaFacts information for citizens concerned with the horrific incident:

Phone number of the Panchla Police Station: 03214 259224.

Concerned citizens from all over India can call this number any time and politely inquire and follow up the status of the incident. Public pressure on the police will go a long way in helping deliver justice to the innocent Hindus who were traumatised for no fault of theirs.

There are two reasons that christomedia in India does an intentional blackout of islamaniac terrorism against Hindus and will never allow even a whisper of the christian terrorism of Hindus in the northeast to reach audiences

1. Christianism aids and abets jihad, since it is part of the mutual christoislamisation of India pact.

2. The other reason is that blackouts/silence prevent Hindus from creating a christian crimeline and islamaniac terrorist timeline using "accepted" christomedia sources.

I think the extremely loud blaring of the christomedia channels in India over Sunanda's murder - it's almost louder than these christo channels usually are (and they're already always loud, trashy, filled with flashing titles and text banners, loud affected fake English accents etc) - is in order to blackout the islamaniac terrorist attack against Hindus in Panchla, Bengal.

Note this and the other documented terrorist attacks are clearly for the purposes of ethnic cleansing of the Hindus of the region: notice how they are not returing to their homes.

Note also that the ChristoCongress deliberately allows islamaniac infiltration from Bangladesh for the very purpose of jihad for ethnic cleansing of the Hindus. That this is deliberate policy is further underscored by how Congress' mouthpiece - India's christomedia - does not report on these large-scale incidents of ethnic cleansing at all: it is all proceeding in collusion with the christian government and by the instigation and intention of the christian government.

WB is becoming Kashmir Part 2. What happened some decades ago in Kashmir is now gradually happening (with increasing acceleration) in WB.
2. Islamics armed with guns shoot Hindu nationalists dead and move on to shoot Hindu villagers.

Because the christian government of India ensures that christian terroists in the NE are armed and Hindus aren't, and that islamaniacs all over India are armed and Hindus aren't.

Hindus (and Hindus alone) are banned from possessing firearms. Hindus are forbidden from defending themselves. While christoislamics are encouraged to shoot Hindus dead.

Meanwhile, India's christomedia waxes eloquent in the usual cryptic game (the other method of blackout): how in a clash "some youths" (read Hindus) were magically killed from the gunfire of "other youths" (read islamaniacs). That's how you can tell it's christomedia: by how it aids and abets the monotheistic genocide and ethnic cleansing of the native Hindus.


Quote:Two swayamsevak's shot dead by Jihadi's in Rajasthan

18/01/2014 13:22:06


JAN 14, 2014

The violence broke out at around 8 pm on Tuesday night when a group of RSS workers were returning after a 'Path Sanchalan' programme on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The group was allegedly infuriated on hearing some offensive comments on their uniform allegedly by members of Muslim community who are majority in the area.

Verbal abuses transformed into physical assault and firing. One was shot dead at the spot while two others succumbed to injuries while being brought to Udaipur for treatment. The bodies have been shifted to the state morgue at the hospital here.

[color="#800080"](While the above admits that the islamaniacs instigated the terrorism against Hindus, it conceals how the dead are Hindus. But the following news reports accidentally reveal that part of the detailSmile[/color]



Shops remained closed in sensitive areas and people didn't get out of their houses. Amid elaborate security arrangements, the bodies of the RSS workers who were shot dead in the firing which took place on Tuesday at Kotdi were cremated at their native places.

The bodies of Bhanwar Singh (45) and Dinesh Gaeri (25) which were claimed by their family members from the mortuary at Udaipur were cremated amid tight police security.



Three persons were killed while six others injured in a communal clash which broke out between two communities in Rajasthan's Pratapgarh district, prompting the authorities to impose curfew in the town and nearby areas.

The clash broke out last night when some youths were returning home after a programme when another group of four-five youth had a verbal spat with them.

"Within minutes, over hundred persons from both the sides gathered at a bus stand and some men from the minority community opened fire leaving several people injured," SP Pratapgarh U K Chhanwal told PTI.

[color="#800080"](The question that of course never gets asked let alone answered by the christomedia is how these minority communities always magically have guns in the ready to open fire on Hindus with. They always seem to know when and where Hindus are going to be coming along. Then the islamics wait for them and start the clash deliberately - then mob quickly in their hundreds (another sign of pre-meditation) then always have their illegal guns at the ready - AK47s perhaps? Standard taliban issue after all. And then they always leave Hindus dead and injured. And the christomedia always reports this as some standard everyday event that is only to be expected.

The islamic attacks on Swayamsevaks - as happens often enough before election times - is of course congressi-organised, as well as the islamic hits on BJP leaders in TN and against RSS in Kerala : fewer RSS/BJP is mainly a christian concern. Christianism is concerned with establishing and retaining political power. Islam would attack any and all Hindus, not just key Hindus let alone exclusively political Hindus or nationalist workers.)[/color]

This led to exchange of fire and stone pelting from both the sides. The youths, who opened fire first, sped away towards another nearby village Moheda and opened fire there also in which some locals got injured.

[color="#800080"](In other words, the islamics who shot the Hindus then moved onto the village Moheda and opened fire on the Hindus there where the Hindus got injured as well. That part is very islamic: probably the christocongress govt promised the islamaniacs that after they killed some RSS workers for christianism's political purposes, they would be rewarded with the right to open fire on everyday Hindu villagers and will be allowed to get away with it all, since the christian hold on Indian law and courts will ensure that islam working for christogovt's purposes is not punished.)[/color]
When: 9 Oct 2014

Who did it: Al Qaeda (incl Bangladesh branch) + Indian Mujahideen working closely with the Trinamool Congress/TMC party.

Culprits include 2 muslimah hags who were working with their male counterparts

Where: Burdwan, West Bengal

Casualties: No one that mattered.*

* 2 of the islamaniacs fortunately fatally blew themselves up and a "critically injured" third is hopefully on his way too (why take him to hospital at all, should let him bleed to death). Pity all the IEDs they were making didn't blow up all the islamaniacs in the subcontinent, starting with the 2 muslimah hags and Mumtaz Banshee and her TMC too... I mean, if all of the subcontinent's islamania were to over-zealously shaheed themselves for his non-existence jeebusjehovallah in this very manner, surely the world wouldn't complain? Therefore: more, more!

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19112

Quote:IM (Indian mujahideen) men killed making IEDs in Trinamool leader's house

05/10/2014 03:02:38 m.timesofindia.com/india/IM-men-killed-making-IEDs-in-Trinamool-leaders-house/articleshow/44369811.cms

BURDWAN: Two suspected Indian Mujahideen militants were killed and a third injured critically in West Bengal's Burdwan town when an IED they were allegedly making exploded in the house of a Trinamool Congress leader which also doubles as the local party office.

The blast took place on Thursday afternoon.

Locals say that when police arrived, two women held them off at gunpoint threatening to blow up the house and delaying them long enough to burn several documents and evidence. Among the half burnt papers found later were leaflets of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Indian Mujahideen. Only a month ago, Zawahiri had warned of 'jihad' in India.

Police sources said 55 IEDs were seized along with RDX, several wrist watch dials, maps and SIM cards. Some half-burnt books were in Arabic, say police sources. Security agencies believe that since the militants were already assembling IEDs, they planned to hit an Indian city in a few days.

NIA, IB and other central agencies are already in Burdwan but say they are getting no cooperation from the state police. Local cops are accused of trying to hush up the blast. They destroyed the seized IEDs, bombs and explosives on Friday before central investigators could arrive. SP SMH Meerza (=Mujahideen in official Indian post, to fill quota for christo-islamic "minorities") claimed those dead did not have any criminal antecedents and that the bombs were crude socket-bombs. But CID inspector Amar Kumar Mondal, who led the bomb squad, said he defused 55 IEDs and RDX.

While Shakeel Ahmed from Nadia was killed on the spot, East Midnapore's Shobhan Mondal died in hospital. Hasan Saheb of Murshidabad is in critical condition. Shakeel's widow Rumi Biwi and Hasan's wife Amina Biwi have been detained along with landlord and Trinamool leader Nurul Hasan Choudhury. The Opposition BJP and CPM demand a probe into the "Trinamool-terror nexus".

The blast took place around noon on Thursday. Fire brigade and police believed they were responding to a domestic fire and were shocked to see two women brandishing revolvers and threatening to blow up the house if they dared enter.

In an instant, a 'cylinder blast' had transformed into a national security issue. Locals say they saw the two women burn several documents before they let police enter after an hour. Police took away the IEDs in sand-laden trucks. It took seven hours for a CID team from Kolkata to destroy them in controlled detonation the next morning.

When central agencies arrived on Friday afternoon, they were stunned to learn that the IEDs and RDX had been destroyed.

A four-member IB team was the first to arrive from New Delhi. An IB inspector alleged that Burdwan sadar police were not cooperating with them. "Neither the Burdwan SP nor the thana is helping us. They have destroyed all the bombs and explosives instead of retaining them for examination. The case will now become useless because of lack of evidence. The seized explosives would have been crucial in the case," he said.

An NIA team arrived on Saturday, followed by a Central Forensic Science Laboratory team from Hyderabad. CFSL's P D Ganesh said that the sand samples collected from the detonation site on the riverbank point to Indian Mujahideen. He said that police should have kept the explosives, and waited for them instead of destroying them. NIA and CFSL experts entered the house for the first time around 12pm on Saturday, two days after the blast.

The ruling Trinamool Congress is in a tight spot because the house served as its local party office. Trinamool leader Nurul Hasan has told police that he had given the first floor on rent to Shakeel Ahmed for Rs 18,000 three months ago and claims he does not know the others.

BJP district secretary Sandeep Nandy has demanded a CBI probe. "NIA and CBI should interrogate the three detainees and the injured person. The house is the local party office of Trinamool and you can see its flags even today. Burdwan SP SMH Meerza is trying to hush up the incident, claiming police have seized 15 crude bombs. He is trying to save the Trinamool leader. The Trinamool-terrorism link should be probed. This is a very serious matter," Nandy said.

CPM leader Amal Haldar said burnt papers posters of Indian Mujahideen have been found. "The Trinamool-terror link has now been proved. We demand an NIA probe," said Haldar.

(Even the communist CPM had to admit that much.)

Shakeel was in Mumbai for a long time before coming to Burdwan, sources say. IGP-CID R Shiva Kumar and IGP-western zone Siddhinath Gupta are interrogating the three detainees. "We have told the women to call their guardians. All 55 crude socket bombs have been destroyed by CID yesterday. The victims have no criminal background. The condition of the third victim is serious," Meerza said.

One of the comments at HK:

Quote:Raj Puducode

06/10/2014 18:31:18 Blame Mamta Begum for these trajedies

Mamta Begum has turned anti-Indian by sleeping with Jihadis after kissing & embracing them. For the past several months she has left the border with Bangladesh open for anti-national Jihadis to pour in to create mayhem & mass murder. Her govt should be dismissed & she should be thrown in jail.
The ruling Trinamool Congress is in a tight spot because the house served as its local party office. Trinamool leader Nurul Hasan has told police that he had given the first floor on rent to Shakeel Ahmed for Rs 18,000 three months ago and claims he does not know the others. BJP district secretary Sandeep Nandy has demanded a CBI probe. "NIA and CBI should interrogate the three detainees and the injured person. The house is the local party office of Trinamool and you can see its flags even today. Burdwan SP SMH Meerza is trying to hush up the incident, claiming police have seized 15 crude bombs. He is trying to save the Trinamool leader. The Trinamool-terrorism link should be probed. This is a very serious matter," Nandy said. CPM leader Amal Haldar said burnt papers posters of Indian Mujahideen have been found. "The Trinamool-terror link has now been proved. We demand an NIA probe," said Haldar. Shakeel was in Mumbai for a long time before coming to Burdwan, sources say. IGP-CID R Shiva Kumar and IGP-western zone Siddhinath Gupta are interrogating the three detainees. "We have told the women to call their guardians. All 55 crude socket bombs have been destroyed by CID yesterday. The victims have no criminal background. The condition of the third victim is serious," Meerza said.

2. From HK's twitterfeed of the period:

Quote:HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

TMC demand probe on how Bangladeshi terrorist got voters card. Accuse CPM of providing voters card. CPM provided d card TMC got the Vote!

6 Retweets 1 favorite Collapse

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/10/fwd-west-bengal-police-begin-operation.html

Quote:Fwd: West Bengal police begin "Operation Cover-up" after Burdwan bomb-blast reveals deep nexus between Trinamool Congress, Indian Mujahideen and Al Qaeda

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ravi


West Bengal police begin "Operation Cover-up" after Burdwan bomb-blast reveals deep nexus between Trinamool Congress, Indian Mujahideen and Al Qaeda

Their intention was to launch a mass-attack on Hindus celebrating Durga Puja.


IM men killed making IEDs in Trinamool leader's house

Oct 5, 2014, 04.58AM IST TNN[ Debajyoti Chakraborty ]

Ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal is in a tight spot after two suspected IM men were killed in a blast in the house of a party leader in Burdwan.

BURDWAN: Two suspected Indian Mujahideen militants were killed and a third injured critically in West Bengal's Burdwan town when an IED they were allegedly making exploded in the house of a Trinamool Congress leader which also doubles as the local party office.

The blast took place on Thursday afternoon.

Locals say that when police arrived, two women held them off at gunpoint threatening to blow up the house and delaying them long enough to burn several documents and evidence. Among the half burnt papers found later were leaflets of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Indian Mujahideen. Only a month ago, Zawahiri had warned of 'jihad' in India.

Police sources said 55 IEDs were seized along with RDX, several wrist watch dials, maps and SIM cards. Some half-burnt books were in Arabic, say police sources. Security agencies believe that since the militants were already assembling IEDs, they planned to hit an Indian city in a few days.

NIA, IB and other central agencies are already in Burdwan but say they are getting no cooperation from the state police. Local cops are accused of trying to hush up the blast. They destroyed the seized IEDs, bombs and explosives on Friday before central investigators could arrive. SP SMH Meerza claimed those dead did not have any criminal antecedents and that the bombs were crude socket-bombs. But CID inspector Amar Kumar Mondal, who led the bomb squad, said he defused 55 IEDs and RDX.

While Shakeel Ahmed from Nadia was killed on the spot, East Midnapore's Shobhan Mondal died in hospital. Hasan Saheb of Murshidabad is in critical condition. Shakeel's widow Rumi Biwi and Hasan's wife Amina Biwi have been detained along with landlord and Trinamool leader Nurul Hasan Choudhury. The Opposition BJP and CPM demand a probe into the "Trinamool-terror nexus".

The blast took place around noon on Thursday. Fire brigade and police believed they were responding to a domestic fire and were shocked to see two women brandishing revolvers and threatening to blow up the house if they dared enter.

In an instant, a 'cylinder blast' had transformed into a national security issue. Locals say they saw the two women burn several documents before they let police enter after an hour. Police took away the IEDs in sand-laden trucks. It took seven hours for a CID team from Kolkata to destroy them in controlled detonation the next morning.

When central agencies arrived on Friday afternoon, they were stunned to learn that the IEDs and RDX had been destroyed.

A four-member IB team was the first to arrive from New Delhi. An IB inspector alleged that Burdwan sadar police were not cooperating with them. "Neither the Burdwan SP nor the thana is helping us. They have destroyed all the bombs and explosives instead of retaining them for examination. The case will now become useless because of lack of evidence. The seized explosives would have been crucial in the case," he said.

An NIA team arrived on Saturday, followed by a Central Forensic Science Laboratory team from Hyderabad. CFSL's P D Ganesh said that the sand samples collected from the detonation site on the riverbank point to Indian Mujahideen. He said that police should have kept the explosives, and waited for them instead of destroying them. NIA and CFSL experts entered the house for the first time around 12pm on Saturday, two days after the blast.

The ruling Trinamool Congress is in a tight spot because the house served as its local party office. Trinamool leader Nurul Hasan has told police that he had given the first floor on rent to Shakeel Ahmed for Rs 18,000 three months ago and claims he does not know the others.

BJP district secretary Sandeep Nandy has demanded a CBI probe. "NIA and CBI should interrogate the three detainees and the injured person. The house is the local party office of Trinamool and you can see its flags even today. Burdwan SP SMH Meerza is trying to hush up the incident, claiming police have seized 15 crude bombs. He is trying to save the Trinamool leader. The Trinamool-terrorism link should be probed. This is a very serious matter," Nandy said.

CPM leader Amal Haldar said burnt papers posters of Indian Mujahideen have been found. "The Trinamool-terror link has now been proved. We demand an NIA probe," said Haldar.

Shakeel was in Mumbai for a long time before coming to Burdwan, sources say. IGP-CID R Shiva Kumar and IGP-western zone Siddhinath Gupta are interrogating the three detainees. "We have told the women to call their guardians. All 55 crude socket bombs have been destroyed by CID yesterday. The victims have no criminal background. The condition of the third victim is serious," Meerza said.



2 women arrested for Burdwan blast

Debajyoti Chakraborty, Dwaipayan Ghosh & Debasis Konar,TNN | Oct 6, 2014

(2 AQ-IM trained muslimah terrorists working to convert Hindoo dar-ul-harb into dar-ul-islam)



Burdwan blast: phones with 'jihadi' videos found


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

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5. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/10/quick-notes-terror-shelter-neha-tomar.html.

Quote:Quick Notes: Terror shelter, Neha Tomar...


Didi's Terror Haven

<Photo with article link as caption:>

Bombs being detonated by Bengal police before central agencies could examine them


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6. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Mamata-govt-admits-to-terror-link-in-Burdwan-blast/articleshow/44544631.cms

(Mumtaz forced to admit that much, but clearly busy concealing her own islamic-terrorist party's link to AQ and IM.)


- his non-existence, jeebusjehovallah: 0 dead Hindus

- Durga Amman: 2 dead islamaniacs

Jai. May the pile of the bodies of her enemies mount up until none are left to terrorise the world.
Date: 15 Jan 2015

Who did it: islamaniacs

Why: Hindus were celebrating Makara Sankranti

Where: Bharuch, Gujarat

Casualties: 3 dead, 10 injured - of unmentioned religious affiliation. But since the christomedia is silent, victims can readily be construed to be Hindu, since the names of any islamic dead would be emblazoned by christomedia and multiplied as Cedric Prakash did for the Godhra riots.

And as usual: Hindu religious sites and shops attacked/burned by the christoislamaniac minority

Form of christian support of the jihad: via christomedia, which speaks of "two communities clashing" again, clearly to conceal who the instigators were, and goes one step further by inverting victimhood/action to present the jihad as an islamaniac reaction (you know, the way christomedia always starts their storytelling about Godhra riots with the riots and not with the islamaniac jihadi burning of Hindus on a train, which led to the riots)


Quote:Three killed in communal clashes in Gujarat's Bharuch district

Last Updated: Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 15:43

Ahmedabad: Three persons were killed and at least 10 others were injured in the clashes between two communities in and around Hansot town of Bharuch district on Thursday, police said.

"The situation is now under control as we have called in extra force. We are keeping a close watch," said Bharuch superintendent of police Bipin Ahire.

While one person died on the spot, two died at a hospital in Surat during the treatment. Ten persons were being treated at hospitals in Hansot, Bharuch and Surat, police said.

The clashes began following a scuffle between two groups over catching the kites in nearby Ambeta village during Makarsankranti celebrations today, said Ahire.

"This incident sparked tension in Ambeta and Hansot. People pelted stones. We also learnt that some shops were burnt down," he said.

According to local police, the tension started when a boy, belonging to the minority community, was thrashed by a youth for catching the kites in Ambeta village this morning.

(Yeah right. Nice try with the inversion. It's always the other way around. As seem in early years: Islamaniac youth thrash Hindu youth for flying kites, Hindus retaliate in kind [which is probably where the narration of events started in this clash] or else demonstrate, and islamaniacs - already gathered in huge numbers - then burn Hindu "religious places and shops" and police come to clamp Hindus from retaliating.

Anyway, with the deliberate inversion, christomedia is just making the whole "a minority boy was thrashed" into an excuse for projecting the islamic terrorism as "retaliation" - since an admission of largescale islamaniac attacks on Hindu "religious places and shops", see below, couldn't be left out of the news report. To imply "retaliation", christomedia had to invent an excuse for how the islamaniacs "justifiably" jihad-ed, instead of what they actually do: attacking Hindus for celebrating Hindoo festivals, the way christoislamaniacs attack Hindus everywhere in India, from India's christian NE and islamising West Bengal, as well as in islamic TSP-E and TSP-WSmile

Soon, clashes also erupted in Hansot. According to police, religious places and shops were targeted.

(Note that "Soon clashes erupted" are the facts for which the "boy of the minority was thrashed for no good reason" is given as an excuse in the previous paragraph. Christomedia always inserts the excuse for jihad before presenting the severity of the facts of the jihad. It's a technique for psychological manipulation: to condition readers to sympathise with jihad/to justify it mentally.)

Police fired rounds of teargas shells to disperse the mob.

Police as well as the State Reserve Police personnel have been deployed in strength in both the places.


First Published: Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 15:43

"Shops burnt down" by one community because another community celebrated Makara Sankranti such as by flying kites.

To demystify the christomedia's ongoing silencing of genocide of Hindus (and whitewashing of jihad): muslims are famous for burning shops and pelting stones whenever Hindus celebrate their festivals. Christoislamaniacs don't celebrate Makara Sankranti.
Where: Bihar. Muzaffarpur.

When: For about a week terminating with a riot on 18 Jan.

- Hindu boy who was friendly with muslim girl was missing for 1 week, found murdered near home of the islamic father of the girl, who is one of the islamics accused in the case of the abduction and murder of Hindu boy.

- police are still after the other islamaniacs suspected of murdering the Hindu boy

- Hindoos take revenge at last, burn accused villains' homes.

- 3 burnt to death bodies charred beyond all recognition, not yet identified. Mishra of the police said they were muslims.

- One further person found dead from bullet wounds, in a field.

- 400 policemen posted

- 14 Hindus arrested for avenging Hindu boy. Stood up for their survival, like Yezidis against the jihadi ISIS.

Note: International news (AP/ABC) says that it was merely Hindus' suspicion that the obviously spontaneously-dead Hindu boy had been murdered by islamaniacs. I.e. "muslims innocent, Hindoos guilty of leaping to murderous conclusions." ABC conveniently concealed the news about how the islamic Vikki is indeed one of the accused in the abduction and murder of the boy in a police case - and that the police arrested him for this - and that the police are after the other islamics involved in the murder.

ABC's deliberate one-sided reporting here is identical to how, during similar recent reprisals by Burmese Buddhists after islamaniacs had gangraped a Buddhist woman, the anti-Burmese-Buddhism AmeriKKKan news had declared that Buddhists merely *suspected* the "innocent" islamaniacs of raping the girl. In fact, AmeriKKKan news went all the way to declare that Burmese Buddhists had this evil tendency to paint islamaniacs as sexual predators of Buddhist Burmese women. (Never mind that this is not a stereotype but a fact based on the experience of Burmese Buddhists, Bangladeshi Buddhists, Pakistan's Hindus, India's Hindus and of course, the Yezidis.) However, the AmeriKKKan intentional misreporting got exposed when Australian news admitted that Burmese police themselves had stated that rape charges were indeed pending against the very islamaniacs that the Buddhists had accused and retaliated against. According to AmeriKKKan christomedia, the rape was only "allegedly" committed by the 2 islamaniacs, and the "evil" Buddhists were blinded by angry suspicions against the islamaniacs. Islamaniacs - besides having gangraped - murdered a Buddhist, and it was only then that Buddhists killed an islamaniac. Burmese Buddhists realised that compassion can't be replaced with infinite tolerance for murderous gangraping intolerance=cchristoislam. Anyway, that was just another case showing how christo AmeriKKKa is always firmly on the side of their brothers in monotheism - i.e. islam - where any strife involves unsaved kaffirs.

1. firstpost.com/india/14-arrested-after-3-burnt-alive-as-mob-torches-houses-in-bihars-muzaffarpur-2052383.html

Quote:14 arrested after 3 burnt alive as mob torches houses in Bihar's Muzaffarpur

Jan 19, 2015 15:18 IST

#bIhar #Clash #communal riot #Muzaffarpur #NewsTracker #Riot #youth


Three persons were charred to death as a mob on Sunday torched nine houses in a village in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district following the recovery of an abducted youth's body. According to reports, 14 people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Hundreds of policemen have been posted in the village.

The body of 19-year-old Bhartendu Kumar was found near the house of Vikki, who is the main accused in the abduction and murder case, in Ajitpur village early this morning, a police officer said.

As soon as the news spread, a mob gathered near Vikki's residence and torched it along with eight other houses,
Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ranjeet Kumar Mishra told PTI over the phone.

The bodies were yet to be identified as all three were charred beyond recognition, he said.

Atul Prasad, a Bihar state administrator, said the violence erupted after the body of a young Hindu boy was found in Sarayian village more than a week after he went missing.

Representational image: PTI

Prasad said Hindu fishermen blamed Muslims for killing the boy who was friendly with a Muslim girl from the village, 105 kilometers (65 miles) north of Patna, the capital of Bihar state.

The charred bodies of three Muslims were found in the burned huts in the poor community, he said.

(Why "poor"? Are they poorer than the Hindu fishermen?)

Police arrested eight Hindu men, and Prasad said the situation remains tense but under control in the village.

Vikki's father, who is a co-accused, has been arrested on the charges of kidnapping and murder of the 19 year-old youth, Mishra said, adding, raids were on to nab the other accused in the case and also those involved in arson.

As many as 400 policemen, including 40 police officers, were camping in the village to monitor the law and order situation which was tense, but under control, the SSP said. Kumar had gone missing from the village on January 9. Vikki was named as an accused by the abducted youth's father, he said.

PTI with AP inputs

Also interesting is that Firstpost named the two communities. Compare to news in the previous post from Jan 15 in Gujarat, where the "two communities" were not named but anyone can tell who they are from the descriptions given.

2. abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/burned-death-hindu-muslim-clash-india-28310406

Quote:3 Burned to Death in Hindu-Muslim Clash in India

PATNA, India Jan 18, 2015, 3:22 PM ET

By INDRAJIT SINGH Associated Press

Associated Press

At least three Muslims were burned to death Sunday when their thatched huts were set on fire during a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in a village in eastern India, a government official said.

Atul Prasad, a Bihar state administrator, said the violence erupted after the body of a young Hindu boy was found on a farm in Sarayian village more than a week after he went missing.

Prasad said the Hindu fishermen community blamed Muslims for killing the boy who was friendly with a Muslim girl from the village, nearly 105 kilometers (65 miles) north of Patna, the capital of Bihar state.

The charred bodies of three Muslims were found in huts set on fire, he said.

Police have arrested eight Hindu villagers for burning nearly two dozen huts in the poor Muslim community.

Prasad said the situation remains tense but under control in the village.

Hindus comprise more than 80 percent and Muslims nearly 13 percent of India's 1.2 billion people. They largely live together peacefully in various parts of the country, but there are occasional incidents of violence.

Can see how there is conveniently absolutely NO mention of the police going after the islamics accused of murdering the Hindu boy, and which murder was the entire reason for the Hindu reprisals. And no mention of the police having already arrested the muslimah's father for the crime.

The only reference is a soundbyte from the police - carefully edited out from among more crucial statements - about how the Hindus merely suspected the islamaniacs of murdering the boy. In essence, by carefully excising all mention of how the police are pursuing islamaniacs over the Hindu boy's abduction and murder, international christomedia has edited the news for international consumption such that it seems that Hindu suspicions - as in the Buddhist Burmese case - came out of the blue and that "evil Hindus" were therefore merely stereotyping and then persecuting the "poor innocent muslims".

Of course, the news of how islamaniacs terrorised Hindus and attacked religious places during Makara Sankranti celebrations in Gujarat on Jan 15, where 3 people were murdered, conveniently goes unreported in international news. More proof that only Hindoos were murdered there, since if it were muslims, Indian christomedia would have blared so through all loudspeakers - doubly so because Gujarat is Modi's homeground - and the events would have made the international news and be transform into a "genocide" .

3. Oh, the number of fatalities have gone up to 4. AP/ABC is convinced they are all muslim, though the 4th interestingly died from gunshots. If true, the Yezidis won't be missing them, I think.

Interesting how it is imperative to ABC news that everybody know that allegedly 4 muslims were killed, as seen in their very emphathic title. If 4 Hindus had been murdered, the title would read: "4 dead/spontaneously-combusted in Hindu-muslim clash", that's if they bothered to report it all then, which they usually don't when Hindus are the sole or significant casualties. (Did the Muzaffarnagar massacre of Hindus even make international headlines? IIRC not.) As it stands, the Hindoo boy who was murdered is tellingly not included in the fatality count in the headline. Which shows the priorities/sympathies as well as the motives of press report.


Quote:4 Muslims Killed in Hindu-Muslim Clash in Northern India

PATNA, India Jan 19, 2015, 5:35 AM ET

Associated Press

At least four Muslim villagers were killed, three of them burned to death, when their thatched huts were set on fire during a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in eastern India, a government official said.

Police had arrested 14 people Monday on charges of arson and murder, said Ranjit K. Mishra, a local superintendent of police.

Security has been tightened in and around Sarayian village in Bihar state with some 500 police officers assigned to the area.

Atul Prasad, a Bihar state administrator, said the violence erupted Sunday after the body of a young Hindu boy was found in Sarayian more than a week after he went missing.

Prasad said Hindu fishermen blamed Muslims for killing the boy who was friendly with a Muslim girl from the village, 105 kilometers (65 miles) north of Patna, the capital of Bihar.

The charred bodies of three Muslims were found in the burned huts in the poor community, he said. The bullet-riddled body of a fourth man was found in a field in the village, Mishra said.

(Religion of 4th man not actually mentioned by Mishra.

So unless shot by the police, the 4th man would be a Hindu, because islamics like christian terrorists have guns in India - seen in several previous riots such as Muzaffarnagar, where Indian police were shot at by well-armed islamic *snipers* and even the islamics admitted that the jihadi outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba had come to recruit them. In contrast, India's Hindus don't have guns and only die by them.)

Prasad said the situation remains tense but under control in the village.

Hindus make up more than 80 percent and Muslims nearly 13 percent of India's 1.2 billion people. They largely live peacefully in various parts of the country, but there is occasional violence.

Last year, around 50 people died in clashes between Hindus and Muslim in Muzaffarnagar town in neighboring Uttar Pradesh state.

Again, conveniently leaves unmentioned how islamics are indeed accused in the murder of the Hindu boy and how the police have apprehended one of the accused islamics and are still after the rest of them.

But the omission points to deliberation on AP's part: they want to present indian islamics as totally innocent and persecuted "out of the blue".

Quote:Tom 25 minutes ago

Pointless fighting over pointless primitive superstitions.

(It only takes one primitive superstition to generate violence where christoislamania/missionary religions are involved. And so exactly the same would have happened had all the Hindus - including the Hindu boy - been atheists instead, in an atheist-majority India with the same Indian and international christomedia colluding with islam to convert the nation to monotheism. Islam doesn't get along with atheists either, ya see. The many Toms need not wonder long in disbelief, and can see it in action for themselves in time, as islam is growing in the west too: coming soon to their own neighbourhood. Eurabia and United States of Islam etc.)



Fawad Mumtaz 9 hours ago

hope they had the right to live



IAF101 > Fawad Mumtaz 4 hours ago

I wonder whether the Hindu boy found murdered in their village enjoyed the same right first ?




kartashok 18 minutes ago

Muslim animals think they can go along killing us Hindus whenever they feel like it, but they cry foul when we fight back! Then India's treacherous liberal, pseudo-secular (in reality anti-Hindu) media only reports the sufferings of "innocent" Muslims and the Whites back the Muslims because their own liberal media endorsed by Al Barak Hussein Obama loves the Muslims!



Tom > kartashok 14 minutes ago

Sure, the media is biased towards muslims. LOL



Scottie M. 8 hours ago

Expect more of this to continue under the regime of far-right Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi.



Sanjeev > Scottie M. 8 hours ago

Nope. This incident happened in a state ruled by the opposition and not BJP(Modi's party).



(Oh well, too bad for "Scottie". But nice try. Scottie's a christian without a doubt. Because no western atheist cares about whether Modi is allegedly "far right", let alone Hindu or christo or islamic. Or nationalist. At worst, atheists respond like Tom further above - i.e. "all religions are equally bad" - and at best respond with how "islam has bloody borders" like Dawkins etc did, or will parrot the death-count from jihad "see thereligionofpeace.com".

That is, either atheists are ignorant about all other religions, or they know all about islam. And often about christoislam's dealings in Africa and India too.

But casually commenting western atheists - not working for the US govt's psyops orgs and chairs - would *never*, *never* be referring to India as having a Hindu nationalist party - or use the tell-tale christo lingo of equating this to "far-right" - let alone pronounce that this is to blame for the latest riot. That's a peculiarly western christian trait or an Indian christo(communist) trait. Most Americans atheists wouldn't even care to *know* that the party is called BJP, that it is Hindu nationalist and led by Modi. (Like they care.) And those that do bother to know, would then certainly also have acquainted themselves with how christianism and islam are terrorising India too. See internet infidels's "Their Other Dirty Linen" article where American atheists write about how christianism has been terrorising Hindus in India.)



IAF101 > Scottie M. 4 hours ago

Why is it that Western audiences like to believe India to be this "mono-state" of one government, one ruler and one center of power ?

And how come the shooting of black teenagers in Fuergeson or New York or Florida is not reflective on Barack Obama's "Regime" yet India's PM who run an LARGER democracy, with far more diversity, political participants and ethnic diversity is responsible ??




kartashok > Scottie M. 23 minutes ago

You don't know anything about India, you dumb white idiot! Stay out of our affairs!




Anyway, Obama will no doubt bring this up and lecture Hindus.

Modi should tell Obama - and make sure the statement comes out in ALL media - about the 3 that died in Gujarat because islamaniacs rioted *again* to curtail a Hindu festival.

Then Modi should request Obama on record, on camera - get it in all print - to please stop funding christian terror in North East India, and give Obama the figures of the Hindoo Vanavasi refugees like Bru and Rheang who are living in fear out of their homegrounds all because christians tried to convert-or-kill them. Modi should ask Obama in a live interview to please please Please Stop the "faith incentives" and USAID and World Vision which keep funding christian terrorism, killing swamis regularly. And Modi must publicly tell Obama that it is Not Okay to do this to Hindus. And that, compared to 3 or possibly 4 muslims that died in Bihar - but in retaliation for the 1 Hindu that members of their islamic community had killed: police admit that much - the numbers of Hindoos who have been genocided and ethnically cleansed from their ancestral homeland in India's NE in just the last few decades (just so that the christians of the North-Eastern states can suddenly declare these pure "christian states" and "kingdom of christ in Nagaland") is much much higher and runs in a great many tens of thousands. Modi MUST request that Obama dedicate some words, or a whole interview, on the subject to give his opinion on this matter and where religious freedom of alien christianism ends and the religious rights of the native polytheistic idolatrous heathens of the subcontinent begins.

Modi should also ask Obama to tell Google to tell its Indian branch to stop funding ActionAid which monies go both to "the church" - here, Modi must say "AKA funding armed terrorism in the christianising NE" - AND to ANHAD which has ties to groups involved in jihadi activities.

Actually, grilling Obama on this subject -though necessary- is less meaningful than dragging the Clintons and Bush-es over the coals for it. Obama's obviously a closet agnostic/atheist (he's pro-gay marriage, and IIRC pro-abortion, both of which makes him totally un christoislamic). Don't know why ignoramuses keep accusing him of being a christoislamic.

Corrected: Firstpost does have Mishra identifying the "community" of the 3 dead. Wonder why they're not spinning tales of spontaneous combustion for islamics too as they do for Hindus who die from islamic fires?
Two christo-islamic terrorist attacks:

More proof that christianism is in collusion with islam to jihad India for christ:

1. christomedia conspires with islamic brothers in monotheism to silence jihadi attack on Madhya Pradesh HindOOs during Hanuman Jayanti Yatra, Fri 3 Apr 2015.

The concerted christoislamic acid attacks alone have murdered 19 Hindoos and injured 95.

Then there was the stone pelting attacks during Hanuman Jayanti.

Number of injured is 100 as per


2. Attack on Belurmath, also blacked out by most of the christomedia.

1.a First the tweet summaries:


Quote:Himanshu ?@alert01

RT@IndiaAnalyst Acid attack on Hanuman Jayanti Yatra by jihadis 19 Hindus killed,95 injured. #BelurMuttAttack

b. facebook.com/SRIRAMCHANNEL

Quote:SRI RAM Channel

Yesterday at 1:53am · Hyderabad, India ·

?#?MadhyaPradeshPigsRiot?: 19 Hindus killed and 95 injured.

No media is showing these incidents. If this could have been to any minority, media could have shown these as flash news for the whole day. Where are the pseudo secularists? Why their mouths are locked?

c. facebook.com/SRIRAMCHANNEL/photos/a.556631774349899.134838.528658540480556/975252555821150/?type=1

Quote:Saurabh Singh To...


@PMOIndia-There is acid

attack in Jawad, M.P., media

is silent @ChouhanShivraj Ji,

19 people are killed n 95


<rest of tweet are images of

text in Hindi + injured people>

Waste of time informing PMOIndia.*

d. Links
  • inagist.com/all/584952686505779200/

  • indiatomorrow.co/nation/3049-media-conceals-attacks-on-hindus-in-neemuch-belur-math

  • twitter.com/SMedia4/status/584990196606742529/photo/1

  • newindianexpress.com/nation/10-Injured-in-Stone-Pelting-During-Hanuman-Jayanti-Procession-in-Neemuch/2015/04/03/article2745919.ece

  • 3g.theindiansubcontinent.com/india-news/item/101718-jihadi-attack-on-hanuman-jayanti-rally-at-jawad-mp-injures-over-25-10-with-severe-acid-burns

e. indiatomorrow.co/nation/3049-media-conceals-attacks-on-hindus-in-neemuch-belur-math

Quote:Media conceals attacks on Hindus in Neemuch, Belur Math

Sunday, 05 April 2015

Last Updated on Sunday, 05 April 2015 09:43

Published Date

Written by India Tomorrow Exclusive

Police patrolling

Deafening secular media silence as rioters in Neemuch target Hanuman Jayanti festivities.

The culpability of the mainstream media, which calls itself secular, is becoming apparent by the day. While even a stray stone hitting a church window is hyped up in screaming headlines as �an attack on Christians and Christianity�, actual heinous incidents of rioters of a particular community attacking the majority Hindus are deliberately buried. For instance, the attack by jihadi elements on Belur Math in Kolkata, a holy place for all Hindus where Swami Vivekananda spent his final days, has either been completely concealed, or has been reported with a lot of spin and lies added to the incident.

The latest such instance of the media�s duplicity and culpability in the well-planned anti-Hindu campaign comes from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh, where a peaceful procession of Hindu devotees celebrating yesterday�s Hanuman Jayanti festival was brutally attacked by members belonging to a particular community. As usual, none of the mainstream media channels have reported the incident.

A clearly pre-planned riot has erupted in Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

Reports have said that at Neemuch�s Khurra Chowk, devotees who were taking part in a Hanuman Jayanti procession, which was part of the Chal Samaroh, were suddenly assaulted by rioters who had evidently assembled on the rooftops. This caused a violent disruption of the procession, making the devotees run helter-skelter.

The devotees who were part of the Hanuman Jayanti procession, and many eyewitnesses say that the rioters who attacked them had already assembled at their spots, i.e., on the rooftops of their homes. As soon as the Hanuman Jayanti procession reached Khurra Chowk, somebody blew a whistle, which apparently was the signal for the riotous mobs to begin pelting stones on the Hanuman devotees. More than an hour and half passed before the police could reach the place of the incident and somehow restore control.

More than 50 people have been reported injured on either side, with the incensed devotees too replying in good measure. The police have arrested over 35 people in connection with this flare-up in Neemuch.

According to reports, the Hanuman Jayanti procession began at 10.00 am in the morning and reached the Khurra Chowk at around 11.30 am after traversing through various parts of the city. As soon as the front portion of the procession had crossed the Khurra Chowk, a whistle was heard after which a shower of stones, bricks and pieces of iron rods and crude weapons began to rain on the devotees.

The police, which got wind of the ugly situation soon rushed to the spot and tried to disperse the crowd at Khurra Chowk. SDOP Dr. Indrajit Bakarwal and Tahsildar Anil Bana were stationed at the area along with the procession. Reportedly, bricks and stones were pelted at the procession for over half an hour. In reply, many from the procession too rushed to the spot from where stones were being pelted to tackle the rioters. In the ensuing melee, nearly a dozen shops and three to four two-wheelers were also set ablaze.

Notably, there were similar violent disturbances in Neemuch a few days ago on the occasion of Holi, over as trivial an incident as gulal powder being smeared on the wall over a particular place of worship, which had apparently landed there owing to a gust of wind. This was enough to provoke members of a particular community to resort to violence, necessitating police deployment and arrest of some rioters. It is being thought that the Holi incident may possibly have triggered yesterday�s rioting at the Khurra Chowk.

The Hanuman Jayanti riots have left over 40 people injured, including 6 police personnel. SSIs Shishupal Singh and Chavinath Singh are among the police personnel who have sustained injuries. Inspector Kamlesh Sengar of the Tingoli police station rushed to the spot in time in his jeep and managed to pull out the injured Chavinath Singh and take him to hospital. When a policeman Dilip tried to grab a stonepelter, the latter attacked him with a knife, injuring Dilip seriously. Other police personnel too have suffered injuries, with over 33 devotees too suffering wounds. The injured have been admitted to the government hospital at Javad and also a private hospital. Those with serious wounds have been shifted to the district hospital.

The seriousness of the Neemuch incident can be gauged from the fact that SP Rudolf Alvares, SSP Pankaj Pandey SDM K.S. Sen, thana inspector of Ratangarh L.S. Parmar, SI R.K. Vyas and other senior officials had to rush to the town upon receiving news. Police forces had to be called from other parts of the district too, to contain the situation. The police and other administration officials are busy scouting Nimach city to assess the situation. Meanwhile, over 35 people have been taken into custody.

It has also come to light that a peace committee meeting held three days before Hanuman Jayanti in Neemuch had voiced its apprehension that preparations were afoot in certain quarters of the city to provoke communal violence during the festive occasion. But the police had assured the concerned citizens that they (i.e., the police) were there to take care of any such eventuality. Strangely, the police�s information network had no inkling of any mischief being plotted in Neemuch.

Neemauh SSP Rudolf Alvares has said that Section 144 has been imposed in Nimach and red alert has been sounded throughout the district, with police patrolling intensified in the sensitive areas of Nimach city.

It is also no less important to note that Babulal Nagda, district president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had in a written memorandum to the Police Superintendent on March 24th expressed apprehensions that some outsiders were likely to sneak into the city and stir trouble, but the local police took the report rather lightly. Nagda says that VHP activists were completely unarmed. Moreover there wasn�t any loud singing of bhajans nor any music, which could be termed as even remotely objectionable. Devotees were taking out a peaceful procession when the fanatic mob attacked them with stones, bricks and weapons. Nagda alleges that the police failed in taking necessary steps before the festival and action after the attack on Hindu devotees.

A devotee Shankarlal, who is a resident of the Khatik mohalla, informed India Tomorrow that as soon as the Hanuman Jayanti procession crossed a mosque to reach the Khurra Chowk, it was pelted with stones and bricks from the rooftops. The rioters were many in number, said Shankarlal and he couldn�t recognize most of them as they had come from outside.

(Indian christianism/KKKangress has once again organised islamics.)

Another injured devotee Devendra Singh Chauhan of Manak Chowk informed India Tomorrow that he saw even Councillors Shaqir and Hanif among the rioting mob pelting stones on Hindu devotees. Outsiders from Nimbaheda and other places had been coming since the last three to four days to Neemuch by bus, Chauhan says.

The police said that they were attacked by rioters with swords when they tried to arrest them. Constable Dilip who had rushed to Samata School in the afternoon to apprehend some culprits who had attacked the Hanuman Jayanti procession was himself attacked by a knife-wielder and had to be rushed to hospital.

The Neemuch incident is now trending hugely on Twitter and the social media. There is growing anger at this latest attack on Hindu devotees and also at the deliberate silence of the so-called mainstream secular media, which is ready to jump at any stray incident connected to the minorities, but has deliberately chosen to bury news of the attack on Belur Math in Kolkata and now at this outrage in Neemuch.

f. inagist.com/all/584952686505779200/

Quote:Sushil Agarwal @jivanmukt

Dear @PMOIndia @HMOIndia please investigate. m.ndtv.com/india-news/son� Sonia Gandhi visited Neemuch & violence broke next day!

Amit Shah Army @AmitShahArmy

So Sonia Gandhi visited Neemuch two day before Hanuman Jayanti Procession was attacked by Muslims. BUT HINDUS were attacked so its OK!!!

17 minutes ago

The first tweet above then links to:


KKKangress/christians trying to do what they did when they worked hand-in-hand with islam on Godhra.

This is Standard Operating Procedure of christoislam in India, with AmeriKKKan masterminding. Incendiary attacks to create riots following the Godhra model they started is exactly what Rajeev Srinivasan warned of in his article around the time of BJP's election to power. Rajeev warned that AmeriKKKa anti-Indian think tanks were already discussing=planning riots in India modelled on the Godhra, since that set up was so successful in blaming Hindus and castigating the BJP and keeping everyone in India on the backfoot vis-a-vis advancing christoislam and their western paymasters.

g. 3g.theindiansubcontinent.com/india-news/item/101718-jihadi-attack-on-hanuman-jayanti-rally-at-jawad-mp-injures-over-25-10-with-severe-acid-burns

Quote:Jihadi Attack on Hanuman Jayanti Rally at Jawad (MP) injures over 25, 10 with severe acid burns.

April 5, 2015

Published in India

Read 9040 times


[photo caption:]Victim of Jihadi Acid attack on Hanuman Jayanti Rally at Jawad.

HENB | Bhupal | April 5, 2015:: At least 25 people suffered heavy injuries including 10 of severe acid burns at Jawad town in Madhya Pradesh�s Neemuch district when some Jihadi miscreants pelted stones and threw acid bulbs at a Hindu religious procession being taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. Madhya Pradesh is a state in Central India.

Members of a Jihadi Muslim group hurled stones and attacked with acid bulbs at yearly Hanuman Jayanti procession of Hindus on Friday last. Soon both sides engaged in fighting, forcing police to lob tear gas shells and cane charge to disperse the clashing crowd.

The procession had started from Parkota Hanuman temple. And violence geared up at Khurra Chowk Mosque locality of Jawad town.

The incident happened when the Hanuman Jayanti procession reached Khurra Chowk Mosque where Muslim miscreants targeted the Hindu people in procession from different sides. Though few policemen tried to bring the situation under control, all efforts turned out futile as the situation went out of hand slowly.

Heavy violence flared up, with Muslim mob setting fire to residential buildings, vehicles and the shops which left many people, including police personnel, injured. When Hindus started retaliation, police went there to save the Jihadis.

(Is BJP govt afraid of Godhra precedent and hence tying Hindoos up from retaliation?)

This attack upon Hindus on Hanuman Jayanti procession happened in a state ruled by a BJP Govt in Madhya Pradesh seems to be incapable for providing the safety security of the Hindus in their religious festivals.

(Christians are once again conspiring with islamics to create another Godhra. The christomedia silence is again deliberate.)

Nearly a dozen shops in Neemuch-Darwaja were set on fire. By the time fire tenders reached the spot, fire had gutted shops and a lot of damage was already done. In 1992, a similar incident had taken place in the same area when curfew was imposed following communal tension.

Inspector General of Police, Ujjain region, Madhu Kumar said the situation was now under control and some arrests had been effected while police were looking for yet more of the absconding miscreants.


[photo caption of more victims:] Jihadi Attack on Hindu Procession injures more than 25, 10 with severe acid burns.

He also said extra police force had been requisitioned from neighbouring districts as a preventive measure.

Police said the situation as tensed but under control.

A curfew imposed on Friday night in Jawad town in Madhya Pradesh�s Neemuch district, following the communal violence, continued for the third day on Sunday.

Indrajit Singh, a sub divisional officer of police, Jawad town, told, �Women and children were exempted from the curfew between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Sunday to let them buy things for their basic needs.�

He said a total of 45 people have been arrested till Sunday and heavy security deployment has been ensured.

A joint Hindu delegation team from Bhupal, consisting of different Hindu Organisations, is likely to visit Jawad town to take a stock of the situation and to extend possible help to the Hanuman Jayanti procession victims.

Warning: Extreme Graphics.

Make no mistake: christian conspiracy with islam. As seen in the deliberate (pre-meditated!) mass silence in India's christomedia.

Must be one of those riots Rajeev Srinivasa warned that AmeriKKKa's think tanks were darkly hinting at preparing with their christoislamic agents in India.

h. newindianexpress.com/nation/10-Injured-in-Stone-Pelting-During-Hanuman-Jayanti-Procession-in-Neemuch/2015/04/03/article2745919.ece

Quote:10 Injured in Stone-Pelting During Hanuman Jayanti Procession in Neemuch


Published: 03rd April 2015 08:53 PM

Last Updated: 03rd April 2015 08:53 PM

Email 17

NEEMUCH: At least 10 people suffered injuries in Madhya Pradesh's Neemuch district when some miscreants pelted stones at a religious procession being taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

Police said members of a specific group hurled stones at a religious procession. Soon both sides engaged in fighting, forcing police to lob tear gas shells and cane charge to disperse the clashing crowd.

Ujjain's Police Superintendent Madhu Kumar said the situation was now under control and some arrests had been effected while police were looking for yet more of the absconding miscreants. He also said extra police force had been requisitioned from neighbouring districts as a preventive measure.

Commenters are calling NewIndExpress out on the two-faced use of "specific group" to anonymise=protect the christoislamic terrorists who attacked and murdered the peaceful Hindoos, whereas christomedia always screeches "Hindu terror" for whenever they manufacture crimes to frame Hindus with.

However the commenters don't realise that the concealment of the identity of christoislamic perpetrators and their Hindoo victims is deliberate for posterity: in ancient Rome too, many victims of christian persecutions were later inverted into "christian martyrs" of the "evil pagans" instead.

By anonymising the culprits and victims, future populations will be indoctrinated by the fiendish christoislamania that the Roman empire I mean India was christoislamised for a good cause, and that the christoislamics were the ones "persecuted" by Hindus (note how the only persecution sobstories in the media that identify the culprits are those where christians screech "Hindus are persecuting us".) Though the identities of both perpetrator and victim are obvious to today's population - despite christomedia concealing this - future populations will *not* know, especially with the inculturation on Hindu processions by christianism. And then christianism will simply point to news articles such as the above - where no one is identified - as proof that christianism (or even islam) was victimised by Hindus instead, with as "proof" the soundbytes from the various catholics who vocalised recently about how christians in India supposedly feel "persecuted" by Hindus and the Modi-led BJP govt.

Hindus should not naively misunderstand why christianism is anonymising criminals and victims.

Just as Hindus should not overlook why christianism is banning Hindu religious markers - bindi, tilakam, veeboothi, ornaments - on Hindus while promoting their inculturation by christians on the other hand: christianism one day WILL claim that it was the only one that "preserved" "Indian culture" and that therefore it all belongs to christianism. For the same reason, christianism has invested heavily in preventing Hindus from learning Samskritam or even local languages, even as christianism is trying to hijack Samskritam for itself (seen in the many churches in even TN - of dravoodianist anti-Sanskrit christians - sporting Samskritam names), and the promotion of concocted and plagiarised Samskritam-language christo copies of stotras. Christianism plans to takeover Samskritam for itself, very much including among dravoodianist christians.

Similarly, christians are pushing "progressiveness" onto stupid secularised Hindus and making them leave HindOO religious dance forms like Bharatanatyam, carnatic and all other Hindoo classical music and learning Hindo instruments, as Hindoos traditionally did. Meanwhile christianism is inculturating on all these and will pretend that christianism preserved them and that therefore they are not only "all Indian" but more christian than Hindu/christian originally.

(Actually, Buddhism etc tried similar two-handed inculturation tactics too with countless Hindoo practices: one one hand, they tried to drive the heathenism from Hindus, while on the other trying to reinvent the same as Buddhisms. Hindoo practices are only objectionable to missionary religions while these are in the hands of Hindoos/while Hindoos view them as Hindoo matters. But when they can be commandeered for missionary religions via appropriation/inculturation, the same objectionable things suddenly morph into "great achievements/accomplishments/credits" of Buddhism/Jainism/christianism even islam.)

Hindus are very naive. There is not a single step that Hindus are making under de-heathenisation which is not planned by their enemies. There is not a single omission in the christomedia that is not deliberate, and with an eye on future uses for the same (or at least for future christian views on the same). News reports create a historical record. Via silence, whitewashing and anonymity, christomedia is deliberately manufacturing the version of events that it wants a future christian India to see of the current: one where Hindoos were never victims and always the persecutors.

2. twitter.com/SMedia4/status/584990196606742529/photo/1

Quote:SankarK ‏@SMedia4

So @ndtv , @timesnow HT refused to cover #BelurMuttAttack as it was "ChotaMota Firecracker".Only Zee,Newsx had spunk

[With a screengrab of Ramakrishna Mission tweets:]

Quote:Ramakrishna Mission @rkmdel

#BelurMuttAttack Grim update: Bomb laced with ammonium nitrate, potassium, metal chips and fuel oil.

Ramakrishna Mission @rkmdel

Blast at #Belurmath - Update


bit.ly/1NTeYjm bit.ly/1F0Sxr0

Ramakrishna Mission @rkmdel

Tension prevails after low intensity explosion at #BelurMath.

Authorities are investigati...

Couldn't get the first bit.ly link typed out right perhaps, as what I typed out didn't work for me, but the second links to:


Quote:Belur Math blast: Chocolate bomb laced with ammonium nitrate, fuel oil

Posted by: Vicky Nanjappa Updated: Sunday, April 5, 2015, 11:42 [IST]

The following are just on the christoislamic attacks on RKM in W Bengal I have come across recently by casually browsing some sites:

- RKM swami beaten by islamaniacs when he was trying to help ex-muslims to revert, as per an ex-muslim (see latter half of post), who had commented: "We want to convert to Hinduism but none is here to help. we went to Ramkrishna Mission mutt here but the Mahant here was badly beaten and nearly killed by the Imams."

- RKM Sadhvi gangraped by christoislamaniacs, reported on 13th of March 2015, which case the christomedia diversionary blitzkrieg (alleging some gangrape of a nun the very next morning) carefully kept out of the papers

- RKM Belur Matham blown up by christoislamaniacs, as above (could be christo terrorist outfits from India's NE or could be islamaniacs. Christianism cannot be ruled out.)

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