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Timeline : Attacks On Hindus In India By Islamists

Quote:2. 800 Valmikis "convert" to Islam to save their homes

Report: To save their homes from demolition, around 800 Valmikis in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh converted to Islam on Tuesday, reported an English daily.

According to the report, civic authorities allegedly painted red marks on their houses, which created a panic situation among people. According to Valmikis, the demolition of their houses would pave for building a mall in the area which is said to have the backing of UP minister Azam Khan.

Link: dnaindia.com/india/report-800-valmikis-convert-to-islam-to-save-their-homes-reports-2077612

Meanwhile "Hindu" "nationalist" BJP in Goa promised that Ghar Wapasi would not be allowed in Goa, despite Ghar Wapasi merely allowing those who wanted to revert to Hindu heathenism to return.

There was also news that grassroots-level BJP workers and those of other Hindoo orgs - you know, the Hindoo cannon fodder for more secular BJP higher-ups - have taken to the streets to protest against the calculated conversion-under-duress of the Valmikis.

Valmikis are not the only ones under threat:


via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19513

Quote:Tension grips Aligarh's village as religious preachers try to convert Kanjar community to Islam

20/04/2015 02:11:39 India Today

Tension prevailed in the Nagla-Singhi hamlet of Aligarh's Mainath village following allegations that a group of religious preachers were trying to convert members of the Kanjar community to Islam.

A huge police force has been deployed in the area to prevent any untoward incident. Under pressure from villagers and some Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, police arrested seven persons of the Muslim community and later released them on personal bond when a large number of ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) leaders objected to the arrest.

The preachers have been identified as Nasibul Hasan, Mohammad Salman, Shan Mohammad, Mohammad Faisal, Mohammad Sarfuddin, Mohammad Ishtaq and Raza Mohammad. The police action was based on a written complaint by village chief Satish Singh, who alleged that the preachers of Muslim community from Kazipada and Madina localities were about to convert the members of the Kanjar community in the village.

"They (the group of Muslim preachers) have been visiting our village for the last three months. Three days ago, they intensified their activities and invited some villagers to offer namaz with them. They had planned conversion of Hindus with the help of a villager," the village chief claimed.

Read more at: indiatoday.intoday.in/story/conversion-row-aligarh-kanjar-islam-bjp-samajwadi-party/1/431044.html


via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19512

Quote:Three held for attempt to convert children in Bengaluru

19/04/2015 01:23:07 Deccan Herald

Bangaluru Three men were arrested on the charges of trying to convert children to Christianity at Kamalanagar in Basaveshwara Nagar area on Tuesday. According to the police, the arrested are Shivakumar, Ramesh and Govardhan, all neo-converts.

On Monday evening, they had gathered about 20 children, aged between 10 and 15, at a house belonging to Govind Swamy. Neighbour and complainant Ramanna noticed the children in Swamy's house and questioned a boy coming out of the house.

The boy told him the men had asked the children to convert to Christianity. Ramanna confronted the trio who asked him to mind his business. Later, he informed the owner of the house, Swamy, about the incident. Swamy, who is also a converted Christian, told Ramanna that he knew the men and that he left the house keys with them and left for work, said the police.

- See more at: m.deccanherald.com/content/471711/three-held-attempt-convert-children.html/#sthash.ycmbLojp.dpuf

BJP in Goa bans Ghar Wapsi, KKKangress in Karnataka lets silent christoconversions have a free hand all the way until some Hindoos notice and call in the police.


Quote:3. Anti-Indian, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Pandit protests of JKLF and Hurriyat Conference rocked Kashmir valley again.

Report: Many people were injured in clashes between police and Yasin Malik's JKLF supporters, who were protesting after Friday Namaj against the proposed "composite townships" for displaced Kashmiri Pandits in the valley.

Police in crisis resorted to lathicharge and used tear gas shells as soon as the protesters led by JKLF leader Yasin Malik reached near Ghanta Ghar at Lal Chowk in the afternoon with hundreds of his supporters. Later, a group of youth pelted stones at the police and paramilitary personnel, leading to clashes which lasted nearly one hour.

(Indian Army of Secularism reduced to target practice for jihadis. Typical.

It's not just the islamaniacs that are laughing. 'Cause I involuntarily laughed too just now. Tomorrow it may turn voluntary if the Indian armed forces continue to swear by secularism and don't fight for their Hindoo heathenism anymore. Christoislamics are Born traitors. They will eat the army from the inside out. Can see S Korea's christoconverted army and police - as documented in the buddhapia links at the top of the post - and how these helped destroy Korea's unsaved kafirs to convert the country to christianism.

Not to mention that increasing state secularism got the heathen Romans extincted by christianism.)

Link: hinduexistence.org/2015/04/10/anti-indian-anti-hindu-anti-pandit-protests-of-jklf-and-hurriyat-conference-rocked-kashmir-valley-again/

Look how islam like christianism Will Not Allow Hindoos to set foot in heathen lands ethnically cleansed of the native heathens. Yet Hindoos will NEVER send christoislamics packing from Hindoos' own ancestral lands. <- Doesn't this totally unequal situation tell the avg reader about who is eventually going to win (=christoislam) and who is going to lose (=heathenism)? I mean, it doesn't take a brain, right?

Anyone wanting to win total war will have to be willing to fight one on the terms of total war. Wipe out the enemy before they wipe you out. No other alternative is offered heathens by the christoclass viruses.

And christianism is As Much a threat - if not more so - than islam in the very matter of total war.

Christianism will use violence whenever it can, or whenever their verbal & legal strong-arm violence* fails. *The negationism and whitewashing of christoislamic genocide of heathens by the christomedia, the inversion of victim and perpetrators as seen in churches self-inflicting attacks while christians attack Hindoo temples**, and "secular" christo-subverted laws bent on breaking 1800 year old temples like at Aranmula, or the church not returning Hindoo temple sites like the Periya Mariamman Kovil even after the church was declared as having illegally usurped the temple site: now the Hindoo devotees protesting the illegal church not returning their land are sent to prison. See haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19505 12.66 Acres of temple land usurped by CSI Church, TN police arrest 100's of devotees .

** haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=19476

Quote:Delhi Church "Attacks" And The Bag Of Tricks- Understanding 'Persecution' as Propaganda War

26/03/2015 10:42:55 Aron

The Secular rhetoric in India is all about Delegitimizing the Hindu element.

Does anyone imagine that the Kashmiri Hindoos who return to Kashmir will be safe even in Hindoo-only zones? Islam will once more try to convert or kill them. Forcibly-convert them most likely, as is happening in Hindoo-only zones in TSP W and E everyday. Will have to station a permanent armed guard to protect the Hindoos in Kashmir. Probably result in more army dead besides Hindoo dead.

If BJP had any spine, it should ensure only Hindoo armed personel are posted there and give the armed forces the right-to-encounter any jihadi that even approaches the Hindoo-designated areas. Actually, that way, soon all of Kashmir could be islam free.

Why are India's Hindus allowing islamics infesting Kashmir to have any say about the return of the heathen natives?

Why do India's Hindus allow the christomedia to sympathise with the islamics infesting Kashmir?

People should be *totally honest* and admit that islam does Not belong in Kashmir, it is exclusively Hindoo territory (though other Indics of the region are allowed to stay as long as they don't missionise). Islam infesting Kashmir should be given two options: to go back to TSP or to go to the netherworld. The latter is more easily accomplished.

Spineless Indians. Will take any nonsense from secular christomedia, even silently witnessing the genocide of their own.

Christoislam runs Hindoos over BECAUSE unconverted Indians act uniformly like a bunch of wimps.

If Hindus paid them back in kind - should make it a 100 kills of the enemy for every Hindoo killed (and if it were up to me, christoislamics may regard that as a bargain) - does anyone think christoislamania would dare to test Hindoos' tolerance in India? Actually, they will. They will try again tomorrow. Better to send all of christoislamania including communism packing to TSP. As more converts to the mono-moronisms emerge in India, keep sending them to TSP. Just root out christoislamania in India, keep de-weeding infiltrations and converts, and ALL terrorism in India will instantly vanish.

Keep standing for christoislamic terrorism and the dictatorship of the christomedia/psecularism, and India will be guaranteed to turn into Rome part II, which is where it is headed now. And then be converted to dar-ul-islam, part of the caliphate:


Quote:Islamist Groups Plan "Islamic State" in The Indian Subcontinent

29/03/2015 12:17:01 Courtesy: Patriot's Forum


Quote:The Hindu Eviction by land-grabbing - another Islamic invasion in Bangladesh

29/03/2015 12:26:30 http:// hinduexistence.org/2015/03/27/the-hindu-eviction-by-land-grabbing-another-islamic-invasion-in-bangladesh/


Quote:Muslims attack Hindu village at Gazipur

On the night of 20 April 2015 a gang of Muslim miscreants vandalized four idols at a Hindu temple in Bonogram area of Gazipur city in Bangladesh. The gang also looted several houses in the area. Six people were injured in the attacks on Sunday night.


found via indiafacts.co.in/twenty-eight-hindu-families-kept-captive-bangladesh-muslim-militants/

Quote:Twenty eight Hindu families kept captive in Bangladesh by Muslim militants

Twenty eight Hindu families living in the Dasherkanda para area of Ranggabali upazila under Potuakhali District of Bangladesh are now living as slaves of Muslim militants and kept captive in their houses from the first week of February 2015.

How is this different from what ISIS is doing to the Yazidis?

Especially as IS is setting up the Hindoo subcontinent now.

Indian I mean "Hindu" "nationalist" vocalists keep yapping about how "Hindus" need to be "united". No. What Hindoos actually need to do is beat the crap out of the christoclass terrorisms: Hindoos need to give them the total war they've been clamouring for all this while. The terrorism will never go away otherwise, and the last remaining heathen spaces in the Indian subcontinent will end up as Pakistan mark 2.

[Other unsaved kafirs can join or not - though I know what side the Jain Minority Forum and neo-Buddhists will join. Not Hindoos' problem.]

Internet Indian vocalists are always about talking. More blogs. More tweets. More whining about how this and that temple has been attacked. How these and those Hindoos have been murdered/enslaved/gangraped by christoislamics. How to play at being an intellectual kshatriya by attacking Hindoos and subtly praising christianism (as NS Rajarant does.)

The one thing all these internet cowards I mean vocalists never advocate is taking the fight back to christoislamania. People need to get a spine. Hindoos are dying, Hindoo-dom is being murdered. It's a massive genocide. People crying tears for Yazidis may do more for their own folk - the way Yazidis are fighting for their survival against the christoclass meme too.

Christoislamania keeps pushing total war. So Hindoos may at last enter into it. It's quite Do or Die time.
Another massive jihad operation in W Bengal to ethnically cleanse Hindus.


Quote:Falta: Extensive violence against Hindus

Hindu Samhati activists from West Bengal just sent in news of extensive violence against Hindus…

Once more the christomedia, in deep collusion with the jihad, maintains dead silence on the jihad.

I think the Indian secular army and the even more secular Modi govt will do nothing as usual and watch W Bengal turn into the next Kashmir.

Hindus need to send all of christianism packing into TSP, and then Hindus can at least deal with the jihad properly, giving a befitting reply.

It is christianism - biting into Hindoos' throat - that has paralysed Hindoos, preventing them from slapping back at the jihad eating them alive.

Waste of breath. As always, Indian "Hindu" "nationalists" will do their usual thing of retweeting and reposting and weeping etc. And parading about like "intellectual kshatriyas". There will be conferences. Collages of pictures of the Hindoo victims and the vandalised and abandoned homes and shops and temples. A la Kashmir.

But will any of these nationalists EVER make a molotov cocktail and toss it at christoislamania that's busy ethnically cleansing Hindoos from the Hindoo homeland? No.

There was a time when Bharatam still had standing Hindoo armies who fought for Hindoos and Hindoo-dom. There was a time when Bharatam still had Hindoo kings who cared about Hindoos and Hindoo-dom (and foremost), and who would even try to liberate Hindoos tormented in regions beyond their rule.

Now we have a secular army and a secular "nationalist" govt who will do nothing at all. Again.

I don't know which of the two to spit at first. The former for not doing what's right when they can - whose allegiance is to secularism and the secular republic over Hindoo-dom - or the latter which insists we'll be secular and civil - but only as long as Hindoos are the ones that are genocided (the minute anything christian evaporates, Modi will be expressing solidarity). <- That is what the christomedia does too.

Every misfortune that befell the Hindoos under KKKangress still befalls the Hindoos today.

And yet nationalists keep insisting that Modi just needs time before he will start to do something for Hindoos at last.

So, how many more Hindoos need to become dispossessed, be raped or die in the meantime before Modi will shed this secularism he has allegedly donned and actually act like a Hindu nationalist, rather than west/KKKangress' secret weapon against heathen India? ("How to better keep Hindoos down and extinct them without them knowing it")

How emasculated modern India's men are. No wonder my people are all dying off.


Every jihadi is willing to massacre Hindoos. Why are Hindoos not willing to kill them in return? Why don't they actively arm and form militias too and KILL the jihadis?

Every christian terrorist in the northeast (and other regions) is likewise willing to genocide Hindoos who won't convert. Why don't Hindoos arm themselves to kill them in return?

Oh wait, Modi will call the army on them, to save face vis-a-vis any international condemnation of him ('cause his reputation is more important than Hindoos lives and their land).

The entire ummah anywhere in the world would be up in arms for some place in Palestine or to join ISIS or to fight in Chechnya or - earlier - in Kosovo.

Nobody in all of India (certainly not the secular army, which is deeply married into christianism for a reason: many once-were-Hindu army personnel have christian wives) is ready to go fight the monogawd terrorists in our own land, to protect the Hindoos in W Bengal or Kashmir or the NE.

They will all come knocking at every inactive individual's doors next. <- If not even self-interest can convince Hindus of the need to form militias to beat back christoislamics - and the christomedia - from India and into the lands apportioned for monotheism, then you know, modern Indians deserve to be picked off one by one.

Even during British Raj, when Hindus supposedly had less power against a tyrannical govt, Hindus used to take up arms to achieve freedom from tyranny. But not today. Christianism and its secularism - the stick of international condemnation and christomedia shrieking - has totally tied people's hands. Or they choose to be tied down by it into inaction. In reality, I think it's just cowardice.

At least the Yezidis are fighting back to save their own people. In India, cowardly Indians (vocalist "nationalists" etc) are too busy pleading the govt do something. The W Bengal Mumtaz govt is hand in glove with jihad: it *is* like Islamic State. Same as Nagaland and other christianised Indian states ARE like a terrorist govts.

Hindus have every right to protect themselves/their own community as Yezidis are doing.

Modi will just send in the army and they will simply prevent Hindoos from doing anything let alone getting the lands they just ceded to the jihad/Islamic State back. Just like the Indian govt did with Kashmir.

India's Nationalism is the death of India's heathenism.

People aren't going to "regret" Tomorrow are they? (You know, how Indians always regret afterwards. Like those Temple Kultur entities?) When everything is gone? And declare that "if only in 2015, the BJP had done this, or the army had finally decided to do that, or if only the nationalist powers in the nation and armed forces had put heathenism first" etc. People in power and who have access to training and arms have No Right to regret hereafter. They're fully complicit in the repercussions and the loss of life and home - for all their infernal eternal inaction.

It's good that modern Indians are such cowards. They'll get what they deserve when the jihad/crusade comes to their door. It will.

The news was:

Another massive jihad operation in W Bengal to ethnically cleanse Hindus.


Quote:Falta: Extensive violence against Hindus

Hindu Samhati activists from West Bengal just sent in news of extensive violence against Hindus

Once more the christomedia, in deep collusion with the jihad, maintains dead silence on the jihad.



NEWZMIRROR retweeted Raniganj BJP

by the time @narendramodi gets LAB passed, Hindus will be wiped out in West Bengal. Thank you @BJP4India

Quote:Raniganj BJP @BJPRaniganj

#WestBengal 4 Hindu Killed &8 Injured in Muslims mobs Rioting ; Media is now #Dumb http:// m.ibtimes.co.in/west-bengal-4-killed-over-8-injured-communal-clashes-nadia-district-631370 … @Swamy39

As the above says, christomedia is deliberately silent, as it's in collusion with islam and so ensure jihad against Hindus gets away in silence and with impunity.


Quote:IBTimes Home > Society

May 5, 2015 15:04 PM IST

West Bengal: 4 Killed, Over 8 Injured in Communal Clashes in Nadia District

Neha Singh

At least four people have been killed and eight sustained injuries in a communal clash that broke out between two communities in two villages of West Bengal's Nadia district on Monday afternoon.

The dead includes Maru Hajra, Rasomoy Hajra, Moyna Hajra and Shanti Hajra from Juranpur village. The injured have been admitted to Katwa hospital, while some are reportedly still in the village due to roadblocks by Muslims, World Hindu News reported.

While four Hindus died in the communal clash, several houses belonging to Muslims were also gutted in fire. The situation in Naoda village is said to be tense as villagers fear another attack in absence of police in the area.

However, Kaliganj police in Debagram are trying send troops to the affected area as soon as possible.

The Hindu procession was returning from Dharmaraj Mela at Jamalpur in Purbasthali to their village when the incident occurred. They were attacked at around 3 pm when they passed by a mosque in Juranpur village on their way back. The clash turned violent when both sides reportedly resorted to firing and bombing.

The above news linked to


Quote:Serious Communal Clash in Nadia Dist, West Bengal – 4 Killed, Many Injured​

Posted on 7:20 am, May 5, 2015 by WHN Reporter

Under Kaliganj police station in Juranpur & Naoda villages, serious communal clash reportedly occurred today at about 3 pm. A Hindu religious procession has been allegedly attacked in front of a mosque in Juranpur village. Heavy bombing & firing from both sides. Nearby Naoda village has been attacked.

Reportedly 4 Hindus in that village have been killed. Their names are – Maru Hajra, Rasomoy Hajra, Moyna Hajra and Shanti Hajra.

A few more (7-8) injured persons are now being treated in Katwa hospital. Villagers cannot move some other injured persons to any hospital as all the roads are reportedly blocked by Muslims.

This Naoda village is totally insecured as no police force is posted there at this moment. The villagers apprehend a second attack anytime. Our HS volunteers are in communication with the Kaliganj police in Debagram and trying their best to send force to Naoda asap.

Reportedly a number of Muslim houses have also been gutted.

(Are these houses of reverting "muslims" aka apostates like that "Zulfiqar"? Because they apparently regularly get attacked by Bangladeshi islamaniacs too. But if it were the houses not of apostates but of actual islamaniacs - may it be so - then hopefully the islamaniac owners were all in it when it got gutted. Every last one.

There's got to be some justice after all.)

Since last Bakrid, tension between two communities were prevailing in the area. Yesterday the procession of Hindus passed before the mosque on their way to the Dharmaraj Mela at Jamalpur in Purbasthali. Today when that procession was returning thru the same path, the incident happened.

Source: WHN Media Network

RSS/VHP should do Shuddhi in W Bengal villages. Apparently any number muslims want to revert to Hindoo heathenism there, especially now with imported islamania getting all the favours - even attacking them - because they refuse to fall in line.


Central govt should send in the armed forces and let them carpet bomb any towns and villages where Hindus have been ethnically cleansed out of.

Nothing but illegal Bangladeshis will be there anyway. If they won't return to Bangladesh and stay put, then the Indian govt/armed forces will have to resort to force. So count till 5 - to give the islamaniac infestation time to get lost - then bomb them all to their 72 houris/raisins in the sky.

Then the Hindoos including reverts like Zulfiqar can return and start on the hard work of rebuilding their towns, but free of the islamaniac menace:

Islamaniacs from BD may not be so ready to try the same again, since their first attempt would have failed and ended in 'tragedy' - for them.

Islam in India is afraid of retaliation. Actually afraid. They're a bunch of extreme cowards when the same medicine is dealt back by a larger majority or a more powerful force. So do.

And if any christomedia suddenly tries to cover the news now - having been silent so far while the native Hindoos were ethnically cleansed - pull the plug on any such christian outlet (for good) before it can open its mouth.

Quote:Fresh violence against Hindus in Nadia

Close on the heels of the IndiaFacts report on the wanton violence against Hindus in the Nadia district of West Bengal.

IndiaFacts Staff @indiafactsorg

Persecution & Proselytisation | 12-05-2015

Close on the heels of the IndiaFacts report (indiafacts.co.in/hindus-attacked-in-nadia-four-killed-several-injured/) on the wanton violence against Hindus in the Nadia district of West Bengal comes another similar, gruesome incident in Hanskhali, a border village falling under the Nadia district. IndiaFacts received an email dispatch from the village where Hindus became victim of inhuman torture day before yesterday. A volunteer of Hindu Samhati, Debtanu Bhattacharya visited Hanskhali yesterday on 10 May to obtain details of the incident. He reports that the police staff at the Hanskhali police station created quite some trouble for him.

Details of the incident


Christomedia's deliberate ongoing silence is more proof of deep christian collusion in the jihad. Christianism is the only thing that enables jihad in India. Get rid of christianism - or at least of its restraints via media and "lecturing" Hindus to silently keep dying at the hands of jihad - get rid of christianism, and Hindoos can easily beat down islam at their own game. When it's down to kill or be killed, many Hindoos may start trying to save themselves.

You know, if Modi or anyone in the BJP cared, they'd do something.

If anyone in the army cared, they'd do something. They would, you know. If they cared.

And if anyone in internet activism cared (beyond caring to lecture people, that is), they'd do something.

Hindoos are so totally alone and abandoned to christoislamic genocide. Yezidis took up arms to free their brothers and sisters, by inflicting carnage in reverse if necessary - which it is. And no less so in India.

What are heathens in India still doing?

Christoislamics in the rest of the world regularly join up with some violent christian regime or militancy brutalising unsaved in Uganda or Nigeria, or run off to join the jihad of the global ummah in Palestine, Chechnya, Kosovo and Kashmir -to genocide the infidels- and are now regularly going off to the Levant to join up with ISIS, to genocide the Yezidis.

But India's heathens? Where's the solidarity? Hindoos won't even create or join a resistance force to protect heathens from the christoislamic genociders, whose massacres go unchallenged and who - with every passing day - feel more certain they will get away with it all with impunity.

And they will - the christomedia and future christogovts will ensure it - if Hindoos continue to do nothing for their own.

Half the problem is the diabolical christian media's ingenious scheme to silence the genocides in W Bengal, Muzaffarnagar, Kerala, not to mention India's christianising northeast etc. This keeps Hindoos in other parts of India ignorant.

Christianism is the greatest evil to befall India. It's evil can't even be described it is so all-encompassing. Jeebus is the greatest evil ever invented (paraphrasing Emperor Julian). It's true. Islam doesn't care whether their genocides are publicised or not, though they prefer to get away with it, being opportunists. But christianism deliberately plans for all opportunities and does its best to ensure that it is never caught nor its dear brother in monotheism islam which is useful to christianism's purpose in India.

It is christianism - and none other - that has turned India into islamic Bangladesh's Chittagong Hill District (CHD) where islam has been brutally genociding Buddhism.

Islam readily genocides of course, but it wouldn't have dared to try if India had been more vigilant and its govt would implement immediate and brutal repercussions - as any nationalist govt would have done. It is christianism that has made the Indian govt - "nationalist" though it supposedly is at present - impotent with fear of international and national christian=terrorists condemnation.

That is how much power the alleged 3% (actually 15+%) christian "minority" wields in India. The power to genocide via islam - without getting their own hands too dirty outside northeast.

(Most temple attacks are by christianism, I'm certain. The whole drama surrounding their own self-inflicted church attacks was a setup to preemptively deny their largescale attacks on Hindoos.)

Hindoos living in the border regions - in any regions of India or Nepal that is terrorised by christoislamania - should arm themselves. Any sharp implement, from the kitchen or agricultural. Anything. Learn to make molotov cocktails. Home made torches, fire brands. Learn to do whatever is necessary to come out of this alive, to not be on the losing end. Learn to be okay with setting fire to the houses of christoislamaniac instigators.

Going to jail for blowing up/putting down all the multiple islamaniacs that attacked your family or fellow villagers is worth it, since christoislamaniacs are not going to leave surviving Hindoos alive next time they drop by with yet another jihad/crusade/pogrom.

And if Hindoos are going to die, then need to be mentally ready to take as many of the enemies as they can with them.

Surely there must be ex-army members in W Bengal? Surely in India they are trained - at least SOF types must be trained - to break necks and all. They should train all Hindoos. Then terrorised Hindoo villagers don't even need weapons, they just need to gang up and overpower islamaniacs left and right, hold them, and let anyone who knows how to break a neck do it.

And if it blows up in the news and international news and "tarnishes" India's/Hindus' reputation, screw it. No Hindoo in the rest of India cares about christoworld (not counting BJP/Modi). Other Hindoos in India care only for the survival of their own Hindoo kind in whatever part of the subcontinent and SE Asia.

What disturbs me about all the internet activism - by vocalists playing at being scholars and "analysing" and lecturing - is that I'm seriously starting to think none of them can actually throw a single punch. And never will.

You know Hindoos and Hindoodom are doomed when I have more testosterone than all the "Hindutva" and "scholarly" nationalists -conversing 'deeply' (uselessly) on the internet and playing at being scholars- put together. With their idiot IE-ism/dravoodianism/elstianism/bauddhification/subversion and grandstanding about the epics and Hindoo scriptures etc.

I may not have any brains - that much I freely admit - but at least I've always been willing to use my brawn.

Indian wannabe-brains (it ain't a brain at all if I can outthink you, right?) are so going to Dodo. I'd say good riddance, but they're not the ones being genocided are they? If only one could trade the two kinds. Swap them, I mean.

Modi should be made to set up his HQ in the villages in W Bengal that are attacked. I doubt he'd continue to do Nothing At All for long, once he witnesses the misery up close.


Quote:Fresh violence against Hindus in Nadia

Close on the heels of the IndiaFacts report on the wanton violence against Hindus in the Nadia district of West Bengal.

IndiaFacts Staff @indiafactsorg

Persecution & Proselytisation | 12-05-2015

Close on the heels of the IndiaFacts report (indiafacts.co.in/hindus-attacked-in-nadia-four-killed-several-injured/) on the wanton violence against Hindus in the Nadia district of West Bengal comes another similar, gruesome incident in Hanskhali, a border village falling under the Nadia district. IndiaFacts received an email dispatch from the village where Hindus became victim of inhuman torture day before yesterday. A volunteer of Hindu Samhati, Debtanu Bhattacharya visited Hanskhali yesterday on 10 May to obtain details of the incident. He reports that the police staff at the Hanskhali police station created quite some trouble for him.

Details of the incident

Post 2/2

1. twitter.com/gautamsen12/status/597131904136126469

Quote:Gautam Sen


Bangladeshis not main issue in WB.Bihar Muslims moving legally into State part of global Islamic strategy to change demography& start revolt

Harrow, London

1:11 PM - 9 May 2015

Quote:Gautam Sen retweeted


Lutyens Insider @LutyensInsider May 6

I asked my editor why are we not covering #NadiaRiots. I was told this is not good for communal harmony.

617 retweets 179 favorites


Quote:Hindu Samhati Kolkata roads in protest against Nadia Hindu killings by Jihadi's

10/05/2015 12:51:53 Tapan Ghosh - Hindu Samhati Leader

kolkata: Defying all restriction & hurdles imposed by state administration, Hindu Samhati activists today hit the roads of Central Kolkata to protest against attack on Hindus in Nadia dist where 3 SC Hindus killed and several severely injured by the attack of Jihadi Muslims. Mamata Banerjje's spineless Kolkata Police tried all tricks and measures to stop Hindu Samhati protest program today (08-05-2015) at Kolkata. But failed.

The program was also against Media murderous silence of Jihadist attack on Hindus throughout West Bengal. Virus of Vote Bank Politics has infected all Political parties, from left to right with no exception. Only option for Hindus of West Bengal today is non political HINDU SAMHATI . Come and Join Hindu Samhati. Today, like many times earlier, Hindu Samhati boys proved their mettle. I'm proud of them.

Glad they're doing something to bring the matter to the attention of those physically present at the protest, though the nation at large is kept ignorant by the christomedia. But still, have to ask: have protests ever stopped the christoislamic genocide of Hindoos in India?
India's christomedia colludes with jihad in WBengal to try to re-enact the train burning of Hindoos by islamaniacs working for christoislamic-western interests which was the cause of the Godhra retaliations 'riots' in Gujarat.

Found via someone's twitter account itself found via a tweet of Rajeev Srinivasa(n):


Quote:FirstpostVerified account


Passengers hurl bombs at each other in Kolkata local train, 25 injured http://bit.ly/1GZYUXt

Hmmm. Relevant comments:

Quote:Kunal Mehta ‏@kunal256 May 11

Aloo bomb? @firstpost: Passengers hurl bombs at each other in Kolkata local train, 25 injured http://bit.ly/1GZYUXt pic.twitter.com/JN4D8EUwCi”

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FreeThinker ‏@raahulworld2009 May 11

@firstpost Jihadi Didi has turned Bengal into a Jihadi state

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Pallavi ‏@2TweetMe2 May 11

@firstpost #BengalTerror Silent Kashmir in making!

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Quote:Kolkata: Passengers hurl bombs at each other in local train, 25 injured

by FP Staff May 12, 2015 07:56 IST

At least 25 people were injured after an explosion in a local train in Kolkata on Tuesday early morning, reports said. A blast in a Krishnanagar-bound local train from Sealdah early on Tuesday left 25 people injured, The Indian Express report said.

Representational image. AFP

According to NDTV, the explosion took place at around 3.55 am when the train, which runs on Sealdah-Barrackpore route, left Titagarh railway station. Titagarh is 30 kilometres from Kolkata.

According to officials, trains on the Sealdah-Barrackpore route have been briefly suspended. Quoting officials, NDTV said the passengers on the train could have hurled bombs at each other.

(Translation of christo NDTV: "islamics hurled bombs at Hindoos from both sides")

According to the report in The Indian Express, the bombs might not have been planted in the train. The report further added that there could be a chance that passengers might be carrying the explosives in their bags.

Confirming that the blast was a low-intensity one, officials said that the normal train services will be resumed soon.

Police, including RPF, Barrackpore and CID's Bomb Squad are checking the train which has been halted at Barrackpore station.

Further details awaited.

Firstpost and NDTV are virulently anti-Hindu and will lie against Hindus and in favour of monotheism as a matter of course.

The facts of this case are in all likeliness that the victims are once-again Hindoos and the perpetrators are christoislamics once more.

Christomedia and christoislamics on the ground want to ensure that another Godhra riot happens, now in WBengal, but this time they are careful not to report on the identities of the victims and perpetrators in the initial violence, to ensure that any subsequent riots are not recognised as Hindoo retaliation on islamic demons but as Hindoos attacking islamic demons.

Christomedia is repeating their spiritual predecessors: the christobrits who regularly goaded islamaniacs into mass-killing Hindoos when convenient (or rather: when Hindoos became too inconvenient to the Brits), and who relished islamaniacs' Direct Action Day pogroms against Hindoos. Sequel to the Great Calcutta Killing to commence in near future, I fear. When it happens, hope Hindus will retaliate against all the monotheists this time - including any christomedia that comes to lie about what's happening - and send them all packing to BD (dead or alive, preferably dead).

Comments at the firstpost article:

Quote:Gandhi • a day ago

Hope Mamta will let NIA investigate the case

Shivam • a day ago

Lol, bengalis and muslims are funny.

(Nah. It is exclusively muslims who did it. Well, there could have been christian terrorists involved too of course: christian terrorist outfits in India's northeast are famously armed by the AmriKKKan Baptist Church, so it's always a possibility that christians have spread their militancy to WBengal too now, to join the jihad by their brothers in monotheism against the Hindoos.)

Nobita • 2 days ago

Mamta is mentally retarded.. some one put Diwali bomb under her a$s then surely she would understand howz people feel...\m/

(When the useful idiot has served her purpose, the islamics in WBengal will eventually go for her throat too. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.)

ज़ोम्बीवाल • 2 days ago

My god more than 25 injured and still its low intensity blast for media pimps.

What if a cracker brust and fired someone badly in BJP ruled state?

vande mataram • 2 days ago

So in mumtaz begum's Bengal, jihadis carry bombs with them freely just like people carry cellphones or purses with them!! Didi is doing a great job!!

ज़ोम्बीवाल • 2 days ago

If you keep close eye on TimesNow then you will notice on the average there are atleast 1 incident of blasts on the daily basis in West Bengal.

Sajin Hindu Nationalist • 2 days ago

Must be done by some shameless Pakistanis living in India since 1947.

Hope they get Hajj subsidies from our hard earned money.

rukmi • 2 days ago

Must be the jihadis Didi so lovingly nurturing.

Thousands of muslims=jihadis attack Hindus in W Bengal. Repeat of what happened in Gujarat. Because this IS how christo-islamaniacs mob.

Now, were the Hindus to finally retaliate, the christomedia - thus far silent, christianism being in deep collusion with the jihad - will suddenly start reporting it and further pretend that the retaliation is the first strike, i.e. that Hindus started it.

I don't get why Hindoos don't just stomp out their enemies. Screw christoislamicommunist whining and international moralising. Let them get genocided by the jihad. Hindoos should look after themselves.

All of this is only happening *because* Hindus have become too cowardly - which they like to hide behind the label of "intellectual kshatriya-ness" - to retaliate every single time. Should retaliate. And at an order of magnitude higher in damage than what was inflicted. Christoislamicommunists will quickly stop (or move out or dwindle from their own insistence on initiating violence against people who *will* defend themselves).

"Violence doesn't solve anything."

Must be a joke. As repaying violence with violence will put an end to all the terrorisms/genocide faced by Hindoo-dom. Christoislamaniacs won't dare terrorise people that will strike back, hard, where it hurts.

In total war - which is what christoislamania brings against Hindus - violence is the only thing that will put an end to violence.

The 'Hindutva' nationalism movement (replacement theology) that has so thoroughly replaced heathenism, has (at most) sold pompous reactionary rhetoric as a solution to the violence and genocide inflicted against Hindus by christoislamaniacs. Anyone not burdened by the extreme cowardice of mere-orators will know that if anyone hits you, you strike back so that your opponent thinks twice before trying that again. And if they do try, hit them back so hard that they never get up again. They're way past 3 warnings now. Should be smacked face-down into the ground, ready to be buried.

What has EVER been achieved against christoislamania by talking? And by "Hindu" net-ists talking amongst themselves? Nothing. All this talk - I finally worked it out over recent years - is a veil for cowardice.

The news was
IIRC, 50 cops in TN (15 women, including I think mothers) were wounded when a huge mob of islamaniacs attacked.

As usual, christomedia - jihad's best friend in committing genocide against Hindus - carefully blocked it out.



via bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/ambur-tamil-nadu-police-against-jihad-b-r-haran/

Ailing Tamil Nadu Police against Jihad – parts I & II

by B R Haran

on 05 Jul 2015 and 06 Jul 2015

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