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'Evil' Hindu Practices

Texan teen trigger-happy cheerleader-brain channels the so-called "Great White Christian Hunters" of the colonial era:


Quote:Teen girl slammed for hunting photos

A Texas teenage girl who has posted photos online of her posing with endangered African mammals she has shot has drawn the ire of tens of thousands of animal lovers.

A petition to have Texas 19-year-old Kendall Jones' Facebook page taken down has collected over 40,000 signatures in a week.

On the page she has posted images of her straddling a lion, holding up a leopard and sitting on an elephant, all shot dead.

But she has hit back at the abuse she has received, telling her local paper the Cleburne Times-Review that "online bullying is a crime".

"I really am shocked at how rude many people are by name-calling and swearing," she was quoted as saying.

"I have actually had several death threats, which are going to be investigated."

The photos were taken in Zimbabwe, where it is legal for foreign tourists to hunt elephants for sport.

(photo) 1 of 6:

Kendall Jones poses with an elephant she shot. (Facebook)

1. Interesting that it is legal in Zimbabwe - IIRC a christo-converted nation - for alien christoterrorists to hunt elephants for sport.

2. And interesting too that Kendall Jones - and whoever else like her - all get away with shooting dead endangered animals, just by pretending to be a victim (of alleged cyber bullying).

And all while aliens - elsewhere seen playing at being "animal rights activists" - do ZIP about it.

3. Yet aliens descend all the way into India's supreme court to get Jallikattu banned from TN Hindu temples and to get cultural events among Hindus like bull cart racing or something banned in MaharAShTra too etc.

And we're supposed to believe that the aliens of #3 are actually animal-rights activists, when *killing* (others') endangered animals is allowed for their own countrymen, who are further welcomed to do so all the way in christo-converted (=eternally-colonised) Zimbabwe where *killing* elephants for *sport* is *legal*.

The sense of "priority" demonstrated by the "animal-rights activist" aliens who've been invading India and have been working to get Hindu cultural traditions banned, shows that they're not actually animal rights activists at all but are christians hiding behind a cover from where they're attacking Hindus again and trying to ban else restrict anything Hindus do.
1. ^ Addendum. Belgian female made famous during FIFA for being a face in the crowd that attracted camera attention and a L'Oreal modelling contract also has the hobby of hunting endangered animals and then bragging about it. The cryptochristos styling themselves as "animal activists" who descend to deliberately misrepresent and ban longstanding traditions in India were not remotely interested in the Belgian's psychotic tendencies, nor PETA as far as I can tell, but L'Oreal - hardly the most animal-friendly organisation - apparently distanced themselves from the female psycho, i.e. she likes to kill at random for fun and take trophy pictures. Reminiscent of those AmriKKKan soldiers who liked to kill Afghan civilians including boys and keep their bones as trophies.

  • cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2014/07/belgian-world-cup-fan-loses-modelling-gig-over-hunting-photos.html

  • telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/10962587/World-Cup-2014-LOreal-cuts-ties-with-model-Belgium-fan-after-hunting-picture.html

Guess PETA didn't sue her into court.

Also odd is that these people never hunt wild/endangered animals in their own countries, but go all the way to Africa to hunt animals native to that land. Probably don't want to loot the natural "resources" of their own lands, so that they can then return to lecture Africans (and Japanese etc) about the importance of "conservation" and how well they have conserved AmriKKKa/Europe.

BTW, many native Africans have died to conserve their wildlife, knowing of the dangers of their profession - and the numbers are increasing, as seen in documentaries (whereas Euro settlers in Africa have white-collar jobs in conservation). They get picked off by angry poachers. The animals concerned are worth a lot of money after all, and people don't think much of killing others - let alone conservationists - over such large sums of money.
What PK was meant for: to lay the mental groundwork for making this sort of libel acceptable and sound straight-forward/self-evident:


Quote:Secret to Ramdev's Rs 2,000 crore empire: It's all about the faith, stupid!

by Sandipan Sharma Jan 14, 2015 22:41 IST

#Arthashastra #Baba Ramdev #drug #gau mutra #InMyOpinion #Pratanjali #Ramdev's empire #Ramdev's medicine


A casual reading of his website can make you believe Ramdev is a rare mix of Patanjali, Freud, Sushruta, Vatsyayana, Kautilya and an embodiment of all the marketing wisdom of the world.

From physical to psychological, sexual to emotional, Ramdev can diagnose almost any problem and prescribe a nostrum. Try asking him, for instance, “Baba ji, what’s the root cause of premature ejaculation?”

(Freudian slip by Sandypants, seems he looked up the question foremost on his mind? But no one wants to hear of Sandypants' problems copulating...)

First, he is likely to reprimand you for starting too early. According to Babaspeak, if you rid yourself of your, err, brahmcharya too early in life, the impatient karma may lead to ‘premature ejaculation’ later in life. Babasutra argues that the problem is not with your age but the milage under your belt.

(By the way: Taoist (i.e. traditional Chinese medicine) - and even Shinto - stores sell lots of ancient, traditional heathen herbal remedies for sexual health, for harmony in mating-related matters between couples, for better chances at procreation, for easy delivery, for recovering faster after delivery, for optimising the quality of mother's milk for newborns, etc. Sounds like Ramdev's product line is no different in that it doesn't neglect these aspects either. The purpose of viagra etc crap copies that of herbal remedies for sexual health/functioning that existed in heathen societies from GrecoRomans to Taoists.

As for viagra etc, wasn't there a big hysteria about it causing blindness or something?


Quote:Viagra 'may cause blindness': Ingredient in the drug can permanently affect sight, doctors warn

Viagra may cause loss of vision in men with retinitis pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is a rare inherited eye condition causing sight loss

Some people have normal vision but carry one gene for the condition

Ingredient in Viagra linked to degenration and death of cells in the retina

People with retinitis pigmentosa and those who carry the gene at risk

By Madlen Davies for MailOnline

Published: 10:36 GMT, 1 October 2014 | Updated: 14:11 GMT, 1 October 2014
(And loss of hearing and 84% more chance of skin cancer)

Sandypants not complaining about such far creepier products? And it was so well-tested and all - for about a decade or two, was it? At least traditional Hindu herbal remedies - just like Taoist ones etc - have a much longer period of usage like millennia. And have had a larger user base over this period.)

But don’t worry, bachcha, Baba has a $82 solution for your delicate problem. It is shipped free, bulk orders carry further discounts and you just have to pop it with lukewarm water.

[Img caption:] Baba Ramdev. AP

Obviously, it is working. Harried men and women are running to Baba’s Patanjali Stores for ridding themselves of almost every conceivable malady. No further proof of the Baba’s appeal is required than the report that his empire built initially on anwlah, aloe-vera, gau-mutra and some yogic postures is now worth almost Rs 2000-crore.

From its humble beginning in some ashram near Haridwar, Ramdev’s empire has become a behemoth that rivals several FMCG majors.

(That's nothing. Nothing compared to the humble beginnings of christianism - starting off as a cult in some backwater of Roman-occupied territory and which cult was initially admitted by such as gnostic christians to be centred around a non-historic entity, jeebus creepus - that has grown to consume continents via genocide and rakes in trillions of dollars by parasiting on enslaved/converted populations. And not only did christianism sell a false anti-dote - the non-existent jeebus - but even the disease is a con: "sin". Where are the lawsuits?)

Like some of his remedies that promise rapid and impressive growth of hair and various other parts of human anatomy, the Baba’s brand Patanjali is growing at a mindboggling 67 per cent rate. Even Kautilya’s Arthashastra couldn’t have imagined this eye-popping, gravity-defying growth.

The credit goes entirely to Ramdev. He is an excellent example of how the collective wisdom of our ancestors, the knowledge of our rich flora (and fauna, but more about that later) and our age-old household practices can be turned into a successful global empire.

For, most of what Ramdev sells or promotes, like the benefit of yoga, was already there. But, like a shrewd curator of heritage, Ramdev just packaged it and turned all the daadi-naani nuskhas into profitable products.

(Well, who better than Ramdevs - Hindoos - to do it? Certainly more acceptable and legitimate than non-Hindu anti-Hindu cryptos like Sandypants Shwarma, or aliens who like to patent Hindoo stuffs, claim credit for it and then make money off it like parasites do.

Note that Sandypants Shwarma's references to "our ancestors" and "our stuff" is exactly the vocabulary of christians like Kerala Syrian christists when they mention the wealth of Padmanabha temple: it suddenly becomes all-Indian/all-Kerala wealth instead of exclusively Hindoos' temple wealth.)

But none of this would have worked if Ramdev had not assiduously turned himself into a brand that most of his followers trust. Some of his prescriptions, in fact, suggest that Baba has a large following of bhakts who take his advice as medical gospel. Main hoon na, he seems to say, and the followers get ready to gulp down any concoction.

That’s the power of faith for you.

One of his disciples, for instance, brushes his teeth daily with petrol to get rid of paan masala stains. “They shine like pearls,” the gentleman, who is a senior journalist, says triumphantly. Now, petrol has been used for years by dry-cleaners to pretty much clean anything. If you are willing to treat your dentures like a dirty carpet, petrol may just be the right brand of tooth-paste for you. But, only somebody like Ramdev can make you start your day with a gargle of inflammable hydrocarbons.

He has inspired many bhakts to give up eggs with his knowledge of local fauna. Eggs, he says, come out of the wrong orifice and are thus hen poop. Ergo, don’t eat them. And then there is the unshakable faith of the balding bhakts who keep rubbing their thumb nails against each other in the hope that a fresh harvest of jet, black hair is about to erupt.

(Seems unlikely that Ramdev said that eggs are fecal waste. Must be the Hindu-baiting author's projection onto Ramdev, since he assumes Ramdev is dumb and so declares that mention of "wrong orifice" must mean an assumption on Ramdev's part of eggs themselves being fecal waste. In any case, it is highly probable that Ramdev knows that what is called an "egg" is literally an egg. Maybe Ramdev was simply cautioning against observed food poisoning such as by salmonella bacteria and how the risk may not always be worth it and can be avoided by eating replacement foods with the same benefits but fewer side-effects, whereas Sandypants with his missionary schooling probably can't understand Hindi/Ramdev except through a dictionary and therefore interpreted wrongly?


Quote:Even eggs with clean, uncracked shells may occasionally contain bacteria called Salmonella that can cause an intestinal infection.


Quote:eggs have been found to be 90% sterile when laid. However, eggs have the potential to become contaminated with bacteria from the hen’s intestinal tract, feces, and from the surrounding environment.

Ramdev’s products wouldn’t have been such bestsellers if they were to come under the purview of drug controllers or their trials had been mandatory. Trials, tests and approvals cost millions. Many companies go bankrupt if a medicine they have invested in fails to clear regulatory hurdles. Also, popping his prescriptions is safe. Unlike medicines, they do not come with written warnings of reactions and side effects.

So, eat as much of his swarn bhasm as possible, drink as much as gau-mutra as possible. And be happy that our blind faith, bhakti, collective wisdom and assorted premature problems are worth nearly Rs 2000 crore.

(Typical crypto tactic: speaks of "our blind ... bhakti" etc, while Sandypants has none and hence is aiming at Hindoos only. Cryptos always pretend they're a Hindu while attacking Hindus.

And don't know why Sandypants pretends to care. Either Ramdev's products are genuine or placebo or a dangerous scam that will cut life-quality and/or expectancy of his bhaktas short. If the latter, and since Ramdev's bhaktas are Hindus onlee, then surely Sandypants must be thrilled at such a fallout, being an anti-Hindu. The real reason for his whining is that it bothers him that any Hindu should make lots of money, especially since Ramdev is not politically ignorant and could one day use his funds to protect Hindoos and their organisations, if he's not doing so already.)

AAPism is a christianism.

Sandypants Shwarma must be one of those 15% = 150 million christians infesting India (<- figure as claimed by overseas missions), 13% of whom are cryptochristians. They can be recognised by how they spew bile against Hindoos doing Hindooisms, but not christians' inculturation on the same Hindooisms. (Christians in India have started inculturating on Yoga too - like other missionary religions before them - and hope to market it for money while gaining more sheep. Then Sandypants Shwarma will declare it is all a "miracle of jeebus himself" and endorse christian faithfulness in buying the inculturation: for paying for inculturated yoga and ayurveda.)

One of the comments is long (haven't read yet) but seems to at least refer to papers, and used to disprove Sandypants' cryptochristian psecularism:

Quote:The Real Deal • 18 hours ago

Dear Sandipan, if you would have somehow managed to remove the hate clouding your judgement, you would have noticed that many journals have published studies about the nutritional value of cow milk, the health benefits of gau-mutra and the importance of Indian breed of cattle(Bos Indicus). Since your types consider all research into anything remotely hindu as unreliable cultural propaganda, I will try provide some foreign research. I have listed only salient points. Please feel free to read up the entire content.

Published in International Dairy Journal

Composition of bovine milk fat globules by confocal Raman microscopy - Sophie Gallier a, b, Keith C. Gordon c, Rafael Jiménez-Flores b, David W. Everett a

a Department of Food Science, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

b Dairy Products Technology Center, California Polytechnic State University, USA

c MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand

Article history:

Received 9 September 2010

Received in revised form 14 January 2011

Accepted 18 January 2011

Milk globules consist of a triglyceride core and a phospholipid trilayer membrane(MFGM - Milk Fat Globule Membrane). The ratio of MFGM to triglycerides is higher in the small MFGs, therefore the relative contribution by the MFGM to the total lipid spectra will be higher for the smaller globules, as will the contribution from the phospholipids. Thus, the small MFGs, analyzed after milking without any further processing treatment, and lacking a detectable triglyceride component, could consist mainly of phospholipid or residual MFGM vesicles and be analogous to phospholipid liposomes. They may arise from a different mechanism of formation and have a different biological role such as a higher rate of digestibility. The same observation has been made for human milk fat globules studied using laser trapping confocal Raman spectroscopy.

Small bovine milk fat globules may not be true fat globules as no detectable triglyceride peak was found by the Raman spectroscopic method. They may offer specific physiological and nutritional functions, as well as different technological properties than the larger milk fat globules.


Research by KAU(Kerala Agriculture University) on the Vechur breed.

Detailed characterisation studies of the Vechur cattle has been taken up by the KAU. The acrocentric nature of the Y-chromosome establishes that the Vechur cattle belong to the species of the Zebu cattle (Bos indicus) as different from the European cattle (Bos taurus) which has metacentric Y-chromosome.

Infant mortality has been found to be almost nil in Vechur cattle under farm conditions. It has also been observed by the scientists of the KAU that these dwarf animals are quite resistant to foot and mouth disease and mastitis, two diseases which play havoc with hybrid cows in Kerala. Compared to crossbred cows, significantly lower incidences of respiratory infections have been reported from Vechur cattle. The gene(s) responsible for these qualities is our insurance for the future. The animal breeders of tomorrow may require this gene to save our cattle wealth from a total liquidation by pests and germs.

Milk analyses done in the KAU now support the empirical findings of the unknown ayurvedic physicians. The percentage of fat and total solids in the milk of Vechur cows is higher compared to crossbred cows. But a more significant aspect is the size of the fat globules. The mean size of fat globule in the milk of the Vechur cow (3.21 microns) is higher than that of the goat (2.60 microns), but considerably smaller than that of the crossbred cows (4.87 microns) and of Murrah buffalo (5.85 microns). The small size of fat globules means high phospholipid content because of greater surface area. Phospholipids are important in the development of brain and nerve tissues and also play a vital role in the absorption and digestion of fat.

Since the Vechur cow milk has got higher proportion of smaller fat globules and saturated fatty acids, it would be therapeutically useful in malabsorption syndrome. Thus the Vechur cow milk and its products are suitable for infants and the sick.

The World Watch List of Domestic Animal Diversity, also published by the FAO(The Food and Agriculture Organisation), has listed the Vechur cattle under the category of Critical Breeds, meaning nearly extinct.


Beta casein A1 and A2 in milk and human health

Report to New Zealand Food Safety Authority

Prepared by:

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Revised final: 13 July 2004

There are several genetically-determined variants of β-casein, the protein which constitutes about 25-30% of cows’ milk proteins. One variant, A1 β-casein, has been implicated as a potential etiological factor in type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM-1), ischaemic heart disease (IHD), schizophrenia, and autism. Another variant (A2 β-casein) has not been implicated in these diseases.


Status of milk protein, β-casein variants among Indian milch animals.

Mishra, B. P.; Manishi Mukesh; Prakash, B.; Monika Sodhi; Kapila, R.; Kishore, A.; Kataria, R. R.; Joshi, B. K.; Bhasin, V.; Rasool, T. J.; Bujarbaruah, K. M.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 2009 Vol. 79 No. 7 pp. 722-725

ISSN 0367-8318

Record Number 20093214846

The role of A1 and A2 β-casein milk variants and human health is a matter of concern for scientific investigations. The status of A1/A2 β-casein variants in Bos taurus cattle breeds from different countries have shown the presence of A1 variant in European cattle, which has been linked to range of illness. In this study we report the frequency of β-casein variants among 618 animals of 15 zebu cattle breeds and 231 buffaloes of 8 river buffalo breeds. The β-casein A1/A2 frequency data indicated the predominance of A2 variant (0.987) in zebu cattle breeds, while the river buffalo indicated only A2 milk type. The results point towards the origin of A2 variant in Bos indicus cattle.


Archived at PMC(PubMed Central), of the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).

Lipid-lowering activity of CUA(Cow Urine Ark) in guinea pigs fed with a high cholesterol diet - Chawda Hiren Manubhai, Mandavia Divyesh Rasiklal, Baxi Seema Natvarlal, Vadgama Vishalkumar Kishorbhai, and Tripathi ‎Chandrabhanu Rajkishor

Metabolic syndrome is a group of interrelated metabolic abnormalities that includes ‎insulin resistance, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, obesity and dyslipidaemia (Li et al., ‎‎2013 [triangle]). CUA has lipid lowering, antidiabetic and antioxidant activities. Cow urine contains copper; while previous studies revealed an inverse ‎association between diastolic blood pressure and dietary copper intake. ‎Cow urine has a diuretic action which might be due to nitrogen, uric acid, phosphates and hippuric‎acid. Therefore cow urine may be effective as an antihypertensive that has the potential to‎ decrease all the metabolic abnormalities and also a possible ‎implication in metabolic syndrome.‎

From the current study, we concluded that CUA reduces triglycerides, ‎improves HDL-C and hepatoprotective in animals with high fat diet; therefore it may be useful in ‎diabetic dyslipidemic patients.

Shubhangi Raykar The Real Deal • 14 hours ago

Thanks for such valuable information.Our doctor-a physician had asked us to switch over to cow milk after my husband suffered a heart attack. it has worked well.

Balaji B The Real Deal • 17 hours ago

kudos... a tight slap for the biased writer and newspaper. seems its PK effect is paralyzed now.

Wonder if (and then to what extent) the PK movie was an idea hatched in response to the rejection of Shirdi Sai Babaism by the Hindu Dharma Sansad or earlier objections.
Related to post 116 of the Crypto-christianism targets Hindu Temples thread and posts 81 and 82 further above in this thread. (That first post has examples showing how islamaniacs retaining echoes of their heathen ancestors' kine traditions did not invite christians to invade under the garb of "animal rights activism" despite the participants biting the tail of bulls during "mud cow racing". Instead, islamaniacs carrying out such pre-islamic traditions are showcased by the media as "culture" and in very positive terms.)

* vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3457

Jallikattu: Suffocation by Law

by Balakumar Somu on 12 Jan 2015

* vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3456

Jallikattu ban could lead to mass slaughter of bulls

by Senthil on 11 Jan 2015

* realitycheck.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-jallikattu-ban-is-a-tragedy-and-must-be-reviewed/

Can appreciate how Hindoos have found meaningful reasons to maintain and preserve even the more aggressive bulls that can't be made to do any of the work that domesticated bulls do. This is far better than what aliens would do: destroy such bulls and eat them, or use them for meaningless AmriKKKan rodeos etc (<- where are the animal rights activists on that, btw).

It is important to keep in mind that the domestication of certain animal species has made them reliant on humans: they will not last long in the extreme wild. And in this context, Hindoos have allowed a place for aggressive bulls, where it can yet survive in human society despite not behaving like other domesticated bulls.

But as Senthil's article shows, with the banning of Jallikattu, they are likely to end up on christoislamaniac's dining plates, since Hindoo society can no longer maintain these animals, as Hindoos won't be able to justify the costs of keeping these bulls in their kingly life all year-round any more, as there are no returns in *any* sense.

Ultimately, what the so-called "animals activists" would have gained was a (not quick but painful) halaal death for these fellow creatures, whereas with Jallikattu, these aggressive bulls survived, and moreover had it good by far most of the time. (Plus the Hindoos concerned seem to have friendly feeling toward their Jallikattu bulls.)

Not to mention that it is a Hindu temple tradition of which Krishna took part too, see Senthil et al's writings on the subject which cite both local oral traditions and pan-Hindu Pauranic scriptures for supporting evidence.

Plus, I like the whole thing about how the tradition keeps Tamizh Hindoos valorous: Hindoos can use all the practice they can get at testing their mettle and honing their valour. (Note that, like in The Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona - which of course is not banned, since Basque regions have long been christian - it is the humans and not bulls that tend to get hurt, as explained at the realitycheck blog link above).

The very christian ban on Jallikattu should be seen in light of the equally-christian ban on the piercings that Tamizh Hindoos would undergo for Thaipusam. And - as per a comment at Indiafacts - the Kartigai deepam is now also banned apparently.**

The Thaipusam piercing and Kartigai (Kartikeya) deepam have clearly been silently outlawed: Hindoos weren't even told about it to know to protest against the bans. Whereas Jallikattu required a whole show of native and alien crypto christians playacting at being animal rights activists to get Hindoos to stop this Hindoo tradition.

But make no mistake, in all three cases - piercing for Thaipusam, Kartigai lighting and Jallikattu - the hand behind the ban is christianism, and the reason is solely because these practices are Hindu. Just like christianism tries to obstruct Sabari Malai pilgrimage every year in whichever possible way it can (and even deliberately caused a stampede one year that got many Hindus killed, and this time prevented Hindus from visiting Hindu temple stopovers by forced them into a detour where they'd have to pass through christian church sites instead), and just like christianism tried to discredit the Makara Jyoti associated with the Sabarimalai celebration etc, it is all a christian attempt to end Hindoos observing Hindoo religion.

** That indiafacts comment also mentioned that there has been deliberate interference in Hindoos' attempts to practice the rituals at Kukke Subramanya, a sacred site to Murugan/Subrahmanya in Karnataka.

All of this is christianism.
Related to posts 81, 82 and 84 above.


North America (US possibly). 4 bears die - IIRC 2 mother bears and 2 bear cubs - from overdosing on chocolate, which was left for them as bait by hunters.

This is not the sole incidence, btw, as North American hunters have for some time been leaving significant quantities of chocolate as bait for bears, so the hunters can then lure them out and shoot them.

Bears have become addicted to chocolate, but it contains a toxin that is lethal to them, and which apparently accumulates fast enough in their system so as to even kill them, as seen in the news item above.

Apparently the chocolate bait is preventing AmeriKKKan hunters from having their hunting-fun: what with many bears regularly turning up dead before the "great christian hunters" can shoot them dead.

But where are PETA and other alien "animal rights" activists? Why are they not taking over the US/Canadian judiciary and getting North American hunting of bears and other wildlife banned?

Why do aliens only descend on Hindu India to coerce Indian judiciary to ban Hindu traditions like Jallikattu - where the bulls aren't even killed (but have a great life for every other day and not a bad life during the Jallikattu event either)?

Answer: because the alien (and many local) "animal rights" activists are actually christians who are merely using "animal rights" personae as cover screens to proscribe Hindu traditions and limit Hindoo-ism in the Hindoo homeland.

That is why self-piercing by Hindoo human heathens during the Tamizh Hindoo festival (for Murugan) of Thaipusam got banned too. That's why the Kartigai Deepam (lamp lighting ceremony) has apparently been discouraged too, and that's why christians are trying to limit and thwart the rites at Kukke Subrahmanya too.

Note how as the canker of christianism grows in India's south, there is a corresponding persecution of the freedom to carry out Hindoo traditions there. It's not "secular", but it will be some time yet before christianism will openly start proscribing Hindoo heathenism for christian reasons. Just like christianism started off subtly with their anti-heathenism laws in Rome, until the stranglehold was sufficient for crypto-christianism (playing at being secular) to finally reveal itself as christian: The Codes of Theodosius and and Justinian - Christian Emperors enact incremental persecution of non-Christian Romans.
On the same topic as posts 79, 80. Think I've happened on to another reason - besides the "evil rapist dirty Hindoos" psyops - as to why NGOs have suddenly descended to stick their noses into India's toilet business (or lack thereof). Many NGOs have even been offering to build toilets for free - probably they're eyeing a deal with a clause to collect all the human waste. And would also add another angle to Indian christoterrorists' accelerated mass-landgrab in India:

The following is news from some days back.


Quote:Feces contains gold worth millions



Therence Koh

[photo caption] Human feces contains gold, seen here through a magnifier, and other precious metals that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, experts say © Provided by AFP

Human feces contains gold and other precious metals that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, experts say.

Now the trick is how to retrieve them -- a potential windfall that could also help save the planet.

"The gold we found was at the level of a minimal mineral deposit," said Kathleen Smith, of the US Geological Survey, after her team discovered metals such as platinum, silver and gold in treated waste.

A recent study by another group of experts in the field found that waste from one million Americans could contain as much as $13 million worth of metals.

(No wonder foreign NGOs 'selflessly' offering their services - are eyeing India: a billion people, their waste is literally multiple goldmines.)

Finding a way to extract the metals could help the environment by cutting down on the need for mining and reducing unwanted release of metals into the environment.

"If you can get rid of some of the nuisance metals that currently limit how much of these biosolids we can use on fields and forests, and at the same time recover valuable metals and other elements, that's a win-win," said Smith.

"There are metals everywhere -- in your hair care products, detergents, even nanoparticles that are put in socks to prevent bad odors."

More than seven million tons of biosolids come out of US wastewater facilities each year: about half is used as fertilizer on fields and in forests and the other half is incinerated or sent to landfills.

(Meanwhile, public defecation by Hindoos - declared an evil and a sign of backwardness by the oh-so-civilised - ensures biodegradable and other naturally occurring stuffs are returned to the land (even human manure is a fertiliser to some extent) from where they were absorbed by edibles, which in turn got eaten by humans. Not so uncivilised after all? Flushing everything down the drain - accidental pun - seems a lot more processing intensive. Humanure systems is the way to go, methinks. Hindoos can implement this in a more organised manner, if they wish, than the current method of some of the masses defecating in public spaces. Personally I don't mind - I don't mind other animal waste found here and there either, so I've never been a snob about human waste - but some westernised Indians are oh-so-sensitive to how other people doing their private business in public reflects so poorly on them, that they seem to turn quite blue in the face from the lack of oxygen/hyper-ventilating. The asphyxiated look doesn't suit them and is an embarrassment to Hindoos, as if Hindoos suffer from a collective disorder of getting embarrassed about things not worth bothering about in the larger scheme of things. But humanure systems will keep all in India happy if designed appropiately, IMO. It seems quite suited to the Hindoo objections to polluting waterways with human waste, while it allows for processing to retrieve precious minerals, produces fertilizer/compost from human waste, AND gives the advantage of privacy. I'm no civil engineer, but it sounds like an option worth looking into by and for Hindoos.)

Smith and her team are on a mission to find out exactly what is in our waste.

"We have a two-pronged approach," said Smith. "In one part of the study, we are looking at removing some regulated metals from the biosolids that limit their use for land application.

"In the other part of the project, we're interested in collecting valuable metals that could be sold, including some of the more technologically important metals, such as vanadium and copper that are in cell phones, computers and alloys."

The findings were presented at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society, taking place in Denver through Thursday.

The purpose of posting the above is to conclude that Hindoos must NOT strike any deals with NGOs whereby the former offer to "build toilets" for Hindoos in return for rights to waste processing.

Turns out "dirty" Hindoos are worth, if not their entire weight, then some part of it, in gold.

Should make sure the metals and moolah stay in Hindoos' lands and hands respectively. Modi threatened to focus on toilets before more existential matters. Then let him do so meaningfully at least, rather than trying to turn India into a wannabe western nation, all so that it can live up to the facade of seeming 'civilised' to others in a sense that is meaningless: Hindoos are already civilised in *all* that matters. Hindoos care about the environment unlike few other remaining human populations, they weren't originally amassing non-biodegradable waste (c.f. civilised western nations that produced impossible amounts in a matter of some measly decades, all because they could and because they didn't think it through.)

There's conceptually always room for improvement though, in which case composting may be the way to go for India. Not more wannabe western-style public toilets, which - in India - only end up being stinky spaces IMO, because of the climate I think. E.g. Indian homes don't usually tend to have glass windows either, but are built to suit the local environment. Likewise build something that makes sense to the Indian situ. A good chunk of the best suited artificial water systems were apparently already designed and constructed centuries ago by Hindoo engineers commissioned by Hindoo royals. Why not build on that knowledge and knowledge gained in the interim, instead of western style toilets and systems in India?


Quote:Feces contains gold worth millions


Therence Koh

Human feces contains gold and other precious metals that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, experts say.

Lots of moolah in human waste. And India has a billion humans.

Who's betting aliens have an eye on stealing the wealth from India's human waste?

And I think some part of the alien instruction to their useful idiots (=the Indian converts) to landgrab is for the purpose of claiming sizeable chunks of the wealth deposited by the allegedly "infamous" "Hindoo" "practice" of public defecation? <- Masses of poor Hindoos (and hence Hindoo religion) get ridiculed and damned for public defecation, while evil but ignorant christos in India and their evil alien puppeteers make millions out of it. Sounds like the usual christian plot, following the same lines as in christocolonial times.
* Self-piercing of bhaktas in trance during Thaipusam banned if done for Murugan. But self-piercing is okay when done for secular purposes.

* Apparently Kartikai Deepam at a major Subrahmanya (Murugar) temple banned

* Christo NGOs national and international - and useful idiots - worked hard, gradually, over the years, to get Jallikattu banned

And this next is a continuation from that other christian project started earlier, already documented in this thread, post 71 from 2010. <- 2010. Once more showing how christianism has - again, gradually - worked to lay the groundwork so that now it can at last get Temple elephants banned from Hindu temples, again in tandem with how churches in India have inculturated on temple elephants (c.f. how christians have tried to take over the bindi while trying to ban it among Hindus).

Exactly as happened with Jallikattu, international NGOs - known to be christian, see further below - are once more taking the matter to Indian (christo-infested) courts: all so as to ensure that Hindoos are proscribed from doing anything remotely Hindoo in Hindoo temples. In this case, to ban Hindoo temple elephants.

1. storify.com/trackevangelism/chuch-funded-ngo-intervening-temple

Quote:Chuch-funded NGO filed PIL asking for a ban on using temple elephants for religious functions, processions etc.,


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Rest at link.

Found via

2. twitter.com/krishnakerala

Quote: Krishna Kerala retweeted

sighbaboo @sighbaboo · 8h 8 hours ago

.Oct. 2014: UK Parliament Motion on Indian elephants in festivals etc. www.parliament.uk/edm/2014-15/436 Was it passed? CC: @aryalegal ? Thanks

3. twitter.com/NR_Tatvamasi/status/586866854745903104

Quote:NR Niranjan


thehindu.com/news/national/supreme-court-to-rule-on-plea-seeking-ban-on-use-of-elephants-in-religious-functions-processions-events/article7092841.ece … i had kept warning that IOI guys are coming for our temple elephants.

5:22 AM - 11 Apr 2015

Sisha ‏@wavehit Apr 11

@NR_Tatvamasi first the bulls ; now the elephants;soon it will be go-shalas and the processions themselves.

2 retweets 2 favorites

4. Meanwhile, twitterati pointed out that temple elephants hijacked for christianism are still alive and well. Christian NGOs will not ban this: it is only illegal for Hindoos to do Hindoo things for Hindoo purposes. But christians inculturating the same and rewriting it as christianism for christian purposes is entirely legal:



Christians MUST be kicked out of India. Sooner not later.

(If "Hindus" want to survive, like Hindu nationalists vocalists pretend they do.)

As seen in point 2 above, the UK - via its parliament, no less - is once more heavily active in trying to ban Hindoo things in Hindoo temples all the way in India. But I didn't know India was still British Raj? Who knew? And I guess BJP wants to be Congress B Team/an extension of alien control over India by doing Nothing about it, yet again.

And where was christobrit concern about elephants when the "great white christian" british-raj hunter hunted down Hindoo wildlife? How to recognise a christodemon: hypocrisy. Oh wait, hypocrites include christoconditioned too (Dawkins, et al).

Important things to bear in mind about the christian attempt to proscribe temple elephants in Hindoo temples. Repeat:

a. This is part of Project Thessalonika*: the christian project to prevent India's HindOOs from doing HindOO things

(* Original link was: christianaggression.org/item_display.php?type=ARTICLES&id=1130133787 <- The site's source links are broken. Making it yet another site which was exposing christianism that has been carefully murdered by christianism. I've lost count of the sites that have been brought down: the groundbreaking Christian Heritage site - which first introduced Stannard's American Holocaust and Norman Lewis' Missionaries etc, not to mention the famous "christian crimeline" timeline, the 3 copies of What They Don't Tell You About Christianism site (I knew of 3, there may have been more), the Australian satanism site which exposed christian hypocrisies by documenting news reports of clerical child abuse. That last site already mentioned that christians were trying to take it down. And many other sites. All of worth that remains is jesusneverexisted.com and equally excellent western atheist sites.)

b. And this follows the pattern of the Codes of Theodosius & Justinian: the proscription (also gradual, to cook the unwitting frog) of all things heathen in the once-heathen Roman empire.

Both a and b are based on biblical commandment number 1: "thou shalt have no other gods before me", hence any expression of heathenism by heathens in heathen spaces must be thwarted by the demon christians, else they (and their non-existent gawd) feel "persecuted"/can't sleep.

This is happening under Modi's watch by the way. He'll probably do as much as he did for Jallikattu: aka nothing.

And his/BJP sycophants will continue in their slavish belief that he will do right by Hindoos in the end. And they will not allow any Hindoos to find fault with their golden calf. Again."Wat vader doet is altijd goed" (Klaas Vaak ref IIRC).

Honestly, can't Modi at least pretend to care?

I hope Modi-led BJP is not going to pretend to care one day in the future when it's all too late and everything is gone. The way modern "Hindu" "nationalists" have destroyed Hindoo heathenism by being part of the gangrene, then suddenly discover "temple kultur".

No, I've pre-judged Modi. Forgot to mention the following recent news item.


Quote:Business | Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:05pm IST

Related: Top News, Business

India's rich temples may open gold vaults for Modi

It's not that Modi will not involve himself with Hindoo temples. While he can't be bothered rebuilding the Sri Rama temple at Ayodhya, or even the less controversial act of merely protecting the Hindoo wealth of Sri Padmanabha Kovil - and now also Lord Poornathrayeshan’s Temple - from christo-"secular" pillaging, and prevent the slated christo "secular" destruction of Sri Parthasarathy Kovil at Aranmula,

it is apparently not beneath Modi to expect Hindoo temples to do him a favour (which they don't owe him): asking them to donate their gold for his little "develop India" projects. Apparently HindOOs have to keep footing the bill for India's non-heathen "Hindu (read Indian) nationalists" and other secularisms.

The implications of this news is worse than I've let on.

This will set a precedent for subsequent (KKKangressi type openly anti-Hindu/anti-nationalist) govts to make it legislation that all Hindoo temples eventually surrender their gold and other assets for redirecting to "secular" govt pursuits.

And sometime later still - you may make sure - that the hereafter forever anti-Hindu govts will renege on any "deals" about giving interest for the commandeered gold and will ultimately declare that it is forfeit/belongs to the govt and the Hindoo temples will see none of it again.

BJP is famous for beginning short-sighted projects that are easily hijacked for anti-Hindoo and anti-national projects of hostile govts that follow. E.g. wasn't it the BJP that allowed foreign interests to set up and own Indian media? BJP didn't just shoot themselves in the foot with it, they shot Hindoos in the heart with it (thanks BJP!)

More recently, there's the promise of more such "good things", courtesy of BJP again:

From a comment at


Quote: Re the last sentence - Indian readers and television viewers are educated by and conditioned through a macaulayan education system. Unless that changes, readers and viewers won't.

As an aside, GOI through its GIAN initiative intends to import a 1000 US academics US to educate "readers and viewers" - articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-01-18/news/58200733_1_hrd-minister-smriti-irani-president-barack-obama-manjul-bhargava .

Think about it - this is a neo-macaulayan invasion.we're ourselves purchasing.


March 17, 2015

Yay! More things to look forward to/to thank BJP for in future.

The man who said "toilets before temples" doesn't keep to that ordering when he needs a source of easy funds I mean investment.

Hindoos/HindOO temples should tell Modi that he may rebuild the Sri Rama temple at Ayodhya first and in return select Hindoo temples might *consider* his request to lend them their gold but only for the duration of the Modi-led govt and never thereafter. (And even that may end up being used in some sneaky way by KKKangress type govts hereafter, to lay claim on all HindOO temple wealth.)

I mean, some show of good faith and reciprocity (at last) is the least Hindoos should expect, right? Modi may show them that he means to do something for them at last, before he can dare to expect them to lend Hindoo gold to his unheathen secular projects/his promise to protect christian churches/his promise to avenge the christoislamic gangrape of the christian nun etc.

And as per the above reuters article, Modi is going to next do what the AmriKKKan/other christowestern govts have been wanting KKKangress to do since forever: get Hindoos to stupidly trade in their gold for paper. (The problems of this were discussed in the rajeev2004 blog a few years ago.)

As an aside:

Are BR types still into their well-known apologetics for christianism? And didn't IF members discuss how BharatRakshak had highly placed christians who - together with the usual "nationalist" useful idiots - carefully ensured (as was the plan of christianism infiltrating BR all along), that christianism was protected from any Hindu criticism at BR?

So is BR still puppeteered and peopled by christos and christo-conditioned (unheathens by and large, what a "coincidence"), or are the latter "nationalists" and "activists" suddenly pretending they saw through the christian game "all along" (you know, the way wannabe-intellectuals always pretend they recognised the problems before everyone else did)? <- They're NOT going to be "forgiven" for shutting up Hindoos who were trying to sound the alarm bells about christianism, right? NEVER forgive. (And obviously never forget either.)

They made their beds. Now they should die in it. Oh, was that a typo? Maybe I meant "lie in it"? I don't know. Did I?

Oh, I and nearly forgot. NS Rajarant will be giddy with joy: he always wanted Hindoos to stop doing temple stuff. And now the Hindoo temple elephants will be banned too. So with every passing day NSR must be happier still for getting his way (even as he pretends to care about "paganism" by penning pointless articles about "paganism"; oh so many hypocrites). Q: Will NSR be deported along with christianism/his christian relatives-by-marriage? Wait, what am I saying? We're dealing with modern Indian "Hindu" "nationalists" here: famous for drooling over every undeserving entity out there. They probably love NS Rajarant as some knowledgeable teacher-type and imagine he is a benefactor. Like they imagine the same of other dangerous entities.

Poor HindOOs. They're mired neck-deep with unheathens having encroached on the label "Hindu", and other gangrene.

If Sita-Ram Goel had been alive, I wonder if he'd have dumped NSR and held him up as an example of how English speaking should Not turn out. IIRC Ishwar Sharan said that Goel - to ascertain whether Sharan was genuine or not - asked Sharan's what he thought the Gods were and was specifically interested in how Sharan would answer. From memory, Sharan said he answered that the Gods were Divine Persons. I.e. implicit in Sharan's statement is that he thought the Gods are real, first and foremost. Sharan said Goel approved of the answer.

NSR and Elst would have totally failed that question. <- "Why is this important to note?"

Because it tells you how far NSR and Elst would be considered 'representative' of Goel and more importantly - whether (as per how SRG was back when he was alive, as one doesn't know what he'd be like if he were alive today/"would he have subverted too?" and become an Elstian etc) whether Goel would have distanced himself from both NSR and Elst.

It is a curious thing that both NSR and Elst revealed their tendencies only after SRG's passing, even as they use SRG as the foundation for their authority among Hindu readership. Having said that, they've now won fans over on their own right since, and I'm sure the same are just the very kind to prefer NSR and/or Elst over SRG. Good.

NSR and Elst totally hijacked Goel (and Swarup). No wonder "Hindu" vocalists are so witless. There's only worthless people trying to lead them in the 'intellectual' space - the malady goes far beyond NSR and Elst. When will "Hindu" nationalists acquire some taste? (Or is the Q: when will they be heathen and recognise issues closer to home/know where to draw the line?) Hindoos predicament is so bad that India can't even produce the likes of Swarup and Goel in the visible/vocal intellectual space any more. That's just ... pathetic.

The news was:

1. storify.com/trackevangelism/chuch-funded-ngo-intervening-temple

Quote:Chuch-funded NGO filed PIL asking for a ban on using temple elephants for religious functions, processions etc.,


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Rest at link.

Found via

2. twitter.com/krishnakerala

Quote: Krishna Kerala retweeted

sighbaboo @sighbaboo · 8h 8 hours ago

.Oct. 2014: UK Parliament Motion on Indian elephants in festivals etc. www.parliament.uk/edm/2014-15/436 Was it passed? CC: @aryalegal ? Thanks

3. Hindoo temple elephants will only be banned from Hindoo temples, of course.

Christian NGOs will not be going after the christian inculturation on the same.

Picture of christianism inculturating on temple elephants that's also doing the rounds:


Christodemons are working overtime to get everything Hindoo banned.

- They pretend to be for animal rights whenever they want to ban Hindoo festivities involving Hindoo animals (all Indian animals are Hindoo onlee).

- But they cease to pretend to be animal rights activists when trying to ban Hindoo traditions that only involve adult humans willingly undergoing rites.

E.g. christos got self-piercing banned only for Hindoos only during Thaipusam (when Hindoos in TN pierce themselves), but self-piercing by anyone for any other purpose is allowed in India. = hand of christianism, which aims only to prevent Hindoos from performing Hindoo rites to worship their Gods.

And now the christodemons (all of whom should be deported to TSP or ISIL's homeground where they belong) want to ban Hindu adults from walking over burning coals.

Hindoos should get baptism banned as a superstition that is a fatal hazard to children and adults - see end of post - and is a fraud besides.


Quote:Fire-walking into death: Is it time to pass the Anti-Superstition Bill?

Karnataka Nayantara N.| Monday, May 4, 2015 - 19:46

Instances of injuries and in one instance death occurring due to people walking over burning coals, has one once again brought the thin line between faith and superstition to fore, and the possible intervention of the law.

On Sunday, a man sustained burns after he fell while participating in a ritual at the Dharmaraya Swamy Temple in Kalasipalya of Bengaluru.

But a more serious incident occurred on April 22, when Basavanna (65) sustained severe burns after he fell onto the burning coal embers that he was walking on at festivities at the Kalikamba Temple in Mandya district. Basavanna had reportedly done this four times in the past, without any mishap. The awe on onlookers faces turned to horror as they watched him slip and fall on to the burning coal. He sustained 70% burns and died a few days later.

Last month, two Dalit men in Chamarajnagar district were beheaded, and although police have registered a case under the Atrocity Act, Dalit groups allege that the men were beheaded as a part a sacrifice, and have accused certain people of practising witchcraft.

(Typical christian scheming to get Hindoo religion banned. There is no beheading practice for sacrifice in India. More likely the victims were Hindoo Harijan who refused to convert to christianism, these vocal "Dalit groups" were probably pressuring them to convert, but when they refused, they killed these Hindoos (part of the christian convert-or-kill programme), so these christian groups could then get Hindoo religion banned under "witchcraft" lies.

Christians kill a *lot* of Hindoos and other heathens in India for "witchcraft" - an increasing number every year. So this is just their means to kill more Hindoos, by first getting Hindoo religion banned as witchcraft by foisting christian crimes onto Hindoos, and then killing Hindoos who refuse to convert using "witchcraft" accusations as a ruse.)

Given this scenario, scholars and activists say that there is an urgent need to pass the Anti-Superstition Bill, which has for various reasons been delayed.

Despite several attempts the bill was not passed, not least because of opposition from religious groups and institutions, as well as political parties such as the BJP, which have claimed that the act was an attack on Hindu religion.

(At last, BJP - previously in power in Karnataka - had acted sensibly.

Christianism should be banned as superstition. Hindoos must ensure to fingerpoint *every* christian rite and practise as a superstition and as witchcraft and get it banned. Ban the babble for being a book of "black magic spells". Ban conversion into christianism as brainwashing black magic. Etc. Exorcism, baptism - which is a known danger to children, see below - the black magic of eucharyst etc. All ban ban ban for being obvious black magic.)

One of the members of the committee which drafted the Bill Vasundhara Bhupati, howeover, says that although it was often difficult to draw distinctions between religion and superstition, the draft bill has recognised that not all religious practices can be called superstitious.

(That's how it started in Rome.)

Member of the Karnataka Vignana Parishat Nagesh says that the act is performed mostly to appease gods, to cure illness, in fear or to fulfil a vow undertaken.

The law, Vasundhara says, defines superstition in terms of the possible harm which can be caused by any act carried out in the name of belief. The act of walking over burning coals would fall within the scope of superstitious acts as defined by the law: “any act which causes grave physical or mental harm”.

Despite the recent death of Basavanna, it is important to note that the manner in which this ritual is performed by an individual does have a bearing on whether a person can safely endure it.

After having walked on a blistering surface, few people escape unscathed, nevertheless the injuries are not always serious. “Scientifically speaking, the ash emanated by the burnt coal acts as an insulation. Additionally, people raise their feet high up before taking each step. This allows for air to come in contact which cools the surface,” Nagesh says.

But he also points out, that several people often do not admit getting burnt because of their devotion and fear of God.

Some form of the practice of “fire-walking” is found across India, but may be more revered in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The most significant of the instances of these practices in Karnataka, is the Karaga festival in Bengaluru which is celebrated for over 48 days in the first month of the Hindu calendar (April/May) and culminates with the fire-walk.

In Bengaluru the fire-walk event has been organised annually by the “Sri Draupadi Amman Fire Walking Devotees Association” for nearly 45 years in association with Dharmaraya Swamy Temple.

There are several theories on how this practice started in India, but none of them can claim to be the last word on the subject.

The most common explanation is that the practice is rooted in the Maharabharata. “The act is performed in imitation of Draupadi, who stayed with each of her husbands for one year. When she went from one to the other, she walked through fire to prove her chastity and purity,” writes Smriti Srinivas in a book titled, “Landscapes of Urban Memory: The Sacred and the Civic in India's High-tech City”.

Another theory speaks of the fire-walk as act of commemoration of Draupadi and her brother who were both born in fire.

Vasundhara, however, has an entirely different perspective on the subject. “The practice must have started off as a punishment by Kings to keep their subjects under fear,” she says.

("must have". Typical christianism. Cryptochrist should give proof from untampered historical primary sources or shut up. No no, make that "proof or die". Much better. <-That will ensure that christos back up their tall claims for fear of instant death as repercussion to their compulsive/convulsive lying.)

[size="6"]Hindoos should take this opportunity to get baptism banned as so many children have died by it.[/size]

And unlike adults doing fire-walking, babies don't make the decision to risk themselves. So Baptism MUST be banned, but fire-walking should still be allowed.

1. english.pravda.ru/society/stories/29-07-2010/114414-baby_baptism-0/

(also at




2. In fact, the baptism tank is dangerous in and of itself and should be banned too:


3. Baptism should be forbidden for adults too.

And it should be especially forbidden at this river in Uganda popularly used for baptising new converts:


Quote:Pastor, Convert Drown During Baptism at Dam Where Several Others Have Died Performing Christian Rite

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

January 31, 2014|8:27 am

A pastor and a recent convert he was attempting to baptize drowned before 200 witnesses this week at a dam in Eastern Uganda. According to local news reports, at least seven other deaths have occurred at the same dam, also while baptisms were being performed.

Several media outlets in Uganda have reported that a Pentecostal pastor of Redeemed Gospel Church lost his life along with a woman while performing her baptism before hundreds of other church members in the dam on Tuesday evening. Conflicting news reports list the pastor's name as either Julius or Wilber Mukisa, and the female victim as Farida or Jennifer Mugolofa.

The Mugoya Dam, located in Nakalama village in the Iganga district, is reportedly a popular choice for Christian baptisms, despite other believers having lost their lives in its waters performing the same rite.

NewVision.com reports that witnesses saw a "huge mass of water" overtake Pastor Mukisa and Mugolofa during the baptism, and were forced to watch as the pair struggled and succumbed to the waters. Another pastor, Joseph Akwasibwe from Kampala, identified in the Daily Monitor as Mukisa's lead pastor, had been helping with the baptism ceremony when the massive wave hit.


African River God doesn't like christianism, conversions and priests=missionaries. (^ Happens regularly in African rivers.)

More proof that African River Gods are real and jeebus isn't.

The anti-superstition law can and should be used in Hindoos favour: baptism should be banned as the fatally dangerous superstitious junk it is.

And since no one can be baptised in India after its banned, conversion will be illegal and christianism hence christians will be impossible.


Hindoos should keep taking baptism to court. And declare that if all things Hindoo are not instantly reinstated and never again under threat of banning, that baptism shall be banned. Take it to human rights courts, there are already many sympathisers. Even one or more famous ex-muslim female Iranian writers, writing articles not only about islam's disgusting practices but also exposing how the horrible baptism rite is a threat to babies, and how this is essentially waterboarding - with pictures of E European/Russian babies being baptised into the orthodox church. I'm sure I've saved the link somewhere. Was it Dr Homa Darabi, hmmm. Her site's no longer up...

Will try to find some other day.

The news was:


Quote:Fire-walking into death: Is it time to pass the Anti-Superstition Bill?

Karnataka Nayantara N.| Monday, May 4, 2015 - 19:46

Instances of injuries and in one instance death occurring due to people walking over burning coals, has one once again brought the thin line between faith and superstition to fore, and the possible intervention of the law.

On Sunday, a man sustained burns after he fell while participating in a ritual at the Dharmaraya Swamy Temple in Kalasipalya of Bengaluru.


Despite several attempts the bill was not passed, not least because of opposition from religious groups and institutions, as well as political parties such as the BJP, which have claimed that the act was an attack on Hindu religion.


In Bengaluru the fire-walk event has been organised annually by the “Sri Draupadi Amman Fire Walking Devotees Association” for nearly 45 years in association with Dharmaraya Swamy Temple.

Christians want to get it banned because it is Hindoo.

Baptism (along with baptismal tanks) should be outlawed for the fatal superstition that it is:
  • thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3069604/Baby-drowned-during-baptism.html

  • usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/24/prayer-baby-drowns-church-baptismal-tank/16145695/

  • christianpost.com/news/pastor-convert-drown-during-baptism-at-dam-where-several-others-have-died-performing-christian-rite-113228/

All christian rites and practices (from the catholic cannibal rite of eating bread and wine as jeebus' body and blood - the reason why there are so many European cannibals - to 'speaking in tongues' (=verbal diarrhoea, see US exchristian.net site) and snake-handling/terrorising by charismatic churches) should be outlawed for the obvious witchcraft that they are.
Also relevant is post 83 somewhere above.

1. firstpost.com/india/bjp-govt-in-mp-orders-ban-on-ramdevs-putrajeevak-drug-until-its-name-is-changed-2228716.html

Quote:BJP govt in MP orders ban on Ramdev's 'Putrajeevak' drug until its name is changed

by FP Staff May 5, 2015 14:24 IST

#Baba Ramdev #India #Jaya Bachchan #JD(U) #KC Tyagi #Madhya Pradesh #MP #Narendra Modi #NewsTracker #parliament #Putrajeevak Beej #Ramdev #sex determination


The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday ordered medicine dealers not to supply Ramdev's controversial 'Putrajeevak Beej' drug until its name is changed, according to reports.

Ramdev's 'Putrajeevak' medicine was banned in Madhya Pradesh. PTI

The controversy surrounding the drug began when a demand to ban a purported ayurveda product by yoga guru Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy that promises a male child was made in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, with Opposition members terming it as illegal and unconstitutional and seeking stringent action against the manufacturers.

When the House had met on Thursday, KC Tyagi (JD-U) had showed a packet called 'Putrajeevak Beej', which he claimed to have bought from Divya Pharmacy that promised the delivery of a male child.

Without naming the yoga guru, he had asked "if the Government of India under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi approves of this."

Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan had also opposed the sale of the drug.

A day later, on Friday, Ramdev, in a press conference, had claimed that the drug had nothing to do with sex determination of a child before birth and alleged that a political controversy was being brewed from in order to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"What does the Putrajeevak medicine have to do with PM Modi and BJP?" he had said.

"Using a 'fakir' like me, they are trying to defame the 'wazir' Prime Minister Modi," Ramdev had said. "In the Parliament, they should raise issues of black money, corruption and earthquake relief... Instead, they focus on such a non-issue."


While it's very likely traitors internal to BJP - and not just opponents outside - are aiming at Modi via Ramdev's innocent herb (with an innocent name*), wish Ramdev wouldn't use islamic words like vizier/wazir and fakir.

Ramdev is not a fakir. Fakir is not the "English" or "Hindustani" translation for yogi. He should just use the Hindoo words since there are no equivalents in islamised and anglicised languages.

* "putra" is of course also used generally for 'children', no different from how "mankind" is not all male, else why doesn't anyone coplain about

2. thenewsminute.com/article/baba-ramdev-slams-those-critical-divya-putrajeevak-seed-refuses-change-its-name

Ramdev shows up what illiterate fools are in govt, and in the christomedia in and outside India.

Quote:Baba Ramdev slams those critical of 'Divya Putrajeevak seed', refuses to change its name

India Friday, May 1, 2015 - 14:31

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev slammed those who had been critical of a medicine sold by his organization in a press conference on Friday. The issue had been taken up by several members in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

According to a Zee News report, Ramdev, while addressing the media said that the “Divya Putrajeevak Seed” sold by Divya Pharmacy was to help a childless couple conceive and not for determining the sex of the child.

Further clarifying, Ramdev reportedly added that the botanical name of the medicine was “Putranjiva roxburghii” and it was referred to as “putrajeevak” in Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu and Marathi. Ramdev took a jibe at those who were critical of the medicine saying that they had no knowledge of ayurveda.

The yoga guru also refused to change the name of the medicine saying that he would have to change the names of all his medicines then as they were derived from botanical names.
He also claimed that people were out to tarnish his image in order to malign the Prime Minister. “Through me, a fakir, they are trying to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” an NDTV report quotes him as saying.


I do have to ask why the BJP in Madhya Pradesh has to immediately ban the item for its name being objectionable as per Only The Illiterates. Illiteracy isn't a crime, but not waiting for a response from those who do know words and their actual meanings is criminal.

3. Full Zee report:


Quote:Divya Putrajeevak Seed doesn't guarantee male child, only helps in conceiving: Baba Ramdev

Last Updated: Friday, May 1, 2015 - 18:57



Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Friday slammed his critics for claiming that 'Divya Putrajeevak Seed', sold by Divya Pharmacy, guarantees a male child.

Addressing a press conference, Baba Ramdev said that people who are making the allegations have no knowledge of ayurveda.

Related Stories: JD(U) slams Baba Ramdev over his male child promising drug

Ramdev's statement comes a day after the Rajya Sabha witnessed uproar over much-publicised infertility medicine 'Divya Putrajeevak Seed'.

Talking to mediapersons, the yoga guru said the botanical name of 'Divya Putrajeevak Seed' is ‘Putranjiva roxburghii’ and it is called ‘putrajeevak’ in Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, and Bengali.

Further clarifying on the matter, Ramdev said the medicine helps a childless couple conceive and has nothing to do with sex determination of a child before birth. The yoga guru also refused to change the name of the medicine.

(Q: why is one 'Roxburgh' credited too in the botanical name of something already known to Ayurveda? Must be yet another western freeloader off Hindoo science: the first western person to "discover/retread" Chinese Taoist and Indian Hindoo discoveries and achievements is always credited as a "first". Where "first" merely means the first western person to plagiarise the non-western heathen knowledge for the west and then patent it etc. See for example this post in the Sanatana Dharma thread for the recent news of a Harvard rip-off from Pranayama/yoga. He pretends to be a first too, even as he hints at its total plagiarism and theft from yoga, rebranded as mere mimicry, since it sounds less criminal than plagiarism and theft.)

Hitting back at the people making the accusations, the saffron-robed Ramdev claimed that people are trying to malign his image in order to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Related Videos

Ramdev says 'Divya Putrajeevak Seed' doesn't guarantee a male child

Ramdev said in order to remove all misconceptions regarding the medicine, his pharmacy will add a disclaimer saying that it has nothing do with a birth of a male child.

The yoga guru sought apology from Janata Dal (United) leader KC Tyagi, who raised the issue in Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

Ramdev also took the opportunity to take a dig at Rajya Sabha member Jaya Bachchan, saying that the Bollywood actress should visit Patanjali and see what kind of work is being done.

“I have given yoga lessons to her husband Amitabh Bachchan and she should ask him whether I taught him anything wrong,” Ramdev added.

(Ramdev should stop feeding the enemies. Let Amitabh Bachchan do some Yoga spin-off/rip-off, like pilates or christian 'praise moves'. That way maybe the BSP pushers won't live long enough to reproduce?)

The yoga guru emphasised on raking issues like black money, social injustice, help for Nepal earthquake victims rather than those which create unwanted controversies.

Meanwhile, Tyagi today said if Ramdev is willing to add a disclaimer then its proved that he was right in putting forth such allegations.

(No no. Tyagi is illiterate AND lacking in common-sense. I'm surprised he survived this long. I hope he hasn't been reproducing, that would be irresponsible to the planet and humanity.

No, rather, what the disclaimer proves is that Ramdev is too kind in that he wants to help out the deeply alienated illiterates who - like Tyagi - may willfully misconstrue their native languages because of their illiteracy in them and 0 knowledge of Indian herbal nomenclature (I have 0 knowledge of that last too, but at least I didn't decide to assume the worst of Ramdev, who famously adopted all the orphans of Nepal, instead of only the male ones. <= In case anyone needed proof that Ramdev doesn't discriminate between genders.)

Unlike Ramdev, who was unnecessarily [undeservedly] kind to the illiterate sniping mercenaries like Tyagi, I would Never add a disclaimer. That way, the progressive subverted illiterates - who should be discouraged from reproducing and passing on their countless moronisms - won't buy it then, while Hindoos who have use for it will know to procure it, because they would know the word putra is here used in its general sense (and maybe they even know the remedy is named after the botanical name of an active herb).)

Tyagi had alleged that the medicine guarantees a male child and demanded a probe against Divya Pharmacy.

Without naming the yoga guru, the JD (U) leader had asked "if the Government of India under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi approves of this."

Amid protests from treasury benches, Jaya Bachchan (Samajwadi Party) took the packet and gave it to Health Minister JP Nadda.

Several Opposition members joined in condemning sale of such products and demanded action.

With Opposition members pressing for stringent action, Nadda said the issue is related to the Department of Aayush. "The Government will look into it and proper action will be taken."

Nadda said the issue was very serious and he has just been given a packet of the product.

"Government is very serious on sex-ratio," he said, adding that the Prime Minister was personally monitoring the 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padao' campaign.

In January, Modi launched a nationwide campaign aimed at reversing the skewed gender ratio, saying placing more importance on sons was "a psychological illness of the entire country".

According to the 2011 census, the nation recorded just 914 female births for every 1,000 male births owing to a preference for sons who are seen as breadwinners in a highly patriarchal society.

Was it the BBC - some international outlet anyway - turned it into an opportunity for an all out attack on Hindoo heathenism via Ramdev. Linking it to the "tendency to infanticide" and "gender-based infanticide" of Indians etc etc. Of course Beeb/whoever will not retract their stupidity or publish Ramdev's rebuttal of their christolying. It's just another case of a deliberate character-assassination hit-and-run.
Related to the above post but continued from post 154 of the Other Natural Religions thread

which ended with an example of "self-flagellation" seen among Taoists today, among a few Hindus (as seen in an episode in India presented by Asha Gill of Lonely Planet), and ancient Greeks and Romans (it was also seen among heathen pre-christoislamic Middle-Easterners).

This post is still on the subject of cryptochristianism trying now to also get Hindoos' religious firewalking banned as a superstition that promotes "self-harm" (the way it similarly got Hindoo self-piercing for Murugan's Thaipusam banned).

In India, christos will never ban self-flagellation - at least not generally: only among Hindus if ever - because pointless self-flagellation and other self-mortification was one of the major pastimes of the most faithful of priests (especially if they were meant to be celibate but ended up thinking of women instead and doubly so if they ended up sleeping with women: then the "hair shirt" was worn by the erring priest etc.)

And it remains a crazed passtime among the most devout of catholics.

E.g. in christianised Philippines, the catholicised population apparently also self-flagellate, as seen in an image at


The page also contains the following paragraphs:

Quote:Roman Catholic

Modern processions of hooded Flagellants are still a feature of various Mediterranean Catholic countries, mainly in Spain, Italy and some former colonies, usually every year during Lent. They also occur in the Philippines during Holy Week. For example in the commune of Guardia Sanframondi in Campania, Italy, such parades are organized once every seven years.

Some Roman Catholics in Philippines practice flagellation as a form of devout worship, sometimes in addition to self-crucifixion [3][4]

And the same link also has pictures of very KKK-like hooded catholic self-flagellants.

All that blood is so gory: one picture shows a KKK catholic drenched in so much blood, you'd think he just murdered someone with his bare hands.

It is definitely superstitious self-harm: christianism has no real purpose for self-flagellation other than that it stole this from pre-existing rituals seen among some GrecoRomans (and Middle-Easterners). Hence in christianism, where self-flagellation is not original, it is pointless=superstition. And hence nothing more than self-harm. BAN.

And self-crucifixion is psychotic.

Remember also that European orthodox priest who murdered a nun by some crucifixion ritual in the last decade or so (it was in the news). Here:

Apparently the event is back in the news now that the priest has finally been jailed and a film has been made of this vampiric christian blood sacrifice.


Quote:Romanian priest jailed for killing young nun who was CRUCIFIED during botched exorcism ritual

Father Daniel Corogeanu was jailed for seven years after ritual killed nun, 23

She was strapped to a cross and left without food or water for five days

He promised to build a monastery in her memory when he was released

But he was hounded out of its proposed base in Zapodeni, eastern Romania

He is now hidden in remote wooden hut and refuses to leave, an official said

The disturbing story inspired Cannes prize-winning film Beyond the Hills

By Dan Bloom

Published: 13:16 GMT, 15 July 2014 Updated: 17:15 GMT, 15 July 2014
Look at all the photos showing the orthodox christian women (nuns?) wearing the full-black hijab - surprisingly non-distinguishable from the islamic hijab. You'd think unfortunate Romania was possessed by IS already. Rather it's its older, no less murderous, twin: christianism.

So the minute that cryptochristists in India try to get Hindoos' fire-walking etc banned too, must bring up self-flagellation by catholics and Shia islamics (e.g. in Iraq during "Ashura" IIRC), fraudulent christian nonsense like "christian exorcisms" [inventing and selling a problem - possession by non-existent jeebus=morning-star=satan - and its cure exorcism], other christian cons like "faith healing" (besides speaking in tongues), and demand that all this and of course the inhumane superstitious suicidal monstrosity that is the self-crucifixion nonsense be banned, besides demanding the govt ban the baptism (=water-boarding in some churches like in parts of former-USSR) as mentioned in the above post. After all, the superstitious christian baptism is inflicted on others, including babies who didn't choose it, whereas it is Hindoos themselves who volunteer to self-pierce and firewalk etc.

Hindus must study all the crazy psychotic christian (and islamic) fake rituals and demand all these get banned first if christianism tries to ban any Hindoo religious practises.
His most catholic majesty of Spain, still playing the "great white christian hunter". In Botswana. Elephant hunting. (But he pays good moolah for it, or so I understand.)

Meanwhile, the christoterrorists want to abolish Hindoo temple elephants in Hindoo India, which are actually very well treated (being well-loved) by their Hindoos, despite the dawaganda. [See for instance the early/mid 90s western documentary on the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham/Matham, which has many scenes in the background of the caretakers looking after their Kanchi Kamakshi temple elephants like dear family members, like the sacred Gods themselves. In fact, one of the elephants was named in the video as Kamakshi.]


Quote:October 2013

King and Controversy


Bob Colacello

Before dawn on Friday, April 13, 2012, King Juan Carlos of Spain took a fall while on an elephant-hunting safari in Botswana and was immediately flown home to Madrid, where he underwent emergency hip-replacement surgery the next morning. Were it not for the injury, His Majesty’s African adventure would have no doubt remained a secret, as had almost everything to do with his private life since he took the throne, in 1975, upon the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the long-ruling dictator who had arranged for the restoration of the monarchy. Instead, the 75-year-old King—long accustomed to stratospheric popularity ratings and deferential treatment from the press for his role in securing Spain’s democracy—was confronted with an avalanche of scathing criticism. “The spectacle of a monarch hunting elephants in Africa while the economic crisis in our country causes so many problems for Spaniards transmits an image of indifference and frivolity,” thundered El Mundo, Spain’s leading conservative newspaper. The country’s largest paper, El País, calculated that a luxury safari like the King’s would cost nearly $60,000 (including $15,000 for the permit and fees to kill an elephant)—twice the average annual salary in a country suffering through the worst depression in Europe after Greece’s.

(So that's the price for pointlessly taking an elephant's life. He better eat it instead of wasting its life. I would stuff the whole carcass down his throat. Or if he won't, I could ram my arm into his throat and pull out his innards as recompense - and charge him another 60 grand for the service.


No, *I'm* not the violent one.

"Geweld lost niets op." O nee? In ieder geval "lucht 't wèl op".

Nevertheless, must say it would actually solve most things I identify as a problem.

Interesting that the El Mundo paper only complains that the monarch's elephant hunting is objectionable in light of the then economic crisis in Spain, but not for its own sake.

So much for Indian cryptochristo and western feigning of concern for Hindu temple elephants.)

Nearly every Spanish newspaper, TV channel, and online news site ran the now infamous photograph of Juan Carlos standing proudly in front of a dead elephant, which he had killed on a previous undisclosed big-game shoot. Compounding the embarrassment, four days before the King’s fall, his 13-year-old grandson—the son of his older daughter—had shot himself in the foot during target practice at one of the royal family’s country houses, and police were investigating the incident because in Spain the use of firearms by those under the age of 14 is illegal. This in turn had allowed the press to bring up a family tragedy that had occurred 56 years earlier, when Juan Carlos, then 18, accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old brother, Alfonso.

A pox on him. <- Almost feels like overkill, considering his family seems to already be cursed into shooting itself/each other. Interesting that he murdered I mean manslaughtered his own brother. Wonder whether it wasn't just an accident as it's made out to be above. Probably wasn't: I think he's just bloodthirsty as a rule. But he got away with doing away with Alfonso.
Already brought up the matter before, but IIRC as a related subject to the toilet/open-air defecation topic. But now at last an article has appeared on it.


Quote:Foreign organizations are promoting the need to introduce sanitary napkins in India by saying that 88% of Indian women are using cloth. But in their own country they are promoting reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups, citing environmental reasons.

Open any write-up on menstruation in India, and you will find horror stories of how only 12% of Indian women are using Sanitary Napkins and that the others are almost dying from lack of access to such products. You will read about the poor Indian girl in a village who is dropping out of school because she suddenly started her period. And you will read about how India is full of superstitions and menstrual taboos that are coming in the way of us breaking free and embracing our body….and Sanitary Napkins.

Yes, these are horror stories; because most of what is written about India and menstruation is not true. And it is on the basis of this false information, that decisions are being made for India.

I searched the article for the word "market" and yes it's there:

Quote:The manufactured need

Most movements begin with a need. Either a real need or a manufactured one. In the case of the newly emerging space of menstrual hygiene management, the need is a manufactured one; specifically, for sanitary product manufacturing companies to enter the untapped market of India, especially rural India.

The sanitary napkin industry wants to break into India's vast potential market. And modern India (the anglicised, and anglicising part, i.e. some of the present and all of the future) has proven itself a shove-over compared to China: easily socially-engineered to buy anything the massive western industries want. E.g. Valentine's Day, popularity of pageantry/modelling -> used to promote cosmetics industry.

Yet the west is STILL complaining audibly, as seen in international news reports, that despite China's promising 1 billion population, the west has been unable to generate (i.e. socially-engineer) in them any mass-consumerist need/desire for:

- chocolate

- wine

- tobacco

- diamonds for "proposing"

and forgot one more item (but the sanitary napkin industry would be another).

Of course there are people who smoke, drink wine and eat chocolate in China. But it still adds up to very few (IIRC just a couple of years back, international news admitted that the avg Chinese person consumed no more than 1.5 mars bars worth of chocolate per year) and the west whines endlessly about it, coming up with marketing/social engineering strategies galore on how to turn the huge Chinese population into programmable dunces (like Indians regularly prove themselves to be the more they speak English) that can be trained to buy [into] all the crap.

There are lots of E Asian stores like e.g. Taiwanese, Korean, and as I now see Indian stores too, that create (hand-made) reusable cloth napkins of the right materials and shape.

Be frugal Hindoos. Like your ancestors. Like Emperor Julian.

Make things last. Don't litter. Minimise your footprint on the environment. Avoid joining the plastic nightmare. I mean, even I - not a conscientious person at all - inspired by the older generation of Hindoos of course and by my sister, always carry a cloth bag for grocery shopping and thus try to avoid encouraging further manufacture of plastic bags as much as I can. Do this on a large scale - reduce demand - and you force a reduction in supply. The aim being that the world should forget me when I'm dead, not remember me as a burden to it even after I'm gone. It's a christo mentality to think the world is your personal garbage bin and expendable. But like every other species, we just *live* here. Yet, unlike most other species, humans have the power to massively change the planet, usually for the worse. Can't control other people, but can control oneself.

Let other people make it worse if that's their thing, don't need to join them.

And don't feed the monster/big industry which produces nothing but unwanted garbage.

More recently some E Asian colleagues were made aware of the availability of cloth pads - of course E Asian stores were recommended to them - and they were VERY interested. (But western women were not interested for the 'extra' hassle of washing reusable pads.)

The Chinese and other E Asian women regularly express great interest in frugality, a non-hypothetical but readily active interest in the environment (ready to bring it into their daily lives) and an interest in true autonomy and independence, freedom from social-engineering and manipulation.

Going cloth is also good for people: there are actually nasty chemicals in all famous brands of plasticky sanitary napkins, that are very hazardous to some miniscule proportion of women, and cause allergic reactions in others, and are generally not good for all women.

Lipbalm addiction - apparently this is a thing, no I didn't make it up, google it* - is thought to be psychological at best and alleged by some sufferers to be caused by [deliberate] chemicals put into lipbalm to make users (often women) addicted to it, such as by drying out their lips, and forced to buy it again to reapply it.

So it's not just napkins, lots of the chemical garbage out there in 'everyday' stuff can be nasty. Certainly the cosmetic industry in general uses seriously creepy stuff in their mainstream products, even when ignoring the chemicals. (E.g. The crushed exoskeleton of some shiny insect species is used in eyeshadow, as per recent MSN news.)

* msn.com/en-au/lifestyle/style/inside-the-strange-world-of-lip-balm-addiction/ar-BBhiFqy


But oh look another market:

Quote:Are you a lip balm addict? | Fashion | The Guardian

www.theguardian.com › Fashion › Beauty

Jan 2, 2015 - The global market for lip products is expected to hit £1bn this year – and lip balm is one of the most popular beauty items on the market.

Let the Deepika "My Choice" Padukones - programmable Indian barbies - fall for every trick in the western social-engineering book.

Hindoo women should just remain Asian in mentality/culture.*

* All my E Asian friends now include Indians in their "Asian culture/values" self-references - a phrase previously reserved by Asians to refer to E and SE Asia onlee. But based on their standards and definition of what constitutes "Asian culture and values" as per them, Hindoos fit right in with that.

After my occasionally bringing up the old traditional Indian i.e. Hindoo outlook, by mentioning how frugal Hindoos were in the past and how therefore many still are, the ancient tradition of filial piety in India, Hindoo views of romance, etc. etc, they have started to automatically include Indians (i.e. Hindoos and other traditional Indics onlee, I impressed that clearly upon them with examples) in their self-identification terminology of "Asian culture/values". For every example I brought up, they repeated with decreasing surprise how this was just like them/their own people's way of thinking, "like all Asian culture", until eventually they spoke of Indians as part of the "Asian culture" or "our Asian culture" in their usual contrastive descriptions with "modern [occidental] western culture". [In defence of the west: ancient heathens in the west had exactly such values too. Modern western reverts to ancestral heathenism have it too, naturally - hints are clear at ysee.gr. And modern frugal plain vanilla atheist western people are usually frugal or can be easily inspired into frugality; though such modern western atheists' values/mentality are otherwise not Asian, there is still some convergence to common behaviour at least.

In contrast, anglicised Indians are a lost cause and are wannabe "western" "progressives". The triviality sets in with angelsk-speaking.]

Nearly forgot:

In certain western countries, sanitary napkins are apparently considered a "luxury item" from the POV of garbage disposal and hence are taxed (yet not men's razors - Huh?). Anyway, western fembots won't win that probably, fembots can at least get the true upperhand in the issue by going cloth instead of paying twice for such "luxury items".

And for the mercenary: going cloth saves money that you can use on other stuff.

My sister, more than 10 years ago, first looked for and went after cloth pads, since she thought the way our mother and aunts grew up using cloth was better. My sister's one of those unassuming do-gooders. She likes frugality, likes the heathen mentality of the dying generations of Hindoos: such as the generation of grandparents and aunts and uncles who would plant the seeds of each fruit they'd eaten, who would reuse all things that were reusable and didn't generate detrimental waste, and still don't. Who left no burdensome footprints behind, but added to the world in subtler and better/constructive ways. <- Today's Hindoos should continue to follow in their path - like the Taoists similarly follow their "Forerunners" (as they translate their sacred religious word) - and do what lies in one's power.

'Cause Hindoo/all heathen wo/men are better than what the demons would make them. Don't get sucked into the sanitary napkins industry and lipbalm (addiction). Crazy stuff.

At least Hindoos still feed the crows daily, and were feeding the now-scarce wandering saffron robed Sadhus or Siddhas/ascetics (they look like Rishis, very beautiful) who come for bhikSha. Last I saw one was maybe a decade or more ago. Can't even remember how long ago, just remember the event and their beautiful face.

The world of my childhood is dying. Guess all my complaining is but a lament and an unwillingness to let go. Don't know why I still can't let go, since it is going going gone - I know it is, but can't yet reconcile - and all attempts to hold on are in vain anyway.

But Hindoos and other traditional Indics may at least continue to be frugal for their own sakes and that of the environment.

Else, if frugality as an end is unattractive or seems pointless, can spend the same money on less wasteful and more wholesome or otherwise lasting stuff: besides ingredients for good food, can get good books, good music, good video content, creative materials :yay:, or even do philanthropia to Hindoo causes with the money saved (feed a Hindoo or a gau, etc). Can save the money for a rainy day. Anything, rather than throwing it away on throw-aways.

ADDED: Only tangentially related.

Have so far found Baba Ramdev's "Patanajali* Kesh(a) Kanti natural hair cleanser" a good replacement for shampoo. Better than all shampoos I've used. [* Also called Divya Pharmaceuticals.]

Wanted to support more Hindoo endeavours in daily living - plus Baba Ramdev famously adopted all Nepali children orphaned by the recent earthquake :love: Couldn't work out how to get any money to him and settled on this alternative in the meantime. Turned out to be a great choice for my hair. So I am now even more in his debt...

In contrast, "Himalaya" - is owned by one Manal family (CORRECTION: apparently an Arabic name too) and the grandson has an islamic sounding first name as well "Nabeel":



Nabeel Manal, the founder’s grandson, joins the company.

Also, the Himalaya website promotes oryanism, repeatedly going on about Vedas/Skt as Indo-European.


Quote:Ayurveda's mythological origins, though, are attributed to the Indo-European Nasatya or Aswins, twin physicians of the gods of the ancient Indo-European pantheon. Four thousand year old references to the Nasatya are found in the now extinct, Hurrian and Hittite languages in Turkey, and in the Sanskrit language in India. Ayurveda is considered the upaveda or accessory Veda to the Atharva Veda. The four Vedas are the world's oldest literary documents in an Indo-European language.

(Uh, I thought Ayurveda is an upaveda to the Rig not Atharva?)

A classic ayurvedic text, that parallels the time frame of the Atharva Veda, is the Charaka Samhita. Written in the Indus Valley area around 1000 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) in Sanskrit, it is a treatise on general medicine. This strongly suggests the probability that ayurveda, though of pan Indo-European origins earlier, had begun to evolve into a distinct entity within the subcontinent by the first millennium B.C.E.
Then Buddhism is mentioned extensively in the above.

Even Buddhism is credited - despite merely peddling what is Hindoo/Vedic - yet Hinduism=Vedic Religio is not mentioned or even acknowledged. Rather Veda and Skt is repeatedly dismissed under the references to "Indo-European, Indo-European".

And somehow even the Hittites and Hurrians are credited with the Ayurveda via mere mention of Nasatya, yet apparently they themselves make no mention of Ayurveda (though otherwise Hittites are argued to be an old Indian colony/contacts). Am surprised the Celts and Germanics weren't somehow tied into and thus credited with Ayurveda too then. Oh wait, the link refers to Germans translating the Susruta Samhita. Have to invoke Europeans somehow, despite their total non-contribution to Ayurveda, else modern Indians (esp oryanists) won't feel good about themselves/will think it all worthless.

Anyway, oryanists should by all means use Himalaya products. It's not every Indian Ayurveda company that proudly flies the IE flag. Such can overlook the rather islamically-named ownership of the company, poaching on Hinduism (without mentioning it) though they are. Perhaps even funding jihad with it...

The only relevant parts of this post are again the stuff in quote blocks. The rest is the usual spam.
Two more things related to the above, though one only tangentially so.

1. Talked to my sister who's found some online store advertising "sea sponges" as a reusable replacement for tampons. To clean it after use, you apparently rinse and squeeze out the water. Can also soak it in water containing dissolved natural/safe household cleaning products (the online stores selling the sea sponges list what natural household cleaning items will suffice).

Although the site my sister pointed out as an example store described sea sponges as plants, the ones I ever heard of don't photosynthesise: not a plant. It may just seem a clump of cooperating cells but IIRC sponges are still classed as animals (e.g. Attenborough still refers to them as animals too <- "argument from authority"). And cooperating cells clumping together to form a single life-form were the early animal forms before the rise of more complex animal life forms (eventually consisting of specialising cells). [FL, from memory]

The sea sponges are "sustainably" "harvested": large clumps are cut off from sea sponges or else entire sponges are uprooted (kidnapped?). I thought doing so should make the harvested parts form their own new life-form, i.e. a distinct new sea sponge, but maybe they die when they're taken out of the water/"harvested"? That's just sad. Should mention that I really don't know much about sea sponges except the occasional stuff I read about.

In any case, the sea sponge seems to be considered (somewhat or all?) dead - by the marketers - by the time the sellers aim for humans to use it.

Personally, the idea doesn't sit well with me - think I actually turned green with sea sickness when I first heard of it. But still, the above is to state that such stuff is out there.

Maybe Hindoos can think of alternatives that are less living-tissue/life-forms forced into lowly labour (as "replacement tampons") and instead come up with other sponge-like, natural, non-life materials that could be as effective.

Maybe man-made spongy materials made of natural fibres/cloths or whatever, you know what I mean. Something compostable/biodegradable. I really know nothing about this subject. But supermarkets here sell man-made sponges to wipe the floor etc with, that are "100% biodegradable" as per the packaging. <- Maybe such spongy materials are a starting point for further investigation? (As long as they don't fall apart/"biodegrade" inside the human host...)

2. On the subject of western industries creating markets where end-users are required to keep purchasing 'refillables' (and I don't just mean printer refills):

Sonic and other waterless washing machines were repeatedly designed and made viable by Japan, but western companies suppressed them. Not the whiteware industry but the washing machine liquid industry: the sonic washing machines didn't need any detergents or soaps or whatever, and factually cleaned clothing far better than water-based washing machines combined with detergents.

After all, the industry that manufactures detergents and the like, make huge quantities of dough from selling people dishwashing liquid, soaps and detergents, washing machine powders and liquids etc.

In India, I think it is a view firmly entrenched among many that "washing" and "cleaning" implies or necessitates or means "with water". Certainly, the sonic showers in Star Trek are the one thing I didn't like about it's projection of an otherwise positive future. Could just be because I like splashing about. But also have this notion that heathen Indians like washing themselves with water (washing in water is also a daily religious rite for traditional Hindoos, and they have mantras associated with it).

Sonic washing machines are perhaps a different matter to Hindoos compared to sonic showers. In any case, in a land that in some places and sometimes is strapped for water, waterless washing machines that clean at least as well (and rather better) than water-based washing machines may be preferred.

On the other hand, a great many people in India don't use a washing machine anyway, but wash their clothes by hand, some even still do so at waterways. But would be a good idea to avoid polluting said waterways with detergents.

Also sonic washing machines may be a good thing for mankind to consider when water becomes scarcer as the global population size grows: water is the *first* thing humans will want and the *first* thing that is projected to be in shortage. So better to spend water on the bare necessities then, to free up more water from being stuck in the water reclamation cycle.


Quote:Ultrasound turns clothes "ultraclean"

By Dennis Normile, Japan, Global Design News

Design News

March 25, 2002

Tokyo—In the effort to improve the performance of appliances, two Japanese companies have hit upon the idea of applying ultrasound to washing machines, though they came up with very different applications of the technology.

Sanyo Electric Co. recently put on sale a washing machine that doesn't require detergent to clean lightly soiled clothes. Instead, electrodes on the side of the tub electrolyze the water. An ultrasonic wave generator at the base of the machine uses sonic waves to generate millions of tiny air bubbles to help loosen grime and grit on clothes in a purely mechanical action.

Electrolyzing the water produces active oxygen, or forms of oxygen such as hydrogen peroxide and ozone, and hypochlorous acid, a mild bleaching agent. Hypochlorous acid kills bacteria while active oxygen dissolves such dirt as the residue of body sweat. Sanyo claims this is enough for cleaning things like shirts, underwear, pajamas, and towels. Detergent can be used in the machine to clean clothes heavily stained with dirt or grease.

Sanyo claims users can halve the cost of doing normal laundry. Reducing the amount of detergent sent into waste water streams is also environmentally friendly. The 8-kg load capacity washer sells for about $1,100. Currently it is only available in Japan, but Sanyo may consider overseas sales in the future.

Rather than applying ultrasound waves on the entire wash, Sharp Corp. chose to use the technology in a spot washer intended to remove rings of dirt from collars and other stains. The Sharp washer features a small ultrasound generator that mounts in an arm positioned above a tray above the washer tub. Users position the stained part of the fabric between the washing head on the arm and a small trough on the tray, something like positioning fabric under a sewing machine needle.

With the trough filled with water, the fabric is saturated. The washer head oscillates up and down 34,000 times per second. On the downstroke, water molecules are pushed away; on the upstroke, cavitation results in bubbles in the water. As these cavities combine and explode within the fabric fiber, stain-causing particles are blown away. After treating the stains, the garment is washed normally. The ultrasound arm and tray can be folded away.

"This same principle has been used in washing machines for commercial laundries and for jewelers," says Kazuo Tajima, general manager of engineering for Sharp. Tajima says the company spent three years adapting the technology for a home washing machine.

Sharp's 8-kg capacity washer with the ultrasonic spot washer will be put on the market in November at a list price of $1,125. The company currently has no plans to offer the machine outside Japan.

(Well, can't offer it internationally if they want to stay alive...

The detergent industry may not be as well-known a mass-murderer as the weapons, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industries, or as heavily into [child] labour and torture as the chocolate and diamonds industries, but one never knows what bigwigs will do if someone tries to render their products/market irrelevant...)

<snipped the 2nd story about a western waterless washing machine: it's one that still requires detergent of course, else the west wouldn't be manufacturing it for public use in the first place.>


A more recent one from 2013 has Korea's LG try their hand. Not much is said about the details, so not sure if this one still requires detergent or not. Probably will need it, as western detergent industries will kill all detergent-less washing machines before they're even launched:


Quote:LG is building a washing machine that doesn't use water

blogger-avatar by Mat Smith | @thatmatsmith | April 17th 2013 at 6:15am
Belongs with posts 81, 82, 85, and 91, as this is yet another instance of "The Great White Christian Hunter".

And contrast with posts 84, 87, 88 on

- the christian conspiracy that brought in the jallikattu ban

- and the gathering christian plot to abolish Hindu temple elephants


Quote:Walter Palmer: Cecil the lion killer revealed to be American dentist

The dentist allegedly paid £35,000 to hunt the animal with a crossbow

Lizzie Dearden

Tuesday 28 July 2015

The tourist who paid thousands of pounds to kill one of Zimbabwe’s most cherished lions has been identified as an American dentist.

Authorities in Zimbabwe say Walter Palmer, from Minneapolis, paid a $55,000 (£35,000) bribe to wildlife guides to allow him to shoot the lion, named Cecil, with a crossbow.

The 13-year-old animal was found beheaded and skinned near the Hwange National Park, where he was beloved by tourists and local residents alike.

Dr Palmer, who is described as an “experienced general and cosmetic dentist” on his practice’s website, is married with two children.

His professional biography describes his enjoyment of “outdoor activities”, adding: “Anything allowing him to stay active and observe and photograph wildlife is where you will find Dr Palmer when he is not in the office.”

[image caption:] Walt Palmer (left), from Minnesota, who killed Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion Walt Palmer (left), from Minnesota, who killed Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion (not pictured here)

Read more:

Dentist who illegally killed Cecil blames local guides for scandal

Death of 'iconic' lion prompts calls for trophy crackdown

Full Metal Jacket actor poses with dead lions on FB

The dentist’s Facebook page was being inundated with angry comments and threats today as he was identified as Cecil’s killer.

“Nothing in this world would give me greater pleasure than to see your head mounted on a wall, your carcass defiled, degraded and paraded as you did to Cecil and near countless other animals,” one person wrote. The hunting of lions remains legal in Zimbabwe The hunting of lions remains legal in Zimbabwe

Johnny Rodrigues, chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, identified Mr Palmer to The Independent and said anyone convicted of involvement in the illegal hunt could face up to 10 years in prison.

He added: “The head – his trophy – has been impounded and confiscated as evidence for the court in Victoria Falls”.

Mr Rodrigues had previously described Cecil as “one of the most beautiful animals to look at” and said he “never bothered anybody”.

Zimbabwe, like many African countries, is battling to curb illegal hunting and poaching threatening its endangered wildlife and conservationists fear Cecil’s death will have a knock-on effect.

The lion’s cubs could die as other male lions take his place in the pride and kill the lionesses’ offspring in to encourage them to mate. An African elephant is pictured on November 17, 2012 in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Cecil lived in Hwange National Park, where he was well-known and loved by locals and visitors

Mr Palmer and his accomplices are believed to have lured Cecil out of the protection of the national park using bait and shot him with the bow – a silent weapon increasingly used by hunters trying to evade arrest.

But the arrow did not kill the lion immediately. Tracking data from his GPS collar linked to researchers at Oxford University showed he was followed for 40 hours before being shot dead with a rifle.

The Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association confirmed in a Facebook post last week that the hunter in charge of the safari was one of its members and had been suspended.

[slideshow:] The most controversial animal kills

(See further below.)

“ZPHGA reiterates it will not tolerate any illegal hunting or any unethical practices by any of its members and their staff,” a statement said.

A guide from local firm Bushman Safaris and the owner of the land where Cecil died have been arrested over the killing on 6 July.

Hunter Theo Bronchorst and landowner Honest Trymore Ndlovu were due to face illegal hunting charges in a court in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWM) said.

On its Facebook page, Bushman Safaris describes itself as a family business offering “top quality hunts with maximum results”, specialising in killing lepoards.

“Hunters do far more for conservation of our wildlife than anti-hunters whom probably almost 100% have never even seen or been around our wildlife,” a post said earlier this year.

(That's correct actually. Filthy rich white christian western hunters pay lots of money towards "conservation" - to invest in future chances to kill. Maybe they even demand the right of free kills now and again, in return for their "investment".

Sort of like evangelists donating to christo-charities in heathen countries: their money goes toward their demand for their right to convert heathens and destroy heathenisms.)

Other news further says that the dentist has issued an apology for killing a popular lion (Cecil) and that he should have trophy hunted an unknown lion instead.

Uh, why is head-hunting illegal? One man's hobby is another man's breach of ethics and etiquette after all.

At least cannibals ate their human victims. This dentist won't even eat the lion he maimed and then shot to death 40 hours later, then beheaded and skinned. Wonder if there are still head-hunters. Should give them the address of Walter the lion-hunting dentist, and tell them to Go For It.

Two of the comments:


Sport ?

Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow but this shot didn’t kill him, they tracked him down and found him 40 hours later when they shot him with a gun.

McDonald's have animals slaughtered more humanely than this !
Ironically true.


Let's not forget our own aristocratic scum wiping out so much of the world's wildlife for "sport" and they can't wait to be given the go-ahead by the govt. again. Having made that point I would love to see this loathsome turd with an arrow through his neck!

At least - among the huge stream of indignant Brits speaking about "evil AmriKKKans" - someone at last admitted that "The Great White Christian British Hunters" had wiped out much of the wildlife in heathen climes. E.g. their extinction of the Hindoo Asiatic cheetahs of India. Now the only Asiatic cheetahs that remain are in Iran. (=Good reason to reconvert Iranians to some heathenism and get them to share some Asiatic cheetahs to seed India again.)

Further, the christobrit hunters brought the Hindoo lions and Hindoo Rhinos and other species of India to near-extinction.

The British christos who came to infest the Americas did the same too: e.g. they extincted the wolf species of the Falkland Islands, graywolfconservation.com/Information/world_wolves.htm#Falkland%20Islands%20Wolf

So angry Brits with their selective amnesia and selective indignation at AmriKKKans may remember the contributions of their own kind to the mass extinction of species of wildlife for 'sport', especially the native species of other (heathen) countries.

The Independent.UK news article also presents a slideshow in its midst "The most controversial animal kills", presumably only a few handpicked cases from the last few years. Yet it conveniently leaves out the other instances seen in this very thread of the 1st world's hobby of hunting animals in 3rd world countries: the infamous kill(s) by the Spanish monarchy of post 91, and post 82's Belgian World Cup 'discovery' who lost her subsequent L'Oreal modelling contract because of her 'hobby'. Then there's also the severe problem of AmriKKKan hunters using chocolate as bear-bait and killing 4 bears from chocolate overdose (post 85), chocolate being toxic yet addictive to bears.


Quote:The most controversial animal kills

5 of 5

Walt Palmer (left), from Minnesota, who killed Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion (pictured here with another lion shot in Africa)

Walter James Palmer has been named by Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force as the shooter of Cecil, a 13-year-old prized lion. He is now wanted by Zimbabwe officials on poaching charges. The lion was protected and the subject of a decade long study by the Wildlife Unit of Oxford University in the UK. He was outfitted with a GPS collar and was killed in Hwange National Park. The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority and the Safari Operators Association said that two men were charged with poaching in connection to Mr Palmer

Kendall Jones hunting images

Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas Tech university student, has provoked worldwide fury after posting pictures of herself smiling next to animals she hunted, including a lion, rhinoceros, antelope, leopard, elephant, zebra and hippopotamus


(This next is a new instance, different from those in posts 81, 82, 85, 91Smile

Rebecca Francis hunting images

Rebecca Francis, a huntress who has killed dozens of wild animals has been sent death wishes by furious social media users after a picture showing her lying down next to a dead giraffe was circulated. Rebecca Francis has a website and Facebook page dedicated to the animals she has killed in hunts across Africa and America. Francis, a prolific hunter who has also co-hosted the television show Eye of the Hunter, regularly posts pictures of herself posing next to dead bears, giraffes, buffaloes and zebras, among other animals. She uses a bow and arrow to kill her prey


The slaughter of Marius, an 18-month-old healthy giraffe in Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo made the controversial decision to euthanise a healthy giraffe named Marius, which was later dissected and fed to lions as visitors watched. The slaughter sparked a furious backlash from social media users and zoo staff have received death threats by phone and email. Soon after the incident, Copenhagen Zoo faced an international outcry once again after four healthy lions were put down

AFP/Getty Images

Swiss Dählhölzli zoo kills healthy brown bear cub

A Switzerland zoo faced heavy criticism from animal rights groups, after keepers put down a healthy brown bear cub to spare it from being bullied by its dominant male father. The 360 kg male bear Misha had already killed one of his 11-week old cubs in public and was bullying the second, staff at the zoo said, because he was jealous of the attention the cubs were receiving from their mother, Masha. Both adult brown bears had been donated to Bern’s Dählhölzli zoo in 2009. Campaigners condemned staff there for not separating the cubs, who are being referred to as Baby Bear Two and Baby Bear Three, and their mother from Misha after their birth in January

The news was -


Quote:Walter Palmer: Cecil the lion killer revealed to be American dentist

The dentist allegedly paid £35,000 to hunt the animal with a crossbow

Lizzie Dearden

Tuesday 28 July 2015


But the arrow did not kill the lion immediately. Tracking data from his GPS collar linked to researchers at Oxford University showed he was followed for 40 hours before being shot dead with a rifle.
Related to the previous post, and the other posts referenced in it.

Why the aliens who descended on India and played "animal rights activists" to get Jallikattu banned are actually crypto-christians whose real aim is to proscribe all things Hindoo (as part of "Project Thessalonika"):

1. They're christians, because this next is still going on (selective "animal rights activism" means the activism was a pretence which means those who lobbied to get Jallikattu banned were cryptochristians):


Quote:Bulls kill seven at Spain summer festivals

17 August 2015

The running of the bulls draws visitors to Pamplona from all over the world

Bulls have gored seven people to death during festivals across Spain since the beginning of July - four of them over the past weekend.

The deaths occurred during bull-running in the streets, not in bullrings. It is an unusually high number of fatalities for such a short period.


Last year more than 7,200 bulls and steers (castrated bull calves) were killed by bullfighters across Spain, the news website El Diario reports.

Nearly 2,000 bullfights - or "corridas" - are still held in the country every year,
but the numbers are falling. In 2010, Catalonia became the second Spanish region after the Canary Islands to ban the tradition.

Meanwhile, Jallikattu is not for killing bulls. Better explained by the heathens who were defending the agricultural rite.

2. Because animals are still being hunted for sport by the "great white christian hunter". And these christian terrorists still quote from the bible to support their right to kill for sport. And this is why no cryptochristists playing "animal rights activists" descended to ban alien christians hunting in Africa: because murdering animals for the fun of it ("it's a skill") is a christian thing that christians demand a right to (but christians did invent genocide as a sport/sacrifice to placate their fictional and evil gawd character) -


Quote:Huntress Sabrina Corgatelli sparks outrage online for posting photos of her latest animal kills amid Cecil the lion controversy

BY Reuven Blau


Updated: Monday, August 3, 2015, 12:18 PM

Sabrina Corgatelli sparks outrage for hunting photos

NY Daily News

Fire away!

Hated huntress Sabrina Corgatelli is joyously posting photos of her latest kills on social media despite the international outcry over the illegal killing of beloved Cecil the lion.

"My Impala I got today!! What a beautiful animal!" the Idaho State University accountant posted on Facebook on Friday.

The accompanying photo shows Corgatelli, with braided hair and a grey cap and T-shirt, sitting over a dead medium-sized African antelope.

[img caption:] Corgatelli is apparently in the middle of a hunting trip to South Africa, where she has bagged a giraffe, impala, kudu, wildebeest and a warthog.

Corgatelli appears to be in middle of a hunting trip in South Africa where she has already shot down a giraffe, impala, kudu, warthog and wildebeest.

Hundreds of outraged online commenters have slammed her sickening kills.

[img caption:] Corgatelli has received some nasty comments from people on social media, with some commenters calling her ‘heartless,’ and the ‘definition of disgusting.’

"You are the definition of disgusting," Emily Kapp posted on Corgatelli's public Facebook page. "So heartless it infuriates me."

But Corgatelli has no plans on ending the hunt.

On Saturday, she posted two lines from the Bible.

She cited Genesis 9:3: "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything."

Online followers were not allayed.

"So did the giraffe taste good," asked Lynn Latimer. "There is nothing about you or your life represents anything godly … you are soulless."

The big-game stalker also cited Genesis 27:3: "Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me."

Literal proof that the age of the "great white christian hunter" didn't begin with colonialism and therefore didn't end with it, since it's founded in christianism which hasn't been extincted yet. And that's why these demons still roam and blight the earth. But with any luck they'll drop dead from severely unnatural causes too.

Hmmm, Brits or Americans who were angry at the amriKKKan dentist who'd recently shot that famous lion (one "Cecil") further printed the culprit's address in public, on news sites, and openly encouraged others living nearer by the dentist to go hunt said culprit. Maybe the same courtesy can be extended to the other christian murderer Corgatelli? I mean, "it's just a hunt". Let's not start differentiating between one mammal and another now. You all look alike: 2 eyes, a nose, fur/hair. All's game.
Human alien demon took down Cecil the lion.

Lion at same park takes a man down. (Probably an over-protective mum of lion cubs. Still, I'm counting it as Cecil being avenged. A life for a life and all.)

Score: 1-1.

The lions should channel vengeful spirits once more and bring forth another round like the uncanny Lions of Tsavo. But this time, they should go after the aliens exclusively (monotheists), not any Indoos and Africans (well, specifically not heathens of any sort).


Quote:Lion kills guide in Zimbabwe park where Cecil lived


August 25, 2015 6:55 AM

Cecil the lion was a major tourist attraction at Cecil the lion was a major tourist attraction at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park before he was killed by an American dentist in July.

[photo] Cecil the lion was a major tourist attraction at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park before he was killed by an American dentist in July (AFP Photo/)

Harare (AFP) - A lion mauled to death a guide leading tourists on a walking safari in the Zimbabwean national park where Cecil the lion lived before he was shot, police said Tuesday.

Related Stories

Walking safari guide killed by lion in Zimbabwe park Associated Press

Zimbabwe lion kills tourist guide in Cecil's park Reuters

Zuma calls Cecil death 'just an incident' AFP

Guide mauled by lion in Zimbabwe, died protecting tourists Associated Press

Zimbabwe court charges game park owner over illegal hunt of Cecil the lion Reuters

The guide was attacked on Monday after the group left their vehicle to inspect a pride of lions with cubs under a tree in the Hwange National Park, the country's largest natural reserve.

"Some cubs came near the tourists and one adult lion identified as Nxaha charged at them," police spokeswoman Charity Charamba told AFP.

"The adult lion retreated for a while and then came charging at the guide. It knocked him down and mauled him on the neck and shoulder."

(Perhaps the cubs' parent/guardian, Nxaha, thought the humans would do to the cubs what the evil AmriKKKan dentist did to Cecil? Such a suspicion would be totally understandable: can't trust humans further than you can throw them. Heathen humans being the only exception, since they're heathens like all other animal kinds.)

The guide, Quinn Terence Swales, 40, was airlifted from the scene but pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Owners of the safari camp confirmed the incident in a statement.

"It is with deep regret and great sadness that we are able to confirm the death of Quinn Swales, a Camp Hwange professional guide, who was fatally mauled by a male lion whilst out on a walking safari," Camp Hwange said.

"We can confirm that Quinn did everything he could to successfully protect his guests and ensure their safety, and that no guests were injured."

Quinn was leading six tourists when he was killed.

Charamba urged visitors to game parks to "remain wary even when the animals appear friendly because with an animal you can never predict its next move."

The killing of Cecil the lion in July provoked worldwide outrage when it emerged he was a favourite attraction among visitors to Hwange and was wearing a tracking collar as part of an Oxford University research project.

Cecil was reportedly lured with bait from the safety of the park before being killed by Walter Palmer, an American dentist armed with a bow and arrow who paid $55,000 (50,000 euros) to shoot a lion.

Palmer's guide on the expedition, Zimbabwean Theo Bronkhorst, appeared in court last month and was granted $1,000 bail pending his trial on September 28 on charges of organising an illegal hunt.

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