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Indian muslim students in Kafir schools
Meanwhile, Hindu students fed beef in Mallapuram schools

RSS-BJP workers target a school at Malappuram over beef distributed to students

Submitted by admin4 on 11 October 2012 - 6:56pm

Indian Muslim

Saffron brigade out to ruin the 'secular' fabric of Kerala

By Abdul Basith, TwoCircles.net,

Edakkaparamba [Vengara]: On Monday morning, around 10:30 am the Hindu Aikya Vedi workers organised a protest march to the Government run LP School, Edakkaparamba, accusing the school administration of forcefully making its students eat beef.

The school administration has decided to provide meat in the lunch to meet the nutritional needs of students, on the directives of the state government. Those students who didn’t eat meat had the alternative option of moong daal curry.

Hindu Aikya Vedi march against beef distributed to students

Two teachers Rajesh and Jestin, who were resposnbile for distribution of food that day, deny forcing any student to eat meat. They added that the school had earlier set an ideal example by providing bananas instead of eggs to their students so as to not offend the feelings of Hindu students during the Sabarimala pilgrimage season, taking into consideration the fact they are obliged to stay away from non-vegetarian dishes during those fasting times.

The Hindu Community of the region being aware of the Hindutva plot took care to stay away from the protest march and had limited participation only from the RSS-BJP workers.

The slogans specifically targeted the Muslim community despite the fact that Muslims had no involvement and it was entirely school decision. Outside the school, protesters also shouted that they will make Muslim students eat pork in retaliation to this incident.

Police stopped the march at Edakkaparamba town. The paradox was that accrdoing to local populations, many of those protesting used to eat beef themselves at nearby restaurants.

The Muslim Community, however, preferred to ignore the matter and allowed the issue to settle down, lest it may inflame conflicts.

Saffron organisations like Hindu Aikya Vedi, however, are leaving no stone unturned to create communal rift for the polarisation of the votes.

Muslim organisations like Popular Front of India [PFI] and Jama’at Islami Hind [JIH] have termed such actions as an attempt to turn Kerala into another Gujarat or Karnataka.

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