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Indian muslim students in Kafir schools

A teacher was stabbed to death in the classroom of a private school here on Thursday, allegedly by a 15-year-old student who was upset at being repeatedly reprimanded by her for not doing well in studies.

R. Uma Maheswari (39), who had been teaching science and Hindi for close to a decade at the St. Mary's Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School on Armenian Street in Parry's Corner, was sitting in the first floor room, for the IX A Hindi class, when the boy rushed in, slashed her throat and stabbed her in the abdomen and chest.

She was taken to a nearby private hospital, which referred her to the Government General Hospital. But she died on the way.
Muslim school students, mob thrash Hindu teachers mercilessly in Dhapdhapi

All to have namaz in school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is namaz a part of school curriculum?

Muslim school students have to be provided namaz period (whether in school or elsewhere) and if the Hindu teacher attempts to discipline them for failing to return within the stipulated period, he/she must be thrashed severely – the latest Islamic diktat is getting common ever more in schools across Bengal. On July 31, 2012, Dhapdhapi High School (co-ed Higher Secondary school), P.S. – Baruipur, District – 24 Parganas (South), located at Dhapdhapi Bazar near Dakshineswar temple, witnessed the same ghastly incident.

According to locals, this incident at the behest of Islamic mob running amok on the very day happens to be the first one in annals of this antediluvian school (ever since 1857).

What led to this untoward development? Before anything, it must be considered that Muslim students make 50% of the student population in Dhapdhapi High School and hence, they are known to get an edge in almost each aspect. With the fast changing demography, the school, established by Hindus in 1857, has also changed a great deal in all these years.

It has been learnt, on July 31 Muslim students of Class XI demanded rooms from school authority to offer namaz within school premises. Due to the unavailability of such a room, concerned students were given a free period of 30 minutes to attend the nearby mosque, offer namaz and return to school. Even if Mr. Subhendu Biswas, was reluctant and didn’t approve it, Muslims students got out.

At 3.30 pm, a Muslim student came back (the stipulated period was over by then) and tried to enter the class. Teacher, Hindu by religion, asked him not to enter the room, reprimanded him also for arriving late. The student could not digest the insult (?), went to almost each class room along with his fellow students and invoked other Muslim students to boycott classes immediately.

Witnessing the fast deteriorating situation, school management had no other option except to drive the riotous Muslim students out. But it was not the end; culpable Muslim students went back to their locality and a mob of above 2, 000 Islamists aggressed the school and ravaged it before long. Both the Head Master and Secretary of the school, Mr. Subhendu Biswas and Mr. Tapan Kumar Mandal, were beaten mercilessly. Not a single other person including the gatekeeper was spared.

It is worthwhile to mention, staff of Dhapdhapi High School happens to be 30 (teaching + non-teaching) and it includes a Muslim teacher too. But he was absent on the fateful day making Hindus in the locality smell a rat. According to them, such a nefarious design was hatched before and the Muslim teacher was absent as part of strategy. What do they assert more, the assault on school is the fallout of a grievous design to take hold of the vicinity and establish an Islamic supremacy all in all.

The situation was far from over still; following the evening namaz, hundreds of Islamists gathered once more and threatened the school management committee with dire consequences. Even if higher officials of police and administration including SDO, BDO and Officer-in-Charge of P.S. – Baruipur visited the spot later on, they failed to rein in the situation utterly.

Tension reigns supreme yet; the school has been closed for an indefinite period.

The development has angered Hindus in the locality highly; a distinct team of Hindu Samhati – Baruipur Block (Kumarhat Unit) – has already visited the school and assured the staff there of all possible assistances.
Muslim fanatics fear `NILAVILAKKU’ like the fear Dracula has for `CROSS’

23/09/2012 11:38:27 HK Correspondent

Years ago as a young Muslim League minister when Kunjali Kutty refused to light the `Nilavilakku’ at a state function, many raised their eye brows in disbelief, but the subject died away since the Hindus take everything lightly.

In recent times, when Ministers Muneer and Abdul Rubb followed the footsteps of their leader and kept away from Nilavilakku, it gave a signal about their designs. But now, at Mynagapplly when the new Musaliar at the Madrassa Muhammad Naufal, a NDF activist, directed Muslim students studying at Lakshmi Vilasam High School at Mynagappally not to wear the school uniform bearing the emblem of the school which happens to bear the ‘Nilavilakku’ and ‘Veena’, the issue took a different turn.

This school started in 1921 by the then Travancore Maharaja was named Lakshmi Vilasam to commemorate Rani Lakshmi Bhai and majority students in the school are still Hindus. Emblem of the school was designed about 32 years ago by the PTA which comprised of parents and teachers from all religions.

First the Musaliar directed the Muslim students from the school not to enter the Madrassa wearing the school uniform bearing the school emblem and then instigated the Muslim youth in the area belonging to fanatic groups to scare school authorities with their pressure tactics to remove the emblem from school uniform. When the school authorities refused to budge, the Musalair threatened that they would take out all Muslim students numbering about 500 from the school. The Principal of the School, a Muslim Lady, stood with the PTA and teachers and refused to accept their demand.

The Muslim League leaders in the district then got involved in the issue and gave a demand in writing to the Education Director to have the emblem removed from school uniform. By this time various Hindu organization and BJP in the area also got involved in the issue. The Education Director then directed the school committee to deal with the issue amicably. By this time, parents and students in the school also got divided into two groups and the decision of the committee was to allow the Muslim students to wear uniform without the emblem. So, the Musaliar succeeded in his first attempt.

So, within one week the Musaliar at Mynagappally Madrassa was able to divide the students in this school in to two categories as Muslims and non-Muslim and have even different uniform. A thing to remember in this context is that Mynagappally is the native place of Abdul Nasser Madani, and his headquarters is close to this Madrassa and the school. All changes happening in and around Mynagappally, Karunagappally, Chakkuvally, Bharanikkavu and Sasthamcotta have direct relevance to what he taught his disciples and how venous his sermons were. Behind the bar he may be counting his days, but the religious hatred he preached has spread around are growing in different designs. No wonder that the `Nilavilakku’ has impact on them like the Holy Cross to Dracula.
Main roads are patrolled by Islamist boys wearing lungis, carrying large bamboo sticks and preferring to show their genital organs to both Hindu girls and women. Even a few years back a number of Hindu girls from Lakshmanpur used to go to Sonamukhi Janakalyan Vidyapith (co-ed school) but none dares to do the same these days. Due to the Islamic terror Hindu boys are failing to attend school as well. Education of 15 girl students and 10 boy students are at stake.
Intolerance towards Muslim students: Christian missionary schools in Kerala under scanner

Submitted by admin4 on 12 October 2012 - 7:37pm

Indian Muslim

By TCN Staff Reporter,

Changanasssery(Kerala): A few Christian management schools in Kerala notorious for their intolerant approach towards Muslim students and Islamic identities have once again come under scanner with a strange way of punishment ordered by the Head Mistress of Kurumbanadam St Josephs English Medium School.

The Head Mistress who is a Christian nun as well, made two of her students draw ‘Holy Cross’ on the concrete floor using their tongue as a way of punishment for talking during the school assembly.

Hanna Nazriya - a class one student and Akshara studying in the third standard were the victims. The incident came to light only when other students started making fun of them over the incident.

Nazriya’s father, who approached the school, seeking explanation over the incident too had to face harassment from another teacher, who went on to the extent of justifying the Headmistress’s action saying that there is nothing wrong in punishing students that way.

She took upon Nazriya’s father saying that the family circumstances have a lot to do with the kid’s discipline.

It was only after protests from the IUML and SDPI workers that the Changanassery Additional Education Officer [AEO] Appukuttan called a meeting where it was decided that the Headmistress would apologise in public before the PTA meeting to be held on Monday.

Another issue brought to AEO’s notice during the meeting was regarding the ‘Holy Cross’ sign embroidered in the uniforms of schools run by Christian management.

The IUML and SDPI local leaders sought immediate action as students belonging to different communities are studying in these schools and such rules are against their religious principles. AEO assured them of bringing this issue into the notice of District Educational Officer.

Few civil rights activist groups in Kerala has offered support for the protest against the Christian school administrations like Nirmala prohibiting head scarf for Muslim students.

The action council formed by Muslim organisations in Ernakulum to address the issue had a meeting with the district administration at the Collector’s chamber. It was after this meeting the District ADM ordered the school managements to revise their policy towards Muslim head scarf.

Even after the ADM order, there were cases of forcing Muslim students to remove their head scarves and the action council followed up their protest with a series of campaigns and marches.

As part of the protest the Muslim Mahal Imam’s have decided to hold a march to those schools as well.

The Kerala Action Force Co-ordinator Jobi Thomas has termed the prohibition of head scarf by school authorities as a human right violation as well as vilation of the constitutional rights of a citizen.

They had earlier submitted complaint letters before the chief minister and state human rights commission. The letter describes the schools administration’s insistence on ‘anti-Muslim’ stands as disrupting the social fabric and communal harmony of the state.

Organisations like Dalit – Muslim Sawhruda Vedi and Jana Vedi too have demanded strict actions against the Nirmala School and their teaching staffs who are Christian nuns, if found violating the ADM order.

The Kerala Congress District Secretary AV Roy, in his statement, questioned the logic of Christian nun’s wearing head scarf and while Muslim students are being prevented from doing so.

Roy said, “They both should have equal rights in wearing head scarf”.
Meanwhile, Hindu students fed beef in Mallapuram schools

RSS-BJP workers target a school at Malappuram over beef distributed to students

Submitted by admin4 on 11 October 2012 - 6:56pm

Indian Muslim

Saffron brigade out to ruin the 'secular' fabric of Kerala

By Abdul Basith, TwoCircles.net,

Edakkaparamba [Vengara]: On Monday morning, around 10:30 am the Hindu Aikya Vedi workers organised a protest march to the Government run LP School, Edakkaparamba, accusing the school administration of forcefully making its students eat beef.

The school administration has decided to provide meat in the lunch to meet the nutritional needs of students, on the directives of the state government. Those students who didn’t eat meat had the alternative option of moong daal curry.

Hindu Aikya Vedi march against beef distributed to students

Two teachers Rajesh and Jestin, who were resposnbile for distribution of food that day, deny forcing any student to eat meat. They added that the school had earlier set an ideal example by providing bananas instead of eggs to their students so as to not offend the feelings of Hindu students during the Sabarimala pilgrimage season, taking into consideration the fact they are obliged to stay away from non-vegetarian dishes during those fasting times.

The Hindu Community of the region being aware of the Hindutva plot took care to stay away from the protest march and had limited participation only from the RSS-BJP workers.

The slogans specifically targeted the Muslim community despite the fact that Muslims had no involvement and it was entirely school decision. Outside the school, protesters also shouted that they will make Muslim students eat pork in retaliation to this incident.

Police stopped the march at Edakkaparamba town. The paradox was that accrdoing to local populations, many of those protesting used to eat beef themselves at nearby restaurants.

The Muslim Community, however, preferred to ignore the matter and allowed the issue to settle down, lest it may inflame conflicts.

Saffron organisations like Hindu Aikya Vedi, however, are leaving no stone unturned to create communal rift for the polarisation of the votes.

Muslim organisations like Popular Front of India [PFI] and Jama’at Islami Hind [JIH] have termed such actions as an attempt to turn Kerala into another Gujarat or Karnataka.
Christian Missionary run Nirmala School in Kerala rejects admission to Muslim students

Submitted by admin4 on 16 October 2012 - 4:43pm

Indian Muslim

By TCN News,

Aluva (Kerala): Nirmala School of Aluva, which came under scanner for prohibiting head scarf to Muslim students despite an order from the district ADM, has been found rejecting applications from Muslim students for enrolment to the next academic year.

The school started admissions to the next academic year, a month back and the interviews are underway.

However, many parents from the Muslim community have alleged that even studious and meritorious candidates fulfilling all criteria have been denied admissions.

A parent, who tried to contact school administration to know the reason for the rejection of his ward candidature, was told bluntly: You people can enrol your kids in your own schools.”

Civil rights groups and Muslim organisations in the state are already protesting against the prohibition of wearing head scarves to Muslim female students despite an order from the district administration.

School’s decision to keep away Muslim students from the next academic year onwards has further sullied the institution name in controversies.

When TCN tried to contact the school administration, Principal was out of bound and other were unwilling to talk.

Meanwhile, many parents are planning to take legal actions against the school.
UK: Muslim parents suing Greek Orthodox school for banning hijab

"The school has a very particular uniform policy which is shared with parents...Her parents actively chose us and, before she arrived, we held a meeting which included details of the uniform plan....The parents actively sought our school. They must have done so with their eyes open."

Here again we see an attempt by Muslims to force non-Muslims to change the way they operate their institutions in order to accommodate Islamic law. There are numerous initiatives of this kind going on in the U.S., Britain and Europe, and their underlying goal is always the same: to establish and reinforce the principle that whenever Islamic law and Western law and custom conflict, it is Western law and custom that must give way.

"Muslim family taking Thornton Heath Greek Orthodox school to High Court over hijab ban," by Gareth Davies for the Croydon Advertiser, December 21 (thanks to Palamas):

A GREEK Orthodox school is being taken to the High Court for banning a Muslim pupil from wearing a headscarf.

The nine-year-old girl's parents were so incensed at the decision they have pulled her out of St Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary Academy, in Thornton Heath.

Now they have applied to the High Court in an attempt to force the school – the only one of its kind in the country – to reverse its ban on their daughter wearing a hijab.

The parents believe it would be a sin for her head to be uncovered because she has reached puberty and is in the presence of male teachers.

Head teacher Kate Magliocco said the uniform policy was made clear to the parents when the girl arrived in Year 3.

It was not until she moved into Year 5 in September that they wanted their daughter to start wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women which represents the Islamic principle of modesty.

Her parents complained to the governing body, which upheld the ban with the support of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.

Mrs Magliocco said: "The school is being taken to the High Court by parents of a Muslim girl.

"They believe that, because she is nine, she has reached puberty and it would be a sin for her not to be covered because the school has male teachers.

"The decision not to allow her to wear a headscarf was taken by the governing body. The school has a very particular uniform policy which is shared with parents and, as head, I must follow the plan.

"The pupil in question came to us from a private school. Her parents actively chose us and, before she arrived, we held a meeting which included details of the uniform plan. We are the only Greek Orthodox Primary School in the whole country. The parents actively sought our school. They must have done so with their eyes open."...

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