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Miscellaneous Topics discussion - 2
<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> Thanks To our friend Raj Bhanot from Sunnyvale California, I am delighted to share this with all of you.

Avi Verma

USA Government Released New Postage stamp on Hindu Deities

In case you haven't heard...

www.Usa-postage. com has created 7 spiritual designs targeted to the Indian community in the United States . For the first time, real U.S. postage depicting Sri krishna, Shiva–Parvati, Sai Baba, Murugan, Lord Venkateshwara, Vinayaka and Lakshmi is available on beautiful 20-stamp commemorative sheets. These are exclusive designs not available anywhere else.
Maybe India will now issue similar stamps?
Quote:[b]Ram bhakt Hanuman incarnate: Langoor hurt by tribals dies hugging idols


Sutapa Mukkerjee | Moirapara

Tears rolled down the cheeks of the dying langoor as it dragged itself from one deity to the next, taking turns to hug each one of them. Its mates sat helpless atop trees and rooftops as they watched him die.

No one heard the animal pray, but its mates seemed to know that it sought justice — for the rest of its clan, said a casual observer. The killings were on a rise and every other day an animal died.

And as the animal, all of five years of age, lay in front of the stone idols at a nondescript temple in Baskur Moirapura village, 30 kilometres from Kolkata, it drew people belonging to all age groups and communities who arrived in large numbers to witness its unusual behaviour. Dedicated to Mansa Devi, the Hindu snake goddess, the temple has idols of Sita and Rama on either side of the sanctum sanctorum.

The langoor had been shot down with an arrow by a local tribal around 11 on Monday morning. Tribals, who thrive by hunting in the wild cover adjoining the village that is frequented by porcupines, fox, fishing cat, hare, squirrels and langoors, had injured two of the animals. One was lucky and escaped to an adjoining garden. The villagers fed it biscuits and bread. It was fine in an hour's time.

The other animal headed to the local temple. When it was spotted, the arrow was no longer on its body. No one knows who removed it, but the cut was deep and it was bleeding profusely.

Soon, locals crowded around, trying to help. "As I was on my way to work, I saw a troop of langoors walking near the temple. I heard one of them was dying and I rushed back," said Samit Das, a goldsmith.

Like Samit, most villagers here save the 30-odd tribals who practise hunting are animal-friendly. They claim they do not even hurt a snake unless it bites them. They claim that local wildlife has been hit by the tribals' presence. The villagers lament that the tribals for 30 years now have been killing any animal that comes their way for food.

"The animals flourished in large numbers here till the tribals reached and settled in our village. We often explain to them that it is unfair to kill the wild animals for food. At that juncture they seem to understand but soon they get back to their hunting," Das said.

Villagers recount how desperately they wanted to hold the injured animal and to feed it ‘but it refused all ministrations.’ Eyewitnesses claim the bleeding animal hugged all three idols in the temple. As a local teacher commented, ‘Why else did he have to die at the feet of Lord Ram?’

Only one man from the crowd, Bharat Ghosh, managed to pour some water on the bleeding langoor. A day later the locals here believe that Bharat must have been the blessed one, 'why else would the Hanuman allow him to pour water on his head?'

For over three hours, people thronged the temple. Some even dipped their fingertips in the blood and anointed their foreheads with it. However, some say that the gathering was due to humanitarian reasons.

Akhtar Ali Khan, a trolley driver from the village, said, "How does religion come into play when a dying animal is breathing its last? Many from my community came here and prayed for the poor creature."[/b]

As the news spread, senior panchayat member Provash Ghosh informed the Forest Department and it removed the animal. According to the villagers, the langoor struggled for life for around three hours before succumbing to its injuries.

The temple has now gained renown after being almost abandoned for the past one month since its owner passed away. A medical practitioner, Dr Ashok Pal, had built it about six decades ago. Initially, it was more of a family prayerhouse, it was later opened to locals. In mid-April (Baisakh) every year, a fair is organised here and on full moon days, devotees gather in the open courtyard for bhajans.

"Here in India," as Swami Vivekananda stated, "religion is the one and only occupation of life," and the spirit of Moirapara since Monday reflects the same
[url="http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/TechandScience/Story/STIStory_502854.html"]Huge monkey god statue found[/url]
Quote:CAIRO - EGYPTIAN archaeologists have discovered a colossal ancient statue of the pharaonic deity of wisdom, Thoth, in the shape of a baboon, the council of antiquities said in a statement on Tuesday.

The four-metre tall statue was discovered in four pieces along with two statues while workers were lowering ground waters beneath Luxor to help preserve the city's pharaonic temples, the statement said. It dates back to the 18th Dynasty, which ruled Egypt until 1292 BC.

'It is the first time that a statue of Thoth, depicting him as a monkey, of this magnitude has been discovered,' Mansur Boraik, head of pharaonic antiquities in Luxor, told AFP.

The statues were discovered near the temple of Amenhotep III, who ruled until 1372 BC.

Another statue, of which only the upper half was found, depicted the king and the sky god Horus, represented as a falcon, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said in the statement.

'The team also discovered an alabaster statue base that is expected to have been the base of one of Amenhotep III's statues,' he said.

A granite statue of the pharaoh Ramses III, who ruled about 3,000 years ago, was also found. -- AFP
Registration of Zalmoxianism as legal religion in Romania and Moldova republic.

Zamolxianism never ceased to exist even while the surface was covered by the veil of the Orthodox Christian religion. Currently, due to a partial syncretism with Christian Orthodox religion, certain practices are accepted only under the patronage of Orthodox Christianity.

Religious freedom is guaranteed by the constitution in Romania and Moldova. Citizens of these countries have the right,defined by long practice, custom, we call for the right to return to the spiritual roots of the romanian people and to create a legal state for the religion of our ancestors.

Basic believes of zalmoxianism

-God Zalmoxis as being in the same time god,prophet and king.

-Living according to the laws given by goddess Hestia (goddess of universal fire and wisdom) to Zalmoxis during his life on earth.

-Believe in reincarnation

-Initiation in the mysteries of the afterlife during the feast in the inner chamber of the temple.

-Goddess Bendis ,main goddess and protector of womens.

-Zalmoxis cave and Sargetia river are considered sacred places.


Ps-my father is a declared zalmoxian , during the recension.
Extract interwiw:

Currently the laws of Romania and Moldova require religions practiced in these

countries to have legal status and as such to be recorded. We like Romania Law no.

489/2006 on freedom of religion and the general scheme of religion. Perhaps the law

applying at the European Community such formalities will disappear, and therefore

each will be free to practice religion in which one wishes. In this respect i

remain to monitor the progress of legislation.

You mean that in the future the zalmoxianism will replace christianity as the main


There is such possibility ,thinking that christianity came from outside and express

more likely ideas from the jewish believes,the people of biblical god.Jesus Christ

idea was to save the jewish people .The things go in a different direction when the

type of salvation propose by him was rejected by them.There is a fundamental

question that wasn't resolved even today:how is possible to save the gentiles before

the God people to be saved first?This lead to senseless ideologies like that of

mormons,many of them thinking that they are actually the real jews.

As we can see today ,the jews still whait their savior.Considering this,we can say

that spiritual position of christianity is weak and it will diminish further,at the

measure that people will make more and more logical evaluations.Meanwhile ,the

position of zalmoxianism will become more vigorous .

The fact that romanians have a vigorous christianism ,comparative whit other

populations, is debited exactly to the fact that christianity formed a syncretism

whit zalmoxian ideas.In this way,chistianity bring to it self a evolutive side,but

also lead to internal contradictions.

The zalmoxian ideas in romanian christianity bring freshness and joy of life

,while,in its esence,chritianity is sad by symbolistic of bloody cross.

We must say that ,in zalmoxianism,there is no central authority to command the orientation of religious groups.Lack of a central authority eliminate the internal dissensions and so ,zalmoxianism is similar whit native american,australian aboriginal of indian hindus religions.The dogmas are not centralized ,each one having the choose the spirit in which it will enter in symbiotic relation whit divinity.

Im glad to see new zalmoxian cult places,sanctuaries and temples.in present we have mostly the places inherited by dacians.The legal status will facilitate the construction of new cult places.Zalmoxianism also eliminate the devil,original sin and eternal guilt of the women.Replace the fear from God whit love of God.

Its about sadness the christianity project in people.Christians believes project people in relation whit Jesus,the god that never laugh .

We have examples of religious rebirth of a people?We have exemples.Like Judaism.When the jews came from babilonian captivity they return to their ancestral religion and we observe the same ,in modern times whit the return of jews on their ancestral lands in Israel.Similar ideas we observe the call among romanians that Romania to be named Dacia.The name Dacia could be adopted just like in the case of Israel.The land was called Palestine but become again Israel.We also have other examples like Ceylon-Sri Lanka,India-Bharat,Rodesia-Zimbabwe.

The affirmation of Boca that :the country will take fire from Prislop doesn't mean a expansion of christianity ,but of zalmoxianism ,a fate based also on holy fire cult,as we know.

There aren't signs the christianity grows ,but there is an explosion of interes and festivals of glorification of zalmoxian ancestors like that from Cricau,Alba.

I cite from the poet Trif :why we obey false gods,foreign to our kin ,when here was the land of gods;we throw our heroes and make altar to foreign gods.This words reach our soul.

The primitiveness of ideas like :the devil ,original sin,eternal guilt of the women have no place in the mind of the true religious man.This ideas are only in the stagnated minds.

Zalmoxis personality is paradigmatic ,offer a way which lead to God in this world and unity whit the divine after the death of phisical body.The zalmoxian priests have only cult function not as interemediars betwin man and god .The beliver can get help from any member of zalmoxian fate but in esence is alone in the atitude that he will have on the spiritual life.If he think good,speak good and he is just ,is on the good road.If not,he will have to reincarnate for reload and continue spiritual travel thoard divinity .So anybody have many chances to salvation ,not just one like in christianity.

What about the registration of zalmoxian cult?As member of EU is possible ,that in the future ,such registration to become obsolete,because EU doesn't have a central regime of the cults as in Romania.In the virtue of the laws ,any citizen can practice zalmoxianism freely.Now apear zalmoxian temples,altars and worship places.The artists wonderfully decorate the inside of this temples and the sculpture of open-air altars represent the face of Zalmoxis and other faces of gods and goddesses.

If you observe popular gatherings you will understand what i mean by beautiful,smart and just man that live in his way. The history of jewish people doesn't belong to romanians ,the bible is relevant to jewish people who cheer his past and history.We romanians ,respect the believes of other nations,we dont need to import ,to plagiate others

.But off course...after the example of Zalmoxis himself ,we can learn from anywhere and adapt it to our specific in seeing the world.

What is our specific?we are a people of the gods,so we should let the jewish people in his faith,and we return to our believes.To live our specificity,which assimilate what was proved good in other nations but keep our ancestral root of just people.

Lets not forget that civilizations was created in connection whit a type of spirituality.As example we can see christian civilization ,which spread in Europe,during conquests .This tell us something:that christianity has an aggressive component not only in its history but also in the economic sistem which it generated by exploitations of other nations.That economic system was a reflex of christianity.

We follow a foreign ideology that proved bankrupt .Zalmoxianism can cure the old pain of cross sacrifice of Jesus.Entire christian ideology is based on fear of God.A pathological state that mutilate man from his birth to his death(when its fear that satan will torture him in hell forever) .Almost 2000 years wee keep this fears and mental problems.

Healing begins with our spiritual abandonment of foreign gods.We have our gods who have proved healthy.

Ravi Shankar: "I am disappointed. The incident should be not be brushed aside. Intelligence Bureau and police should conduct a thorough probe."

Police chief: "We were informed three hours after the incident."

Ravi Shankar: "There was no delay. We took time to ascertain as none knew what happened. We did not want to create panic. Ashram is 45 minutes away from the nearest police station. It was raining heavily. Police also needed time to reach." http://www.sakaaltimes.com/SakaalTimesBe...043534.htm

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