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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples
x-post from thread on christoterrorism
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Aug 29 2008, 02:38 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Aug 29 2008, 02:38 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->DMK=cryptos, hence posting in this thread

<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The TN Government scam to grab the Temple lands-Exposed
28/08/2008 03:44:50 

<b>Tenants of mutt and temple lands seek ownership rights: The TN Government scam to grab the Temple lands</b>

Vedaprakash<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Suddenly islamaniacs and communists are "tenants" of Hindu temple lands in TN and are claiming ownership.
HRCE at it again.
Not Tamizh Nadu or Andhra Pradesh of the thread topic, but Kerala:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>From now on Sri Parassini kadavu muthhappan Temple also under the control of 'SECULAR' govt.</b>
21/10/2008 14:09:12  HK

Kannur: It was the long cherished dream of Communists to capture ParassiniKadavuMuthappanTemple, in their Communist fort Kannur.

On Tuesday officials of Devaswom Board <b>(HR&CE)</b> sealed all cash boxes here in the <b>traditionally well managed temple by a family trust.</b>

The Marxist party’s amusement water theme park is also inaugurated recently near the Temple, eyeing at diverting a section of huge amount of Devotees coming for pilgrimage to their amusement park.

Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple offered free food and accommodation to all devotees since time immemorial and the rates of offerings are very low despite spiralling prices.

When Devaswom board commercialised the temples captured by them, Temples like in Parassinikadavu were standing tall as a mark of how to manage and administer a Temple – There the prime concern is to Muthappan and next to Devotees not certainly to Devaswom Minister or his cohorts like Guptan.

As long as the ‘Hindu’ remain indifferent to the immediate threats faced against him, Marxists will take over the temples one by one – Not out of respect but to follow the path of Hyderali and Tippu Sultan – Loot first, Destroy Next.

At the same time the Marxists who are so much interested in taking over the Temples is not ready to give away the Temple owned by EMS Namboodiripad’s family. In that case Marxist party vehemently opposed the court rule to take over that temple by Devaswom board!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->One of the comments on the page:<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> SANTHOSH
22/10/2008 10:55:35  IT IS A FAMILY TRUST
how this temple has taken by devasom, because earlier trustees won the case against devosom saying temple is family property, devosom has no business in their activities. Now on what basis they have taken over this temple. i think this is not a full take over, may be some type of control by devosom board. Is there any chance to get clear picture on this. If this is true, it is very unfortunate and i can even think of going this temple to devosom. It is very difficult to organize people around this temple since all marxist party members in and around the temple area. we cant do any type of agitation also. where this all will go to end.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

And reposting older news from April 07, 2006
<b>Indian Governments Hard on Hindus, Their Temples, Soft on All Others</b>
A statue story from the south
One shade of christoislamicommunism did this:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Temple Vandalised in Mallapuram</b>
31/10/2008 15:32:20  HK

Kalikavu: More than 700 Chuutu Villakku ” (Lamps surrounding the Temple walls ) were destroyed by Anti Hindus here in BhagavathiTemple. Though Police arrested the culprits who vandalised the temples, their names were not yet publicised.

The whole 700 lamps are lighted during this period of temple festival in connection with Kalampattu during deeparadhana in the temple.Under Kshetra Samrakshana Samithi Hindus  observed hartal in the area.

Temples in Mallapuram were always the target of Anti Hindus,ever since the attack by Hyderali and his son Tippu. During the so called “Freedom Struggle” in 1921 Hundreds of Temples were destroyed after looting. When our cultural leaders and Seculars cried from roof top when a disputed structure in birth place of Rama was destroyed they purposefully ignored the destruction of scores of Temple in Mallapuram district.

The case in connection with the burning the main gate of Angadippuram  Tali Siva temple by Jihadis also has been sabotaged. Hindus in Mallapuram district are the torch bearers of Sanathana Dharma who haven’t succumbed to torture and violence for more than a century and no evil forces can deter their spirit of dharma by any such cowardly acts.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Cryptos of Kerala at it again (govt's anti-Hindu Devaswom board has control over Hindu temples):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Sabarimala website has not been updated</b>
10/11/2008 04:08:35  Express News Service- www.expressbuzz.com

MALAPPURAM: Want to check details of the festival calendar for Sabarimala temple at the Travancore Devaswom Board’s website for the same? Be forewarned before you believe what you see.

The TDB’s carelessness, even callous neglect, in updating data furnished on its mostvisited website is appalling to those surfing in the net for information on Lord Ayyappa’s abode and the special rituals there during the season.

But trust the website-managers to be unswerving in their devotion to their masters.

Clour photographs of Devaswom Minister G Sudhakaran and the other three board members, including the president, have been updated with due care on the home page of the website www.travancoredevaswom.org. Those of you who click the details on the hyperlink ‘festival calendar’ on the home page, however, will have not a whole lot to look forward to. You will be provided the details, the minutest of them, of the opening and closing of Sabarimala Temple during, hold your breath, 2005-2006.

The entire page has not been updated after the hoisting of the schedule in 2005. When clicked for the details of Devaswom Department or Devaswom Divisions or Groups a blank window will pop up as a question mark apparently to confound the already confused visitor. The details about temples adjacent to Sabarimala and its surroundings are also inadequate. The comprehensive web offers only the total number of major, minor, pretty and PD temples without mentioning even a single name or place.

Contents uploaded under the category of News also remain blank. While the hyperlinks, ‘Festival’ and ‘Tender’, remain fully blank, the ‘General’ category is crawling with stale news items dating back to circa 2006.

TDB, which earns a huge revenue from Sabarimala has not even shown interest in maintaining the list of contacts properly updated in the web.

The name, designation and contact numbers of the various devaswom departments have not yet been entered. Only the numbers of assistant devaswom commissioners, who head various groups, are shown.

And‘Important Numbers’ are mostly of those who have already gone out of service! Lacking most-sought-after information like short-stay facilities, religious offerings and aravana distribution, the site has not even incorporated the option to clarify the doubts of pilgrims. Devaswom Minister Sudhakaran in his recent statements had declared that the government was keen on monitoring each step required for facilitating the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. But he also doesn’t seem to count the Net-surfers among Lord Ayappa’s devotees.

It is now learnt that a private company has taken steps to launch a website to provide more authentic details on Sabarimala.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->People will blindly blame something unaffiliated and secular-sounding like 'Psecularism' for this. Again.
They don't know/refuse to see who's behind this sort of thing. The culprits very much want these events to go down into history books as no more than secular acts (or, if forced to admit to anything, 'psecular acts' at worst), and their chance of succeeding in this depends on them getting Hindus to blame 'psecularism' for it all.
You know, the same way how Rome supposedly fell due to the secular act of a brisk breeze or something.
The same way how maoist terrorists in Orissa are referred to as only maoists or communists instead of mentioning their other ideological persuasion of christianism.
The same way they don't mention Prachanda - the maoist tyrant who usurped power in Nepal - is a christian.
The same way they forget to add that LTTE's head goondas are christian, and that LTTE is funded by christian orgs and supported by christian priests. LTTE=christo. (And the anti-Hindu DMK has christo origins, has christians in its ranks and for the rest consists of the christoconditioned playing at being atheists. While the anti-Hindu Dalit movements come in two flavours: either they are openly christian or they are openly funded by christian missionary organisations.)
The same way how - as IF would have revealed somewhere already - they don't mention that Margaret Suzanna 'Arundhati' Roy, her cousin of the christolying network NDTV, and their relatives in the Communist Party of India (Marxist), are all either openly christian or crypto.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Prominent among this leftist/communist, HIndu-baiting cabal are worthies like Prannoy Roy (who is married to Brinda Karat’s sister), Arundhati Roy (a Kerala Chrisitan and cousin of Pranoy Roy), Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh, Vindo Mehta, N. Ram, Vir Sanghvi, Praful Bidwai, and almost all Bengali editors.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->And the inbreeding among the crypto-psecular poseurs doesn't end there, since IF (I think it was) already showed how Rashdeep is predictably married to Sagareeker Ghost.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->prannoy roy is married to Radhika Roy (sister of Brinda Karat, married to prakash karat), who was a speech therapist and is the Director of NDTV. He is the cousin of award winning novelist and activist Arundhati Roy.
(Award 'winning'? After I gave an acquaintance a link to the article discussing how Margaret Roy apparently roped in the booker prize, they've been calling her Margaret '_ooker Prize' Roy. Don't be offended by thinking that the honest people of the trade are thus insulted by the association, I think my acquaintance was directing the insult only at Suzanna Margaret Roy and the book 'award', not at prostitutes.)

Rajdeep is married to journalist Sagarika Ghose, who is also a journalist with Cnn-Ibn. They met at Oxford University.

from wikipedia, The list is a who’s who in hindu haters. It’s people like this that control India’s media, this is not cool.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Psecularism has another name, but Hindus are too psecular to say it.

<b>EDITED:</b> spelling error
Continued from the above, related to how
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sabarimala website has not been updated
The TDB’s carelessness, even <b>callous neglect, in updating data furnished on its mostvisited website</b> is appalling to those surfing in the net for information on Lord Ayyappa’s abode and the special rituals there <b>during the season</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Cryptos continue in their attempts to prevent Hindus from going on Sabarimalai pilgrimage. Only christos do this sort of thing (communists wouldn't dare; islamaniacs when in sufficient numbers would issue death threats to the kaffir to get the Hindu not to do anything kaffiri). But - as long as the proportion of christoterrorists is not as high as in the NE where the christos order Hindus to not celebrate Durga Puja - christos have to plan such events carefully so that they can pretend it's all a coincidental 'psecular' misfortune that Hindus can't celebrate an important Hindu festival or perform an important pilgrimage.

1. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...538&SKIN=B
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>National Highway connecting Tamilnadu with Sabarimala closes for work during peak season!</b>
15/11/2008 03:14:03  HK

Kollam: After the continued failure to sabotage Sabarimala Pilgrimage over the years, Now Anti Sabarimala lobby is trying to cause disturbance to Pilgrims as as they can.

National Highway Authority of India has decided to close the Punalur - Chenkottah highway From december 1st week !

Thousands of devotees from Tamilnadu is using this path and alternate way recommended (Alimuuku - Aryankavu) is not capable of handling heavy vehicles. Decision to renovate the path and tender was done on last may .It is a planned attack on Sabarimala Pilgrimage.

It is in Punalur route famous Kulathupuzha ,Achankovil, Aryankavu Temples come and by closing up this road the lobby try to keep pilgrims away from these Temples which are part and parcel of Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Hindu organisations are planning for a Agitation against this<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The above closely follows the tactics outlined for Project Thessalonika (part of the christoterrorists' Joshua Project):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Project Thessalonica aims to stop or limit Hindu activity</b> by converting people who form the pillars of Hindu culture, festivals, traditions and activity. Traditionally <b>missionaries hate any public expression or display of heathen religions in the form of festivals and temples.</b> Missions want to ensure that no new temple construction activity starts. With this objective they are converting masons, craftsmen and others involved in temple construction activity.

The First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee adopted towns where the annual Kumbh Mela takes place and has been actively converting the locals <b>so that visitors face extreme hardship during their next visit trying to find services and supplies.</b> Another mission group is adopting boatmen of Kasi where Hindus drop rice balls in river Ganges as an offering to their forefathers. The boatsmen are being trained in other fields so that they abandon this profession. They are making environmental groups raise the voice so that Ganesh processions, Kumbh Melas and Jagannath Rath Yatras are limited.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christos today (Indian and alien variety in India) have developed further on the earlier christocolonial british means of destroying Hindu temples.
<b>Temple Looting in Kerala—Then and Now By Leela Tampi</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->While the rabidly fanatic Tipu Sultan "the bandit of Mysore" destroyed two thousand temples in the Malabar region to establish Islam, it was the British rulers acting at the behest of Christian missionaries who, starting from two hundred years ago, dug the grave of the Kerala temples. The wily British accomplished this not by resorting to anything so crude and beastly as demolishing them: but by simply confiscating all of them "in the name of the state of course" along with all their landed properties and then making sure that the temples rotted away from calculated, steady attrition.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->It's a christian technique to have Hindu temples taken over for the 'psecular' government.

2. More Project Thessalonika type christo tactics:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Curbs on fleecing of pilgrims by EDCs needed</b>
12/11/2008 06:15:56  P T Mohanan Pillai-www.expressbuzz.com

PATHANAMTHITTA: The thousands of pilgrims who opt the Erumely-Azhutha- Karimala route to reach Sabarimala for the darshan of Lord Ayyappa during the Mandalam- Makaravilakku season are being fleeced by the 700-odd EDC shops, run under the direct control of the Forest Department.

Though several review meetings on Sabarimala at various levels including the Chief Minister, Devaswom Minister and the high-level committee were held, the issue of the exploitation of the pilgrims on the traditional forest route was neither discussed nor taken up.

On the 40-km traditional forest route comprising strenuous trekking trails and steep slopes, hardly any facility is offered to pilgrims by the Government departments concerned.

Severe shortage of drinking water is a serious problem at all the important centres on the path such as Kallidamkunnu, Injiparakotta and Karimala, where thousands of pilgrims camp during the peak days of the mandala pooja and Makaravilakku season.


<b>The complete neglect of the the traditional route by Government departments such as Revenue, Health and Kerala Water Authority is affecting the pilgrims.</b>

The EDC shops, set up with the noble objective of empowerment and strengthening of the people who rely on forests for their livelihood, especially the tribals, are managed by none other than the benamis of employees of the forest stations on the route.

People from far off places, who hardly have any connection with forests, such as Malayalappuzha, Puthukulam, Ranni-Perunad and Seethathode, are running majority of the shops.


Though it is mandatory to display boards stating the prices of various food items, majority of EDC shops do not adhere to this. A pilgrim, who narrated his bitter experience during the past season to this correspondent, who questioned about the prices of food items received threatening replies from the shop licensees.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
3. Anti-Hindu Devaswom board in charge of cleaning up won't clean up Sabarimalai temple's surroundings:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Filth to greet Sabarimala pilgrims</b>
12/11/2008 06:06:31  By K Jayaprakash - www.expressbuzz.com

SABARIMALA: As the Sabarimala pilgrimage season is about to begin, around 40 million pilgrims arriving from across the country will be welcomed at the holy shrine and its surroundings by, guess what, sheer waste. Some synthetic. Some stinking.

Every year, a record 30-40 million pilgrims arrive for darshan at the hill shrine located in the ecologically sensitive Periyar Tiger Reserve during the season starting November and running through January.

The scenes at Sabarimala which would be hosting one of the world’s largest pilgrimage confluences were utterly alarming.

The abode of Lord Ayyappa, considered holy by many, remains marred by filth, leaking septic tanks of abandoned toilets and stinking urinals, all being frequented by a swarm of wild boars. Though plastic materials are banned in the area, virtually a sea of plastic waste had taken over the surroundings.
The Travancore Devaswom Board, the administrator of the temple, claims that the number of pilgrims grows by 10 percent every year. Naturally, the waste will also swell in proportion. But the survey failed to give the full picture of the waste generation as it had not taken into account of the waste dumped in the forest area.

<b>The TDB is primarily responsible for removing and disposal of waste in Sabarimala and the surrounding areas.</b> The waste in the Pampa-Sannidhanam area is disposed of by two incinerators. The tiny diesel plants with a combined capacity of 700kg/hr can consume only 17 tonnes at once. Hence, even if they are run roundthe- clock only about 1,100 tonnes of waste could be treated during the season. Hence, nearly 1,878 tonnes of waste will be left untreated. Of this, roughly 187 tonnes could be plastic and other synthetic waste.<b>“I’d say that even the amount of waste said to be treated is also cooked up,” said Sukumara Pillai, general secretary, Pampa Pariraksha Samiti.</b>

“The real amount of waste collected and disposed of is much less. Worse, during the peak of the season, the incinerators cannot be operated owing to practical difficulties of taking the waste by tractors through the crowd to the plants. That leaves around even more waste left untouched,” he said.The remaining waste after disposing of at the incinerators is dumped in the yards adjacent to them.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
All of these are methods to discourage Hindus from visiting Swami Ayyappa. Hindus will think it all psecular coincidence or at worst suspect psecular malice. It's not merely psecular. It is religiously motivated: very cretinous.

Please read the "Facts about Dr. Y Samuel Rajaseker Reddy An Anti Hindu" in English as well as Telugu.

You be the judge. The link to Sri Chiranjeevi's Party is given below.


For more information:


V. V. Prakasa Rao, PhD,

Prasad Yalamanchi,

D. Satya



Dr. K. R. Venkatramaiah (Canada)

Nemana Satya

* * *

Facts about Dr.Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy:
An Anti-Hindu Chief Minister
Dr. Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy An Anti-Hindu Chief Minister, Make no mistake. Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy is a known Seventh Day Adventist Christian committed to the cause of evangelical destruction of Hinduism, Hindu Society and Hindu Culture. He has been using the ever dying and transitory power of his high office with low evangelical motives ever since he assumed office as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh 4 years ago.

First he tried to initiate a process of Evangelical Conversion through devious means by attempting to convert the whole Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy Hill Temple Complex (together with all the sacred Hills surrounding it) into a Seventh Day Adventist Christian Church Complex. This led to massive public protests all over India and the world. And Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy was forced to withdraw not so much as to protect Lord Venkateshwara of Thirupathi (Who requires no protection from mean mortals like Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy and Sonia Gandhi!) as to protect the temporary seals of his Office as Chief Minister.
In these columns on 4 July 2006, I had brought to public view the anti-Hindu and anti-National evangelical maneuveres of this Chief Minister in these telling words:

'In Andhra Pradesh we have a Congress Government under a Christian Chief Minister who takes instructions from an effete UPA Government in New Delhi which is under the stranglehold of International Roman Catholicism. The Andhra Pradesh Government has been using its official Agencies for purposes of State-sponsored, State-aided and State-abetted Proselytism in Andhra Pradesh in a shamelessly flagrant manner during the last two years. Y. Samual Sekhara Reddy seems to be under the mistaken impression that he behave like Henry VIII (1509-1547) of Tudor England and that he can take Andhra Pradesh back to the 16th century using the International Roman Catholic might of the UPA Government in New Delhi. ……. While religious conversions are innately offensive, the rising political eminence of an Italian-born Roman Catholic has generated a corresponding growth of aggressive Proselytism at famous Hindu-pilgrimage and holy sites. Sonia Gandhi has reinforced the Missionary muscle by sponsoring the rise of Christians in Congress Governments and Party units on an unprecedented scale. Non-Christian Congress Chief Ministers have been made to acquiesce in missionary activities and outrageously 'Leaky' welfare schemes have been floated for the benefit of the tax-free NGO Industry, most of which is Christian and anti-Hindu. ……. Y. Samuel Rajasekara Reddy is actively promoting the physical and psychological encroachment upon the sacred spaces of Hinduism in a planned manner through carefully planted Christian Missionary Agencies.'

The legitimate fears expressed by me in July 2006 in these columns about the calculated anti-Hindu machinations and maneuveres of Y Samual Rajasekara Reddy have indeed come true today. The recent announcement of Andhra Chief Minister to the effect that the Andhra Pradesh Government would subsidize the holy pilgrimage to Bethlehem in Israel by Christians has to be viewed as abominable and preposterous. In my view it should be immediately scrapped. The Congress Government, headed by a Christian Chief Minister, has slyly used the Governor's annual address to the State Legislative Council and Assembly to announce that it will 'extend the Haj pilgrim scheme to Christian minorities also for their religious visits to Christian holy lands in Israel'. It clearly brings out the disgusting state of appalling ignorance that prevails in the higher echelons of the State Government about the underlying principles of a secular state defined under the Indian Constitution. This is nothing but craven and blatantly discriminatory MINORITY APPEASEMENT POLITICS at its worst and this has been done with focus only on the Parliamentary Elections to take place next year. During the last two years, Samuel Rajasekara Reddy has taken a subterranean disingenuous route to introduce job and education quotas for Muslims in order to avoid legal scrutiny. And now through his Christian subsidy for pilgrimages to Bethlehem and Jerusalem by plundering the public exchequer, he earnestly hopes that he will be able to swing the votes of Christians, who comprise 1.5 per cent of the State's population, in favour of the Congress. Viewed on a larger national canvas, Samuel Rajasekara Reddy's deplorable ploy is only a logical extension of the Congress game of subsidy politics introduced by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru after our independence on 15 August 1947. It was Pandit Nehru who was responsible for introducing a communal and anti-secular system of subsidy for Haj pilgrims, running counter to the letter and spirit of the India Constitution in 1959. This system has been expanded year after year to cover nearly 1.5 lakh of Muslims every year. India is the only country in the world which gives the subsidy to the Haj Muslim Pilgrims. No Islamic country in the world gives this benefit to the Muslims.

No doubt that Christians in Andhra Pradesh are delighted by the announcement of Christian Subsidy by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Christian community leaders in New Delhi have lost no time in demanding that the Congress-led UPA Government should embrace Mr Reddy's policy of Christian subsidy and convert it into a 'national scheme'. Their point view is that if Muslims are entitled to subsidy for going on Haj, then there is no reason why Christians visiting the Church of Nativity should have to bear the entire expenditure.

It is a known fact that all the Hindu temple funds in all the States of India are being appropriated by the Government and almost wholly diverted for the benefit of minorities like the Muslims and Christians. This inequitable anti-Hindu system has been created through the Hindu Religious Endowments and Charitable Trusts Act. Keeping this in view Dr Subramanian Swamy has sent a letter to Karunanidhi yesterday (21 February 2008) in which he has spoken on behalf of the Hindus of Tamil Nadu and India as follows: 'I write to enquire why your Government has not enacted an ISLAMIC MOSQUES RELIGIOUS ENDOWMENTS AND CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT and a similar Act for CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, on the pattern of the Hindu Religious Endowments and Charitable Trusts Act. As you know, the Supreme Court and various High Courts in their Judgements have opined that there is NO CONSTITUTIONAL BAR to enacting such legislation. Hence, I am putting your Government on notice that I be informed whether your Government proposes to bring such a BILL for passage soon, but if not, why not? I shall be obliged if you can send me a written reply at the earliest, but not later than two weeks from the receipt of this letter.'

It is public knowledge that Karunanidhi treated Dr Subramanian Swamy's letter on the imperative public need for the prevention of State destruction of Rama Setu Bridge sent last year, with his known anti-Hindu hatred and contempt. Against this background, Dr Subramanian Swamy can never hope to get any fair treatment or justice from the Government of Tamilnadu. He has to seek his justice only through the Supreme Court of India. Have not the Tamilnadu Government shown that the 'Jallikattu' issue is more important and sacred than the 'Rama Setu' issue? Strange indeed, if not totally perverse, are the wayward ways of Anti-Hindu Dravidian Rationalism!

Subsidizing Islamic and Christian pilgrimage is not the job of a secular State and— despite the mischievous and organized efforts of Sonia-Congress Party — India still remains a secular state and public funds are not meant to promote the quest for spiritual fulfillment. The original sin was committed by the Congress when, in the guise of 'minority welfare', it introduced what has now come to be known as 'Haj subsidy', an annual drain on the public exchequer to the tune of more than Rs 300 crores.

True pilgrims, irrespective of their faith, do not depend on Government subsidy; indeed, a faithful Muslim, Hindu or Christian would spurn such official 'assistance'. No purpose, therefore, is going to be served by handing out cash, in whatever form, for undertaking pilgrimage, other than promoting vote-bank politics through questionable patronage at the tax-payer's expense. I am of the view that all subsidies for pilgrimage, whether undertaken by Muslims, Hindus or Christians, should immediately be withdrawn. If the faithful feel the urge to visit their holy places, they will do so, as is the practice and custom in other countries where there is no such political subsidy system. Let the state focus on secular affairs.

Samuel Rajasekara Reddy's recent scheme for Christianizing the State of Andhra Pradesh, through Christian subsidy, is a very dangerous move which is only a sub-agendum of his Italian Boss, whose hidden agenda is the De-Hinduising of Bharat. As B.R. Haran puts it: 'Immediately after forming the Government, Samuel Reddy focused on making the divine Hindu Religious pilgrimage center Thirumala-Thirupathi as a picnic spot and a tourism centre by building amusement parks and other things required for spoiling the sanctity of the seven hills. He was forced to withdraw this sacrilegious venture due to the statewide agitation carried out by all Hindu organization. He also turned a blind eye to the attempted conversion activities by Churches and Missionaries particularly at Hindu pilgrimage centers like Thirupathi, Badrachalam, Simmachalam and Kalahasthi etc. …. The Christian Chief Minister also attempted to give away the Temple lands to Churches at subsidized rates, which again was stayed by the Andhra Pradesh High Court due to the timely legal action taken by the Devalaya Parirakshina Samithi. The Christians in India are not very particular about Jerusalem and they do not attach much importance to it and they have never demanded any subsidies for such rare trips. As the Christians in India are converts, converted by deceit, force and allurement, most of them do not even know the so-called history of Jesus, whether he really existed or not, etc. Also most of the Indian Christians are well off and very few prefer to visit Jerusalem or Vatican and they do it on their own. So, this move of granting subsidies to Christian pilgrimage by the AP Chief Minister is nothing short of 'bribing' for 'votes', which is uncalled for and unwarranted. This move is bound to create ugly ramifications in the society and hence deserves to be nipped in the bud.'
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Light & Semi-Classic Musical Extravaganza in Different Languages

by Smt. ANITA  KRISHNA & team with Orchestra

"There are 2,07,000 temples in Karnataka & the total income of these temples are Rs 72 crores per year. Only Rs. 6 crore is spent by government for temples, 50 crores for the madrasas and 10 crores for the churches, 6 crore for other activities. In a period of 5 years, 50,000 temples will be closed for the want of funds in just Karnataka alone."  -Sri Sri Ravishankar, 2005

<b>Temples in India are under Government control. Only 18% of revenue generated is said to be given back for temple maintenance, while remaining 82% is used for other purposes by Govt. at their discretion. Looting, massive sale of temple lands, demolition, encroachments is occurring all over AP, Kerala, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. As a community it is our duty to protect temples to save our religion, art, culture and traditions.</b>

Eenadu TV Interview on plight of Hindu Temples. (a PDF at www.SaveTemples.org)

What are the Funds Used for?

Funds are used for awareness campaigns and legal expenses. Several illegal sales of temple lands were challenged in High Court and put on hold.  Kamal Kumar Swami of GHHF walked 3500 Kms (padayatra)  visiting temples in hundreds of villages bringing awareness.  This culminated at Tirupathi in Jan 2008 attened by 10,000 devotees including many Saints, Dr. Subramanian Swamy and others.  Currently he is conducting second padayatra for 5000 Kms to end in Tirupathi in Feb 2009 (expected to be attended by 50,000), bringing attention to the plight of Hindu Temples to devotees, media and the Govt.  Future action plan is to challenge this discriminatory law in Supreme Court of India.

Presentation on threat and the actions taken.


About Artists

"Natyacharya" Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma hails from Kuchipudi village of Andhra Pradesh, initiated into Kuchipudi dance under the tutorship of Sri Vedantam Radheshyam & Sri P.V.G.Krishna Sarma and trained by legendary Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam.  Anita Krishna & her team are popular singers. They gave excellent performances in USA in several languages in semi-classical/folk songs.

Please Donate

Consider donating even if you are not attending the program.  Donations of even small amounts ($5, $10, $15 or more) make a difference.
(Can donate via Paypal on http://www.savetemples.org/ main page)

For tickets to the program.

Contact: SaveTemples@gmail.com, Satya Nemana (732)762-7104 snemana@yahoo.com, Sunanda Thali (732) 252-6792,
Vasant (732) 319-8155, Damu Gedala (856) 577-7112, Murthy (732) 277-7606

Visit www.SaveTemples.org for more details
A Non-Profit organization with EIN 41-2258630 under Section 501c. All your donations are tax-exempted.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 11/11/2008 05:39:00 PM <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Related to posts 25 and 26 above on Sabarimalai:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Police officer with Jihadi links deputed to Sabarimala</b>
28/11/2008 17:18:51  HK

Sabarimala: Home Ministry deputed one of the Jihadi Police officer who has close links with SIMI terrorists in Sabarimala.

This Jihadi had strong links with SIMI terrorists who conducted Terrorist recruitment camp at Panayikulam. The probe against this Jihadi officer is sabotaged by Jihadi’s who have good relation with Home Minister itself.

Intelligence agencies have warned Home ministry to call back this Jihadi and to take more care while deputing officers to gaurd the holiest shrine in India.

Ironically this Jihadi is posted in the wing which pass intelligence reports to intelligence agencies itself from Sabarimala!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Not about temples. But:

<i>Christoterrorist</i> DMK onto next step of antagonising Hindus using <i>islamania</i> again
(a bit like how the Vatican continues to support palestinian islamania to put continued pressure on inconvertible Israel):

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>DMK's Open Challenge to Hindus - From Krishnadevarayar Mountain to Syed Basha Mountain!</b>
11/01/2009 04:44:36  HK

Tamilnadu (Krishnagiri): Political parties in India are competing themselves in the issue of Jihadi Appeasement and the worst form of it is practiced by Pseudo secular Parties like CPM, DMK and Congress, Samajwadi Party etc. Such blind appeasement is rampant especially in Tamilnadu and Kerala where the Hindus are not yet a vote bank in the eyes of mainstream parties there.

The recent gimmick on Jihadi appeasement is reported from Krishnagiri in Tamilnadu where the ruling DMK Muncipal Corporation is going to rename KrishnadevarayarMountain as SyedBashaMountain! The motive to even think about such open attack against our culture and history stems from hatred against Hindus and their overwhelming affinity towards Jihadi’s.

Hindus under BJP had already started their campaign to counter this move in this small town of South India. BJP leaders met Muncipal Commissioner and warned of massive protest if any such move is passed by the Muncipality ignoring the historical truths. Commissioner was asked to verify archaeological and revenue details before going further with this malicious move which will only serve to flare up communal tension in the area.

Such attempts to rewrite History is not happening for the first time and Hindu across the globe should pray and extend their support to those Hindu organisations in Krishnagiri  to overcome the challenges imposed on them by the ruling DMK with the connivance of Jihadi’s <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->DMK is not an unaffiliated group. No unaffiliated, a-religious, secular group would ever single out one religion to antagonise.
But christoislamism always does. And of the two, christoism is famed for doing this as 'covertly' as possible (to avoid fingerpointing).
After Karunanidhi dies, if the power vaccum is not filled in fast and the "dravida identity" or "tamil identity" does not become the top notch thing to threaten others, the Islamic identity will start surfacing among the muslims. This will be bad for tamil nadu.

The islamic identity needs to be constantly dominated else the Islamic Identity will rear its head. DK and its brand of parties unknowingly created an identity - which was based on false theories - but managed to keep the so-called-dravidian ideology up.

Just like a street can have only one dada, for TN it is the DK,DMK & AIDMK goons for now. Once DK and its baby parties take the back seat, Islmaism will try to come out of the dravidian shadow.

You have correctly hit on the focal point: 'IDENTITY'!
DMK kills another Hindu tradition

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Mr Karunanidhi seems to be on a fast track mission to conclusively demolish Hinduism in Tamil Nadu. Recall his ‘DMK-ising’ the Tamil calendar to pass derogatory remarks about tilak. And now, this. The Chidambaram Dikshitars — temple priests — who’ve been struggling to maintain their livelihood from just the temple earnings, are naturally outraged. Their impoverished plight is well-documented. Yet their steadfast faith in god keeps them going. Sadly, the High Court judgement has robbed them of even this. While they have expressed their intent to challenge the court order, Mr Karunanidhi has wasted no time to implement it. His publicity machinery has already termed this shameful move as a “boost for tourism”. What it doesn’t realise is how duplicitous it sounds: Temples are not tourist attractions.

This brings us back to the same point: In an ostensibly secular nation, can courts decide on matters that fall in the religious domain? Recent history shows that secular establishments invoke the courts in the hope of getting favourable verdicts in matters that damage Hindu institutions while ‘minority institutions’ are virtually beyond the law.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Latest news about the attempts of the cryptochristos of TN (known as DMK)
to change the ancient traditional Hindu Tamizh New Year:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>'Tamil New Year change beyond State's Constitutional ken'</b>
13/02/2009 14:36:04  B R Haran - http://newstodaynet.com/

The Tamilnadu government's ordinance on Tamil New Year has been challenged by 12 persons from different districts of Tamilnadu and their petition has been admitted in the Madras High Court. The first bench comprising the acting Chief Justice S J Mukhopadhyaya and Justice V Dhanapalan adjourned the matter for hearing on 4 March after serving notices to the respondents, the State government represented by Secretary to government – Law Department, and the Union of India represented by Secretary to government -Law Department. S.Mani of Mylapore, Chennai has filed the petition on behalf of the 12 persons questioning the legislative competence of the state government in promulgating such an ordinance.

While asserting that the state government has curtailed the fundamental right to practice any religion and hurt the religious sentiments, they have said that the government has committed an innovative departure from tradition without disclosing any reasons. They have also averred that the government has offended the time cherished customs and traditions inseparably intertwined with religious practice, belief and faith. The petitioners have categorically opined that the enactment serves no purpose and could render no gain or profit to the state or the citizens, but has positively hurt the religious sentiments and shaken the freedom of religion enshrined in the Constitution of India.

'The first day of Tamil New Year, viz. the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai is associated with several religious and time tested customary observances like special religious ceremonies practiced differently by various communities and for propiation for the self for the good of the living, as well as for the benefit of the departed, all underlining unity in diversity and such a religious percept and practice cannot be interfered with by the powers that be', said the petitioners hailing from different Tamil-Hindu communities. They also added, 'Tamil New Year starting with Chithirai month marks celebrations observed by all communities with gaiety and fervour and all of them have several religious observances and beliefs inseparably meant with the celebration and this faith and practice directly connected with religion cannot be questioned or altered by any legislation and is beyond the legislative competence of the state'.

The petitioners have cited a number of references from ancient Tamil literatures including the ones belonging to the Sangam period, which have categorically ascertained the truth behind the Chithirai Thirunal as Tamil New Year dwelling deeply into the lives and times of the Tamils since time immemorial. The petitioners have emphasised the 'Solar Solstice' being followed in Tamilnadu from olden days and its connection with the religious and astronomical aspects. They have also downright dismissed the government's attempt to make the Tamil month Thai as the first month, saying that there is absolutely no evidence at all to prove it. Finally, they have prayed for the honourable court's declaration that the state government's ordinance is unconstitutional and void.

At a time when a dozen petitions are already pending before the Madras High Court, this latest petition has added more value to the case and the Tamil Hindus are hopeful that justice will be rendered before April, so that, they could celebrate the Chithirai New Year as usual with gaiety and fervour.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The christoterrorist DMK is doing all kinds of christian terrorism in TN: christoterrorising Chidambaram kovil (DMK on its way to destroy chidambaram temple), christoterrorising Hindus about celebrating the real Tamizh New Year, christoterrorising the RamarSethu, christoterrorising in general.
Numerous articles on crypto-christo outfit DMK's attack on the Kovil of ChidambaraNathan:

Page starts with:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Feb 9, 2009

<b>Mr Karunanidhi on a fast track mission to conclusively demolish Hinduism in Tamil Nadu.

DMK kills another Hindu tradition</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Three Crore Rupees Electricity Bill send by KSEB to Sabarimala</b>
03/03/2009 14:12:06  HK

<b>Kochi: Kerala State Electricity Board which cancel ‘Powercut’ during Bakrid and Christmas but neglect special days of Hindus had send a whopping amount of Three Crore Rupees as Electricity Board to Travancore Devaswom Board for the recent Sabarimala Pilgrimage season.</b>

T he KeralaState Electricity Board is charging Rs.  16/- per unit in Sannidhanam, where as the normal rate is around Rs 4/-. The TDB has to foot a bill of Rs. 75 lakhs for the police service; the Kerala water Authority charges around Rs. 40 lakhs. The Health department bill is around Rs. 55 lakhs for every season.The Dewaswom even has to pay around Rs. 25 lakhs to the sanitation society headed by the district collector for the cleaning work. (Taken from Interview with Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan with Haindavakeralam in 2005) 

Though Hindu organisations under Hindu Aikya Vedi had protested against this several times alternative Government’s were turning a deaf ear towards it. Now Thanks to Devaswom Ombudsman who was appointed as a result of devotees and Hindu organisations plea in High Court came forward to fight against this grave injustice to Hindu Society.

Devaswom Ombudsman Shri R Bhaskaran submitted a report in High court seeking subsidised Electricity for SabarimalaTemple. Under the current available provisions Government should give 40% Subsidy to Temples. He also recommended to change Sabarimala from Low Tension-7 A group to Low Tension 6 A group.

Even after all these looting, Ministers like Sudhagaran says, "It's all the charity by Government towards Hindus"! Unless Hindu Soceity in the state come forward to question such malpractices by vested interests, Our Temples will remain as Milch Cows for the Pseudoseculars who rules us.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Two news items on Kerala.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Hindu Aikya Vedi protest</b>
T'PURAM: The Hindu Aikya Vedi will organize a fast in front of the State secretariat on March 4 to protest against the move to 'allocate funds for madrassa education.' Vedi general secretary Kummanam Rajasekharan said here yesterday that the fast would mark the commencement of a State-wide agitation raising the slogan 'poverty has no religion.' He said the leaders of Hindu organizations would petition the Chief Minister and the Governor.

<b>Model code of conduct in force</b>
T'PURAM:The model code of conduct for political parties and officials has come into existence with the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections by the Election Commission of India. The Chief Electoral Officer said here on Monday that copies of the model code had been sent to the political parties and the officials. The BJP State unit yesterday demanded that the date for polling in the State should be changed as it comes immediately after Vishu. BJP State president P.K. Krishnadas said that Keralites would be celebrating Vishu on April 13, 14 and 15. As per the current schedule, the campaign is to conclude on April 14, the day of Vishu.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Now compare:
1. Christoislamicommuni government of Kerala has marked lots of money for islamis' madrasa eduaction
2. Same christoislamicommuni Kerala govt has decided that general elections will be held practically during the Hindu festival of Vishu when Hindus would be busy with their religious celebrations. Anti-Hindu govt wants Hindus to either a) Not turn up for voting OR b) Not celebrate the Hindu festival this year.

It must all be a psecular coincidence.
Government control of temples weakening Hinduism
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->It is shocking that though India is a Secular Republic, and though secularism commands separation of state and religion, State governments have taken over all prominent Hindu temples and shrines which is an anti-secular act.

<b>All wellknown Hindu temples including those at Puri, Tirupati, Guruvayoor, Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishno Devi, Mumbai (Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple), Shirdi, Amarnath, Srisailam, Madurai and Rameshwaram are under government’s control.</b> And in the latest of such takeovers, the ancient Shiva temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu is being grabbed by the government.

The best part is that only Hindu temples have been targeted for government control whereas no Christian church or Muslim mosque has been touched. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->n State like Andhra Pradesh, the devotees’ offerings to temples are appropriated as government revenue; and are not used for Hindu community, or to promote Hindu religious activities. Besides, in several districts of Andhra Pradesh, thousands and thousands of acres of land owned by government controlled temples have been sold, alienated, gifted and permitted to be grabbed by land grabbers though the government has no right to do so since it is not the owner of temple lands.

In Bhadrachalam and Simhachalam, hundreds of acres of temple land have been given to Christian organisations. Moreover, the Endowment department has sold over 1,600 acres of Srisailam Temple land to various missionary organisations. And in 2005, 245 acres of prime land belonging to Seetharama Chandra Swamy temple at Devarayamjal was sold at throwaway price causing huge loss to the temple. And in 2006, the centuries old, 1,000 pillar Mandapam in Tirumala complex was demolished.

Situation in other states is equally appalling. As reported in a section of the Press, for the years 1997-98 to 2002-2003 for which figures are available, major portion of temple income in Karnataka was allocated to madrasas, mosques and churches; whereas temples got only a little amount.

In Kerala, State control has rendered innumerable temples dysfunctional. Besides, under the Kerala Land Reforms Act, <b>over 12,000 acres of Guruvayoor temple’s land has been reduced to a few hundred acres only</b>. And <b>in Sabarimala, 2,500 acres of temple land has been sold by the government’s board</b>.<b> In Orissa also the administration has been selling Jagannath temple endowment lands. In Jammu and Kashmir, even Mata Vaishno Devi Temple University created with the funds of Vaishno Devi Temple does not have Hindu religious studies in its curriculum. Tamil Nadu’s position is equally dismal because of the problems inherent in government control of temples</b>.

<b>And though the church is the largest real-estate owner in the country, no church land has been controlled or alienated by the government. </b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
My grandfather still fondly remembers the time when the famous Ambalapuzha palpayasam ( rice pudding from the Ambalapuzha Temple known throughout Kerala for its sweetness and distinct flavour) used to be freely available to everyone in decent quantity. Nowadays Im told its on a first come first serve basis. A direct result of the govt taking away the paddy fields surrounding the temple I suppose. The govt will want to hold on to these temples because it's a cash cow underwriting all their votebank schemes like increased hajj amenities and holy land tours.

Inorder to replace governance by the govt, we need to show the people a viable alternative. Whenever I talk to malayalees about Kerala temples, the question invariably is how to ensure that the temple council makes decision in an impartial and transparent manner. With so much money entering the temple treasury, Im sure there will be temptation to dip into it.
Why NDA failed to stop Temples funds diverted to other religion?

It means all Haj muslims were using haram money.

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